By Hypnothrill -
published August 19, 2017

Gabe discovers why his friend is taking so long at the urinals…

{Note: Just a little one-off story inspired by my favorite scene in Topaz172’s “Talon’s Claws”–it’s in Chapter 19, “Out of Focus” if you’re curious}


Gabe hadn’t really wanted to go to the bar that night. But Max was having trouble with his girlfriend Lindsey. Again. And he needed to vent about it. Again. And so they made plans to meet at Max’s favorite bar after work.

It wasn’t that Gabe minded supporting his friend, exactly. After all, they’d been best friends since they’d roomed together in college. Max, the wiry bespectacled computer science major with the curly black hair, had helped expose Gabe to a whole world of cool new movies and bands and books and ideas. And Gabe, the blond lacrosse jock, had helped Max come out of his shell a bit, taught him how to be more confident, especially around women. And even though it had been five years since graduation, Gabe would still do anything for Max.

But these Lindsey conversations. Ugh. They just went around in circles, with Gabe wearily suggesting that if Lindsey annoyed Max so much—and if Max annoyed Lindsey so much—maybe it would be better if they just broke up, for real real this time. “You just don’t understand!” Max would whine. “I think I do understand,” an exasperated Gabe would sometimes say, but it was no use.

So now Gabe was sitting in Max’s favorite bar, nursing a PBR, waiting for Max to get back from the bathroom so that Round 2 of The Lindsey Conversation could begin. Gabe couldn’t quite understand why Max liked this bar so much. It was kind of a dive, and they didn’t have a very good selection of beers. He supposed Max just like the old-timey vibe; the bar had been around since the 40s or 50s, and it felt like something out of a David Lynch movie. Like the neighborhood around it, the bar had seen better times when hipsters rediscovered it, nearly a decade ago. Now the neighborhood was gentrifying, and young urban professionals like Gabe and Max were starting to flock there.

Gabe looked at his watch. Just how long had Max been in the bathroom, anyway? That bathroom, incidentally, was another thing Gabe didn’t really like about the bar. It was downstairs in the basement, it looked like it hadn’t been renovated since the 50s, and it had these long trough urinals. Gabe wasn’t a prude or anything, but he preferred having at least a little privacy divider.

He spotted Max walking back into the room. Max had a faint smile on his face and a distant look on his eyes, like he was distracted thinking about something enjoyable. “Finally! What took you so long? Did you fall in?”

Rather than laughing or offering a witty retort of his own, Max just stared blankly and said, “No. I didn’t fall in. I was just…learning something important.”

“Oh, god. Is this something about Lindsey? Did she text you while you were in the bathroom or something?”

“Lindsey?” Max repeated the name as though he didn’t recognize it. “No, it wasn’t that.”

“Okay, good. Hey, can we just, like, make a pact not to discuss Lindsey any more tonight?”

“I am no longer concerned with Lindsey.”

“Wow. Well, I’m not sure what caused the change of heart, but I’m grateful.”

Max suddenly shot Gabe a wide grin, though his eyes still retained the distant stare they had before. “Let’s get another round of beers.”

“Dude, I haven’t even finished my PBR!”

“We’ve got time. Come on, this round’s on me.”

When Max came back with their beers, he still had that faint smile on his face, but he was a little more chatty. “So, tell me about your gym.”

“Why? I thought you didn’t like gyms. Aren’t you always talking about how they’re a waste of money, and you can get all the exercise you need just riding on your bike?”

“This body needs to be stronger.”

Gabe puzzled over the weird phrasing, “Well, I guess you could stand to put on a little more muscle. I mean, you’ve got a good runner’s build, but…”

“Tell me about the men who go to your gym.”

“Well, it’s downtown, so it’s mostly professional guys. It’s not a big meathead place, if that’s what your worried about. I mean, most of the guys there seem serious about their workouts, but I don’t think it would be intimidating for a newbie like you.”

“Are there many good-looking men at your gym?”

“Um…I guess? I mean, I don’t really check out other guys like that. But I guess a lot of them would be considered good-looking.”

“Are there open showers at your gym?”

“Uh…no. Just private cubicles with shower curtains. More privacy that way.” Gabe shifted uncomfortably in his seat. This was turning into the weirdest conversation he’d ever had with Max. “Um…I think I’m going to hit the bathroom.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Again? You just went! Man, that beer must just be flowing right through you tonight.”

Walking downstairs to the toilets, Gabe and Max both headed over to the urinal trough. It could comfortably fit five men, but two guys were already there—one on the far left and one directly in the middle—so Max took the far right side and Gabe stood next to him. Carefully avoiding eye contact with the man on his left, Gabe looked straight ahead at the wall in front of him, unzipped his trousers, and pulled his dick out of the fly of his boxer-briefs.

He stood there for a moment, pee-shy, mentally willing his bladder to relax and release. Finally, the piss started to flow. But a second later, it was joined by a second stream—a stream of piss that was flowing directly over the head of Gabe’s dick.

Shocked, Gabe took a step back and turned to the man standing to the left of him, a tall bearded laborer with a forearm full of tattoos. “What the hell, man!? That landed straight on me! Look where you’re aiming!”

