Eye Exam

By Willie Cici
published October 1, 2017

Doctor Houston learns a trick from a colleague …

Jake Houston hustled up the metal staircase of the Number 4, one of Manhattan’s oldest subway lines. From Lexington Ave and 59th Street, Jake sauntered down 59th to his favorite coffee shop, ordered his obligatory morning cup of coffee, and walked towards his midtown office. The handsome doctor strutted towards his midtown office building ready to treat a full slate of patients. The young doctor recently purchased the established medical practice of a doctor who had decided to retire to sunny Belize. Since Jake acquired the practice, his patient roster doubled. Everyone wanted to check out the hot new doctor on Madison Avenue. His model looks, silver-tongued charm and impressive physique made him the hottest bachelor doctor in Manhattan. (To see Jake, click here). Women flocked to his office for the chance to ogle and fondle the new hottie doctor. Jake loved the fawning. His ego thrived on the attention.

As he exited the elevator and entered his office suite, Jake greeted his waiting patients. One patient however caught his eye: a young man, slightly tanned, the physique of an athlete, the smile that melted hearts. Jake hoped that this young man was on his roster of patients.

As he entered his private office, his administrative assistant, Sandy, entered to discuss the day’s line-up. “You have a lot of new patients.”

“Interesting line-up.”, Jake said. “There’s a young man in the reception area.”

“That’s Adam Connolly, the swimmer. From last year’s Olympics.”, Sandy announced.

“Here’s here for …”

“Testing and consultation.”, Sandy reported. “Says he’s having problems in the pool.”

Jake smiled. “Testing 4. He’s going to need an extensive work-up.”, Jake said. Sandy nodded yes and walked out of Jake’s private office. He removed his jacket and donned his white overcoat and reviewed the patient files for the day. He scanned the Connolly file to determine the exact cause of the visit: general eye exam and a glaucoma screen. “Perfect. That’ll work just fine.”

Jake’s nursing assistant escorted Adam into Testing 4. “We’re going to perform some preliminary tests and then the doctor will see you.” Adam nodded approvingly. “The first test is a series of flashing lights. Make sure to stare straight into the lights. Your eyes will adjust and provide an accurate to measure your ability to focus. Just place your chin on the machine.” The nursing assistant dimmed the lights and activated the unit. A series of lights with a round field of spokes flashed upon the internal screen. (To see the eye test, click here). Adam stared at the lights for about a minute. His mind wandered as his eyes focused on the flashing lights. After a minute, the unit dinged. The lights ceased flashing. “Are all the lines in the spokes the same width and density?”

“Yes.”, Adam responded.

“Based on the eye scans, a chart is going to appear. Can you see it?”

“Yes.”, Adam said.

“Read the smallest letters that you can make out clearly.”, the nursing assistant said. Adam read the letters from the second to last line. “How about the next line?” Adam tried to read those letters, but experienced some difficulty. “Okay. Doctor Houston will be in to conduct the next test. Sit tight.” The nursing assistant stood at a computer station to enter the information on Adam’s computer chart. Adam sat patiently, waiting for Doctor Houston.

Minutes later, the door opened. “Hi. I’m Doctor Houston. You must be Adam Connolly. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Saw your exploits on TV last year in Rio. You did very well for your first Olympics.”, Jake said, as he extended his hand.

“No medals.”, Adam said, showing his youthful disappointment.

“You’ll do better now that who know who retired.”, Jake said. “Todd, glaucoma test.” Todd nodded in approval to Doctor Houston. “Okay. The next test is going to test your field of vision. Glaucoma narrows your field of vision. Because of the swimming, and the difficulty your experiencing with focus, I’m going to use a special test. You’re going to see a continuous pattern of flashing lights. In the middle of those flashes, from different angles, you will one strong beam of light. When you see that strong beam of light, press the button on the hand device. Any questions?”

