The Drones Complete their Training

By Ng5hvlo4
published March 30, 2020
9139 words

Mark, Jeremy, SE9168 and BT5365 embrace their new lives as rubber drones, and experience several changes.

Mark stood before the full-length mirror in the bathroom, gazing ahead at his reflection. He was encased in a black full-body rubber suit, one that shone beneath the overhead light. Unlike the typical drone suit, this suit was a spare prototype suit that had been delivered to JY5269 from System Control. It was meant only for drones, not civilians. Only drones were allowed to wear rubber. It was simply a fact of life. But that of course did not mean the desire for wearing rubber did not exist within Mark. He’d always lusted to wear it, even go about his daily business in it.

The suit that he wore had a built in hollow dildo that constantly writhed and squirmed inside his ass, simulating a light fucking sensation. Similarly, there was a built-in cock sheath that also writhed and squirmed, simulating a light stroking of his hard leaking cock. The suit’s actions were powered not by batteries or artificial intelligence, but by the simple gradient of heat and chemicals from his skin. In this way the suit would constantly pleasure its wearer and in a limited way would respond to changes in the wearer’s mood.

The suit was a prototype suit that System Control had developed for special cases and was meant for JY5269 to wear, not Mark. Mark knew that, but still he wanted to try out the rubber suit. His deep desire had surfaced as he had watched JY5269 put on his new suit and when the drone had begun a programming session that would last some time, Mark took his chance to try on the suit before the drone was any wiser. What he had not expected was how much this particular suit would overwhelm his senses. If he had put on any of the normal drone suits, he wouldn’t have been reduced to this state. Those suits were simply rubber. But the new suit was actively pleasuring the wearer and was designed to simulate the intense pleasure that a drone experiences from the drone chairs. It was no wonder that Mark was overwhelmed. It was as though he were experiencing a constant orgy of pleasure.

As Mark stood entranced in the bathroom, the training program for drones JY5269, SE9168, and BT5365 had finished, bringing the drones back to awareness. The session had acclimated them to the new features of their suits and served as a sort of basic system check on the drone’s mind and body. With Master Mark nowhere in sight, the drones moved to retrieve their spare suits and move them into the room that housed the drone chairs. It was at this time that JY5269 had found that one of its new suits was missing. He alerted the other two drones and together they searched the house. They had found Mark in the bathroom, in this predicament.

Seeing Mark in the rubber suit, JY5269 experienced a torrent of emotion. On the one hand, his lover looked so hot as a drone. The way the rubber hugged at his body and accented his muscles! Then again, by putting on the rubber suit, Mark had consigned himself to becoming converted into a drone. And with Mark as a drone, JY5269 was not sure what that meant for the future. Drones could not own property, like the house or other drones. It was an insecurity that brought JY5269 out of his deep trance state for the first time in days and into a lighter trance. Still a hypnotized drone but awake enough to voice his emotions regarding his lover-turned drone. The subliminal instructions whispered into his ear over the past few days had given him an instinctual understanding of the rules regarding drones and civilians. Such imparting of information helped drones understand their place and behave accordingly. But while JY5269 had this understanding, he hoped that there was still another way. He hoped BT5365, who had been a drone for much longer than himself or SE9168, would be able to provide an alternative.

“BT5365, does Mark have to become a drone?” JY5269 asked, a tear slowly falling through his eye under his rubber hood. He was not smiling.

BT5365 was silent for a moment. “Affirmative. That is the rule. Only drones can wear rubber. Mark must now be processed.”

“Will…will we still be…together?”

“It is very likely. You both still work for the construction site. You both would live in the same drone facility. Likely you will both sleep together in a bed since your suits are designed to not need the drone chair. Also, studies have shown that couples who become drones become a positive influence on each other in terms of initial conditioning and reinforcement of programming while they live and work together as drones.”

“That is not so bad,” JY5269 said, his smile slowly returning. He felt relief inside and allowed himself to sink back into the deep state of trance that he loved. The pleasurable sensations from the suit came back and he allowed himself to sink into them. As he did, his mind grew empty and blank. Emptier than before. He was like an empty shell, waiting to be filled with instructions.

After a few moments he went back to the living room to retrieve a drone hood and earphones from his pile of goodies. While he was gone, BT5365 and SE9168 went to retrieve defoliant and a shaving implement. On his return, JY5269 carefully placed the earphones into Mark’s ears. He and the other drones waited for the voices to do their work. After some time, Mark’s hand reached down and began to mechanically stroke his cock. As he did, he began repeating the instructions that were being whispered into his ears,

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure.

As the entranced Mark repeated the instructions, the two drones went about the business of shaving the hair from Mark’s head. It was important for drones to be hairless, to enhance the contact between skin and rubber. They worked more slowly than usual, careful not to nick or pull, knowing that any discomfort would bring Mark out of trance. The process took an hour before they were satisfied, at which point JY5269 gently slid the rubber hood over Mark’s now-bald head.

