The Fox and His Prey: Scott

By JasCo published October 9, 2017

Scott’s fantasy becomes reality

Sorry for the delays in adding installments to my stories. Unfortunately is has to be a lower preference in life without and donations or commissions.

I hope you like this series.

  • Scott *

Those blue eyes. The red hair. That body.

I’d heard the legend of “The Fox”, but I’d never seen anyone him, or indeed knew anyone who had actually met him, but nonetheless the rumours and stories were all there.

I don’t know why I decided to go out tonight. I was tired, and sore from the gym, and I really should have caught up on my work backlog, but something made me decide to go to that club. Alone. I never go out alone. Not that I was necessarily shy or anything, I just … don’t.

However there I was, close to midnight, sitting in a booth at the club, nursing a bourbon and absentmindedly bopping my head to the constant beat of the dance music. It was a quiet night, but I was not there to hook up with anyone. Not sure why I was there, really, but I was soon to find out.


I looked up from my drink, ready to be polite but firm in my refusal, until I saw who had spoken to me.

Was it? Could it be?

It was HIM.

I choked on my words. They could not come out. It didn’t matter. He just moved into the booth next to me, all the while keeping his gaze locked on me.

“You’re in my favourite booth, drinking my favourite drink. You were waiting for me?”

I couldn’t know he … There was no way I … I still couldn’t form words.

A bourbon swiftly made its way in front of him and he held it up to me in a “cheers” motion before taking a sip. Despite the din of the music and chatter, the clinking of the ice in his glass resonated crisp and clear in my head. He broke his gaze briefly as placed his glass gently upon the coaster, but my eyes stayed fixed ready to meet it again. When they did, this time he added a smile, his perfect white teeth almost glowing in the darkness.

“So, Scott, are you ready?”

He knew … But how …

Ready for … what exactly?

“Um … for …?”

“Are you ready to take control, yet surrender yourself at the same time?”

Surrender myself? To him? Gladly. Any day of the week! However I had begun to feel more apprehensive than turned on, and it must have started to show.” He spoke softly to me, looking deep into my eyes as he did so.

“There is nothing to be scared of. I’m going to take very good care of you. I know this is what you really want, deep, deep inside you.”

He’d moved a little closer to me and I suddenly realised his hand had rested on my thigh and stroked it gently, before it moved upwards as he continued.

“I know all about your … problem. You desperately want to do to a man what you have only had done to you in the past. You want to … penetrate … them. You want to feel their tightness around it as you take them. Don’t you, Scott?”

I’d become a little giddy and sheepish, so my reply, “Y-y-yes.” was merely a mumble.

“But that has not been a reality for you, because, well, of your size?”

My cheeks reddened. How did he know?

“Because you’re … too … large, and they are too scared of the pain and discomfort, so they flip you instead and make you surrender?”

His gaze continued to bore into my soul.

“Just once, you’d like to be able to have a man take you all in, and give you pleasure in a way you’ve never experienced.”

“I -I - I mean, I like to … get fu- … to bottom. But I would like to just try it … yeah.”

His face had moved so closed that our lips almost touched. I could feel his breath on me.

“Well, let’s make that a reality, shall we?” With that, he kissed me on the lips. It was not a full sexual kiss, but it was ore than just a peck, and it made my body tingle from head to toe. As I opened my eyes from the kiss, I realised that his hand was off my thigh, and he had moved away from me to signal one of the bartenders to come to the table. Some confusion had retuned in me, but he quickly gave me a glance that told me all would be explained.

The bartender - Simon, from the name tag - a handsome blonde with an athletic body, dimples and a tight white shirt unbuttoned half way down and almost too tight around his biceps, was soon at the table. His smile beamed, teeth perfect, ready to provide assistance to the bar’s VIP, and me. Simon looked right at me as my guest leaned in towards his right ear, holding his chin gently as he spoke. Simon’s eyes seemed to glass over slightly. His smile was still there, but it lost a bit of its depth as Simon’s face slackened slightly. However just as quickly, the brightness returned, and he leaned across the table to grab my hand.

