City of Bears: Bear Boutique - Prologue & Chapter 1

By Wesley Bracken published March 31, 2011

A new store at the mall is not everything it seems to be.

City of Bears - Series One

Bear Boutique

by Wesley Bracken


This is in some ways a sequel to “Big Bears on Campus” though it is a stand alone story in its own right. Everything you need to know should be given in the prologue which follows. If you still have questions, go read it! Hope you all enjoy it.


Our story so far…

Over three days towards the beginning of the fall semester, something strange happened at Bortman University. It started small, the occasional student or professor growing beefier and hairier inexplicably, but what started with a few quickly became an epidemic. Those who realized something was going on at all were caught by surprise, and in most cases, succumbed to the mysterious changes sweeping across the campus despite their attempts to escape. New majors were now offered, devoted to gay sex, porn production, bear history and a wide variety of blue collar jobs. By the end of it, there wasn’t a single person left on campus unchanged, although many still recalled their previous lives, and these few began resisting, forming a small movement against the school’s new president, a strange man named Tristan Newbeary.

He was believed by many to be the cause of all of these changes, though no one had any idea why he would want to do so. Some believed he was a wizard, others thought they were being tested on by the military, and a few questioned whether he might not be human at all, but rather an alien or a being from another dimension. Under his orders, the campus security has hunted down any one resisting these changes relentlessly, and those who they captured were never the same again, fully lost to their new forms, though often far worse off than they would have been. Undeterred, the unrest was growing steadily, taking all of Tristan’s efforts to keep the campus under his control.

We rejoin the story one cold day several weeks later in the very early morning. Tristan has left his office unexpectedly and wandered alone into the woods on campus. Those who work with him have noticed he has seemed very restless as of late, a fact which worried many, particularly his lover, Frank, the academic dean of the university. He refuses tell them what is wrong, but even they can sense that not everything is going according to plan. He trekked deep into the woods, deeper than they possibly could have extended. The veil was thin here, the boundary between his own world which he had abandoned and this new one he sought to conquer, however, it seemed that it had been foolish to try and accomplish this task alone. He had believed that the elders’ amulet alone would give him the power to achieve his aims, but it was not enough, and it’s range weakened considerably a short distance away from campus. He needed more to complete his conquest, and he hoped this gambit would not be the beginning of his downfall.

He stopped, unsure whether the summoning magic would be strong enough to reach through the veil to the other side, however, he knew that while it would be very easy to cross back, once there, he would not have the energy to return. Still, he would try, and concentrating on the image of his target, he uttered a short incantation:

"A debt is owed for a life saved,

Maxwell Longfang,

answer the call of your debtor,

Tristran Newbeary."

A strange wind blew through the trees, shaking the boughs above, bearing strange smells of woods long forgotten in worlds such as this one. The veil shimmered for a moment, and Tristan watched as a large, humanoid bear came through. A very large, hulking bear, standing at least two feet taller than the already large Tristan, his black fur bristling with rage and fire raging in his eyes. It had been so long since Tristan had seen one of his own kind, he could not help but feel slightly nostalgic. And the fact that it was Max standing before him only made the feeling…stronger.

“You fucker!” Max snarled, “You call in this favor now? Have you no honor?”

Max was Tristan’s cousin, but more importantly, he was an alphaborn, although he did not like being reminded of that fact. Alphas were natural leaders and dominators, generally taking positions as generals and elders within the clan, but Max was born with an unusually soft heart. He did not wish to use his innate powers to create a harem of thralls or lead armies, because he believed that controlling others was a violation of their basic rights. Instead, he had rejected his status, opting for a life of solitude and effective exile in a cave a good distance away from the rest of the clan, generally meditating alone, working to control the raging beast inside of him, and nothing more. As such, he was seen as an embarrassment, and the clan tried to forget that he even existed. Tristan was the only person who visited him regularly, and it was only that connection which stayed Max’s hand from delivering the slap Tristan deserved for his meddling.

“Regardless of honor, I have called in your favor, Max. You may either refuse and renounce your life, or hear my request and fulfill it to the best of your abilities. Those are the conditions of your binding.”

“As I well know…” Max replied, uttering a gruff sigh, then smelling the wind, “So this is…Earth, they call it? It is strange. And is that the form of a human? They are frail looking.”