The sliding motion caused Mark to somewhat awaken from trance, but by then it was too late. The hood was in place and the hypnotic spiral within had put Mark back into a deep hypnotic state. Unlike the previous versions of the drone hoods, these new hoods were upgraded with far more potent hypnotic spirals. The intent was to deepen the trance experience and thereby increase the chance of a successful conversion. Had Mark been donned with a regular hood he might have resisted more and ultimately have rejected the programming. That would’ve been especially true had he been wearing a normal drone suit. The combination of the upgraded “living” suit and the empowered hypnotic programming were enough to overcome the little resistance that he had left and send him into the deep state of trance that was typical of drones. While Mark did object to the idea of being a drone, it was not a strong resistance and his mind accepted the new reality with very few twists and turns.

The drones let Mark stew in front of the mirror for an hour before JY5269 asked, “Drone, what is your designation?”

Without hesitation, the drone that had been Mark replied, “My designation is Drone MK9301.”

By this time, it was midday and time for the drones to eat. While BT5365 spent some time programming MK9301, SE9168 and JY5269 prepared another hearty lunch. When it was ready, the drones assembled before the steaming food, came onto it, then switched places at the table and ate the cum-laced meal with contentment.

The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur as the drones performed several essentials. First, System Control had been notified of the results of the suit’s integration with JY5269. The hypnotized (naked) technician who had answered the video call asked JY5269 many questions about how he felt, how the suit felt, whether the frequency changed, whether there was any pain or discomfort during the process, and whether there were any problems. When JY5269 had described the situation regarding Mark and of his own emotional outburst, the technician did not express worry or concern. He had said that in times of great emotional distress it was normal for the mind to snap out of the trance state and resume a state of awareness. Resolution of the issue would put the drone back into its proper mental state, which is exactly what had happened.

Regarding Mark, the technician had brought in an attorney drone to the video conference. JY5269 (with some help from BT5365) and the attorney drone worked out the details regarding Mark’s registration as a drone (given his illegal donning of the rubber suit), the essentials for putting the house on sale, and registering the four drones into the nearest drone facility. Since drones could not own property, drones that were not claimed by a Master lived together communally in specially designated buildings. There they ate, worked out, and slept together (and had lots of hot sex). The facility was funded entirely by the government, with funds being used to maintain the building and its interior (which included the drone chairs, drone suits, and workout equipment), provide quality food (along with hypnotized chefs and chef drones), and health coverage for the drones that was comparable to what most companies offered their regular employees.

The discussions went on until the late afternoon, by which point the house was put on sale, Mark registered as a new drone, and the four drones given orders to go to the nearest drone facility. Space for the four drones had been reserved for them, with a bed having been reserved for JY5269 and MK9301. Since the two drones were a special case (their suits meant they did not need to be in the drone chairs at night), the drones would instead sleep together in the bed. Based on the information that JY5269 had shared regarding his relationship with Mark since before JY5269’s conversion, System Control had decided that the two drones would be the most content while staying together, just like BT5365 promised. Drones were beings of feeling after all and while their minds may have become blank, they still felt for each other and likely would continue to feel for each other. What JY5269 and MK9301 had for each other was not a novelty in the drone world, but it was not common.

While JY5269 and BT5365 had taken care of all the necessary tasks, SE9168 and MK9301 had spent the afternoon pleasuring one another. They had spent the afternoon sucking and fucking one another. For MK9301 this was an important part of its initial training and acclimation to the drone state. For during the sex, the enhanced hypnotic programming continued to whisper into his mind,

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure. You need to be mindless. You don’t need to think at all. You don’t need a brain. It feels good not to think. You don’t need to worry about thinking. You don’t want to think for yourself. Feel your mind flowing into your cock. When you cum, you will expel you mind and will along with you seed. Your mind will expel with your seed. When you cum, you will empty your mind, empty your will.

MK9301, as a new drone, needed to ejaculate often in order for the programming to take hold more effectively. As such, BT5365 had earlier instructed SE9168 to make the new drone cum as often as needed in order for the programming to cement into its impressionable mind. By the time JY5269 and BT5365 had concluded with business, MK9301 had cum three times. The pair were in a 69 position and were avidly sucking deeply on each other’s cocks. Aroused at the sight, JY5269 and BT5365 moved into position behind each drone and aligned their rubber cocks into the open holes of the two drones. They soon got into a rhythm of thrusting that would encourage their fellow drones to ejaculate. And when they did, their brother drones also ejaculated into their asses. Panting from the exertion, MK9301 and SE9168 disentangled and arose to stand at attention. They were eager to hear the news. BT5365 and JY5269 moved to stand immediately before the two drones, close enough that their hard cocks touched one another.

BT5365 took a moment to scan each drone. He was pleased with what he saw: the same wide grins on each drone’s face, their hard cocks throbbing from the recent pleasure, and their rubber-hooded heads staring out at nothing in particular. It gave him pleasure to see three new drones, three new brothers in rubber who had given in to the drone programming and who were ready to obey. BT5365 smiled; he too was ready to obey. Now to deliver the instructions from System Control.

