The Chip Pt. 14

Series: The Chip
By JoSmith -
published March 27, 2020
9499 words

Will Butch feel threatened with Officer Stone?

Chpt. 14

“Hi, and you are?” Butch said as he extended his hand to the man.

“I, um, my name is Jeff Stone,” they shook hands and I was feeling awkward. I felt the strength radiating from Butch, “and you?”

“My name is Butch—” and I interrupted, “He’s with me.” I blurted out.

“You’re together?” Jeff asked. Butch felt silent and I just nodded.

“Yeah. But we are on our way to a movie and running a bit late, but it was great to see you…I’ll call you?”

“Sure thing A. It was nice seeing you and,” looking at Butch, “Nice to meet you.”

Butch nodded and we walked away. Butch didn’t let go of my shoulders but as soon as we got away from that block and realized that Jeff had gone into a building, Butch let go of me and just stared me down, “Together?”

“Yes, technically, we are together… Didn’t want him to know we were related.”

“And why, do tell, you didn’t want him to know that, huh?”

“Well…because he is a cop and I was thinking…of paying him a visit with you later tonight…if you’re interested.”

“He’s one of your ‘buddies’?”

“Yeah, my first…”

Butch was quiet after that and we walked without exchanging words until we got to the first point of our tour.

“So…this is the monument to—”

“Your first, huh.” Butch said while he kept his hands inside his snug jeans and continued to stare at me, not giving a single fuck of the monument.

“Come on, we’ll talk about it later…” I was blushing, could it be because of the cold or because I was not exactly proud of my first time. Either way, I felt some way, especially talking about it to the guy I had been boning for the past couple of weeks. Maybe everyone thinks that their first time was not the best and would rather bury that moment in the deepest depths of their memory, because mine was not my best.

“Nah kid, I want to hear it now…you can give me your little tour when its less cold out.” He went to a bench and sat down. He kept his gaze towards me before patting the spot next to him. I sighed and walked slowly towards him; “Now is your turn to talk, boy. You wanted to know what I was thinking and feeling, now you.”

“Damn Butch, didn’t think you gave a shit.”

“I didn’t but I’m intrigued now. So…that fella was your first?”

“Butch, please, don’t make me…”

“I’m not making you cut off your fucking limb.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Don’t care. Tell me or you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”

“I rather sleep on the couch…” I said and he nudged me with his body, “Don’t be a little bitch…” He said in a gruff voice.

“Fine! Fuck…it was…shit, sometime before my 18th birthday, like couple of months before that. I was on my bike and sue me, but I was riding without a helmet, forgot it at home. Anyway, I’m making my way home from an afterschool thing and I was stopped by a police car.”

“You definitely live in the fucking suburbs, but you were 17? Isn’t that illegal?”

“Yeah, I know I live in the fucking burbs but…anyways, not the point. And no, the age of consent is 17 here but there was consent for sure and I wanted to do the thing but, not the point. Yes, I was 17 but I was sober, in my right mind, and consented.”

“I’m not swearing you before a fucking jury, kid. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t have to go fuck him up for getting it on with my nephew.”

That was nice and touching. He blushed a bit and before I could comment on it or change the subject, he told me to continue my story.

Sigh, so close to changing the subject; “So, I get pulled over and Officer Stone saunters over to me and tells me I should have a helmet because of reasons I can’t remember now but I tell him I forgot it and that it wouldn’t happen again and blah blah… so one thing led to another and I’m in the back of the cruiser and he definitely made the first move but shit, I was so damn excited…Butch, before I say anything else, I was new to it and the cruiser was a tight squeeze so we were super close and he smelled great and whispered things into my ear and I was so fucking ready to go and…”

“Kid, hurry the fuck up, stop rambling and get to it…” Butch was leaning in because I was definitely not saying this loudly. There were people around, we were in public and I was not about to let the locals know about my fucking personal life.

“So, he asks me for an ID because I look young and as soon as he checks it and validates its authenticity, we get going. I didn’t tell him I was a virgin because I was afraid that he wouldn’t want to go through with it. So, we’re fumbling trying to get our clothes off and when we get our pants down, he leans forward and kisses me. It’s hot, kissing this silver fox, but then he goes for my cock and shit, I’m so hard, Butch. Like my underpants are hurting me that I’m so hard. He then gives my head a kiss and as soon as I get my dick in his mouth I shoot. Fuck, he didn’t even do anything other than tap it with his tongue and I shot hard. My load escaped his mouth since he wasn’t ready for. It happened so fast, I was embarrassed. He was shocked…Afterwards, he just cleaned off and told me to get home safely.”

