City of Bears 2 - Episode 7

By Wesley Bracken -
published July 15, 2011

A guy at a bar takes a walk on the bear side.

City of Bears - Series 2: Special Delivery

Episode 7: A New Perspective

by Wesley Bracken

Commissioned by Calvinwolf


This story contains graphic depictions of watersports. If any of these fetishes disturb you (and they probably should) I advise that you read no further. This is a work of fiction, and the behaviors depicted in this piece should stay that way.


Calvin took another look around the bar, and let out a heavy sigh. He didn’t know how to explain it. Not three months ago, this club was one of the gay hot spots of the city, filled with young muscular guys dancing all night long, exactly his kind of scene. But slowly, things had changed. It had started with a shift in clientele, mostly older, chubbier guys, not that Calvin minded. Then, the disco nights had been replaced by country western dancing, and the bartenders couldn’t make a decent martini to save their lives, the decor was now all wood paneling and dim lights, and he no longer knew why he even bothered showing up anymore. There were a few guys like him–young muscled, and sure, a bit on the twink side–still hanging around, but tonight, he was surrounded by loud, leather, flannel and denim clad bears, and it was making him uncomfortable to say the least. He took another sip of his martini, and figured he might as well call it a night, even though it wasn’t even past ten. He’d just have to find a more appropriate bar to hang out in from now on.

Disappointed, Calvin knocked back his drink and started to slide out of the booth, when he was suddenly pushed back, as a massive man slid in next to him, trapping him against the wall. Calvin looked at who had joined him and tried not to retch. The man was massive, first of all, with a huge gut barely held in by a slightly too small T-shirt. He had a massive beard which must have been close to a foot long, and when he grinned at Calvin, he saw that quite a few of his teeth were missing. His arms were covered with poorly made tattoos, and he was one of the hairiest men Calvin had ever seen in his life. “Hey there buddy,” he said, extending his meaty hand for a handshake, “The name’s Ralph. How you doin’ tonight?”

Calvin glanced at the hand, but didn’t accept the handshake, just turned to the guy and said, “Look, I’m flattered and all, but I was just leaving.”

“What? So soon?” Ralph said, and came closer, putting one arm around Calvin’s shoulder. He recoiled a bit from the guy’s stench, and his breath stank of booze and tobacco, but Ralph just pulled him closer. “The night’s still young man! Live a little!”

“I’m not interested, ok? Now leave me the fuck alone!” Calvin said, and pushed the biker away, but the massive man barely moved, and just laughed loudly.

“Well someone’s in a sour mood tonight. Care to share what’s up?”

Calvin thought about just ignoring the guy, but he was angry, and he wanted to get it off his chest. “Yeah, why not. See, this used to be an awesome bar, but now it’s full of nasty, fat, hairy fucks like yourself, and no I’m not interested in having sex with a piece of scum like you, and would you now please kindly get the fuck out of my way so I can get out of this dive bar?”

The biker just stared at him for a moment, with a strange grin on his face. “Dang man, anyone ever tell you that you’re a real downer? Maybe you could look at all of this from a new perspective. It might help you loosen up a bit,” he said. Before Calvin could stop him, the biker had slid a strange ring off of one of his fat fingers, grabbed Calvin’s hand, and slid it on his. Immediately, Calvin felt his stomach fall out from under him, as he was pushed out of his body, Ralph’s spirit sliding into his. For a single moment, Calvin was looking down at his body and the biker’s, before he felt himself sucked into the empty vessel of the biker.

For the first few moments, all Calvin could do was stare at himself sitting next to him, with a cocky grin on his face. Then, he looked down at himself, and tried not to faint. He didn’t know how, but somehow, he and Ralph had switched bodies. Calvin was now trapped in the body of some fat, disgusting piece of biker trash, and he started to panic and hyperventilate.

“Dang it, it’s always the same,” Ralph said in Calvin’s body. He grabbed Calvin’s head, turned it to the side and started kissing him deeply, shoving his tongue into his old mouth.

Calvin allowed it to happen for a moment, and the remembered what was happening and wrenched away and stood up, still refusing to believe that this was happening to him. “What…what the fuck did you do?” Change me back!" he shouted.

“Calm down big boy,” Ralph said, caressing his new, muscular body, “I just want to have a little fun. Let’s play around for a couple hours, and then we’ll switch back, alright? I promise. But if you want your body back, you have to do what I say…” he added with a evil smirk, “Or else I might just keep this body forever. Now sit your ass back down.”

Calvin just stood there for a moment, but he knew he didn’t have much of a choice, and slid back into the booth. His hands were shaking and his mouth was dry, but he didn’t know why.