“Brother drones, since there is no master in the house, we are to relocate to Facility 33. The four of us will be housed together, with this drone and SE9168 in chairs. JY5269 and MK9301, because of your special suits, will instead sleep together in the provided rubber bed.” Both JY5269 and MK9301’s cocks twitched, and their smiles intensified at the announcement. “A van will arrive shortly to take us to the facility, wherein we will be given a tour and processed. Thereafter, we drones will return to work: this drone and SE9168 to the company, and JY5269 and MK9301 to the construction site. Furthermore, JY5269 and MK9301 will continue to provide regular reports to System Control Technician 3598, regarding the status of the prototype suits. Is this understood?”

“Yes, Brother Drone!” the drones spoke as one in monotone. As soon as they did, all four drones stiffened and abruptly turned towards the door. In single file they marched out of the house. A black van was parked outside with the back doors swung open. In silence the drones marched to the open van and stepped inside. The interior had twelve empty chairs, each outfitted with a dildo. JY5269 and MK9301 sat together in two adjoining chairs. BT5365 and SE9168 sat opposite the pair. The doors were closed, and the van pulled out onto the road. As it did, the purple spirals in each drone’s hood intensified and sent each into deep, mindless trance. They began to mindlessly chant the directions that came from the voices and stroked one another’s cock, their motions entirely in sync with each other. This they did throughout the entire drive, coming back to awareness when the van had reached its destination.

As the drones emerged from the vehicle, they beheld a large apartment style building. The sunset cast the featureless building in a healthy glow and beckoned invitingly to them. It had the look of a classy hotel but without the windows and potted plants. It stood tall in the setting sun, easily 50 stories high.

In silence the drones approached the only entrance they could see on this side: a dark arched tunnel that was wide enough for two drones to walk apace. Red strip lights lined the edges of the tunnel, providing enough illumination to proceed down the dark corridor towards a tinted glass rotating door. The door slid effortlessly and noiselessly as the drones filed their way inside the complex, entering a rectangular entryway that was filled with several very buff drones that were armed with batons and with the biggest cocks that BT5365 had ever seen. They were even bigger than MK9301’s impressive package! Behind the drones was a single black door, outlined by the faint glow of the red lights that provided meager illumination in the room.

“Stand in a line,” commanded one of the guard drones. BT5365 readily obeyed the order, as did the other drones as they entered the room. They assumed the position while they awaited the guard drone’s commands.

“I do not recognize you drones. State your designations and purpose,” the guard drone in a loud, commanding voice that caused the four drones to shiver with pleasure.

“My designation is BT5365,” the drone replied crisply. “I have been relocated to Facility 33 for living arrangements.”

The other three drones replied in the way as BT5365. As they did, a second guard sat before a computer and typed in the names of the drones. The guards were silent for several moments as they awaited the results of the computer search. In the intervening silence, BT5365 gazed longingly at the guard’s hard monster of a cock. How much he wished to be penetrated by that pole. To service it and worship it. He was snapped out of his daydreams by the second guard’s affirmative nod to the first guard. The first guard replied in a sharp, yet monotone voice,

“You are cleared for entry. Proceed past the door to the elevator. Stop on floor 23 and proceed to room 2319. There is a relay box in the room that will send instructions to your earphones. Obey the voices.”

“Affirmative, guard drone. We will obey,” the drones replied in unison. They filed past the guards and through the door. They marched down another dark hallway lined with red strip lights. Other closed doors lined both sides of the wall, but the drones paid them no mind, their orders clear. They found the elevator at the end of the hall, an austere box that brough them up to the 23rd floor. Down another long hallway the drones found room 2319. The room was sparse, with only one bed and two drone chairs already set-up in the main room. Beside the door was a small bathroom, large enough for two drones at a time. A closet with hangers for storing their spare suits, boots, and gloves completed the extent of the furnishings. A small black box resided in the back corner of the room, the faint purple glow from the box indicating that it was on and that there were four open slots available for recharging the drone’s spare earphones.

As the drones emerged into their new home, each stiffened in turn and moved to stand at the base of the bed. When the four of them stood in a circle close enough to touch cocks with one another, they began to stroke and recite a set of instructions that came from the earphones, instructions that were being fed by the black box. In this manner, the drones were given a tour of the drone facility and instructions regarding the rules. Meals were served on the eleventh floor at all hours of the day, with late night meals being served only upon request. A state-of-the-art gym housed the entire fifth floor and was open 24/7. The entire fourteenth floor was split into a computer room and maintenance room. The computer room was so that drones could access the internet as needed, and the maintenance room was there for the repair and upkeep of drone suits. The maintenance area also served as a basic nurse’s office, where a drone’s health could be monitored and cared for as needed. All drones were to report for regular health inspections and maintenance of their bodies, suits, and minds. The third and fourth floor rooms were for drones to sexually pleasure other drones. Drones could put in requests for bedding other drones through voice-activated commands on the black box in their rooms. Guard drones that were off-duty were viable, BT5365 was happy to note. The second and first floor (aside from the elevator, main hallway and entrance) were off-limits to all but guard drones.

