"If you could go back and start over..."

By PaisaGringo
published September 24, 2017

A middle aged high school teacher meets some of his ex-students in a bar…

DISCLAIMER: I have a lot of Mexican and other Latino friends. I know they are not all criminal or evil; that thought is INSANE. My fantasies just focus on “bad guys.” Just want to throw that in. I have a ton of respect for the country and culture. This story is not meant to be a political or prejudicial commentary. This is just a personal fantasy written out.

Chapter 0: This is the backstory to the opening of Cesar’s Barbershop.


After a long week at work, I was stir-crazy. I decided that I would hit up some bars in East LA, get a drink, and relax. I had worked in East LA for about 10 years as a teacher and could walk around the barrio and my old students walking around, working, or driving by.

After so many years of searching for a community, I finally felt like I found a home. The only issue is that I am White. My students, ex-students, and their families knew me and the respect I had for their culture, but not many other people outside that circle.

I left from home still in my dress shirt and khakis. I was wearing Jordan’s – my way of staying current with the students I taught. I’m 38 years old, 5’7”, white, sandy brown hair, with middle-aged “dad bod.”

I got to my first bar and sat down at a table where I could see everyone. I liked to people watch, so I wanted to be in a place to see everyone come in, drink, and leave. The waitress approached my table and asked what I wanted.

“Dos micheladas, por favor…”

“Si, señor,” the waitress said, shocked that I could put a sentence together in Spanish. I laughed at myself, my Spanish was bad, but I could get by.

I got my drinks and settled back. I noticed some cholos (Mexican gang-types) come in and they looked over to me. They smiled and shouted out “Mr. B! Ese!” I strained to focus my eyes towards the door and saw two of my old students coming towards me.

“Ey! Angel, Luis! How’s it goin’, foos!” I replied, trying to be cool.

Angel had a shaved bald head, goatee. He was wearing an oversized black hoodie, shorts, pulled-up socks, diamond stud earrings, and tattoos everywhere visible.”

Luis had a Raider had on and was also in Black – wearing a large Raider hoodie and 3 sizes too large Dickie black pants. He had a huge new neck tattoo on his right side, diamond stud earrings, and was wearing sunglasses – at night.

“Mr. B, what’s a joto (fag) like you doing here at the bar?” Luis replied jokingly as he took off his sunglasses.

“Ha, just relaxing after a hard week guys…I’m not getting any younger.”

“Neta (absolutely), guey (dude)! You aren’t!” Angel laughed.

“Ha, Ha…” I replied drinking a gulp of my michelada down, “How old are you now?”

“24” Luis said, “23,” echoed Angel.

“Senorita, tres mas micheladas, pro favor” I called out

“Ey! Your Spanish sucks less now…” Angel replied

“Heh, no thanks to you foos…you used to laugh at me when I tried…”

“Si, pero (but) it still sucks, just less so..” Luis laughed.

“What are you two up to tonight?” I tried to change the subject…

“Been a long week and we wanted to celebrate” Luis responded

“Tambien,” I replied

“We decided to get drunk and perhaps get some tattoos later, my cousin is in town and he offered us some free work,” Angel stated.

“Damn, you already have so many tatts already guys, I only have like 3!” I replied

“Mr. B, come through with us later and get tatted up…” Angel responded.

“Hah, I’d have to get pretty drunk to even think about a new tatt, I don’t even know what I’d want.”

“Get some tatts like ours!” Luis suggested while they both laughed…

“Hah! I’m too old for tatts like yours…and I’m a teacher remember. I doubt Dr. Lewis would be as excited as you two…”

“Fuck that puto, Dr. Lewis was a pinche (fucking) narc.”

“That’s what you get for trying to smoke weed in the bathroom foo…” I replied laughing.

“You smoke weed too, ese…” Angel argued back

“At home, in private, and not on school nights!” I replied

“When we gonna smoke, foo?”

“We can later tonight if you want, I got some at home…”

“We got some here, ese!”