“Here, looks like you could use one of these,” Ralph said. He reached into the pocket of Calvin’s leather vest and pulled out two cigars and a lighter. Calvin watched his body expertly light one, and hand it to him. Calvin really didn’t want to, but from the smell alone, he knew he needed it. He took a deep inhale and felt his body’s nerves calm down. Looking over, he saw that Ralph had lit the second and was smoking it himself. “Better?” he asked.

Calvin nodded, and took another inhale. Now that he had calmed down a bit, he took a moment to explore his body further. He rubbed his massive gut, unable to believe how large it was, and ran his hands through his giant beard and across his bald scalp. With some embarrassment, he realized he was also now wearing a butt plug. Blushing a bit, he reached under the gut and found his now small cock, probably only three or four inches, though his sack was massive.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I know it’s small, but my loads are massive, trust me,” Ralph said, and started stroking Calvin’s belly. He pushed the hand away but Ralph tisked at him. “Do you want your body back or not? Now quit being such a prude, and give yourself a kiss.”

Reluctantly, Calvin leaned over and started kissing Ralph, who resumed rubbing Calvin’s belly. He had to admit that it did feel good, and before too long he wasn’t even resisting much anymore, though he couldn’t help but think it was a bit strange to be kissing himself. Both would occasionally break away to take a drag off their cigars, and Calvin found himself enjoying the taste, surprisingly enough.

Ralph broke the kiss, leaned in and smelled his body’s pits. “Dang I smell good,” he said, “But now, why don’t we go find somebody to play with? This body of yours is damn horny.” He then climbed up on the seat and over Calvin, making sure to rub Calvin’s own package across his face as he went, and landed on the floor on the other side. “You’d better come along if you want this body of your back,” he added over his shoulder, then took off into the crowd.

Cursing, Calvin worked his fat body up and out of the booth as fast as he could, disconcerted by the butt plug massaging his prostate as he moved. After hiking up his jeans, he took off after his body, bumping into several other patrons and a table or two before he got used to his new girth. He had to figure out some way to get the ring off of Ralph’s finger, and put it on, or else he was going to be held hostage for the foreseeable future. Up ahead, he saw Ralph occasionally look back to see if Calvin was still following after him, as they moved deeper into the club. Calvin couldn’t be sure in the dim bar light, but something seemed odd to him, when he caught sight of his body again. It looked like there was now quite a bit of stubble on his cheeks which hadn’t been there before, and his body looked bigger and a bit fatter for some reason. Calvin pushed the thought away, figuring it was ridiculous. He was just stressed was all. When he caught up to Ralph, he’d take the ring back and get the hell out of this nightmare.

As Calvin pursued Ralph down a narrow corridor lined with burly men, a thickly muscled arm shot out and blocked Calvin, and a bearded face came close to his ear, “Well hey there Ralph. Haven’t seen you around for a bit. How’s it hanging?” Calvin froze, just staring at the monster leather bear who had him cornered, and was pressing him closer to the wall. Calvin hadn’t realized just how short Ralph’s body was until he found himself looking up into this tall bear’s rough face. It wasn’t a kind look he was getting from him either–it was the stare and smile of a predator who’s cornered his prey.

Calvin gulped, trying to find some words for the man, but nothing came out aside from a few garbled sentences, before the man locked lips with him in an aggressive kiss, shoving his tongue into Calvin’s mouth, and making him melt against the wall. He could feel his short, stubby cock hardening, and though it disgusted him, he found himself enjoying the taste of beer and smoke on the bear’s mouth. Calvin lost track of time, just enjoying the sensation, occasionally taking a drag off his cigar and sharing the smoke with the big bear, until he pulled back and undid the fly on his leather pants, allowing his massive, pierced cock to stand out.

“Enough foreplay. Get down there, pig, I have a load for you,” he said. When Calvin stammered a bit and tried to worm away, the bear grabbed his bald head and forced him to his knees before the cock, and then rammed it into his mouth. Calvin figured he might as well suck the bear off and get back to finding Ralph, but almost immediately the cock in his mouth started spewing a load of hot piss into his mouth. Calvin choked in surprise and tried to pull back, but the muscle bear grabbed the back of his head and forced him to take the who cock to the root, Calvin choking and stammering, swallowing as fast as he could but most of it spilling out of his mouth and down his filthy beard. When the stream slowed and stopped, the bear began fucking Calvin’s face, slamming his cock down his throat hard and fast, making Calvin thankful that Ralph’s body had no gag reflex, allowing him to relax and take it all with minimal effort. Unable to resist, he reached under with one hand and started working his cock through the nasty denim, excited by the rough treatment. After a few minutes, the bear pulled out, and after a few jerks of his cock unloaded a massive wad of cum all over Calvin’s face and beard. Then, the bear zipped up his still leaking cock, and with nothing more than a “Thanks, pig,” slipped back into the crowd.

