Jack and the Jockboy Ch. 4

By Happy Endings published September 12, 2017
Lin realizes what had been going on all this time, and has to make a choice.

The next month went by like a blur. By the time midterms came around, Lin could hardly visualize the day he first moved in. Everything seemed so hazy, and yet he didn’t seem to mind all that much. Every day was more or less the same. He’d wake up, do his curls (was the dumbbell always twenty-five pounds? Eh, who cares), wash up, get dressed, struggle through class, hit the gym, then head home. Every other night he alternated between trying to study and doing some chores around the apartment, anything to help his bro out.

Through the haze, however, Lin did notice a few changes. His time at the gym was making him bigger, no doubt in conjunction with the increased appetite he’d had. He had started making some friends at the campus gym and they were offering him all kinds of advice. Soda was replaced with protein shakes. Frozen meals were replaced with healthy foods that keep his calories in check. His jeans and t-shirts didn’t fit him anymore, so he switched to shorts and tanks even as the air turned crisp for fall.

Lin’s mental state had changed as well. No longer was he waking up dreading his performance in classes. Sure, his grades were on a slow and steady decline, but who cares, he always felt like he could make it up later. If he even cared that much. More and more he was questioning his goal of being a doctor. True, his dad had pressured him into it, but the medical field wasn’t exactly outside his interests either. Still, every time he opened his books to study, he could only retain roughly half the information needed to even just barely pass anymore. He knew a confrontation with his father was coming, but for some reason he just couldn’t bring himself to care. His sessions with Jack every week helped to keep his mood elevated. Bro always knew how to keep him happy.

Even the nightly chatting his neighbors did didn’t faze him, and as he listened to them more and more each night he started to actually like their company, so-to-speak. They seemed like such a carefree group of guys, always talking about working out or helping each other out around the apartment. He’d occasionally feel a pang of jealousy, like a desire to emulate them. Still, soon enough his eyes would always close, blocking out the poster of the jock hanging over his bed and the bros’ conversations.

He woke up the week before the midterm exams and did his usual routine. He curled the dumbbell in his arm, focusing on the repetition, then moved to the next. He stood up and did something he’d added a few weeks ago; squats, push-ups, and then a set of crunches for good measure. He undressed and walked in the nude to the shared bathroom and took a shower. He took the razor hanging from there and shaved off the hints of facial and body hair that crept out overnight before carefully moving on to his crotch and balls. He wasn’t sure why he started doing that, but he did enjoy the feeling of being completely smooth. He stepped out of the shower when he was finished and wiped away the steam from the mirror. He immediately flashed himself a big smile and did a flexing pose. Some of the guys in the gym gave him crap for his Asian heritage at first, but now even the douchiest of them admired his results. His biceps were bulging, his abs were starting to really show, his pecs were tight, and his glutes and thighs were plump yet taught. Even his voice had changed a bit; apparently being around the other jocks so much made his voice go an octave deeper to match. He didn’t mind though, he liked fitting in with them after he got to know them.

Lin walked out of the bathroom, still nude, to find Jack sitting at the counter by the kitchen drinking some orange juice. His roommate smiled and nodded, “Morning bro, how are we doing today?” Lin grinned back, walked over, and gave his roomie a big hug. He had started doing that lately, as every time Lin saw Jack he felt a surge of adoration. After all, Jack was helping Lin so much with his problems, how couldn’t he repay him with affection?

Lin broke the hug and chuckled, “Huhuh, good bro. How are you doing?” He didn’t feel the slightest bit perturbed at being naked in front of another guy. They were both bros after all, just like the neighbors. By the sounds of things, they were naked around each other all the time, or at most wearing jockstraps. Lin sometimes wondered what Jack looked like naked.

“I’m doing alright. You’re going to the gym today, right? I’m going to be a bit late tonight, so feel free to get yourself something for dinner, don’t worry about me.” Lin felt a bit sad that they wouldn’t be having dinner together. They’d gotten into the habit of doing so, while watching ESPN. Lin never realized how cool sports were until he started watching. Jack for some reason didn’t seem all that interested, but Lin practically ate it up along with his meal. Still, whatever Jack was doing was probably important. He was a smart guy after all!

“Huhuh, that’s alright bro. Gives me more time to spend at the gym anyway, a chance to really get pumped.” Lin grinned wide and did a double bicep pose. Jack always seemed to enjoy seeing him do that, and sure enough Jack grinned back and gave a nod.