At the conclusion of the orientation, the drones were released to pursue any necessary activities until their programmed sleep cycle. The four drones shared the same sleep cycle, which would begin in four hours. As it had been a while since lunch, the drones made their way to the dining area, where they shared a well-balanced meal of crispy chicken with vegetables and pasta noodles. Instead of beverages, the drones finished the meal by each going to one of the phallus-like rubber appendages that protruded from one wall. Sucking on them in a correct way released their beverage, a concoction filled with essential nutrients. It also tasted like cum, much to the pleasure of the drones.

After the meal, the drones reviewed their standing orders. By default, drones that were given free reign were to focus on pleasuring their fellow drones. As such, the drones spent the remainder of the evening in their room, pleasuring one another on the large rubber bed. The drones had not been given permission to cum, so when the command came for bedtime, the drones squirmed a little in their chairs as they fell asleep to the hypnotic spirals. JY5269 and MK9301 positioned themselves in a 69 and fell asleep in that position, sucking on each other as they fell into deep trance sleep.

The following morning, after a hearty breakfast with some “cum”, the drones split into two groups for work. BT5365 and SE9168 returned to the company, while JY5269 and MK9301 traveled to the construction site. Black vans, each containing twelve seats, awaited outside the building, ready to transport drones to their various destinations.

JY5269 and MK9301 arrived at the construction site a quarter-hour before starting time. In silence they made their way to the Foreman’s office. They knew the Foreman arrived early to work and this morning was no exception. The burly man opened the door and with a grunt asked, “Can I help you?”

“Good morning, Boss,” JY5269 replied. “I am Drone JY5269 and this is Drone MK9301. We arrived early to review and receive orders.”

The Foreman looked the pair of drones up and down. He recognized the first drone as Jeremy and, after looking over the large form of the second drone, realized that it was also Mark.

“I was not expecting two drones, but your conversion is just as welcome as Jeremy’s…I mean JY5269’s,” he corrected. Gonna need to get used to that, the Foreman thought to himself. He stood back and gestured towards the inside, “Please, come inside.”

“Yes, Sir,” the drones replied. They marched into the office and, at the Foreman’s command, knelt on the vinyl floor before the Foreman’s desk as the Foreman sat on the edge of the desk and pulled down his pants. He dangled his cock in front of the two drones, who sat there with placid, smiling expressions.

“I am glad that you came here early,” the Foreman said as he lightly stroked his cock. “I’ve been doing some research on drones in the workplace, and there are a few changes to your jobs that need to happen. JY5269 and MK9301, you will address me as Master. Listen and obey my words, and take turns licking and sucking on my cock. Don’t make me cum and be gentle!”

“Yes, Master,” the two zonked-out drones replied as they moved into position and began pleasuring the Foreman. Their minds were empty, ready to be filled with Master’s instructions. Their bodies were eager to obey, cocks nice and hard to show their empty minds and their excitement.

“You’re still on the team and will be doing heavy lifting and operating machinery, just like before. I know those suits are toughened against cuts and such, but you will still wear safety gear. Instead of pants and vest, you will wear a heavy-duty apron that will be provided to you, as well as a larger pair of workmen’s gloves that will fit over your rubber gloves. Safety visors too as needed. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master. We live to serve and obey!” the drones proclaimed.

“Good boys. Very good.” The Foreman petted the rubbered heads of the two drones, enjoying the attention they were giving to his cock. As he did, his eye caught a glance at the watch he wore on his wrist. It’s big hand was on the hour. “Oh my! Look at the time! We’d better get to the meeting room and join the others. So, stop sucking me off, follow me and stand beside me once we get there. Stroke your cocks the entire time and imagine servicing your fellow work buddies.”

“Yes, Master,” the two drones replied, instantly reaching down to stroke their cocks. As they did, their thoughts turned to lustful fantasies about several of the other employees. JY5269 fantasized about Anthony. That stud! He imagined the hypnotized boy’s cock and ass, savoring the thought of servicing their owner and obeying his sexual cravings. Mark fantasized about Edwardo and Miller, a pair of step-brothers who loved to wrestle. He imagined the brothers overpowering his puny form and making him service them as they stood over him.

The drones followed the Foreman to the main assembly trailer, which was now filled with the rest of the construction workers. Each was dressed in the safety-mandated pants, orange vests, and hardhats. Like every morning, they stood in tightly packed rows, stroking their hard cocks, staring vacantly at the large purple spiral that was playing on the projector screen along the opposite wall. White noise played from a speaker that was mounted next to it.

As the Foreman made his way to stand to the side of the screen, he saw that several of the workers were drooling. The Foreman smiled to himself. When he had made his way to the spot that was left open for him, he joined the line, pulled out his cock, and stared at the screen. In moments he too fell into trance and began to drool. The two drones stood along the wall beside him, each mesmerized by the hypnotic dreams that ran through their heads.

At a command from the spiral, all of the hypnotized workers came at the same time, spewing globs of cum on one another. Still deeply entranced, the Foreman moved to stand before spinning spiral. From there he issued instructions to each of the employees and outlined the objectives for the day. He ignored the drones until the very end, at which point he had them stand beside him in front of the projector screen. The drones were still stroking their cocks and smiling vacantly ahead, living out the various sexual dreams involving the hot hypnotized men that stood before them.