“Go with him, I’ll be right behind you. It’s okay.” I was compelled to follow Simon as he took me through the crowds to a door marked “Private”. He only let go of me to retrieve his key , but once the door was unlocked he took my hand again and led me in. He locked the door behind him, leaving all three of us alone in what appeared to be an office-cum-retreat for the establishment’s management.

Simon started to undress. First the remaining buttons on his shirt, revealing the smooth rippled abdomen below the firm, built pecs. Next his shoes, then his belt, and finally his dress pants were quickly discarded, and Simon was stark naked, his cock steadily growing.

I felt a cooler breeze on my skin and looked down to see that I was in a similar state to Simon, though I had not touched my own clothes, yet they were in a pile on the carpet. In fact, all three of us were naked, our arousals evident.

I knew that the man who met me earlier was with us, but somehow his presence had withdrawn, and I felt compelled to focus myself on Simon’s sculpted body. I could hear the man speaking softly, but firmly, but I did not make out exactly what he had said, as Simon had approached me, lifted my chin so I could gaze into his green eyes, then kissed me passionately as we both reached full erections. His decent size pointing upwards confidently, while my eleven inches stuck out straight ahead, full and hard but weighed down, almost like a burden. Simon pressed up against me causing my cock to push against his hard stomach, and as he moved each of the ripples teased and massaged it until I started to leak.

Simon broke the kiss to lead me to the couch, motioning for me to recline against its plush cushions, while he got on his knees. This was a role reversal for me, and I was not used to it. He grabbed hold of me right at the base, placed his lips over the bulbous head and in one slow, steady move, took me totally and completely down his throat with no resistance.

This … was … BLISS! Nobody had even attempted it before, yet here I was, a hot bartender deep-throating me like a pro, it was the scene of porn, or fantasy, this must be a dream.

I looked over at the man and he met my gaze. His eyes seemed to shimmer and swirl in shades of blue and for a moment I got lost in them, but I was quickly returned to my main focus as Simon sped up his movements. All I could do was throw my head back and grip the seat cushions as I rode the waves of bliss. He sensed that he had brought me close to the edge, so he reached up and played with both my nipples as he took me once again right to the base, and massaged me with his throat. I’d lost all control by this point and slammed my hips against his face as the waves overtook me and I pumped and pumped a load like I never had before deep inside him. As my breathing slowly returned to normal and my heart stopped thumping in my chest, I took in my surrounds through a haze of spent energy and afterglow.

He motioned for Simon to come over and in front of him. He looked down at Simon and it seemed as though Simon sunk deeper into the pool of blue, lost in his spell. His thumb circled the bartender’s full lips, and Simon opened his mouth instinctively to in all of the man’s hard pulsing glory to pleasure it as he had mine. I watched in fascination. The fat purple head grazed his lips on each outward and inward move, the man running his fingers through Simon’s hair and massaging his skull as he took it all the way to the base. I thought he said something about feeding, about bonding, but I was not sure, having still been woozy and relaxed. Both his hands tightened their grip on Simon’s head as he neared his release, but they never once broke eye contact. His eyes glowed brighter, he groaned deeply and powerfully and unloaded his seed as Simon swallowed dutifully. He withdrew, pulled Simon to his feet and kissed him deeply, then turned close to Simon’s ear and started whispering something as his hands made their way down his muscled back.

One hand rested on Simon’s firm buttock cheek and softly squeezed it. Simon moaned quietly. The other crept further, teasing the space between the cheeks. The man continued his seductive whispering and Simon trembled with pleasure. One of the man’s fingers found it’s target, and Simon yelped slightly, then relaxed as he was penetrated. I could see Simon was rock hard and his cock was pressed hard, and leaking against, the man’s hard stomach as he was probed deeper. One finger became two, then three, and they had clearly found the right spots because Simon’s eyes had rolled back into his head from the ecstasy, and his moans had increased in volume. Everything became more urgent. More intense, faster, harder, louder, and then, suddenly and without being touched, Simon’s cock shot rope after rope of his cum across their naked bodies as his body shook.