“Sounds good to me, bro! Look at you, dedicating yourself to your workout. You’re like a real jockboy, huh?”

Lin smirked and waved a hand, “Nah brah, I’m not like that.” An itch at the back of his head made him think that he should have been more offended by that statement. Jack told many weeks ago during a session to ignore those itches for now, just put them in a box.

Jack got up from the counter and gave Lin another hug, “I’ll see you later bro. And hey, when you get home, you know you can take it easy every now and then right? There’s always a third option. Still got your key right?” Seeing Lin nod, Jack’s expression turned serious, “Good. Don’t. Throw away. Your key.”

Lin nodded back, matching Jack’s expression, “Duh bro, I tell you every time that I won’t.” More and more Jack was reminding him not to lose the damn apartment key. Why would he ever do that? Sure his grades were slipping, sure he was finding it harder to concentrate, sure he had basically been shunned by his friends for not keeping up, but he wasn’t some dumb jock! Hehe, dumb jock. Lin chuckled to himself as Jack patted him on the shoulder and left the apartment.

Lin’s good mood was shattered after third period by his phone buzzing with a text alert. Lin was walking out from class, putting the worry that he didn’t so well on that test into a box in his mind, when he felt his phone vibrate in his shorts. Maybe it was one of his gym bros telling him he’d be late? Lin was already on his way over there, he figured it would give him some extra treadmill time. Instead, Lin’s face paled as he saw the text from his father.


His heart rate increased. His hands felt clammy. He closed his eyes and concentrated, but it was like he couldn’t find a box big enough. Like he was trying to cover up a crime, he did the mental equivalent of pushing it under a rug instead and made his way towards the gym at a faster pace. Working out always calmed him down.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help much. His form was sloppy and he couldn’t push himself to increase the weights like he normally did every week. By the time he was halfway done with his routine he was already drenched in sweat. Even the bros were noticing he was having problems, and it was through their combined advice that he decided he should just skip the day so he could feel better. Lin sent a quick, sloppy email to his last period professor on his phone saying he wasn’t feeling well and trudged his way to the campus coffee shop. Their smoothies were the best and would always help him relax.

As he stood in line, more and more thoughts kept coming into his head. What was he going to tell his dad? Oh shit, his grades were pathetic compared to how they should be. He had long left his part-time job to focus more on the gym per Jack’s request, the deal being that if Lin committed more to sessions and did some work around the apartment he’d waive the monetary portion of their agreement. How was he going to explain this, any of this, to his father?

“What do you want?”

The question hit him like a brick, and Lin snapped out of his daydreaming. The cashier, a new girl by the looks of it, had asked the question. Lin stared. What did he want? He wanted things back to how they used to be! He wanted to be smart! He wanted to have a path in his life!

…Didn’t he?

But that’s not what she asked. Lin gulped and stuttered, “I-I uh…strawberry protein smoothie, please.”

“Sure thing. That’ll be $4.99. Name?”


He had simply blurted that out without thinking. His cheeks went red as the cashier blinked and visibly tried and failed to suppress a snicker. With a shaking hand he swiped his credit card (Now that he thought about it, when was the last time he handled physical change?!).

He hurried over to an empty table and sat with his head in his hands. Taking deep, quick breaths to try and control the panic swelling within him and failing. His arms and legs felt cold. Why did he switch to gym shorts and a tank top? He’d never worn this before, and all of a sudden he imagined his wardrobe. Where before he had several drawers filled with simple shirts and jeans, now he could only imagine a single drawer of gym clothing.

“Takeout for…teehee…Jockboy?”

Feeling his face turn beet red he quickly got up, snatched the smoothie, and muttered, “That’s not my name, it’s Jockboy!” Fuck! He raced out the door, the sound of giggling trailing behind him.

Lin slammed the apartment door behind him, panting against it for a moment to collect himself. It was Jack, he’d reasoned as he jogged his way up the building’s stairs, his defined ass jiggling with each step. This was all Jack’s doing, he knew it! He bolted into his bedroom and flew open the drawers. His face paled even more.

Gone. Every t-shirt, every pair of simple shorts, every jean, fuck even every boxer was gone! An image flashed in his mind. Jack told him that he ought to work out more often, and they weren’t appropriate gym clothing. He should get rid of them.

Lin turned to the pile of medical textbooks on the table. Dust. Covered in dust. A few miraculously looked like they had been opened recently, but they were all based on basic physiology, and he could barely remember information from any of them.

