SLAVERY: 2212. PARTS 1-4.

By The Slaver.
published February 27, 2011
9699 words

A would be dictator uses mind control and slaver to his own ends.



  1. Senator Russell and Valance.

LONDON 2212:

The party was one of the dullest that senator Russell had been to in a long time, he so just wanted to leave and plot his next step to total control of the U.F.H government of which he had just been elected. At twenty-five Russell was the youngest person ever to be elected to government, and that of senator on the ruling council. Russell now held the post of senator for home affairs. But that was all it was a name. The real power lay with the Council of five at the UN. After the brake down of all governments, caused by global warming, war and recession the UN had taken total control. Slowly over time, new governments and power blocks were formed and took general control, but in the end the power still lay with the UN. Russell however had his sights on total power; he wanted to be world dictator at the very lest, and even dictator of the mars colonies, of New England and Budapest Gamma.

Senator Russell stood just under 5/7; his body was trim and tightly packed, his robes of office fitted his body perfectly. His dirty blond hair was tied into a ponytail, his facial hair neatly trimmed. At this moment he was standing looking at the flag of the U.F.H Government, which hung on the wall in front of him. The flag was made up from the three flag of the three countries in this government. Which where; the U.K. France and Hungary. The party was being held in Government House, which many years ago had been called the Post Office Tower; Westminster had long ago been flooded by the Thames.

Russell turned and looked across the room, hoping to caught the eye of his bodyguard, Valance. Russell’s eyes travelled around the room to the corner where the bodyguards stood waiting, but strangely Valance wasn’t there. Like all the bodyguards of the time, Valance was a member of the Security Order. All guards were at lest 6/2 in height, powerfully built and bold-headed. Their tight black uniforms hugged their powerful bodies. It was not like Valance to leave with out him.

“Senator Russell, so good to meet you at last.” Said a deep booming voice behind Russell. Russell turned to see who had spoke, his jaw dropped. Standing in front of him was The Addocatt, who was second only to the Prime Minister. Russell closed his mouth, and bowed his head. “Addocatt.” Russell said, through gritted teeth. He and The Addocatt had been friends at school together, but had fallen out. Neither man had spoken to each other in years. Russell raised his head, many of the other senator and their bodyguards had left the room. Only three senators and The Addocatt were left in the room, a group of men dressed in what looked like rubber entered the room, and moved towards Russell. Before Russell knew it, the men had grabbed him, and were pinning his arms behind his back. The Addocatt was unrolling what looked like a scroll, and read from it. “David Russell, you have been found guilt of treason against The U.F.H government and UN. You are there for sentenced to 35 years slavery without parole, under the London—Boston Slavery Act of 2107, the New York—Cardiff Slavery Act of 2109 and the Treason Act of The U.K / UN 2105. You are also sentenced to additional 15 years slavery under said acts for you part in the death of Senator Peel. There is no appeal. Sentence is to be carried out at once.” Russell was thrown on too an upright trolley, strapped onto it, a cock gag thrust into his mouth and tied in place and then wheeled away. The Addocatt and the group of men followed behind.

While he was being wheeled away, Russell tried to work out how The Advocate had found out about his plotting and his part in Senator Peel’s death. Russell didn’t know it, or more accurately had no memory of his meetings with The Addocatt. In which The Addocatt had planted hypnotic suggestions deep in Russell’s subconscious. Also The Addocatt had learned all about Russell’s plans while he had been planting the suggestions. The Addocatt had plans of his own for world domination, and this snotty nosed punk was not going to spoil them. “Mom…Mmmmm” Cried Russell, into the gag. “Mom…Mmmm” Russell cried a second time, trying to make himself understood.

“Now, in a moment we will have a long talk about your new life. But first, I want you just to listen to me count back from nine to one.” Stated The Addocatt, more cries of ‘Mom’ came from Russell. The Addocatt just waved his hand for silence, and started to count.


Oh, yes, Russell remembered now those nice long polite talks the two men had had.


What had he been told? Oh yes, all he was to do was listen as the numbers were counted back.


A great tiredness came over Russell


He so wanted a good rest.


No make that a long nap.


Yes, a long nap with his head in The Addoctt’s Lap.


I can trust The Addocatt; I can trust him in every thing. He is an honest man.


Yes, he would sleep. The Addocatt would look after him.


Russell’s head slumped forwards onto his chest, muffled sounds of deep, relaxed breathing could be heard. “Guess you won’t be ruling the world any day soon, punk.” Grinned The Addocatt patting Russell’s firm chest, he nods his head. The gag was removed, and Russell untied. He remains standing, head on his chest. "Do you remember that warm, happy feeling you get when in my, or chosen men’s presents. Russell nodded his head. “Speak boy.” Snapped The Addocatt. “Yes, Sir.” Came the slurred monotonic reply. A huge grin spread across The Addocatt’s face. He continued speaking, his voice now almost a deep controlling whisper. “What must be done, so you can have that warm, happy feeling?”

“I must be totally naked, my hands clasped behind my head. I must allow you and the chosen ones to touch my body, or you, only you to jerk my tiny cock. I must not cum.” The Addocatt nearly fell to his knees with joy. Russell’s mind was totally fucked, not much more was needed to push him over the edge. “Well boy, why are you still dressed?” Said The Addocatt. “Strip, and get those hands clasped behind that head of yours.” On hearing those words, Russell started to peel off his robes of office, after tonight he would have no use for them ever again. The Addocatt watch as Russell striped, The Addocatt slid a hand into his tight pants and started gently rubbing his cock. Russell finished stripping, and stood with his legs slightly apart, hands clasped behind his head. The Addocatt pulled his hand out of his pants. He lent forwards and grabbed Russell member firmly, and started stroking it expertly. The only response from Russell was a, “Mmm..” of approval. To Russell the hand felt, warm, strong, larger and better than anything he, or any woman could do. The hand speeded up slightly, a strange feeling of comfort and strange sensations washed over Russell. The Addocatt knew Russell was close, he let go of Russell’s member and moved in for the kill. He dropped his own pants and shorts, and jerked his own member to an erection. Russell was then ordered to kneel in front of him.