“That’s it…that’s the first time you had what, a tap on your dick? What kind of fucking story was that!? I was expecting much more from your first time.”

“Dude, I shot before anything actually happened. I was so fucking hot to get more than a blowjob when my dick just erupted in that man’s face.”

“You literally just wasted my time with that shit story.”

“Sorry…told you I didn’t want to tell it because it was embarrassing. I have gotten better since and I got to have an encore with him and it went way better but yeah, that was tragic.”

“Whatever kid, come on, take me on this tour because I feel like I just lost 10 years off my life with that damn story.”

“Don’t be an asshole…” I was fucking mortified because deep inside, I didn’t want Butch to think less of me. I kept my gaze down as I got up and walked back to the monument. I really felt like I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. Then I felt his huge arm around me squeeze, “Oh, cheer up buttercup, it was a shit story, but I forgive you for wasting my time.”

“Thanks…I guess.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome shit head. Now, give me that tour you were excited about.” He kept his arm over my shoulder as I gave him the facts of the monument.

“Interesting, didn’t know he made this…” Butch said as he continued to look at the monument.

“Yeah, he did other pieces around the city too.”

“Where did you learn all this?” He asked, genuinely intrigued, “School. We had a project researching the city and I did mine on famous landmarks.”

“I’m impressed.” He said and oddly, I felt a surge of something build inside me. We continued walking to the next landmark and he kept his arm over my shoulder. It was nice, I felt warmth radiating from him. We didn’t talk between landmarks, it just felt good to be in each other’s presence. I gave a good fucking tour I think because Butch was engaged, asking me questions and learning about landmarks that he hadn’t paid much attention to, “I guess your folks must be happy they didn’t waste money on your education, huh.”

“I was student of the month once or twice…” I said smiling broadly as he rolled his eyes.

“Fucking nerd.” He replied and smirked before tightening his grip with the arm he had around me.

“So that’s the end of the tour big guy, thanks for listening and if you liked the tour, you can always leave me a nice review on yelp or tip me.”

“It was good, but I’m not giving you a fucking review.”

“Fair enough.” I laughed and we began walking back to the train when we passed the cultural center, a building opened to the public with art installations inside.

“Oh wait, come on, let’s go inside.”

“Why? How much does it cost?”

“It’s free, open to the public. Besides, it’ll help us warm up and there is usually art inside.”

We went inside and the place was warm. I unbuttoned my jacket and Butch followed suit. We went up to the second floor and stumbled upon a rehearsal, “I don’t think we’re supposed to be here, kid.” Butch whispered as he saw the orchestra practicing.

“Sure we are, they come here to practice and folks can come and sit down and listen. Come on, let’s listen to them for a bit.” I tapped his arm and pulled him to the nearest chair to sit down. It was beautiful seeing the orchestra play and the light peek in through the stained-glass windows. Some of the streaks were coming in at the right angle that they formed a rainbow. From the corner of my eye, I could see that Butch was not bored or annoyed but enjoying it.

After a while, they ended and began to take a break. Butch clapped and I followed suit. There were some people seated down but they didn’t clap, just smiled at the orchestra and just continued walking by, uninterested in the music. The orchestra thanked us before they began to have their lunch.

“That was something.” Butch said as we began to walk towards the gallery. We looked at different paintings and sculptors by local artists and Butch took it all in, reading, admiring, even taking some pictures—something that I had not seen him do ever, take pictures with his phone. We were in there for a good while, looking at art, getting ‘cultured.’

“Okay kid, what’s next?”

“Home, I guess…unless, maybe you are up for some fun with Officer Stone.” I smiled at him.

“I…I don’t know…” He said as he stared at the floor and kicked the air slightly.


“Well…he was your first and well…you never forget your first…don’t want to, uh, intrude in the reunion between you both.” He wasn’t being sarcastic and he seemed…nervous?

