The Consequences of Cursing

By Anonymous
published July 18, 2011
2827 words

A jock stumbles into the occult and finds that he should have read the fine print.

This is fiction, I don’t claim anything.

It came at me in a second, in a blink of an eye and with it my vision went black. Devin Overstreet’s defensive tactics on the field put better men than me in the hospital, of course he would. His Greecian proportions, standing well over other men, Arms the size of jackhammers, a firm chest that puffed out with pride wherever he walked. His large pectorals hard, like marble, lead into a stomach that looked like brick work. He was a wall. A wall, that put me, the star quarterback of Travis University, the lightning bolt, to a screeching stop. It had happened so fast, at first, I was racing across the field. No one could stop me. And then he came, who knew those strong legs could move so fast. And I fell.

“You okay there Brodie?”

The darkness around me was slowly starting to dissipate, the smell of grass and mud overtook my senses and my world was spinning at least a thousand miles per hour.

“Wh- what happened?” Devin’s clear eyes were staring down at me, his golden eyebrows skewed, his lips curved crookedly as if to show pity. I only saw contempt.

“You weren’t looking ahead and I pinned you at half field.” Devin extended a hand out to me, I felt bile rising in my throat. I couldnt hold it back.

“Looks like Brodie can’t take a hit!”

“Who knew you could bottle lightning!”

“No wonder he ran so fast, he couldn’t take a hit if his grandmother who smacked him down!”

I was met with a chorus of my team’s laughter, I had been unstoppable, I was the big man. The Hero. And it had all been taken away from me in an instant. By this new transfer who thought he was the shit. I slapped his hand away.

“Fuck off.” At least heroes lost in valor. I lost on the practice field as an indent on the ground.

I was seething, I was horrified, I wanted revenge. As we showered and washed up, all I could here were the constant reminders about how the unstoppable was dug into the ground. “Might as well push some daisies while your at it.” My crown was knocked off my head and into the arms of this new jackass who thought he was the shit. The hissing shower head hit me with a steaming tongue of water. It lapped against my heated body, smoke rising and meeting the rest of the naked men around me. Their voice rang in this empty room and I just let the water lap against my tanned skin. The streams of water flowed down my wide shoulders of my 5’9 frame. Catching into the black hair of my pits and streamed down the muscles of my sides. My fists were white, my biceps baseballs as I grabbed the cold steel of the stall.

“No Harm done man, it was just practice. I got your back on the field.” came the warm baritone of the statuesque Devin. Where I was bronze he was golden, and it made me see red.

“Just drop me and get lost.” came my reply through gritted teeth. If this asshole thought we could be buddies he had a dick up his ass. Suddenly it was clear to me.

“Don’t take it so seriously man. It was your first big fall. I’ve seen it happen.”

“Don’t worry DEV he’s just cryin coz you got him good and he doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Didn’t know you were a fag Brodie”

“Aww, the poor baby’s gonna start blubberin and shit.”

I killed the water and stormed out. I wasnt a fag. He’ll pay.

R.e.v.e.n.g.e. The computer screen in my dorm cast a blue haze in the dark room. The sound of my keyboard was a flourish of taps and hits as I tried to find ways for my retribution. Catching him on camera? Too easy. I knew hypnotising was a bunch of bullshit. He was big enough to kick my ass. Getting him drunk and stupid didn’t give me enough. No, I wanted something that would sting. Sting as much as my injured pride. Fag they said. Bullshit.

“The Online Compendium of the Occult: Curses and Charms”

The occult? Magic? Fuck, I had heard bitches around campus huddling in circles, but as I clicked through each page, my heart began to beat a little faster. It described powers- things that twisted- things that changed- things that made my hands shake as I delved deeper into the site. I’ll show the team fag alright, a smile came to my face as I clicked on the perfect revenge.

A warning in red dressed the top of the page which I clicked through without a thought. Hell, this shit may not even be real so why even bother reading the fine print. If it did work. All the better. I read the the steps and began a dumb-assed ceremony. Incense, chalk and pentagrams, a gay curse. I guess I was crazy, I guess my injured pride got the better of me. But as I delved in the thought of taking back what was mine. It was addicting. My place would again be plastered ontop once this new threat becomes a raging homo. It would take a few days. But I could wait.

