City of Bears 2 - Episode 6

By Wesley Bracken published July 12, 2011

Two office workers find themselves growing in entirely different directions.

City of Bears - Series 2: Special Delivery

Episode 6: Opposites Attract

by Wesley Bracken

Commissioned by Scot158f


This story contains graphic depictions of watersports, incontinence and scat. If any of these fetishes disturb you (and they probably should) I advise that you read no further. This is a work of fiction, and the behaviors depicted in this piece should stay that way.


“So what is it?” Tony asked.

“Don’t know,” Bill gave the strange package a shake. It felt heavy, and he could hear some sort of metal clinking within, but other than that, he had no clue. The package had arrived with the rest of the mail after lunch, but what was strange was that it was addressed to both of them–Bill and Tony, the office clones.

It was the running joke of the entire office building they worked in. They had both been hired into the same department within a week of each other, and as if that wasn’t worse enough, the two of them shared almost everything in common. Both were stick thin, socially awkward guys in their mid thirties, trying to climb the corporate ladder. They styled their hair the same, wore the same clothing. They were the butt of nearly every inside joke, and both of them hated it, and secretly thought that the other was in on it, and just trying to make their own life miserable. One time, Tony had come to work with a wacky tie covered with colored dots, just to be different, but Bill had emerged from the elevator a moment later wearing crazy stripes. The next week, Bill tried cutting his hair short, and Tony came in with the exact same style. By now, they just tried to avoid one another, but it was difficult, and given that neither of them had many friends, they were both ended up entirely isolated.

“You ordered it, didn’t you? You just want to make a fool of me, but this is only making you look worse,” Tony said, “No one is going to like you more because you’re being an ass.”

“I did this?” Bill said, “Why in the hell would I do that? You’re the one always screwing things up. You’re the one always copying me!”

“I am not! You’re the copier here.”

Bill started to yell again, but turned away. They’d had this argument countless times, but there was no solving it. He knew Tony was probably innocent, but all of the coincidences stacked up. Of course, Tony probably thought the same of him. “It was probably someone else in the office, making fun of us. It’ll probably be matching suits or something.”

Tony and Bill gave a heavy sigh in tandem, and then both blushed. Not wanting to say anymore, lest they say the same thing, Bill grabbed some scissors from a desk in the conference room they’d ducked into together to inspect the package. The label said it was from some place called Bear Boutique, but he’d never heard of it before. He pried open the cardboard, and both he and Tony dug through the packing peanuts and pulled out two strange looking statues.

Bill grabbed his first, and found a stylized male figure cast in well polished silver standing on a silver base. The figure looked quite muscular, though it was small compared to the size of the base it stood on. What made him blush was the obvious phallus hanging down between the man’s legs, actually hitting the base itself. He looked away, and saw that Tony was pulling out a similar statue, well, not all that similar really. The idea was the same, with a stylized figure standing on a base, but his was as different as could be. Instead of silver, it looked to be made from rusted iron, the coloring swirling across the figure in an almost artful way. It was also much bigger, almost too large for the base it was on, and probably four times the size of Bill’s statue. It was chubby looking, where the other was muscular. Like Bill’s though, it too had a massive phallus, almost the size of Bill’s entire statue.

“Is that it?” Tony said, and the two of them looked in the box, but all they found was a flyer from Bear Boutique, which they tossed in the trash. They set them on the table, wondering what to do with them. “How come yours is so clean looking, and mine’s all dirty?” Tony said, with a grin.

“Yeah, well how come you got the big one?” Bill retorted. They stood there awkwardly, not sure what to say to one another. They mostly avoiding talking to anyone at the office now, especially each other, and suddenly they realized they had never really spoken about each other’s lives. “Well, I guess I’d better get back to work…” Bill said, picking up his statue and hiding it under his coat and heading for the door.

“Oh…yeah, me too.” Tony said, picked up his own statue and followed after, each heading towards their respective cubicles. As Bill walked back, the hand which was holding the statue started to tingle strangely, but he shook it off as nothing, and it went away a moment later. After stashing the statue in a desk drawer where hopefully no one would see it, he returned to his work, but as the day wore on, he noticed a few strange happenings. Occasionally, that tingling sensation which he had felt would return. He just tried to ignore it as best he could, but each time it happened, everything felt a bit…odd. A couple of hours later, when he stood up to go to the bathroom, he noticed that his pants were too long, the legs dropping past his shoes and hitting the ground. The waist also felt a bit loose, so he cinched up his belt to keep them up and tried not to think about it. Probably the hem had come undone or something–it was nothing to worry about. He headed to the restroom and took care of his business, but as he washed his hands, he glanced up in the mirror and saw that his hairline was receding, and that he looked a bit older. Figuring it was just a trick of the light, he ignored that too, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit uneasy.