“These two drones will be joining the team. The one on my left is JY5269 and the other is MK9301. Both of them have worked with you before, when they were known as Jeremy and Mark. The pair have embraced the drone identity and are committed to working alongside you. I’m sure you all would like to play around with them, but that will need to wait until break. Remember, we have work to do. Work first, play later.”

“Work first, play later,” the assembly of hypnotized men slurred back.

“That’s right,” the Foreman continued, “Now before I dismiss you, let me just mention that for those of you who also harbor a desire to become a drone, know that you will still have a place on this team. Whether a man or a drone, you are all valued members of the team. You are all more than that to each other; you are like family. Your fellow workers are your brothers and they love you very much!” The assembly of hypnotized men gave a slurred cheer of appreciation as they smiled vacantly ahead. The Foreman smiled at their enthusiasm and concluded his announcement, “Okay now let’s get to work. You are all dismissed.”

At that, the men returned their cocks to the confines of their pants and filed out of the room in an orderly fashion. The men then proceeded along with their various tasks with glazed smiling expressions. The construction site was abuzz with extra energy this morning as the various workers made casual conversation with the two new drones as they worked. The drones replied to each question with the same crisp, monotone reply that came from their ever smiling visages.

When the horn sounded for the midmorning break, those nearest to the drones seized them into a passionate embrace and began grouping all along their rubbery bodies. The drones obliged most eagerly and returned the entreaties with vigor. No part of the drones was left untouched nor hole un-penetrated by the time the break was over and everyone returned to work. The scenario repeated itself again over the lunch and midafternoon breaks.

When at last the time came for everyone to return home, the lads decided to have an impromptu party at the bar that was further down the street. So excited was everyone that they couldn’t help but run down along the street in a mad frenzy, swarming into the small hole-in-the-wall establishment and causing such a ruckus that the cops were called in to calm down the lot of them. This cops accomplished by beaming a hypnosis spiral along one of the empty walls of the establishment. As the lads became ensorcelled the officers issued a series of commands that would keep the men from getting too wild as they had their fun. As they administered the peace, the uniformed officers took a moment to relieve their hard members in the holes of the construction workers, whispering instructions into their ears as they thrust in and out. They did this for each construction worker and when they had completed the task, they returned to the police car and drove off. The party thereafter, while still energetic, at least did not involve any further major disturbances or property damage.

The two drones were in the equivalent of heaven. As they were used and pleasured, the only thought passing through their blank minds was the simple recognition of how happy they were in their new existence as brother drones.

At the acknowledgement from beyond the office door, BT5365 and SE9168 entered and stood at attention before the Boss. The Boss was seated behind a stack of papers, though he pushed some aside in order to give the drones his full attention.

“It is good to see you back in the office, BT5365 and SE9168.” At this praise, both drones felt a wave of pleasure. “Tell me, BT5365, has SE9168 adapted well to the drone existence?”

“Affirmative, Boss. Drone SE9168 has fully converted and has committed himself as a drone. He is ready to obey and serve.”

“Very good, Drone!” the Boss said. “SE9168, I am pleased to hear of your progress. And that means we need to host your party! Today is Friday, so let’s have the party tonight. I’m sure the other employees with jump at the opportunity to express their congratulations on your achievement.”

SE9168 beamed with pride at the praise and felt his body quiver with joy. He did good. He had been a good drone! And there would be a party! He’d never been to a company party, so he was all a quiver with excitement and anticipation.

“Yes please, Boss!” SE9168 practically panted with excitement.

“Excellent. Use today to set up for the next week. When you are finished, spend the rest of the afternoon in the drone chair. We’ll wake you up when everything is ready.”

“Yes, Boss!” SE9168 replied. The Boss made a dismissing gesture and the two drones left the room. They returned to the spare room and to their drone chairs. Drone AK1829 was not there, having already left to pleasure the employees of the department. Firing up their computers, both drones checked their work emails and rescheduled appointments with the rest of the employees. During this time the Boss sent an email to all employees with details on the location of the party. Both drones noted the address and made mental note to inform the drone driver of this change in schedule. The Boss had also sent an email to SE9168, with instructions to meet up with Employee 8663. The Employee would drive SE9168 to and from the party. The opportunity for an employee to drive the “party boy” to the party was something of a tradition amongst the department, with the honor changing hands each party.

Once he had finished going through the emails and appointments, SE9168, satisfied with the preparation for next week, then sunk into the drone chair and allowed it to pleasure and program him. BT5365, meanwhile, left to take care of some appointments and to check on the progress of Employee 3182. He was pleased to find Employee 3182 back at his deck, happily hypnotized. He wore a chastity cage around his cock, something that BT5365 had not seen earlier that week. Apparently, 3182 had a subconscious desire for chastity and by letting him indulge in this pleasure the Employee was able to remain in trance. Further monitoring was required to be sure about his long-term progress, but preliminary results were promising. BT5365 gave 3182 a congratulatory kiss and hug, much to the Employee’s joy, before reporting to a long awaited appointment with the two clothed gentlemen of the department.