Calvin wiped off some of the cum with one grimy hand and licked it up, one hand still massaging his cock, when he realized that he had, by now, completely lost track of Ralph, and his own body. Cursing loudly, he started forcing his way through the crowded hallways, checking in each room he passed, seeing if he could find his body in any of them. He had wandered the complex for half an hour in an escalating panic, certain that Ralph had abandoned him and stolen his body, when he stumbled into a room and saw himself.

Ralph was sitting on a mattress in the room, lying back, with a dirty looking trucker happily sucking him off while another one watched on the side, slowly jacking his cock. When Ralph saw him enter, his face lit up, and after pushing the trucker off of his cock, he stood up and walk over to Calvin, saying, “I was wondering if you were going to find us! This is my friend, Calvin, you two, the one who I said would love to play with us?”

“Finally, took him long enough,” the trucker on the side said, “I’m Chuck, and that’s Cliff.”

The trucker on the bed wiped his lips and grinned, “Dang Ralph, your friend is a looker. Can I suck his cock too?”

“Sorry guys, but Calvin here’s as big a bottom as they come,” Ralph said with a chuckle, and then added after seeing the cum still stuck in his beard, “It looks like you already found yourself some action tonight, anyway! And what’s that I smell…I didn’t know you were into piss…”

“Shut the fuck up,” Calvin said quietly, “and give me my god damn body back, you fucker!”

“Now, now, you know the rules, you get your body back if you do what I say. Besides, I found these hot guys for us to play with…” Ralph said.

Now that Calvin was close to him, he realized that something was wrong. The stubble Calvin had seen earlier had filled in, and his old face was now covered with a full beard, and his previous surfer hair was even longer than before, hanging down past his shoulders and matted with sweat. He was chubbier too, by quite a bit. Not as big as Ralph’s body, but a decent gut, and he’d lost most of his muscle definition. His clothes were barely able to fit him anymore. Worse, he looked disgusting. His hair matted with sweat, and he could smell some awful body odor coming off of him. He’d never smelled that bad before–what was going on?

“What the fuck happened to my body?” Calvin asked.

“What, this?” Ralph said rubbing his new beard, “Don’t worry about it. It gives you character, I think.”

“God damn it, give me the god damn ring!” Calvin said, and grabbed Ralph’s hand with the ring on it, but he jerked away.

“Now, now, I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Ralph said, “If I take the ring off and put it on your finger, we switch back. But if you take the ring from me, then we can never return to our own bodies.”

“You’re lying.”

“Maybe I am,” Ralph said, “But do you really want to risk it?”

“What the fuck’s taking you two so long?” Chuck asked, “I ain’t gonna be able to keep this hard on going all night, and Cliff here is thirsty for some cum.”

“Damn right! Get over here and face fuck me some more, would you?” Cliff added.

“You’ll get some more, but first, get on your hands and knees. Calvin was just telling me how he’s getting hungry for some ass, so why not let him eat yours for a while?”

Calvin glared at Ralph angrily, but Cliff’s happily lowered his pants. “Hell yeah, come and get it you filthy fucker!” he said, pushing his fat ass in Calvin’s direction.

He tried to object, but Ralph just dragged him over and his pushed him down, and whispered in his ear, “Everything I say, remember? Now enjoy it!” and pushed his face into Cliff’s crack, making both trucker’s moan. Calvin started licking, trying his best to not think about how rank it smelled and awful it tasted, but part of him was also madly turned on, especially after his earlier treatment by that leather bear. Ralph, meanwhile, pulled down Calvin’s jeans, revealing his own fat ass, and started working the butt plug in and out, making Calvin moan against his will, his stubby cock leaking precum all over the filthy mattress. His old ass hole had never been that sensitive–he wondered what it would be like if someone fucked him…

“Fuck yeah, now that’s a damn good show,” Chuck said, jacking off eagerly now.

Ralph looked over and said, “Well how about giving me a hand, and working this fat ass biker’s ass over, while I face fuck your partner here?”

Chuck grinned, and still wanking with one hand, took over for Ralph and started thrusting the butt plug deep into Calvin’s hole. He was so focused on the pleasure shooting from the plug that he didn’t realize that he was starting to enjoy the rank taste of Cliff’s ass, running his tongue the whole way up his crusty crack and probing deep into his hole. Ralph returned to his first position and slammed his cock down Cliff’s hungry throat, slamming the trucker’s ass into Calvin’s face with each thrust.

