College Lockup Part 9

By Gladeaderxxx
published October 27, 2017

Here I was standing alone in the men’s locker room on campus, looking at myself in the mirror, naked. Well, I guess I won’t ever be “naked” again for a while. See I am naked, except for the new Holy Trainer that is locked on my cock. And I had no way of getting out.

“What?” I sputtered out.

“I didn’t get off yesterday, and was saving to get off with you today. I was on my way home from class when the Anderson twins pulled me aside. They said that they just had a quick question for me. One thing led to another..” Ryder tried to explain, avoiding my eye contact.

“And you sold out to them?!” I exclaimed.

“Chad it’s not like that-”

“Not like that?! You actually had me going that you cared about me!” I said, tears starting to fill my eyes.

“I do care about you!”

“You know, I don’t know what I was thinking, you’re apart of the football team and I’m just one of your conquests. I was a fool to think someone as amazing as you could actually like someone like me.” I said, turning to leave.

“Chad please, let me explain!” Ryder said, grabbing me as I left.

“Save it, you got your prize. Your roommate is caged and you can do whatever the hell you want now. Sleep tight.” I said, shaking him off of me and heading out the door and into my room.

I locked my door as soon as I entered and collapsed onto my bed, crying as I curled up to my pillow. How could I have been so stupid to believe he actually cared about me? He’s a horny college guy, he’d do anything to guarantee he could have a fuck buddy.

The next couple days passed in a blur. I stayed in my room until I had to leave for class everyday to avoid talking to Ryder. Just the sight of him made me want to cry. Ryder kept trying to talk to me, but I would find some excuse to get away. I helped Rich with homework and got a signature from him, helped Trevor by getting groceries for him and cleaning his kitchen, got Kevin to sign my card for free again, miscellaneous jobs here and there, anything to avoid anything sexual. I wanted Ryder, and he obviously didn’t want me. I wasn’t going to appease this game by giving in to sex side of it anymore. It ruined my friendship with Ryder and I was not going to fuel it anymore.

Friday came along and I had gotten 10 signatures by then. I was getting home from class and was heading down to my apartment when there was an envelope taped to my door with my name on it. I grabbed it and ripped it open. Inside was brief note. It said,

Chad, I am really sorry for what happened earlier this week. I want to make it up to you, no expectations, no strings attached, no locked up game involved. I made reservations at La Harra at 7 for two. I hope to see you there and make this right for someone that means a lot to me, for someone that has never made me feel this way before. -Ryder

What was I going to do? I wanted to be with Ryder but he had really hurt me. But if this really was an apology with no strings attached, maybe I should go meet with him. I had a couple hours to relax and decide. I made a quick PB&J and went into my room and did some homework. I never heard Ryder come home, so he must be planning on meeting at the restaurant. I walked back into the kitchen to get a drink when I saw a picture of Ryder and me on our first day of school together hanging on the fridge. I couldn’t help but smile and realized in that moment I had to go to this dinner date.

I ran to my room and grabbed my jacket. I opened my front door and standing in the door was Max. He smirked as he saw me standing there, slack jawed in surprise that Max was standing before me.

“What you staring at bitch?” Max said.

“Max, Sir, I didn’t expect you to be right there.” I stuttered out.

“Well I was coming by because I failed to get your number when you last were at my place and I knew you roomed with Ryder, so I thought I would stop by. I’m having a party tonight, starts at 7 and I want you to be there.” Max said.

“7? As in like a half hour?” I replied.

“That would make it 7. Don’t be late or you’ll regret it.” He said, starting to walk away.

“But Sir, I kind of already have plans tonight..” I started to explain.

“Cancel them. There is something about you that I can’t quite shake, but I have high hopes for you. You really impressed me earlier this week and I want to keep going with you. I don’t usually pull for favorites, but you might just be changing that. If you’re not at my place at 7, well…” He said slyly. “Let’s just say that you want to be at my house by 7.” And with that, Max was gone.

Shit. What was I going to do?! Go to this dinner date with Ryder, the man I was head over heels for and fix the damage that has been made between us, or go to Max’s party where he has personally invited me and says that he’s rooting for me, which if I got in with him, would practically guarantee I get into the finals of this stupid competition.. I couldn’t even think straight with how hard my cock was straining in its cage. Only, I wasn’t quite sure which direction it was straining, Ryder or Max?

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