Russell fell to his knees in front of The Addocatt, all docile, and a vacant smile on his face. The Addocatt orders Russell to take his member in his mouth and taste it . Russell had never sucked cock before tonight. Russell’s lips parted around the head of The Addocatt’s bulging, throbbing member. Moist and wet, the lips took all The Addocatt’s cock, willingly. Within a few seconds the once arrogant straight Russell, began giving his first blow job. Russell’s head bobbed up and down excitedly on The Addocatt’s throbbing member. Russell’s mouth was warm and wet; he licked and slurped on The Addocatt’s member with delight. Russell succeeds in sucking The Addocatt until he was hard and dazed with pleasure. The Addocatt was now weak from the pleasure he was getting from Russell’s mouth. The Addocatt can hold back no longer. The Addocatt pushed Russell’s head down on his cock even harder and deeper. The Addocatt shouted, and pumped load after load of delicious hot salty man-milk into Russell’s waiting mouth, who gobbled up all that The Addocatt pumped out, eagerly. The sheer explosion of cum in his mouth, blow any trace of will power that Russell may have still had, away. The Addocatt pulled his used cock out of Russell’s mouth. In the glow of the aftermath of his first ever blow job, and the gobbling down of load after load of man-milk Russell just kneel quietly on the floor, an vacant expression on his face, waiting. The Addocatt stepped aside, suddenly load after load of cum shot from all sides, as all but one of the guys in rubber shot cum shots straight onto Russell’s face. The room was soon filled with the grunts and groans of men beating their cock. By the time they had finished, Russell’s face was covered in cum.

The One guy who had not shot his load walked up to Russell, he stroked Russell’s check, before sliding his fat wide throbbing cock into Russell’s watering mouth. Russell was soon excitedly once again enjoying the sheer texture and delicate taste of man cock, his head once again bobbing up and down over a man’s massif member. As he worked on the cock, Russell inhaled the musky smell of the guy’s crouch, the sweet yet sour smell seemed to fill his head. Leaving only room for the thought that he (Russell) must always serve cock, that was what he lived for. After a short time just like The Addocatt, the guy pressed Russell’s head further, and harder down his member, before shouting and pumping load after load of man-milk into Russell. This was followed by more cum shots over Russell’s cum stained face

Russell was told to lay down, on his back, with his legs spread wide open. Russell did as he was told; The Addocatt stepped between Russell’s spread legs. The Addocatt then thrust two of his fingers into Russell’s butt, and started working them in deeper. Russell let out a low animal cry, and pushed his butt back onto the invading fingers. The Addocatt then pushed a third finger into Russell’s butt causing even more low animal like cries, The Addocatt’s three fingers were quickly followed by a fourth finger. The four fingers worked there way in and out of Russell’s butt; the low animal moans from Russell were now replaced by even louder cries for more. Suddenly, The Addocatt tucked his thumb underneath his fingers, and slammed his whole hand into Russell’s butt. Russell shrieked out loud as he felt his butt stretched wide open, as The Addocatt’s fist penetrated. Russell’s whole body shock, Russell’s butt snap shut around The Addocatt’s wrist, so his wrists become firmly lodged in Russell’s butt. More cum shots hit Russell’s face, low grunts could be heard from the men. The Addocatt started a slow punch fuck of Russell’s butt, with each thrust; he manages to slide more of his hand and arm into Russell’s once tight virgin, but now gapping butt. Russell moaned out, loudly. The Addocatt have by now got his arm into Russell’s butt up to his elbow; Russell stopped moaning, and started whimpering in pleasure, as The Addocatt start a steady fucking of his butt. More and more arm was worked into Russell’s butt. Soon, The Addocatt had a steady stroke going. The Addocatt hit those magic spots, deep inside of Russell’s butt. Russell’s cock twitched, and he felt his balls tighten, and twitched again. Russell so wanted to blow his load; and have an orgasm. But he was a slave now, he no longer had the right to cum freely, without being told he could. The pleasure he was feeling felt like it would blow his mind. The Addocatt pulled his arm out of Russell, with a pop.

Russell lay still on the floor his erection sticking straight up, bobbing slightly. His expression had now softened even more his eyes had glazed over, again. Russell had now become even more submissive, pliable, and trusting. He was now a totally mindless slave, an automaton, ready to do what ever he was told to do. “One last thing, and you will be ready to start your sentence. But first, I had something to show you.” Said The Addocatt. He reached down, and grabbed Russell’s erect member, and pulled him to his feet by it. The Addocatt pulled Russell across the room be his erect member. They stopped by a door, which The Addocatt open. The room was dimly light, Russell barely recognised it as his own office. And down on all fours, in the middle of the room, with sweat dripping from his body, was Valance. The tall lean, fair headed figure of The Addocatt’s P.A was leaning onto Valance’s back, one of his hands was gripping one of Valance’s shoulders, the P.A’s other hand and arm were embedded deep inside of Valance’s butt. While, The Addocatt’s black bodyguard’s member was most definitely embedded deep down Valance’s throat. Valance’s head bobbed greedily, up and down the member.

The P.A , without stopping his fist fucking of Valence spoke. “This guy had attitude to his life long slavery sentence. He was also arrogant, racist and hated gays. But that is all sorted now.” He nodded towards the bodyguard, who smiled back while still humping Valance. As the P.A was talking he speeded up, and slowed down pushing his fist in Valance. The bodyguard ached his back, let out a loud groan, and cum. Valance swallowed it all. “Yes, all sorted now, I’m going to serve my sentence like the good slave I am” Said Valance in a slow slurred voice. His I.Q having been lowered some what also, as would Russell’s. Russell was pushed down into the same position as Valance, all fours in the middle of the room. Soon both men were being fisted, and members stuck down their throats. After some time fists and members were pulled out, and Russell and Valance were left alone, on all fours in the room.

