City of Bears: Bear Boutique - Chapter 6

By Wesley Bracken -
published April 17, 2011

The necklace continues fashioning out a personal hell for Kyle.

Bear Boutique - Chapter 6

by Wesley Bracken

Down in the lobby, Kyle did his best not to stare at every fat, balding man in the casino, but it was difficult, and there were a lot of them. Kyle tried to catch his breath, still smoking his cigar, but with his new body, he obviously wasn’t used to any amount of aerobic exercise. Hell, who was he kidding? He was a lazy ass, preferring to sit around the house watching porn than do anything productive. What windfall he had from his home accounting business he spent at the casino, mostly as an excuse to cruise for lonely old men looking for some company, or at the very least a mouth and ass to fuck.

He exited the front door, the doorman not even giving him the time of day, and started searching for his valet ticket, but he soon realized that he didn’t own a convertible, or at least he didn’t own a convertible now. Looking at his ring of keys, all he had was the key to his smelly apartment and his mailbox key. He didn’t own a car at all. Of course, why would he need a car? He took the bus everywhere, which was better anyway. He saw some of the hottest guys on the bus, and would usually sit in the back, rubbing his stubby cock, fantasizing about sucking off older businessmen, or the occasional construction worker. A couple of times, he’d even managed to pull off a couple of hand jobs for guys who wanted them, and once even blew a guy in the back seat.

Kyle shook his head, trying to clear it. These weren’t his memories, and this wasn’t his body. He couldn’t let himself get sucked into this. It was all the damn necklace’s fault. In the elevator, he’d tried to pull it off again, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t. He was stuck with it until he returned it, he was certain–that was always how these curses worked, right? He’d take it back, apologize, and the store owner would tell him how to get his life back, and then he’d be on his way, lesson well learned.

He walked the short distance to the bus stop, but even that exertion almost proved too much for his weakened state. He checked the schedule, and saw that it would be another ten minutes until the bus arrived, so he sat down on the bench and waited, smoking his cigar. Damn he loved these things, he thought as he took a big inhale. He knew they’d kill him one day, if all the sex didn’t first, but he didn’t care. He ran a hand through his greasy hair and figured he should probably take a shower when he got home. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d bothered. Still, he’d probably just end up in his easy chair, watching some porno or other, massaging his cock until he eeked out something resembling an orgasm and a trickle of old, smelly cum, then order in some Chinese or something for dinner and maybe get some work done for a client or two.

“No,” he said to himself, “No, I have to get to the mall. I have to return the necklace.” He gripped it with one of his old hands, using that to remind himself of his real goal so he wouldn’t forget again. The bus arrived a few minutes later, and Kyle put out the butt of his cigar on the concrete bench next to him, heaved himself up, and climbed the stairs into the bus. He smiled when he saw Dennis, the usual driver for the 716 city bus. He was probably a bit older than Kyle was, sixty or so. He had a shaved head and a full white beard, but what Kyle loved staring at was the large belly pressing out and almost touching the steering wheel, it was so large. Of course, Kyle knew Dennis both clothed and unclothed, and had invited the large driver back to his place numerous times. Dennis was as much a pervert as Kyle was, if that was even possible, although it was a shame that he was impotent. Still, he enjoyed watching Kyle shove a big dildo up his ass while he sucked on his soft cock. Kyle flashed him a grin and his bus pass at the same time, one of his hands rubbing against the older man’s firm belly as he passed. Maybe he’d invite him over for a night cap after his shift was over today. It had been a while since the two of them had played together. Yeah, that would be damn nice.

He thought about taking a seat up front so he could chat Dennis up, and get him all hot for that night, but then, he saw the nasty looking derelict on the back bench, asleep with his face plastered against the window, snoring away. Damn, Kyle couldn’t resist an opportunity like that, so he headed on back too, and took a seat next to him. The rest of the bus was lightly crowded at least, and everyone else was generally tuned into their own business, their music, the paper, or their phones. No one was paying him any attention, well, no one except Dennis. He caught the older bus driver’s eye in the rear view mirror and they flashed each other a grin. Yeah, Dennis knew what was going to happen, and he sure as hell loved to watch.

