Games Of Chance, Pt 1

By ChaoticDjinn published August 11, 2017
Three friends find a magical board game but fail to realize, the magics of the universe don't always have peoples best interests in mind

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“I can’t believe you actually bought something so dumb. This is the reason we’re your only friends.” mumbled Andy, picking out a chip deftly with his slender fingers before flipping it into his mouth.

“Hey, you’re free to go if you want, but it’s just going to be a bunch of jocks and dumb, stuck up chicks getting drunk and stupid.” replied William as he set a third human shaped figurine at the start of the winding board game before him.

“Exactly,” began Andy hoisting himself to his feet and pacing around the room anxiously “people getting drunk and stupid like regular college students. Don’t you want to be normal for once?”

“I think normal went out the window when you tried to make it with Zack.” retorted Ned, sweeping a strand of sandy blonde hair out of his eyes.

“I was wasted man, I would have tried to fuck a tree if you put it in a jock strap!”

Colour rushed to Andy’s cheeks as the memory lurched forward from the depths of his consciousness.

About a month into freshman year he had worked up enough courage to head to one of the parties Alpha Sigma always seemed to be throwing. He had spent the better part of an hour in front of the mirror getting ready; Teasing and tossing his chestnut hair to swoop at the front, shaping his beard into a perfectly sculpted goatee and doing the odd pose to pump himself up, in spite of his laughably average physique.

The night had gone great from the get go. By the time they arrived, the party was in full swing: the music was pumping, the drinks were flowing and everyone, from jock to cheerleader, and even the odd nerd and geeky out layer seemed to be having a great time. Ned even admitted that he was glad Andy had dragged him along, quickly scampering off to fix himself a drink and make the rounds for hot guys.

If he was being totally honest, Andy was a little jealous of Ned and his easy going personality. They were both gay, both fairly average, but Ned just seemed much happier and Andy always suspected it had to do with him being so comfortable in his own skin.

While Andy stuck do drinking cheap beer and horsing around with the guys, boasting this or that to impress the girls, Ned sipped his flavoured vodka and chatted up one of the other gay guys at the party.

As somewhat uncomfortable as it was, the straight illusion seemed to work and by the end of the night Andy was laughing it up with the cream of the popular crop just as he had hoped. He and Zack had paired up for the last few rounds of beer pong, and had proven to be an unbeatable duo, slapping down each and every guy who dared to challenge them.

“Fuck man, you’ve got to rush, we need a dude with your skills in the class. Most of these new bros got absolutely no game.” slurred the wet dream of a frat boy as he set up the next pyramid of red solo cups.

Andy couldn’t believe how well things were going for him. His first party and he was already hanging out with Zack fucking Johnson, indisputable king of Alpha Sig. Still, while he was enjoying the male companionship, it was taking everything in his being to keep from throwing himself at the hot frat boy like a drunken ho on spring break.

Blonde spiked hair sat as a crown on top of a tanned and chiseled face. His features were square and masculine, but just round enough to give them a soft almost approachable look. His sea green eyes were surprisingly kind for such an intimidating specimen, working to lure in and reassure his conquests that he was a good, kind guy, even if he really wasn’t.

His hard earned chiseled body was poured into a size-too-small pink polo which strained to contain the heft of his pecs and impressive biceps. A bit further down south in a sea of skin tight denim, a sizeable pair of nuts and an all too suckable cock were clearly outlined for all to see.

It all happened in a blur, too fast for Andy’s drunk mind to guard against. He had scored the winning point of yet another game of beer pong and turned to grin at his partner. Drunk and assuming himself in the company of another straight dude Zack went in for a bro hug, patting Andy’s ass playfully as they embraced.

Andy’s drunk mind interpreted the sudden physical affection as more than it was, and before he could stop himself, his dick rocketed to its full six inch glory, pressing into Zack’s six pack as a loud and lusty moan escaped his lips. His own playful butt slapping quickly transformed into more of an awkward rub and grope, feeling around the lines of Zack’s tight jockstrap.

Zack pushed him away hard, uttering an aggressive “What the hell ,fag!” and the next thing Andy knew he was running down the stairs of the frat house, making a drunken, zigzagging beeline back towards his dorm.

“I don’t think that’s really helping your case man.” rang out William’s voice, pulling Andy from his embarrassing memories.