“Orale (right on), where we gonna smoke…” I replied cautiously

“Right here dawg, we know the owner…” They produced a joint.

I looked around, “maybe later, I’m not drunk yet.”

“You gotta relax Mr. B…you’re too tense, ese.”

“Yeh, I guess that’s what being almost 40 does to you…”

“40! Damn! You could be my abuelo (grandfather)” Luis laughed

“Chinga tu madre!! (Fuck you)” I replied – We all laughed…

I finished my second beer and started my third…

“You woulda been a firme hermano if you were our age…”

“Gracias, mijo (son),” I replied jokingly…

Angel then whispered in Luis’s ear something in Spanish and Luis responded.

“Ey! I’m right here foos!” I replied… I hated when people would whisper in Spanish to try to get away with something.”

“Mr. B, we want to surprise you dawg…”

“After 4 years of you two in the same classes, nothing could surprise me about you guys…”

“Cierto, guey, pero no…” “We want to surprise you, ese”


“Later, Mr. B…” and Luis lit the joint while nodding to Angel…

“You got greens, Mr. B…”

“Ey, I dunno guys…”

“It’s Friday, Mr. B…don’t be a pinche leva (fucking bitch)”

“Orale, Ok pues…”

“Ahuevo!” Luis passed the joint to me

It had been awhile since I smoked and I was buzzed from the beers earlier. I knew I needed to take it slow so I didn’t look bad. I took a hit of the joint and could tell it was much stronger than what I usually smoke… I coughed…

“Ya tu sabes, guey!” Angel laughed.

“Smoking with Mr. B at last” Luis added

“Estoy grifo! (I’m high)” I laughed back…

“No mames guey” Luis responded, “it’s early still!”

“Callarse pendejos (shut up assholes)” I responded, they laughed…

We passed the joint, thank God it was small, around until it was finished. After a few more beers I was fucked up.

“I’m crossfaded as fuck, compa” Angel said “Tambien, guey” replied Luis They both looked at me.

“You ready to smoke some more, Mr. B? Come back with us to the pad and watch us get tatted.”

I looked at my phone, fuck it was only 11:30.

I dunno man.

“Ese, we got a pad right down the street. Crash on the couch, foo”

I laughed as I thought…

“Don’t trip, Mr. B…the foos in our krew won’t fuck with you. If you’re with us you’re good…”

“Orale pues, Vamanos (let’s go)” I replied, against my better judgment. I paid for the drinks and walked with the two out of the bar.

They lived close by in a typical East LA apartment down a dark street. Typically, I would feel a little fear, but I had lived in Boyle Heights and East LA for awhile and knew how to take care of myself. My students really respected me for living in the same barrio as they did. Most of the teachers lived in nicer parts of town. I lived in the barrio, spoke Spanish when I could and they appreciated me. My students and their families were my family in LA. We entered their place.

“Ey, Oscar,” Luis shouted out.

Luis whispered into Oscar’s ear as they exchanged their handshake. Oscar looked at me and then kept talking to Oscar.

Angel saw me staring and tried to distract me.

“Don’t trip, Mr. B.,” Angel said… Luis is just letting his cousin know what the plan is for tonight”

I looked over to see Luis and Oscar laugh, look at me, and dab fists. Luis walked over…

“Ey Mr. B, I was just telling Oscar what we were up to, he is high up in the krew and was tripping about your pinche gringo (fucking white American) ass being around. I told him you were cool.”

“Orale” I responded, visibly uncomfortable still…

“Siéntate, Mr. B. Relax.” Luis stated as he offered a spot on the comfortable, yet well-used couch to me.”

I sat down and looked around as the two sat down. Angel sat next to me and Luis sat down in a recliner next to the couch. He reached for an old cigar box on the bookcase next to the chair and put it on his lap. He opened it and inside was a ziplock bag full of weed, cigars, and rolling papers.

Luis looked at Angel, “Blunt?”

“Firme” he replied.

Luis started to work on taking the tobacco out of the cigar.