Tony was experiencing his own set of strange changes. As he sat at his desk, he had noticed that he was feeling a bit bloated, despite the fact that he’d actually had a small lunch. He undid his belt by a notch, but soon he felt himself pressing against that uncomfortably, so he just took it off entirely. A while later, he delivered a report to his boss, and as they chatted, he noticed that he was looking at Tony strangely. When he asked whether something was wrong, his boss told him that he looked kind of scruffy, and that he should probably go get a haircut. He wanted people in his office to look professional for clients. Embarrassed, Tony hurried to the bathroom, and saw that his hair had grown out by about an inch, and that he had a thick five o’ clock shadow across his face. Even stranger, he had to admit that he kind of liked the way it looked. He also noticed that the bloating he’d noticed all afternoon seemed to be the result of a small gut which he had grown somehow, but again, he couldn’t bring himself to be too worried about it. Something about the whole situation just seemed so…right.

That afternoon, both Bill and Tony attended a planning meeting for the quarter, but for the whole hour, neither of them could focus on the topic at hand. Each kept stealing glances at the other, often their gaze meeting awkwardly for a little too long, before they both looked away again. Bill couldn’t stop staring at Tony’s rapidly growing beard and hair, while Tony was entranced by Bill’s sudden maturity. When the meeting finally adjourned, and their co-workers took off for the day, Bill and Tony both hung back, taking their time packing up their papers until they were alone in the room at last. Neither of them was sure of what to say to the other, so the silence hung for a while, both of them looking anywhere but at each other.

“That…that beard looks good on you,” Bill finally said, unsure of why he was so nervous all of a sudden. Something about Tony was just so appealing now, but he couldn’t put a finger on it.

“Uh…thanks. You look pretty good yourself,” Tony replied, “Funny though, I don’t know how it grew in so fast. It just sort of…happened.”

Bill got up from the table, and found his pants had grown too large again, so he tightened his belt once more. While his waist had decreased, his chest seemed to be growing, his shirt pulled tight across his upper body, his pecs actually quite defined through the shirt fabric. As Tony looked at him, he couldn’t help imagining gripping them, and pulling on Bill’s nipples. He blushed, and got up himself to leave, but Bill stepped in front, blocking his way. The two stood there, suddenly closer than they’d ever been to each other, and noticed that while they had always looked each other in the eye until now, Bill was now several inches shorter than Tony. Licking his lips, Bill grabbed Tony’s tie with one hand, pulled him down to his level, and gave him a kiss. What began as a tentative brush of the lips suddenly grew more and more passionate, and both Bill and Tony felt the tingling sensation return. By the time they separated, Tony was bent over a bit uncomfortably to get down to Bill, who was now about a foot shorter than him. Bill, at the level of Tony’s chest, reached out and started rubbing the large man’s fat gut, feeling it grow and pulse beneath his hands, pushing out against the taut shirt. Tentatively, Tony reached out and felt Bill as well, the hard muscles feeling strange next to his own soft form.

“Do…Do you think we should go to the hospital?” Tony offered, “I mean, only if you think we should, I guess. It just seems like…well, all of this is a bit strange.”

“But you like it, don’t you?” Bill said, still kneading Tony’s gut, then working his way down to Tony’s crotch, where he could feel his semi-hard cock, “I know you do.”

Tony whimpered a bit as Bill rubbed his cock through his tight pants. His thighs had grown fatter as well, pressing at the seams. Bill could feel Tony’s bulk, and part of him, this new voice in his head, told him that Tony should get even bigger. That he would be so handsome as a massively fat, giant of a man, and that Bill should help him…encourage him to be the man he should be.

“I have a better idea,” Bill said, “Why don’t we go and grab some dinner?”

Tony’s stomach gave a rumble, making the big man blush. “I…I guess I am kind of hungry.”

“Good, then let’s get going…boy,” Bill said, and led the way out of the conference room. They stopped at both of their desks to pack up their things, including both statues, and headed towards the elevator, which was already packed with everyone else getting heading home for the evening. As more and more people crowded on, Bill was forced closer and closer to Tony, eventually wedged up against his belly, his face close enough to his sweaty pit to smell the musk coming off him, which was making Bill hard. He reached down to rearrange his cock, and found that he had a lot more down there than he had earlier that day. It must have been at least eight inches long, and his balls were swollen as well. Unable to help himself, he put his nose up close to Tony’s pit and took a deep breath, savoring the aroma. When Tony saw what Bill was doing, he blushed, but leaned in closer. For some reason, the fact that Bill was taking an interest in him made him feel really good, and proud of himself. He caught his reflection in the mirrored wall of the elevator, and was suddenly struck by how young he looked. He’d started graying a year or two ago, but his hair had colored again, and actually looked darker and fuller than it had ever been before. Despite the beard, his face was smooth, and his eyes glittering with energy. Bill groped at his crotch, reddening Tony’s cheeks even more, and they realized that Bill wasn’t the only one whose cock had grown substantially.