“Yeah, people don’t seem to mind the whole gay thing as much as they did in high school, but it still seems to ish them out when they have to worry about you getting one drink too drunk and getting all handsey and shit. That’s why I’m just up front about it and you know…don’t lose control all over uber jocks.” lectured Ned

“Bite me.” snapped Andy, narrowing his eyes at his friend

“Hey, if you’re offering” replied the cheeky blond, leaning forward and going for a playful bite on his friends neck.

Andy shoved his friend away, less angry than he was appearing to be as Ned made another halfhearted advance towards him.

“Guys, lay off it, we’re here to do something important, not fuck around and give each other hickies!” barked William, his harsh voice cutting through the playful argument like a knife.

“Man, do you really think you found some magical board game?” asked Andy, waving his hands around the word magical for emphasis.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m all for there being a mystic side to life, but do you really think that magical board games are a thing? More importantly, do you think that magical board games are just floating around for sale on the internet?” asked Ned, taking his place at the table.

“On a website that wasn’t there the next morning, but still delivered the game.” corrected William.

“You’re are so desperate man.” laughed Andy, flicking a chip at his heavy set friend.

Between the three of them William had the most to gain from the idea of a magical life altering board game. While Andy and Ned were more or less passively semi-attractive William was squarely in the category of ugly.

Messy unwashed black hair hung down around his face like thick velvet curtains, obscuring his mud brown eyes and chubby acne covered face. A pair of sizeable moobs sat atop a gut which passed beyond the freshmen fifteen well before he even started his senior year of high school.

Appearances aside, he was a pretty decent guy, if a little rough around the edges, and became fast friends with the duo of Andy and Ned through their shared love of board games and other nerdy things.

“Enough, both of you just sit down, and look over the rules one more time!” demanded their chunky friend, his patience wearing thin.

All three men, now seated at the table holding the expansive wooden board game looked over the set of rules engraved in its finely polished grain:

1.) All players must be seated and agree to start before the game may begin. 2.) Starting with the oldest, players take turns rolling the dice to advance along the board. 3.) Each time a player finishes its movement, a change will be inflicted upon the world. 4.) The game cannot be stopped once it is started. 5.) The game ends when all players reach the final space.

“Well, if we’re going to waste our night doing this, we might as well get started.” grumbled Andy grabbing the polished black dice before rolling them lightly across the table.

The instant the pair of heavy dice left Andy’s hand a wave seemed to ripple out and pass through the room. One of the formerly featureless humanoid figures marched forward bearing the exact likeness of an extremely small, to scale Andy.

“Holy shit!” cried the Andy, jumping to his feet, nearly toppling the table as he went.

“I told you man, this thing is the real deal. I’m about to get all the pussy I can handle!” cried William excitedly.

Six steps into its march, the little figurine Andy stopped in place as the little square beneath it began to glow a soft blue. Thin trails of the pale blue light began to take solid form and float slightly above the game, forming softly shimmering, transparent words.

Sitting back down in his seat Andy leaned in and began to read the words aloud to the group.

The sound of muffled laughter and thumping rock music resonated through the walls of the Alpha Sig fraternity house as the sun began to set over a particularly hot summer’s day. Zack Thompson stared at his reflection in the floor length mirror propped up against one of his walls, posters of busty bitches smiling at him from either side.

He ran his hand through his still shower-damp hair and grinned, stopping its movement to flex his impressive upper body at himself. His taught square pecs bounced in response as he gave a nodding wink to his own statuesque reflection. His hand trailed down to slowly stroke his five inch softie to attention as he admired his physique with a strange mixture of pride and lust.

“Yeah, I’m totally going to get laid tonight. Who wouldn’t want this body?” his voice rang out over the muffled music and sounds of pre-gaming. He strolled over to his dressed and grabbed a can of body spray, spritzing liberally over his naked, glistening form.

Fishing through his drawers, his mirror now treated to a view of his rock-like glutes, he considered his options. He quickly decided on a tight lime green polo, leaving all its buttons undone to show off his impressive pec cleft. A muscle shirt or tank top might have shown off more of his impressively sculpted body, but Zack knew from experience that chicks who showed up to frat parties really did go for the douchey frat guy look more often than not.

Strolling over to his underwear drawer Zack produce a white jock strap and a pair of light blue designer boxer briefs. Again he weighed the options before him for a moment, quickly deciding to go with the classic white jock strap. As he bent over to slip the garment up his granite thighs a strange wave of dizziness came over him, causing him to stagger back slightly and fall onto his springy mattress.

