Black Brook Road, part 2

By screamingmoist
published August 25, 2017
6456 words

Where the author and his friend come face-to-face with what lurks underground.

Final Part. Thanks for reading!

We made plans to set out early the next morning. Greg said he knew where the entrance was that would at least get us close. We’d have to good it through some storm sewers, but once we were in there was a connected tunnel. Or at least there should be. Once we were well into the tunnels we’d need to rely on some old blueprints and luck, if you wanted to call it that. Looking back, I wonder if we ever had any choice at all, or if it had its claws in us from the start.

I don’t usually remember my dreams, or have nightmares, but that night I had a doozy. It all felt so vivid. It was one of those dreams where you dream that you woke up. My alarm went off and I rolled out of bed like always. I stumbled into the bathroom to take a piss, but when I came out, Greg was standing in my living room. He had on the same tshirt and jeans he’d worn that day, making it seem even more real. Through the windows outside it was still dark even though the sun should’ve been coming up.

“Fuck, you startled me!” I stretched and yawned, scratching at my hairy abs. “Did I oversleep?”

“No,” Greg said, grinning. Without warning he reached down and lifted his shirt, pulling it off slowly. He flexed his ripped abs and sculpted pecs as he tossed it aside.

“Uh, what the fuck are you…doing…” My voice dried up in my throat and my heart started pounding in my chest. The sight of Greg’s broad shoulders and perfect chest sent butterflies through my stomach. His sparkling grin made me feel like I was melting. I watched his hand slide down his washboard stomach and slowly undo his jeans. He turned his tapering back towards me and worked them down steadily, exposing his tight blue briefs bit by bit. When the jeans were at his ankles he flexed his granite biceps behind his head and seductively wiggled his round bubble while he stepped out of them. When he turned back around he flexed his meaty thighs and tugged the front of the briefs down. His long, thick cock and heavy balls swung like a pendulum when he started gyrating and working his way towards me. “Gre…Greg…come on man…” I panted.

He didn’t say anything. He wrapped his arms around me, sliding his hands into the back of my boxer briefs. I groaned while he kissed my neck and worked his way down to my hairy pecs. I felt my solid cock spring free when he pulled my underwear down. My chest was heaving as I stepped out of them and he looked me up and down. I went up on my toes when he wrapped a hand around my cock and started stroking. I kept reaching for his huge, solid cock, desperate to get my hands around it, but he kept pulling away. None of this felt wrong. Technically, we were used to each other’s body. Years of wrestling together meant we’d grabbed just about every inch of each other at some point. But this wasn’t like that. We mouthed and pawed at each other like we had with countless women, growing harder and harder the whole time. Finally, Greg dropped to his knees and swallowed as much of me as he could. His soft, full lips felt fantastic wrapping around me while he clutched my perky ass with both hands. I watched his broad shoulders flex as his head bobbed in and out until my eyes drifted shut. I wished they’d stayed that way.

When I opened them, the walls of my living room literally fell away. It hadn’t been dark outside; my whole room had been in a large, dim chamber. I couldn’t see anyone, but I knew we weren’t alone in there. I looked down to say something to Greg, and that’s when I screamed. I wasn’t me anymore. Like the man in Jason’s story, I’d ballooned up. Instead of my carefully built chest, I had a set of flabby tits that rested on a giant gut with sagging sides. I felt Greg’s fingers digging into my ample ass while his face actually burrowed between my huge thighs to get at my buried cock. My fingers that stroked through his chocolate hair were thick and pudgy and I felt myself rubbing together everywhere. All I could do was scream until I woke up for real.

I remember shooting up in bed so fast I almost fell out. I’d tossed my sheets and blanket clear across the room and my rigid cock had worked its way out of my underwear. I was soaked with sweat and didn’t know why I felt funny until about a second later when I came so hard I almost passed out. It had all happened so fast. I tried not to dwell on the fact that I’d been thinking about my best friend blowing me, a fat version of me, while it happened.