They headed out of the building together, Tony following slightly behind Bill, who led the way to his car. Bill felt good leading the way. He had always been one to follow the pack, but being in charge felt kind of good. He could get used to this, actually. They came to his sedan, the same model Tony drove of course, and they climbed in, both of them taking a moment or two to adjust the seats for their new bodies. After getting comfortable, Bill started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

“So…where are we going?” Tony asked.

“Not sure yet. I’ll know when I see it.” Bill replied. Somehow, he just had a sense of where he was supposed to go, and about fifteen minutes later, he pulled off into a parking lot in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

“Oh come on, you can’t be serious,” Tony said, but in response, his stomach let out a loud grumble of hunger, and Bill smirked.

He leaned over and started rubbing Tony’s big belly. “Sounds like someone knows what you want better than you do. Come on, let’s go eat.”

“No Bill, look, we have to figure out what’s going on here. Isn’t this all a bit strange? Shouldn’t we go get checked out?”

In reply, Bill climbed over and gave Tony another kiss, deeper than the last. After a moment of resistance, Tony allowed Bill’s tongue to explore his mouth, and he felt happiness and satisfaction surge up within him. It felt so good to be with Bill. Bill knew how to make him happy. He should do what Bill says, and stop questioning him. His stomach let out another loud grumble, and he realized that was really hungry. Bill pulled away slowly, leaving Tony licking his lips and wanting more. He saw that Bill’s hairline had receded further, and was now quite a bit more grey, but it made him look more distinguished and in charge. Bill climbed out of the car, and Tony followed as well, finding it a bit difficult. Part of him worried about what would happen if he kept growing. How tall would he get? How fat? He might not be able to fit into the car at all, if things kept going the way they were.

“Come on boy, Let’s get some food in ya,” Bill said, and Tony followed him into the restaurant. The hostess seated them at a booth, and they had to push the table back so Tony could even get in with his large belly. Bill on the other hand found the table awkward at his new height of about five feet. However, they weren’t seated for long. After taking their drink orders, a large beer for Tony and water for Bill, they headed for the buffet. Bill loaded up a small plate for himself, but kept encouraging Tony to take more and more. More fried chicken, more potatoes, more gravy. By the time they were back at the table, Tony’s plate was three times as large as Bill’s. The food wasn’t great, but Tony didn’t care. He just started shoveling it into his mouth as quickly as he could, using his hands whenever possible, Tony picking away at his own plate but spending most of the time next to Tony encouraging him to eat faster.

When Tony’s first helping was about half gone, Bill disappeared, and brought back another massive plate for him just as he finished his first. Tony wasn’t sure where he was putting it all, but he just kept going, eating anything Bill set in front of him. However, he started to slow down a bit after his third massive plate, and let out a massive belch. “Please Bill, I don’t think I can eat anymore,” he pleaded.

Bill just smiled, and started rubbing Tony’s massive belly. All of this food had certainly made him grow. He was probably three or four inches taller, but mostly he had grown out. His already massive gut had blown up even larger, falling down between his legs and over his crotch, pushing his massive thighs apart. He had no idea how his clothes had withstood the strain of it thus far–he’d already popped off several buttons, including the highest one, allowing his double chins to spill down out of his collar. His beard was three or four inches long, and an absolute mess, covered with bits of food he’d spilled in his gluttony. His shirt was equally messy, covered with any number of stains. Bill dug around under Tony’s fat and started massaging his massive cock which was quite hard. “Come on boy, I’s know ya can eat more ’n that,” Bill said, “Don’t ya want tah please your daddy?”

“Bill, please. Listen to yourself. This isn’t right.”

Somewhere deep inside, Bill knew Tony was right, but this new him, this dominant man inside of him pushed that away. He had already noticed, as he was carting ever larger plates over for Tony to eat, how much more muscular he had become, even as he was growing smaller. He’d kept having to tighten his belt as his waist decreased in size, and his shirt was now stretched uncomfortably across his pecs, massive biceps, and his pants skintight across his defined thighs. He could tell everyone was staring at him as he swaggered through the buffet, but he didn’t care. He only had eyes for Tony. Somehow, as he grew taller, fatter, hairier and more filthy with each passing plate, Bill just grew more and more attracted to him. He knew something strange was going on, that they should figure out what was up with these statues and that Bear Boutique place they came from, but for some reason, every time he tried to think about what they should do, or what was going on, it just became this large swirl of information that he couldn’t deal with. It was becoming harder and harder to think about complex things. It was so much easier to focus on what was in front of him: feeding Tony, taking Tony home, fucking his brains out, licking out his nasty pits, falling asleep in the giant’s arms. He shook his head, “Nah Tony, I don’ think yer done. I knows how hungry ya git, and ya are a growin’ boy after all. Now eat.”