“Mr. B, how’s the place in Boyle Heights”

“I like it, man. I still wake up now and then at 2 AM from the sound of the helicopters, but I like the area”


“You still Bi?”

I was surprised by the question and thought for a second. I was one of three teachers who helped with the GSA at school. I came out as Bi years ago while the two were at school, but being in LA it wasn’t a big deal and it was the last I really even said anything about it.

“Yeah, I am what I am, man” I replied.

“Orale! You bring all the Latinos and Latinas home every night?” Angel laughed. Luis snickered as he worked.

I laughed, “Nah, At my age, I keep to myself.”

“I hear ya.” Angel said disappointedly. “How’s that blunt, foo,” he called to Luis, trying to change the subject.

“Almost done. Oscar, ¿estás listo?” Luis called out

“Si, guey” was heard from the back of the place.

Oscar came out from the back of the apartment shirtless. He was in amazing shape. He was younger than me, but not by much. He had one an eight pack that looked like he worked on it daily for years. He wore a pair of khaki Dickies and had a toolbox with him.

“Orale Oscar! You brought your tattoo gun” Angel said

“Si guey – we gonna smoke or what?” Oscar said gruffly in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

“Ready” “Mr. B, I made you a joint while we pass the blunt around.”

“I woulda been good with just the blunt, Luis, but gracias.”

Angel and Luis laughed as I took the joint.

“That shit is a little strong, Mr. B. It has some extra ingredients,” Angel said as the three of them laughed as they took hits off the blunt.

I took the joint and took a hit and immediately coughed.

“What a leva!” Oscar laughed

Trying to recover from coughing, I took another hit and held it in.

“Mr. B can hang” Luis laughed as he lightly punched Angel’s shoulder.

They passed the blunt to me and I took a hit. I noticed the joint had a different taste and the blunt was like the one we smoked earlier. My head started to change as the hits took effect. I felt heavy and shook my head.

“He’s fucked up,” Angel said to Luis and Oscar

“Nah, we can smoke more,” Oscar said and handed me my joint. “Take a bigger hit, ese. Let’s see if you can hang with us or not.”

I took the challenge and took the biggest hit I had taken of the night. The heavy bass of the rap we were listening to rang through my head. My mouth was dry.

“Ey, can I have some water?”

“Damn Mr. B, we didn’t refill the water cooler, but you can have this.” Luis produced a cup and handed it to me. I took a taste; it was bitter but refreshing”

“It’s agua fresca from Durango, Mr. B.”

“Is there liquor in this?” I felt the effects of the smoking hitting me harder as I drank.

“No just herbs,” Oscar said.

“I put the cup down and closed my eyes.”

“Give it another 10 minutes, ese,” Luis said

I wanted to look up and see what they meant but I could not fight the effect of the blunt, the joint, and the drink. My whole body felt warm and calm. All I wanted to do is ride the high in that place for the rest of the night.

About 10 minutes later, I could hear Oscar speak in Spanish to Angel and Luis”

«“You sure about this one?” Oscar said in a doubtful tone»

«“Mr. B deserves this” Luis stated kindly»

«“He will be a great member.” Angel said.»

«“Yeah, but do you think he is going to take it well?” Oscar said»

«“He has been in East LA for 10 years” Luis replied»

«“You sure?” Oscar said again.»

«“Neta guey” Luis and Angel replied.»

«“Orale, Let’s start.”»

I heard their voices like I was in a dream. I could not move and was wondering what they were up to. I trusted them, but a part of me was wondering if they were about to pull something over on me.

I felt them unbutton my work shirt as they put me into the recliner. I heard the tattoo gun begin to buzz.

“Mr. B, we want to give you a gift, ese.” Angel said

“Just enjoy the feelings.” Luis said. He put the joint to my lips… “Inhale, compa.” I took the hit off the mysterious joint and slowly exhaled.”

“Take a drink,” Angel said as he put the cup back to my lips. They made sure I finished the glass.

I started to sweat and my dick started to waken. I had no choice, it was all happening out of my control.