The bus pulled away from the transit center, and Kyle edged closer to the still sleeping bum. He was someone who would have filled Kyle with disgust not hours earlier, but now he found himself entranced. The man had obviously been living on the streets for quite a while, with wild unwashed hair long enough to reach his shoulders and a bushy beard sticking out in every direction. He had a variety of plastic shopping bags filled with junk at his feet. His many layers of clothing couldn’t hide his prominent gut, sticking out from his ill fitting shirts and overhanging the crotch of his filthy jeans. He was definitely asleep, so Kyle scooted closer still, so his own fat thigh was rubbing against the bum’s, leaned over, and took a whiff of the guy’s funk. He reeked of alcohol, and who knew what else, but the stench just made Kyle hotter, and he could feel Dennis’ eyes on him in the mirror. Kyle started to massage his own cock through his suit pants, or at least he did to the best of his ability, given how fat he was. Damn, he was such a nasty pig, he thought, and leaned in a bit closer, taking another deep breath, but not as nasty as this guy was. This was going to be so fucking hot.

Careful to be gentle, Kyle reached out with one hand and began massaging the derelict’s crotch. The man didn’t wake up, which suited Kyle fine, and his cock began to harden in the denim. It wasn’t very big, probably five inches, but Kyle didn’t care. He was so turned on by his perversion that he couldn’t help himself. He began massaging the shaft gently, bringing a moan to the man’s lips as he stirred awake groggily, muttering.

“Shhhh…” kyle whispered as the man gradually realized what was happening, “Shhhh….Just relax.”

The bum didn’t say anything, but his body was about as stiff as his cock was. Still, he didn’t pull away, which was as much permission as Kyle needed. He reached for the zipper of the guy’s jeans, but the man pushed him away, “Hey, come on, not here.”

“Why not man? You got a hot cock man, a good hot cock.”

“I’m not gay.”

“I never said that you are. Besides, it’s hotter if you aren’t,” Kyle said, and grabbed the zipper, slowly undoing the fly.

“What? What kind of perv are you?” the man mumbled.

“The kind of perv that would be more than happy to suck your cock, right here, right now. What do you say? I know you want it. When’s the last time you got any action? Weeks? Months? I mean, feel how hard that cock of yours is,” Kyle said. He undid the rest of the fly and pulled out the man’s cock, slowly stroking it. He twisted his body so Dennis could see, and the bum jerked away.

“Man, the fuckin’ driver can see us.”

“Sure he can, but don’t worry, we’re good friends,” Kyle said, leaning in closer, “He likes to watch.” He wrapped his hand back around the bum’s cock and kept stroking it, while he got his face close enough to be brushed by the man’s filthy beard. “You smell good man, good and ripe. When’s the last time you took a shower?”

“Leave me alone.”

“Come on, it ain’t going to hurt,” he said, “Just let Daddy take care of everything.”

The derelict tried to push Kyle away again, but Kyle ran his finger around the head and he couldn’t help but let out a whimper. Kyle shifted his hand, stroking the shaft, and with one last look to Dennis in the mirror, he bent over and took the man’s cock into his mouth.

It was filthy, but somehow that just made Kyle hornier. Part of him was absolutely horrified, but that part was small and growing smaller. He couldn’t resist the sexual drive, more powerful than anything else, blotting out reason and decorum in favor of pure lust. The derelict stayed stiff for a while, but eventually settled in and relaxed, allowing Kyle to go about his work.

“Damn you have a hot mouth, man,” he muttered, and then laughed, “God, I can’t believe this, getting sucked off in the back of a bus. Well, at least I’m not sucking, that’s for sure, but still…god I had a good home, a nice wife, kids…It was the alcohol that did it,” the bum continued, “God, I couldn’t go a day without drinking myself silly. I didn’t stop for work, or for my family, I still can’t stop. Alcohol ruined my life, no I let it ruin my life. I hate it, but that’s the truth.”

A new craving entered into Kyle’s mind: booze. He could taste the alcohol on his breath, feel it clouding his head even further. He drank when he woke up, he drank himself to sleep. He’d been in the hospital plenty of times to get his stomach pumped, but he just couldn’t stop. He didn’t even want to.

“Yeah, what I wouldn’t give to have that all back. God, I hate being homeless, I hate being unemployed, I hate being such a god damn fuck up. That’s really the best way to put it. If an opportunity came my way, I fucked it up, if only I had it to do all over again.”