“No. No, we can’t keep doing this. This has to stop,” Tony said.

Bill glared at him. “Eat up boy, or we’s gonna have words when we gits home.”

The steel eyed gaze sent Tony into another feeding frenzy. Blushing, he couldn’t believe he’d actually talked back to his daddy. What had he been thinking?

Bill brought over two more massive plates of dinner, then two plates piled high with dessert, and Tony ate all of them without complaint. Seeing that his boy had stopped resisting for the moment, Bill finished off his own, much smaller meal, paid the tab, and then the two of them left, most every eye in the restaurant following the now four and a half foot muscled freak, and the seven and a half foot tub of lard waddling behind him awkwardly. As they walked across the parking lot, Tony’s clothes finally lost the battle with his massive size, and began ripping apart, first the seat of his pants, then the last button gave out, seams ripping, so that by the time he reached Bill’s car, he had little more than rags clinging to the folds of his body.

Now naked in the parking lot, the sedan seemed even smaller than it had when he’d climbed out of it. Bill saw his nervousness, but didn’t care. He wanted to get home so the two of them could get to some more pressing business. “Git in, boy,” Bill said.

“I…I don’t know if I can fit, daddy,” Tony replied.

“I’s said, git yer fat ass in the god damn car!” Bill shouted, and Tony, on reflex, began working his bulk through the door. It was tight, but he finally managed to ball himself up and cram himself into the passenger seat, the car actually tilting to one side with his weight, and he closed the door, as Bill climbed into the driver’s seat, and found he couldn’t see over the dash, even with the seat as high as it could go. He looked around, trying to find a solution to the problem, but Bill just grew frustrated, and all the thinking gave him a headache. He pounded the horn in anger, making Tony jump. He tried to think of something to say, but he knew that once something had gotten Bill riled up, there wasn’t much anyone could do. Then, he felt his stomach twist again, as the familiar tingle returned, this time growing stronger than ever before. Tony began to swell in height once more, faster than ever, quickly becoming bent over against the roof of the car, the remaining clothes on his body splitting apart and falling off of him.

Bill just gaped at Tony as he grew even larger, the growth emphasized even more by his loss in height, dropping below four feet, growing even wider and more muscular until he looked like a short barrel of a man, almost as wide as he was tall, his cock snaking down one leg of his pants, making in bulge awkwardly. Tony however, was in quite a bit of distress. As he quickly ran out of room, he found it harder and harder to breathe. “Help! Help me!” He managed to squeak out, but Bill couldn’t think of anything. The tingle on the other hand, was just growing stronger, and with a sudden burst of vibration, a wave of energy shot forth from the statues in the back seat. The wave of energy swept over both Bill and Tony, and as it swept past both they, and the car they were sitting in, were suddenly changed.

The sedan was no more. In its place was a massive pickup truck painted entirely black, aside from massive flame decals streaming across the side. The cab was massively oversized, and the entire thing occupied two parking spots it was so huge. Inside, the two halves of the cab were at two entirely different levels, the driver’s side probably four feet higher than the passenger side. Bill found that the pedals and the wheels had adjusted to fit his short frame, and Tony could finally relax, with plenty of room for his massive bulk to settle around him. However, looking down at themselves, they saw that the car wasn’t the only major change.

Bill was no longer clad in his ill-fitting business wear. Instead, he had on a meticulously maintained leather uniform. Every bit of the black leather shone in the dim light of the sunset, especially his knee high boots, which were almost mirror-like. In the rear view mirror, he saw that he also had on a black cop hat, and without thinking much of it, he adjusted it to be perfectly level with the ground. He also saw that his older face was now studded with a variety of piercings, the most disturbing of which were two spikes emerging out the side of his head, between his temples and the base of his hat. His ears had a number of rings, studs and gauges in them, as did his eyebrows and lips. His nose had a large septum ring, and he could feel a spike in his tongue as well.

The rags of Tony’s clothes had disappeared entirely, and had been replaced by a set of well worn overalls. As he felt the denim, it was greasy with sweat and who knew what else, and from the smell, he figured they had probably never been washed. While he knew it should disgust him to wear something like this, he couldn’t help but admit that they were very comfortable. Looking at his arms, he saw that he now had sleeves of tattoos on both of them, the bright colors easily visible through his forest of pitch black hair. Body hair–that was certainly new. His entire body was covered with it, from his chest to his arms and his back. His beard had grown out even more, to eight or nine inches, and he could feel his hair cascading around his head and face. Without warning, he let out a massive belch, one of the loudest he’d ever heard, and a moment later, followed it up with an equally tremendous fart, so loud he was surprised he hadn’t shit himself. The smell hit them both a moment later, but it didn’t bother either of them. In fact, looking at the massive slob, Bill was easily the most turned on he’d ever been in his life.