The dumbbell…wait…wasn’t that five pounds when he first moved in?! How did it reach that much?! Jack. It was all Jack. He had been manipulating him from the start. And with a crushing realization, Lin realized he had let him. The full impact of what he was figuring out was too much, and Lin could feel his brain shutting down, not out of relaxation, but out of self-defense.

He had to get out. He knew that much. But his clothing was drenched in sweat, someone would be concerned. He threw off his clothing and looked around. His old clothing was gone but…his eyes fell on the poster. He stared at the guy, in his mesh crop top, jockstrap, knee socks and athletic shoes.

He…he didn’t look too bad. He could go out looking like that, right? Lin stared more, and he swear he could hear muffled noises. The neighbor bros? It’s like they were saying relax…

Yeah…he should relax. The poster bro didn’t look too out of place, to Lin. But he didn’t have anything like that…right? His eyes wandered the bedroom and fell on the box from when he first moved in. Come to think of it, the previous roommate never showed up. It was labeled ‘clothing.’ Like he was watching a movie, he barely felt himself move over to the box, kneel down, and open it up. There they were. His clothes.

Lin picked up the jockstrap, feeling the soft material in his hands, before slowly slipping it on. He adjusted the straps so they fit nicely around his buttocks, and adjust his dick within the pouch, not noticing the wet spot forming. Next came the crop top. He slipped it over his torso, noting how his perky nipples showed through the mesh, and how it came down to his midriff to expose his abs and ‘V’. He pulled on the socks next, tugging them all the way up to his knee and cuffing them neatly at the top. Finally the shoes, just the right size and matching everything else. After tying the last knot, he stood up and made the same pose as the jock in the poster.

“Huhuhuh…” Lin chuckled. Yeah, he felt good, being dressed how a Jockboy shou–Wait, what?! Lin’s eyes snapped open and he stopped posing. The poster…the neighbors…focus came back to him as he stomped over to it and ripped the poster off the wall. His face contorted in rage.

There was a hole in the wall, and right there, right fucking there, was a speaker inside it playing a muffled recording of two guys talking. That was the last straw.

He heard the opening of the apartment door, followed by Jack shouting, “Hey bro, you in here? Sorry I forgot something in my room, be out of your hair real quick!”

Lin roared in fury and burst out his bedroom. He grabbed his surprised roommate by his shirt collar and slammed him against a wall. He shouted, “What the FUCK did you do to me, you psychopath?!”

A look of panicked realization came instantly on Jacks’ face and he stammered, “N-Now Jockb—I mean Lin, easy there. I promise I can explain everythi—“ He couldn’t finish his sentence as he felt a fist smack him right across the jaw. He yelped in pain but didn’t seem to fight back, to Lin’s temporary astonishment.

Jack coughed and continued, “I p-promise I can explain…y-you…you have your key right?”

Lin snarled, “Yeah I got my fucking key, and I’m about to shove it RIGHT DOWN YOUR THROAT!” Lin reared back with a fist, but before he could he saw Jack sigh.

“Good.” He snapped his fingers, and everything in Lin’s vision blacked out.

Lin felt his eyes opening, but he could only see blackness. There was no sound. There was no feeling. There was no anything. Lin croaked out a, “Hello?” and heard his own voice, or at least he thought he did. It was muffled, like it was being played back to him through a solid wall.

“J-Jack? Anyone? Hello?” He could only hear his own muffled cries in response. Lin felt himself turn around frantically, searching for any sort of light. Light did not come, but somehow his eyes did fall on something.

It looked like a black object of sorts, waist-high, and covered in something shiny. Though Lin couldn’t feel his legs, he felt himself drift towards it like he was floating. On getting closer, Lin saw it was a safe. A big, shiny, metal safe with chains covering it, with a single padlock hanging in front of the center of the safe door.

Lin placed a hand on the safe, and immediately it was like he could feel again. He felt his heart racing, his hands getting clammy, his mind racing with anxiety, but also with thoughts of anatomy and chemistry. A fascination with medicine, but the anxiety that came with aiming to please his overbearing father. He withdrew his hand like it had burned him, and the feelings went away, replaced with a dopey haze and desire to work out and let someone else make the decisions for him, just like he’d been these past weeks.

His eyes fell on something else, a small object resting on the edge of the safe. Lin picked it up, and saw that it was a key. And there, emblazoned on the bow, was the word ‘Hangzhou.’ So little of this made sense, and yet Lin understood the meaning clearly. He looked at the key, then the safe. He could have his old life back. He always could. It was always here, within reach.

