The Birthday Gift

By Derek Williams published May 9, 2011
A man gets a necklace that makes his experiences more intense
My buddy Jared just gave me this weird little necklace for my birthday. He's a pretty cool guy, and I'd never say it to his face, but sometimes Jared is a bit too much of a fag. Not that I've got a problem with gay dudes, hell, three of my buddies are gay, but Jared is the only one who would give me a necklace with a crystal on it for my birthday.

I asked Jared if there was some significance to it. First, he got this wacky look on his face and told me that it makes sex better. I raised an eyebrow, and he said that really it was supposed to focus your energy to make your physical activities more intense. Good guy, Jared, but flakey as hell sometimes.

I couldn't test it out with sex right away. Last week Stacy left a note and took all her stuff while I was at work. I'm really not that big of an asshole, but Stacy's always been on the melodramatic side and when she found out that I never wanted to have kids she decided we didn't have a future so there was no point in even saying goodbye.

Maybe I'm just a flake magnet.

Right after she left, I started working out again. I need some activity in my life, and without the sex I just felt antsy all the time. I didn't work out the morning after my birthday, too many brews will do that to you. Instead, when Jared called after supper, we decided to go to the gym that evening.

"Remember to wear your new necklace!" he said. "By the way, I told the guys that we'd meet up for a few later tonight. Sam's got some new club downtown that he swears is crawling with hot chicks and none of the players know about yet."

"So why are you coming? Not exactly your style."

"Yeah, I get it, I'm gay so I can't enjoy going out with my buds. Look dude, if you ever came out to my kind of club you wouldn't hit on anyone, but I bet you'd still have fun."

Jared always talked up the gay bars in town, but I just couldn't see myself stepping foot in one. I know a lot of straight guys are weirded out that some guy is gonna hit on them. Me, I just wouldn't know what I'd do while I was there. I can't dance and I spend most of my time at the clubs either chillin' with the dudes or hitting on the fairer sex.

I put on the damn necklace, just so that Jared wouldn't get his feelings hurt. In a couple days it was going to get lost somewhere near my garbage chute, but I don't mind looking a little stupid if it makes a buddy feel like I appreciate his gift.

At the gym I found Jared in the locker room. He was changing into shorts and a fitted t-shirt. We'd talked about this once. Jared figured that if he worked this hard to have a hot body, he ought to show it off as much as possible. It wasn't like he was wearing short shorts and spandex or anything, but I just felt more comfortable in my sweats and an old college T.

It was an upper body day, so we warmed up with a few laps around the track and then got right to the weights. The workout was going really smoothly, which surprised me since I'm usually not all that good the day after I get blitzed. Eventually we ended up at the bench press. I racked up my current goal, and the first set was over before I knew it.

"Dude," Jared said. "Someone's been pushing hard. I can see that necklace is really working for you."

I wasn't about to admit that a good day at the gym was due to some magic necklace, but when I did my next set Jared wanted to test it. He put another ten pound plate on each end of the barbell.

"Alright dude, come on, focus that energy."

So I pushed, hard, and managed to complete the set feeling only a little tired. I could have sworn that I saw that necklace glow a really light blue while I was taking my breather. For the next set Jared piled on another forty pounds. I was sure I wasn't gonna make it, but I managed to push through. Damn, my chest felt exhausted, but I'd done sixty over my goal. And this time I was sure of it, that necklace was glowing blue from the inside.

"Wow, I guess this thing really does work," I breathed heavily.

Jared was grinning. It had to just be a mental thing, I thought I could focus and push through so I did. Whatever it was, the necklace seemed to help. Maybe I'd be leaving it on for workouts.

It wasn't just the workout either. I swear that I could feel my sweats brushing up against me and the bench below me and the cool air currents wafting through the gym. Stuff I never noticed before, but now it seemed like it was obvious. I stared into the mirror for a minute, watching my pump, and slowly the blue glow faded to something imperceptible again. With it, my senses returned to normal. Must be the adrenaline, I told myself.

We showered and changed back into civvies and then headed back to my place. It was still a couple hours before we had to meet up with Sam and the boys, so we watched an action movie and ate some leftover takeout. Jared lives way out on the other side of town, so he hangs out at one of our places instead of commuting back and forth for a couple hours wait.