Russell and Valance were still on all four in the room; when The Addocatt and his P.A walked back into the room. The Addocatt and his bodyguard were now only wearing black, thigh high rubber boots. The bases of butt-plugs could be seen between the cheeks of the two men’s butts, which had been placed there just before the room had emptied. The Addocatt told the two men to clean the rubber boots, with their tongues. Both, Russell and Valance stuck out their tongues, and leaning forwards, both started to lick the toe of one of the boots in front of them. They run their tongues from side to side, of the toecaps of the rubber boots. As they licked the boots, Russell and Valance inhaled the potent scent of the supple, rubber. Greedy for more rubber, the men made their way, to the ankle and heel of the boots. Both Russell and Valance were starting to enjoy the supple rubber on their tongues; they started to rub their erect rods on a rubber boot, while still licking the other boot. Totally loosing control both, Russell and Valance started fucking the other boots with their erect rods, just like dogs in heat. Feeling the soft suppleness of the boots under their erections, as Russell and Valance fucked them, the men felt an overwhelming pressure build in their balls. “Cum, Once!” Said The Addocatt. With loud shuddering groans, Russell and Valance humped the boots faster, and faster, before cumming and covered the boots in their hot creamy man-juice. Both, Russell and Valance had a look of bliss and ecstasy on their face. The P.A pointed to the cum covered boots, and ordered Valence and Russell to clean up the mess they had made. The two men nodded, and proceeded to lick the cum covered boots clean, both men then swallowed the cum they’d licked up. Both men were so turned on by now, but till they were aloud to cum again they would have no choice but to wait. The Addocatt had the two men lead from the room, on all fours’, with collars and leads around their necks.

Russell and Valance were now standing, tied to dollies, looking straight ahead, waiting. The Addocatt walked into view, he was holding another scroll, from which he read: " David Russell, Bodyguard Valance you both had been found guilty of all crime, and thus sentenced. Before your slavery teams are carried out, one last sentence must be imposed. You both are to be ‘MILKED’ dry, while this is happening your ‘SPERM’ will be collected, frozen and stored. Said ‘SPERM’ will be used for reproduction with ‘CONTROLED’ females, so your sentences of slavery will be extended for Rape. The ‘MILKING’ will happen once a year, for the first ten years. After which you will be castrated. From now on you will only answer to F.S 5678/90 & F.S 5678/91. Do you both understand?" Both men slowly nodded. The F.S stood for Fist Slave. The Addocatt clicked his fingers, his P.A and bodyguard walked in, both men were now carrying glass containers on the end of which was rubber gaskets. Now wearing latex gloves the two men slid the containers and gaskets onto Russell and Valance’s hard penis. With a nod from The Addocatt, the two men began massaging Russell and Valance’s penis. The Addocatt had given the order that allowed Russell and Valance to cum awhile ago. So both of them were soon crying out as they neared orgasm. Both the P.A and Bodyguard had become expert in cock milking and massaging, the yells from the two men become louder. Valance come first, he orgasmed seven times, shooting five loads of his man juice into the container. Next, Russell cum, he also orgasmed seven times, but only managed four loads of man juice. The Addocat then gave orders that Russell and Valance should be put into their rubber slave’s uniform and transported to The Masters to start they sentences.

The sun shone in through the window of The Addocatt’s office. He was reading the morning paper.

SENATOR RUSSELL & BODYGUARD MISSING: Car found near flooded section of Thames. No sign of Senator or his Bodyguard, Valance. Police investigating, foal play by Senator Russell may be behind this vanishing said police chef. The Addocatt has sent messages from the government to both men’s families.

The Addocatt put down his paper and looked up. Anyone who got in his way would be removed. His corruption of the Slavery laws had meant that all who had so far stood in his way, where now slaves. A few where just slave working on the Dartmoor food farms. But most were now F.S, Fist Slaves providing Oral Sex, and having a great need to be fisted. Most men would not make it to the end of their sentence. And those that did would find that while they were ‘missing’ they had gained slavery sentences for children they never knew they had, out of wedlock. The Addocatt pulled a pile of papers toward him, and started to work. So much to do, before he could rule the world.

  1. P.A. Aaron.

The Addocat sat in his office watching a small computer screen; the screen was split into two. On the top half of the screen was a figure hidden in shadow. On the bottom half of the screen was the face The Addocatt’s P.A Skip Aaron. The Addocatt turned off the Computer. He had spent the last hour watching and rewatching the report that Aaron had sent to his Masters. The Addocatt was always going to remove Aaron; he wasn’t going to share power with any one. But the fact that Aaron was sending reports about him meant that Aaron’s removal was going to be brought forwards. The Addocatt pushed a button on his desk. “Ixta, it seems that Aaron’s removal has been brought forwards, some what. Prepare the Training Room, your Slave Training skills are needed.” The Addocatt lay back in his chair, and smiled. He then reached forward to make another call.

Aaron knocked on the Addocatt’s office door and waited for a reply. It was late into the night and Aaron had just been about to go home, when he received a call from The Addocatt. He heard a call of ‘come’ from The Addocatt. Aaron entered the room. Ixta was astride Aaron from behind the door and clamped Aaron’s right arm in a tight half-nelson hold, leaving Aaron powerless to do anything. At the same time Ixta rammed his left thumb into the pressure point behind Aaron’s left ear. For a few seconds Aaron thrashed vainly around with his left arm to disengage Ixta’s thumb, and then suddenly he went limp. Ixta released Aaron and he slumped to the ground. Ixta picked up the limp Aaron, and carried him from the room, down to the Training Room. The Addocatt followed behind.