Several hours later, SE9168 was awakened by the tell-tale ping from the voices, signaling that the workday was over and that it was time to get to his party. The thought made SE9168 giddy and he marched down the hall with a small skip to his step.

“You are looking amazing, SE9168!” an employee remarked to the drone as the pair made their way towards the elevator. SE9168 turned his head to look at the employee. The man was in his late 30s and was covered in ginger hair. The beginnings of a 6 pack were starting to show on his otherwise average frame and the faint remnants of ginger hair graced the base of his six-inch semi.

“This drone thanks you for the compliment. What is your designation?” At this the man blushed, “My designation is Employee 8663. I am to drive you to the party. Are you looking forward to the party tonight?”

“Affirmative. This drone is quivering with anticipation and excitement. It does not know what to expect.”

“The welcome party will be the most memorable evening of your career at this company. I am sure that you will enjoy yourself as much as everyone will enjoy you.” As he said this, he reached out and began to grope at the drone’s member, which quivered in the employee’s hands. He rubbed at the cock until they arrived at the elevator, at which point he withdraw his hand and pulled out a phone from his pocket. “I will text my husbands to let them know that we are on our way down to the front of the building.”

While 8663 tapped away at his phone, the other employees took full advantage of the short elevator ride by taking turns to give the drone several strokes in congratulations. This continued even after the elevator had arrived at the ground floor and as the drone followed 8663 to the front door. As the pair exited the building, they approached a box shaped minivan with a somewhat faded bright green paint job. A drone sat in the driver’s seat, and two other ginger haired men sat in the passenger and backseats. Employee 8663 ushered himself and SE9168 into the backseat, positioning the drone in the middle seat. Once the door was closed and everyone had buckled in, the driver pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the location of the evening’s festivities.

After a brief exchange of loving kisses amongst each other, the 3 gingers then turned their attention to SE9168.

“Such a hot drone,” said the man in the passenger seat, reaching back to pet at the drone’s rubbered thighs.

“That he is, 2169,” as the other man in the back seat rubbed his hands across the drone’s chest. Even when not working, the 3 men referred to one another by their company designations. Hundreds of hours of conditioning made it entirely normal to designate by number rather than by name. “Lucky you, 8663, that this drone works on the same floor as you. He is definitely well shaped.”

“That he is, 1152. Makes me wonder if we want to adopt him in our home,” said 8663, moving down to wrap his lips on the drones cock.

“I don’t see why not. I’m sure WE3125 wouldn’t mind the extra help around the house,” 1152 remarked, clearly referencing the drone in the driver’s seat. “Wouldn’t you, WE3125?”

“Affirmative, Master. This drone lives to obey.”

8663 took a break from slurping the drone’s hard rubber-clad cock to ask, “Do you share the same opinion, Drone SE9168?”

Without any hesitation on his part, the drone replied, “This drone lives to serve and obey. If you wish to adopt this drone, please submit the appropriate form to System Control.”

“That’s very good drone,” 8663 replied, lightly stroking the drone’s cock as he did so.

“Since we’re in agreement, I’ll send out a request. I should be able to submit it by the time we arrive,” 2169 said, pulling out his phone and beginning to type into it. The rest of the drive proceeded in relative silence, as the two men in the back pleasured the drone. The entire time SE9168 sat calmly in his seat, enjoying the attention and pleasure. It truly did not matter to him about whether he resided with the other drones in the drone facility or with a master. The constant hypnotic conditioning had eroded his will, leaving him an empty vessel that existed solely to obey. It was his pleasure to obey after all. And if the time came that System Control assigned him to these 3 men, SE9168 would obey with pleasure.

The party was held in a deluxe bar and sex dungeon joint that boasted all manner of exotic depravities. As the “party boy”, SE9168 was locked into a kneeling position on a fuck-bench and wheeled into a large party room, whereupon every one of the thirty three employees took turns fucking the drone and letting the drone suck their cocks. Many took their time, but by the conclusion of two hours everyone had inaugurated the drone with rivers of cum. The drone was released and summarily released to enjoy the rest of the evening. Most of the time was spent either dancing with the other hot men of the department or bringing them sexual pleasure in the dungeon. The employees involved him in many different party games, including the classics like Take the Cock, Deepthroat, and Shots. The first game involved a series of ever bigger dildos and seeing who could take the biggest up the ass. The second game was like the first but instead involved seeing who could deepthroat the biggest cock. The last game, Shots, was all about seeing who could shoot their cum the furthest when they orgasmed.