Ten minutes before we had to go, I went into my bedroom to throw on a clean shirt. None of the chicks are really going for the pretty boys, but they do like it when you're clean. I pulled off my old t-shirt, feeling it brush up my body, and checked myself out in the mirror.

I'm a pretty good specimen. I work hard in the gym, and I've got the biceps and the rounded pecs to prove it. I don't really have the whole six pack thing going on, mostly because I'm not willing to starve myself like a chick to get it. I gave myself a quick nod and then noticed something odd. The necklace was still glowing a really faint blue. I could only see it because it was dark out and the only lamp was the one by the bedside. Must have a battery or something in it. That's kinda cool.

Normally I just wear a t-shirt to the bar, but today I decided on one of my white dress shirts. I still looked totally pumped. Blue jeans and this shirt look good with my blonde hair, even if I don't really take care of it. Those are excuses of course. I'll admit that the real reason I put that shirt on was that I noticed my nipples were a little sensitive when I took off the t-shirt, and I like the way this shirt rubs 'em when I dance close with the girl of the night.

I grabbed my leather bomber jacket and went to round up Jared. He'd cleaned up in that magic way that gay dudes have to look great at a moments notice. He was wearing the same stuff, but he'd done up the buttons on his shirt and run his fingers through his hair. I'm secure enough to admit it, he looked good. Too bad there wasn't gonna be anyone there for him that night. My other gay buddies, Tony and Dirk were a long term couple, so Jared didn't really have any prospects that he didn't meet in a bar. He was a cool guy though, he'd find someone.

I wasn't worried about finding someone that night. Well, I was, but only for that night. After your girl runs off, it's your job to rebound, you know? Sam and I ended up by the bar trying to score with every half decent girl who passed by. Pretty soon I was hooked up. Her name was Molly, or Maggie, or something like that.

We got back to her place. While she slipped into something a bit more comfortable I checked myself out in her bedroom mirror. I don't want to come off as vain, but damn I was hot. It was like my muscles were holding their pump from my intense gym session. I was already at half mast, just by the way my shirt was brushing up against my body. My biceps were straining at my cuffs and my nipples were still more sensitive than they'd been in a good long time.

M. came out with this sexy little piece of underwear that looked like it was staying on by pure luck. She bent down right in front of me, pulled out my tool and started going at it. Yeah, nothing like a good BJ to start the night. But as soon as she put her mouth around it, I noticed something in the mirror. My shirt got looser. Not a ton, but it was like I lost my pump the second she touched me.

She was a good lay, but after a while night of my senses feeling just a little over the top, it felt kinda blah. In the morning I told her I'd call her sometime, forgot to get her number, and took off for home.

I'm not gonna lie, I kinda felt like shit. Feeling that great and then having it taken away is a lousy thing to do. Luckily, the next day Jared came over to haul me to the gym and get me out of the dumps.

We did our standard workout, legs this time. I pushed more weight than I've ever pushed. I caught the necklace glowing again, and by the end of the session I was starting to become a believer in it's energy focussing powers. It retained the same faint blue glow.

I spent all my workouts for the next week pumping as hard as I could. And everyday, it was like I was just getting more pumped up. I looked amazing. Those greek statues had nothing on me. My whole body was a study in anatomy. I had never expected to look this good in my life.

The only problem was that I was constantly horny. I mean, think about it. Your skin turns way more sensitive than it's ever been, your body outdoes a god, and you can't go out and get laid 'cause then you lose it all. I'd tried on Friday night, but just having some chick run her hand down my chest made my pump diminish a bit. I guess I was a bit of an asshole to her, telling her to get lost all of a sudden, but I didn't want to lose this. The necklace was constantly glowing a dull green now, and I was starting to think that it actually looked kinda hot on me. Besides, who knew where my hot new body was going to go if I took the thing off.

By the time Friday came around again, I'd noticed that even thinking about some girl was enough to make me start to lose my definition. I know, you're thinking that I should have just taken the necklace off and picked up some pussy. But I couldn't. This was the body I'd wanted since I was old enough to pick up a barbell. I couldn't just give it up. So instead, every time a hot girl walked by I found something to distract me.

