You got Male :NETWITCH pt 1

By Tattcub published June 8, 2011
you got male universe introduces Aiden to the NETWITCH pt 1
It's very strange thing.Magic, or at least the idea of it is amazing. With the wave of a wand, nod of the head or even a twitch of the nose you can solve all your problems and make dreams come true. Don't make me laugh. Everything has a price. Everything.

So dear reader you want to know about muscle ? You want to be huge and musclebound beyond belief. You want to be a freaky monster of muscle ? Your wish is my command.

I was a normal guy with normal dreams, actually I'm a complete computer geek with no friends and no life. I'm overweight and to be honest I think I'm pretty selfish.
I have thinning brown hair and bland brown eyes. Nothing about me really stand out.

I spend most of my nights at home trawling the internet for porn and pics of big, no not big, huge guys. For me bigger is always better.

One night a few weeks ago I come accross a sight that's all magic related. Showing things from voodoo to wicca. All sorts of esoteric crap you know what I mean ? Anyway, I was just looking at the links sometimes these sights have magical transformation story links like CYOC etc. Nothing. Then I notice a link that said MAKE YOUR WISHES COME TRUE. no web address but it still looked blue like links do. I clicked on it and suddenly the screen went blank. "Shit" I thought, that's what you get for not virus checking.

I was just about to restart and a chat box appears. Intrigued and slightly weirded out I opened the box (stupid, stupid stooopid. I know. I get that NOW)

NETWITCH wants to chat Y/N ?
curiouser and curisour as the little girl once said beofre she plunged down a rabbit hole. (Don't worry I'm just about to follow here)

So of course like a dumbass I click Y

NETWITCH: Greetings, you are seeking something ?


NETWITCH:Tell me your desires then seeker

AIDEN:Muscle. I want muscle

NETWITCH:For yourself ? or another ?


NETWITCH:Hmmm Are you sure you do not wish to grant a friend this wish ? Selflessness has it's own reward

AIDEN:Not really. I don't have any friends.

NETWITCH:Why do you seek this ?

AIDEN:I want to be noticed. For once I want to be the big guy that gets all the attention.

NETWITCH:You want respect ? You can get this in other ways

AIDEN:I want to be a big muscle guy. I'm fed up with all the douchbag jock idiots looking down on me. I want to like them for once. And then some

NETWITCH:You want to be just like these "douchebags" as you call them ?

AIDEN:Fuck yeah of course I do. I mean who wouldn't to be massively muscular and beautiful. I'd give anything for that.

NETWITCH:Anything ?(I could almost imagine the Netwitch curving a villainous smile at this point

I was beginning to get into this. I think I've stumbled onto a roleplay site. So I continue. (I mean what the hell right ?

AIDEN:Hmmm...let me think. Well I'd exchange my body for something if you like

NETWITCH:Hmmm karma exchange eh. Do go on you are intriguing.

AIDEN:Well I'm a computer wizard with an IQ in the top 5% of the country. I'm also loaded. As I said I'm a computer wizard. you're a wizard...Cast the spell then Aiden. I grant you the power to change yourself.

With every word that you now say
Your form will twist and turn that way
Your trade shall be of your choosing
But beware of what you may be losing.

AIDEN:Nice rhyme there Witchy. okay here goes.

I thought for a moment...What did I really really want as the song goes...I want to be massive.I want to be so muscular that i can't bring my arms together because my pecs and biceps get in the way. I want my traps to be so high that they're practically fused to the back of my skull. I want my shoulders to be so big that no shirt would survice going over them and my legs so huge that i have to waddle them around each other. I want my skin to be paper thin and the veins so thick and obvious that they look like cables of steel. My neck has to be a bit thicker than my head and I want my face to be handsome my jaw thicker and my brows lower. And I want to be dumb as a cow. All I want to know is muscle and cock and how to hit the weights.I want men to stare at me and I want it all in exchange for it is the only good thing I have. my brains and intelligence.

but I typed
AIDEN:To be more muscular, handsome, successful...not so worried about life

NETWITCH:Lol my friend, don't hold back you should say what you mean. I

AIDEN:I thought I just did,

NETWITCH:It's what you didn't say that's most telling.Your wish I my command...let the count down commence, by the by you'd best get a membership to a gym, you're gonna be a busy little worker bee...bzz bzz

The screen went blank. I tapped the keys and jiggled his mouse. Nothing. "What a crock of shit" I thought. I logged off and decided to call it a night. That night the dreams came. I was in a huge warehouse like room. The lights were so bright that I couldn't really make anything out. I kept hearing the clangbang of metal against metal. Each clang puntucated by a heavy grunt, as if someone was in pain. Whoever it was seemed to have an iron will, because whatever they were doing they kept going, seemingly through the pain.

I woke in the morning and had morning wood like never before. The dream whilst not overtly sexual had turned me on and there was nothing else for it. I smiled as I remembered my fantasy chat from last night and brought some of the images back. It took me about two minutes to blow a healthy load. I even licked a bit off my finger, and had never done that before. One thing was in my mind. I had mentioned wanting to be big. Fuck it I thought. I could at least join a gym and lose or try to lose the spare tire round my waist.

So that's what I did. I joined a gym. One of those group affairs that have adverts where they take the piss out of the really big guys making them out as dumbass goons. To be honest I wouldn't mind a few about. Something to look at and have a quick wank over after you get home right ?

I fell into training easily it seemed to come naturally like I had a gift for it. I even went and hired a personal trainer to point me in the right direction. I made some great gains in that first two months as my trainer and my own net skills put me on a good diet regime too. I lost 4 inches from my waist going down to 30 again. I was 150 unfit pounds I went down to 135 briefly because of the cardio but back up to 150 again this time it was 15lb of new muscle. I even started to think about new hair styles and contacts. Maybe something green. All the while I kept the memory of my NETWITCH chat alive. This made me so horny I can't begin to tell you the moments I had over the logs of that chat.

I decided to move from the gym to somewhere more hardcore. I needed to up my game. People were looking at me different and honestly, I loved it.

It was what happened at this new gym that changed my life for good.

Part 2 Coming soon

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