Making Weight Chapter 2

By Pressuregauge
published March 29, 2020
3072 words

A college athlete makes sure that his new friend puts in the hard work.

Derek thumped a heavy hand on the dorm room door, loudly enough to be heard throughout the rest of the floor. “C’mon dude, get up! We gotta get our lift in!” He paused, listening, before raising his hand again. “Unless you want me to wake up everyone on this floor to drag you out he–”

The door opened a crack, cutting light into a pitch-dark door room, clothes left on the floor, an open pizza box half-full visible on the desk. A tall, lean man with dark, disheveled hair glared at Derek from the couple inches visible with a tired, almost crazy look in his eye. “Fuck you, you fuckin know what time it is?” Aiden snarled in a half-whisper.

“Yeah man, it’s time for you to get the fuck out of bed and come lift with me,” Derek grinned, holding up his gym bag. “You gonna let me in or are we just talking out in the hallway now?”

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! WE’RE TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP!” came a ragged shout from down the hallway.

Derek pointed toward the protest with a nod and raised eyebrow. “See, that guy gets it.”

A few minutes later, Derek was driving a half-awake Aiden toward the university gym in silence as the leaner man worked on a huge cup of coffee. Aiden picked his head up off the window, glancing at the jock who was again dragging him to the gym at ungodly hours all to throw some weights around.

After their encounter about a month earlier, Aiden had assumed that he’d never have to work out with Derek again. He’d tried using his new low level of suggestive control over Derek to say that he wasn’t getting up at the usual time to work out. That just made Derek show up even earlier. Then he suggested that they shouldn’t work out together because they weren’t in the same weight class. Derek put together an actual workout program geared specifically for Aiden, based on the one he used to use at that weight.

Finally, he suggested that Derek didn’t actually want to be a wrestler after all, that he belonged more on the powerlifting team. Certainly, if they weren’t on the same team, they wouldn’t have to work out together anymore. That one took some suggesting, since Derek did really have the natural skill for wrestling, but his new weight also made him a natural lifter. Derek crashed onto that team as well and started making huge strides.

But even that hadn’t stopped Derek from pushing his new “friend” to make it to morning lifts. Coach had been thrilled that Derek still wanted to help his replacement step up. Aiden had to hand it to him, the guy’s determination was admirable. If he suddenly packed on 40-odd pounds and ballooned up to about 230 in one afternoon, there was a good chance he would’ve just stopped working out altogether, he thought as he drained the last of the coffee. Aiden looked over at the shorter, bulkier man driving the car.

There was a huge difference in the jock from even a month ago. Yes, he was still significantly heavier than his previous weigh-in of 180 pounds, but a huge part of the bulk in his musclegut had been put to work in building more muscle overall. His arms and shoulders were larger than they’d ever been, and Aiden couldn’t believe how big Derek’s chest had gotten, still thick and solid-looking even with the added weight. His stomach was only a little leaner than it was a month ago, but anyone could tell he was packing on muscle. Even his legs, which had already been thick, looked wider and more powerful. Aiden felt his mouth go a little dry as he caught himself looking at Derek’s quads for just a moment too long.

It wasn’t anything, it was all just a means to an end, Aiden said to himself. How did he get wrapped up in it this morning again?

The street lights rushed by as Derek drove them, the car still smelling strongly of protein powder. Aiden took a breath, thought he might try one more time. “Listen, I appreciate all this, man, but you know you don’t have to make me come out here to work out this early.”

“Yeah, I know I don’t have to, I’m just trying to help ya out,” Derek said, pausing at a red light. “You’re one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen, I’m just, uh, y’know.”

If there was one part of their new arrangement that hadn’t worn out its welcome for Aiden, it was Derek’s wide-eyed admiration for the other.

Aiden put the empty coffee cup in the holder and got out his pre-workout, popping the lid and drinking it down. “No, I don’t know. What?”

Aiden could swear he saw Derek’s face flush a little bit in the early morning light. “Nah, y’know. Helpin me figure out what I actually want, helpin me get big enough to do it,” he chuckled, looking over at the taller man. “That’s one of the things I like about hangin out with you, you just want people to be their best, man.”

Aiden could barely stop himself from rolling his eyes, but he had to admit it felt nice that his new “friend” was being so genuine with him. Thinking back, he didn’t know if he’d ever had a friend who was as direct and optimistic as Derek. Most people were put off by his caustic remarks, which usually came out the moment Aiden felt his ego being threatened.

“Y’know what, thanks for that,” Aiden said with a half-smile after a minute. “Means a lot. Any chance that means you’re feeling good enough to let us skip today?”

Derek shook his head with a snorted laugh. “Yeah, no way bro. We’ve got a heavy lift planned for this morning.”