I didn’t say anything to Greg about the dream. I still wonder if he had a similar experience, but he’s in no position to tell me nowadays with his limited memory. When we got together that morning there was a weird tension. He seemed to be dialing up his usual happy-go-lucky attitude, like he was nervous. I thought it was about the exploration we were about to do, but now I wonder. Before we could address it we were too caught up in exploring the tunnel.

Greg had driven us to the outskirts on the north side of town and led us down a seemingly random embankment to a large storm sewer sticking out of the side of a hill. The tunnel led back towards the city and luckily for us it was tall enough to walk through it without ducking.

“Last chance to back out,” he said, knowing full well neither of us was going to.

“No way,” I said, tightening my hiking boots and pulling on a backpack. We had headlamps, and flashlights, and back up flashlights, and back ups for the back ups, and materials to make torches. Getting stuck in the dark was something neither of us wanted. We also had water, food, markers to make a trail, and a first aid kit. Greg wasn’t the type to half ass things. We had no idea how far we were going to go, but we both agreed that if we didn’t find anything within the first two hours we were calling it and heading back. He had the map, so he took point.

It started out innocently enough. It got dark quick, but other than some spiders and a trickle of water there wasn’t much to see. It certainly didn’t feel like a brook of any kind, and honestly, it wasn’t the creepiest place I’d ever been. Greg explained that this wasn’t the actual brook, this was run-off from the city. I was just glad it wasn’t actual sewage. The newer concrete of the storm sewer eventually gave way to old and questionable looking masonry. I kept telling myself it had stood for a century, so the likelihood that it would collapse at this moment was slim. The sudden shift back in time from the more modern tunnel, and the absolute darkness, started to make me nervous. There was also a kind of film that was spreading over everything the further we went. It was a yellowish-white mold that eventually grew to cover the entire wall. I tried to avoid even stepping on it as it spread along the floor of the brick. It was like walking on a sponge by the time we came to a hole in the masonry.

“Okay…that’s a little creepy,” I said, looking at the pale fungus that ringed the opening. It looked like an infected wound.

“This…uh…this is where we need to go,” Greg said. “We don’t have to.”

“Do you want to?” I didn’t wait for him to respond. “Fuck it, we’ve made it this far, right?”

We crouched and stepped through the opening, doing our best to avoid scraping against the moldy walls. Once through, In the smattering of bare patches we could see natural, lichen covered stone underneath the fungal growths. We were in some kind of cave system. The stories talked about the brook being out in the woods, but it clearly ran underground at some point. Sure enough, once we were a short distance in we could hear the sound of running water.

“That’s it!” Greg was excited now. Finding the actual brook was the first piece of tangible evidence. We made our way over the uneven rock and dirt floor until we stood on the bank of a flowing stream. The water flowed out of the darkness, looking like a river of ink in the slim light of our headlamps, before flowing back into oblivion.

“So now what?”

Greg planted a marker and swept his flashlight downstream. “Let’s follow it for a bit, see where it goes.” He looked at his map and traced a route with his finger. “If we follow it this way, we should be directly under Black Brook road.”

I shrugged and followed along behind. Having made it this far without incident, I was starting to feel more at ease. I’d convinced myself that this really was all urban legend. It was just a creepy tunnel and a good story. So when I suddenly stopped and grabbed Greg’s arm, even I didn’t know why at first.

“Jesus!” Greg jumped when I grabbed him. “What the fuck is wrong with…”

“Shhhh!” I cut him off and we stood in silence. Some long-buried instinct from when our ancestors fumbled around in the dark surged to the surface. The flowing stream filled the tunnel with a steady, rhythmic echo. It had a consistency in it’s own chaotic fashion. You couldn’t set a clock to it, but certain sounds repeated regularly. Trickle, drip, drip, trickle. Trickle, drip, drip, trickle. Over and over, the same way crickets fall into rhythm. “Did you hear that,” I whispered. The sound had altered just slightly. Trickle, drip, splash.

Greg listened and I saw his eyes go wide for just a second. “We’re in a sewer, it’s probably just a rat or something,” he said, his voice still a whisper.

