All Hail The Emperor! 2

By Anonymous published August 28, 2017

Even more strange things are going on in New York…

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So, here we are. On the way to our new home. Three months after the accident where my 18-year old son broke his leg. Four months after my health insurance was cut by our super-rich so-called president. The hospital bills were so huge that I had to sell my house. With all stress and anger, I was also fired from my job. Now I’m sitting in my old Honda Civic, driving over 1000 miles to get to our new home while my son sleeps on the backseat. All of our stuff was in a container on a truck and would arrive in a few weeks.

After the disaster with the health insurance, a bit of good luck occurred as I found in an internet ad for a new housing development a few miles outside of New York. The houses were cheap and not the biggest, but near a big factory. I hope to get a job near the big city because we lived in the middle of nowhere and jobs are rare in those small cities. So I bought the house from the ad without seeing it before. Quite a risk but it looks great.

After hours of driving, I entered the housing development. The homes were beautifully built; the front yards were all trimmed and some sprinklers watered the flowers. A couple of my new neighbors were sitting on the veranda and enjoying their evening. Some baseball players cycled in their skintight shiny uniforms down the road as I turned to the driveway of my new home. Wait, were their uniforms shiny and skintight or did I look wrong?

I parked before my new garage and exited the car. “Have we arrived?” I heard from the backseat.

“Yes, we are finally home.”

“Where are the toilets?” my son asked.

I was astonished how big this house was. My old house was definitely smaller. I was confused but happy. Maybe in the first time in my life, I had made a good decision?

My son pushed me to the entrance and said, “Open up, hurry, I have to go on the toilet and I want to see my room and the house. wow this looks great… shit … hurry up I have to piss”

I entered the code into the doorlock and it opened up. It wasn’t a dream. It was real. I opened the door and entered the big opened living room area as my son hurried to the bathroom. “aaaand there he goes.” I joked. I was astonished and looked at a note at a table.

<< Welcome to your new home.

We have provided you with some furniture until your moving truck arrives. Don’t worry, there are no extra costs. The service is included.

We have also provided you with the development’s free internet and cable TV service. .

We have signed your son up for our community baseball league. Their training session starts Saturday at 8 am. It would be great for your son to find new friends. The shuttle service to the practice field will come by your house at 7:30 am

A community meetup with cake and coffee is at Sunday at 11am. We recommend you to visit. The cake is excellent :)

We noticed that you are currently unemployed. Here are some numbers and email addresses for prospective employers.

Enjoy your Empire house.

Wow this is quite a good service I thought.

I heard my son walking from room to room and shouted “wow dad look at this… and look at that… “

Too good to be true - I thought and was happy the first time in three months

After inspecting the house, I gave my son the wifi password and then I quickly unload the rest of the Civic. After that, I had a quick talk to my son. He was somehow willing to go to the community baseball league practice without protest. I went to the master bedroom and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The alarm sounded hard. I nearly fell out of the queen size bed. It took a few seconds to recognize where I was. Everything was new to me. I looked at the clock; it was a few seconds after 7am. “Fuck” I said. It is too early for a Saturday. I got up and entered my bathroom. “Wow.” It was huge. I showered and took a new shirt out of the suitcase. Then I entered the room of my son.

“Dad, knock before you enter” he said and tossed a pillow at me. I quickly closed the door and said “Sorry, but you gotta get up. The bus arrives in 15 minutes.” Another pillow hits the door; it was our morning ritual. I count the second pillow as acknowledgement.

I went to the kitchen and I heard the water from the shower. “good… he is on his way” -

I dropped him an energy drink and a sandwich from out of the freezer and put it on the kitchen table. I took another energy drink and a second left-over half eaten sandwich and sat on the veranda of the house while I wrote in my notebook and created a shopping list. A bus stopped and honked as my son rushes out the door and shouted “ Bye dad, thanks, see you later.” and then entered the bus and he was gone. The bus had dark windows and I could barely see what was in there. The bus drove on to the next couple of houses and stopped. A baseball player entered the bus and I thought “Those uniforms are tight and shiny. Strange.”

After I finished the small breakfast, I started my tablet and logged into the WLAN. The first site was some terms of usage. I started to read and while I read it looked like it were glitches on the site. Normally I don’t read the terms of usage but these I can’t take my eyes off of it.

After I finished reading the text, I looked at the clock; it was after 10:30am. I was shocked, somehow writing the shopping list took so long. What had I done after I wrote the list? … anyways. I have to go shopping.

