Fraternity Rituals

By Andyrew36  published September 30, 2017
Kappa Sigma has a very strenuous selection process that leaves two pledges very different people

Fraternity Rituals

The two hooded boys were brought into the basement of the fraternity house. Rows of men dressed in red robes followed behind them in two rows chanting in an incoherent language. The two boys, with the hoods over their heads, were walked into the center of the basement. Strange runes and symbols covered the floor. The two boys were their pledges. The last two that survived a very long and very strenuous hell week. They were put through many horribly humiliating tasks only to prove that they wished to become brothers of this fraternity. Originally they started with 13 pledges. Slowly the numbers were whittled down and only the two of them were left.

Both boys were freshman at college. Both wanting to be a part of something larger than themselves. The first day of school both amazed at the Greek life that flourished on campus. The brotherhood that could be seen within the frat houses was aw inspiring and both wanted to be a part of it. Robert and Steven both found Kappa Sigma calling to them during Rush Week. And luckily for both of them they were both given bids.

The Kappas were one of the most exclusive fraternities on campus, if not THE most exclusive one. All of the guys were gods among men. Walking around the campus like they owned the place, and to be honest they did own it. Anyone who was anyone knew of the Kappas and their legendary parties, knew of their hard muscled bodies, and knew about their douchbag personalities. They traveled in packs through the school, the gym, even in classes. If you saw one of them you saw at least another four or five close behind.

Now Robert and Steven both had made it through the worst part of Hell Week, and tonight was the final night; the night were one of them would be asked to become a brother of Kappa Sigma. The two boys were both sitting in the center of the basement room with nothing on but the the red hood covering their heads.

“Brothers, before us stand two pieces of dirt. They say they wish to become brothers. What do we say?” Asked one of the hooded brothers holding his arms outward towards the rest of the large group of men. Like a preacher asking for one of his congregation to testify.

“Kappa Sigma chooses you. You don’t choose Kappa Sigma!” The group chorused in response.

“These boys wish to be one of us! What do we say?” The man asked the group again.

“We are men, not boys!” The hooded group shouted back. The words all spoken at the same time, as if they had been saying the same phrases for years.

“Now are you two boys or are you men?” Asked the hooded leader as he pulled the hoods off the two boys heads.

“No sir!” The two boys shouted. The leader of the group threw back his red hood revealing his face. The rest of the group followed suit. Each of their faces looked like they belonged on a Abercombrie and Fitch model; chiseled jawline, perfectly tanned skin, not a hair out of place. The leader was the most attractive of them all. He looked like an Adonis. Even though you could not see any of their bodies, you knew that under the robes were abs of steel and thick muscular frames.

“Since this brotherhood was founded we have pledged to only accept the best, the most popular, and the fucking hottest men on campus. Do you two think that is you?” The leader shouted to the ceiling.

“Yes Pledge Master Sir!” The two boys shouted once again, knowing the answers that were necessary to be said.

“Then let the ritual begin! Brothers circle up!” He shouted to the group. The two boys had been warned by their new brothers that tonight was a night that would change them forever. That it would be a night full of sexual depravity and to just allow whatever happens to happen. The group of men all stripped off their red robes revealing naked hard bodies underneath. All of their thick cocks hard from the excitement that was to follow. “Pledges get ready to feast on the seed of your new brothers! May the one who is destined to be one of us succeed and the other…good luck on what is going to happen to you,” the leader said forebodingly. He slinked backwards into a raised chair, as the large group of men circled the two boys. They both knew how the winner was going to be chosen. The two boys entered this room as compatriots. Now they looked into the eyes of the only person standing in their way of becoming a Kappa Sigma brother.

Robert was the first of the two who crawled over to his first brother. He crawled on his hands and knees as the tall black brother began jerking his hard cock in front of his face. His large hairy balls bouncing up in down. Robert opened his mouth eager for his first taste of his brothers seed. His eyes hypnotized by the sight of the thick black dick in front of his face. The brother pounding away at his cock. Robert looked upward at the guy, his large pectorals blocking Robert’s view of the mans face. Robert couldn’t see who the brother’s face but he knew it was Jackson.

“Ugh I’m gonna shoot. You ready for your first load?” Jackson asked aiming his dick at Robert’s open mouth.

“Yes Brother I am… .oooff,” Robert groaned as Steven pushed him out of the way and locked his large lips onto Jackson’s large cock as he unloaded into Stevens mouth.

“Fuck he is a hungry one,” the ginger brother said.

“Did you see how he pushed him right our of the way,” another black brother laughed. Robert pulled himself off the ground, anger filling his eyes as he looked at Robert.

“Fucking A, what the fuck was that dude?” Shouted Robert as he made his way over to another brother who was jerking his cock. His face contorting in a way, signaling that he was getting close to cumming. The brother’s moans were intensifying, he was about to shoot. The brother looked over to the leader of the group. The leader nodded his approval. The brother looked down upon Robert and shot his load directly into Roberts face and not in his mouth. Ropes of cum covered his face and matted his dark hair as the brothers balls unloaded. Robert didn’t understand he had been told he wanted to eat the cum, not get covered in it. But he knew that he needed to trust his brothers.

The ritual continued. Each brother continued to jerk their large cock and balls while unloading onto Robert’s face or into Steven’s mouth. Each brother, once they finished, they would step back against the wall and let the next group of brothers usher forth. Each one lasting a shorter amount of time than the group before. Steven’s belly was becoming round and destined from the obscene amount of cum inside of his stomach. Robert, on the other hand, body was covered in cum. He looked like he was bathing in the thick semen of his brothers. Both looked at the other through the ritual not fully understanding why they were being treated differently. Each hoping that they were the brother being chosen while the other would be cast out.

