Josh's Cubs - Part 1

By PapaUrsus published September 14, 2017
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Josh finds his cub.

Josh was a big burly bear of a man. He was friendly and people said he had a big heart and that he wore it on his sleeve. He owned the local gym in town and his gym was an oasis for guys to come and hang out. Even though Josh had a belly on him, his muscles were large and well built, giving him the appearance of a big bear. His hair was always neat and he sported a thick reddish beard. He always wore black shorts and muscle hugging shirts, not because he was vain, but because his arms were so big that he had ripped the sleeves off all the shirts he owned. He wore a thick metal chain around his neck that he never took off because it had sentimental value.

At anytime of the day there would be groups of guys training at the gym all vying for training tips. Josh thrived on helping the guys with their workouts, ensuring that their form was correct and that they were doing the correct workout for their needs. He like to call them his cubs, because in a way they were all trying to look like him. None of them wanted to have the perfect thin body, they all wanted to look like Josh, or Papabear as he was affectionately known by his patrons.

Even though there was a lot of property nearby the gym, Josh prefered to stay just outside of town on a small farm with a big stone farm house in the middle of the property. The entrance to the property had a big sign on it that read “PapaBear Josh” with a smaller sign on the gate that read “This property is protected by a PapaBear” with a engraving of a bear. This had been a joke birthday gift from his gym cubs.

Occasionally Josh had visitors to his house, but most of the time he was there alone. He could be seen most evenings sitting on his porch shirtless, smoking cigars and drinking whisky.

Even though the town had cigar shops and liquor stores, they did not stock the brand of cigars and whisky that Josh liked. The shop owners offered to source and stock them for him, but he kindly turned them down, stating that he enjoyed his shopping trips. Every month like clockwork, Josh would take a trip out of town to pick up a month’s supply. No one knew where Josh went, they only knew that he would leave on a Friday night after closing the gym and return on a Sunday night. He would have the same leather overnight duffle bag that he rode into town with 10 years ago.

It was during one of these shopping excursions that Josh met Tom. It was a Sunday night and Josh was on his way back from his monthly trip. As he neared the town he could see dark clouds looming over the town. As he drove through the town to get to his farm, he saw a young man riding his bike. Josh knew that he was not one of the locals because he was not dressed in the usual jeans and checkered shirts that all the guys seemed to like to wear. This chap was wearing black pants and a white shirt. He had a backpack on it with and insignia that Josh could not make out. As he passed him, Josh could see that he was wearing a tie. “Definitely not a local, he must look for shelter soon” Josh muttered to no one in particular. As Josh pulled into his farm it started to rain. Lightly at first and then much harder. “I seriously hope that guy got somewhere dry in time” Josh thought. “This rain is coming down very hard”. Josh was carrying the box he had just taken out of his car into the house, when he heard a buzzing sound of his intercom. “Who the hell can that be in this weather” Josh thought. Josh only ever got guest who were invited, and he was not expecting anyone today. Josh looked out the window, but there was no car, instead he could make out a small figure standing next to a bike. “Bloody Hell” Josh muttered. It was the guy on the bike he drove past. Josh pressed the button for the gate and went to open the front door. Josh stepped onto the porch just as the guy got to the porch. He was sopping wet. His clothes were stuck to his body so much that Josh could clearly see his nipples through the white shirt. “Thank you sir” the stranger chattered. “This rain is freezing”. “Quickly come inside” Josh said “Before you freeze to death”. “But sir, I am going to wet your floors”. “Don’t worry about that” Josh said, “The floors are tiled and mop up easily”, “Now get in here quickly”. The stranger parked his bike on the porch and stepped into the house. Josh could see he was relieved to be out of the cold, but a little nervous. “Im Josh by the way” he said reaching out for a handshake. Hoping that the stranger would feel less nervous with familiarity. “Tom sir” the stranger replied, gripping Josh’s hand with a firm grip. Josh could feel Tom shivering, his hand were freezing. “Let’s get you dry and warm” Josh said, leading Tom into the living room. “I will quickly get the fire going and then I will get you some towels. You need to get out of those wet clothes as soon as possible”. “Do you have other clothes with you” Josh asked. “Yes sir” Tom answered pointing to the backpack on his back. Josh eyed the backpack. There was water streaming out of it. “Young man” Josh said, “Whatever is in there is drowning in water, I will get you a blanket to cover yourself.