The suit which Kyle had been wearing began to fade into a grubby T-shirt, barely stretched over his massive gut. He could feel his hair and beard growing longer and greasier, from his years spent living on the streets. As he sucked, he could feel the numerous teeth he’d lost over the years, a few from bar fights, other’s that had just rotted from his head. He was a disgusting derelict, sucking some guy’s cock on the bus. He’d messed up his entire life, and the old part of him just wanted to cry, but the new part of him, the derelict accustomed to life in alleyways, to sucking off drunk dirty men on the way home from the bar in exchange for a few dollars to spend on liquor or food, this was simply his life. It was horrid, but that’s what it was.

The man grunted, and came, Kyle sucking down as much as he could. When the flow stopped, he sat up, wiping his face with one filthy hand. The man next to him was no longer a derelict, rather he was a middle aged business man, zipping up his pants and checking to make sure no one was looking.

“Where’s my five bucks man? A guy’s gotta eat,” Kyle slurred.

“Here’s a dollar,” the man said, “That’s all a piece of filthy trash like you deserves anyway.”

“That wasn’t the deal. Gimme my money,” he grabbed at the man’s sleeve, but the man shook him off and stood up.

“You touch me again, and I tell the driver you were threatening me. I call the cops, and they take you to jail. You want to go to jail?”

It wouldn’t be the first time for Kyle, but he scooted back, shoving the crumpled bill into the pocket of his pants with the rest of his loose change. At the next stop, the businessman got off, leaving Kyle alone in the back. He leaned against the window and took a swig from the bottle of whisky he carried with him, wishing he could light up a cigar, but knew better than to try on the bus. There was something he’d been trying to do, something important, but he couldn’t remember. Looking around, he saw the Dennis still eyeing him in the rear view mirror, licking his lips. Yeah, that’s what he’d been doing. Dennis likes a good show, so Kyle would usually hop on his bus when he got cold and give him a little demonstration, if he let him ride for free from end to end, from the stadium to the mall transit center.

“The mall…Wasn’t there something he needed to do at the mall?” he thought, as he played with his nipples through his shirt, licking his lips while his eyes were locked with Dennis in the mirror. He was just so horny, he couldn’t stand it, fished out his tiny cock from his jeans and started jacking off. He didn’t notice a couple of the riders see him and get off, disgusted, Kyle was too focused on his own pleasure, his glazed expression and drooling mouth oblivious to everything other than his cock.

Of course, he’d been that way for as long as he could remember. He’d sucked cock early, and often, running away from home after failing to pass the seventh grade again. He’d been on the streets, smoking, drinking and sucking cock for as long as he could remember. Still, something about that didn’t seem right. Something about the mall, something important, like jacking off, or eating ass. Damn, he needed a cock up his ass. There was a good ten minute turn around at the transit center, maybe Dennis would fuck him with a dildo. Damn, that would be so hot. A few spurts of cum shot out of his cock, soaking the area around his fly. Whatever little bit got on his hands he brought to his lips and licked off sensually, still staring at Dennis in the mirror, showing him how desperate he was.

Sated for the moment, he took a swig from the shitty whisky he had with him and let out a loud belch, then laid his head against the window, watching the city pass by. Occasionally he would try to think about what had been so important, but he was never able to pin two or three things together before his mind drifted back to sex, or simple emptiness. It took him a couple of moments to realize they’d pulled into the transit center. The passengers all exited the bus, but Kyle stayed where he was. When the last person got off, Dennis got up out of the driver’s seat and headed back to where Kyle was seated.

“Last stop, Kyle,” The driver said, “You gotta get off,”

“Hey Dennis, what’s the harm?” Kyle answered, taking another swig from his bottle, “I thought you were liking my show.”

“Yeah, well I’ve had a good number of riders complain about you today, and if you don’t go, the bosses will have my head for letting a filthy pervert ride around for free, so you gotta get off.”

“I know a better way to get off,” Kyle said. He reached out and started massaging Dennis’ crotch with one hand, his other still nursing his own cock in his pants. “How about a quickie?”

“Damn it Kyle, you know…” Dennis said.

“Yeah, man, but come on, I know what you like,” Kyle said, and rummaged around in one of his bags until he fished out a nasty, unwashed dildo, “How about I fuck myself with this while I suck that limp cock of yours off? How does that sound?”

“Look Kyle, now’s not the time–”

“Oh quit being such a fucking pushover and grow a backbone for once in your life, would you?” Kyle said, growing a bit frustrated.