“They are stranger than I thought, believe me, and unbelievably…resilient when they choose to be,” Tristan replied, “And for the record I would have rather not called on you but I require aid, and since the clan has rejected me, my hand is forced.”

“Rejected you? They did not reject you, you stole the elders’ amulet! Do you grasp the amount of chaos that action has brought about? I mean, I do not receive much word from the village, but even this news did not escape my ears.”

“I believe that it was a risk that was worth taking, to accomplish what I believe will give us all greater happiness.”

“What, subjugating an entire foreign world? Do you understand how ludicrous that notion is? Return home and end this foolishness. The other clans sense weakness and chaos and are preparing to attack. No one understands, Tristan. No one, not even Elder Father, and he is so angry that his roars have shaken even the walls of my cave. Please, end this nonsense while things can still be salvaged. I do not want to see any harm come to you, our clan, or these people.”

“This is our chance at freedom, Max. Freedom from the elders and their endless clan wars which do nothing for anyone. Here, we can have absolute power. We can be kings, and they our subjects, worshiping us. Does that not appeal to you? Ah, but you have long denied your own status, so I suppose you would rather refrain,” Tristan added, with a hint of mockery.

Max let out a low growl, “Don’t you dare mock me, cub. I have made my choices, and you seek to judge me by them? Make your request so that I may be done with you, and return to my solitude. It has been so long since I saw another face. I admit that, back home, I looked forward to seeing you each day, and since you left it has been…difficult to control,” Max said, looking away from Tristan’s eyes. “But what choice do I have? I accept your demands, and I will fulfill one task which you set before me, to the best I am able.”

“Well then, here,” Tristan said, extending a silver chain necklace, “A charm of my own devising. It shall give you an adequate disguise for your work, I believe, though I can do nothing to hide your alpha status. It’s a pity really. You have so much potential, yet you refuse to wield it.”

“It is my own life, cousin,” Max said, taking the charm from Tristan’s hand and slipping it around his neck. His bear form slowly shifted, becoming a large, heavy set man. Unsurprisingly, he looked like a hermit and smelled almost as bad, his hair and beard long and uncombed, though his eyes, while still furious, were bloodshot and exhausted. Max rarely slept, fearing the dreams that came during the night, dreams of descending upon the rest of the clan and raping every bear he came in contact with. And always, Tristan was there by his side, cheering him on, pushing him, urging him onto greater heights of pleasure and domination, and always at the end, Tristan would service him, above all the others, and just as Max would be about to cum, he would wake to a throbbing member which it would take hours, and sometimes days, to calm. He only allowed himself release once per day, more as a formality than anything else, so that he didn’t repeat the mistake he made in the past, when he first took his oath, and when Tristan saved his life.

Pushing those thoughts away, he took a moment to feel the strange flesh beneath his hands, already missing his claws and fur. As if to mock him, the cock hanging there was larger than his actual one. “Is this your idea of a joke?” he asked, looking down at the foot long monster, with two equally gargantuan balls hanging beneath it.

“A joke? No. Why would I insult your dignity like that? If anything, it suits you, I…think,” Tristan said, coming closer, “I…missed you, you know, all these weeks.” He said, mostly to himself, but when he realized he was about to reach for Max’s cock, he stopped himself. “Come, I will explain everything to you soon, but first, we need you to look presentable.” He waited to see if Max had any response, but the larger man did nothing, so Tristan led the way out from the woods, neither of them speaking to one another. It took several hours for Max bathe, have his hair and beard trimmed, and find clothes that fit on his very large frame, but finally, Tristan opened a portal and the two of them stepped through, into a large shop at the local mall.

“Now, for your task. My attentions have become somewhat…occupied of late by events occurring on campus which require more of my attention. I am trying to resolve the issue, but it is taking me longer than I anticipated. In the meantime, I need my influence to spread further out into the city, before my actions draw any attention from the authorities of this world, making things more complicated. I have managed to stake out this outpost beyond the campus, where the veil is thin and our world has seeped through somewhat already. This was a workwear store which I purchased and had…restocked with a new, and wider selection of items.” Tristan and Max walked around the front of the store, which was stocked with a large variety of clothing, most of it some kind of denim or flannel. “Out front, I keep all of the tame products, while back here is where we keep the fun stuff.” Tristan guided him to the back, were a doorway was covered by a beaded curtain, which they ducked behind. There, leather dominated the shop. The floor was dominated by a wide selection of bondage gear and dungeon equipment to one side, another corner was devoted to various tobacco products. “Also, there’s a small office in the back in case you need something with some privacy for…any reason,” Tristan added.

