James' new directions

By NCMC readers (wiki) published July 27, 2011
James becomes a submissive cock sucking bottom boy slut

James Ritchey was your average arrogant jock, a tall blond who could have been a model with his incredible good looks. He had striking emerald-green eyes, high cheekbones you could cut paper on, and a perfect physique: mounded pecs topped with eraser-tip nipples, an eight-pack you could wash clothes on, a defined Apollo's girdle, a bubble-butt, and an eight-inch cock hanging over plum-shaped balls. He loved to use that eight-incher on the ladies, and apparently he was good at what he did - he had a reputation as a great lover. James often bullied younger weaker guys, especially when he was with one of his female conquests - he enjoyed showing off to them what an 'alpha male' he was. In general, James thought really well of himself - he was a superstud and on top of the world. He despised other guys who didn't have all his physical advantages. To put it simply, James was a douchebag.

On the eve of his twenty-first birthday James and his latest conquest Jean -- or was it Jan? -- exited a movie theater. He was ready to take her home and bang her brains out - he had watched the shitty romantic comedy she had wanted to see and he had even managed to not fall asleep during it. In James' view, that hardship entitled him to some poontang! And if the bitch had other ideas, well ... He wasn't going to take no for an answer!

"Excuse me," said a effeminate young man standing by the pillars. "Do you know where Darcy's Goods is?"

Jean - or Jan - started to politely answer him, but James interrupted. "Look, you pathetic faggot, go suck some dick somewhere else!" James flexed his bicep and smirked. "Like what you see? Well, you ain't getting it, fudgepacker!"

The effeminate guy looked taken aback, and Jean/Jan winced at how crude James was being (though James didn't notice). "I was just asking directions!" the fey young man protested.

"Directions to the public restroom? Yeah, well fuck off fairyboy!"

James had sealed his doom, though he didn't realize it yet.

The girl who James fucked and promptly forgot her name fell asleep next to him in the hotel room. He'd be gone when she woke up, but James would have left a note: "J, Thanks for the great time. Here's $50 for cab fare. See ya round. Love- Jimmy the Jackhammer."

Kristian had followed James and Jeanette back to the hotel. They were both half drunk and didn't notice the little fag haunting their shadows. He watched as James slipped quietly out of the room at about 5:30 am, and took the up elevator to the penthouse hotel pool and spa. Kristian managed to follow another earlier riser through the key carded men's locker room door. He found James half naked in front of a hotel locker, so he ducked into an open toilet stall, and closed the door. He spied on James as he showered, and then put on the vending machine swimsuit he had purchased in the Hotel Spa anteroom outside the locker room. He was going for a morning swim. He thought about the hot sex he had had last night, and regretted not banging her one more time. He still got a bit embarrassed when he had morning wood in a men's locker room. James thought people might get the wrong idea. The bulge in the one-size fits all disposable swim trunks did give Kristian an idea.

He pulled the black leather case out of his pocket. He unzipped it. Selected a syringe, and filled it with an amber liquid. He stepped out of the stall and in front of James. For a moment James didn't recognize Kristian. During that moment, Kristian plunged and emptied the syringe into James' bulge. James shrieked and doubled over grabbing his burning crotch. He bent his knees and waist and ended up with his face buried in Kristian's crotch. It was just as Kristian had hoped. He grabbed James' head with both hands and held it tightly to his crotch while he spoke firmly.

"You love the smell of me. You worship me. You need to obey me. You want to be owned by me. Inhale deeply, you're only truly happy when you are with me," he intoned. Kristian knew the chemicals rushing through James' blood would first activate his olfactory senses. The designer drug was derived from the same neural hormones that re-enforced the loyalty that a dog felt for its master. Of course, it was a much more potent dosage that Kristian used.

James' mind was reeling. His cock and balls were on fire. It was worse than hell week when he pledged Iota Omega Chi (JOX), and had gotten repeatedly kicked in the nuts. But it wasn't just the incredible burning pain that occupied his mind. It was the warmth of Kristian's body. It was the fag's intoxicating masculine scent. James inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. Just having Kristian this close to him reassured James that he would be okay. Kristian made James feel good, Kristian was the best thing in James' life.

The phone was ringing. James woke up with a terrible headache. He sat up and reached for the phone. He couldn't remember anything after he left that Jane or Jan or Jean. Wait he'd been in the locker room at the hotel. Then there had been awful pain. His nuts were still sore. So was his jaw and his ass. James picked up the phone with his right hand. His left hand rubbed his aching ass, and as he connected the phone, James' index finger pushed inside his red swollen hole.

He pushed the answer button. And said, "Kristian's bitch here, how can I help you?" Kristian's bitch? Why did he say that? Why was his finger up his ass? He pulled his finger out of his butt. There was a plopping noise. His finger was coated with gooey whitish clear liquid. He stared at his finger, and then stuck it into his mouth and sucked it clean.