We held our breath, listening in the dark. For a long pause we didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. Just a stream. Then there was a loud, deliberate splash. There was no way it was a rat, or any animal. It was either a large rock thrown into the water, or a foot stomping. I couldn’t shake the feeling that although we couldn’t see anything, something could clearly see us. Jason said it had a sense of humor. Was it toying with us? The splash was followed by another, then another. It didn’t walk, he’d said. It just sort of fell forward. More splashing.

“Fuck…fuck…” I stammered. “What do we…”

“I don’t…we don’t know what it…” Greg trailed off as the splashing grew closer. Something was definitely sloshing up the stream towards us from the direction we’d just come, cutting off any escape. The splashing grew faster. Whatever it was, it was now running towards us in the dark. “I…fuck! Run!”

We bolted the opposite direction as fast as we could, stumbling over loose stones and wet mud. We were quick, and agile, but the splashing was gaining on us. I made the mistake of looking back. “OH GOD! DON’T STOP! DON’T FUCKING STOP!” I shrieked.

My legs carried me several yards before I realized I was running alone. I hadn’t seen or heard anything happen to Greg. He just wasn’t there. Then there was a splash right behind me. Then darkness.

When I opened my eyes again, I prayed that I was still dreaming. It was exactly as Jason described. Greg was standing in front of me, his powerful body stripped bare. I was naked too, but I was too busy struggling with the knowledge that I couldn’t move. After a few panicked moments of straining I took in the room around us. We were in a large, circular chamber that appeared to be a natural cave. There were torches hanging on the rough, rock walls that spread a flickering illumination. I couldn’t move my head enough to see how tall it was, but it felt cavernous. Off to my left was a large, ominously stained stone altar. It was covered in an odd assortment of what looked like garbage. There were bowls and cups from what looked like several generations of fast food restaurants, as well as broken ceramic ware. I couldn’t help but find the idea funny; some monster in the sewers conducting strange rituals with an old plastic cup from Taco Bell. I always pictured ornate beakers and elaborate bowls, not a literal piece of plastic garbage. Then I saw the pile of remains and it stopped being funny. Any hope that the bones littering the altar’s surface belonged to animals was dashed when I saw a pile of human skulls on the ground next to it. I looked away at the strange symbols painted all over the room. I especially didn’t like the intricate circle immediately in front of us. I was about to try and whisper to Greg when it appeared. It seemed to melt out of the shadows. There was nothing, then I blinked and it was there.

Jason’s description hadn’t done it justice. It was tall and rail thin, and though it was shaped like a man, if it had ever truly been one those days were long gone. Gnarled, narrow feet stuck out from ragged trousers that were far too short. They hung loose off his legs as though they covered only bone. It had on an old, torn tshirt and a long, shredded trench coat that flowed around it like a cloak. Its torso was sucked inwards like its ribs had collapsed and the long fingers that Jason mentioned spread out from the end of the coat sleeves like stiff, pale tentacles. What skin was visible on the creature was mottled and jaundiced, the same color as the mold we’d seen on the way in. Its face and head were wrapped in filthy strips of fabric, but the shape it made didn’t look like a normal human head should. At least not a whole one. The only facial features we could see were the set of sickly yellow eyes that glared out from between the wrappings.

My chest heaved as it came near, poking at me with it’s bony fingers. I bit my tongue as I felt it stroke my arms before lifting and dropping my package. I blushed despite my terror at Greg watching it inspect me like a piece of meat. The smell coming off it was nauseating, like raw chicken that sat in the garbage for too long.

It turned its attention to Greg and I felt my anger surge at the sight of this abomination touching my friend. Watching it fondle him the way it had just done to me filled me with a raw fury. Remembering what happened to Jason when he started running his mouth, we both did our best to keep our cool. I could tell by the look on Greg’s face that he was furiously trying to think his way out of this.