So we were out at our local with Sam and the boys, and this smoking hot blonde walks by. She had the kind of legs that only stopped 'cause the floor was there. Red dress, and she had curves in all the right places for it too. There's a feeling, right before the incredible body starts to fade, where it sort of feels like you're falling. I felt it.

She caught my eye, hell, who wouldn't want to catch my eye with the body I'd lucked my way into. I was wearing a muscle shirt that used to hang loosely on me and the only pair of my jeans that still fit comfortably. Frantic to hold onto it all, I looked away and fixated on the first thing I saw.

It was Jared. He was smiling and laughing with the guys, not even looking in my direction. He had on a dressy sort of shirt, something he could wear to a club, and through the night he'd undone the top four buttons. His chest was peeking out at me through the pinstripes. "Damn," I thought. "He's got a hot chest."

I traced over Jared's body, but to distract myself from the blonde. He had a great ass, I guess the gay guys try to work that out as best they can. And good taste. Everything he was wearing looked really good on him. He must have spent hours in the store putting together outfits. I guess if I had that kind of taste, I wouldn't be shy about showing off my body all the time either.

I moved my eyes up towards his face and, for what I think was the first time, noticed his dimples. He had this over styled dark brown hair done up in a faux hawk, and he pulled it off well. Jared was actually pretty ho...

Wait a second, I was checking out my pal. I looked around, the blonde was long since gone. I was so fucking horny that I'd spent a good two minutes checking out one of the dudes. And so what if he was gay, I wasn't. Just then, while I was taking another look at Jared to try and figure out what had me so hung up on him, he turned, looked me straight in the eye, and gave me the biggest smile I'd ever seen.

For half a second, I just wanted to take him out and buy him a drink. Maybe just skip that and kiss him right there. But then the moment passed and we went back to drinking and I tried not to think about it. I snuck sideways glances at Jared all night.

That night, after I stumbled home, I stripped down and checked myself out. That freaked me out even more. I'd ogled a dude for hours, gotten myself hard doing it, and nothing. Ever single pumped up curve and fibre still popped out.

I took the risk. I jacked off, thinking about Jared's half open shirt and wide smile. And it worked, just like it was supposed to, no size loss at all. No falling feeling, nothing. I guessed the necklace just didn't realize that this was a sexual act.

I came harder than ever before. Maybe Jared wasn't joking when he said this could make sex better. After taking a shower to clean up, I noticed the stones glow had changed again. It was yellow this time.

Now, I'm not a narrow-minded guy. If I couldn't have sex except with a dude, and if just jerking myself off was that incredible, I was definitely going to give it a try.

I asked Jared if we could do something I never though I'd do. He agreed to take me clubbing with him in Saturday night. To one of his kind of clubs.

I walked in and noticed that keeping my attention off women wasn't going to be a problem. The few ladies I saw were obviously not there for the dudes. That being said, the dudes obviously were. I guess I'm just used to hanging out with fairly low key guys like Jared, because I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of pick up lines.

I mostly stayed by the bar with Jared, too freaked out by the fact that I was even doing this to think about my actual goal. By the end of the night, one of these dudes was going to be sucking me off. I'd filled Jared in on the plan, and he agreed that he'd play wingman for as long as I wanted him to.

Sometime around midnight, Jared stumbled off to the bathroom and I was left trying to flag down a bartender for another beer. He wasn't gone for more than fifteen seconds when this little guy, maybe about my former size, came up to me and asked how I was doing.

The guy's name was Brad. He bought me a shot and asked me if I was from around there. Without my wingman, I just kind of stammered, so Brad took charge and led me to the dance floor. I tried to tell him that I didn't really know how to dance, but he just put his arms around my back and swayed for a little while. I could feel myself getting hard, and wondered where the hell Jared was.

I caught sight of him once, by the bar, but when I leaned over a big to have a better look Brad took it as his cue. He kissed me, square on the lips, tongue and all. I wasn't expecting that at all. For some reason, my plan involved having some guy suck me off, but it never occurred to me that there'd be any kissing involved.

I felt his tongue moving around my mouth, and focussed on it just for a second. That was all the stone needed I guess, since suddenly I was overcome with this insane lust. I jammed my tongue into his mouth, using my best moves, and lost track of the time.