“No, Doctor.”, Adam replied. Jake handed the hand device to Adam. Jake bid Adam to place his head on the chin rest, place the cover over his left eye, and wait for the unit to activate. Jake dimmed the lights even further and activated the test.

When the test began, flashing lights flooded Adam’s eyes. (To see the Doctor’s glaucoma test, click here). “Focus on the lights.”, Jake said. Adam found the flashing lights distracting, but followed Doctor’s orders and focus. He saw the first beam of light. “Count off the lights as you see them.”

“1.”, Adam. “2. 3.”

“Pay attention and keep watching.”, Jake said.

As Adam watched the flashing lights, he counted, “4.5.6.” His speech slurred as he said, “7.”

“Keep your focus on the lights. Don’t stop focusing on the lights. Understand?”

“Yes, Doctor. 8. 9. 10.”

“Now, the colors will change. Start counting backwards, and keep your eye on the flashing lights as you drift, slowly, calmly, peacefully, pliantly, feeling so relaxed.”

“10. 9. 8.”, Adam counted, his speech getting slower and slower.

“Don’t stop looking at the lights. Focus on the lights and Doctor’s voice.”

“Yes, Doctor. 7. 6. 5.”

“Good. Keep listening. Relax, calm, plaint …”

“4.3.2…” Adam said. He stopped saying anything or using hitting the hand control.

Jake stared at his new patient. “Can you hear me, Adam?”

“Yes, Doctor.”, Adam replied. His voice was stilted, his tone, nonsensical.

“How do you feel?”, Jake asked.


“Because you listened to Doctor. When you obey Doctor, you’ll always feel calm.” Jake said. He smiled. Adam was ready for the next phase.

“What else do you feel?”, Jake asked.

Adam was embarrassed to answer Jake’s question. “Horny.”, Adam answered.

“So horny that you are stroking the front of your pants, right?”, Jake asked.

“Yes.”, Adam answered.

“You want to stroke your cock, don’t you, Adam?”, Jake asked.

“Yes, Doctor.”, Adam replied.

“If you ask me, you can stroke your cock.”, Jake said.

“May I stroke my cock, Doctor?”, Adam pleaded.

“Yes, Adam.” Adam lowered his exercise gear and exposed his thick, semi-hard member. As he stroked his cock, Adam continued to stare at the flashing lights.

“You like stroking your cock in front of Doctor, don’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“When you stroke your cock, you feel calm and relaxed. Keep stroking.”, Jake ordered. The young stud stroked his cock faster and faster, the subliminal messages hidden in the flashing lights dictating the speed and strength of his stroking. Adam enjoyed the calm, relaxed sensation coursing throughout his body. “Keep staring at the lights.”, Jake said, as he removed the patch and positioned Adam’s head so that both eyes could see the next series of flashing lights. Adam watched the flashing lights, the barely-noticeable messages buried within the flashing lights. The stud athlete perspired as heat and friction gained momentum. His breathing became deep and heavy.

“You want to cum, don’t you, Adam?”, Jake asked.

“Yes, Doctor.”, Adam replied.

“Only when I say ‘cum’.”, Jake ordered. “Keep stroking. Don’t stop watching the flashing lights.” Adam’s stroking slowed down. He took his other hand and tweaked his nipples. He cooed as pleasure coursed throughout his body. The stroking resumed its previous furious pace. Adam wanted to cum, but he could not unless the Doctor approved.

“Are you ready, Adam?”, Jake said. He nodded yes. “Cum.” Adam’s cock erupted with ounces of pearly white cream. The cum landed on Adam’s thighs, groin and lower core.

“Todd, clean up.”, Jake said. From the corner of the room, Todd, the nursing assistant, licked the cum dripping from Adam’s cock, his thigh, groin and core. Adam did not move as the slutty nursing assistant performed his sexy duties. Todd returned to his computer station, unfazed by what he did.

“How do you feel?”, Jake asked.


“Because you obeyed Doctor.”, Jake said. “Now, is there anything else you want to ask Doctor?”

“I … I … want to suck your cock, Doctor.”, Adam said.

