The Game (Part 2)

By DaiGrepher
published July 3, 2011

And so it ends

The three boys sat in terror as they stared at their fat, useless friend.

“Shit, what did we do?” Chris asked.

“Oh boy’s that’s just the beginning. Now for round two…you guys all seem to be pretty narcissistic about your bodies. I mean seriously Aiden look at your pecs, they huge! But now one of you will lose that body and end up with nothing but an average small body.”

The boys all looked at each other. It made sense how to make someone fat by feeding them, but how exactly was Ben going to take away their muscles?

“Which boy, which boy…the other two may benefit from what ever happens…hmmmm well…based off the last round…the weakest mental boy for me is…AIDEN!”

Aiden shook his head as Ben walked over and poked Mike’s unconscious body. Mike opened one eye and saw Aiden’s big juicy pecs and slowly started to crawl to the muscle god.

“Here’s whats going to happen Aiden, Mike will suck and pleasure you, and if you blow, your load will be spread on these butt plugs, which will then be given to Chris and Alex…we will discuss those rules if we need to. Let the round…BEGIN!” Ben said as he slapped Mike’s blubbery back.

“Me…want…AIDEN!” Mike screamed as he hobbled to Aiden who was tied in a chair.

“Mike stop. It’s me! Aiden!”

“Aiden, you can hold out man.” Chris said as he eyed Mike.

Mike’s pudgy fingers started at Aiden’s abs. He traced his index fingers around each of the ab muscles that bulged out. Aiden saw hunger and lust in Mike’s eyes. Alex shook his head and looked down hoping not to see what was going to happy.

Mike was on his knees as he reached up to Aiden’s pecs and started groping them. Hands full of muscle and meaty goodness, Mike started salivating and Aiden clenched his teeth and eyes. Aiden squirmed against his restraints but nothing happened. Mike lifted up his huge body and straddled over Aiden. Mike cupped Aiden’s pecs, squeezed them, jiggled them, and rubbed them. Aiden heard the chair make a cracking sound. Mike started licking Aiden’s pecs looking for any leftover milk. Aiden fidgeted in his chair.

“Mike I can’t lose any milk!” Aiden pleaded.

But Mike slowly opened his mouth and engulfed Aiden’s huge right nipple. He sucked and sucked as he kept massaging the left pec. Aiden felt ecstasy flow over him again with the familiar feeling of being milked. Aiden shook his head, if he gave into this feeling then he could cum more easily. Mike sucked harder and harder, groping the left pec. Aiden shivered, as Mike cupped his meaty pec and kept sucking. Mike started humping Aiden in the chair making the chair creak and squeak.

“Not again. Please not again…ah..ah…AAAGGGHHHH!!!” Aiden said as steamy milk poured form his chest. This put Mike into a humping frenzy, but the weight of the two guys could not be supported by the chair as it broke causing Mike to land on top of Aiden, pinning him to the ground. Aiden squirmed under Mike’s heavy weight but could not move to run away. Mike licked up some tit milk before he noticed Aiden’s dick standing tall behind him. Mike smiled and grabbed Aiden’s shaft and started slowly rubbing it up and down. Mike leaned down and shoved his tongue down Aiden’s throat. Aiden felt like a fat, greasy piece of meat was flopping around his tongue as he felt Mike’s huge man tits rubbing up against his pecs. Aiden held back the vomit building inside of his body as Mike’s tongue moved around. Mike started rubbing Aiden’s dick harder and faster. Aiden squirmed as he tried to fight the urge. He didn’t know what was going to happen if he let himself blow, but he didn’t want to find out. Mike turned around, almost causing Aiden’s ribcage to crack. Mike bent down and started sucking on Aiden’s shaft. Aiden looked up and saw Mike’s ass cheeks, wide and fat. Aiden suddenly felt euphoria grow over him. Aiden panted as he tried to hold back.

“So grosse. Can’t do it. Need to fight it!” Aiden huffed.

Ben walked over to Mike and tapped him on the shoulder. Mike stopped as Ben bent down to continue rubbing Aiden as Mike turned back to rubs and lick Aiden’s pecs. Aiden felt the cum building inside of his penis. He was going to blow any second and couldn’t hold it back.

“No, please, ssssstoooooOOOPPPP!!!!” Aiden said as he exploded his load all over Mike’s back.

“That’s a good boy.” Ben said.

He pulled out two ceramic but plugs and lubed them up with Aiden’s cum. Mike picked up Aiden’s exhausted body and brought it to a table and strapped him down by his ankles and wrists.

“Ok boys here’s how it’s going to go. The two plugs are going to be put into Chris and Alex. I’ve added my own mind control serum on them that will affect Aiden. Once inserted, you will watch as Aiden will hump virtually nothing, but the more he humps, the less muscles he’ll have as they’ll be transferred over to you two, but you Alex will get only Aiden’s pecs, arm and shoulder muscles, as you Chris will get Aiden’s lower body and core muscles. You guys will become the gym freaks that you really want to be as Aiden withers away. Once you boys cum you will seal your friend’s fate permanently keeping his muscles. And Aiden you will learn that you can temporarily gain back double your muscles, but only if you have sex with Mike, and once you are done with him, you will wither away again.” Ben said as he walked over to the last two boys strapped in their chairs.

He reached under Alex’s chair and slid up the plug into his hole. Alex fidgeted as he felt something plugging his ass. Ben then walked over to Chris and tried to shove up the plug then smiled at Chris.