At some point we stumbled through coat check and onto the street. Brad said his place was only about a block away, and I let myself get led there. I can't explain why, but the moment I'd concentrated on the kiss it became the best kiss of my life.

I'm going to take a moment here to describe Brad. After all, he was my first and he was a lot of fun. Brad's about five foot eight, with this thick body and solid chest. You can tell that he spends him time at the bench press. He's got these perfect diamond calves that any guy would kill for. He's a redhead, and keeps it buzzed short. He actually keeps it buzzed pretty short everywhere.

We got back to his place, this tiny little bachelor pad, and we didn't waste any time. He ripped my T when he took it off, and I fumbled with his buttons so much that he ended up taking off his own shirt. I didn't care. I was so in the moment, it's what athletes call the zone.

I guess that's why I sank down on both knees as soon as I saw his cock. I figure that a guy knows what a guy likes, and I was so in the flow of it all that this was just the natural thing to do next. I took his cock in my mouth a ran my tongue around the bottom of the tip. Then I sucked, hard. Brad almost blew his load right then and there.

I did all of my favourite things to Brad that night. Blowjobs and kissing and licking up his body. He showed me more than a few things too. Nipples, for one. And of course, earlobes. And that spot, right above my Adams apple where he used his tongue. None of the chicks I'd ever been with had known just the right spots to hit me at, but Brad seemed to know them all instinctually. I guess it made sense, he had them all too. I know all guys aren't exactly the same, but there are definitely some reliable places.

In the morning, Brad and I parted ways amicably. That was something else I'd never had with a chick. For both of us, it was just a lay. He said he hoped he'd see me around at the club, I told him that was a sure thing.

I called up Jared and had him come over. I had to tell him all about it. While I was waiting I had a shower and checked my pump, sure enough it was still there. I was still hotter than I ever thought possible.

I threw on a t-shirt and some baggy shorts just as Jared buzzed up. He listened patiently while I went over the details. Jared hadn't picked up. He said there was a guy he was waiting for that wasn't there yet. After I finished the details, Jared asked about the way I looked.

I was a little confused. I mean, I looked great. But Jared didn't see it that way. He asked me to really focus on how I was dressed for a moment, and how my hair looked, how I was groomed. "It's not just about having huge muscles man, if you want to keep up your sex life with gay dudes you're going to have to put some more effort into your looks."

So I stood up, and just for a moment really concentrated on how I looked. Suddenly I could see exactly what Jared was talking about. My clothes completely failed to accent my herculean frame. My hair was sloppy and ragged and sticking out. And not in that really styled way you see in the magazine rack at the supermarket. Fuck, even my eyebrows were too bushy and completely throwing off my looks.

Jared's a real pal. We raided my closet, coming out with about three shirts and a pair of jeans that looked okay on me. I threw the rest out and went shopping.

I spent too much money and all day finding a new wardrobe. Stuff that made me look really great. Fitted t-shirts, and dress shirts that accented my shoulders, jeans and slacks that accented my ass. A new jacket that hung open over my chest and made me look even sexier. Muscle shirts that would look great in a club and gym clothes that actually fit. I even went through the underwear section with a fine toothed comb. I used to just glance at this stuff and grab whatever were the cheapest boxers, but now I looked at colour, texture, everything.

I never knew that I could look sexier with a tiny piece of fabric than I did naked.

As I rung up the purchases, I glanced in the mirror and noticed that my necklace was starting to glow orange. I could almost feel the necklace pushing me to get my looks perfect, and I just let it. When you're in the zone, you'll do anything to stay in the zone.

After I dropped everything at home, I went to Jared's stylist. This guy was a god. He was a little on the swishy side, but he brought my hair under control. He had a great ass though, so I left him my number with the tip. It was going to take a little more time in the morning, but my hair was messy in that way that all the models wear.

While I was at it, I figured what the hell, and got my eyebrows done too.

I spent three hours staring at myself in the bathroom mirror when I got home. I didn't just look good, I looked GOOD.

After another week of going to work, having everyone say how great I looked, then coming home and jacking off to Internet porn, I was ready to go out clubbing again. Jared and I ditched the guys on Friday night, and went out to another one of the local gay clubs.