Five minutes later, Josh had got the fire going and brought down some towels and a blanket from the hall closet. “Now get out of those wet clothes, dry yourself and wrap yourself up in the blanket while I go put the kettle on. I will come back shortly to collect your wet clothes to put in the dryer.” Tom nodded as Josh went into the kitchen. Josh stepped back into the living room where Tom was standing wrapped in a blanket next to the fireplace. “Is that all you clothes, including the ones in your backpack” Josh asked. “Well almost all the clothes” Tom sheepishly replied, turning red in his face. “I am still wearing my underwear”. “Well you better take them off otherwise your nuts are going to catch a cold” Josh bellowed, laughing at his joke. Tom’s face could not have got any redder as he turned around to take off his underwear. As Tom turned back to hand his underwear to Josh, Josh could see this beautiful pelt of golden chest hair peeking between the two ends of the blanket and felt a stirring in his pants. He quickly grabbed the underwear, picked up the rest of the clothes off the floor and went to the kitchen to put the clothes in the dryer. Leaving Tom in the living room to recover from his embarrassment.

Josh came back into the room with two cups of steaming coffee. “Here is some coffee to warm you up” he said handing one of the cups to Tom. Tom turned red in the face again and said “Sorry sir, I don’t drink coffee” Josh laughed “Relax boy, i did not roofie it” Tom looked at Josh with look of confusion. “Sorry sir, i don’t know what you mean, but I do not drink coffee because we are not allowed to”. Josh looked at Tom, a little puzzled. “Why are you not allowed to drink coffee? Is it because you are too young?, How old are you boy?” Josh asked. “I am 22 sir, and no, it’s not because I am too young, it’s just that we are not allowed to have any stimulants while we are doing our missionary work” Tom replied. “Oh that explains the get up” Josh said. Tom looked at Josh with a puzzled look. “Ignore what I said” Josh said “I thought i was saying that in my head”. “I have some hot chocolate somewhere, are you allowed to have that?” “Yes sir” Tom replied.Josh left again, this time returning with a mug of hot chocolate.

Josh looked over at the clock hanging over the fireplace. “Well young man, it’s nearly 7pm, Why don’t I make something for us to eat, we settle in for the night and then you tell me what you are doing alone on a bicycle riding through my town” Tom looked hesitant. “Look” Josh said. “Your clothes still have a way to go before they dry. The town is closed by this time of the night. It’s still pouring outside and there is nowhere for you to go unless you want to sleep in wet clothes out in the rain, so relax, and let me look after you for tonight.” Tom realised that Josh was right and started to relax. “Thank you for the offer sir, I will take you up on your offer.” “Well now that’s a good boy” Josh said. “Now one last thing, please don’t call me sir, sir was my dad. Please call me Josh. If you are calling me sir out of respect and you want to continue then you can call me papabear like all my boys at the gym do.” “Yes sir…I mean papabear” Tom replied. Josh could swear he heard a slight change in Tom’s voice, but he laughed it off.

Tom sat in the kitchen still wrapped in the blanket while Josh made some them something to eat. He looked a bit uncomfortable wrapped in a blanket. “My clothes are probably way too big for you” Josh said. “But i might be able to find something that we can make fit you, if you want”. “That would be nice papabear” Tom replied. Josh loved being called papabear, but something about the way Tom said it made Josh’s skin tingle. “Right this way young man” Josh said, turning and heading to the stairs. Tom followed Josh up the stairs. Josh walked down the passage to the room at the end of the passage and opened the door to his bedroom. Tom walked into a massive room with huge mahogany furniture. There was a huge bed to the one side of the room. Opposite the bed was a lounge like area, with a large couch and a dark tan recliner in front of a fireplace. There were two doors leading off from the main room which Tom could only think was a bathroom and dressing room. A faint whiff of something familiar hung in the air. Tom could not place his finger on what the smell was, but he realised that the whole house had the same sent. Josh led Tom to one of the doors and opened it. Tom was right, it was a dressing room. There was cupboards on all three walls. “WOW papabear” Tom gasped, “You must have a lot of clothes to have all these cupboards”. Josh smiled sheepishly and replied “I like to look and smell good, so I might have a bit of a collection of clothes. Now lets see what i can find” Josh walked to one of the cupboards. He remembered that he had some clothes that became way too small for him a couple years back and that he was meaning to donate it but never got around to it. He opened the cupboard and scrounged around a bit. He found what he was looking for. He had some clothes that might just fit Tom. Josh took out a shirt and a pair of pants and handed them to Tom. “Here, try these on” he said. “I have not worn these in over 10 years. They might still be bit too big, but better than a blanket”. “Thank you” Tom replied. “Well I do have underwear as well, but I don’t think that you would want to wear my old underwear, so you are going to have to go commando young man” Josh said as he led Tom out of the dressing room pointing him in the direction of the bathroom. “Now go in there and try the clothes on and meet me downstairs. I am going to check on our dinner” With this Josh turned around and walked out of the room to go check on Dinner.