Tony reached into the breast pocket of his overalls with one fat hand, and pulled out a can of chaw, grabbed a large wad and tucked it away against his upper lip, then from the other pocket, he hauled out a massive cigar, which Bill lit for him, and he started puffing away at. Bill on the other hand, pulled a massive pipe from the bag hanging off his belt, loaded it with tobacco and lit that for himself, both of them feeling much more at ease with the smoke coursing through their system. From their uneven seating, the two of them were close to eye level, and leaning in close, they shared a smoky kiss for a minute, Bill’s cock uncomfortably hard in his uniform pants. He could feel it snaking down his thigh, almost to his knee, it was so massive. Seeing his daddy was uncomfortable, Tony reached over and undid the snaps on the front of Bill’s crotch and hauled the monster cock out, finding it to be heavily pierced like the rest of Bill. He gave the massive cock a couple of strokes, but Bill pushed him away.

“Later,” he said, “Let’s git home.” He started up the truck and headed for his house, their vehicle easily the largest on the road. The cabin was by this point full of smoke, and Tony would occasionally let another fart or belch rip, and he could tell they made Bill horny, since his huge cock stayed hard all the way home. Tony could feel his own cock pressing up against his belly, and from the occasional grope could tell it was even larger than Bill’s, but given his size, it wasn’t going to be anywhere near as impressive.

Bill drove like a wild man, cutting in and out of traffic, the only thought on his mind getting home and shoving his cock up Tony’s ass. He pulled into the driveway of his home and shut off the engine, before climbing out of the cab and down the ladder attached to the side. Tony, at his height, could manage to just step down on his own, but he waited for Bill, to follow him into the house. As he walked, he noticed with some embarrassment that there was a large hole in the back of his overalls, but he tried not to think about it, or what he was sure Bill would use it for momentarily. It was another tight squeeze fitting through the door, but he managed, and he had to duck slightly to fit inside, but he wasn’t standing for long, with a shove, his daddy pushed him down onto his hands and knees, the impact of him falling enough to shake the floor and windows. Tony’s ass was now directly at face level, and without warning, the fat giant let loose another massive fart directly into Bill’s face, making him swoon. Unable to control himself any longer, Bill drove his face into Tony’s massive crack, licking at every square inch he could reach. It was rank, like it hadn’t been washed in ages, but Bill didn’t care. Tony let another fart off in his daddy’s face, and Bill inhaled as much of the stench as he could, before probing the hole with his pierced tongue. When it was good and wet, Bill grabbed a nearby chair from the dining table, climbed up on it, and from that height was able to start working his cock up Tony’s massive hole.

Tony knew it was wrong. He knew that none of this should be happening, but a growing part of him insisted on passivity. It was important to do everything Bill told him, even if he knew it wasn’t a smart idea. His daddy wasn’t the brightest guy, but he was so hot, and so domineering, that Tony knew it was better just to follow along and keep quiet. He felt the shaft work it’s way deeper into his hole, and even at his large size, Tony felt stretched to the limit by his daddy’s massive cock. As Bill fucked him wildly, it actually felt like the shaft was going deeper with each thrust, making Tony moan with desire. He couldn’t help himself anymore, and he submitted. He submitted to the pleasure coursing through him. Submitted to this muscular dwarf who he knew would control him for the rest of his life. This was the way things were supposed to be. With a roar, Bill unleashed a massive load of cum deep into Tony’s ass, and the tingle started again, stronger than the last. Tony started growing again, more fat, and even some muscle packing on with each spurt from Bill’s cock. Soon, he was large enough to touch opposite walls if he were to stretch out with his hands and feet, his massive gut pooling on the floor beneath him. Spent, Bill hauled his cock out of Tony’s ass, but found that it had grown far larger than when he first inserted it, or that he had grown quite a bit shorter, or both. When the cock had been fully removed, and dropped down from where he was standing on the chair to below his feet, and was about as thick as a two liter bottle. If it hadn’t been for his musculature, it probably would have been nearly impossible for him to walk with it.

However tired Bill was, Tony was still rolling about on the floor in sexual heat, aching to cum. Bill grabbed a hold of the large cock and began pumping it with both arms, barely able to reach both hands around it, and Tony started shooting, spraying wads of cum all over himself, but also all over the walls and the ceiling as he writhed about in sexual agony. Finally, the flow eased up, and for a moment, neither of them did anything, said nothing, just trying to take in what was happening to them, but after the day of changes, both of them were exhausted. Tony let loose a big yawn, with another large belch following, and without another thought, pushed the now tiny furniture away and cleared a spot for him to lie down. Bill came over, his massive cock dragging on the ground, and Tony picked the small man up in his arms and held him close. Bill had never felt safer in his entire life, and he felt the anger which had burnt within him like a raging fire all day begin to calm down. He loved his boy, and he could never hurt him. He lied down on Tony’s massive stomach, his head right next to his hairy and stinking pit, but the rank smell just made him feel all the more at home. Tony was already snoring loudly, as Bill drifted off into a deep sleep.