“Dude, I’m inviting you. Besides, Stone is cool, I’m sure you’ll like it. Come on, it’ll be fun…more for me because I want you to do something for me.”

sigh “What?” He looked at me, raising his head from staring at the floor. I got closer to him and made us walk to the end of the gallery where there was no one near us, “Remember you made me a promise, Butch. It was a while back and you haven’t fulfilled it.”

“A promise? What the hell are you…ah.”

“Yeah, you promised and unlike me, who promises something and fulfills it, you haven’t. Not very King like. We King men keep our promises.”

“I haven’t had a threesome in such a long time…I don’t know, though.”

“Come on, he is a looker, alright. He was bundled up when we saw him, but he is better when naked. He might be older, but he has a nice body. I’m sure you’ll be into him.”

“Won’t he feel uncomfortable with me there?” It was adorable Butch being like this, but I wanted him to meet Stone in a more intimate setting since we would be doing a lot of daddy sightseeing while in the city.

“Why would he?”

“You said we were a couple.”

“I never said that. I said we were together which it’s not a lie. We were in the restaurant together and we’re still together. Whatever he assumes, is on him.” I nudged him but he didn’t seem convinced.

“What about your parents? Won’t they worry that you are out late?” Poor Butch, he was stalling and trying his best to come up with an excuse not to do it. It was my turn to feel like I had and upper hand after he made me tell him of my first time.

“I’m over 18 years of age so technically under law, I’m an adult. Also, my huge, muscular, and protective uncle is with me, I think they’ll be fine.”

“Damn…I must be out of my mind…” he scratched his beard and was looking up at something in the celling before he brought his gaze down to me, “Fine…sure, let’s do it.”

“There’s the spirit. Let me call him, you can text my dad telling him we went to see a movie or something.”

“Why do I have to do that? You do it.”

“Fine, call Officer Stone yourself then.”

“Ok fine…shit…I get nervous when I lie to Ken…”

“Get over it quickly,” I began to hear the ringing and waited for officer silver fox to answer while I saw Butch typing a message to dad; “Well, I’ll be…hi son.”

“Hi Stone, how are ya?”

“Good, you?”

“Great. Sorry, we were in a hurry when I ran into you, quite literally, and, well, sorry…I was rude.”

“No kid, it’s fine. But, why the call? Are you and the boyfriend fighting?”

“On the contrary, we were talking about having some good ol’ wholesome fun and I thought of a certain man in blue that would be most helpful.”

I heard Stone laugh into the phone and I chuckled, getting Butch’s attention. He tried to not look like a jealous man, but I thought it was cute, wanting to know what was happening with me; “Sure, I’m always ready to protect and serve the men of this fine city. What time were you thinking?”

“Tonight, if that’s okay with you sir.”

“That works for me, son. How about you and the boyfriend come over in an hour, yeah? That’ll give me time to clean the place up.”

“Thanks Officer Stone, I appreciate the availability.”

“No kid, I’m the lucky bastard that gets to have some fun with his favorite boy and his partner.”

“Alright, see you soon sir.” I hung up and smiled while Butch looked at me like he was trying to decipher if there was subtext to the conversation I just had with the cop.

“What?” I asked as I kept Butch looking at me, “Nothing…” he put his phone away, “I told Ken we were at the cultural center watching orchestra practice and then headed to see a short film.” I nodded and he walked away from me.

“Hey, where you going?” I asked as I followed him.

“Bathroom.” He didn’t turn back. Was he feeling some way again? When we got to the single person bathroom, I pushed Butch in and locked the door.

“Get the fuck out, Aaron. I actually have to use the bathroom.”

“Then go, it’s not like I haven’t seen your dick before.”

“Fine.” He pulled out his dick and began to pee while I stayed there with my arms folded up against the wall.

“Alright, what’s wrong now big guy?”

“Nothing…” He said, not very convincingly. He made his way to the sink and began to wash his hands.

“Fuck toy.”

He stopped lathering the soap on his hands, the water shut off after a while. There he was, standing there with soap on his hands, not moving at all. I walked up to him and told him to look at me, “I’m your fuck toy.”

“Yeah you are big guy…you are a hot dude but sometimes you are unsure of yourself…you shouldn’t be. You have a lot going for you, you should be more sure of yourself.”

“I’m your fuck toy.”

“I know you are. Now, when you wake up, as the night progresses, you will become more confident in yourself, leaving your insecurities behind. You will be hot and sexy for me when we start going at it at Stone’s because you want to prove to me that you are the only one for me. Understood?”