I started my tablet and googled the nearest shopping center. Apparently it was the Imperial Mall. Sounds funny.

It took almost half a day to shop for all the necessary goods and food for the next few days, so I entered my garage at about 6pm.

I grabbed a few bags and entered the kitchen. 3 young men were sitting at the kitchen table and watching some Youtube videos. The three of them looked so similar, it actually took me a moment to recognize my son in the middle. He was almost indistinguishable from the other two. He was wearing one of the shiny baseball uniforms and it looked like he’d gotten a new haircut. At baseball practice? I tried to reassure myself; at least it looked like he was fitting into the group.

“Hey dad” he said, paused the video and marched to the car and helped me to unload it. I was proud of my son. A part of me wondered, about the behaviour of my son. He wasn’t normally so docile and obedient, but somehow that behavior was normal for young men in this city. I shook my head: strange thoughts..

He unloaded the truck while I made all three of them something to eat. They boys on the team need good food to grow strong. While we ate, nothing was said and it felt kind of normal. I remember the last time we ate with some friends we talked, but then again, these are strange thoughts.

After we ate, I saw something on both of my son’s arms. I try to look closer and my son pulled both of his sleeves up and said proudly, “Look dad, I am a imperial baseball player.” The other two did the same. “It is only paint,” he said before I could ask what the fuck that is.

I looked closer and it looked like a coat of arms with a beautiful pattern that was almost hypnotic. And I could swear I’d seen it somewhere before earlier.

All three stood up and my son said, “Dad, we have to go to my room” Where had the time gone? It was like I blacked out a short while. As my son passed me, he hugged me and said “Thanks dad for moving here. I’ve never been happier.” I hugged him back and felt some of the rubbery fabric of his uniform. I was confused.

The day passed way too fast. I forgot about the boys and laid on my bed. My eyes were oddly heavy and I was nearly asleep when I felt some pressure on my ears. I … I … blackness

I woke up, something gripped my right arm and then something gripped my left arm. Something heavy pressed down on my chest.I felt like I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and saw my son sitting on my chest. He was holding a long cylinder in his hands. “What’s going on?!” I screamed

But I couldn’t move. his two teammates held my arms and pressed something cold against my bare shoulder. They had already ripped my shirt open, and now they pressed something on my shoulder which felt like thousand needles stuck into my arm. I screamed in pain. as I looked straight up, my son lowered a tube in my mouth and pressed it in so I couldn’t close it or bite on the black slug that slowly entered my mouth. I looked my son into his eyes. They were pitch black and as the slug touched my tongue I couldn’t scream anymore. I couldn’t even move any of my limbs. It felt like I was swallowing pure rubber, and from second to second I liked it more and more. My body tingled like it was being swarmed by a million ants. Then I heard my son say, “Baseball Player 494324: mission completed - all hail the emperor!” and the other two boys both reply, “All hail the emperor!”

Then I passed out.

On the next morning I woke up. Today, it seemed brighter than yesterday, and my heart felt lighter. I stood up and knew exactly what I had to do. it was Sunday and we had our Community Meeting.

I went to the bathroom to shave. In the mirror, I proudly gazed at my new tattoos with the logo of the empire. I took the razor and shaved my head bald. Those hairs were not necessary. I then shaved my chest, stomach, crotch, ass, and balls. Finally, I glanced down at my body and I was happy, happy with how my sixpack shines with the water on it. I rubbed my penis and touched my abs and it didn’t take long until I came. In my orgasmic bliss I screamed “all hail the emperor!” A couple shots of cum burst out of my dick. Every shot darkened until pure black pleasure shot onto my chest. I could not resist and licked every drop of cum from my chest. I was in heaven.

after standing a while in pure bliss I took a while on the toilett and it was like I dump everything inside me into it then showered again and grab a t-shirt and some shorts. Both of them were tight fit. normally are they really loose to hide the bit of the belly I had. once. I can’t remember when exactly it was. it feels like it were yesterday but I am much happier with my body now.

i knocked on the door of my son and opened it. I saw three Football players sleeping over and under each other and cuddled. “aaahh.. how cute” I thought. “boys get up. the community service begins in a few minutes and you have to shower for your godemperor”

three times “yes sir” came back. I was proud of the boys.