"Uh, is James there?" asked a female voice on the other end of the phone.

James stood there with the phone to his ear and his finger in his mouth. His lips were tightly sealed around his finger, and his tongue was hard at work polishing his finger. He swallowed and pulled his finger out.

"Uh, yes, James speaking," he answered as he struggled not to stick his finger up his butt again to lick clean, his boypussy was feeling so empty. Wait, boypussy? Damn, how he loved eating cum. He shuddered. He loved eating cum? He felt the liquid trickling out his anus and down his butt cheek and inner thigh.

"This is Jeanette. I woke up this morning and you were gone!"

"Uh, this morning? Oh, sorry. I woke up rock hard, and you were asleep. I decided to go to the gym and workout to relieve my, uh, tension," he started to explain.

James mind was clearing, and his memories started to sort themselves out. It did not bring him peace of mind though. He now knew that most of this cum belonged to the nerdy gay fraternity boys. He had given them hell in the past, since he belonged to the jock frat. In retrospect, that movie Revenge of the Nerds would have ended like his night had - with a line of geeky nerds plowing the arrogant jock frat boy's holes until cum was literally leaking out his ass and coming on his nose. That was James last night. Kristian even had the pictures to prove it. They were now loaded on James' computer and posted to his facebook page.

The weirdest part was he was proud. He got a warm feeling inside when he thought about all those tasty dicks and all the real men he had made happy. That was his new purpose in life to make real men happy. All guys with cocks were real men, unless they were total pussies. James was now a total pussy. His cock was rock hard between his legs as he lapped. He felt no desire to touch his boy-clit, Kristian had told him that was for real men to play with and his boy-pussy would give him the true pleasure now.

Jeanette rambled on, and between laps, James gave dutiful, "Uh-huh," "yes'um," and "sorry," as seemed appropriate. It was clear Jeanette's monologue didn't require meaningful dialog. Besides that had never been James' strong suit. His phone vibrated and pinged. He had a text message.

"KP DUTY @ POOL" read the message. Instantly, James knew what he had to do. He was Kristian's Pussy and he was expected to service the Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity's swim team this morning after practice. He licked his lips and his stomach rumbled. He knew this wasn't like him - at least not how he used to be- but it was who he was now. Damn, he was such a cock hungry slut.

"Listen, Jane, I'm sorry, but I'm feeling a bit off. Maybe we can talk tomorrow. Bye," and he hung up. Kristian would probably punish him for being rude to the girl, but he was kind of looking forward to being punished.

James pulled on a pair of dirty soccer shorts, a pair sneakers with no socks, and started to run across campus to the University Pool where the KOK swim team was practicing. It was a 30 minute run, and his body was slick with sweat when he got there. He breathed hard. He hadn't eaten, and he was looking forward to his KOK cum breakfast. He shook his head. He really was looking forward to it? What the fuck was wrong with him? He farted, and the pleasure it gave him made a squeal and his clitty squirt into his shorts and wetness from his hole stained the seat of his clingy shorts. He tried to turn away, but his feet wouldn't obey him. He stood there trembling for nearly a minute, but finally he slowly trudged into the natatorium locker room. His stomach growled and his cock was hard. He couldn't escape his duty. He reached into the dirty towel bin, and selected a damp towel, which he folded neatly, and lay on the hard tile floor just inside the shower room. He took off his shoes and shorts and hung them on hooks outside the shower room. Then he saw the marking pen next to the dry erase board. He wrote on his smooth bare chest "KOK Duty Boy", and then he knelt down on the towel and waited for the team to finish their practice.

"Kristian said he'd leave us a present," laughed Carter, "I never in my wildest dream expected it to be you, Jimmy boy. So are you ready to suck my cock?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Ethan Carter, sir, I am," James couldn't believe the eager words coming out of his mouth. Even worse than saying it, there was now drool running from his lips. James was salivating at the thought of taking Carter's cock and KOK cocks. It was his new purpose in life, and he didn't know why or how to stop it. Heck, he couldn't, he just had to eat cock.

James was a sorry sight when he stood up after he had been totally used by the KOK swim team. Drying cum covered his face, chest and legs. His jaw and ass were sore, and he ached all over. Still he felt soo good. It was like he had had the best workout ever. He didn't know what Krisitan had done to him. Oh, he was horrified by what he was doing and what he had done, but for some reason he had never felt happier or more content. It was as if he had found his place in life. Albeit that place was on his knees with his butt cheeks spread taking it from every hard cock that presented itself. Still he felt satisfied. He would like to have washed off, but Kristian had been specific in his directions to his slaveboy.