Midway through the evening, everyone was ushered towards a rather large tank that looked like it belonged in an aquarium. No fish swam in this 10 ft. deep tank, though the bottom was lined with a thick layer of sand. A step ladder on each corner led to a small platform that contained several chests and several steel balls the size of soccer balls. Three individuals stood on each platform. Two were obviously club workers while the third was an employee from the party. SE9168 was surprised to see BT5365 atop one of the platforms and in the process of being tied up with rope and chain by the two club assistants. Thick ropes were wrapped in such a way that they pinched his pectorals, and his arms were crossed behind his back. The wrists were tied with rope and secured so that he couldn’t wriggle out of his bonds. His legs were being tied together in a manner that reminded SE9168 of the shibari rope techniques that a friend from his past had shown him on occasion. Metal chains were being laced amongst the ropes, and a pair of metal cuffs were attached to his boots, linking them together and the bound drone to a thick chain that was in turn connected to a steel ball.

A voice sounded from a nearby microphone diverted SE9168’s attention. He turned to see an average-sized man stand before the crowd of party-goers and speak through a microphone, “Welcome gentlemen to this evening’s Extreme Fuck challenge. You may be wondering how this is going to work. Well here’s the deal: there are four contestants. Each contestant will need to fuck each of the other contestants until they have fucked each of the other contestants. The first one to do so wins the game. They will need to thrust 200 times before being able to move on to the next conquest in the game.”

“So why the anchors?” a man in the audience asked.

“Ah, yes! To add a little challenge to this game, each contestant is bound nice and tight, and will be dropped into the pool by the weight of the anchor and the chains that are laced amongst the ropes that bind them. They will need to use their physical strength and some cunning to move around without getting tangled up in one another and to reach their targets. Don’t worry about drowning, folks! Each contestant is equipped with a special mouthpiece that will allow them to breathe underwater for a short time. Once they go under, they will have 30 minutes to complete the challenge, at which point we see who got the furthest. For the safety of our contestants, we have several assistants armed with scissors and keys in the event of a crisis. Furthermore, the mouth pieces are good for an hour, so there is plenty of time. Also, the mouth pieces are firmly attached so no chance of losing them in the excitement. Now, is this a challenge or what?!”

Cheers erupted from the crowd. SE9168 was impressed with the thought that had gone into this game.

“Tonight, we have the pleasure of having these three gentlemen and a drone as the evening’s contestants. Let’s give them all a cheer of good luck!” Again, cheers came from the crowd. SE9168 also gave a cheer of good luck, even though it came out as monotone.

Up on the platform, BT5365 was a quiver with anticipation. He loved the feeling of being bound up nice and tight. He also loved the sensation of floating while being tied up. It was a sensation he did not get a chance to experience often; the last time was a few years ago during another employee’s party. And it was the same game. Not every party hosted this game, but ever since that first time BT5365 had been eagerly looking forward to the next time.

When the drone was all secured, one of the assistants put a rubber penis-shaped gag into his mouth. It was a decently large sized gag, perfect for BT5365. The gag contained the breathing apparatus that would enable the drone to breathe underwater. Once the gag was firmly in place, both assistants shuffled the bound drone to the end of the platform. At a whistle from the announcer, each contestant was pushed into the tank.

The drone sank quickly through the water, the chain and ball bringing him swiftly to the bottom. The added weight of the chains brought his body down onto the sandy bottom. The water was pleasantly cool and tickled at him. He landed along his side, which was a good position to land on. Taking a moment, he looked around for his first target. The nearest one had landed on his back a good 20 ft. away; the most disadvantageous position. Wasting no time, the drone began to shuffle his way forward towards his target.

The drone pushed himself so that he was lying on his stomach and then made his way directly towards the target. His initial progress was easy until the chain to the ball grew taught. Thereafter the drone had to struggle to drag it along with him. Thankfully the drone was in good shape, so he was able to make good progress. As he slid along the bottom, his hard cock rubbed against the sand, stimulating him so much that he almost came prematurely. The combination of the rubbing sensation on his cock and the concentrated blood flow in his groin had raised his sensitivity beyond what he normally experienced. He stopped moving for several moments to calm down before resuming his shuffling motions.

Eventually the drone reached his target, who had managed to finally get on his side. Had the man had more time he would’ve been able to maneuver out of the way, but the drone was already upon him. Using his body, he pushed the other contestant onto his stomach and slid atop, using his weight to hold down the squirming man. When at last he had lined up his cock to the man’s ass, the man stopped struggling and let BT5365 penetrate him. The sensation felt divine to the drone. Midway through the pair tumbled to one side, the motion pushing the pair along the sandy bottom even as their chains strained against them. When BT5365 finished his 200th thrust, he pulled out and with a push disengaged from his target. He quickly made his way to the next target, hoping to reach him before his first target caught up to him.

The rest of the game continued in this fashion, though when time was up BT5365 had only just reached his third target. The drone had been only been fucked once during the game, which was a good thing for his score. The club assistants dived into the tank and unlocked the contestants from the ball weights and brought them back to the surface. Once back on the platforms, the gags were removed, but the contestants were kept tied up.

“And now folks, we announce our winner! Please give a hearty round of applause to 5428, who was 95 thrusts into his third conquest when time ran out. Congratulations, 5428!”

The audience cheered loudly, as did Employee 5428. BT5365 also let out a cheer, even though it was in monotone. He was happy that everyone had fun and that he had fun.

