Diaries of the Ambassador - part 2

By the guardsman - theguardsman@yahoo.com
published October 8, 2017

the leaks continue and show the bleak face of the Union State.

“I was shocked. Not why I knew that the Union State Propaganda was demonizing refugees and creating fear among their populace. But to be served by it to blandly and even towards an ambassadorial delegation. I was shocked. When I had worked in Canada, we didn’t have more problems with refugees than with the domestic population. It seemed they just wanted to have cheap workforce for their factories.”

Transcript 8 This transcript seems to be from an internal report of the Canadian embassy. “Our guides then explained to us what was happening to the men: Boys 16 and above are considered men. If we determine these are the only relatives they have, they are allowed to settle with them in certain designated areas. We have some remote factory areas where they are sent and which they are not allowed to leave.” “Are these labor camps?” “Labor camps sounds so harsh, we do not use this expression. Factory settlements with enhanced security. The men are put through aprentice and on the job trainings as well as acclimation and integration courses. So they know what their place in society is and how to behave properly. They may even become union citizen. But in general elder males are not a problem what causes the problems are those aged 16 between 30.” I saw how the ambassador nodded. “Single young men is what causes most trouble and we have a way of dealing with that. Most families understand that they have to sacrifice something for a better life. If they want to stay here, they have to sacrifice their sons” “A-ha!” “The men are taken here. They are deloused, washed thoroughly and then taken to the interrogation facilities” From the metal catwalk above we could a group of men that was made to undress. When they carried papers, these were put into plastic containers and scanned. Then the men were sprayed with some kind of watery solution, it all foamed. In a another cubicle we could see how they were given towels and paper overalls. The Guardsmen downstairs were protected by other Guardsmen on the catwalks, they nodded when we walked past. “Here we establish their identity.” “How do you do that?” “Well firstival, the system analyses all the papers they carry around, we also record their fingerprints, take a full body scan including biometric markers and then we take blood for Gene samples. These genes are analysed and cross-matched with the entire refugee database and other public sources, thus, we can identify their relationships. We also scan the content of their phones and other electronic devices.” “That is very through” “Indeed, when they leave the facility they get a special necklace, you can’t remove it and we can track their whereabouts.” “Refugees are dangerous” “You are right, Madam Ambassador, but our policy is so much more humane than sinking boats or turning them around on the high sea” We then went to see one of the treatment rooms for the male refugees: Apparently, they were all given enemas for some reason and then subjected to an intensive questioning. We could hear moans and at some point it seemed the two Guardsmen in charge of questioning the refugee were massaging him and doing stuff with his nipples. We then had the ability to talk to one of their Guardsman. “This is E-4300-167-112, Ma’am” “You are working here in the Reception Center?” “Yes, ma’am” “E-4300-167-112 is not only working here, he is our poster boy.” the guide laughed and E-4300-167-112 laughed as well. “How come?” “Well he came to us on a boat just months after the Center had opened?” “This one went through the same process as everyone down there” “What did you experience?” “This one fled alone on a boat to Europe.” “This one was taken here, they determine the biological age and send me to a boarding school.” “Did they use the Enema on you as well?” “Sure: This was given the reception enema, shocked. At the boarding school the process of deislamization and integration into the thinking and ideology of the Union State continued.” “Did you never reject that?” “Well, this one tried.” “But?” “When you try in the beginning ,you are overcome by a feeling of dizziness and once you see stuff that you should and behave in the way you should the sense of unease passed and you feel a glow of satisfaction.” “So you got mind controlled? Didn’t you notice?” “Sure, you notice they are doing things to your mind, changing how you look at things.” “Didn’t you try to resist?” “In the beginning, but then I noticed that the training was not that bad. It’s kind of like the ultimate welfare state. It wants to keep us in top condition and we feel happy.” “So how did you come to join the Guard? Were you programmed for that?” “Noooo. This one took up an apprenticeship and worked as a welder but there that was a boring job, so this one decided to apply for testing.. And got good results.” “E-4300-167-112 had a stellar career and now he is working here.” “Yup.” “No regrets?” “No, Our aim is to provide security for all citizens, at all the time. Maybe this limits some people’s freedom at some time, but that is worth the price. Besides, this ones’s life is personally fulfilling as well.” “But isn’t it hard..” “No, no, the people know what will happen to them once the boats set off, it is advertised in this countries. This one knew he would go through reeducation” Their guide chirped in: “You can populate your country with foreign babies, and we are doing that.” There was laugh from the Ambassador. We walked on the catwalk and could look down. There was a group of men in paper overall, dog like collars on them, the hair cut short, all with a bewildered look. Next to them stood two Guardsmen. “Here, you can see the refugees after their first processing being loaded onto the transport for their trip.” “Where will you take them? Labor camps?” “No, not labor camps, industries with housing facilities. There they can acquire points for integration into their society and they can pass test on their acculturation and gain more privileges for higher test scores.” “How do you like working here, E-4300-167-112?” “This one takes pride in being part of such a well oiled machine… This one will bring you to one of the operators who deal with women who arrive here.” We stepped back through a door to at the women’s facility, the place had a totally different feel. Again we were looking from upstairs into what seemed to be treatment rooms. But they were covered with glass and so there was no way of seeing that the treatment was watched. We also noticed that among the Guardsmen, who seemed to be doing the rough work of