Aiden did roll his eyes this time, glancing back out the window toward the early morning scenery. He recognized the quad as the drove past, and wondered if Derek and he would’ve actually connected if they hadn’t ended up on the same team in the first place.

Actually, wait. The quad? That was on the opposite side of campus as the gym. “Hey uh, where are we going?” Aiden blurted a little too forcefully.

“The gym, man. You still asleep?”

“Nah, it’s just – we’re going the wrong wait… I mean, going the wrong way,” Aiden said, looking directly at Derek, his tongue suddenly feeling thick in his mouth.

“No man, just relax, look outside, we’re headed the right way,” Derek said, his voice staying completely calm. “Just take a deep breath and watch the scenery.”

Aiden felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and he tried to sit up straighter in his seat but ended up weaving in a little bit in place, slowly turning to look out the window before taking a long, deep breath, letting it out in a quiet sigh. “Just… watch the scenery,” he said, his shoulders drooping as he relaxed in his seat.

Derek looked over at his friend just as the taller man’s head dipped toward the window. Aiden’s reflection showed just what Derek expected to see, an empty stare into the middle distance, with waves of color passing across his eyes. Aiden’s mouth hung open, a little bit of drool already dripping onto his arm.

“There ya go, man,” Derek intoned, keeping his voice low as he fished for his cell phone, pulling up some notes as he drove. The low hum of the engine filled the gaps as Derek spoke evenly. “I’m supposed to tell you to just relax and listen to my voice… just let your mind clear… try to imagine all the tension in your body just draining out of you.” He scrolled through the notes as he continued talking before just putting the phone down. “Look, uh, it says a lot of stuff here that I don’t really understand about relaxing, so, I’m just gonna wing it.”

“You know how when you’re working out, you’re going hard into the push, just driving into it with all of your energy, going for that huge lift? And then you finish the lift and drop the weight, and you feel super light, lighter than makes sense, and you’re all amped up because you got through the lift and you just feel fuckin happy and relaxed? Well, just like, think of what you do every day as that big, heavy lift, and bein here, working out with me, that’s like that happy, amped up feeling you get after, right?” Derek said, continuing his long, slow drive around the university. “Workin out just helps you relax, doesn’t it?”

“Workin out… helps me relax,” Aiden said, nodding slowly against the window.

Derek grinned wide, having to keep himself from unconsciously driving too fast as he worked. “Yeah man, working out with me just lets you get to this deep, relaxed place where you don’t have to worry about anything else. You don’t have to be pushing anyone else or workin to meet anyone else’s standards. You just wanna do your best, get bigger and stronger. You want to build as much muscle as you can, for you. You can just let all those other stresses and stuff go. It’s just us working out, ain’t it?”

“I can just.. let go.. just work out with you,” Aiden droned, the empty bottle hanging in his lax hand as he relaxed back heavily in the passenger seat. Aiden’s eyelids fluttered as he sank deeper into the seat. Stopped at a red light, Derek looked over at his zonked friend. He normally wasn’t into leaner guys, but Aiden just always managed to look so hot, Derek thought. His torso was lean but Derek was always surprised at how strong he was when they were sparring together. Even as he had been trying to skip morning workouts, Aiden still looked like he couldn’t be more than 180 pounds. But his arms were tight and sinewy, and Derek knew Aiden was holding back on how strong his legs actually could be. He was already the best, but he could be even better.

Derek knew the morning workouts would help, but he recognized a friend trying everything he could to dodge the hard work. He had tried everything to convince Aiden to put in the effort, but he knew he just wasn’t as smart as the leaner man. That’s why Derek had reached out for help, and how he had found this bioscience student on campus who had been experimenting with some things that could help Derek “convince” Aiden that the morning workouts were worth it. And that’s why he swapped Aiden’s preworkout while the other man was getting dressed that morning. Dosing the coffee he brought was just making sure it worked.

But looking at Aiden in the passenger seat, all relaxed, Derek felt something else click in his guts. He realized that his gym shorts and jock were straining with a bulge that was pressing right up against his musclegut. He caught his hand running down the curve of his tight, round belly before pressing into his junk and squeezing a little. It really sucked that Aiden was just unapologetically straight, Derek could maybe see them getting somewhere togther. That was all in his head, though.

That other student had said that there was one more step to the process to make it stick. The back row of the gym parking lot was as good a place as any, Derek figured.

“So uh, there’s just one more thing…” Derek said quietly to his friend, reaching over and resting a meaty hand on his muscled thigh.

To Derek’s surprise, Aiden lifted his head lazily from the window, a dopey, relaxed grin still plastered on his face. “I… uh… want to suck you off…” Aiden stared forward in his seat, a little drowsily grabbing a hand into Derek’s gym shorts at the crotch, pulling them toward his knees as he leaned across the seat.