In the Training Room Aaron was placed on an examination table; his robes of office were roughly removed. Then his upper body was tightly secured to the table, as were his wrists. The back portion of the examination table was cranked up, raising Aaron’s body up. Next Aaron’s legs were raised up into the air, his feet were placed into stirrups, and strong rubber supports were placed behind each of his knee joints, holding them fast in the stirrups. Aaron’s butt-cheeks slid near to the table edge. While Aaron was being strapped to the table, he came round. He screamed to be released, pulled at his bonds and swore at The Addocatt. The Addocatt walked slowly over to Aaron, who lay bound to the examination table. The Addocatt pulled out a scroll, and started to read: "Skip Aaron, you are charged that for the time that you worked as private assistant to The Addocatt, you were in the employ of The Australian Foasasi Criminal Lodge. There for you are sentenced to life long Private Slavery under The Slavery/ defence of Nation act of 2099. Aaron had by now stopped pulling against the restraints holding him to the table. But he still shouted at The Addocatt. He took no notice. “You fucking know, that’s why you gave me the job, so that the Lodge could help you in your plans. And we got most of the slaves you created, from the people who got in your way, as well as a share of you world power.” Aaron stopped short, that was the reason why he was now here. He himself was seen as a fret by The Addocatt. And The Addocatt was going to remove it. The Addocatt would never share power. “If I vanish, or turn up in an Slave auction. The Foasai will know something is wrong. Other members will come seeking revenge.” Spat Aaron, still pulling on the bonds restraining him.

“Who said anything about you vanishing, or an auction?” asked The Addocatt. “Private Slavery means that the person gets ‘trained’. After which, no one would ever know that that person was under a slavery sentence. So after your training, I will be your permanent Master. You will of cause have no free will of your own when in my presents. But outside in public, even with me you will appear normal.” Aaron looked hard at The Addocatt, and he knew that he was in big trouble. “You will of cause still send those secret messages to your section lodge back home, but I’ll by writing them.” Aaron’s heat sunk even deeper, he was going into a life long sentence of Slavery, and there was nothing it seemed he could do about it. “You know Ixta, my personal bodyguard. But what you won’t know is that he is also an exhalent slave Trainer.” Stated The Addocatt, Clicking his fingers. Ixta stepped into the light, and walked over to the table Aaron was restrained on.

From a trolley next to the table Ixta picked up a latex glove. Aaron flinched and swore as Ixta snapped on the glove. Then, Ixta smeared KY jelly onto his gloved finger, and stepping to the bottom of the table started to gentle tickle and stroke Aaron’s anus; he cried out in protected, and pulled harder on the restraints as his member began to swell. Ixta slowly, and gentle goosed his finger into Aaron’s rectum, Ixta found that his finger entered Aaron’s rectum easily, Ixta worked his finger in and out of Aaron, Ixta brushed Aaron’s prostrate. At once Aaron’s cock became erect and throbbing, the head of his penis deepened in colour. Ixta moved his finger around faster in Aaron’s rectum. Suddenly Ixta pulled his finger out of the Aaron’s rectum. Ixta then took Aaron’s penis in his hand, and began gently to manipulate it, which made Aaron even more hot and horny. Aaron moaned, and thrust his hips in time with Ixta’s strokes on his cock. Aaron so badly wanted to cum, needed to cum, that he did not hear all that The Addocatt was saying. “… Under said act the Slave is to be milked dry, their sperm to be frozen and stored.” The Addocatt was now standing next to the table, he rolled up the scroll, and looked down at Aaron. suddenly, it dawned on Aaron what The Addocatt had said, but Ixta’s massaged of his member was driving him wild. Ixta suddenly let go of Aaron’s penis, Aaron had been stroked to an erection, and he was horny as hell, and so needed to cum. Ixta placed headphone attached to an M.P.3 player on Aaron’s head.

Ixta then picked up a clear, plastic cylinder from the same trolley. Inside the cylinder here appeared to be a flesh-coloured pocket, a clear plastic tube attached the cylinder to a machine on the bottom shelf of the trolley. Ixta squeezed KY jelly into the orifice inside the cylinder; the machine was turn on, a loud, wet slurping sound could be heard. Ixta then gently introduced Aaron’s rock hard, erect penis into the sucking orifice of the clear cylinder. The latex orifice of the cylinder wetly caressed Aaron’s hard penis. On the first intake three quarters the length of the Aaron’s cock was swallowed by the cylinder, on the second intake the cylinder sunk down to Aaron’s balls. The latex lining slide, back up Aaron’s penis shaft, and then back down. After that each intake took Aaron near orgasm. Ixta pulled a metal frame over to the table, from it hung two V.I. bags. Ixta pushed the needles of the IVs into one of Aaron’s arm. Every 30 seconds, a set amount of drugs would now enter Aaron’s system, weakening his resistance. Ixta switched on the M.P.3 player. The ingenious machine attached to Aaron’s penis speeded up its sucking, squeals and exclamations could be heard, as Aaron reached a point beyond orgasm. But still he was not aloud to cum. Agonising wails come from Aaron as the drugs took hold, and he was finally aloud to cum. The orgasm blow his mind, he was now so high on the drugs in his body and the after glow of orgasm that he have no resistance left to fight the programming entering his brain, from the M.P.3 player.

The machines slowed down slightly, bringing Aaron near to another climax, but once again he was not permitted to cum. The machine held him on the brink of orgasm for what seemed like hours. All the time a new sexual slavery program pored into his head. Finally he was aloud to cum. By this time, it could be seen that the mind conditioning was taking hold. He had stopped crying out, and his eyes had glazed over. It seemed like the lights were on, but there was no one home. The machine brought Aaron to three more orgasms before he was milked dry, and he finally fell into oblivion. The conditioning programming still filled his brain. When the dazed Aaron finally regained consciousness, he had no memory of what had happened to him, or were he was.

