Big Bear

By Galao
published September 26, 2017

All Jeremy wishes for is to get to his hotel room and rest. However he soon finds out the room isn’t as vacant as he hoped.

It had been a very tiring trip for Jeremy. His plane flight had got delayed, making the already four hour trip even more boring. He arrived at the hotel by nightfall having barely eaten or slept all day. Luckily the business meeting would only take place the next day giving him time to sleep and eat properly.

At the hotel he was quickly given the key to his room. He was definitely looking forward to taking off his suit and just go to bed. He had the job of his dreams but it took a lot of pressure. Even travelling, which had been one of Jeremy’s favourite things, had turned to a chore. At 29 his responsibilities were sometimes overwhelming but he still managed to take care of himself. He made sure his cheeks were always shaved and his slim athletic body didn’t put on much weight. The black hair was always neatly cut and trimmed. He was the picture of professionalism.

Jeremy unlocked the door to his room and immediately dropped the suitcase before closing the door. Sighing in contentment of his privacy he walked further into the room. The lights were lit on his left where the bed was although a wall covered that part of room from where Jeremy was. He planned on throwing himself on the bed and let the comfortable mattress and pillows support his weary body. Instead, Jeremy came face to face with a man lying on the bed.

The man was around Jeremy’s age, probably a bit younger. He was practically naked save for a pair of mini orange boxer briefs that weren’t doing the best job of hiding the outline of the man’s cock and balls. His large belly, arms and legs were covered with dark hairs and he had a full beard. Jeremy finally noticed that the man was tied to the bed from his wrists.

The bizarre image of a man lying on his bed stunned Jeremy as he wondered what to do.

“Who… just who the hell are you and why are you in my room?” he asked.

“Oh come on Big Bear don’t be like that. I thought you loved seeing me tied up.

Surely the guy was mistaken. He wasn’t a “Big Bear” or whatever, though the name somehow let a tingling sensation all over his body.

“How did you get in this room?” Jeremy demanded in anger.

“Fuck, I’ve been waiting so long for you Big Bear…” the man moaned, bending his knees as he lied on the bed, displaying his crotch.

Once again Jeremy felt shivers down his spine as the man called him Big Bear.

“Okay. That’s it: I’m calling the security” Jeremy’s patience snapped as he grabbed the phone and looked for the number to call, quickly finding it.

“Oh yeah. Tell them I’ve been a bad boy, Big Bear. Tell them I’ve been really naughty…” he smirked.

Jeremy’s hands shook. Why were this crazy man’s words affecting him so much? With his concentration broken he forgot what the number was. In frustration he scanned the list of contacts from the hotel once again.

“But I really wish it was you who punished me, Big Bear.”

Sweat began dripping from Jeremy’s forehead and armpits. “Sh-shut up! You freak!” he yelled. Somehow the phone seemed smaller now on his hands. His fingers were strangely big and calloused.

“Oh yeah, I’m a freak for you, Big Bear. For you, I’m anything…”

“Quiet, boy!” Jeremy instinctively yelled as he lost again concentration of what he was doing. His voice sounded deeper and coarser than before.

Jeremy saw the man grinning but remained quiet. He tried to think of what he was doing but he could not quite remember. He held a phone in his hand. He knew it was something about the guy on the bed but was it?

As Jeremy’s focus turned to the man on the bed he couldn’t help but notice how sexy he looked. He felt tempted to go over to him and kiss him and touch his hairy fat body… No! That wasn’t right! Jeremy shook his head trying to remove the intruding thoughts. He didn’t want anything to do with that man or any man whatsoever!

Noticing Jeremy’s struggle the man on the bed talked again, his voice sweet and alluring. “Come, Big Bear. I’ve been waiting so long for you. I need you… please.”

Jeremy grabbed his head in confusion. “Shit, boy… I… this feels weird” Jeremy said, feeling hot. He took off his suit jacket, nearly ripping it as he removed it.

“You need this, don’t you Big Bear?” the man grinned as he lifted his legs, showing Jeremy his ass covered by the constrictive briefs.

Jeremy felt his belly expand against his pants and shirt. Hairs grew thicker and longer on his arms and knuckles and his beard had fully grown. “I… fuck… I…” Jeremy let the rest of his words die as he dropped the phone and walked towards the bed, kicking out his shoes as he climbed it.

Jeremy crawled towards the big restrained man, his lust overpowering his common sense.

“Oh Big Bear… you’re so strong…” the voice ran through Jeremy’s body as it grew heavier. His shoulders, arms and chest inflated with muscle straining his shirt as his gut grew considerably round but solid. His pants also became tight as his thighs expanded. “I need you, Big Bear” Jeremy was captivated by the tied man. Jeremy’s crotch was against the other man’s as he leaned towards his mouth to kiss those warm inviting lips.