He was still in the same position with soap getting dry on his hands, looking down at me muttering “I’m your fuck toy.”

“Good. Okay, I’m counting down from 10. At 5, you are going to put on more hand soap and continue washing your hands and when I get to 1, you are going to turn the water on again. At the snap of my fingers, you will wake up and not realize you were under but retain my instructions.”

I began to count from 10 and when I got to 5, robotically, he got more soap and began to lather his hands again. At 1, he turned the water on. I snapped my fingers and saw how the life came back into his eyes.

“Butch, come on. You made me tell you that shit story of my first time now it’s your turn. What’s on your mind?”

He continued to wash his hands in silence. After he dried them, he just looked at me and then sighed.

“I don’t want to compete with another guy, is all…”

“Compete? What are you talking about?”

“Officer Stone, that guy clearly has it bad for you and I know we’re not actually boyfriends but…I just, I don’t know man, I don’t want to compete with him.”

“Butch, you aren’t competing because there is nothing to compete for. Think of it this way: Who is sleeping in my bed each night.”

He blushed a bit and tried to suppress a smile, “Come on you big doofus. You’re my family and what we have is something special.”

“You’re just saying that…” he said as he threw the wet paper towel in the trash. When he turned around, I jumped him and made out with him. He held on to me as I pushed him towards the wall. It was always hot when we kissed and as soon as we separated, He just looked at me, “Fuck, Aaron. You hot for it, aren’t ya.”

“I’m hot for you, big guy. If I had to choose between the several daddies in the city that I fuck with or you, I’d choose you.” And in that moment, I realized that I was actually hot for him. I had put him under just now and I didn’t even think to make him tell me if he was hot for me too, in more than just a friend with benefits kind of way. I could put him under again and ask him to tell me but a part of me…wanted to find out from him without the need of the chip.

One thing was for sure in my mind now, I did like being with Butch King: dad’s brother, my uncle, my boss and lover. It was hot knowing that he was hot for me too, even if what we had was not defined yet. Of course, I had love for him, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it yet… it was complicated. I wasn’t sure if we could actually have the life I imagined having where I presented my parents with my future partner and we built a life as an open gay couple.

“Damn…” He whispered before picking me up in his arms and kissing me again. This time, it was tender, soft. He sucked on my tongue and caressed my ass as he continued to support me in his arms. I caressed his face as we continued to make out. We heard the knock of someone at the door, but we didn’t say anything. Butch walked closer to the toilet as we heard the knock again and with my foot, I flushed the toilet, a sign that there was someone here. The knocking stopped and we heard the steps of a frustrated patron leaving. We stopped the kiss and just looked at each other, “Yeah, that’s why I’d pick you over the others Butch.” He smiled at me, staring into my eyes and just held me in his arms like I was a not heavier than a bag of chips.

“Come on kid, take me to that cop’s place, I’ll show him why he can’t compare to me.”

He gave me one last kiss before putting me back on the ground, opening the bathroom door and walking towards the stairs. I had a massive boner just thinking of what Butch was planning on doing when he and I got to Officer Stone’s place.

Stone lived off Petersburg street, not far from us but still, a train ride and a bus stood between us and a hot cop. Perfect timing of us fucking around in the bathroom we got to the building where Officer Stone lived in around an hour after our talk on the phone. I rang the bell and we were buzzed in.

“I’m nervous…” Butch said as we got past the doorman and made it to the elevator, “You shouldn’t. It’ll be like riding a bike.”

I smiled at his insecurity. The man was a fucking handsome, tan, muscular and tall. I was the scrawny one between him and the silver muscle fox upstairs. We got to the seventh floor and made our way to his door when I was about to knock when Butch stopped me, “We still have time to say we got lost.”

“We don’t have to go in…I want to…but we don’t have to.” I said as he held my arm. After several seconds, he let my arm go and nodded, looking ahead with determination on his face.

“Ready big guy?”

“Do it.” He draped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into him, either using me as reassurance that it was going to be okay or to show that he was mine and I his. We heard steps inside and then Jeff Stone answered the door in a tight compression shirt with no sleeves and workout shorts. He was older than Butch but looked well with a body to rival younger men. He wasn’t thick like Butch, but he still had a great upper body and toned legs, he told me the first time we saw each other naked in his apartment that he needed to keep up the training to not let his younger colleagues get in any “old men” jokes.