Tom walked into what he thought a spa should be. “Man, you can fit my whole missionary class in here” he thought to himself. The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom. It had a large jacuzzi bath in the middle, a shower with two shower heads, two basin next to each other, a glass room that Tom had no idea what it could be for, and a door which he figured must lead to the toilet. After taking in his surroundings, Tom dropped the blanket and started getting dressed. He thought that there was no way that the clothes would fit him as Josh was a huge man, and even though he claimed that he was smaller 10 years ago, he could not have been that much smaller. Tom tried on the shirt first. Even though the shirt was baggy on him, it was not to baggy. He rolled up the sleeves and then put on the pants. The pants were also baggy on him, but Josh had given him a belt that helped him keep the pants up. He had to roll up the pants so that he would not trip. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. All his life Tom wore white shirt, black pants and a tie.This was the clothes of a missionary and he was wearing the same clothes or some variant of it since he could remember. This was the first time that he had ever worn anything other than black and white. “Mother and Father would reprimand me if they saw me now’ he thought to himself. But he knew that they would understand. These clothes are better than standing half nakedly exposed in a good samaritan home. Tom turned around admiring himself in the mirror. His chest was out and he was standing proud. He quickly felt ashamed for being so vain and quickly walked away from the mirror and headed for the stairs again. Apologising to no one in particular for his vanity.

Josh was dishing up dinner when he heard Tom come down the stairs. He stopped and turned around. “There you go” he bellowed, “I knew I had something that would fit you. Now let’s sit down and get some food in our bellies” “Here, let me carry the plates to the table” Tom said taking the plates from Josh and walking over to the kitchen table. Josh caught himself looking at Tom’s ass as he walked away from him, and smiled.

After dinner, Tom helped Josh pack the dishes in the washer and tidy up the kitchen. He could stop thinking of how could he possible have ended up in this samaritan house. Tom was not a spontaneous type of person. He was a very determined and independent person who planned his every move, and was always prepared for whatever happened to him. That was until about a month ago. Tom had been on his way home on his bike, when he felt a strange tingle down his spine. He had been stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to go green when it happened. A car pulled up next to him just as the light turned green. The car sped off across the intersection and Tom started peddling. As he started peddling, he felt the sensation in his spine, he thought that it was maybe just a chill from the gust of wind created by the car passing him. He put it out of his mind and continued on his way home.

That night Tom had a strange dream. In his dream he was on his bike riding down a long desolate road. Although he had no idea where he was,he knew that he was riding in the right direction. In his dream he had the same tingling feeling in his spine. When he woke up, he had this urge to get on his bike and ride. Something that Tom would never of thought of doing, but for some reason that morning, Tom packed his backpack, got on his bike and rode off, with no idea where he was going. He would stop off at towns on his way, where he would do odd jobs and preach from his bible to people in return for a place to sleep.

Tom recounted this to Josh in a abbreviated form when Josh asked him how he had landed at his gate. They were sitting on the porch, watching the rain. Josh had a cigar in his one hand and a whisky tumbler in the other. He had offered Tom the same, but Tom declined, settling for a glass of juice. Tom thought that smoking and drinking alcohol was a evil habit, but for the first time in his life he did not have the urge to tell someone this. Perhaps he did not want to offend the man who had been so kind to take him in in his time of need.

“Well” Josh said, time for bed. Josh led Tom up the stairs and to the room on the opposite side of the passage to his room. He opened the door leading Tom into an almost exact copy of Josh’s room, but on a smaller scale. “There is spare toothbrush and toiletries in the bathroom cupboard” Josh said. “Sleep well and pleasant dreams young man”. “Night Papabear” Tom replied. “You too”. With this Josh walked out the room closing the door behind him. Tom sat down on the bed taking in his surroundings and being grateful for having a dry comfortable place to sleep tonight. He stripped down and climbed into bed. He felt that tingling in his spine again. He shivered and covered himself, he felt very exposed sleeping naked, but he could not sleep in the clothes he was wearing and his underwear was still in the dryer. For the first time since he had left on his adventure, Tom felt comfortable and at home in a bed. Tom fell asleep within minutes.

After closing the bedroom door behind him, Josh went downstairs to lock up. He grinned as he went about his evening routine. He kept hearing Tom’s story on how he came to be standing outside his house. It was his story, only his had happened 10 years earlier with less rain.

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