the treatment women walked by. They were the typical Union State women executives: Well muscled, short hair, styled and determined. We stopped by and watched down. “What’s happening in this chamber?” “Well, the subject has not yet agreed to the treatment but if she wants to be admitted she has to take it. We will show her the benefits of being a union citizen.” The ambassador looked down bewildered, as two Guardsmen strapped a woman into some kind of restraining frame that held her in a crawling position with her legs spread wide. Her knees rested on soft pads. “The table she is strapped to is padded, and of course the gag that goes into her mouth is very soft.” We could see that that gag was followed by a blindfold over her eyes, accompanied by Ear muffs like the ones used on gun ranges. “As you can see, we’re cutting off all her senses!” Then one of the Guardsmen applied lubricant to the woman’s ass. While one of the facilities women was gently caressing her breasts. “What is this?” “Lesbinazion treatment.” “We test how well they respond to lesbian stimulation.” It seemed as if the women was struggling in vain. Something was pushed inside her. “It seems they just have pushed a lubricator into her urethra, it will stop her from peeing and her bladder will be emptying. At the same time she will feel a strange expanding warmth and realize that we are anally filling her.” The Guardsman turned on the audio feed, muffled screams penetrating through the gag, could be heard. It was beyond humiliating for this women. I was shocked! She had absolutely zero control! They had just taken every last shred of autonomy away from her! I could only watch disgusted but at the same time fascinated. “We have learned that women who make lesbian experiences do accept their roles in the Union State far better than others. So this was added.” As we looked down the humiliation continued. The women that was part of the team was scrubbing the refugees lady back. They were giving her a sponge bath! She struggled and screamed as she felt them clean her. At some point the refugee lady broke down sobbing. Tears streamed down her cheeks as they continued to clean her. “We will now clean her out.” “Can we talk to the refugee lady?” “Maybe later, after the treatment.” They could see another device slid into her vagina. “What is this?” “A special high frequency dildo… Once she accepts it, it all will be a very pleasing sensation and she will cum.” We were lead to some refreshments. I could feel on the face of the Ambassador that she clearly needed some time to process all of this. “It’s creches for the children, education for the women, labor for the men.” the guide explained. The next day we had the opportunity to talk to one of the ladies. Our guide told us that she was about to be released from the facility. “Have you mind controlled her?” “No, and there is no compulsion. You can check her and examine her as much as you want.” The Lady greeted us in one of the waiting rooms, they were more like a spa than a prison or immigration facility. Much more comfy than in the men’s part. “Let us show you a video of what has happened with her. Are you OK with that?” “Sure” On the screen, we could see how a gag went into her mouth and she was secured with straps. The refugee lady made no effort to resist as the vacuum bag was placed over her body. A blindfold and a breathing mask completed the setup. The air was exhausted from the bed, making movement impossible, the only movement we could see were small muscle twitches. “It was here when the things inside me came to life. The sensations just kept on hitting her, wave after wave after wave… I thought that sexual sensation was supposed to decrease after a long period of being exposed to it. This wasn’t happening. Each orgasm was just as intense as the last… You know the inability to see, hear, or really move at all amplified the experience…” “So you like what happened here?” “Not in the beginning, but now yes.” The transcript ends here and we were transmitted another transcript that seems to come from the same source. Transcript 9 We stayed at night in a small hotel near the base. The ambassador had already retired to her quarters and I was sitting with our guide at the bar, as she got a phone call. “We have luck. The Ship with Guardsman ***977 has docked in port today, you can see him for an interview.” “OK, when?” “Tonight, we should leave now.” Our guide and her Guardsman and what seemed to be her bodyguard drove us back to the base. We entered and were lead to some kind of bar. “Here the sailors can relax and wind down after the ship returns from a tour. The setting was really strange. It was some kind of bar arrangement, like a harbour bar. Inside were only Guardsmen. It was also the first time I saw Guardsman with facial hair. “Traditionally, the Coast Guard Boys have facial hair.” “Aha” As we were lead inside there was Guardsman ***977 . He had a leash clipped on his neck and besides that was sitting on the table on an obviously younger but higher ranking Guardsman who held the leash. He was introduced to us as F—***337. There were three more Guardsmen on the table. One had a similar leash clipped to his neck, held by his companion the third didn’t have any companion but wore a squid rubber mask. All held well groomed facial hair and short haircuts. They explained to us it was naval tradition to have a beard. And that only senior Guardsman, in other navy’s officers were allowed into the bar, but they could bring their companion, provided he was leashed. The squid was a naval cadet on training. He didn’t talk while we were here. “How are you doing ***977?”, I was anxious to ask, as we had delivered him to the Europeans. Not that he was holding a crutch against us. “Fine, thank you, Sir.” “Do you like your service here?” “Much more than what I did in Canada, I found a great companion.”. At that ***977 looked with puppy’s eyes to the handler of this leash F—***337. And then the other guy gently stroked him. “Going to sea with him is really great.” “Don’t you want to run off, back to Canada?” “Nah, When this one think about running away or Canada it’s like the most boring thing this one can imagine…this one can’t sustain any interest in it. This is so much better. ***977 turned to F—***337 and kissed him on the mouth. I was astonished. There was silence on the table. Only interrupted when the squid clad cadet took a sip from his cocktail. “The Ambassador reads your diary. Continue writing it.” “Yes, Sir.” We left. The whole scene was fighting in a way. I told our guide we were to be kept informed. My bad conscience has faded, as I recognized we did Simon a service by using him as bait and guinea pig.