Bill awoke at six in the morning, and without thinking much of it, worked his way out of Tony’s arms, got down off the bed, and headed towards the restroom to start his morning routine, lighting the pipe he kept on the bedside table as he went. He was halfway across the room when he realized, with quite a bit of embarrassment, that he had somehow managed to go to sleep in one of his uniforms last night. Cursing, he undressed as quickly as he could and got the leather hung up on the hanger, in order to remind himself to get Tony to clean and tend to it later in the day. Bill couldn’t believe that he’d gone off his routine like that. If he’d gone to bed in his clothes, that meant he’d missed his nightly shower, hadn’t brushed his teeth, flossed, polished his piercings–anything. The mere thought of how dirty he was at the moment turned his stomach.

Still angry, but with no one to blame but himself, he stomped his way through the smaller door in the room into his personal bathroom. Everything was miniaturized, scaled down for his three foot tall physique–even the ceiling was only six feet high or so. Working as quickly as he could, Bill climbed in the shower, washed himself twice, being careful to get every bit of his firm, muscular body. He finished up by shaving his head, face, and the small amount of hair which grew on his body, mostly around his massive cock. And what a massive cock it was. He was so used to it dragging between his legs that he didn’t even notice it anymore, and the head had become quite calloused from constantly rubbing across the carpet. Bill finished up his shower, climbed out, and went to the sink to brush his teeth, and finally saw himself in the mirror, his jaw dropping.

What he saw couldn’t be right, he thought. The face staring back at him couldn’t be his own. He tried as hard as he could to remember the day before–he knew something strange had been going on, that he had been changing, but it was so hard to recall. Of course, Bill, wasn’t very smart. Hell, he was a fucking dolt. He could barely read, had a horrible memory, and had no patience for learning much of anything. Besides, that’s what he had Tony around for. He wasn’t pretty, but that boy had a mind like a steel trap. A photographic memory, well read, clever, intelligent, witty. Bill sometimes had to smack some sense into him to get him to quit using big words he couldn’t understand, but that was beside the point. He knew, somehow, that the face he was looking at was wrong. That angular, hard jawline, the bald head, but more than anything, the piercings. He remembered having a few the night before, but now…now his face looked to have more metal on it than flesh. The septum in his nose was at least three inches in diameter, and very thick, chains crisscrossed from his ears to his lips to his nose. Spikes, barbells, and gauges of varying sizes were squeezed in wherever they could fit. However, the most notable was the two spikes coming out of his head. Well, they had been spikes the night before, now they were full fledged, stainless steel bull horns. They stuck out two or three inches, and then curved up, rising a few inches higher than the crown of his head. He yanked on one, and from the burst of pain which shot through him, he realized they must be implanted in his skull somehow. Looking down, an equal number of piercings dotted his body, running all the way down his massive cock, leading to a PA in the tip even more massive that the septum through his nose. As he moved, he could actually hear the metal clinking, and the noise was actually amazingly erotic.

What had he been doing again? He was at the sink, so he must have been about to brush his teeth. He resumed his morning routine, thankful for the consistency to keep him on track. If something were to vary, who knew how messed up he would be? After finishing up in the bathroom, he headed back into the bedroom, got dressed in an identical, but clean, uniform which he had ready, and then turned back to Tony sleeping on his side, snoring on the bed.

The bed itself was massive, in order to hold the twelve foot tall giant, and the room was even larger, with massive ceilings which made Bill feel even smaller than he was. He seemed to remember his house being different, that they had fallen asleep in the den, Tony barely able to fit his mass in the room, but again, his memory was so foggy, he couldn’t really recall. But damn, Tony was hot. Bill was obsessively clean and ordered, but the disgusting redneck, covered with hair, reeking of sweat and smoke filled Bill’s entire body with desire. His massive cock began to harden, slowly picking itself off of the floor and jutting out at a near perfect right angle to his body as he walked closer to his boy. It would have made anyone else tip over, but with his massive muscles, he didn’t even feel the weight. As he came around behind Tony on the bed, he smelled something awful. Sometime during the night, he had filled the back of his overalls with a massive load of shit, and man did it reek. Bill knew he should be disgusted, but he was drawn closer to it anyway, and unable to stop himself, he plunged his hard dick between Tony’s shit filled cheeks, grunting and groaning with desire as he covered his cock with it. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to get his cock covered in shit, and the smell! It was so much stronger than his boy’s farts the night before, but that just made him even hornier.