“Alright. but what exactly do you need me to do?” Max asked, trying not to think of all the things he could do with the multitude of objects back there. All the things he wanted to do with them.

“There are three men who will pass by the shop today. I want you to corrupt those three men for me, using anything you would like to use in this store.”

“Three? I am only bound to complete one task for you, not three.”

Ah, but their skeins runs together quite tightly, and to corrupt one, you would inevitably need to corrupt the other two as a matter of course. I do want to add, however, that there are two rules." Tristan said, “Rule number one. Here at the bear boutique, the customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed. No one may leave if they have a complaint about your services. Second, if these three men pull anyone else into the store, then you must…satisfy them, as well.”

“Fine. I understand, but how will I recognize these three?”

“They will pass in front of your store at 1:28 this afternoon, in approximately twenty minutes. In the meantime, I will go…open their minds a bit, allowing them to notice the store, and you. Otherwise, everyone else will just see an empty store front. Lure them in, change them as you will. Your task must be finished before this day is done, at which point you will return home. I may come in from time to time, to check on your progress as well, but I’m sure you’ll do a fine job. You alphas always do.”

Max glared at his cousin, who smirked before opening a portal and stepping through, leaving Max alone in the store. He had twenty minutes, so he might as well look around and see what he had at his disposal. He took a couple steps into the back of the store, close enough to get a good look at some of the sex toys. He blushed, and returned to the front instead. Perhaps he’d just stay up here–it would be safer that way. Ten minutes later, after perusing his new wares, he was leaning against the store entry, watching the crowds of humanity pass before him. Such poor souls, he thought, unaware of what Tristan had planned for them. His anger began to simmer again. He had dedicated his whole life to preserving the freedom of others, and in turn, his own freedom from his dark heart, and now, Tristan has forced him to turn his back on that oath, but there was nothing to be done about it. The seconds passed slowly as Max watched and waited, already full of regret, and wishing for this day to end quickly.


Chapter 1

James, Luke, and Kyle walked out of the movie theatre, unable to make eye contact, still disturbed by what they had seen. They had been friends since college, but they didn’t see each other as often now, but they made an effort to always see a movie together on the weekends. It was in some ways strange that the three of them wound up as friends. When they had found out that they had been assigned a triple in the dorms at Bortman University, each of them had spent the summer dreading the idea, but they got along famously all four years, despite having almost nothing in common with one another.

James had always been more into football than school and majored in English, figuring that it would be an easy choice. Despite being good on the football field, he’d never really had a chance at going pro, and now was stuck at a low-paying office job that he absolutely hated. Back in school he’d always been in great shape, but in the years since his physique had gone to pot mostly, with a modest gut and some extra flab everywhere else. Of course, he was still handsome, with the same wavy blond hair and blue eyes that had always driven women wild, but he hadn’t dated anyone in years, ever since he’d had to move back home and live with his father, Dan, because he couldn’t make enough to live on his own. His dad had no sympathy for him, and expected him to earn his keep, so in addition to paying most of his paycheck in rent and food, he basically waited on his father, doing the cooking and cleaning while Dan sat in his recliner watching TV, ordering his son around whenever he felt like it. Luke had offered to let James move in with him any number of times, but James had always refused, mostly out of pride.

Luke was the nerd of the group, or at least, he had been. Always the skinnier one, he’d been one of the first students at college to hop on the hipster trend, and after graduating, had scored a job working for one of the trendiest online magazines in the nation, or at least, he’d managed to get a job as a blogger, keeping people updated on the local scene. Where James didn’t pay much attention to how he looked, for Luke, image was everything. He’d spend an hour each morning coordinating his outfit before heading out on the town, searching for the Next Big Thing. He knew that if he was the one to find it, he might get a position on the actual writing staff, and finally move out of the smelly studio apartment he was currently living in, alone. James and Kyle had never questioned why Luke didn’t have a girlfriend, or why they’d never even seen him take a girl home at all. To them, Luke was just Luke, and if it was quirky, they just passed it off as who he was.