When the final brother had covered Robert’s face both boys collapsed on the floor from exhaustion. The leader came forth from his corner. Each of the boys were pulled back into the center of the room. Both were placed inside of one of the two large red circles.

“Brothers the ritual is nearly complete! We have seen Robert be covered in the seed of his brothers! We have seen Steven guzzle the seed of his brothers! Now I have been given the sacred duty to select the next brother, but first we shall watch. Robert and Steven let your brothers cum flow inside of you, and let you grow! Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma,” he chanted. The brothers against the walls of the basement all began to chant. The red circles surrounding both brothers began to glow. The symbols etched into the ground began to radiate with power. “GROW! MY PLEDGES GROW!” He shouted to the two boys.

The pledges both doubled over in pain as the ritual’s power grew into a crescendo, and settled onto the two boys bodies. Robert’s body was the first to grow. The cum seeped into his skin and then deep into his muscles. His face started to change. The fat that once surrounded his jawline melted away. His cheekbones grew and his hair lightened while neck thickened and expanded as it filled with muscle. His deltoids exploded with thick muscle and continued to fill all the way down to his hands. Robert’s biceps and triceps both looked like he spent years at the gym toning and growing his arms. The flat chest that once adorned his body inflated with beef. Each pectoral filled and expanded until they were large and perky. A small pink nipples adorning each of them. Both looked comically huge upon his skinny waist and legs. The brothers watched as Robert’s legs expanded into thick tree trunks of muscle. His once bony bottom inflated and expanded into two huge pillows of muscle. Robert stood up, his height noticeably taller than earlier. Robert looked down at his body amazed at the changes, as his dick stretched downward like taffy and his balls inflated to the size of oranges.

“Fuck,” his much deeper voice echoed. He looked down at Steven whose face was tilted upward at the new and improved Robert.

“Change me! Make me a brother!” Steven begged! “Ughhhh,” he groaned. “Its happening!” He shouted, laughing crazily as he stood up feeling himself beginning to change. Steven felt his stomach begin to hurt. He grabbed onto his destined stomach feeling it shake and quiver underneath his fingers. As he pushed down onto his stomach he felt the once tight skin give way underneath his fingers. He felt his stomach grow soft and blubbery under his hands. His stomach began to expand grow outward. His once almost flat stomach was turning into a full blown gut. He looked up to the leader with fear in his eyes. “What’s happening?” He cried as his hands grabbed at the rest of his fattening body. The leader walked over towards Steven.

“This is a brotherhood. We trust each other. We work together. We don’t push the other done in order to get yourself a head,” he said angrily staring at Steven. “You will never be a brother of Kappa Sigma and this will ensure that you will never be a brother of any other fraternity on this campus. Especially when you finish growing,” the leader laughed as he walked back to his chair in the corner to watch the rest of Steven’s changes unfold.

“No please! I’m sorry! Robert I’m sorry,” Steven gushed as his face inflated with fat. His once toned body continued to fill and then overflow with fat growing from toned to obese in less than three minutes. His chest inflated and grew like a girl going through puberty. He grabbed at his fleshy chest crying at his newly grown moobs. His ass loosing any tone and definition as it grow bubbly and round. His hips flaring outward looking womanly and feminine. The group of brothers laughed at the Steven as they saw his dick shrink and shrivel up inside the fat that was covering his body.

Steven stood back up feeling his entire body jiggle and shake, a sensation which was completely different to him. He looked down at his new body. His hands explored the soften flesh surround his torso. Robert looked down at Steven, the difference between their heights even greater than before.

“Robert, finish him. Give him your seed. Make it the last load this pig will ever taste of Kappa Sigma,” the leader ordered. Robert walked over towards Steven, his large dick swaying back and forth like a pendulum; hardening with every step. “Oh and I forgot to mention Steven, you will forever have quiet the taste for cum. But be careful. It can be quite fattening,” he laughed. Steven’s eyes were focused on the giant cock that was coming his way. His mouth already watering. Robert pumped his large dick, feeling it thicken and grow in his much larger hands. Robert grabbed onto Steven’s face plunging his dick deep into his throat. Steven’s mouth giving no resistance to the monstrous cock that was intruding his body. Robert’s large balls continuously slapping Stevens soft Cherub like face.

Robert looked out at the surrounding brothers, watching as they paired off with one another; blowing each other’s dicks, eating each other’s round muscular butts, and some going as far as fucking one another. The leader sitting in his chair watching as the ritual came to close. “Cum my brother! Cum!” Robert felt his balls contract into his body as he unloaded into Steven’s hungry mouth. Steven quickly swallowed every ounce of Robert cum as more and more was produced. Robert watched as his cum overflowed out of Steven’s mouth and onto his chubby face. Robert pulled his large dick out of Stevens mouth with a loud PLOP. Robert fell onto his large fattened ass. His belly sloshing onto his lap. His fat fingers scooping up the copious amount of cum that

“Welcome to the brotherhood of Kappa Sigma Robert,” the leader said as he came and clapped Robert on the back. “Now get this pig out of here, and we can go find you a room. Everyone finish up with each other and meet us in the meeting room upstairs. And you Steven. Good luck. Your gonna need it with your new… .appetite,” he laughed as he made his way up the stairs.

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