Lin thought back on his life since meeting Jack. He could have disregarded Jack’s advice and torn away the poster and reveal the speaker that would be submitting him to subliminal messages. He could have refused Jack’s rent offer of hypnosis sessions with a discount and could easily have made the normal rent with his job. He could have decided to take more time out of the day studying instead of working out, it didn’t have to be solely at night. Lin could argue that it was the hypnosis, but that wouldn’t only be partially true. Lin allowed it all to happen. He wanted it to happen. He wanted to push his anxieties away and put off confronting his father with how he truly felt as long as he could. The placebo effect at work.

But now he felt like he had a choice to make. He thought he heard the sound of music, and recognized it as his own phone ringing. His father was calling while he was here, presumably in his own conscience, wrestling with a choice. Jockboy or Lin?

But how could he possibly make this choice? If he was a Jockboy he’d have no worries but no ambition. Was that what he wanted? But if he chose to be Lin, he would be an anxious mess and little desire to do what he truly wanted. Both choices seemed both easy and hard.

Maybe he could just be…impulsive. He drew his arm with the key back, staring away from the safe and towards the abyss of his subconscious. He could just chuck it, and as Jockboy he would be none the wiser. He took a deep breath…

“Don’t throw away your key.” Memory of Jack’s words penetrated his psyche and he stopped. Jack never wanted Lin to truly give up who he was. But then…what was he to do? Open the safe and become a frail mess of a kid who did everything his father told him?

Another quote from this morning flashed in his mind. “There’s always a third option.” Of course…of course! The answer was always there! Lin grinned, this time triumphantly rather than vacantly, and bent down to open the safe.

Lin opened his eyes. He was still holding a cowering Jack in his hand. He heard his phone ringing from the other room. Slowly, gently, Lin lowered the smaller man down and jabbed a finger at his sternum, “Stay there,” He growled, and walked at a normal pace back to his bedroom and shut the door.

Lin picked up the phone. Yup, that would be his dad, but he didn’t feel any worry as he answered the call and held it an inch from his ear. Smart move; as he predicted, his ears were immediately assaulted by his dad screaming bloody murder. Lin chuckled, wondering how he could have been so intimidated by a man who acted like a child.

“Shut up.” That simple phrase shocked his father into silence. Lin didn’t waste the opportunity, “I’m going to talk this time, and you are going to listen.”

After a solid hour, Lin opened the bedroom door and went back into the living room, looking tired but satisfied. He looked over to the wall and almost laughed, as Jack was still where he left him. He saw his roommate gulp, “L-Lin? You okay?”

Lin stared at Jack for a moment. The words to say to his father came so easily, but he struggled to come up with any to say to Jack. After a while he let out a light laugh and held a hand to the back of his head, “I guess…your plan worked.” He smiled warmly, as Jack let out a sigh of relief.

“Our plan, bro, our plan.”

Lin nodded, “Heh, I guess that’s true, in some weird-ass way of thinking.” They stood apart from each other, neither looking into the other’s eyes, not knowing what to say. Finally Jack looked up and asked, “So…what now?”

Lin had been wondering the answer to that question for a while now. What now indeed. But somehow, he felt like he knew the answer to that conundrum as well. He closed his eyes and I his mind he went back to the safe and unlocked it. As before, he did an exchange. Not everything. Just what he wanted in that moment. And, as before, he set the key right back where it belonged and opened his eyes.

Jockboy grinned wide, “Huhuh, now we have some fun, bro! How do I look?” He bent his arms into a double bicep pose and was glad to see Jack’s face turn red.

“Y-You uh…you look good, bro. But um…a-a-are you sure? I mean, how do you feel?”

Jockboy strolled over to his roommate and wrapped his arms around the smaller guy, hands cupping his tight ass. “Good bro, thanks to you. So now I get to make you feel good.” There was a dullness in Jockboy’s voice, but his eyes showed a focus Jack wasn’t expecting. Somehow it felt even sexier than he had imagined. Jockboy smirked and leaned into nibble on Jack’s earlobe and whisper, “You’ll understand if I wanna be a little more aware for tonight. You’re about to pay for not being more up-front with me.”

Jack gulped as Jockboy took a hand off his ass and reached around to cup Jack’s growing bulge. He moaned and stuttered, “I-I knew that if you c-caught on it wouldn’t w-work as well s-s-s-so—“ He was cut off by a finger being jammed into his mouth.