The other man giggled and moved his head, making Jeremy kiss his bearded cheek as a tease. A wave of confidence and domination washed over Jeremy as he grabbed the man’s head and kissed him. Both men loved it. Jeremy pushed his tongue inside, wrestling the other man’s tongue. Jeremy had never kissed a man before an yet somehow he had vague memories of doing it before.

Jeremy’s hands travelled up and down, exploring the body beneath him as his hips began to hump against the clothed ass of his lover.

“You’re so manly, Big Bear. Not bad for a man your age” the man said after their long kiss ended. Jeremy’s cock grew in size as did his testicles. They felt tight against his underwear. At the same time even more hair began to grow on Jeremy’s body. Even his back grew hairier.

A button flew from Jeremy’s shirt as the mass of his chest had strained it for too long. In a lustful fury, Jeremy ripped the shirt, buttons flying. Jeremy smiled at his prowess, a smile that became mostly hidden in the thick forest of hairs that had grown on his beard.

His torso had barrelled out, thick hairs covering his once smooth skin. Jeremy cared little as he awkwardly ripped his pants and took off his socks. He seemed surprised to suddenly see grey hairs on his chest but merely shrugged it. At his age it was inevitable.

Jeremy massaged Derek’s nipples before muffling his moans with another kiss. He loved being tied down, Jeremy recalled. New memories were flooding into Jeremy. The man on the bed was no stranger, he knew him: his name was Derek. He remembered talking and meeting Derek before. Weeks, months, years ago? His memory was fuzzy. He did remember how they met: Derek had been looking for an older man to be his Big Bear and Jeremy had been happy to oblige.

As he moved on to remove his underwear a thought occurred: he was not that much older than Derek, right? He looked down at himself, noticing the hairs getting grey and white, his hairline receding and losing its colour, as did the beard. He nearly laughed. Derek was a 28 year old cub. Jeremy himself was 53. Why did he thought himself not much older than Derek? His face had lost some of its rigidity and gained a few wrinkles and crow’s feet though his musculature was as big and intimidating as it had been many years before, his frame only bigger due to fat gained from years of great and many foods. He removed his underwear to reveal a thick solid 8 inch cock.

“Big Bear please… fuck me” Derek moaned. Jeremy grinned. Derek could rarely shut up during sex but he had found out he loved it that way. Derek’s cock was tenting against the briefs and was leaking already. Jeremy quickly threw Derek’s underwear off the bed leaving them both naked. Derek spread his legs, eager to be fucked. Jeremy meanwhile teased the boy, his cock resting on his entrance. “How bad do you want it?” Jeremy mocked.

“Please, fuck me… I need it.”

“Umm you’re not begging that much. I guess you don’t really want to…” he teased and backed off slightly.

“No!! Please. Big Bear, sir. Fuck me. Please, I beg you!” Derek whined.

“That’s a good boy” Jeremy smiled as he shoved his cock inside Derek.

Derek moaned and groaned as Jeremy invaded him. He was loving it. His grunts became louder as Jeremy kept pounding him which only prompted him to thrust even harder, his brow furrowing and chest flexing at each thrust.

Jeremy felt a bit anxious. What if someone heard them? But the thought suddenly changed. He could imagine others listening to Derek’s pleading groans, hearing him have the fuck of his live and probably wishing they were the ones getting fucked. Images of fucking and having other men suck his meaty cock filled Jeremy’s mind and he pounded harder against Derek’s ass, who yelled in pleasure.

“That’s it, boy. Show me how much you love it” Jeremy said with his rumbling tone. He knew Derek loved it when he talked him down.

Derek moaned louder “Fuck yeah. Don’t stop Big Bear…” Derek began to cry louder as Jeremy picked up his pace. Looking down, Jeremy saw his big hairy gut and his thick cock sliding in and out of Derek’s hole. A residual voice told him this was wrong. He wasn’t an old fat guy who fucked men. But as looked up to see the blissful glee on Derek’s eyes that voice was muted. He could tell he loved it and he did love fucking Derek too. The boy’s cock was leaking already. Jeremy grabbed Derek by the shoulders and buried his cock even deeper. Derek was lost in pleasure, barely unable to form words only loud groans. Jeremy groaned as well, feeling his climax approaching. At the sight of Derek’s cock spurting Jeremy roared as he exploded deep inside his lover.

In the afterglow, Jeremy kissed and rubbed Derek’s thick body. Nothing felt out of place now. This was hardly the first time they had fucked. Memories kept flowing in. Not just of sex but joyful and lavish dinners, afternoons together and holidays together. As if he suddenly woke up from a dream, Jeremy looked at his left hand and saw a ring on his finger, an exact same one was on Derek’s finger as well. It was more than sex, Jeremy loved Derek. He remembered fondly the day they married, how despite their age difference their sex and love was as spicy as when they started dating. Jeremy smiled a goofy grin and Derek smiled as well before they continued their kiss.

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