Kyle was the success story of the three of them. He’d majored in business and gotten a job at a high profile real estate company right after graduating. With his good looks and charm, he rarely failed to make a sale, and the company had rewarded him with a large salary and high profile clients looking for million dollar listings. This success had gone to his head, a fact which irritated James and Luke, but he didn’t care. Of course, just because he had money didn’t mean he had any sense of taste. In fact, he was usually dressed in the tackiest suits and always was wearing an obnoxious amount of jewelry. Luke hated his outfits almost as much as he had grown to detest Kyle’s personality. That someone with so much means could look so…disgusting–there was no excuse for it. James and Kyle had always gotten along famously though, and no matter how much Luke wanted to hate him, he usually could never feel that way when he was with him. Kyle just managed to make everyone he met feel special. He did have two very bad habits. The first was his sticky fingers. He’d been arrested for shoplifting more times than he could count. The second was gambling. Of course, he had the money to burn, and man did he burn it, often blowing thousands of dollars a week at the poker table. He knew he should learn some self-control, but life was just too much fun at the moment to try.

They had caught an early matinee on Saturday afternoon at the mall which was very busy, but each was lost in his own thoughts about what they had just witnessed in the theatre. Finally, Luke broke the silence, “Was that last scene…weird? Or was it just me?”

“No, that was fucked up,” Kyle said.

“No shit,” James added, “I mean, who would have thought those two would…”

Silence reigned again, as each thought about the movie they had just seen. It had been billed as the usual tough guy action movie, about two rough cops taking down a crime gang in the big city, and sure, it had delivered on its promise, with plenty of explosions and shooting and all that jazz. But then…

“I mean…have you ever seen two guys kiss like that?” James finished.

The other two just shook their heads side to side, unable to get the image out of their head. The two cops had just taken out the mobsters, and the they were standing in the middle an abandoned warehouse. But as the ending music soared, they suddenly embraced, and in front of the entire audience began to kiss, first gently, and then more and more passionately as they began to strip off each other’s clothes, their sweaty bodies all over each other, and just as one was about to go down on the other, the screen went to black, and the credits rolled. Even stranger, no one else in the theatre had seemed to notice it, or if they had, they had nothing to say about it. None of the reviews they’d read had even hinted about the hot and heavy scene at the end, which would probably have dissuaded the three from it. Not that they were homophobic or anything, but…“did they have to…I don’t know, show so much of it?” Kyle mused.

As they walked down the mall, a man standing outside a shop called to them, “Hey, you three! How about taking a look around my new store?”

“Oh, uh…I think we’re all good,” James said, and looked up at the name, “Bear Boutique.” In the window there were a few mannequins dressed in a wide variety of menswear, ranging from flannel and denim to expensive looking suits. All of the models looked a bit bulkier than usual though, which seemed strange to him. Then he took a better look at the man standing outside, and it made a bit more sense.

The guy was huge–probably seven feet tall, if not a bit taller, and packed with muscle, straining the fabric of the dress shirt he was wearing, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, displaying the large amount of hair carpeting his forearms. The top couple buttons of his shirt were undone, hair tufting out there as well, climbing up his neck all the way to his face, where very full but well trimmed beard grew high up on his cheeks. Despite the the wrinkles on his face and the mans very tired eyes, he seemed quite young, or at least full of energy, as he strode over towards the three of them.

“Here, just take a quick look around. We’re having our grand opening sale this week, and there are some great deals in there,” The man said, “I’m the manager, by the way. The name’s Max,” extending his hand and shaking each of the friends in turn. His massive hand engulfed all of theirs, and his grip was firm enough to make even James’ hand hurt a bit.

“Come on, let’s take a look,” Luke said. Of all of them, he was the most intrigued. Who knows? Maybe the Next Big Thing was in there waiting for him.

I promised my dad I’d be home by two to make lunch though," James said, pointing to a clock which showed it was nearly 1:30.    


Kyle chuckled, “That fat bastard can wait. Come on, let’s just take a quick look.”


All three of them headed into the store, followed up by Max. Luke immediately began checking out the racks of clothing, chuckling occasionally as he did. Kyle, meanwhile, was drawn to a small jewelry display set up by the register. It wasn’t anything special, he knew, just some silver rings, most of them engraved with Celtic knots or other abstract designs, but one of the necklaces caught his eye. It was a silver bear claw with a small crystal set in the middle, that twinkled in the dim lights of the shop.

James, still checking his watch, wandered around a bit, before examining a display of cosmetics, soaps and colognes on one wall. “Still living with the parents, eh?” Max asked.