James quivered. Yes, he had thought of himself as Kristian's slaveboy. He no longer thought of himself as James. His entire mental construct was now designed around him being a sissy slaveboy -specifically, Kristian's sissy slaveboy. And that felt good to him, that felt right, and he desperately wanted to please Kristian by being the best pussy-assed, cunt-mouthed slaveboy he could be. He burped and some half digested cum regurgitated into his mouth. He leaned forward to spit it out, but a voice inside his head admonished him to "swallow ever drop." He knew it would make him big and strong, so he could take even more cocks.

"Oh, Jimmy Cuntface!" Ethan said on his way out of the locker room, James moaned aloud at the insult. He extracted a small brown paper wrapped package from his gym bag, and tossed it to James. He shouted, "Kristian said to give this to you, if you ate all our cocks. Have fun!" He laughed and shook his head in disbelief. He knew what was in the package, and he couldn't believe that James Ritchey of all people was now a cock hound. He wouldn't be using that big piece of meat between his legs for quite a while, if ever. What a waste, thought Ethan as he left the natatorium, why did God give such a fine cock to someone who would probably never ever use it for its intended purpose ever again. He only hoped that the irony would not be lost on that prick James, even if he was a good fuck, he had been such a jerk, he deserved it. His thoughts then shifted to his date that night, and he forgot about the loads he had left inside James Ritchey.

The brown paper crinkled and tore as James struggled to open the gift from Kristian. Inside he found a shiny chromed metal device with a tube and locking shackle. It was like half of a handcuff. There was a note: "Hey James, Looks like you like other guys cum, so you won't need to cum again. Unless I say so. Put your cock in the chastity device, you might need to stick your junk in the sink and run cold water on it, then close the shackle around your cock root behind your balls. Make sure it's locked. Then put the key through the air vent of lower 223. Then get your ass moving. You know where and when I expect you to be!" (Signed Kristian).

There was a finality to the sound of the steel clicking and locking into place. His cock started to swell after being locked up. It hurt. James bit his lip. Then he looked at the clock on the tiled wall. He had to go.

James pulled on his shoes and shorts, and started jogging across the campus. He hoped no one would notice he was covered with cum. He ran as fast as he could, and soon rivulets of sweat were washing away the cum from his chest and thighs. It was odd, he knew where he was running, but he didn't know. This wasn't the way back to his room. It was passed his home, and he was still running. He knew he had to go where he was going, he just didn't consciously know exactly where that was. He shuddered. How did he know where to go, but not know where he was going? Kristian was the answer that sprang to mind. The thought of Kristian put the concerns right out of James' mind, as he ran. He no longer thought of anything other than making Kristian happy. He imagined Kristian standing above him like a god, while James worshiped his master with his tongue. Part of him wondered if he had actually already done such a thing, part of him desperately wished that it was what he doing this very moment.

Kristian yawned. He had gotten to bed late after breaking in James. He never had gotten to the store he had been looking for, and it was all James' fault. He recalled he'd given James an appointment with the Kappa's swim team. That should pretty much guarantee his servitude after the drug wore off. The drug would wear off, but while he was under its influence James' mind was being reprogrammed. Every cock he sucked would be indelibly burned into his cerebral cortex. He would recall taste of each cock and the semen too. Kristian had tested this on one of his first subjects. His eyes strayed to the big naked athlete that sat waiting for Kristian's command.

James froze. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was his old buddy Chaz Hayden running behind some gangly dweeb. Actually, Hayden was really just trotting, but the other guy was running. It was the leash that was in the gangly kid's right hand that caught James' eye. Hayden was wearing some really slutty running shorts slit completely up the side, and being led around on a leash. Suddenly, the guy stopped, so Hayden stopped too. James figured the lithe guy needed a breather- but what he did next freaked James out, and gave him a painful boner too. The guy pointed into the bushes, and buff burly Hayden meekly climbed into the bushes, and squatted down.

"No?" whispered James transfixed by the tableau unfolding in front of him.

When Hayden had done his business, he climbed out of the bushes and went over on all fours. It took James nearly a minute to figure out that Hayden was giving this geeky guy head. The words unbidden came to James' mind, "Throw a dog a bone." He felt jealous. He wished that was him instead of Hayden and the geeky kid was Kristian. He sighed and resumed his run. His feet pounded the circuitous path, as he raced to make up lost time from his voyeurism. He was halfway across the bridge, when it hit him that Hayden was behaving like James had started to behave. Did that guy and Kristian share some secret power, or may Kristian had changed Chaz Hayden the same way he had changed-was changing James- and then sold him? James ran faster in a panic. He didn't want to have a different master than Kristian. He didn't want to be sold, traded or gifted to some geek. He just wanted to belong to Kristian. He finally reached his destination. He stopped rested his hands on his knees, he was breathing hard, his heart was racing, and his locked cock was protesting that it wanted to be hard.

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