“And now we move on to a more open game. In this game there are two groups of players. The first group will be tied up and again lowered into the pool. They will be held in the pool with weights but this time they won’t have any additional weights on their bodies, so that they will just float in the water. The second group will not restricted in any way and will be able to swim wherever they like. The goal of this game is to just have fun! It’s not every day you get to have a fuck-fest underwater.

“Each person from the second group will get a portable breathing apparatus that will let them breathe underwater through their nose instead of their mouth. We don’t want those mouths plugged up with anything else after all! These will last for one hour before they will need replacing. And don’t worry, we have plenty of spares.

Each person in the first group will get something a bit longer-lasting: a breathing triangle that will fit over their mouths and nose. Now don’t worry folks, there will still be an opening into their mouths for you to fuck the living daylights out of them! They will be able to breathe just fine for the entire game. That’s a good thing since I’m sure many of you want to play with them!

“As an added bonus for the first group, since they will be bound nice and tight during this entire game, they will be outfitted with a special waterproof headpiece that will block out sight and sound…except of course for a healthy dose of deep hypnotic programming and hypnosis spirals! These will augment their physical sensations and make the experience one that they’ll never forget. Now does that sound like fun!” The audience cheered loudly at that. “Then make your way up to each of the platforms and our lovely assistants will get you geared up! Drones, you are given permission to cum as often as you’d like during this game.”

Most of the crowd joined the game and eagerness, with about 1/3 of them wanting to be in the first group. Intrigued, SE9168 joined the first group, wanting to experience bondage for the first time. BT5365 also opted to join the first group; he loved the feeling of bondage and this new game sounded like a lot of fun. Since he was already tied up, he was the first to be lowered back into the water. A band like piece of black rubber was placed over the lenses of his hood and his ears. Since he was a drone and already had the means for a hypnotic spiral and audio to play, this rubber band was just rubber. For the non-drones, theirs would have a small screen on the inside and earphones as well. When the rubber band was in place around his head, the hypno spiral was reengaged to full maximum as were the voices. In no time at all BT5365 was in the deepest trance state, completely relaxed, docile, and obedient.

The gag was removed from his mouth and replaced with a triangular-shaped apparatus that fit over his nose and mouth. Tubes were pushed down his nose, forming a seal to prevent water from coming in and enabling air to come in from the tubes. The mouthpiece was also shaped like a penis gag, though the interior was hollow, and the gag reached deep into his mouth and throat. The tip of the gag was sealed and shaped like a penis head; it rested along the top of his throat. With the hypnosis spiral having put the drone in a deep state of trance, his throat was relaxed, and he did not gag. The outside of the mouthpiece had an open hole that led into the hollow gag, so that the drone could still be face-fucked even while underwater and it still be able to breathe just fine. Internal machinery and filters inside the triangular apparatus would extract breathable air from the surrounding water and enable him to breathe normally.

Once he was all geared up, BT5365 was dumped once again into the pool. Submerged and floating, BT5365 relaxed as the hypno spiral and voices brought him deep into trance. SE9168, from his vantage point in the line, was able to watch as a pair of assistants dove into the water and shifted the weight towards the middle of the pool, dragging the unresponsive BT5365 along without any resistance. Once positioned, the assistants moved on to shift the other bound players into place.

Once there were enough bound individuals along the bottom of the pool, about half of the group two players were allowed into the pool. SE9168 watched as a lean black haired man swam up to BT5365 and wrapped himself around the drone with his legs and arms. SE9168 watched as the man rubbed himself against the unresponsive drone, eventually maneuvering himself to rest his ass over the drone’s hard cock and begin to impale himself on it. The sight of it brought pleasure and envy to SE9168. A good half-hour later and SE9168 was similarly bound and placed in the pool. For the next two hours the group one players availed themselves of the many bound men and drones. Both BT5365 and SE9168 thoroughly enjoyed the game and the heightened pleasure that they felt. Both came multiple times, releasing their spunk into the water. When the time came to release them, both drones were slightly disappointed that the game had ended so quickly.

SE9168 had thoroughly enjoyed the game. He loved the sensation of bondage and the heightened sensitivity that came with it. SE9168 did not have much time to dwell on this when Employee 8663 rushed up to him and firmly embraced him.

“You were amazing in there! That was such an experience and you were so much fun to play with!”

“This drone is pleased to have brought you pleasure. How may it serve?”

“Funny thing, my husbands and I just received the word from System Control with the go-ahead to adopt you. You will now get to live with us!”

SE9168 was thrilled at the news, that he would get the chance to service this man often. He stiffened as the voices whispered some important instructions. “State the confirmation code of the approval order,” SE9168 said robotically. Employee 8663 fumbled about for his phone. Digging through his email, he found the approval order and recited the code. Upon completing it, SE9168 relaxed and gazed upon his new master with joy. The party ended shortly thereafter as the hour had become quite late. BT5365 was picked up by a drone van and driven back to the drone facility. SE9168, on the other hand, was guided by his Cock to the minivan housing the other two ginger men. And as the car pulled away into the night, SE9168 fully immersed himself in the joy and pleasure that was now his existence.

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