James jumped a bit, unsure of how the large man had moved so quickly or quietly behind him. “Well, my dad, at least. My mom ran off years ago.”

“That must be frustrating.”

“Ha, you have no idea,” James said, “He’s a fucking slob, and doesn’t even work. He makes me do all the housework, and I still have to pay him rent, or he’ll kick me out. If I bring a girl home, he’ll usually hit on them, or just gross them out entirely.” He felt his face starting to get red, and felt a bit embarrassed, “Sorry, I…I don’t usually gush like that to strangers.”

“Oh, I get it a lot,” Max said, slipping one hand around James’ shoulders and leading him over to a display case along the wall, “Something about me just makes people open up I guess. Maybe I can find you something to spice your life up a bit?”

“I guess. What do you have in mind…sir?” James said, surprised at the formality. It just felt…right to call the larger man that. Something about the way he carried himself, and about the way he…smelled. James tried to shake that thought away. He wasn’t gay, why would he care what a guy smelled like?

“Well, I have some things that might interest you over here,” Max said, and led James over to a counter where a number of bath products were on display. “We have this very nice line of body sprays for men. I guarantee that they will help on the relationship side of things at least, and maybe the family side as well. You never know. Maybe they’ll just shuffle everything up a bit for the better.”


“Thanks, but my dad hates scented stuff.”


“Well look, how about I give you this three pack,” the salesman said, grabbing a small package from behind the counter, “These are some of our most popular scents, and I’ll give them to you for free. That way, if you don’t like them, you aren’t out anything, but I’m sure you’ll both enjoy them.”


“I don’t know…”


“Look, it can’t hurt. Just consider it on the house. A grand opening special, if you will.”


James still didn’t really want the pack, but Max forced them into his hands anyway, “Now, I’m sure you’ll need to get on your way, since you wouldn’t want to be late.”

“Yeah, I need to get going, or he’ll beat my ass into next week,” James said, and blushed, realizing how whipped he sounded. He waved goodbye to Luke, but didn’t see Kyle anywhere in the shop. Figuring he’d taken a look around and left already, James headed out, his free samples in hand, while Max wandered over towards Luke, who was still looking through the racks of clothes.

“Hey, where’d the other one go?” Max asked.

“Oh, Kyle?” Luke said without glancing up, “He probably stole something and took off, like he always does, the fucking thief.”

Max just raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

“Yeah, the guy takes stuff all the time. Stole all sorts of things in college. He probably took some of your jewelry that he was looking at over there. He’d be interested in tacky shit like that.”

“Well, you sure do know how to compliment a business,” Max said, mostly to himself, “Oh well, if he did take something, thieves always lose the things they cherish most, in the end. Now, is there something I can help you find?”

“Well, I gotta say, this stuff is all great, just great,” Luke said, “So vintage. And the price? I mean, how ironic can you get?”

“Excuse me?” Max said.

Luke looked at the guy and sighed, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s hip man, just go with it. The ‘blue collar’ look is totally going to be in this season, and trust me, this is going to be a great place to come and get it. I can’t wait to blog this when I get home. Hell, I’ll tweet a hint right now, just to get people interested,” Luke pulled out his phone and started typing away, while Max just stared. He didn’t understand these creatures at all.

“Well, is there anything you’d like to try on? I’d be happy to measure you and find some things than might fit, though…we tend to stock for slightly…larger men. Still, I’m sure we can find something for you.”

Luke didn’t really have time, but pictures always made a post better. Hell, if they were funny enough, he might even have a chance at going viral. He shrugged, and followed Max over to a corner by the dressing rooms, where there was a three way mirror. Luke stood while Max got a fabric tape and began taking his measurements, occasionally scowling a bit. Luke wasn’t just thin, he was a fucking rail. Max knew he had his work cut out for him as he finished marking down some numbers and sighed, “Well, it might be a bit roomy, but I might have some things for a…petite guy like you. Just give me a second and I’ll see what I can find,” he said, and started going around the room, searching through the racks of clothes for something that might work.

Luke was a bit offended by the notion that he might be too skinny. After all, skinny was hot right now. He had his slim cut T-shirt on, and skin tight jeans he’d taken in himself just to get the fit right. In the mirror he admired his image. Checking from a few angles to make sure everything was still coordinated correctly. After making sure everything was in place, Luke took another look around the store. From the front, he’d expected it to be quite small, but it looked like there was another area separated off by a beaded curtain. He started over to see what was back there, but before he could, Max called out, “Sir! I have some things for you to try on, if you still want to.”