Jake smiled. “If you want, but you didn’t ask.”

“Please, may I suck your cock, Doctor?”, Adam begged.

“Okay, Adam.” Jake lowered his suit trousers and exposed his flaccid 6”. He stood next to Adam and said, “Suck it, Adam. Just as you asked. You’ll feel even more relaxed and calm.” Adam took his head away from the console and stared at Jake’s cock. He licked the tip of Jake’s mushroom head and slowly swallowed the doctor’s cock. “Good boy. Get it wet.” Adam sucked Jake’s cock. Jake enjoyed Adam’s warm, wet mouth, the sensation of his tongue pressing against his expanding member. Adam gagged from time to time, but never lost his rhythm, swallowing Jake’s cock to the base of his shaft. Within minutes, Jake bust his nut down Adam’s throat, pearly goo sliding down Adam’s gullet. “Very good, Adam.”

Jake smiled. “Todd, clean up.” Todd knelt near Jake and sucked the doctor’s cock clean of any dripping cum. As Todd returned to the computer station, Jake lifted his trousers and adjusted his still hard cock in his boxer briefs. Jake smiled and stared at the dazed athlete.

“Can you hear me, Adam?”, Jake asked. Adam nodded yes. “How do you feel?”

“Relaxed … and horny.”, Adam answered.

“Excellent.” Jake smiled. The next stage of testing would prove the hardest, but Jake knew that Adam would pass the test.

Weeks later –

Jake reached the New Rochelle Station, taking the Metro from Grand Central. Once he reached his convertible parked at the station, Jake lowered the top and enjoyed the beaming sun of the early evening summer as he drove to his spacious suburban home. The August heat demanded Jake leave the office early and enjoy time in his swimming pool. As he reached his home and parked the car in his garage, Jake walked into his house, rushed to his bedroom and changed into a pair of speedos. The 32-year old doctor cut a sexy figure in his speedos. As he walked out of the kitchen towards the pool, Jake called out, “How’s the water?”

“Wonderful.”, Adam said. (To see Adam in the pool, click here). The young stud wore a pair of tight white speedos. The cool water did little to melt Adam’s ever-present hard-on. Jake leered at his house stud. He slowly crept into the pool and swam close to his Adam. He kissed the young stud and fondled his junk. Adam cooed as his cock reacted to Jake’s hand gracing the front of his white, snug speedo. He lowered the speedo and swallowed Adam’s cock. Adam enjoyed Jake’s mouth and tongue. His cock hardened, as the young stud pumped his cock into Jake’s mouth. Jake them swam to the steps leading to the pool. Adam followed Jake. As Jake lay on the steps, Adam lowered Jake’s speedo. His cock flopped into Adam’s mouth. Jake leaned his head backwards, enjoying Adam’s well-trained blow job. Soon, Adam knelt upon the steps, allowing Jake to plow the young stud’s ass. Adam cooed with the painful pleasure of Jake’s penetrating cock. Adam stroked his cock as Jake fucked the young stud. He felt calm and relaxed, as Doctor Jake prescribed. As Jake blew his wad upon Adam’s buttocks, Adam likewise climaxed, semen spilling into the chlorinated water. The two lovers donned their speedos and swam in the cool waters of Jake’s pool.

“How are the eyes?”, Jake asked.

“Never better, Doctor.”, Adam replied.

Jake smiled. “Never better, indeed.”, he whispered to himself.

Doctor Winston, the doctor that sold Jake his medical practice, taught Jake the fine points of the flashing light tests and suggested what to do. At first, he was suspect, but after experiencing success with three hotties, Jake knew that Doctor Winston provided Jake with a special gift, a priceless tool. He smiled as the young stud swam in the pool, enjoying the comfortable lifestyle of the kept lover. Adam still pursued his Olympic dream. Now, he had the financial support of Jake Houston to cushion the financial reality of pursuing university and Olympic training.

From Jake’s perspective, everything looked great.

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