“Hi fellas, come on in.” He ushered us in, and I was hit with the smell of pine and wood. The officer liked those candles that made his apartment smell of the outdoors, which I found sexy. He was sweating slightly, “Sorry guys, I just finished working out. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen while I jump in the shower.” Before we could say anything, he left us and went to the bathroom.

“He has a great body, I’ll give him that.” Butch whispered to me, still holding on to me for dear life. I looked at him and felt proud that he wanted me to be this close to him. I reached with my hand down to his ass and grabbed a handful of it. He looked down at me with a smirk, “Save it for later, boy. I know I said I was nervous but now… I’m rearing to go as soon as that fucker comes out of the shower.”

“Promise?” I said and he nodded, “Absolutely, I’ll show him why I’m better than him.” I smiled and we made our way to the kitchen. We got couple of waters before we settled down on the couch. We took off our jackets and shoes while we waited for Stone to come out. While I was happy that Butch regained some of his confidence back, I wanted to make sure he was up for the long night.



“You should tell me how you feel right now?”

“Feel good. No way that cop can put out like I can.”

“You should tell me what makes you nervous about this threesome.”

“That I’m not going to be able to get into it. It’s been a while since I did something like this, and I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

“Fuck toy.” Was all I said when Butch’s eyes became vacant and the grip around his water bottle became slack. I grabbed his bottle and placed it next to him, “Butch, you are the sexiest most handsome man in the room and you know that deep down, you have me wrapped around your finger and know exactly what gets me hot for you. During the night, you will realize that there is nothing to be anxious or nervous about since you are here to make sure you make me hot for you and not for Stone. That’s your goal, to make me fall more in lust with you. You are too focused on that task to even think of being nervous or anxious. Nod if you understand.”

He nodded but never turned to see me and continued to stare in the distance.

“Look at me Butch.” Butch turned his head and stared me in the eye but his eyes were dead.

“Tell me what you are.”

“I’m your fuck toy.”

“That’s right and right now, I want you to really put on a show for me, make sure that Stone understands that what we have he’ll never have with me.”

“I’m your fuck toy.”

“Good. Give me a quick kiss as if you were awake.”

He leaned towards me and caressed my face as we kissed. It was sensual and hot, just like the kisses he gave me when he was awake.

“Okay, now, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up and not remember being under. You will still retain your instructions and follow them through. Understood?”

“I’m your fuck toy.”

“I’ll just assume you got it.” I snapped my fingers and Butch’s eyes came back to life. He didn’t realize that time had passed at all and we began talking about what we were going to do tomorrow after my folks left the city when Stone came back out with a towel that was on the short side around his waist. And wow, he looked more shredded now than when I had left.

“Is not fair that I’m a towel away from nude when you both still have layers on.” Stone said as he stood in front of us. I looked at Butch and nodded. We both got up and I began to undo Butch’s buttons, “Let’s show him how sexy you are big guy.” I whispered as I got to the last flannel button. Butch began to undo his belt and then I pulled out his shirt from his pants. Before I yank his pants down, he took off my t-shirt and undid my pants, “Fucking A, kid…I’m so hot for it,” Butch whispered as he knelt down and took my pants off.

I smiled when he looked up and then he raised his arms for me to take off his undershirt before getting back up. His body hair was coming back and it was turning me on. I yank down his pants and knelt on the floor as I helped take off his socks before being pulled up into his arms and carried as we began to make out.

“Fuck…” I heard Stone say and then from the corner of my eye, saw as he took off his towel and began to play with his dick. Butch stopped the kiss as he began to kiss my neck but not enough to leave a hickey. When he stopped nibbling at my ear he whispered, “Let’s give this fucker a show of how King men fuck.” And that turned me the fuck on. He looked at me before diving into another kiss. I felt someone behind me and felt a pair of lips on my back and up my neck.

“You two are so fucking hot.” Stone wanted some attention and I was not going to be a rude guest; I stopped the kiss with Butch and turned my head and kissed Stone. Just like old times, I thought, urgent and needy but it lacked passion. It was hot for sure, but it didn’t compare with Butch’s kisses. Butch put me down and got on his knees and began to suck my dick.