Aaron instinctively tried to move but discovered that he could not move his hands, arms, legs or feet. His ability to move his torsos seemed to be inhibited by a strong, tight fitting rubber suit. The suit was fixed to a metal X-frame, in some way, which seemed to stop any movement. While trying to move, Aaron could feel that the cylinder attached to the machine was still attached to his member, which now pocked through a hole in the front of the rubber suit. The machine was on, but not working on his member. Also the I.V. s were still in his arm. The Addocatt stepped into view and smile, he walked around the bound Aaron. Aaron could not follow The Addocatt as he moved round him, his head was bound tightly to the frame. Suddenly Aaron felt an intrusion inside his anal hole, a feeling of pain that made him wince at the sensation of The Addocatt’s fingers reaching into sexual places in his anal hole he’d never knew existed before now. The pain heightened as The Addocatt worked in more of his fingers, however the pain was placated somewhat as the cylinder started sucking and slurping on his member again. The Addocatt worked more and more of his fingers, and then his fist into Aaron. This double attack on his body sent Aaron wild, he thrust about on the X-frame, moaning loudly. His body inside the tight rubber suit was covered in sweat.

All the time stronger drugs were being pumped into him. Still thrusting his fist in, and out of Aaron, The Addocat whispered into Aaron’s ear. How good it is to be in his power, and under his total control. And that he should / must obey. The Addocat works a little longer on Aaron’s arse and whispering in his ear. Aaron was let down from the X-frame, the I.V was removed. Aaron fell onto his knees in front of The Addocatt, all docile like, with a vacant smile on his face.

The Addocatt orders Aaron to suck his cock. Aaron leans forwards, and opens The Addocatt’s flies, releasing a massif hard cock. Aaron then, takes The Addocatt’s cock into his mouth; Aaron had never sucked cock before. Aaron’s mouth was warm and wet; he succeeds in sucking The Addocatt until he was hard and dazed with pleasure. The Addocatt was weak from the pleasure he was getting from Aaron’s mouth. Aaron’s head popped up and down excitedly over The Addocatt’s member, licking and slurping on it with delight. Aaron sucked harder and eagerly on the cock in his mouth. The Addocatt could hold back no longer, he pressed Aaron’s head down even further and harder on his cock. The Addocatt let out a loud moan of pleasure, and pumped load after load of his man-milk into Aaron’s waiting mouth. The Addocatt fill Aaron’s mouth and throat with his hot man-milk, Aaron gobbled it down, eagerly. After The Addocatt pulled his used cock out of Aaron, Aaron stayed kneeling quietly on the floor, with an eager look on his face, waiting. The Addocatt wiped his cock, and zipped up his flies. “Come bitch, Ixta has you final training, ready for you.” Said The Addocatt. Aaron went to stand up, but was pushed back down again. “No bitch.” The Addocatt said sternly, he then led Aaron across the room on his hands & knees. When they reached the far side of the room, The Addocatt pushed open a door. Aaron looked up, and into the room. He did not have time to take in what he saw. Ixta stepped in front of him, and everything went black.

Aaron’s eyes opened, he was lying on the floor, but his legs were raised into the air, by metal restraints fixed to the floor, his arms where also held down. The same plastic cylinder as before was again on his sore member. He could hear a machine running, but it wasn’t the one connected to the tube. Suddenly Aaron felt the tube come to life, that the same moment he felt what must have been a large hard rubber dildo, work it’s way into his butt, and begin to thrust in, and out, roughly. Aaron moaned loudly in sexual heat. Aaron’s now fucked brain could not stop the sexual feelings flooding his body. The machine working on Aaron’s butt was a BUTTBUSTER, an electronic fuck machine that would work on Aaron’s butt-hole constantly, and without ceasing, and without fatigue. Aaron, now without any mental resistance at all was now being trained to respond to, and long for ANAL STIMULATION. Aaron felt his cock start to throb, as the thrusting dildo hit his prostate. Aaron let out a cry like a wild beast as his nearly spent member shot a small amount of cum, which was sucked up by the cylinder. More loud cries were heard as the dildo brushed that magic spot deep inside Aaron. The BUTTBUSTER would simply continued, until it was stopped, unlike a human that tired, or needed a break, the machine would simply carry on. After what seemed like hours on the machine, but was only 3/4 of an hour Aaron past out, his training now completed.

Aaron looked at himself in the mirror on his new office wall. The light from the windows shone on his now completely shaved head, there was a slight red rash on his face were his beard had once been. His new office was just like his old one, but for the fact that the chair behind his desk was lower than a normal one. For in the middle of this chair was a massif fist shaped dildo. Aaron turned from the mirror, he then walked over to the dildo, and squatted over it. And then very slowly he lowered himself onto the massif dildo. Then in a great thrust he slid down onto the dildo. As the dildo entered, fully, Aaron felt a brief blast of pain that shot up his spine. Aaron found that he could not control his legs, but he did not mind. His leg relaxed and he sank all the way down the impaling dildo. His lips curled into a tight smirk as the massif dildo fill his anal cavity to its limit. As the dildo hit the man’s prostates, his balls flashed and twitched. Aaron felt the telltale fullness that said he was full. He then pulled the pile of papers towards him, and started work.

  1. Norton The Bodyguard.

Norton, Aaron’s bodyguard was worried. He could not place it, or put his finger on it. But his boss Skip Aaron had changed. The one noticeable thing was that he had stopped screwing any woman that even just looked at him.

When Norton got the e-mail, saying that if he went to an old disused warehouse, he would lean all he wanted to know. Norton knew that it was probable a trap, but still he went any way. So Norton found himself, in the dead of night in an old warehouse, waiting for some unknown person to turn up. Norton walked around the warehouse, to keep warm in the cool night air.