“Fuck man, you have such a fucking hungry hole,” Chuck said, hauling the plug out and throwing it to the ground, “I just gotta fuck it man, I gotta.” He lined up his own cock and worked it into Calvin’s loose hole, making him groan and shiver with pleasure as he bucked back to meet Chuck’s cock.

“Oh fuck, that’s so damn hot!” Ralph said. He pulled out his cock from Cliff’s mouth, and said, "Cliff, fuck his mouth while I fuck that sloppy ass of yours. Cliff nodded and turned around, shoving his cock into Calvin’s mouth while Ralph worked his cock up the trucker’s now lubed ass. Calvin sucked on the trucker’s surprisingly large cock, though had an easier time than before, since it was still smaller than the leather bear’s. Getting plugged at both ends was too much for Calvin, as his small cock started unloading a massive wad of cum all over the mattress, though neither Chuck nor Cliff let up for a minute. Even after his cock finished pumping, Calvin felt his balls still churning, his cock still hard, and as horny as ever.

Still, the smell of fresh cum in the room sent both Chuck and Cliff over the edge, both of them unloading nearly simultaneously into both ends of Calvin, which he happily swallowed down. Watching both trucker’s plowing his old body was enough to send Ralph over the edge as well, shooting his own load up Cliff’s butt. All four of them just stayed there for a moment, calming down, and then extricated themselves, Calvin finding his cock still frustratingly hard, despite having cum once already. Plus, Cliff’s cum had tasted so good, he started wiping off the remnants of the leather bear’s cum from his beard, and eating that just to relish the taste a bit longer.

Cliff and Chuck were mostly dressed, when Ralph spoke up, “Hey, before you go, would you guys give Calvin here your piss? He loves the stuff, he’s just too embarrassed to say so.” Calvin’s face turned red, but he knew it wouldn’t do any good to deny it. Besides, now that he thought about it, he hadn’t minded his taste from the leather bear earlier, so he got down on his knees on the floor as the three of them circled him, and started pissing on him. At first, Calvin just let them soak him, but then, he couldn’t resist chasing the streams, trying to drink down as much as he could. A few seconds too late, he realized that he’d released his own bladder, and was pissing his pants, moaning and drinking down all of the piss he could. When they finished Calvin licked his lips, wishing there was more. “Now, what do you say?” Ralph said.

“I, Uh…thanks, guys,” Calvin muttered.

“Sorry, he’s a bit slow,” Ralph said.

“Don’t worry about that,” Chuck added, “He’s a fun fuck. Maybe we’ll see the two of you again after our next haul.”

“You know where to find us,” Ralph added with a wink as the two truckers left, leaving the two of them alone in the room. When they were gone, Ralph chuckled, “Well dang, you are a little biker slut, aren’t you? I didn’t think you’d go along with me that far, but you fucking loved it.”

Calvin felt his face redden and he stood up and wrung some of the piss out of his sodden shirt. “Are you finished now? I just want to get out of here…” Calvin said.

“What, so soon?” Ralph said, “But you seemed to be enjoying yourself so much!” Ralph said, stuck his hand down the back of Calvin’s wet jeans and started fingering his asshole. “Besides, if I know my body, I bet you’re just getting started.” He pulled out his finger, slick with Chuck’s cum, and ran it around Calvin’s wet lips. He pulled a cigar from his own pocket and lit it. “It’s a good thing I got these off some guys, because yours are too fucking wet, I bet,” he added, and blew a plume of smoke at Calvin’s face.

As he watched Ralph smoke, Calvin saw that his body had changed even more. The beard had grown out quite a bit, to about an inch long. He also had quite a few wrinkles creasing his face, and his blond hair had a few traces of grey in it. He had also packed on the pounds. Calvin’s previous muscular physique was long gone, replaced by a fatty figure which was rapidly approaching three hundred pounds, at least. Calvin’s form fitting T-shirt he’d been wearing no longer fit at all, and with some effort, Ralph pulled it off, revealing a very hairy body which Calvin had never had. Ralph started rubbing his nipples as he smoked, giving Calvin a little show. “What the hell did you do to my body?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t know the details to be honest, but apparently, this ring switches people’s souls. However, young bodies require more upkeep than old ones, so when an old soul gets put in a young body, that body ages rapidly, since the soul isn’t capable of keeping it up,” Ralph said, “Considering that I was sixty before switching, and it’s been about an hour and a half, I’d say my, or rather, your body, is close to forty right now. But hey, it looks good, doesn’t it?” he added, rubbing his belly, “You were far too skinny to start off with anyway, this is much hotter.”