The creature eventually turned away from Greg and went back to the stone altar. While Greg watched it make sweeping gestures over the table, I found myself staring at my friend. As I’d watched the creature inspect him, I couldn’t stop thinking about my dream. The memory of his solid body against mine made my skin burn and I felt my stomach drop when my cock started twitching.

A loud bang pulled my attention to the altar. The creature was standing with a rock in its hand above the shattered remains of a skull. It brought the rock down over and over, grinding the bones to a powder. Jason had been wrong when he called it ash. It scooped the bone dust into what looked like an old takeout container and held a long finger over it. The creature pricked it open with another finger nail and a thick drop of greenish-brown puss oozed out into the bowl. It stirred it together with the same finger and slowly shambled towards us. It really did look like it was falling with every step. Like it tripped, only it never hit the ground. It would stumble, then somehow catch itself, then do it again.

It paused in the middle between us, like it was deliberating on who to start with. It turned to Greg. I could see him shaking, every one of his sturdy muscles straining against the invisible bonds. I couldn’t help it. I opened my mouth to yell at the thing but Greg warned me off with a look. Even now he had the cooler head.

Unfortunately, the creature caught the look. It stepped back and gazed back and forth at us, cocking its head and wiggling his fingers. It stumbled over to me and I tried not to gag as it held it’s face inches away, those horrible yellow eyes burning into mine. After seconds that felt like hours it backed away and stood in front of Greg again. It dipped a finger into the bone dust slurry and held it just above Greg’s skin, looking at me the whole time. It waited, but when I didn’t say anything it began drawing a symbol on Greg’s abdomen, just above the base of his cock. As soon as the thing pulled it’s hand away, Greg was rock hard.

“Unnngg…” he grunted as his cock shot to its full, impressive length. The creature stood there while Greg continued to pant and moan and his rigid pole started oozing. “Uhh…mmm…mmmmMMMMmmmm…” I was embarrassed for him as Greg’s ecstatic moans grew louder and he was helpless to stop the relentless pleasure. “OOHHHHHHHH!” He finally came, spraying load after load onto the stone floor. The strange symbols seemed to glow when the sticky fluid landed on them, but that wasn’t the awful part. All I could do was watch in helpless horror as, with every spurt, Greg’s cock got smaller and smaller. It was down to around five inches when his head cleared enough for him to notice. His eyes went wide and he gasped while it sprayed and sprayed and continued to dwindle. He looked like he was about to cry when it reached three inches, and when it finally stopped he was a pale shade of shocked white. His thick banana hang and heavy balls had been reduced to a baby carrot and a pair of grapes.

The creature made that coughing laugh sound Jason mentioned while it watched our horrified expressions. It was a wet, wheezing gurgle. It stepped to Greg again, a finger hovering just above his forehead while it looked at me. It was daring me to speak. Greg was too shocked to do anything but stare at his minuscule package when the finger started tracing a shape on his forehead.

“Stop! Just stop! Is that what you want?!” I bellowed, my rage temporarily replacing my fear. When I looked back at Greg the symbol was gone. I thought I’d been in time to stop it. I’d later learn that I wasn’t.

The creature just wiggled its fingers again and resumed drawing on Greg’s chest. “Hey! I said leave him alone! Damnit take me!” The creature ignored me and I watched the symbol soak into Greg’s skin and disappear. A moment later he lurched forward robotically and dropped to his knees in the circle.

“What are you doing to hi…” Before I could finish the creature was on me. Its fingers moved like it was playing a harp while it painted an intricate design on my chest. It was like someone touched me with a live wire. I gasped and felt dizzy, hit with the strongest wave of lust I’d ever experienced. It was like everything I’d felt in my dream, magnified. Looking down, I didn’t just WANT Greg, I needed him. I lunged forward and dropped down to wrap my arms around him from behind. I clawed at his powerful chest and bit his neck in an animal frenzy. I tugged at his tiny new cock and toyed with the little balls, my own cock feeling gigantic by comparison as I ground it into his back.

