nasty stink

By major published October 19, 2017
Two roommates. One, uptight and clean, very clean. The other, far more liberal with his smells. It's time for a change

This story begins in no incredibly unique way. It is about two college roommates, with very different tastes. Kevin is kind of the classic macho type, he’s a gym rat and has some pretty substantial hygiene issues. He farts and burps whenever he feels like it, washes himself only on occasion and wears the same dirty underwear around all the time. Jacob was the complete opposite. He liked Kevin, Kevin was probably his closest friend, but Jacob was meticulously clean. Kevin thought he must’ve been incredibly self conscious. Kevin hadn’t so much as heard Jacob fart. Jacob was careful to only go number 2 when he knew Kevin wouldn’t be home for hours and at the first hint of starting to smell Jacob would go shower (at least five times a day). Kevin thought this must be exhausting. And it was odd, because the longer they lived together the more Kevin swore he saw Jacob wishing he was more like Kevin. More open minded, more relaxed, more of a slob.

There were a couple more differences between the two as well. Kevin brought home date after date, and endless rotation of sex. But Jacob hadn’t even had a friend visit the apartment. Kevin felt bad for the guy. He tried to get closer with Jacob. He was sure that if Jacob just relaxed he would be happier. Kevin made a point of forcing jacob to be exposed to his nastier habits. Farting intentionally close to Jacob. Not showering after a workout. Everything he did, Keving swore it brought Jacob closer and closer to giving in.

It was a Friday night when everything changed. Kevin had gone out after class but Jacob decided to stay home and watch a movie. He was exhausted from the week. He accidentally burnt some popcorn and was eating around the charcoaled pieces. He was lying stomach down on the couch, half falling asleep on the couch. He knew he still had to take his nightly shower, but he was so relaxed he considered just falling asleep right there.

It wasn’t long after when Kevin stumbled home just a little drunk. Jacob thought he should collect himself, but it was something about Kevin that just made him relax, more than he usually did. He laughed as kevin stumbled over to the couch cringing his nose.

“It smells like burnt ass in here,” Kevin announced noticing the popcorn smell. “Is that you?!” He asked excitedly.

Jacob smirked, but before he could respond, possibly fueled by his lowered inhibitions Kevin dove his head inches from Jacob’s ass and took a whiff.

Jacob’s heart skipped a beat. What did he do! Why would Kevin do that.

Kevin stumbled backwards onto his ass on the floor. His nose was twitching like it tingled, his whole face seemed awash with surprise. He looked like he was trying to comprehend what had just happened.

“Fuck! No no no!,” Jacob said getting off the couch and kneeling by Kevin on the ground. “You’re ok, stay with me bud. Stay with me,”

This was never his plan. He had been so careful. Kevin continued to look around puzzled. Sniffing the air like there was a smell he couldn’t shake.

“Come on man, stay with me,” Jacob said firmly slapping Kevin’s cheek with his hand. But it was too late. He knew it was too late.

He knew the faint smell of his ass was already pressing it’s way into Kevin’s brain. He swore he could almost hear it working it’s way in, dissolving away what made Kevin Kevin. Fuck he had been so careful this past year! He knew he should have lived alone, but he wanted to try the roommate thing. And it was going so well.

Kevin’s mouth began to droop open, drool slowly creeping from the side of his lip. Jacob knew what would come next. Kevin shifted to his hands and knees, sitting back on his feet, and arching his back a bit. this would be his new comfortable position. Jacob slunk back onto the couch and waited for the rest of the changes. He heard the farting first. Kevins bowels relaxing and giving way. His gas pushed through the room followed after by thick hard logs of shit, filling the back of Kevin’s pants. Jacob could smell the stink of him. He took a deep inhale, no longer having to hide his desires. Next a wet patch grew in the front of his pants as Kevin moaned and unleashed a torrent of piss that soaked his front. The knew smells mashed with the smell of Jacob still circling in Kevin’s head. They made him feverishly hungry an he rubbed his groin on the floor, mashing the shit in his pants as he did.

Kevin began snorting. Jacob knew it Kevin was gone. It happens so fast. They may fight internally for a while, but soon they crave nothing more than the smell of their master. Jacob was now Kevin’s master. He sat back on the couch hiked up his legs and released a ten second pent up fart that erupted and filled the room. Kevin, drooling crawled forward and press his nose into Jacob’s ass. “Oh well” Jacob thought. “It’s out of my hands now”

Jacob watched Kevin inhale the scent of his ass deeply.

“Let me help you out buddy,” Jacob whispered patting Kevin’s head. Jacob slipped his underwear and sweatpants up around his knees, letting Kevin have full access to his dirty hairy.

Kevin licked and inhaled the ass stink. Jacob, finally relaxed, released fart after fart until Kevin was fully custom to breathing in Jacob’s pure gas. Living off of it. Every inhale sent a shiver down Kevin’s spine, right into his throbbing cock. Jacob grunted and cut another massive fart this one longer than anyone prior. As it mind fucked the rest of Kevin’s will, Kevin’s dick exploded a massive load into his soaked pants. Kevin moaned and whimpered as he shot string after string of jizz.

Jacob knew there was nothing left of his old roommate now. He could do anything he wanted to his helpless fart slave. Jacob knew he had this family curse ever since he was a teenager, his dad and uncle had taught him first hand. But he was convinced he could beat it. He had for a while too.

Jacob offered Kevin his throbbing dick and Kevin eagerly began sucking. Sniffing Jacob’s pubes as it went deeper down his throat. Any smell he could get from Jacob was a gift now. fresh air was foul to him.

Jacob thought next of what he’d do with this fart slave. It had been so long since he had turned a man into this, and he hadn’t planned on ever making Kevin this way. But fuck he was a hot piece of ass, a lot could be done to him.

Jacob pushed Kevin to the floor, went to his room and returned with a large case. He removed a gas mask, secured it to Kevin’s head and careful slid the tube deep into his own guts.Kevin began to struggle. It was a perfect seal and no air was available despite the air in the tube, which was quickly running low. And then Jacob released it. A flood of gas from his bowels. An inhuman, constant stream. Kevin didn’t just inhale, His entire body began to expand as the gas filled him. Particularly his belly, his abs popped away one by one until a small belly pushed through. His ass grew next, getting larger and larger as the fumes continued. Jacob finally stopped, admiring his work.He slid the tube from his ass, leaving it on Kevin. He walked behind his slave, who was on his hands and knees gyrating his new body. Kevin’s ass had grown so much it split his pants down the seam, and shit was being squished through. Jacob tore Kevin’s pants and underwear away, taking most of the shit with them, exposing Kevin’s dirty nasty ass. He balled them up and threw them infront of Kevin’s face, who dove head first into the mess lapping it up. His tiny brown hole was just visible between his huge ass cheeks. Jacob smeared his hard cock around Kevin’s crack and then forcibly push his head through his anal ring. Kevin barely registered the intrusion.

Kevin did feel when Jacob began to fill his bowels with hot piss however. And he felt his skin tingle as the more piss entered his body, the more grunge grew. He began to sweat the stink of piss, his hairs grew and curled all over himself. He was a becoming a fat hairy beast. Jacob couldn’t help it, he fucked Kevin hard until he exploded a load into his piss filled guts.

Kevin’s body immediately absorbed his seed. He was now officially marked by Jacob’s scent. It would consume the rest of his long dirty life.

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