“Nuhuh. No clenching.” Chris said as he smacked the inside of Chris’ left thigh causing Chris to grunt as he unclenched and Ben slid up the plug. Ben then grabbed two speedos and slipped one on each of the boys.

“Let’s see how you boys expand in these.” Ben said with a smile.

Aiden suddenly arched his back, his eyes glazed over. Aiden’s penis slowly grew, engorging with blood. Aiden started slowly moving his hips up and down. Chris stared in aw as it looked like Aiden was slowly grinding on an invisible girl. Aiden’s body started shaking with each thrust he took.

Chris winced in pain as he felt a sharp stab in his legs. He looked down and saw that his thigh muscles were rippling, slowly expanding. It felt like as if he were doing leg presses with 300 lbs over and over again. His calves burned, his thighs were aching. He felt his muscles reforming under his skin. His skin ballooned as the amount of muscle was having trouble being kept inside. Chris looked at his friend who was grunting noises of pleasure. Aiden’s legs were pulsating and looked like they shrunk a couple inches as they looked like less of the legs of a football player and more like those of a track runner.

“Ahh! Ohmygod what’s happening?” Alex screamed as he felt a rush of pain run up and down his arms. He looked at his arms, his bicep and tricep muscles were wriggling around under his skin like snakes as they slowly started to expand. The restraints around Alex’s arms were starting to become tighter then they began. Aiden was still thrusting in the air as with each thrust, his arms were shrinking. Chris bent over as he felt his abs and obliques shredding themselves to become bigger. Mike sat in the corner with a puppy dog pout.

“Aw, does wittle Mikey want some food?” Ben asked as he pulled out two large tanks of precollected milk and cum. He attached the tanks to two tubes and put one in Mike’s mouth and one up his ass. With the press of a button there was a hum as creamy liquid flowed down the tubes and into Mike. Mike’s belly started growing again. His back started to expand as well, pushing up against the his fattened triceps. Chris was breathing heavily as his obliques and abs bulged out. He looked like he had a roid belly as it pushed out past his pecs. His belly protruded so much, he couldn’t see his toes, but he knew that his legs were still growing. Aiden panted as his beautiful abs shrunk with every breath he took. As his abs shrunk, his stomach’s definition faded and small clumps of fat making his body a little ponchy. Alex’s face turned red as he felt the circulation in his arms. The muscles underneath his skin was still growing, like balloons being filled with water, but the ropes that restrained his arms were cutting into his flesh.

“Oh, too tight? Deal with it!” Ben said with a smile. “How’s little Mikey doing?”

Mike was in the corner where it looked like his arms and legs were shortening as his body kept expanding with fat and muscle. Mike felt a tear of joy run down his now chipmunk cheeks. His shoulders and belly made the illusion that he was completely circular. His hands and legs sunk into his fat. His legs and ass looked like one giant entity as he had to balance on his ass cheeks since his feet could not touch the ground anymore.

Aiden was still humping the air, his pencil thin legs and twig like arms fighting against his restraints. His massive pecs started to convulse as Alex bent down and saw his pecs flex involuntarily.

“About to…about…t-t-t-…..” Aiden started stuttering.

Alex’s face was beat red as he felt his pecs spasm. His once above average pecs were growing infront of his face. Literally. They were growing so big that the top of them touched the bottom of his chin. He could feel his veins pulsating underneath his skin against his chin. He could feel his skin and nipples stretch getting wider and wider. Alex smelled an odd smell as he heard a hissing noise coming from his body. Ben walked over and rubbed his index finger under Alex’s wider pec girth and liked the milk that was spurting out of his nipples.

Aiden was convulsing, his vein stickin out of his scrawny neck.

“please…my pe-pe-peeecsssss” Aiden pleaded as the last of his muscles shrank away leaving behind just some flabby skin on his stick skin ribcage.

Alex felt the ropes pressing against his pecs’ skin. His pecs pushed up against his chin.

“grrmphhhh.” Alex grunted. He couldn’t even open his mouth, his pecs were so big and strong that they were clamping his mouth shut.

“I…I…OOOOHHHMMMYYYGGOOOOOD!” Aiden said as he spurted the most amount of cum he’s ever seen in his life. Chris screamed as it felt like someone was tugging on his penis as it grew 5 inches and Aiden’s shrunk.

A skinny boy, who’s face resembled Aiden’s laid on the table panting for air. Alex’s new found pecs would randomly flex and spurt out milk. Chris couldn’t get over how his belly looked like he just ate a boulder as it boulder over his waist.

“Aiden…do you miss your muscles?”

Aiden looked down and finally realized he had nothing left on his body.

“What the FUCK!?!? What did you do?”

“Well Aiden, here’s a proposition. You see that balloon that which we call Mike? Well he needs some of those liquids to be released. As you suck on him, you will steal your muscles from your friends.”

Aiden ran over to Mike and started rubbing on his big stomach.

“Aiden don’t do this, it hurt too much!” Alex screamed.

“Ah, you want to stop it Alex and Chris? Well then start making out and the more passionate the love the less likely that Aiden will succeed.”

The ropes around Chris and Alex dropped. Alex’s pecs, surprisingly stayed suspended in the air. Chris waddled on over to Alex and grabbed Alex’s meaty pecs, too big to fit in his hands. He jiggled them a bit and saw some milk spurt into his hands. Chris licked it and smiled as he kept massaging.

“That’s it boys…this is your life now.” Ben said as he closed the door.

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