I heard the tattoo gun hum become louder and felt pinching on my upper arm. It did not hurt at all – I couldn’t feel a thing. I just sat there as Oscar worked on me. Two hours later, he switched arms. The entire time Angel and Luis kept bringing the joint to my lips and giving me more of the strange drink which kept me numb and horny. A few times I could swear that I felt my cock being grabbed through my pants. Later, Oscar started on my chest. I was feeling sore. I was given another hit and the drink. Then Oscar went to the side of my neck and started to tattoo. I could not keep track of the time. The tattoo gun turned off.

Then, I heard another machine be turned on. It’s sound also vibrated. I could feel something run through my hair. My head felt lighter as I could feel the hair being clipped off carefully. I also felt a lotion of some type being wiped on my chest and arms. The herbal drink kept coming. Then I heard moans of pleasure…some of them were coming from me. My dick was rock hard and I was feeling the most intense orgasm I had ever had, yet I wasn’t cumming. I could hear Luis, Angel, and Oscar moan in pleasure, too. The moans continued until I felt a stream of jizz hit my chest, followed, by another, and then my head was raised and this massive dick entered my mouth. A huge load was deposited into my throat and my nose was closed. I swallowed.

I felt my dick get harder and the pleasure I was feeling grew. I couldn’t move but I needed to cum so bad. All of a sudden, I shot a huge load into my pants. The shot lasted a good 30 seconds and kept coming.

“It’s working, Oscar.” Luis said in shock.

“Si, guey! You doubted?”

I could feel my body tremble. It was warm. I could feel my stomach shrink and my legs stretch. I could feel the soreness of tattoos Oscar placed on me become fire hot. My eyes rolled into the back of my head.

“Is he Ok?” Angel asked

“Yes, this takes time.” Oscar replied.

I was scared. My body was not reacting with what my mind wanted. The pain continued. I wanted to shout out but I just laid there.

“Unclothe him” I felt my shoes, socks, pants, and boxers being removed one by one. I felt like I had the flu, my body shook from chills.

“Give him more drink, this time make it stronger.” Oscar directed. I heard him walk away.

I felt the cup to my lips and my mouth being opened. The strong liquid flooded my mouth and made its way into my stomach. I got red hot almost immediately.

“Luis, did we do the right thing?” Angel asked

“Si, guey. Who wouldn’t want this?” Luis replied.

“What’s going on” I replied weakly…I regained my ability to speak.

“Ese, relax, your gift is almost ready.”

I felt my body being lifted and laid down on the couch.

“Rest, Cesar.” Not knowing what was going on or who they were talking to, I knocked out.


I awoke to the sound of birds outside. The room was still dark, but patches of sunlight came through the shades and blankets hung over the windows. I was sore. I felt like I got hit by a bus. I moaned in pain and heard footsteps.

“He’s waking up” Luis whispered, “Get the pipe and pack it.”

I felt a pipe hit my lips.

“Take a hit, Cesar.”

I took a hit, barely recognizing my name.

“Que mireda?!?” I mumbled…

“Hah, it fixed his Spanish, too” Luis laughed

“Que? What?” I spoke louder…

“Calmate (take it easy), Cesar”

“We got you a surprise, ese.” Angel spoke proudly…

“What? What?’

“¡Consiga el espejo!” Luis directed to Angel. Angel brought back a small plastic mirror…

“Sit up,” Luis said “¡Mira!”

It took me a second to get my body to react. I felt awkward and clumsy.

“¡Mira!” said Angel

I looked..

I didn’t recognize the face that stared back at me. My blue irises were black mirrors, my face was dark tan. I grabbed the mirror in shock. I kept looking…

My hair was gone, I was bald. I had a goatee and my ears were pierced with diamond studs. I had a tattooed tear under my eye. The Mayan calendar was tattooed on my neck. I had two full sleeves over my newly muscled arms highlighted with the Mexican flag, the Boyle Heights street sign, and 323 – the area code. My chest had Bermudez in a half circle across my pecs above my newly pierced nipples. I kept looking, in shock…

I was young! I was about 23-24. My chest hair was gone, the little body hair I had was on my legs and in my crotch. My white Irish cut dick was enormous and uncut…at least 10 inches. My legs were long and hairy

I started to feel my new body in shock. I jumped off the couch but almost immediately fell over. I was taller, almost by a foot. My feet were huge. I was helped back to my seat.