Transcript 10 This is not from the same source, but was transmitted a day later to us with a note: keep off. The other transcripts seemed to come from a different person. Action report. “We waited for the target person on his way to the Madame Director. The investigative auxiliary intelligence and our analysts had determined that he must be the source of the leaks. As we could see that the his office politics among the secretaries had played out. Our target was the top stallion now that Pedro Sanchez (citizen ID and employment file on link) had moved to this new job and Joffe Elle-Asmussen (citizen ID and employment file on link) was well, in full time bondage with his wife, director Elle. As we had been instructed to not produce any public disturbance we decided to access our target in the elevator to the office. Two Praetorian Guards were tasked with observing the entry lobby of the office building. Discreetly they stepped in and used sonic dispersion technology to isolate our target in the elevator. Snachting a target away from a persuambly safe space, also increases it’s feeling of terror. The target had carefully styled his hair, selected a shirt with a flower pattern print and freshened him up with sprite of perfume. Matching items could be found in the addendum to the file. As we entered the elevator from the street level, we made it stop on the service floor. And two of my Guardsmen, on which we could rely to be uncompromised, in their parade uniforms entered. He didn’t pay to much attention. Next stop, everybody except him left. The elevator started moving upwards, we made it reverse course and go downstairs. There was no need of extended force as the target was taken to the basement and put into one of our interrogation suits. Even a rubber and satin gloved hand of a Guard parade uniform can be strong. We made sure there is no record of the action as the team was trained to use one hand blocking the camera on his earpiece and the other pushing him towards the wall and lifting him slightly up. “Citizen. We want to respectfully inform you, that …” While the other was blocking his earpiece as well and pinching his nipple with a rubber and satin gloved hand. The subject knew that he was in desperate situation. He confessed and decided to cooperate with us within minutes. We helped him arrange his shirt and hair and he left the elevator less than 25 minutes later on his destination floor. He was easy to break.

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