Suddenly there was a hissing sound, and Norton felt a prick in his neck. “What the Fuck.” He cried. “You’ve been shot with a knock out dart. Which you can’t fight.” Said a voice from the darkness. Norton knew that he needed to get away, but the dart was taking hold. Norton fell to his knees, the room was spinning round. Shortly after that he was out cold.

Later, Norton struggled back to consciousness. He found that his arms were tied to a metal crossbeam above his head. His arms and shoulders ache from the position they were bound in. His legs were likewise tied to a metal pole that kept them spread apart. He was essentially held in a painful X position.

“You’re awake, my friend.” Said The Addocatt walking into the room, followed by Ixta. The Addocat walked over to Norton and began to slowly fondle the young man’s body. First The Addocat felt Norton’s chest and neck, then his shoulders and arms, and finally fondled his crutch. “You have a very impressive body.” Said The Addocat “Get your hands off me, you perv!” yelled the bound guy thrashing about in his restraints. The Addocat with out warning, punched Norton in the kidneys. “UGH” cries the startled Norton, gasping for breath. Norton was punched in the kidneys again; he let out another cry. The Addocat unrolled a scroll and read from it. “Jay Norton, you are here by sentenced to life long slavery under the Anti-terror acts of 2008, 2107 & 2219. Sentence is to be carried out at once.” Norton started shouting, and screaming that this was not right. The Addocat took no notice.

Ixta wheeled a cart loaded with a large silver cylinder with an anaesthesia mask attached over to the bound bodyguard. “No, you can’t. It’s not right. I’ll never become a slave. Never.” Screamed Norton. Ixta picked up the anaesthesia mask, and placed it over Norton’s mouth and nose, which moved his head back and forth to dislodge the anaesthesia mask, but to no avail. The flow of gas is turned on. Norton fell into oblivion.

Norton woke to slaps around his face; he was still tied to the frame. He shook his head to clear it. In front of him was a large screen, The Addocatt and Ixta both stood next to the frame. Norton’s eyes widened with shock when he saw Ixta was holding a large hypodermic in his hand, he stepped closer. A big smirk on his face. The Addocatt reached forwards and opened the front of Norton’s tight pants, and grabs Norton’s rod. Holding it tightly in one hand, The Addocatt began to stroke Norton to rigidity. Norton cried out, as his rod responds immediately to The Addocatt’s expert stimulation. The Addocatt increased his pumping of Norton’s rod. Norton moaned loudly, suddenly he erupted a geyser of cum. “Good.” Said The Addocatt. “It’s time now for your final Training.”

The Addocatt nods his head. Ixta moved nearer to Norton, he injected the hypodermic straight into Norton’s spent rod. Who cries out as he felt the sharp pain of the needle going into his rod, and the burning feeling of the drugs entering his rod. Norton grits his teeth and swears that he’ll never become a sex slave. The Addocatt turns on the screen, a deep yellow spiral starts to spin on the screen. Norton’s eyes are pulled to the spinning spiral he tries to look away, but his eyes are pulled back onto the screen.

Norton’s body becomes numb and very heavy…He tries to resist… Relax…The spiral seemed to pull him down deeper…The Bodyguard felt helpless and yet he felt so wonderful…his mind was slowly being emptied…He felt so good…He found that it was getting harder to think…It was so much harder to remember anything…So easy to trust and obey…Trust and obey The Addocatt…Everything just faded away…so peaceful now…So content. Norton’s expression starts to soften he becomes submissive, pliable, trusting and finally totally brainwashed. Ixta leans forwards and whispers quietly into the Bodyguard’s ear. Who nods his head and quietly agrees that he Must obey The Addocatt, he would willingly obey. The bodyguard was released from the metal frame, now he is nothing more than a mindless automaton. Submissive, a willing sex slave of The Addocatt.

“You are now mine, a willing sex slave!” The Addocatt told the now docile bodyguard. “Yes, sir.” Replied Norton flatly. “And now down on your knees and serve my dick, slave?” Ordered The Addocatt. “Yes sir.” Came another flat toned reply from Norton. The mind-controlled ex-bodyguard walked over to The Addocatt and then pulled down The Addocatt’s pants. Norton then sunk to his knees and began to give The Addocatt a blowjob. Feelings of incredible pleasure washed over Norton. Norton’s mouth was wet and warm; he succeeds in sucking The Addocatt until he was rock hard and dizzy with pleasure. Finally The Addocatt was brought to orgasm. He grabs Norton’s head, pushes his dick into his mouth deeper, and ejaculates spurt after spurt of cum down Norton’s throat. The Addocatt pulled out of Norton. And smiled, “There, that’s you out of the way. By this time tomorrow, you’ll be in your new post. A cock-sucking whore in the flood zone. Not many live long there.” Snared The Addocatt, he nodded to Ixta. Who lead Norton from the room.


The group of men sat around a table in a dim lit room. The High Council of Crime Senators, of The Australian Foasasi Criminal lodge, were looking at a video screen on which Skip Aaron’s last report had just finished. One of the men spoke: “It is as you feared Leader, Aaron has become a submissive, brainwashed play thing of The Addocatt?” The leader, who was sitting at the head of the table, turned and looked at the figure who had spoken. “Yes, it seems so. We knew that at some time The Addocatt would remove, or enslave Aaron. But the speed with which it has happened is alarming. It seems that he has found out about the reports Aaron has been sending us. That last report do not contane any Foasasi code.” There was a silent pause, when the leader spoke again. “There is also another matter that also needs to be taken care of. It seems that one of you is working for the Security Order of the U.F.H government. The Foasasi knows who it is, and they will be delt with in due time.” No one said a word, all the men around the table looked at each other. Which one of them was the traitor. “Now, back to the matter of The Addocatt.” Said the leader.