“Oh shut up, you fucking loser,” Dennis said loudly, “You know, you’re lucky I’m a pushover, because otherwise you’d be fucked. Hell, you’re the scumbag here with the fucked up life! I should be the one in change here, not you.”

Reality twisted around them for a moment, Kyle desperately trying to keep anything in his head that he could, but drunk as he was, be was helpless against it. When everything settled down again, Dennis was standing in front of him, grinning maniacally at him, holding the filthy dildo in his hand as he whacked it against his other palm. It was bigger than before…much bigger. Probably bigger than Kyle’s fist, at least a foot long, and covered with studs. It looked like it would stretch even his well used ass to the very limits.

“Come on Dennis, I’m sorry. I tried to get him to pay me, but he wouldn’t.”

“Shut up you fucking pig, you know the rules. You suck the cocks, you get paid, you pay me, I let you sleep on the floor, instead of on the street. You don’t get the money, then you get your punishment.”

“Dennis, come on man, I–” Kyle started to say, but was silenced by the driver slapping him across the face with the rubber cock, hard enough to sting.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you and I are not on a first name basis?”

“Sorry…I’m sorry,” Kyle said, trying not to cry. God, he hated this, but he was such a pushover, and he really didn’t want to be back on the streets…

Sorry…what? What do you call me?"


“Good pig, now get on the floor and take your punishment.”

Trying not to cry, Dennis hated it when he cried, Kyle undid his pants, dropped them to his ankles, and got down onto the floor of the bus. Kyle put the dry rubber against his hole and shoved it in, making Kyle cry out. “Come on Dennis, I’m sorry! Please, not so hard!”

“What the fuck did you call me?” Dennis shouted, pushing the dildo in another few inches and twisting it viciously, “What the fuck is my name, pig?”

“Master! Master, please. Please don’t. I’ll get more money for you, I promise…please,” Kyle begged, but Dennis was relentless. It was so big, Kyle couldn’t help but start sobbing quietly. It just hurt so much, he couldn’t take it.

“Yeah, take it you fucking slut,” Dennis said, “and thank you’re lucky stars that my cock doesn’t work, because otherwise, you’d be getting by cock shoved up there instead. Man, I wish I could get hard just so I could fuck your horny ass. I wish I had a big thick cock, massive fucking balls, and the stamina to ride you until tomorrow. Then I’d show you who’s the fucking master around here.”

Kyle was too absorbed in his own suffering to notice the tingling in his pants. His already short cock shrank even smaller, to around two inches, and his balls shrank to the size of grapes. What he did notice was that he was starting to feel really tired. Sure, he wasn’t exactly the fittest guy in the world, but a minute ago he’d been fine, but now he found himself heaving for breath, despite the fact that Dennis was doing all the work. Dennis on the other hand had never looked, or felt, better. As he massaged his crotch, he began to notice something changing, or rather, growing down there. He undid the fly and pulled out a massive ten inch cock, rock hard and almost as thick as the dildo crammed up Kyle’s asshole, and a ball sack the size of an orange, if not a bit bigger. He just stared at it in disbelief for a moment, and then grinned menacingly pulling the rubber cock from Kyle’s hole.

For a moment, Kyle thought he’d been spared, and was about to turn around and kiss his master’s feet for his mercy, until he felt the head of Dennis’ new cock begin working its way into his wreaked hole. He was actually thankful for the dildo punishment from earlier now, because otherwise, the brutal fucking Dennis gave him, which had the bus rocking on its wheels, would have had him screaming in pain. God, he hated this. Why couldn’t that fucker have just given him the money? But Kyle was such a pushover, he just let that fucking businessman off without trying to stop him. Dennis kept pounding away, until finally unloading a massive shot of cum deep into Kyle’s ass. He pulled out quickly, and Kyle started to get up, but Dennis pushed him back down and slammed the dildo home, making Kyle gasp.

“Yeah, maybe that will make you think twice about not getting paid this time around. You still owe me fourteen dollars for tonight, don’t forget, unless you’d rather spend the night in The Hole over at P & P…”

“No sir, please. I’ll get the money this time, I promise. I’ll do good.” P&P was short for Pain and Pleasure, the leather bar Dennis frequented, and The Hole…well, Kyle didn’t want to think about what it was like in The Hole.