I was aware even as I did it. I wished I could have apologized when I shoved him forward, but all I could do was groan at the sight of those round, solid cheeks spreading before me. He just grunted and arched his back when I thrust myself inside. Instead of trying to resist, I was surprised when Greg started pushing back and moving his hips to work my cock like he’d done this a hundred times. I pumped in and out, my loud moans echoing through the cave. I almost forgot where we were. The world faded to nothing but me and him and our slamming bodies. Then we started to change.

I noticed what was happening to me first. Me legs felt like they were getting tired of holding me in the kneeling position. When I clutched at Greg’s back for support I saw my arm. It wasn’t as big as it should have been. I looked down at myself and screamed. My thick pecs were steadily flattening. My abs were disappearing and my arms were half the size they should have been. But I couldn’t stop pumping into Greg, and with each thrust I lost a little more. That’s when I saw where it was going. While I was getting smaller, Greg had started getting bigger. My first thought was of Jason’s story, but he wasn’t getting fatter. He was getting beefier. I watched his back thicken and push outwards while his shoulders expanded. His trim waist widened as the muscle flowed down towards his ass and thighs. His firm cheeks puffed and rounded even more while his thighs grew towards each other. Greg’s already impressive arms were like steel pistons as they held up his growing figure. I watched the muscle creep upwards until it had nowhere else to go but to gather at his shoulders and swallow his neck. It was hard to tell from my angle, but it was clear his carefully maintained abs had exploded outwards into a muscle-gut. By the way he was now holding his arms, his pecs had to be massive.

It was clear what was happening. The muscle was being sucked out of me and into him. I didn’t have much left, but that didn’t stop it. When my arms were twigs and my legs were shaking, I felt a shift and began shrinking. I started pumping desperately, hoping that if I came it would stop. I could feel the inches melting from me and into Greg as he literally grew before my eyes. He was becoming an absolute beast of a man while I was wasting away.

The rest is hazy. I finally came, my shrunken hands barely able to hold onto his thickened waist. It was like our orgasms were merged. The cum flowed through me and joined with his. He let out a deep, animal grunt and his tiny member exploded onto the floor while I collapsed. I looked up at him, this hulking figure bellowing with pleasure and spraying out a seemingly endless torrent until the whole circle was covered. His still-shrunken cock looked almost non-existent given how much he’d grown, but all I could think about was that at least Greg would be my last sight.

When he stopped spraying, Greg collapsed next to me. The symbols on the floor were all glowing and shifting around on their own. The creature was making strange gestures with his hands while gibbering out sounds in a tone that hurt our ears. The whole cave started vibrating and filling with a greenish haze. I was fading in and out of consciousness, but I remember seeing Greg stagger to his feet and over to the wall. He ripped out one of the torches and threw it at the creature. It went up like dry kindling. I remember a loud shrieking, then being scooped up. Then nothing.

My memories of waking up in the hospital are just as foggy. I was crazed. In shock. I couldn’t wrap my head around what happened to us and spent the better part of two weeks in a drug-induced sleep. Fortunately, with today’s technology they were able to verify that we were who we said. They had no idea how we got this way, but at least we didn’t have to worry about being seen as crazy strangers. I have a distinct memory of an older doctor being in the room, talking to a nurse.

“What could have done this? I mean, how is this possible,” the nurse asked.

“It’s not,” the doctor said flatly. “But this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. It’s not even the second. Stick around here long enough and some things, possible or not, just happen. That’s what Black Brook does.”

Since we weren’t technically injured, and not knowing what else to do with us, they moved us into the rehab wing. I was grateful that they put is in the same room. I’d barely seen Greg since they found us, and I’ll never forget what it felt like to be coherent and see him in their for the first time. I stood on a chair and looked down at the sleeping giant who was somehow my friend. In the context of normal sized furniture I could see just how much he’d changed. He was unrecognizable. His broad frame filled the bed to capacity and the thin gown barely covered him. His massive arms were bigger than my waist now with forearms the size of my legs and wide hands that ended in stout fingers. His chest looked like someone cut a basketball in half and stuck the pieces to him, and under the thin gown I could see his solid abdomen bulging outwards. His leg that I could see sticking out from under the blanket was so thick I didn’t know how he’d ever fit it into a pair of pants. His face was that of a stranger. The boyish, symmetrical features had filled out and rounded, leaving him with a rugged, pugish face. The slabs of muscle where his neck used to be only made his head seem rounder, and even his hair had thinned to a small patch in the center of his scalp as his brow had thickened.