“At this time, it would be unwise to move againsted The Addocatt. However, we can move against his Body guard, Ixta. Before he joined the Security Order, Ixta was and still is a highly trained Slaver.” The leader sat silent for a monent, then continued. “It must have been Ixta who enslaved Aaron, on The Addocatt’s orders. There for we will take down Ixta, but in a way that neither he, nor The Addocatt will be able to tell.” The leader waved his hand over the screen, the screen went dead. " To that end I have all ready sent our newest member, Tlotxl to London, he to is a highly trained Slaver. He will enslave Ixta, but as a sleeper. Ixta will remain loyal to The Addocatt untill he is given trigger words, then he will becomes ours and do our bidding." No one said a word, all eyes were on the leader. “Also, I’ve sent Duke Aaron Skip Aaron’s twin brother with Tlotxl, to shake up things. Tlotxl is also to take care of Duke Aaron for he is our traitor”

A few days later, The Addocatt entered his P.A’s office, and stopped dead in the doorway. For before him were not one Skip Aaron, but two. The Addocatt blinked. The Skip Aaron behind a desk, stood up and a dressed The Addocatt. “Sir. This is my twin brother Duke. He’s just flown in.” The Addocatt shook Ducke’s hand, he then turned to Skip. “I hope you and your brother have not made plans of tonight, You and I will have to attened that council Dinner.” A blank look crossed Skip’s face, for a moment he seemed to be somewhere else. Then his face cleared. “I’v not foregotten about the Dinner, sir. We’re having lunch in a few days time.” Replied Skip. The Addocatt nodded. “In that case you’d better come through to my office. I need you to type up my speech notes for tonight.” The Addocatt and Skip walked through another door to The Addocatt’s office.

As soon as he was alone, Duke sat behind his brother’s desk. His figures flashed over the keyboard in the top of the desk. A few secons later, Ixta recieved a massage from The Addocatt’s P.A.

Just after midnight Ixta entered Government House and went straight to The Addocatt’s office. He had been told that someone had came for an interview with The Addocatt. And that The Addocatt wanted him at the meeting. ‘Strange’ Throught Ixta. ‘Why would the Addocatt want me at a meeting of state.’ Ixta arrived at The Addocatt’s office and knocked on the door. “Come in.” said a voice.

The door opened and Ixta entered the room. He looked at the man sitting behind The Addocatt’s desk, it was not The Addocatt. “Who the hell are you. And where’s The Addocatt?” Asked Ixta. There’s something not right here. “Come now old friend, surely you remember me.” Said the figure behind the desk, as he stood up and moved into the brighter light in front of the desk. With a shock Ixta remembered the person standing before him. “Tlotxl.” Spat Ixta. “The last I heard you were in the State Pen on Mars, for life.” Tlotxl looked at Ixta, and smiled. “I was, but my new masters broke me out. I’m now in the pay of these people, The Australian Foasasi Criminal Lodge. They’re not happy about what you and the Addocatt have done to Skip Aaron.”

Ixta tried to look carm, but this statment had shocked him greatly. “Came now, Ixta. You and The Addocatt didn’t think that we would not know that Aaron is now under your control.” Ixta did not like Tlotxl’s attitude, but before he could say any thing. A figure (Duke) stepped out from the dark shadows and thrust a wet clothe over Ixta’s mouth. It smelt funny, Ixta slowly past out. Duke let Ixta fall to the floor.

Tlotxl slapped Ixta on his face. “Wake up.” he said quietly. The drugged Ixta slowly opened his eyes. It was obvious from the dullness of his pupils he was out of it. “What.” he slurred. Ixta was now slupped behind The Addocatt’s desk, he was also completely naked. “Ixta my friend, can you undo what you’ve done to Skip Aaron.” Asked Tlotxl “No, it cann’t.” Came the slow spoken reply. Tlotxl swore. "I want you to look at the screen."Tlotxl told Ixta firmly. Ixta glanced at the screen in the top of the desk in front of him, slowly his eyes focused on the screen. A few keys were push, and an image of spinning, and flashing lights sprang into view. Ixta found he could not look away.

“Ixta.” Tlotxl said warmly. “I know you want to help me. And that you are sorry for what you did. Well just you listen to me and watch the screen, and you will make that happen.” Ixta just kept his eyes fixed on the screen, after a few more seconds his pupils dilated completely. His brain was now open to Tlotxl’s reprogramming. But first Tlotxl was going to have some fun, Ixotxl pushed a few more keys. The lights changed colure, every few seconds an image, of a naked kneeling man who looked like Ixta sucking a large hard cock would flash onto the screen. Tlotxl told Ixta that this was what would make matters right, would ripe the slate clean. Over and over again the image and Ixotxl’s voice run. Ixta was soon agreeing earnestly, with what he was being told, and what he could see on the screen.

Another key was pushed and the image changed. The same naked man who looked like Ixta was now having his ass-hole pounded by a large built man with a very large dick. Once again Ixotxl told Ixta that this would make matter right. This time it took only a few second, before Ixta was earnestly agreed. The screen was turned off, Ixta was told to stand up, which he did. Ixta was then told to move in front of the desk and to bend over and grab his ankles. Ixta did as he was told. Ixotxl called Duke over, who had been standing silently by the door. Duke went and stood by Ixta’s mouth, Ixotxl went and stood by his ass. Ixotxl nodded to Duke , both of them thrust their dicks into Ixta’s ass and mouth at the same time. Both men started to fuck him.