“You fucker! You fucked up my body!” Calvin shouted, and started clawing at Ralph’s hand, desperate to get the ring away from him, but Ralph pushed him away.

“Now remember, taking the ring won’t do you any good. It sounds like someone hasn’t had a smoke in a while,” Ralph said with a smile, “You want one of mine?”

Calvin wanted to say no, but the thought of another cigar made his body’s mouth water. “Yeah,” he said, his throat suddenly dry.

“Then I want you to beg me to fuck you up the ass. I want you to ask me to fuck me with your own cock. And if you do a good job, I might even give you your body back when I’m through with you.”

Calvin didn’t want to, but what choice did he have. He sank to his knees, and his face red with humiliation, said, “Please, will you fuck me up the ass?”

“That’s all you got? Come on you can do better than that.”

“Please…Please sir, I need your cock up my hole.”

“I think you mean, you need your own cock up your hole, isn’t that right? You want to feel this cock of yours reaming your ass?”

Calvin nodded, “Yes sir, please fuck me hard with my own cock. I’m so horny sir, I need it.”

“Finger that hole of yours. Show me how empty it is.”

Reluctantly, Calvin dropped his pants again, reached around, and started working a couple of fingers into his hole, “Please, my hole is so empty, I need you to fill it up with my cock.”

“Get on the bed,” Ralph said, and Calvin hurried over, hoping this would be a quick one, so they could switch back before Ralph could do any more damage. Ralph shoved the cigar in Calvin’s mouth, then thrust Calvin’s own cock into his ass as hard as he could, and began fucking him hard, making Calvin gasp and moan in pain and pleasure. He felt his balls begin to churn, and felt his face go red as he smoked. He couldn’t cum right now. He couldn’t give Ralph the pleasure, but it felt so good. With a grunt, he shot a second load of cum all over the mattress, and all he felt was shame. “Yeah, look at you, you fucking slut, blowing a massive wad while I fuck you with your own cock!” Ralph said, “Oh fuck!” he shot his own massive load, pounding away at Calvin’s hole, then collapsing on top of him, breathing heavily. “Thanks for the good time, and the hot body,” he whispered, “Sorry I couldn’t return it in the same condition.” He slipped the ring off his own finger and onto Calvin’s, and after another out of body experience, Calvin was back in his own body, reeling from the experience. Before he could say anything, Ralph had his pants up and left the room, stopping only to add, “I don’t think your clothes will fit either, but don’t worry. I arranged something for you earlier. Have fun!” before disappearing into the crowd.

Calvin fought back the urge to cry, as he looked down at his now wreaked body. He was at least forty now, fat and hairy, and knew he would never be able to reclaim his physique again. But first things first, he had to get out of here, before someone else decided to take advantage of him. He staggered over to his clothes, but there was no way he would be able to fit into them. He halfheartedly tried to pull on his jeans, but he couldn’t get the legs up past his thighs.

“There you are, you ready to be my daddy bear?” a voice said from the doorway. With a sinking feeling in his gut, Calvin turned to the doorway, and saw a thin, furry cub standing in the doorway, dressed in jeans and a leather vest, grinning at Calvin, a bundle of leather tucked under his arm.

“I…Look, I don’t know what I might have said to you earlier, but I wasn’t really myself,” Calvin muttered.

“Oh, I know all about Ralph’s little jaunts,” the cub said, “And I know you don’t have any clothes that will fit you at the moment. So I guess you have two choices. One, you can be my date for the rest of the evening, and wear what I have here for you, or you can try and get out of here buck naked, which I can guarantee will be pretty difficult, especially as hot as you’re looking now.”

Calvin didn’t say anything, just trying to control himself. Dang, he needed a smoke. Sensing his frustration, the cub came over, handed him a cigar, and lit it for him. Then, while Calvin smoked, the cub began stroking his fat chest and big belly, making Calvin quiver.

“Yeah, that’s a good daddy,” the cub said, then leaned in and sniffed at Calvin’s pit, “Good and ripe too, just how I like them.” Sniffing hungrily, the cub got down on his knees, buried his face between Calvin’s cock and balls and began licking the sweat up, Calvin toying with his pert nipples, trying to resist cumming. Who knows, maybe all he’d needed was a new perspective on the whole thing. He could learn to like being a daddy bear, he thought, as he grabbed the back of the cub’s throat, and rammed his cock down it as far as it could go.

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