As quickly as it had taken hold, the dizziness left his body and he let out a laugh, shaking his head slightly from side to side.

“Probably not a good sign if I’m falling on my ass before I even get wasted.” he chuckled to himself as he pushed himself back to his feet with his strong arms.

A loud cheer followed by several booming whoops signaled that the party downstairs was really kicking into gear, which Zack took as his cue to get his ass downstairs and start drinking.

He quickly pulled a pair of tight jeans over his diamond thighs and quickly unzipped the front of them, pulling his semi-hard six incher through the opening and out to freedom.

He gave himself a final once over in his floor length mirror: Hair perfectly styled, muscles taught and pumped, dick hanging out in its manly glory, and everything was good to go. He gave himself one final spritz of body spray before heading down to the roaring party.

The three men sat around the board game in rapt anticipation as they stared into the shimmering words reflected in the games large inky jewel.

“For The World:

In the past a grave mistake, one that caused your heart to ache. Now the norm for men world round, with flopping dicks and gropes abound.”

Between the shapeshifting game pieces and the seemingly mystical appearance of the rhyming couplets the men sitting around the game had honestly expected something truly magical to happen. One by one their faces fell to a look of disappointment as their gazes met the familiar, unchanged forms of the world around them.

“Fuck, that really had me going for a minute.” Andy mumbled, disappointment hanging off his every word.

“But it’s got to be real, how else do you explain the pieces changing to look like us, or moving on their own?” replied William eyes still searching around the room for some kind of visible change.

“Maybe it’s just really good holograms or something.” suggested Ned, poking Andy’s miniature gently, his face scrunching in confusion as it made purchase against its solid surface.

“Whatever guys, I’m out.” declared Andy, bitterly disappointed and angry at himself for getting his hopes up over the one in a billion chance that the game was for real.

Just as he was about to bring himself to his feet he caught a glimpse of what they had been searching the room for, something different. The shimmering letters in the inky black pool on the board game began to sway and swirl, blooming from black and blue into a myriad of vividly intense colours.

The colours began to arrange themselves until they formed a clear as crystal picture of a raging party as music began to poor softly out of the games mysterious jewel.

“Holy shit! That’s the Alpha Sig party going on right now!” exclaimed Andy, recognizing several of the guys featured in the image displayed before them.

“Yeah, but look.” replied Ned, pointing a finger towards the scene before them.

Looking closer Andy’s jaw nearly hit the floor. The party was packed with guys and girls in various states of drunkenness and revelry, that part was normal; however, each and every guy sober or wasted, had their dick pulled through the front of their pants. Hard Johnson’s pushed out between the silky flaps of work out shorts, from between the deep blue of denim jeans, and through seemingly self-made holes in the front of sweat pants.

The jewel swept over the party, giving a full view of the raging event while confirming that indeed, no guy who attended had his dick hidden behind any sort of clothing. What’s more, the straight male experience seemed, to an outside eye, a lot gayer than it had been before.

The jewel ceased its wandering and stopped to focus on a game of beer pong. Colour flushed briefly to Andy’s cheeks as the memory of his embarrassing final round of the drink centered game surfaced once more. His embarrassment didn’t last long however, as the scene before him seemed to imply that his blunder from months ago was now no big deal.

Zack and burly beast of a frat bro were standing side by side before the makeshift ping pong table as Zack’s partner sunk the final ball into the red solo cup. The two of them let out a loud cheer and turned to face one another before embracing in a bro hug. What started out innocently enough began to cross the line from friendly into sexual as their dicks grew hard and pressed roughly into each other.

“Good shit Abe!” cheered Zack triumphantly.

“Yeah, you too, great fucking aim.”

Moans escaped their lips as they congratulated each other mid embrace. A pair of thick meaty hands reached around and groped at Zack’s rock hard buns while his own slighter hands massaged Abe’s more ample cheeks with delight. The two continued the hug for what would have previously been an uncomfortable amount of time, yet none of the partygoers seemed at all off put by the spectacle. By the time the hug broke, each of their dicks were ramrod hard and leaking pre cum down their shafts.

“Seriously, good game.” said Zack, running his thumb along his dick head before wiping the cum on his jeans.

“Hey, we’ve all got our skills” boomed Abe’s deeper voice, his large hands playing with the tip of his cock as the colour faded from the jewel before it returned to its pitch black state.

The trio sat around the board game in utter silence, their minds still trying to come to terms with what they had just seen. Two of the straightest and most homophobic guys on campus had just dry humped each other in front of their entire fraternity, and no one had so much as batted an eye.