Luke retreated and saw that Max had a small stack of clothes in his hands. “Now, I have a few more places to look around, but go ahead and start with these. The fitting rooms are over there,” he added, pointing towards a couple of gated cubicles built into the wall by the clothing racks on the other side of the store.

“Just out of curiosity, what’s in the back there?” Luke asked, and Max smirked.

“Oh, the back area? Well, we also carry some specialty items, but…uh…probably nothing that would interest you,” Max said, blushing a bit, “Go ahead and try these on to get you started, and I’ll see what else I can find for you.”

Luke took the gear and headed over to the dressing room. He was surprised by how large the room was. It was almost the size of a small bathroom, with a bench in one corner and a large mirror hanging on one wall. It could have easily fit two guys of Max’s size in there, though perhaps not comfortably. He took a look at the clothes Max had picked out for him, and couldn’t help but chuckle. Ironic didn’t even start to describe it. In the stack there was a shirt with a smiling bear giving a thumbs up on the front, a pair of denim shorts, work boots and some rough wool socks, all things Luke wouldn’t normally have been caught dead wearing. But just for laughs, he stripped down to his briefs, pulled the clothes and boots on, and looked at himself in the mirror.

It was hilarious, and he got his phone out of his jeans and snapped a couple of joke pics of himself for later, making a few silly dumb looking faces as he did, and then headed out into the store area again to see what else Max had found. He found him waiting for Luke at the mirror again, tape in hand, “Good. Now, I need to double-check a few measurements, if you don’t mind. I just want to make sure I got everything right,” he said.

As he walked over to the large man, Luke’ heart fluttered a bit, a sensation that only got worse as Max began measuring him again. There was something about being so close to another man that was getting him kind of excited. No, not just another man. Something about being close to Max. There was something about him, some…scent. It exuded command and dominance, but also an air of sensuality, which was making Luke really horny. Hoping for a bit of fun, he “accidentally” bumped his crotch into Max’s hand, who snapped it back like it had bitten him, his face flushing.

“Hey, uh…sorry about that,” Luke said. Was it just him, or was his voice suddenly lower? “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Don’t…Don’t worry about it,” Max said, “I’m just…well, never mind. I just didn’t expect you to be going…uh, commando under there.”

Luke was confused. He was certain that he’d left his briefs on in the dressing room, but now that Max mentioned it, he could feel the rough denim brushing against the head of his cock. His…hard cock. “Oh, uh…sorry about that. I usually wear briefs…”

“Well, it…uh…felt to me like you might need something with a bit more support,” Max said. “And I guess I did get some of my measures wrong, so I’ll go find some better sizes for you, not that you look bad…I mean…” Max quickly turned away and started picking out more clothes as quickly as he could. It was so hard just keeping a lid on it now that he was forced to interact with someone other than Tristan, especially after not seeing for weeks prior. For some reason, when his cousin came to the cave, Max just felt remarkably calmer, and he had misjudged how alone he really was without that one point of contact. Now, the beast in him was raging, but he had a task to finish. He’d just have to get Luke changed and out of here as quickly as possible, and everything would be alright.

“Hey, uh…just a quick question. Do you…wear cologne, or something?” Luke asked from across the room, “Because…something you’re wearing smells…really good.”

Max just stared at Luke for a moment, his face turning red, and then he quickly resumed looking for more clothes without saying a word. Luke shrugged and headed back to the dressing room to change back into his old clothes, but when he stepped in, there was nothing there. Figuring he’d gone into the wrong stall, he checked the other one, but still, there was nothing. “Where in the hell did my clothes go?” he wondered aloud, but that thought worried him less than he’d thought it would, but something still seemed off. Did he usually have that much stubble on his face? And he looked a bit bigger, or stockier maybe was a better word. He was still analyzing his reflection when Max came back over, bearing another set of clothes.

“Here you go, some more stuff for you to try on. Keep the shorts, lose the shirt, and put everything else on in the pile. I have a feeling we’re going to be making some good progress with this bunch,” Max said, handing Luke the clothes and then darting off again.