His boy let out a grunt and a groan, but didn’t wake up, so Bill figured he’d have to take it a step further. After getting his cock covered in the muck from the tip to the base, he walked around to Tony’s face, and started slathering it all across him. Tony let out a moan and tentatively licked at the dirty shaft as it passed by as he slowly came to out of his sleep. Bill saw an opening and used it to start working his shitty cock down his boy’s throat. “Yeah, that’s it boy, take daddy’s cock!” he shouted.

Tony allowed this to happen for a moment or two, still thinking he was dreaming. All night, he had been besieged by perverse thoughts and ideas, of rolling in shit, pissing himself, never taking showers, licking out his filthy pits, and hundreds of other acts he could barely remember, but which had kept him in a perpetual state of horniness. When he regained enough wakefulness to realize that this wasn’t a dream, and that Bill, now a heavily pierced midget, was shoving a massive, shit covered cock down his throat, he freaked out. He let out a muffled yelp and tried to roll away, but Bill grabbed him by his massive beard and hauled him back with a massive amount of strength, and continued fucking his face. Despite Tony’s massive size, Bill’s cock was still so large it barely fit in his mouth and snaked quite a ways down the back of his throat. With a loud groan, Bill released the massive load of piss he had stored up overnight, though it took Tony a few moments to realize what was happening. Between the massive cock in his mouth and the gallons of piss Tony was injecting into him, he couldn’t stop himself from gagging and couching up a large amount all over Bill’s uniform.

“Ya fuckin’ bitch!” Bill yelled, smacking Tony across the face with one leather gloved hand, “Ya git piss all over me!” He wrapped his muscular arms around Tony’s head and shoved his cock down as far as it could go, pissing directly into Tony’s stomach, who was still struggling, and he could feel his body taking on the added liquid, his stomach gurgling and expanding. He reached down to feel his massive gut, and beneath that his rock hard cock in the crotch of his overalls. It was probably a foot longer than Bill’s, but on his massive frame and with his thick gunt, only about a foot could be easily grasped, but he couldn’t deny that he was hard. That his daddy pissing down his throat was turning him on. That he was now eagerly drinking the liquid down, hungry for more, lapping at the shit still clinging to the shaft, relishing the taste. He knew it was wrong. He had a crystal clear memory of the day before, of who they’d used to be, of the cursed statues, but he couldn’t help himself. His daddy wanted to use him, and he was here to be used.

When the torrent finished, Bill hauled his still hard cock out, and Tony blurted out, “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to spill any, I swear.”

“Fuck that boy. Ya’s gotta be punished, ya know the rules. I gots a big load today, ’n I ain’t gonna go slow, so open big!” Bill turned around, dropped his pants and started backing his ass up to Tony’s mouth. Knowing what was coming, Tony rolled onto his back, and turned his head away, ready to get up, but before he could, Bill turned around, grabbed his arm, and with his massive strength hauled him back down onto the bed on his back, before straddling his neck with his massive legs and planting his ass on Tony’s mouth. Tony tried to push him off, but Bill tightened his leg hold on Tony’s neck, cutting off his air and making him gag. Sensing an opening, Bill started pushing, and felt the massive amount of shit he kept stored up his ass flow out directly into Tony’s mouth. There was so much, and it just kept coming, all Tony could do was try and swallow as much of it as he could, but still, it backed up in his mouth and squeezed out the sides. Tony let out a deep moan, and stopped flailing, focusing on the taste of the shit in his mouth. It was damn good, he had to admit, but how in the hell could Bill keep shitting that much into his mouth? He hadn’t even seen him eat this much the night before, and nothing this morning, but pound after pound worked its way into Tony’s mouth and down his gullet as fast as he could swallow. With one hand, he could feel his gut expanding again, but it felt good. Good to be his daddy’s toilet bowl, eat his nasty shit. He started rubbing his ass into the sheets, spreading around his own shit from the night, and knew he was a dirty boy. His daddy’s dirty boy. Without even realizing it, his cock started spewing a massive amount of piss into his overalls, shooting through a hole in the front and spraying all over him, Bill, the bed, and the wall behind him in a torrent of piss.

“Oh, fuck! Ya gets piss all over my uniform! Ya filthy fucker, yer gonna git it now!” Bill said, and pushed even harder, the shit now overflowing Tony’s mouth, leaving him with a six inch pile of crap all over his face, barely able to breathe through his nose as he kept eating as fast as he could, moaning and still pissing gallons uncontrollably. Bill still had some shit left, but decided to stop there, and got up off his boy’s shit covered face. “Yeah, my filthy pig’s gonna git it now, gonna get it hard!” Bill muttered, his cock rock hard and jutting out as he walked down Tony’s massive body and dropped down between his legs, avoiding the cock still streaming piss, and in a feat of strength, lifted up both of Tony’s massive legs, allowing him access to his shit covered ass, which he began probing at with his cock. At a new angle, the piss now started soaking Tony’s face as Bill’s cock punched into his ass, making Tony shout loud enough to be heard through the gag of shit still crammed in his mouth. Bill fucked like a wild animal, grunting and pounding away at Tony’s well abused hole, while his boy choked down the rest of his shit, his cock no longer pissing, but now rock hard and leaking precum all over his overalls and belly.

