Power takeover

By EvansHumanFan
published September 20, 2017

A boy breaks in to an abandoned house, and discovers a new life…

Preface: this is the first story that I write, although it has been spinning in my head as a fetish for years. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any typos that I may have made. Hope that you like it!

The old house had been abandoned for the better part of a century. All its windows were closed, and a weird scent could be noted when you got close to it, like rotten flesh. I had never cared much about the house, though I had been living for two years in the neighborhood. But for some weird reason, the prospect of breaking into the house seemed enticing now.

It was a quiet night. I had got out to have a short walk, and my steps had taken me next to this creepy empty building. I looked at both sides before carefully sneaking in past the rusted out fence. I reached the door and grabbed the handle. To my surprise, the door was unlocked and opened without making a sound. Intrigued, I got in.

It was all dark. The room where I was, evidently a hall, had thousands of spiderwebs hanging from the walls and over what little furniture was left, illuminated by the moon light coming from the windows. I sarted to wander around, peeking at each room of the house, clearly empty. Bored off, I was about to leave when I noticed a small door on the side of the hall. Had it been there all along? If so, I could swear that it was not open when I entered the house, if only because of the strange odour coming out of it. My interest rekindled, I pushed the door open and got into a long spiral corridor going downwards to the basement of the house. It was completely dark, and I unconsciously tapped the switch to my right. Much to my surprise, the lights turned on, weakly illuminating the path.

At the end of the corridor was the oddest room I had ever been in. Made entirely out of stone (the walls, the ceiling, the floor), it looked like a chamber out of a horror movie, with a sinister look akin to the dungeon of a comic supervillain. And it was shiny clean, as if someone had brushed it everyday. I swept my finger by the wall and nothing came into my fingertip, apart from an ice cold feeling that quickly expanded over my body.

Suddenly, out of the shadows, a dark figure silently approached. He was black as the obsidian, with a beautifully built body, his muscles bulging in his arms and legs, and a clearly defined six-pack below his chest. Although he seemed naked, I could not distinguish his crotch. I could not help but to get horny.

“Hello, Thomas”.

I was stunned. “Who are you, and how do you know my name?”

“I know everything. I know all about you. I knew you would be coming today. And I know your innest desires, Tom. Trust me, I can make them become real.”

What?! What was he talking about? And how could he know… no, that couldn’t be. This had to be a practical joke.

“There’s no joke in here. I know all the guys you lust after. And I can help you get them, each and every one of them. But only if you let me into you.”

Now I was curious. Whoever… no, whatever this creature was, he knew me better than myself. And what did he mean by letting him “into” me?

“You see, Thomas, I don’t have a body. I was banned to this existence by the most powerful sorcerers, afraid that I would come out again. Very little people can see me, and only in this chamber. If I step outside, I will be destroyed forever, turn into dust. Gone.”

I didn’t want that. Whatever he was, my excitement was growing by the second.

“I have been waiting for milleniums for someone like you to come in. Only a few have come so far, and all of them ran away the second they layed their eyes upon me. But you are different. I can sense it. You have a lust for power that only I can placate. Needs that only I can help you to fulfill. Join me, and I will make you the most powerful creature that has ever existed.”

I swallowed, and nodded slowly. “But what do you want me to do?”

“It’s easy, you’ll see. Follow your instinct.”

With that said, he faded away. No, wait, not exactly that. More like he melted away. A small puddle of black goo formed in the floor where he had been standing. Confused, I looked around, trying to find him, to tell him that I was the man he was looking for. When I casted my eyes back on the floor, the black goo had disappeared. In its place, a couple of black gloves and boots stood. They looked like a mixture between leather and rubber, but with a crystal like shine, as if they had been meticulously waxed. A soft glow emanated out of them, sparking an unstoppable desire in me to touch them, to smell them, to lick them… to put them on.

Carefully, I lifted one of the gloves. It was rather big, an XXL size at the very least, which was positevely gigantic compared to my tiny 6 inch hands. As I had expected, the wish to caress it increased. Trembling furiosly, I took off all of my clothes and slid my left hand inside the glove. As if it had shrunken, it fit my hand like a second skin. My hand started to warm up and I felt a soft massage across my hand and up to my elbow. As if the glove was alive and touching me back.

I had a spasm of fear. What was I doing, standing naked in an abandoned house, trying weird gloves that had come out of nowhere? I rushed to take off the glove, but it didn’t relinquish a single inch. It was firmly adhered to my hand, glued to my arm, bonded to my body. Suddenly, the gloved hand came alive and grabbed the bare right one, clasping it with iron strength. Slowly but surely, it lowered my right hand towards the glove that rested in the floor, bending my whole body in the process. I tried to fight back, but it was in vain. Eventually, the back of my right hand rubbed against the glove and froze in place. As it had a will of its own, it took the glove from the floor and started putting it on. The same feeling of warmth quickly sprayed from the fingertips of my right hand up to the elbow.

The left hand loosend its grip upon the right, and both rubbed against each other. Unitentionally, I raised both arms and flexed them, admiring the shine of the black gloves. Without giving a second thought, I took the left boot with both hands and slid my bare foot inside it. This time the warmth came from the sole, accompanied by a tickling. Next went my right food into the remaining boot, giving me goosebumps in the calves.

It probably happened in seconds, but it felt like an eternity, one that I secretly did not want to end. My entire body froze, while a goo-alike substance like the one that had formed the gloves and boots spread from the boots up to my thighs. At the same time, everything expanded: the boots, my feet inside them, and then the legs. My hip raised a good 10 inches further from the floor, while the fat disappeared and the leg muscles bulged like they belonged to a bodybuilder. The goo covered my crotch and then the ass, moulding the buttocks like perfect bubbles. Suddenly, something spiked inside the rectum and expanded, solidifying into a butter dildo that adapted perfectly to the inner walls of my butt hole and pressed against them. Although now completely covered, I could see that my cock was expanding, both due to the efect of the goo in my body and to a rock-hard erection. The goo progressed inexorably its upwards path, enlarging my torso and shoulders and sculpting my abdomen, leaving a perfectly defined six-pack and making my pecs pop out as if I had been spending the last years of my life in the gym. The arms began to grow and thicken, shaping the deltoids, biceps and triceps as big as my former legs had been, and much harder. Eventually, the goo disappeared inside the gloves, which began to grow at the same pace as my hands until they reached a massive 12 inches.

I was not ready for what came next. The strange matter went up the neck and engulfed my head completely, while I stopped smelling, hearing, and finally seeing. I could still feel it, covering my hair and flexing my face muscles into what I imagined looked like a full-face mask. As soon as my head was entirely covered, the goo recessed back until it stopped mid-neck. I began to tremble, with my hands shaking violently as a ball of blue light emanated from them and propagated through my body up to my eyes, where it shot inside me. Unconsciously, I closed my eyelids and gasped. The room fell silent.

I opened my eyes again and looked at the strange man in the mirror. He looked like a human version of the caricaturesque superheros and villains from the Marvel comics, with the face of a model, and the athletic body entirely covered by a dark grey costume that finished in black boots and gloves. I drifted my sight away from the impressing pecs to his (mine) light blue eyes, smoking and glowing like hot lava. I couldn’t help but raise my lips in a crooked, devious smile, that sent shivers down my spine and triggered (another) ferocius hard-on. Now I knew that I was not to be any sort of superhero; no, my destiny was to become a villain, distilling fear and obedience into anyone that should cross into my path.

Filled with excitement, I started moving while I clenched my gloved fists. It was time to use my powers, to bring down every superhero and force them to join my army of slaves. Time to show them the attraction of evil.

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