“Cesar, you’re Latino”

“No shit, ese!” I spoke with a heavy accent “I moved my hand over my mouth.”

“You were always cool with us, ese, we saw how sad you were at the bar.” Angel said

“My cousin Oscar happened to be in town and is a Tata (a priest) and a tattoo artist,” Luis said.

“We wanted you to have the chance to hang with us, bust some missions, and be as Latino on the outside as you were inside, ese” Luis continued.

“My job, guys…what am I gonna do?”

“You cant go back now, they won’t believe a 21-year-old cholo is Mr. B.” Angel said “Relax”

“I fucking look beast!” I replied excitedly “I look like a cholo!”

“You are foo, you are in our krew.” Luis said, “Here, Oscar left you these…”

Luis handed me a suitcase of clothes. “Put them on…”

I opened the suitcase and put on a pair of Pro Club boxers, shorts that were huge on me, a giant white shirt, a gold chain with a cross on it, and a pair of sunglasses. There was also a pair of black Jordan’s and long black socks. Luis and Angel looked at me and adjusted their dicks in their pants. I got up and checked myself out in a mirror hanging on the wall.

“A mierda!” “You did a great job guys!” “I’d fuck me in a second.”

“Well, selfishly, we would too.”

“You foos?”

“We like pussy more, but dick is good too.”

Luis came up to me and kissed me deeply

“Ey, puto, we’re gonna share, remember?” Angel shouted and grabbed my package…

“This is weird, foos…I was your teacher…”

“Was, In another life, ese… You’re Cesar Bermudez now.”

I felt my cock stir. I laughed “Orale, I can’t go back now, can I?”

“Why would you, Cesar?”

“Neta guey” I laughed

“You can stay here, but you got to help with the bills”

“Orale, how so?”

“We sell weed to the gringos at LA Live.” Angel laughed.

“Pinche gringos” I laughed

“Ya tu sabes” Luis responded as he packed a bowl.

Angel pinched my nipple and kissed me. “Who gets your ass first?”

“No mames guey, with this pene, I’m taking your ass first.”

I lowered Angel’s pants down enough to get to his hole and slowly pushed into his ass…


“Cesar, you got greens” as Luis placed a pipe to my lips. I met his lips and kissed him as I exhaled into his lungs and slowly pounded away at Angel’s ass.

“Since that dick’s busy..” Luis walked behind me and lowered my ProClub shorts down and entered me all at once which caused me to pound into Angel.

“You’re gonna be a firme cholo, Cesar.” Luis whispered into my ears. “You got a nice ass and youre gonna be fun to have around.” He quickened the pace inside me.

“I’m glad you’re so tall, gonna be fun to play basketball with you and lift weights. Oscar did a goob job on you, ese.” He kissed me on my neck overy my new tattoo and I moaned in pleasure.

We fucked hard for 15 minutes. My new dick going deeper and deeper into Angel as Luis fucked my new Latino hole deep. Luis reached around and held me tight as he flooded my insides with his seed. I then exploded into Angel the same way. We collapsed onto the couch as Luis sucked my pene clean and then kissed me.

“Fuck, putos, I’m 21 again…let’s go celebrate!!”


“By the way, Oscar comes back next weekend. He wants to see if you want any more tattoos. You gonna be his bitch for a night or two.”

“Orale, hermanos…y gracias”

“No hay problema, Mr..I mean Cesar. We got you. You deserved a new start”

“Basketball, beer, and more dick later?”

Orale, ese…vamanos!

We walked out of the apartment and down the street. My new life with my brothers had just begun…

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