The man’s face remained impassive, except for a strange faint smile. Gabe could see that he was looking downward, that he was staring down at Gabe’s dick. Was this maybe not some drunken accident? Had he actually been aiming to piss on Gabe’s cock?

Turning to his right, Gabe bellowed, “Max, can you believe what this fucker just did to me? He…” Suddenly, Gabe felt another stream of piss landing on his dick, drenching both the head and the shaft. Only this time it was coming from his right. He looked agog at Max, who was staring down at Gabe’s crotch, a faint distracted smile on his face, like he was concentrating on his aim.

Gabe jumped back from the urinal trough and took a look down at his dick, dangling out of his open fly. It wasn’t just wet—it was stained. There were brownish splotches of splatter on his pink dickhead and shaft where the two streams of piss had hit him. What the hell was this?

He looked down at Max and the other man, who were still letting loose streams of piss into the urinal trough. Only it didn’t look like normal piss—Max’s stream was a golden amber color, and the other man’s stream was an even darker brown. And they were both hard. They were both holding on to their hard dicks at the base, aiming them like hoses. Or like weapons.

Gabe was starting to panic now. He had to get away from here now. Maybe he could go over to the sinks and wash this shit off. And then just get the fuck away from here.

As he moved over to the sinks, Max spoke. “Stop, Gabe. Stop and let it sink in. You want to let it sink in. As it sinks in, you’ll be more open to what we have to say. Our words will sink into your brain, will become part of your thoughts.”

What the fuck was Max saying? Let what sink in? Gabe glanced down at his dick again—the brownish splotches were starting to fade. And it didn’t look wet anymore. It was like his skin had somehow absorbed all that piss.

“See, it’s sinking in already. The more it sinks in, the better you’ll feel. You’ll start to grow hard soon. Your dick will get so big and so hard because it feels so good once it sinks in.” As Max spoke, Gabe’s erection started to grow, as if on cue. Gabe kept staring down at his dick, stunned, overwhelmed. He even had to steady himself against the bathroom wall because the blood was rushing away from his head, going straight toward his big, hard dick.

“Yes, I can see that it’s sinking in. Soon you’ll start changing. On the inside. Soon your piss will start changing. It will become Stained. Like ours. Won’t that be good, Gabe?”

Gabe tried to shake his said and say no, but all that came out was a weak whimper.

“Here, Gabe,” Max stepped back from the urinal and tucked his hard dick back into his boxers. “Let me help you put that hard dick away, and we’ll head back to the bar when you can enjoy your Changing.” Max reached over and held his buddy’s hard dick in his hands then tucked it back into Gabe’s boxer-briefs. Then, with Max’s hand steadying Gabe, the two friends walked out of the basement toilets, leaving the other two men still standing there at the urinals, still aiming their permanently-hard dicks at the troughs.

Gabe and Max returned to their bar table to finish their beers, the same faint smiles on their faces, the same distant look in each of their eyes. Occasionally, Gabe would look at his friend and reverently whisper things like, “Oh Max, I can feel it inside me now. I can feel it swimming down my dick, into my bladder, into my balls. It’s flowing into me. It’s changing me. It feels so good.”

“Yes, Gabe. It feels very good. I bet your dick is throbbing hard, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Max. I’m so hard. It’s keeping me so hard.”

“Me too. I’m still hard. You’re becoming just like me. Soon you’ll want to aim that hard dick at some other guy. You’ll want to let your piss stream flow over him. You’ll want to Stain him, like I Stained you.”

“Yeah…Yeah…Let it flow…Stain him…Change him…That sounds so hot…”

“Just imagine what your piss looks like now, Gabe. I bet it’s getting darker and darker. Browner and browner. More Stained.”

“Yeah, like that guy at the urinals. I want to have a strong stream of dark Stained piss just like his.”

“Me too, buddy. Me too…Hey, look. Look who’s here!” The man from the urinal, the one who’d first Stained Gabe’s dick, was walking up to their table. “Gabe, this is Dave. He was the one who first Stained me, who showed me that I needed to let it sink in.”

Dave stood over their table; Gabe could see the erection throbbing in Dave’s jeans, just inches away from his face. It looked delicious.

Dave looked down at Gabe and smiled, “So has it sunk in yet?” “Yes, I feel it inside of me. It feels GOOD. I’m so hard right now.”

“Good. And you want to spread this gift to other men, don’t you?”

“Oh yes…it will feel so good to let loose my stream, to watch it land on their dicks and Stain them, to watch it sink in and change them.”

“Good. The night is still young. And there’s another bar down on Holland Street that has trough urinals. Why don’t you and your friend head down there now, have another drink, and then hit the men’s room.”

Max smiled at him, “Why don’t you come with us, Dave? I’d love to watch you let loose your big dark stream again.”

“I’d like to, boys. But I need to stay here. I have my eye on the bartenders. Once they get Stained, this will be a whole new kind of bar.”

So Max and Gabe went on to another bar. And another one after that. And in the subsequent days, they’d meet up in the evenings to go bar hopping and to excitedly discuss the men they had Stained that day. They had to be discreet for now, of course, only staining one or two men a day, at work or at the gym on their lunch break. But soon they would be able to do it more openly, more frequently. Because the Stain was spreading. And soon it would flow over all the city’s men.

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