“Yeah, you’d better, you fucking piece of trash. Now clean off my cock. You got it all filthy.”

Kyle got on his knees with some difficulty, partly because of how exhausted he was, but also because the massive dildo in his ass didn’t give him much range of movement. Dennis’ cock was filthy, but he licked it clean anyway, not really wanting to find out what his master would do if he refused. Kyle couldn’t refuse him anything, not really. He knew that he deserved everything Dennis did to him, and was lucky that he let him live with him at all. Thirty dollars got him a dog bed in the living room, a bowl of dog food and some water. Yeah, it was humiliating, eating that filth while Dennis fucked his ass, and the horrific things he said to him usually left Kyle in tears for half the night, but what else was there? He was too stupid and drunk to keep down a job. This was his only hope. Dennis, his master, was all he had.

Satisfied that it was clean, Dennis shoved his semi hard cock down into his pants. “Now sit back down and make me some fucking money, you worthless piece of shit,” he said over his shoulder as he walked back to the driver’s seat and sat down, opened the door, and let in the few people waiting at the transit center. Using the seat for support, Kyle managed to get back to standing, waddled over and sat down again, heaving for breath. God, he was so tired all of a sudden, but still so horny. He hadn’t shot a real load in weeks now, and he felt almost delirious with lust. Night after night, Dennis would keep Kyle right on the edge of orgasm for hours. It didn’t help that his cock was permanently soft, a fact which Dennis never tired reminding him of. God he hated his life so much. How had it come to this?

Looking out the window, Kyle saw the mall across the parking lot, and something nagged at him. He needed to get there, but why? What at the mall was so important? He felt a small nudge around his neck, and reached down his shirt, pulling out the bearclaw necklace, trying to remind him of his goal. Get it back to the bear boutique, and everything would be alright. It had to be. Purpose gave him energy, and Kyle stood up, only to lock eyes with Dennis in the rear view mirror. Those cold, hard, terrifying eyes, Kyle thought, and sat back down, hoping he hadn’t made his master angry. He still had to make fourteen dollars today, and they only had four more circuits before Dennis’ shift was over. If he didn’t make his quota by then…he’d end up in the hole. Dennis was good friends with the owners of a leather bar, and each night, one unlucky slave would be forced into the hole. A little cage in the backroom, where all night long, men would use him as they pleased. As a cum dump, as a urinal…anything they wanted, but what Kyle really couldn’t stand was the pain. The beatings, the whips, the paddles, needles, clothespins, and cigarettes. He couldn’t go back there, not after last time.

Looking around, he saw that everyone who had gotten on the bus was a woman, so there were no targets yet. There were quite a few guys who knew Dennis and Kyle, and would wait for their bus to have a turn at Kyle’s willing hole. Of course, Dennis would usually let those customers off with a discount, making Kyle’s job even harder. The bus lurched forward, and Dennis pulled away from the transit center, Kyle watching the mall grow farther and farther away. He knew this wasn’t his life. That he’d been a successful real estate agent with a nice car and a bad habit of stealing trinkets. God, how could he have been so stupid? He’d do anything to have a chance at that life again. Hell, any life would be better than this one. Looking down, he saw a sign on the window, “Emergency Exit: Pull lever and push out glass.”

This was an emergency, Kyle thought. He pulled up the lever as quietly as he could, hoping Dennis wouldn’t notice, and then leaned on the pane, which fell out onto the ground with the smash of broken glass. That caught every ones’ attention. Before someone could try and stop him, Dennis had climbed onto the seat and was squeezing his way out. For a single moment of terror, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to fit his massive body through the window, but he popped out, tumbling the five feet to the moving asphalt in a mass of flailing fat. He scrambled up as best he could, already winded, and took off for the nearest mall entrance as fast as he could go, panting and sweating and heaving, but he knew that if he stopped, he would never get there.

Looking over his shoulder, he saw the bus keep rolling for a bit before coming to halt. The door opened, and Dennis came down the steps, angrier than Kyle had ever seen him. Hell, if he stopped now, no one would even be able to find his remains. Cursing to himself, he made off for the mall entrance, begging the necklace to would be merciful to him, just this once. He knew he didn’t deserve it. For everything he’d done, he deserved to be Dennis’ slave. But he wasn’t about to just give up, not when he was so close. Not while there was still hope.

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