I remember reaching down and holding his hand. His meaty new paw swallowed mine entirely. I wasn’t much more recognizable than him. I’d gone from 6’1” and 185lbs down to 4’11” and maybe a hundred pounds if I was soaking wet. I was small and waifish, with a soft belly where my abs should have been, a plump little rear, and no muscle to speak of. My crossfit records were going to be hard to maintain since I wasn’t even strong enough to do a push up anymore. My features hadn’t changed as much as Greg’s, but I was now the proud owner of a tiny button nose and a set of thick, pouty lips. I was also the proud owner of a large, unwieldy package. It was the one thing that hadn’t shrunk, and now looked impossibly large on my tiny body. The good news was that I could suck my own dick, as long as I didn’t mind giving up a normal body.

When Greg woke up, I knew something more than physical changes had taken place. He opened his eyes and looked down at me with a sleepy grin. “Is that…oh, hey,” he said, smiling. “You…you’re really little.” At that, he looked down at himself, his grin fading. “Fuck! I’m…I’m big!” He squeezed my smaller hand, then, realizing how small it was, stared at it for a few moments. I remembered the creature drawing on Greg’s forehead and hoped it was burning in whatever hell had spawned it.

“You okay,” I asked, still not used to my voice. It wasn’t a helium squeak like Jason, but it was higher and lighter than I was used to.

“I…this is just…wow…” he said, his eyes wide as he reached over and tousled my hair. Despite the circumstances it felt good to have his hands on me again.

“What do you remember?”

He scrunched his enlarged brow. “We went looking for something? For…school? We went down to the tunnel and…and…” he trailed off, looking down at himself again. “I’m big!” He pawed at his beefy new chest and then kicked his legs over the side of the bed. I watched it bend under his weight as he stood and saw just how big he really was. I knew from looking at his chart that he’d grown to 6’4” and was just over three hundred pounds. He’d been 5’10” and 180. Now that lean body was gone, replaced by a wide, thick frame. The gown left his back totally exposed and I could see his mammoth, solid ass almost at eye level.

Unperturbed by his exposed backside, Greg lumbered over to the mirror and stared at his reflection with a confused look. He poked at his altered face. “Is that…I look funny!” Almost absentmindedly he shrugged off his gown and stared at his thick new body. He flexed his arms and puffed out his meaty chest until he finally looked at his crotch. He couldn’t actually see his tiny new dick over the lumpy mound of muscle that was his stomach, but he could see it in the mirror. “Aaaah! Where’d it…why’s it so small?!” He reached down and grabbed desperately at the nubbish package as if he could pull it back to size. “It shouldn’t be…it’s bigger! I…I shouldn’t be…” he trailed off, and I quickly saw why. He’d gone from grabbing at his shrunken little dick to tugging on it with a few thick fingers.

I couldn’t handle what I was seeing. Greg was standing in front of the open doorway totally naked and jerking himself off. My smart, handsome, hung friend had been turned into a tiny-dicked, idiot muscle god while I was a horse-hung little waif.

It had a sense of humor, Jason said.

“Hey, you’re up!” A young male nurse came in when he saw Greg’s hulking frame in the doorway. “We should probably cover you…oh! Uh, didn’t mean to interrupt…”

Greg turned and gave the nurse a broad smile, still tugging away. “Greg, hon,” It was the first time I called him that. It just came out. I walked over and put my hand on his to stop his tugging. “Let’s take a break from that, okay.”

His smile faded and he looked at his huge hands in horror. “Oh god…what was I…jesus…look at me…I didn’t mean to…” he paled and started shaking, a hint of awareness creeping back into his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay big guy, I’ve seen a lot worse working here. Let’s just get you covered back up, okay?” Greg nodded and let the nurse slide the gown back on as best he could.