“Aww fuck…” I said into Stone’s mouth, breaking the trance we were both in and made him aware that Butch was already on his knees blowing me.

“Damn big guy, that is hot…” Stone said as he continued to play with my chest, “And you, you got some muscle now.”

“Yes sir. I went to live with my dad’s brother, and he works construction.” I said as I began to caress Butch’s head.

“Well, thank your uncle because before you were hot but now, you look fucking delicious.” He dived into another kiss while I began to play with his ass before my finger found something.

“Well shit…you are already plugged, Stone.”

“Fuck yeah kid. I needed to prep, haven’t had a guy like you in a while. I may be too tight to accommodate your snake, needed to stretch that cop hole a bit.”

“You are always prepared sir.”

“You got that right but right now, I want to taste you again, son. Will the boyfriend share that cock with me?”

I felt Butch suck even harder, not wanting to share with Stone but I spoke for him, “It would be rude of us, after all, we’re your guests.” I grabbed my dick and pulled out. Butch stuck his tongue out and tried to lap at it one more time before he felt Stone get next to him. Butch was a competitive man and while not necessarily ‘jealous,’ he was territorial. When I continued to play with his hair he backed off a bit and I nodded for him to stand up.

“Go for it, officer.”

“Fuck, kid. Let me take care of this big cock.” He enveloped me like he had been searching for substance and finally found it. I grabbed Butch and I began to suck on his nipple, “There you go boy, suck on my teat, get that pretty mouth of yours on it. Get them hard and angry, good boy, make them yours.”

Goddam, this man was really teasing me when he began to play with my ass. Stone continued to suck on my dick, playing with my balls while I sucked and played with Butch’s tits.

“You got me hard, boy, playing with my rack like you are doing.” He patted my face and then crashed his mouth with mine.

“You hot fucker, got me horned up.” I told him as we separated and I took my dick away from Stone, “Come on officer, take care of him now, he deserves a mouth on his beer can cock.”

“Goddam, you both are going to spoil me.” He grabbed on to Butch’s tree trunk legs and dived in, smelling his pubes, getting his face all over his balls, before sucking on his cock.

“Aww fuck…” Butch put his arm over me, trying to steady himself as Stone tried to deepthroat him. He began to cough and gag but did not try to stop. He continued until Butch had to sit down. Stone, on his part never backed away, he was going to take care of the cock in front of him even if he choked and passed out from it.

“He is sucking me like a fucking vacuum.” Butch was amazed at the talented mouth that Stone had. He wiped sweat from his forehead with his hand and then played with Stone’s head. The man had just showered but he would be needing another one after we got done.

“Now you know why I blew my load on him the first time.” He looked at me and nodded his head for me to sit next to him. Next thing I know, I’m pulled into him and he begins to suck on my nips and his hand is on my dick. All the while, all three of us are moaning.

“Butch, your hand feels so good on my dick…” He groaned on my chest before looking at me and with the gruffiest tone said, “Kiss me, boy.” I leaned down and we kissed passionately. Even if Stone was still in the apartment, it felt like we were alone. Thanks to his programming, Stone could suck Butch for hours and hours and he wouldn’t cum, not until I told him he could, or his inner timer went off.

“I need to fuck…” I said into Butch’s mouth and he pulled away, “Get me prepped first, kid,” he replied as he kissed my neck again. I shook my head and he looked confused, “Not yet.” I tapped Stone on the head and grabbed Butch’s cock and pulled it away, “Butch has a great cock, doesn’t he?”

“Fucking thick piece man.” Butch was interested in what I had in mind as he continued to caress my back.

“How would you like it in your other hole?”

“God yes.” Stone got off his knees and turned around and bent down, showing us his stuffed hole with the toy he had inserted there.

“Go for it, Butch. Keep your promise and show me how you use that cock.”

“You want me to fuck him, Aaron?” He asked me in the most delicious gruff tone as he smirked looking at the effect he had on me. Almost a low growl that was making my hard cock twitch which he noticed because the smirk turned into a smile that for reasons I don’t know, made me hotter for him. It was easy for Butch to turn me on recently and I don’t know why but I could care less right now.

“Yes please.” I said and he gave me a passionate kiss as he reached for the toy in the cop’s ass.

