Catalyst [Part 11]

By M. Greene -
published August 25, 2017

More intrigue and a death in Venice

Venice, Serene Republic of Venice: 1575.

Cardinal Abramo Adamoli swallowed his wine down in one mouthful. So far, it had been a very trying day… “In the name of the Virgin, please stop your ceaseless pacing!”

Livia halted in the middle of the chamber and shook her fist at him. “It’s all very well for you to tell me not to worry; he’s not your twin brother!”

Abramo waddled over and tried to kiss her cheek, but she pushed him away impatiently. “He’s been gone since midnight,” she almost spat. “It is now past midday and you act as though there is nothing to be concerned about!”

“Calm down and have some wine,” Abramo said, keeping his voice level, although he was seething with anger inside. Who did this little peasant whore think she was? She was becoming both wilful and tiresome. Even if the boy did return, which he doubted would happen now, he had a good mind to dispose of them both. They knew far too much and could potentially threaten his career in the Church. They had definitely outlived their usefulness…

Although Abramo, with his well-honed diplomatic skills, appeared outwardly nonchalant about Fabio’s absence, he was also deeply concerned. The boy had set off just before Matins, the midnight prayer, so his calculation was that he should have returned by Lauds, about four hours later. It had now been half a day. If the Ottomans had killed him, then all well and good. However, if they had somehow caught him alive and had found out that he was acting on behalf of the Church… Abramo shuddered. The diplomatic implications of that were too serious to contemplate, let alone the damage it could do to his standing with the Holy Father. Clumsy or bungled assassination attempts were not appreciated in the Holy See…

Livia crossed to the sideboard and helped herself to a large goblet of wine. She felt in her bones that something dreadful had happened to Fabio. He had never been away on a job for so long. If the Turks had caught him applying poison to the envoy’s food, they would very likely have murdered him on the spot. Everyone knew that they were cruel and barbaric. They would have slaughtered him without a second thought and dumped his body into the canal… She glugged down some wine and tried to calm her shattered nerves, but it was no use. Another horrible thought had just flooded into her mind: they might have tortured him to extract the name of the person who sent him! She felt like crying. She could not bear the thought of life without Fabio. It would be as though half of herself had also died…

At that moment, the chamber door burst open. They both turned and saw Fabio standing before them. He looked somewhat dirty and dishevelled, but unharmed.

Livia ran across the room to embrace and kiss him. “Fabio! I was so worried…”

Even the cardinal smiled. “My boy! Our fervent prayers have been answered!”

While Fabio bathed and changed his clothes, Abramo called for more food and drink to be brought up to them. Half an hour later, they sat eating and drinking together in the warm late afternoon sun on the cardinal’s stone balcony overlooking the Grand Canal.

“So… Tell us… Was your mission a success?” Abramo asked, honouring Fabio by refilling his empty goblet himself.

Fabio nodded. “Yes; I poisoned their food as you instructed. Hopefully, by now, the envoy is dead.”

“And you went undetected?”

Fabio’s cheeks reddened slightly. “Of course… I know what I’m doing, you know…”

“In that case, what took you so long?” Livia asked.

Fabio shrugged. “On my way out, a servant suddenly appeared in the middle of my exit route. I had to hide from him in a storeroom.” He took a swig of his drink. “These Mohammedans always rise before dawn, so I was trapped then until the heat of noon when they all retire to rest.”

Livia pressed his hand. “I am just so thankful to have you back safely, brother…”

Much later on that evening, once the cardinal had enjoyed his usual sexual congress with Livia, he retired to his own private bed chamber in a state of high contentment and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. He slept so soundly that he did not hear the door slowly open, or detect soft footsteps moving towards his bed. He did open his eyes when the dagger blade smashed down between his ribs to pierce his heart, but, by then, he was already dead.

Livia jerked awake. It was still very dark outside; not yet dawn. By the light of the oil lamp she saw her brother rummaging around in their clothes chest, pulling out garments and stuffing them into a cloth sack. She sat up. “What on earth are you doing?”

“Packing,” Fabio replied over his shoulder. “Get up! You need to pack too. I’ve just killed old Abramo so we’ve got to get out of here immediately!”

“What? What do you mean?”

Fabio came and sat on the bed. He smoothed her long hair and kissed her tenderly on the lips. “Just trust me, sister, and do as I say. The cardinal is dead and they will know it was me who did it, so we need to get to a place of safety right away.”

“But… Why?”

“I will explain everything once we’re gone from this place.” He flashed her his most winning smile. “Let’s just say we’ve changed sides…”

“I don’t understand… You say you’ve killed Abramo?” Shivering with the horror of what he had just said, she shrank away from her brother.

Fabio climbed onto the bed and held her in his arms. He kissed her forehead. “You have to trust me… Yes I have killed him, but he was no good for us. He was an evil man. Our new friends are kind and good; you will see…”

“No; Abramo was our friend and benefactor. Everything we have now is due to him.” She shook her head. She could still sense the cardinal’s sperm deep inside her. Although old, ugly and obese, he had been a gentle lover… “I cannot believe you have done this. You must have gone mad…”

Sometimes words just tangled people up more than was necessary, Fabio thought, kissing his sister on the mouth in the old intimate way they had shared for so many years. He knew she could not resist that. He sensed her relax slightly and pushed his tongue between her lips. She had always been hot for him; he was her male mirror and she was his female one and they both knew it. Gently, he slid up her silk negligee and pressed his hard cock between her legs. Probing with his fingers, he felt her moistness. “You’re so hot for me, aren’t you?”