A few more practices in and I had gotten a lot better acquainted with the taste of dirt in my mouth. I had felt him getting easier on me. He slowed a little bit when he outran me, or hit a little softer at the last minute. It only seemed to make me even more mad. He didnt think I could take the brunt of it. But today, today I saw something different. Those bright blue eyes lingered a little bit in the showers when he thought no one saw. He turned those tight cheeks in his ass a little more to the wall of the small corner of the showers he never usually was at. Maybe it was my imagination. I hadn’t given much thought to that stupid curse I placed a couple days ago. There was no evidence and I threw it all to just a bunch of mumbo jumbo chicks usually fall for to feel in power. But he looked at me a little longer, and I could tell. I don’t know why. Too be honest I was a little taken aback. The crowd began to thin as everyone went on with their day, I could see Devin was going deliberately slow, not joking around with the other guys. Hell, I told everyone to shut the hell up whenver they tried to talk to me today. There was something about him, his toes curled just slightly as he stole glances to an from. God, I didn’t notice how beautiful he was. Those golden hairs on made his thighs look like brushed with gold as the water hit him. I traveled up. His ass. That bubble butt clenched a little bit whenever he would shift his weight, I wish he would turn a little bit so I could see his dic- Wait a minute. What the fuck was I thinking? He was becoming the fag not me. Why the hell was I thinking shit like that? I shook my head, my dark bangs slapping against my forehead as I tried to brush it off. But I found that I kept trying to see if that curse worked. I began to linger on the small of his back, even that was toned- his spine formed a path that traveled down from his thick neck and down into the depths of his ass. I wondered if his blonde hair was all over his body, even around that tight - What the hell was happening to me. My dick was twitching, the mushroom head flaring a little bit with my thoughts. I felt disgusted. What the hell. I thought I was the one casting the curse.

The room was empty now except for him and me, and the sound of water hitting tile. We didn’t look at each other, silent as mice as we kept the bars of soap circling the same part of our bodies for the last five minutes. I was confused, I didn’t understand what was happening. I knew I did everything right.

“Hey, mind if I head over there?” His voice rang in the room a little bit and I felt it was all around me. “The water’s getting cold over here.”

“Y-yeah, of course” I was surprised that I agreed. I hated his guts. But I was stumbling over my words. The pads of his feet made thumps and splashes against the file floor, his calves shaking a little bit with each step. His cock bouncing to and forth and for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Thank you” he said, he had come over to the same shower head- closer than comfortable. “I really appeciate it” There was a tenderness in his voice that seemed a little bit odd. He was looking down. at me.

Fuck. my dick was responding. Devin looked up and missed my inflating dick, a vein throbbing as it slowly came to life. I could feel his heat. What the fuck. Why am I getting the one turned on by this faggy shit. There has got to be a mistake. Devin was turned a little bit away from me and I followed suit. He wouldn’t see this. Not on my life. I. Had. To. Win.

“I just wanna say sorry for any misunderstanding between us Brodie. I know you aren’t use to it. But I just like to think of you as my equal.” His eyes were searching my face, I looked away. Red. With fury or embarrassment I don’t know. “At first I thought I had to show up to the big man on the team. I thought I needed to be bigger and stronger in order to come out unscathed” His chest heaved up and down as he spoke. Those firm pecs. Those shoulders rising up and down. “But all of a sudden, I realized- maybe- maybe equals are good. Maybe sometimes. Seeing each other eye to eye is better than being on top- maybe it’s better for our relationship” He began to trail off. I didn’t realize he was a good head taller than me- it was closer than before. His face was turned me- stoic- “… a relationship in..” he was closer- My heart was racing I didn’t know what to do- He now turned his body toward me, his dick was throbbing, fully hard. It was hot. What the hell was happening.. had I made myself the fag instead? I found his lips drawing into me. Equals. Maybe he was right. Our lips met and it was fire- better than any flavored chapstick from those bitches I dated. His were supple yet firm. My mind was on haywire. He tasted real. right. Trying to resist. A good half of me was telling me I was wrong. I was losing to him again. His dick was a good ten inches. And it was so hard… and hot as it now laid against my stomach. Our dicks were pressing together. That half of me was getting distant. Our tongue battled each other in our mouths, I could taste his breath- my hands wandered over to his bubble but and I squeezed, and I could feel him grin as we kissed. He began to dig into me hungrily. Something primal in him woke up as if he had tasted a forbidden fruit and he could not get enough. That was the curse working on him. A single taste- and all he’ll want is more. A single bite into this apple and Devin had finalized a change in him.