after a 5 minute walk or march like my boys scouts dose, we arrived at the community center. we entered the building and my son meets more of the scouts. it seems a higher ranked Football player hold both arms of my son where the markings where and their eyes turned black. “He accomplished his mission. he is a full member of the imperial scouts now”

i had no time to think about this because one community member hold my arm like I saw it a couple of seconds ago with my son. I went ramrod straight and I saw his eyes blackened. I felt my mind opened it and he could read in me like an open book.

i grew hard which was in the tight short nearly painful. he sensed it too.

a view other community members stripped me completely and guided me into a sanctum

i was linked to them and I know I don’t have to fear. I was guided into a room with gold-like ornaments and a empty golden throne guarded two white armored and masked guard with black bodies and hellebarde.

i was told to stand on a marked spot and a shower washed away all the rest of my hair. I know they never grow back and I was happy about this fact.

a also white rubber suited community members gave me a prelubed full white rubber body suit. he helped me to put it on. it felt strange as he put my stiff member in the attached penis sheath. the suit leave hands and feet as well es face free. I fet some tingling on my arms and saw the black on the marks seems to burn onto the rubber. “be proud brother, this is the sign of your emperor” -and I was proud of it. a long white rubber fabric robe with red shoulders and gold ornaments was placed on my shoulders. I stepped into white leather boots and then the whole room seems to lift up. as I looked around, my black eyes could see hundreds of white rubber suited brothers. they stand in military perfection and and shout unisono “All hail the emperor. Praise our God, the emperor” and I know I have step onto the seal in front of the throne on the floor and fall down on my knees.

The Emperor entered the Room. all my brothers falling on their knees to. I Looked up and saw a white adonis like body a couple time bigger than me and more muscles than any of the brothers. it was like the sun raises aboth my. he wore a white robe with the gold seal and a beautiful helmet also with the golden seal.

Behind the emperor, four imperial guards entered the room and some complete black covered drones entered.

There was no need to speak. everyone knows what is to do. except me. My binding to the emperor was too weak, until now. I hear a voice like an angel. It was the emperor speaking into my mind “lower your head and receive the gift” -and I lowered my head. a black drone pulled a gun-like weapon and pushed it on the backside of my head “have no fear and receive the gift” I heard the emperor. than the drone pulled the trigger.


then I felt my every single cell in my body merging with the white bodysuit. slowly I feld my penis pumping one shot of cum after another out of my body. every single cell in my body orgasmed while it was merging with the rubber suit. I felt the connection to more and more drones establishing. one drone likes my cum in front of me. I felt the drone in front of me, unit 223193 enjoys every drop.

the connection to me brothers were made every single brother orgasmed at the same time. hundreds of black drones entered the room and cleaned it up.

the link to the imperial guards were made. the imperial guards 29 and 30 marched toward me. one befor me and one behind me. I presented my ass and ordered one black drone to lift the robe. then imperial guard 29 entered with a smooth movement his whole length in my ass and imperial guard 30 presented his big penis towards me. I opened my mouth and deep throated the delicious guard. I broadcasted every single bit of pleasure to all recipients I felt every of my brother also became a blowjob from a black drone unit.

– The Emperor was pleased what he saw. Imperial guard 01 kneeled before the emperor and with a touch, the helmet of the imperial guard slipped open. The Emperor pushed his glory into the guard’s mouth and facefucked the guards.

first the emperor came and dumped his load into the imperial guard. then the guards were allowed to cum into me. . I was in absolutely heaven. the link to the emperor was now opened and I felt like all of my previous life was overwritten by my real determination.

the whole connections nearly exploded as thousand brothers orgasmed at the same time now including me. I looked up and saw the emperor shot his load and his cum hit me multiple times on my face and in my mouth. I know this wasn’t the plan and the cum is only for the imperial guard. it was too late. I swallowed a good amount of his cum. my muscles grow and grow. with two steps forward I pushed guard 01 out of my way and took the glory of my emperor into my mouth. he shot two more loads into my mouth and then ordered me to step away.

I stepped beside the throne like a guard and waited. all my brothers scream in ecstasy “hail the emperor, hail our god, praise the emperor” . the emperor raised “FOLLOW” he ordered I followed him directly then the guards followed and then the black units.

“well this was one of the best orgasm I head “ - Godemperor said.

“this unit confirms” - I answered..

“well let me see what we can do with you - sit down”

he placed something over my head and I couldn’t move anymore and blacked out.

how should this chapter end ?

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