Ixta could not say a word Duke’s dick filled his mouth. It wasn’t long before both Duke and Ixotxl were moaning, ludly in joy. The sudden intensity of the sexual sensation of his first anal and oral sex, overwhelmed poor Ixta. He whimpered just as loudly as the other two men, in-between sucks on Duke’s cock in his mouth. Both Ixotxl and Duke were now covered in sweat and closse to cumming. They both ached their backs at the same time, thrust their dicks deep into Ixta and cum together. An hour and half later, both men had fucked Ixta in both his ass and mouth many times. Ixta lay on the floor cum running out of his stretch ass, and out the sides of his mouth. Ixotlx just said "Sleep."And everything went black.

Ixta woke to find that he was back in a chair behind the desk, his arms tied to the chairs arms. “Fun time over, it’s training time.” Said Tlotxl. He attached electrodes to one side of Ixta’s skull, next he placed a set of headphones over Ixta’s ears, finally he placed a thick blind fold over Ixta’s eyes. The electrodes, the headphones and the blind fold were all attached to the black box on the desk in front of Ixta. Tlotxl pushed a few buttons and the electrodes shot high voltage directly into the centre of Ixta’s head. A burning pain ripped its way through Ixta’s skull, the immense pain he felt become unbearable. His cries become just a loud ear-piercing scream; the high voltage torture quickly turned his mind. The torture seemed to go on for ever.

“You remember all those boring videos we were made to view when we first entered Dartmoor Academy. Well, here’s one training video I know you’re never forget. It will become part of you, part of you sole, But only when I wish it. Now, Observe!” Said Tlotxl, he pushed some more buttons. Another large shock shook Ixta, as suddenly a swirling spiral appeared on small monitor screens built into the blind fold, the spiral proved to be impossible to resist. Once Ixta was under the spiral’s hypnotic spell, the pain going through Ixta’s head seemed less severe, it slowly stopped. The now mind-fucked, spellbound Ixta was now just totally still and silent as he found himself slipping deeper and deeper into the swirling spiral’s trance. Meanwhile, any memories of duty to The Addocatt were completely annihilating, all Ixta’s sexual thoughts towards women turn to dust, his old life as a lady’s man would soon be forgotten.

On the screens built into the blind fold, the seductive spinning swirl slowly fades into the background. Gradually, an image of the mind controlled Ixta, toned appeared in its place, but he was wearing nothing but a dog collar and chain, he was kneeling at the feet of a hot sexy looking guy (The leader of The Australian Foasasi Criminal Lodge). Ixta was ravenously worshipping the naked golden toned body of the Lodge Leader. This disturbing image caused Ixta to stir for a brief second, but his resistance was short lived. The image of Ixta pulled his face away of the golden body, and in one swifted move took the whole of The Leader’s huge erect cock in his mouth. And started to work on that wonderful piece of Australian cock in his mouth. The leader gripped Ixta’s head, pushed deeply into Ixta, and cum. A high voltage shock ripped through Ixta’s head.

Up on the monitor, in between cum-slurping climaxes, brief snippets of various crimes and sex acts, such as robbery, arson, sexual rape of male government officers and fist fucking of bound and gagged policemen, appeared. They were subtly and strategically placed, they rush by so quickly, that at first Ixta don’t even notice them. But, soon those sinister subliminal messages start appearing on screen much longer and far more frequently, the spellbound mindfucked Ixta couldn’t help but be aware of them. Ixta foundfind them distracting, and a little unsettling. However before long, the images are showing up so often, they no longer bothered by him. Within a matter of minutes, the mindfuced Ixta was turned-on by these images.

A voice in the headphones told the mindfucked, hypnotized Ixta. “A slave will do anything to please The Australian Foasasi Criminal Lodge, his Master.” The now corrupted Ixta is totally convinced, “I will do … anything … to please … Australian Foasasi… my Master!” Ixta’s limp cock twitched, and started to harden. “A good slave will break the law for The Foasasi, for his Master.” The voice continued. “I’d gladly … break … the law … for … Foasasi!” Slurped Ixta. His cocks now fully erect pre-cum run from his piss-slit. “You are totally prepared to commit any crime your Master commands!” This time the voice was that of Tlotxl. “I’m … totally prepared … to commit … any crime … sex act … my Master … commands!” Said Ixta. The demented look on Ixta’s face proved that The Foasasi’s newly-reconditioned slave was fully programmed to perform his duties, when ordered to.

Tlotxl looked at Ixta, who was now completely brainwashed to committing himself to serving The Foasasi Lodge, and its Leader. Tlotxl looked down at Ixta’s cock it was rock hard and drizzled cum from his piss-slit. Tlotxl gripped Ixta’s cock and started to wank him of, slowly. At the same moment as the wanking started, another voltage shot ripped through Ixta’s head and a new tape started chanting, “PAIN … IS … PLEASURE! … PLEASURE … IS … PAIN! … TO SERVE IS PLEASURE! … SEX IS VIOLENCE … VIOLENCE IS SEX … TO SERVE IS VIOLENCE.” As the tapped words repeatedly rung in his ears, and Tlotxl’s hand worked on his cock. Ixta’s mind absorbs the mesmerizing messages of masochism like a dried sponge soaking up water. The spellbound Ixta started saying the masochism words aloud. Tlotxl speeded up his hand; he knew that Ixta needed to cum.

One word rang out from the headphones, “CUM”. Tlotxl felt Ixta’s cock shot cum. Ixta’s body shock as he had an orgasm like he’d never have before. His cum shot everywhere, even over Tlotxl. Tlotxl milked Ixta’s cock of every drop of his cum. Ixta’s head fell onto his chest, Tlotxl let go of Ixta’s cock. He watched Ixta as he sat with his head on his chest, soaking up his last orders, the trigger word that would bring all the reprogramming permantly into Ixta’s brain. “WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORDS ‘CUM BOY’ YOU WILL BECOME PERMANTLY OUR SLAVE.” Said the voice. Tlotxl started to untie Ixta.

An hour later, Ixta was found dazed, naked and covered in cum behind the desk in The Addvocatt’s office. With no memory of how or why he was there.


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