Surely this was a dream. I still felt as though I was floating as I watched the scene play out in front of me. The white streams had started to trickle down through the ridges of their six packs, and the final drops of Simon’s load pulsed out of his still throbbing cock and dripped to the floor. The man pushed Simon back on to his knees, instructing him to lick his load up, and while he did that, the man looked back at me, his icy stare connecting with my soul once again.

“He’s ready for you.”

My body seemed to move on its own as I stood up and walked behind Simon, kneeling to be at the same level. My cock had become engorged once more, and as I pressed against Simons’ smooth back, it nestled between his cheeks like it belonged there. He humped back at me, giving me no confusion as to what I should do. I looked up at the man, who had also knelt down and started kissing Simon, but his eye were open and fixated on me. They were telling me to take what I had always wanted.

I took hold of my cock just below the head, lined it up with Simon’s hole, and pushed gingerly. This was foreign territory for me and I thought I’d be unsure of what to do, but there was no need. I watched as quickly, the head slipped past the tight ring, eliciting a groan from Simon, now sucking the man’s cock, and slowly, gradually, but easily, every inch of me was buried in the tight, warm tunnel. It was heavenly. Once my pelvis made contact with Simon’s body, I stopped for a moment to take it in. This had happened. I looked up at the man, almost for approval, but he was busy whispering something into Simon’s ear which must have caused him to squeeze around my girth, as I almost yelped from the sensation.

“Fuck … me. Take … me” Simon demanded. The man gave me a “Go for it” look, and I needed no further consent. I started smaller thrusts, for surely Simon really needed to get used to me, but Simon wanted differently, so I gave it to him. I went hard. I went deep. I grabbed his hair, dug my fingers into his hips, but when I yelled “Take my cock, bitch!” I flushed with embarrassment at my own enthusiasm. But nobody complained, in fact, Simon liked being my bitch. I was not the bitch this time! So I went even harder, and faster, and he took all I had to give with pure joy. I lost myself completely in the moment and had lost focus on what the man was doing. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls, and knew that I was rushing towards a blissful climax. I then felt the man behind me, his hardened organ pressed in my back, his breath in my ear, fingers on my nipples.

“Surrender to it. Let it all go.”

With one final, hard thrust, my pelvis jerked and I pumped and pumped deep inside Simon. The throbbing in my cock seemed to go on forever, my climax heightened but the man’s attention, but still it was over too quickly. I slumped against Simon’s back while I let my cock soften inside him, and then as I pulled out, Simon seemed to snap back into reality, and he looked a little confused and embarrassed, yet he did not say anything. He merely composed himself, redressed and left without really acknowledging anything or anyone, and it was suddenly just the man and I left alone in the room, his erection still against my buttocks. A realisation hit me that I may now have to return the favour to him for helping me realise my fantasy.

Without speaking I assumed the hands-and-knees position, and presented myself to him for the taking. He pressed the swollen gland against me hole and I submitted. Slowly every inch filled me and until he was totally inside me, but he remained still.

A warm prickly feeling coursed over my skin, and I felt flushed. I caught my reflection in a small mirror on the wall and noticed that my skin was turning the same colour as him. I was both awestruck and a little scared, but he quickly calmed me with his soothing words which penetrated me as much has his cock. His fingers circled and pulled each of my nipples just right, and it made me whimper. I returned my gaze to the reflected image and my eyes had changed colour, now ice blue, and freckles dotted my pale cheeks. He pulled his cock slowly out of me, then grabbed my hair and trusted back in using one swift, solid move, and I groaned as I watched my hair then change into the same shade as his, and I accepted that he was changing me. I had become like him, sharing his look and his power.

“This is your destiny now. Close your eyes and accept my energy. Surrender.” I was calm and had no desire to do anything other than comply. My old self disappeared with every thrust. This man had sought me out to change me, improve me, and I accepted, signalling my total surrender with an orgasm simultaneous with his. I expelled the remnants of my past in hot white bursts on to the floor as he filled me with my future, bonding us forever, making me a part of the legend of The Fox.

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