Luke took the stack of clothes and returned to the dressing room, where the first thing he did was drop his shorts, and sure enough, he didn’t have any underwear on after all. He took off everything else, and it was strange being completely naked in such a public place, but it gave him a chance to have another look at his frame. The first thing which surprised him was the line of hair running up his chest, and the thin carpet covering his slightly chubby pecs. He hadn’t been that hairy before, had he? Before what, exactly? Besides, it looked pretty good, he had to admit, as he started massaging his cock. Max looked really good. Luke groaned softly as thoughts of the older man filled his head. Of undressing him, first unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his face in all of that hair, and his firm gut. Smelling him all over. He’d get on his knees, and watch as Max slowly unzipped the fly of his dress pants, letting out–

Realizing what he was thinking, Luke pushed the thoughts away. He was even more embarrassed that he’d even think about masturbating in a dressing room, and he quickly started sorting through the new things Max had given him, pulling on a jockstrap and then a tank top with the name of some gym on the front. The pouch of the jock was a bit loose, as was the shirt, but he trusted Max’s judgment, and pulled his shorts back on, which fit him snugly, showing off his nice ass.

When he was finished, he was surprised by how hot he looked. He started massaging his cock through the denim, then unzipped the fly, loving how his large package filled the pouch of his jock to bursting. Yeah, the guys at the site would love this. The construction site where he worked, that is. For a moment, he recalled writing…something for some web magazine, but that wasn’t right. Still rubbing his cock, he flexed one arm, admiring the bulge of muscle from his long hours at the gym. Damn, he was so sexy, especially with that full beard he’d been growing in for a while, and the light coating of fur on his muscled arms. Pulling out his phone again, he began snapping some pictures of himself flexing, then palming his bulge. Yeah, his cock did fit very nicely in the pouch of the jockstrap, all eight inches of it.

He pulled his cock out the side, slowly massaging it as he took a few more shots, then put his phone away so he could fondle his big balls with his other hand. Dang he was horny. Maybe he could ask Max for a quick blow job before trying on the next set of clothes, or better yet, give the man a blow job while he shot his load all over the floor. Yeah, he remembered scoping out the older man’s cock before, the crotch of his dress pants filled to bursting. The guy sure did seem nervous though–maybe he needed some help relieving some pressure down there. He could just imagine getting down on his knees and nuzzling the soft fabric, jacking his own cock as he did, getting ready to worship him. Yeah, worship him, that’s what he was supposed to do. That’s what the aroma was telling him. Get down on his knees and kiss the man’s feet, drink his cum, and offer his ass for a good, long fucking. The speed of his stroking had increased, and without really paying attention, he suddenly blew a load all over his hand and the mirror in front of him, grunting and groaning as he did. Unable to resist, he got down on his knees and licked up his own seed, pretending it was Max’s, the older man standing over him, ordering him to clean up the mess he’d just made.

There came a polite knock on the door suddenly, and Max tucked his still leaking cock into his jock before unlocking the door, where Max stood with a new pile of clothes. “So…how do those feel?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, they feel pretty good,” Luke replied, “But I think they’re kind of tight around the crotch. Maybe you could come in here and take a more…private measurement?”

Max’s face went red again. He could smell the cum in the room, and he hadn’t smelled the scent of another man’s pleasure in so long, he barely resisted the urge to push Luke up against the wall and fuck him then and there. “Well, here’s a few finishing touches,” Max said, handing Luke a tool belt, hardhat, and hi-viz vest, “I think that’s everything you needed for work, right?”

“That should do it,” Luke replied. He’d popped in here during his lunch hour to pick up some new safety gear. Still, he had another half hour, and he couldn’t stop staring at that bulge snaking down Max’s pant leg. Licking his lips, he stepped forward, one hand reaching out to give the large man a firm grope, but Max stepped back, keeping his distance. “Hey, come on man, I just want to play a little.”

“I…I’m not…I just can’t, alright?” Max snapped, “Look. You’re all taken care of, just get out of here, alright? I have some work to take care of in the back.”

“Well, I still have a half hour on my lunch break, so I might take a look around,” Luke said, watching Max walk away, “So I’ll still be here if you change your…mind.”

Max didn’t say anything in reply as he ducked behind the curtain, avoided looking at anything in the back area as best he could, and rushed into the office, closing the door behind him. He immediately sat down on the floor, doing his best to pretend that he was back in the quiet solitude of his cave. All he had to do was calm down, he told himself, just calm down, and everything will be just fine.

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