“Good boy” he said as we touched our foreheads together, “Watch me plow the cum out of him for ya.” He got up and slapped the cop’s ass, making it jiggle a bit.

“Fuck sir, another please.” Stone was usually very submissive but something about him getting dominated by Butch was going to be a sight to see for sure.

“There you go Stone, show some respect for the man that is going to take this ass.” He spanked him again and Stone once again moaned and asked for another.

“You have rubbers?” Butch asked as he continued to pull out and push in the toy in Stone’s ass.

“I’m clean, I swear, I just got tested.”

“Don’t care, I use a rubber with you or you don’t get a cock in that hole.”

“Okay okay, I’ll be back.” He got up and quickly went to his room. I got up and played with Butch’s ass, “You never said anything about using rubber with me when we first started; “I had a lapse of judgment with you…so far, I haven’t had an itch anywhere in my privates.”

“Promise I was and am still clean…unless your slutty ass gave me something.”

“Fuck off Aaron, I’m not the whore going around fucking daddies like it’s a job.”

I rolled my eyes, “You love how much of a ‘whore’ I am or I wouldn’t be able to tap your ass and rock your fucking world.”

He got close to me and again, his nostrils flared up like when he was mad, “You love to push my fucking buttons, don’t you boy?”

I closed the gap between us and my hands found his ass and I looked up, “Absolutely big guy.”

“Cocky asshole…” He smirked before whispering as we made out. In the other room, I could hear Stone searching for a condom that would not just protect Butch’s piece from STDs but also, a big enough rubber to fit him. After several hot minutes of Butch and I making out, Stone finally came out, “Catch!” Butch turned around and caught the rubber in his hand, “Good reflexes, man. Come on, suit up and fuck me.” Stone put a bottle of lube on the table and assumed the position.

I took the rubber from Butch and he looked quizzically at me. I opened it and slowly began to put it on his dick, making sure to stretch it out on his veiny cock. Butch on his part continued to caress my shoulders and neck as I suited him up. It felt like I was getting his armor ready for battle and with one more stroke, he was ready.

“Give it to him, big guy.” He patted my face lightly and turned around and began to fuck Stone with the toy that was still in his hole.

“Aww fuck, sir. Please, I want your cock.”

“I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

“Good man. Now, when was the last time you got your fix?”

“Last month. Busy time at the precinct, haven’t had much off time.”

“Shame a good-looking guy like you has been dick deprived.”

“Aww fuck sir, you got me needy for it. Please, fuck me, I need it.” The last part was more like a whisper but Butch obliged and took the toy out completely.

“Here’s a souvenir, kid.” He tossed it to me, and I chuckled as Butch began to rub the cop’s very open hole, “You ready for it?” Butch asked as he continued to tease Stone’s winking hole, “Fuck yes please.” Using part of the leftover lube from the toy, Butch lathered his angry cock and began to insert his cock in Stone’s love chute.

“Aww fuck, sir, you’re fucking thick.”

“And you are virgin tight, even with the stretch from the toy.”

“I…aww fuck…wasn’t expecting you to be…shit yes…so thick…aww God, you are so deep in me…”

“Yeah I am, so deep in that hole of yours, going to make sure you can’t walk tomorrow.”

“FUCK ME!” Stone squealed as Butch began to pick up the pace, grabbing his hips and really beginning to fuck him like the piece of meat that he was. I was on the couch playing with myself, the toy still on my hand. Butch would turn his head to see me and depending on what he saw, he would change his pace. For Stone, it didn’t matter how fast or slow he was getting his fix, he was moaning and begging Butch to use him. Soon, Butch pulled Stone backward as he sat down next to me on the couch, “Ride it boy.”

“Yes sir!” Stone began to bounce on the beer can cock, loving every inch in him. Butch used his left hand to pinch Stone’s nipple and with his right hand, he reached over and began to play with my dick, “You like that, don’t you.” More of a statement rather than a question and even though he was fucking Stone and jacking me off, I wasn’t sure who he had said it to but just like putty in his hands, we both responded with a variation of “Yes.”

The smirk on his face when he saw the effect, he had on both of us made my dick twitch which he noticed and right away, tightened his grip on it. I looked into his eyes and he to mine and we were again lost in the moment, me not paying attention to my dick in his hand and him not noticing his cock inside Stone as the drunk fuck officer kept moaning and bouncing on the huge stick.