Devin’s firm hands held the jock in place as he moved to his neck, sucking on the wet skin, a moan escaped Brodie’s lips. Devin couldn’t understand. In his head he tried to picture something hotter. The girl on the life gaurd show with the double d’s. The girl he just fucked- the bimbo with the red hair. None of it. None of it compared and he didn’t know why. As he searched Brodie’s body he didn’t feel like he could get enough. There was suddenly an emptiness in his mouth that he couldn’t place. Every inch of his skin- to the strong arms that tensed to his touch, to the dark nipples of the star quarterback. It started with that kiss. Where did that come from? Why was he doing this? Devin got down on his knees. He lead himself down with the dark trail of hair on Brodie’s firm belly. He lapped his tongue against the hole of the belly button. Lower. Felt himself needing to go lower. Brodie’s hands were pushing against his shoulders. He was met with a fat 8 and a half inches of cock. The mushroom head dark purple and throbbing. The hunger in Devin grew- he didn’t know his dick could get any harder than it already was. Reason was being thrown out the window as he engulfed the head. He was satiated- the emptiness in his mouth filled. Brodie moaned in delight.

“Suck my dick Dev- suck it real good.” Devin gagged at the thickness of his cock, it was so much wider than his own. His tongue lapped the precum oozing out from the tip and it drop him wild. Wilder. Brodie’s head was slightly larger than the rest of his penis, but Devin soon found himself swallowing the entire length. His hands unconsciously masterbating himself as he took the stud quarterback’s member whole.

“Fuck Devin- you cocksucker- so fucking good.” His nose was against Brodie’s crotch suddenly taking in the musk of a man- he rolled his eyes back, he was so turned on. And it was gone. The cock popped out of his mouth much to his dissapointment- he looked up at Brodie’s hazeled eyes.

“I gotta suck you off too man. Please.” pleaded Brodie as lowered himself down to Devin’s level. He quickly moved to Devin’s 10 in manhood, choking on it at first. Soon he had half the length in his mouth as Devin lowered his body to the wet tiled floor. Something had awakened in Brodie- and he knew he didn’t want to turn back. He bobbed his head up and down the length of Devin’s penis. Increasing in speed- increasing in urgency. He needed it now.

“This is incredible” Devin hissed between moans of pleasure. It was the best head he had ever gotten. “I’m gonna cum B- uh- uugghhh” His well built chest heaved as the quarter back took in ever drop of his seed. Devin was slightly jealous.

“I’m getting close. Oh- o” Devin, with his skills in flipping other men over on the field soon had Brodie’s dick in his mouth without missing a beat. He felt the throbbing dick squirt his teammates cum in his mouth. Thick ropes of cum filled his mouth. It tasted incredible. Why had he wanted anything else. “Fuuuuuck yeeaahhh” Devin looked up at Brodie and the reached over for a kiss and they tumbled along the wet floor- their dicks growing hard all over again.

I brought Devin up to my dorm with me- and as he took another shower I took another peak at the curse I had cast. The red warning was displayed across the top of the page again and this time I read it.

“A Warning, for those seeking revenge without justice, retribution without wrong. The vain- the prideful who cast their spells in moments of anger, without respect shall find that their curse shall be casted and rebounded to both the victim and the caster. Thus, justice in her goddesses eyes shall be served.”

I smiled despite myself. and joined Devin. For some reason I couldn’t wait until we got into bed.

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