“It…it worked, it actually worked, this is amazing!” declared Andy, realizing what the change to the norms of manly interaction meant. “I can finally get over that fucking hug and get in good with the popular dudes again!”

“I can’t believe what we just watched. Man, that was fucking hot.” replied Ned, shifting in his seat to accommodate the tightening in his pants.

“Uh, maybe for you. I don’t want to have to rub dicks with guys every time I go out.” replied William a look of annoyance hanging on his unattractive face.

“None of us have our dicks hanging out, so maybe it’s just a bro thing. It’s not like you ever hang out with guys like that.” Replied Andy

“But why aren’t our dicks hanging out? There were a bunch of guys at that party who aren’t even bros, I saw Chester from the chess team in all his uh, glory.” queried Ned.

“Maybe the changes affect everyone but us?”

“We can find out if we just keep playing. “answered William, scooping up the dice in with his chubby fingers before rolling them lightly across the board.

The little featureless game piece shimmered slightly, losing height and gaining girth as it began its stroll down the winding path towards the center of the game. Despite its portly size it strode with a strange sense of purpose and certainty, striding past Andy’s figure, stopping eight spaces in.

The space beneath it began to glow a soft red counterpoint to Andy’s pale blue. As before the inky black jewel in the center of the game began to swirly and project its mysterious light outward, forming once more a rhyming couplet of mysterious, transparent words.

“For the room:

A woman’s chest you yearn to feel, a gentle squeeze, her moaning squeal. On your chest you’ll find a prize, to have a girl among the guys.”

“What in the hell is that supposed to mean?” asked Andy, his head cocking to the side as he stared at the confusing couplet.

“Maybe it’s going to make a gamer girl to join our group of guys?” suggested William, looking hopefully around his room, eyes fixing finally on his chest of drawers. “Yeah, that’s the only thing I can think of that makes- oh, god.”

William’s words were cut off as a strange feeling took hold of his being. He could feel the very fabric of space and reality rend and twist through his form. The sensation of being punched in the gut, then falling endlessly through the vacuum of the cosmos, followed curiously by a slight tingling sensation in his torso.

Panting heavily as he came out of his strange little caress from the magic of the beyond William looked around the room desperately, eyes searching for the girl he so hoped that the game would have created for him.

“Man…I, I mean, I’m sorry, I..” Ned fumbled over his own words, trying to think of a way to gently inform his friend of what he saw before him.

During his strange little trip through the fabric of reality, William actually hadn’t gone anywhere at all, he simply closed his eyes and wrenched over in his seat in plain view of his two companions. Before their very eyes they watched with increasing horror and disbelief as the moobs on his chest began to round and inflate outward. By the time they were done with their strange transformation William was left with a pair of large and perky, rounded tits, easily big enough to break the ground on double D.

It didn’t take long for Williams gaze to find the newly formed fleshy mountains imposed upon his chest. Disbelief washed over his face as he stumbled for words while his mind rushed with the impossibility of what had befallen his otherwise manly body.

“I- I’ve got tits!” was all he managed to blurt out, his hands reaching up to feel the unwelcome guests.

A loud lust-filled moan escaped his lips as his hands caressed his new melons for the first time. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, better than any blow job or late night fapping session by leaps and bounds.

“Oh fuck I’ve got tis. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

William’s cries continued as his hands explored his rounded additions, alternating between strong full handed gropes, and gentle, nipple tweaking plucks. His friends could only look on in disbelief and confusion as their friend played with his new insanely sensitive fun bags, his own face reflecting their mixture of emotions.

His hands grasped at the sides of his t-shirt and violently pulled it apart with a loud rip, the very scene of passionate love making straight out of a cheap romance novel, with William playing both the busty vixen and the studly devourer.

Freed from their cotton confines there was absolutely no denying the fact that Williams new additions were indeed breasts, round and perky, defying gravity in their large and creamy perfection. One hand groped voraciously at the right tit while the other deftly tugged on the left ones nipple with laser like precision.

“I-i-I’m I’m gonna cum!”

Williams face turned a shocking shade of scarlet as he let out a loud, somewhat squealing moan, his hand viciously groping his luscious melons. Hips bucking and head rolling, a large wet spot quickly formed over the crotch of his jeans as his body finally relaxed, shaking slightly in the afterglow of his powerful orgasm.