She could not help it… “Yes…” She let out a slight whimper as his stiff manhood entered her. He was her brother, her soulmate and her lover. It was only natural; they were both so similar; so young and beautiful…

Fabio began to thrust away, not noticing the silver gradually spreading from his loins to hers…

Jamal obediently parted his lips and accepted another spoonful of honey from his master. He looked up into Selim’s emerald eyes and saw the deep, unconditional love that shone in them. Since the stabbing, his master had been so caring and kind… He still felt very weak, but that was only to be expected in the circumstances. Luckily, the main artery in his leg had not been severed and the second blow had just missed his heart. He had lost a lot of blood, but the bleeding had now stopped and Nazir thought that he would eventually make a good recovery. He just needed to rest for a few days. It was so fortunate that Nazir had suddenly appeared in their midst. He swallowed the honey and opened his mouth to take another spoonful. Nazir said that the sweetness would give him energy and his master had been diligently feeding him with it since.

Jamal knew that, due to the extreme love he felt for him, his Master had totally panicked when he had been wounded. He might have died if Nazir had not arrived in time. It was clever and level-headed Nazir who had insisted on them merging together immediately to stop the bleeding and banish the feelings of loneliness and separation that had been debilitating all three of them for months. He sighed. Now it was four of them, of course… Fabio was now a brother of the stone too. He hadn’t wanted it to happen, but when the blade of that dagger had plunged into his chest, he had instinctively liquefied and the stone had immediately absorbed the Italian youth into their fold. He could still see the look of surprise on the handsome assassin’s face as the silver began rushing up the very arm that brandished the murderous weapon…

Nazir patted Selim on the shoulder. “I think that’s enough honey for now, my friend…” He lifted the sheets and checked the bandages wrapped around Jamal’s chest and thigh. “Good; the bleeding has stopped, so I do not need to change the dressings for now.” He gently smoothed a lock of hair from Jamal’s forehead. “You need to sleep now and recover your strength. Hopefully the draught I gave you will have made you nice and drowsy.”

Jamal nodded and smiled sleepily. Within a few seconds he was in dreamland.

“Excellent…” Nazir turned to Selim and gave him an affectionate hug. “Don’t look so worried, brother. The danger is now past. He is strong and will soon make a complete recovery.”

“Thank you,” Selim said. His eyes were full of tears. “I cannot thank you enough, Nazir. It was such a blessing that you were transported here in the way you were.” Their recent merging had immediately updated all of them with everything they had each experienced since their parting in Istanbul four months before. “Do you think that you can repeat the deed? To travel so many miles in an instant like that is a useful miracle.”

Nazir shook his head. “I am not sure. I was not thinking coherently at the time it happened. I just felt pain and blind panic. I knew that it was imperative that I was with you immediately and then I was.” He shrugged. “I can’t explain it; it just happened.”

“You saved Jamal’s life and for that I will always love you.”

Nazir kissed Selim’s cheek. “I know, brother. I know.” He laughed, thinking back to how he had abruptly been translated, completely naked, from his cabin to this chamber. He was presently wearing one of Selim’s robes. “Hopefully the ship I was travelling in will have docked by tomorrow. Someone needs to go and retrieve my possessions. They will likely think that I threw myself overboard in a fit of insanity, so, if I suddenly appear to claim my property, they will accuse me of witchcraft.”

“I will go myself to get your things; do not concern yourself about it.”

“It is very important, Selim; there is a locked chest in my cabin containing a thousand Venetian ducats and my best robes have promissory notes from the Medici worth three times that sewn into them. You must get them back!”

Selim nodded. “Do not worry; the ship is a Turkish vessel and they will bow to my authority. You will not lose your inheritance.”

Nazir walked over to the sideboard and lifted the silver cover from the food dish. “This chicken looks excellent; I’m absolutely ravenous.” He picked up one of the legs and examined it. “Such a pity it is liberally smeared with aconite and arsenic…” He dropped the leg back onto the plate.

“Courtesy of the good cardinal,” Selim said. “Hopefully Fabio will have killed him by now…”

“Hmm… Our new ‘brother’ Fabio…” Nazir shook his head. “This is an unfortunate development…”

Selim nodded. “I realise that… Jamal cannot be blamed, however; he could not help it.”

“Yes, and I do sympathise, but still…”

Selim sighed. “I know… I know…”

“I cannot be helped, brother; what is done is done and we will have to live as four rather than three. Although he is a little violent for my tastes, he is not such a bad lad, really and he does have certain talents that may prove useful to us.”

“Yes…” Selim agreed. “I just hope that he has obeyed instructions and neutralised the cardinal. Then we can be on our way to Paris…”

“Paris?” Nazir grinned. “I have always wanted to go there. It houses one of the finest universities in all Europe…”

“Paris and then London,” Selim said. “While you were ministering to Jamal, I opened the second packet of coded orders. The Valide Sultan wishes us to visit her ‘dearest friend and sister’, Queen Elizabeth Tudor.”

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