I was wearing a grey muscle shirt that shimmered a little when the light caught it at the right angle. It didn't leave anything to guesswork. Neither did my jeans. You probably would have guessed that they were painted on. Underneath those I was wearing this bright blue pair of trunks with snaps on the front to let out my cock as soon as possible. I topped it all with my leather jacket and a generous dose of hair wax and lip balm.

Jared and I met up at the subway station near the club. He looked damn hot too. He was wearing this red button down with short sleeves that his biceps were doing their best to explode out of. His black slacks and well shined shoes completed the ensemble.

We went to the bar and had a few drinks. I glanced at myself in the mirror and gave myself the 'hey boy' smile I'd been working on all week. The necklace was glowing a deep orange, almost a red. I must have looked hot, since Jared slid his hand down my thigh and said "You know what, fuck hooking up. The guy I've been waiting for finally got here."

I tried to think it through, wouldn't it be awkward if I nailed Jared, but I kept coming back to thinking about how cool Brad and I had been after, and then I'd just get lost in a sexual fog. Jared led me out of the bar and back to my place. When I unlocked the door, he practically pushed me through to the bedroom.

The jacket dropped off easily, and then just as fast as we'd gotten there, Jared slowed right down. He teased me, sliding his fingers around the edges of my clothes, making me want him all the more. Then, without hesitation he whipped off my muscle shirt and ran his tongue down the gully of my pecs and abs.

I didn't waste time either. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it over those delicious biceps. I put one hand on his lower back and the other behind his neck, and pulled him into a cock grinding french kiss. After what seemed like forever, he finally broke away to breathe.

"Yeah, you'll do." he sounded so sexy.

Jared pushed me backward and I landed on the bed with a quiet thump. He looked great standing there in just his slacks. I saw him step out of his socks, then crawl over me onto the bed. He started working down my body with his tongue, running down the clef of my six pack. God he was amazing.

Every time I tried to get up enough to kiss him he shoved me back down. Soon he was teasing off my jeans. I took the opportunity and flipped him down onto the bed once they were off. Then I did my best to him. It turns out that if you blow over the tiny hairs on his abs, Jared goes nuts.

I pulled off his jeans and started sucking him off. Rim around the head, tongue up and down the big vein, lap at his balls and take in his intoxicating smell. I couldn't believe that just a few weeks ago I went for girls. There was nothing like sex with a dude.

The pendant was glowing such a bright red that I could see the light reflecting off his sweat. After I don't know how long, he pulled me up, gave me another kiss, and told me to turn over. He wanted to fuck me.

So I did. I couldn't help it. It was just so intense.

I felt his finger rubbing lube into my hole. After a finger or two, I felt the pressure of his cock head on me. I grunted as he slipped between my cheeks, feeling the pain and gasping 'go slow, go slow'. Suddenly he hit the perfect spot and I left gasping for pleasure instead of pain.

He slid in and out of me, ticking up against that spot over and over. I tried to think of the porn I'd seen and did what those guys did. I tried to move on the same rhythm he did and contracted my muscles when he was at the deepest point. From the noises he was making, I was doing a good job.

Soon I'd stopped thinking altogether, just letting myself be an animal. I don't know how long it took but I knew that it wasn't long enough.

He blew his load inside of me, and at the same time I blew mine all over my sheets. The necklace was practically lighting up the room with a rosy pink glow. I flipped over again.

As I fell backwards towards the pillows, the necklace burst into a thousand little pink sparkles. I landed on the bed, and the sparkles fell on me, vanishing into my skin on contact. Instinctually, I knew, this was who I was now and there was no going back. My pumped up body, my new found appreciation for hot dudes, my understanding of dress sense and grooming, everything. The necklace was a part of me now.

Jared was grinning, and it wasn't just the afterglow. We laid there for almost half an hour, just basking in it. After I could think again I asked. Did he do this on purpose?

He had. And you know what? Some guys might feel used. They might feel like they were somehow coerced, but not me. I love men, especially my boyfriend Jared. If you gave me the choice to switch back to being some straight dude, I'd turn you down in an instant.

Jared was right, by the way, the sex is better.
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