Bill didn’t last too long, letting loose a massive torrent of cum, flooding his boy’s ass again, causing it to inflate even fuller, burying even more of Tony’s huge cock in layers of gunt. He was so fat now, he couldn’t even reach his cock around his massive stomach. Exhausted, Bill allowed his now soft, shit covered cock to fall out of his boy’s ass, a spray of cum and shit spewing out after him. He left the boy’s legs fall back, and tromped back up to his head, where Tony was struggling to finish his meal.

“Need some help there boy?” Bill asked, and Tony nodded. Bill let another load of piss loose into the pile of shit, turning it into a sludge which ran all over Tony’s face, but which was much easier to swallow down, and Tony again wondered how in the hell such a small man could produce so much waste, not that he minded. By the time Bill’s apparently huge bladder was completely empty, Tony had eaten all the shit, and was still drinking straight from the tap. When he finished, he let out a sigh, and then looked down at his shit and piss covered uniform. “Fuck! Now I’s gotta go git clean again…” he muttered, and forgetting his boy, turned around and tromped off towards the bathroom to repeat his morning routine, stripping off his uniform as he went, leaving Tony alone in the bedroom once again.

Still adjusting to his massive bulk, Tony rolled up on the bed and stood up, happy that the ceiling was large enough to accommodate his great height of fourteen feet, or probably closer to fifteen now, after this morning’s growth. He had to weigh at least a thousand pounds, and was actually probably much heavier than that even. Doing some calculating in his head, he figured that at this size, he would need bones of at least steel to support that much weight, but he took it in stride. He had a feeling that science didn’t apply in this case. He saw a massive mirror hanging on the wall, so he lumbered over in front of it to get a better look at himself.

It took a moment to get past the massive amount of filth covering him to be able to actually absorb what he looked like underneath the shit, piss and cum from his morning with Bill. His hair was massively thick, hanging down at least to the base of his back in wild curls, his beard equally large and tangled, though it could only reach part way down his massive belly jutting out from his midsection. The other thing he noticed was the tattoos. The sleeves of yesterday had expanded, and covered him everywhere, from his hands to his feet to his face even. Not a single part of his body was left uninked. He licked his lips–something was missing. He tromped over to a nearby dresser with a huge humidor on top, pulled out a two foot cigar and lit it, sucking down the smoke as fast as he could. Without warning, he let out another fart, spewing cum and shit out his ass onto the floor behind him, and filling the room with a horendous stench which just turned him on even more. Yeah, he was fat, and filthy, and he’d probably only be getting dirtier and larger in the future, but that though filled him with eager anticipation. With one chubby hand, he reached around to his crack and wiped as much cum and shit on it as he could, and then licked it off, his other hand groping for his hard cock, but he couldn’t reach it. Desperate to cum, he tried all manner of positions on the bed, but none of them gave him release, and by the time Tony returned from the bathroom, he was mad with desire. “Please daddy,” he groaned, “please, I gotta cum daddy, I’m so horny! I’m such a horny pig sir, and I need you, please…”

“Sorry boy, but we’s behind schedule, already an hour late fer breakfast. If ya eats quick, I’s let ya cum after it, alright? Now, daddy’s gotta git cookin’! Be back soon, boy,” Bill said, and disappeared through another small door, heading for the kitchen to make Tony’s breakfast, a task which usually took several hours, to put together a feast larger than Bill himself to feed his growing boy. Tony had no idea what he would do with his insatiable horniness until then. The only thing he could do was make his way over to the computer and do some investing. That would keep his mind off his cock for long enough to eat, and get his daddy to jack him off, though that wasn’t much consolation to the raging hard on in his overalls.

The computer was massive, special ordered for Tony’s size. It had cost a small fortune, but Tony had the money. With his smarts, he kept their household well funded, and made sure neither of them would have to work a day in their lives. From now on, it was feeding and fucking and little else. Well, and smoking, he thought with a grin, discarding the butt of the two footer he sucked down and lighting another, cramming a wad of chaw in his mouth as well to keep his cravings in check. As his investing program booted up, he glanced over and saw the two statues which the two of them had been sent the day before. However, while they had started off separate, they were now joined at the base. He picked up the object and inspected the seam, but there wasn’t one. It looked to be made from a single sheet of metal, the two statues now inseparable. He turned back to the program, and decided to do a little searching. He didn’t know what Bear Boutique was, but he had a feeling that it was a business worth investing in.

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