Chapter 4: The Ranch Hand

By MJordan published August 12, 2017

Geoff wakes from his transformation and starts to work. He finds Seamus in the loft, who has forgotten who he is. The two bond and Geoff asks Seamus to stay. Geoff changes Seamus to be the ranch’s new hand.

“Geoff, wake up,” Manuel said after letting his son sleep for a full day. Manuel’s spell needed a full day to take effect. “After breakfast, I’ll need to you go and lay down new bedding in the stables.”

“All right, Pa,” Geoff said in his new southern drawl. Geoff got out of bed and went to the bathroom. After stripping, Geoff observed his body in the mirror and struck a double bicep pose. The curve of his pecs, the fullness of his arms and roundness of his shoulders, the tightness of his glutes and the hardness of his legs. This was a body built by years of hard work and Geoff wouldn’t give it up for anything.

After eating breakfast, Geoff drove the stables and removed all the old bedding from the stalls. Removing all the old bedding took all morning and Geoff stopped and ate the lunch which Buck packed for his and found a note. “Geoff, it has 20 years since we adopted you and we are glad you have become a strong and kind young man. You have given us much joy and fond memories. We hope that you will always stay here and work the ranch. Your fathers, Buck and Manuel.”

Geoff smiled to himself and finished his lunch. Geoff climbed into the hayloft and grabbed the pitchfork and started throwing new hay down into the stalls. Geoff soon became hot and removed his shirt. Geoff moved down the hayloft and soon found something he did not expect to find, a person. Geoff set the pitchfork down and went to the man. The man appeared to be about 6’ 3” tall and has heavily muscled. The man had bright red hair and blue eyes. Unknown to Geoff, this was his friend from another life, Seamus.

Geoff shook Seamus and Seamus slowly woke up. “Where am I? Who am I?”

“I don’t know about who you are, but you are on my parents’ ranch, The Hard C. My name is Geoff.”

Seamus extended his hand and the two shook hands. “I could use some help. Why don’t you grab a pitchfork and help me get the rest of the stalls filled.”

The two men worked quickly and the rest of the stalls were filled in no time. While the two men worked, Geoff was constantly stealing glances at Seamus, watching the way his muscles moved under his skin and how Seamus seemed to be a natural at ranch work. The two went to rest in the small office in the stable and while they sipped water Geoff said, “How about you stay here? You seemed to be a natural at ranch work and we could always use another hand.”

“I think I will,” Seamus replied, “I wish I could remember my name.”

After the work was completed, Geoff and Seamus went outside and noticed that the sun was close to setting. “It’s about time that we head the ranch house. I’ll introduce you to my parents.”

“Thanks, Geoff. For letting me stay here.”

Dinner was uneventful, except for Buck and Manuel pretending that they have never met Seamus. Geoff went upstairs to take a shower and had put on a pair of jeans and a cotton shirt and lay down on his bed and opened his book. Geoff had barely started to read when he heard a knock at the door. Geoff went and opened the door and found Seamus. “Can I come in,” Seamus asked.

“Sure,” Geoff said and closed the door behind Seamus. “What can I do?”

“I just wanted to come say thanks again for letting me stay here.”

“Don’t mention it,” Geoff replied.

“I also wanted to do this,” Seamus said and pulled Geoff close and kissed him deeply.

Geoff didn’t fight back, but embraced Seamus as the two made out. Unknown to Geoff, he had gained Manuel’s magic ability, but instead of having to say a spell, Geoff’s power came from his thoughts. Geoff and Seamus fell to the bed as they continued to kiss. Seamus pulled away and exclaimed, “I remember. I remember what my name is. It’s Stadler.”

“Well Stadler, it’s lovely to meet you,” Geoff said and went back to making out with Stadler. Stadler grabbed Geoff’s firm glutes and rubbed his hands over them through the denim. Geoff pulled Stadler up and quickly removed Stadler’s shirt and Stadler did the same to Geoff. “I love your muscles, Stadler.”

“And I love yours, Geoff,” Stadler replied and moved to kiss all over Geoff’s chest. As Stadler kissed over Geoff’s body, his hair was slowly turning from red to blonde. Soon all of Stadler’s hair was a honey blonde and both he and Geoff were completely naked. Stadler moved to Geoff’s cock and started to suck him. Geoff moaned from the pleasure and was soon writhing all over the bed.

Geoff picked Stadler up and flipped him over. “It’s my turn to return the favor,” he said and started to suck Stadler’s cock. As Geoff gave Stadler the blowjob of a lifetime, Stadler loss some of his muscle mass, but the muscles that remained became corded like Geoff’s, showing signs of years of hard ranch work. Calluses formed on Stadler’s hands, left over from rope when he had to wrangle cows.

Geoff stopped sucking of Stadler and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Absolutely,” Stadler replied, “Break me like you would a bronco.”

Geoff entered Stadler, who moaned from the pleasure of the penetration. Geoff started off slow, but soon picked up speed and was fucking Stadler like crazy. They switched to the cowboy position and the two kissed each other deeply and passionately. As they kissed, a full beard and moustache on both men’s faces. “Oh, Stadler, I going to cum.”

“Geoff, come inside me. Come inside me,” Stadler screamed. As he screamed, Geoff exploded inside of Stadler. “That was wonderful,” Stadler said as he lay down on top of Geoff.

Geoff wrapped his arms around Stadler and asked, “You will never leave me, will you?”

“Never,” Stadler replied and kissed Geoff, their beards rubbing each other.

Manuel heard Geoff and Stadler’s lovemaking and smiled. He went to his bedroom, where he found Buck waiting for him with just a cowboy hat covering his cock. “I didn’t think that you would show,” Buck said.

“And why wouldn’t I,” Buck replied. “I overheard our son in his room. He has found someone to spend his days with, like we did each other.”

“That is great, Manuel. Now come here and,” Buck said as Manuel planted a kiss, perhaps the deepest kiss that he ever had before, satisfied that he and Buck found a son and that the son found someone as well.

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