Derek’s eyes went wide and his heart jumped into his throat as he searched his friend’s face for any sign of him waking. The colorful rings in Aiden’s eyes were still showing up just as strong, and even though Aiden was pulling on Derek’s shorts, he was still doing it like he was half-asleep. This definitely wasn’t how this was supposed to work, but Derek lost track of his thoughts when Aiden opened his mouth wide and went down on the bulge in his shorts with a deep grunt.

“Uh, UH let me help ya there,” Derek lifted his hips quickly and tugged his shorts unceremoniously down his thighs, pulling his jockstrap to the side and freeing his stiff dick.

While Derek worked, Aiden found the heavier man’s musclegut pressed into his face. Derek was again caught off guard when the dark-haired man leaned in and dragged his tongue across the firm bulk. “You’re so fuckin… big… I want you… for myself…” he droned before pushing forward and slurping Derek’s cock into his mouth.

Derek leaned back with a low groan as he tried to keep himself from bucking into Aiden’s mouth, the suction feeling almost greedy. He heard Aiden’s heavy breaths between pulls, and he couldn’t help resting his hand on the back of Aiden’s head, at least. He looked to Aiden’s lean, strong back as he lay across the car’s console, and reached to tug the man’s shirt up with, running his big hand up and down the length, tracing the lines of muscle from his shoulders down to his lower back.

The waistband of Aiden’s jockstrap just barely edged out from under his gym shorts, and Derek let his hand wander toward it once or twice slowly before finally slipping his fingers underneath, reaching to grab a hard handful of Aiden’s tight, muscled ass. Aiden grunted loudly around Derek’s meat, and warm drool ran down over his balls.

Aiden’s hand slid up under Derek’s shirt, grabbing and squeezing into his muscled bulk, reaching first for his pecs before moving back to his musclegut. Derek flexed into the attention, breathing heavier as he started to feel sweat on his neck. Aiden’s other hand cupped under Derek’s balls, gently playing with them as he sucked.

Derek knew he was pushing it, but he had come this far. He needed to know. Keeping a firm grip on the back of Aiden’s head with one hand, his other hand slipped further into Aiden’s gym shorts, a finger driving gently between his asscheeks before finding the leaner man’s hole. Aiden shuddered hard under him and tensed his ass, arching a little bit. Derek grunted and pressed his finger in, feeling the sudden, hard squeeze on his fingertip.

The response was electric. Aiden’s shoulders arched hard and he let loose a heavy groan aroud Derek’s cock. The leaner man shook hard, and the unmistakable smell of cum filled the car, Aiden grinding between the seat and Derek’s finger, spasming hard. The shock pushed Derek over the edge, suddenly jetting his load into Aiden’s mouth. The first shot hit the back of his throat and drained back down his shaft and balls, but Aiden quickly clamped down, gulping loudly as the heavier man finished before finally, slowly, pulling off. He flicked his tongue across the tip, making Derek shake hard over him again with his high sensitivity, yanking his hand back out of Aiden’s shorts.

The withdrawal was enough to break the silent moment between them as Aiden slowly sat back up in the passenger seat. He blinked a few times as he shook his head, as though clearing cobwebs out. “What th…” he looked down at the damp spot of cum soaked through his gym shorts as the last whorls of color faded from his eyes.

“Ain’t what it looks like,” Derek said with a weak grin, quickly trying to pull his gym shorts and jockstrap back into place, having to heft up his belly a little bit. “Just blowin off some steam again, right?”

Aiden paused for a moment staring into the middle distance, then looked suddenly back at his shorts. “Well, fuck… glad I have some spare shorts in my bag, then. Guess I’ll have to freeball it. Glad it’s too early for too many people to be here trying to sneak a look,” he said, leaning back in the seat and shucking them off, wiping up the leftover cum off of his furry crotch with them, catching a smear that had spread up to his tight abs. Derek couldn’t help but stare at Aiden’s hard dick, bouncing in his lap as he tossed the shorts into his bag and pulled out new ones. He opened the door and tugged on the shorts as he stood up, giving Derek another flash of his ass before leaning back in and grabbing his bag from the floor.

He met Derek’s eyes again, looking for a long moment before speaking. “Listen, sorry that I’ve been trying to blow this off. Had a lot of junk on my mind lately, and it was getting in the way. I–,” he paused for a second again, then shook his head a moment and started walking toward the gym, obviously adjusting his shorts as he went. “Thanks for making sure I still do these workouts,” he called back over his shoulder. “I know I complain a lot, but it really helps me relax afterward!”

Derek grinned wide again, fixing his shirt and grabbing his gym bag before getting out after Aiden. “See, I told you these morning workouts would pay off!”

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