“Ok, holy crap, I’m out. “exclaimed Ned pushing back from the table before leaping swiftly to his feet.

As bad as he felt about what had just happened to William, Ned knew that there was nothing he could do for the guy. The very best thing he could do for himself was to get out of the room, far away from the game and just pretend like it never happened.

His hand closed around the cool silver of the door knob, twisting it hard to the right and yanking with all his strength. His mind balked as his eyes fed it information that he knew to be impossible. Before him lay the exact room he was currently inhabiting, down to William slowly coming up from his powerful orgasmic after glow. He saw himself from behind, standing in the doorway as he himself…stood in the doorway.

He took in a deep breath and forced his body onward, stepping through the threshold and into where he knew a hallway should be. Instead he simply found himself standing at the back Williams’s small dorm room, staring at once again closed door.

“…Rule four: “The game cannot be stopped once it is started,” Andy mumbled from his seat before the now seemingly cursed board game. “We can’t leave until it’s over, even if…we really don’t want to keep playing.”

William rolled his head and groaned, finally coming back to reality in the wake of his body rocking orgasm. His eyes darted quickly around the room before fixing back down at his now exposed, newly formed titties.

His face once again turned a brilliant shade of scarlet as he too pushed himself away from the table running full tilt towards the door, flinging it open and finding himself at the back of the room.

“What just…”

“We tried that while you were uh, busy…we can’t leave” explained Ned, taking his place once more, staring now at the game as if it were some dangerous beast which might attack at any moment. “Rule four…” replied William in a hushed murmur.

“Rule four.” agreed Ned glumly.

“Just, let me at least cover these damn things.”

William turned from the group and began to dig through his chest of drawers, groaning loudly as his hands made purchase on an unwelcome tactile experience. Pushing the lacy bra back into the drawer William moved his search one space lower and to his relief found his usual assortment of graphic t-shirts.

Slipping one of the familiar garments over his newly expanded frame his knees nearly buckled as another loud and lusty moan escaped his parted lips. The sensation of his shirt rubbing down over his newly formed fun bags was rife with electric eroticism, feeling once again the sensation which surpassed any pervious sexual adventure he had ever undergone.

“I ca- I can’t even wear a shirt!” cried William, ripping the garment off over his head and throwing it to the floor.

“Well, you gotta do something about it man, it’s too freaking to look at” replied Andy, still trying to avert his eyes from his transformed friend.

William paused for a second before shakily putting a hand back into the top drawer, retrieving a large black bra. Tentatively he wrapped it around his puffy chest, clasping the hooks at the front around his impressive melons. The sensation of world shaking pleasure didn’t come this time, seemingly subdued by the embarrassing lace garment. Mumbling to himself in deep embarrassment, William bent over and picked up his discarded shirt, pulling it down over his titties before taking his place around the table once more, arms folded over his new additions in a futile attempt to hide them.

“This is only the first round…what if it only gets worse?” asked Ned, looking hesitantly down at the dice in his hands.

“It might, but it doesn’t really matter, if we ever want out of this room it looks like we have to keep playing.” replied Andy.

Ned closed his eyes and said a silently little prayer “Not eight, not eight, not eight,” before rolling the dice gently onto the polished wooden board game.

Just as the others had done before, Ned’s little blank figure dawned his likeness and began its march across the sleekly polished board, passing both Andy and William’s figures, coming to rest eleven paces from the start.

A soft emerald glow began to emanate from the square beneath the little figure as green light shone up out of the little black jewel.

“For the Room:

Of yourself you feel no shame, of your friends, you feel the same. With this rhyme you’ll hide away, your gayness till your dying day.”

“Did this game just threaten to put me back in the closet?” Ned asked, his eyes narrowing in annoyance.

As if in reply the space surrounding Ned shimmered and waved in place as reality once again found itself unwound and re-stitched to fit the strange whims of the seemingly cursed game. Muscles burst out all over Ned’s slender frame, ripping his modestly sized clothing to ribbons. A massive hulking pec shelf replaced a pair of shapeless nothings, a hard and angry looking eight pack bubbled up from beneath a slight and untoned ponch.

Fire raced across Ned’s nerves as he felt their memories rewritten, knowledge of how to sit around and relax replaced with countless hours spent doing compound lifts in the gym, searing the knowledge of how to get swole into the very hardwiring of his body. All across his being the sensation of fire burned deeply as his body exploded with countless slabs of impossibly large muscle.