“Shhh. Just let me have some fun, bro.” A meek nod from Jack was all he got in return, and that was all the invitation Jockboy needed. He grabbed Jack’s shirt, and with a grunt ripped it in two off of him. He grabbed Jack underneath both arms and lifted him up before carrying him to the bathroom and throwing both of them into the shower. Jockboy grabbed the shower head and thrust it to the side, spraying steaming hot water on them.

Jockboy cupped his crotch through the jockstrap and stared down at Jack as the water dripped down his hair and onto his chest, drizzling down around his abs and down the gutters of his V before soaking itself into the fabric of his jockstrap. “You want this cock don’t you bro.”

Jack nodded again, and Jockboy grabbed his roommate by the head and pushed him down to his knees. “Get down there then. This is your reward for helping me, but also your punishment for misleading me.” Jack immediately got to work, biting softly through the strap’s fabric before using his teeth to pull it off and expose Jockboy’s cock. On seeing it flop out, with precum already mixing and dripping with the water, Jack was immediately glad that the stereotypes were definitely not true. Who knew such an anxiety-riddled guy was packing such a cock?!

Jack sucked Jockboy’s cock while Jockboy grabbed Jack’s hands and placed them on his muscles. “Mmm that’s right baby. Feel the results of your hard work. Did you like watching me work out? Did you like seeing the intelligence drain from my eyes? Yeah you did. Huhuhuh. Mmm fuck, you’re such a good cocksucker. Can’t wait to have all sorts of fun with you from now on.”

Jack looked up in surprise, and Jockboy pulled the guy’s face off his cock so Jack could sputter, “Y-You mean you wanna stay?”

Jockboy laughed, “Huhuh, shit bro, I’m supposed to be the dumb one.” He grabbed Jack’s hair and firmly but gently pulled him back up before leaning in to kiss him on the mouth. He pulled away and nodded, “You did everything you said you’d do, and more. You helped me, a total stranger, stand up to my father. I know what else you’ve been trying to convince me to do, but it was totally wasted effort.” He grabbed Jack by the waist and force him around against the shower wall so that Jockboy’s cock rested right on Jack’s ass crack. He leaned in and whispered into his ear, “You could’ve just asked if I was gay, y’know.” He gripped his big cock and slowly slid it into Jack’s ass, taking in Jack’s pleasured moans before starting to thrust in and out. In and out. In and out. He grinned, knowing that the conditioning from all these weeks was going to make things a lot more interesting. It didn’t take long before he grabbed Jack’s hair and pulled him back to mutter, “You ready for my load, bro?”

“Fuck yeah jockboy, cum in me! Do it!” And as the steam completely enveloped the shower and they lost all vision, they could still hear each other’s moans as they both shot their loads.

Lin walked out of midterms feeling rather confident. It took some time to convince his professors to give him some extra credit opportunities, but given his rapid transformation over the past few months, they figured he’d suffered a mental breakdown of some sort anyway and were willing to allow him to make up his missed or failed work. Not that he needed to work much harder. His professors were curious about how he was able to balance his free time with his new path of becoming a physical therapist. They all received the same answer: All Lin had to do was put information in a box in his mind for later. He’d open it up when he needed it. After all, Lin was still in an agreement with his dad. He would continue to keep his grades acceptable, even if imperfect, but he would choose his own path from now on.

Over time Lin was able to fully grasp the crowning achievement of Jack’s hypnosis sessions. He could be as dumb or as smart as he wanted, as confident or as meek as he wanted, and as doctorly or as jocky as he wanted. Still, while the classroom was always reserved for Lin, at home he knew to be Jockboy. He agreed to that on the condition that his boyfriend Jack never again used subliminal messages against him. Lin remembered on day one when Jack said he hypnotized himself to never betray the safe word, and Lin had no reason to doubt his abilities.

Lin came to the door of their apartment and closed his eyes. He revisited his safe, deposited his smarts and the small amount of anxiety that allowed him to keep on top of things, and withdrew everything he needed for being a good jockboy. With a dull chuckle, he opened his eyes and the door, wondering what new and exciting techniques his bro had prepared for that evening’s “session.”

[The End]

Author’s Note: Thanks all for being part of my first foray into the erotica world. I’ve been a long-time visitor to this site, and something I noticed was lacking were stories where everyone comes out ahead (for real). I hope this ending satisfies that goal, as well as your all’s libido. As always feel free to critique and offer advice. I’m going to take a break for a while, but depending on the feedback I get I’ll always leave open the possibility of making more stories.

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