That’s basically been the pattern ever since. We didn’t stay in the hospital much longer. They didn’t know what to do with us, so they dumped us back out here. No one knew what to do with us. Our families took it hard. They didn’t understand. How could they? We didn’t understand either. At first they fought with the hospitals, but when it became clear that this wasn’t reversible they just kind of gave up. Their all-American boys had been turned into a pair of freaks. Luckily Greg’s family had money enough to buy us a little house on a secluded chunk of land. Neighbors and Greg are an interesting mix nowadays. Every now and then we get family or one of the few friends that stuck with us coming out to visit, but for the most part they leave us alone. It’s for the best. Greg is the definition of a gentle giant, but I can barely keep him dressed. He says he doesn’t like the way clothes feel since everything is so tight on him. I’ll finally get him in a pair of sweatpants and a muscle shirt just to take my eyes off him for a second and find he’s stripped back down. He doesn’t care at all if people see him naked, but I can’t help but think about the old, modest Greg and how he’d feel if he knew what he was doing. I can usually at least get him to put on a pair of briefs if they’re the kind that don’t cover too much, but most of the time he runs around happily naked.

Which is also probably for the best, since clothes don’t slow him down much. When we have to go out in public I have to constantly watch to make sure he’s not sticking his hand down his pants. Like Jason, he’s insatiably horny. And honestly, so am I. I hate the sight of this tiny, weak little body, but it’s a chore for me to cover up most of the time too. And when I do, it doesn’t last long before this ridiculous cock of mine is aching to get out. Anymore, a slight breeze gets me hard. Greg’s stiff little rod is always rigid, but whatever else that creature did, he’s never happier than when I’m riding him. He bucks like a bronco. I always feel guilty, but I want it just as bad. That aching, desperate hunger for each other that we had in the cave never left. Just thinking about the big guy sends me over the edge. One upside to these little hands is that I can watch him writhe around on his back while I’ve got one buried inside him. The sight of his thick gut flexing while he arches his back and his little cock sprays is enough to make me cum on its own. And when we’re not doing that, he’d be happy to spend the rest of his time with my dick in his mouth. It’s like a comfort for him. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up with his lips wrapped around me while he’s still passed out. For my part, I can make him squeal by swallowing his entire little package. It may be small, but it’s sensitive. He still has flashes where he remembers how big it should be. I hate seeing him upset, so when that happens I always let him poke me with it. It’s too small to do much, but I put on a good show for him and he always ends up feeling better.

I also understand now what Jason meant when he mentioned the “things he’d done.” We’re not always enough for each other. Sometimes no matter how much we go at it, we can’t satisfy that hunger. We’ll go at it for hours and still feel like we haven’t fucked in weeks. Luckily there are a lot of guys out there willing to pay good money to top a tiny-dicked muscle man, or to get topped by a horse-hung little guy. It’s how we make ends meet. It’s not like we could do much else. I still think about what I should be doing. I was about to graduate with my MBA. I should be working in an office, not getting paid to fuck strangers who want something weird. But what else can we do? We had to quit school since Greg can barely complete a sentence now and I’m not much better. When everything was sucked out of me I think it jarred something in my brain. It’s taken six sittings just to get this all out and every time I’m more exhausted afterwards. It’s like I’m using up whatever’s left and soon I’m going to be like Greg. At this point I don’t know if I should be scared or relieved at the thought of being blissfully unaware most of the time.

The world doesn’t make sense anymore. If this could happen to us, what other supposedly impossible things can happen? I don’t know if that thing’s still out there, and I don’t know what it was trying to do in that cave. It was calling on something old and evil, and even if we stopped this one, who knows how many more are out there? I can’t think too much about it. I already have a hard enough time sleeping, and I’m tired. I’m going to go curl up under Greg’s arm and try and forget about all of this now. If you’re reading this, think twice about where you go exploring. And whatever you do, stay away from Black Brook road.

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