His skin darkened by the second, as he remembered hours spent outside or in tanning beds, soaking up all the rays he could to tan his body and create a deeper more muscled look. He knew that some fags tanned, but they mostly did it because they just wanted to look good in their little speedos and thongs, he did it to make his hard-earned manly-as-fuck muscles pop.

Hair, dark blonde and dense began to whorl its way over Ned’s previously bare body, obscuring his muscle slightly with their dense, jungle like presence. Ned knew in his mind that he could shave his hair off and have his muscles look even bigger… but fuck that, people might think he was some kind of fag if he did that. Men should be manly, and manly men had muscles AND a fuck ton of body hair, not one or the other.

His already sizeable dick lurched forward, growing rapidly until it would rival even the largest cucumber plucked from the shelves of the local grocery store. Not to be out done by their phallic counterparts, Ned’s modest balls swelled with manly spunk, growing and stretching the confines of their sack, stopping at a size just below your average every day grapefruit. Ned knew in the back of his mind that he owed his hairy body, deep voice and proclivity towards gaining muscle to his massive balls, fuck they were manly as hell.

Reality rippled softly once more as fabric began to wrap its way around the impossibly manly human known as Ned. A stretched out white jock strap firmly cradled his massive equipment, while a pair of baggy gym shorts did their best to contain his ample, hairy ass. A muscle shirt slit down at the sides enveloped his impressive torso, covering it in part, but doing little to hide his furry glory.

Ned’s usual swooping hair began to pull itself inwards, stopping at nothing more than stubble on the top of his head, men didn’t have long, girly hair. His baby smooth face grew out a bushy beard before reality rippled once more, styling it down into a douchey chinstrap beard.

“What are you fags staring at?”

The voice which growled out of Ned’s throat was deep and gravely, laced with aggression, a complete departure for his usually cheerful tenor.

“Wait, I didn’t mean to call you fags fags.”

Ned’s eyes widened as his own words betrayed him, putting the word “fags” in place of “guys”. In his mind a war was raging. He looked at his friends and saw them as they had always been, but at the same time, he knew they were lesser men, way too girly, obviously fags.

He grunted in frustration at the contradictory thoughts swirling through his head. He reached out angrily before him and grasped one of the unopened beer can, cracking it and chugging the entire thing in one go. Belching loudly he crushed the can on his forehead and threw the crushed sleeve of aluminum to his feet with a clatter to join its fallen brothers. He cracked another can, taking this one a little more slowly as his eyes trailed over the room, taking it all in for the first time with his newly rewired mind.

Looking at his friends brought up a mixture of feelings for Ned now. They weren’t manly, they were fags, but they were still at least male…and this got Ned’s dick all kinds of excited. Despite the fact that he put on all the airs, did all the things he could do to hide it, he was gay as they came, not that he would ever admit it to anyone, not even himself.

“Seriously, what are you fags starting at? Is it this? You never seen a real man before?” he asked aggressively, flexing his biceps hard, doing his best to ignore the boner his friends speechless on looking was giving him. Sweat dripped from the bushy pit of Ned’s arm, its salty form splattering onto the top of the game table, adding to the perfume of unwashed man that surrounded him.

The part of Ned that was still his original self was appalled at the way his new persona was making him act and feel. The sensation of being ashamed to be gay wasn’t something he had felt in a long time, yet, at the same time, the sensation was exhilarating. He was everything he hated in men: overly muscular, over compensating, brash and rude, yet he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was right, this was the way he should be, this is who he was.

‘Damn Will, with those tits I might have thrown some D your way, if it weren’t for that butter face. Jeeze man, talk about a turn off.” Ned bellowed loudly, laughing at his own ‘joke’.

In spite of his own harsh words, Ned couldn’t help but picture bending over for William and Andy, spreading his muscular cheeks and surrendering his manliness, letting himself feel his gay feelings and embrace what he truly wanted the most.

“Fuck! Will one of you pussies roll the dice? Are we playing this game or aren’t we?” asked Ned, shaking the shameful thoughts from his head.

Andy scooped up the dice and stared at them intensely. He had been the only one to take his turn and be left unchanged by it, could he manage to be so lucky again? For the rest of the game? Or would this turn be a disaster to his sense of self like it had been for his friends.

Still, he knew that the three of them would be forever trapped in the small room forever if he didn’t chance it and take his turn. He closed his eyes as he shook his hand, letting the dice clatter to the table, prompting the little Andy figure to march forward towards god only knew what.

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