“You’re gonna bring me off, sir!”

That broke the moment. Butch rubbed my cock head with his thumb, taking some precum with it, and then bringing it back to his lips and sucking on it before he slapped Stone’s ass, “Get up now!”

“Yes sir…” Stone sounded disappointed. He got off Butch’s cock and turned around. Butch got off the couch and got in front of Stone, their chests touching and sweat mixing together. Stone was breathing heavily, Butch just stared at him, sizing him up; “You did good, Stone.”

“Thank you, sir.” With that, Butch grabbed Stone and pulled him into a kiss. Stone was hungry for the approval and it didn’t hurt that Butch was a great kisser. They were sucking each other’s tongues, feeling their muscles, eating the attention they were getting from one another. By the time that the kiss ended, Butch had pushed Stone up against the wall, “Now, you better not cum because we are not done,” Butch ordered Stone and the older officer just nodded. Butch gave him a quick kiss and got on his knees and took Stone’s cock in his mouth.

“Aww fuck Butch!” Stone moaned and gasped at Butch’s talented mouth. Butch’s ass sat on his heels and his hands explored Stone’s abs until he reached those pointed nipples. Stone was a moaning mess as Butch ravaged his senses with his mouth and hands. I continued to play with myself, enjoying these two gorgeous men going at it, especially because I knew that Butch was performing for me. Before I got too comfortable with the scene in front of me, Butch got up and turned Stone around, pinning him up against the wall and sticking his cock in the officer’s ass again.

“You got me fucking hot for that hole, Stone.”

“Take it man, that cop hole is fucking yours.”

“I know!” Butch pushed Stone’s head towards the wall as he continued to give him the hard fuck he was needing.

“You’re going to fuck the cum out of me, man.”


Another couple of thrusts and Stone screamed as his load painted his pristine living room wall. Butch pulled out and pushed Stone down on his knees, “Don’t be a fucking pig and clean this wall.”

“Yes sir.” Stone replied with enthusiasm as he began to lick the wall clean. I was fucking hot and needed contact with one of them, I didn’t care which. I got up and went toward them and before I could decide who I wanted, Butch grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss, “Hot show, Butch.”

“Yeah? You liked how I gave it to him?” Butch continued stroking my arm as if we were schoolboy crushes talking between classes.

“Absolutely. Liked knowing that you are not just a good bottom.” I reached around and played with his ass and he chuckled whilst pushing back a bit to make sure that my hand never left his ass.

“Trust me, I can fuck with the best of them.” I was going to reply to that with some snarky remark when Stone got up and began to kiss my neck before whispering in my ear, “Was it hot watching your man fucking the cum out of me, son?”

“Yes sir. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Did you miss the mess I made on my wall?” He pointed at the licked remnants of his load, “I’ll clean that better later but what about you, you haven’t gotten your nut yet…” In his voice, there was hope that I was going to fuck him next but again, I was being interrupted, this time by Butch, pulling me towards him; “He hasn’t nutted because that’s my fucking load and he is going to give it to me.” Possessive? Territorial? Fucking hot and pushing my buttons? Yes, all of the above.

“You’re going to put out for me big guy?” I asked as he looked at me with hunger in his eyes.

“When have I denied you a tight muscle hole to fuck, huh.” I smiled a huge shit eating grin as I jumped on his arms and we began to make out. Stone was into the show we were about to put, “You two are fucking hot together. I gotta sit down and get my bearings, holy shit.” He got on the couch and began to play with himself as Butch and I continued to make out. Butch was a strong man, carrying me with ease. We were still in the spot where Butch had fucked the cum out of Stone and in our own world, speaking loud enough for the other to hear us but doubt that Stone could; he was too engrossed in playing with his hole on the couch to give a damn about us.

“Where do you want me, kid?” He whispered as his forehead touched mine.

“Wherever you want Butch. This is your fuck.”

“Since when do you not have any opinions on how to fuck me?” He asked as he licked my neck, inhaling my scent.

“Since I want this to be good for you. You did good with Stone, I want to reward you for being a great fucking lay.” I stroked his cheek and he kissed my hand.

“You sure are laying it thick you cocky shit head…and I like it. Fine, get me on the couch next to Stone, get me fucked so good that I can’t remember my fucking name and then, fuck me even more until I need a fucking stretcher to get home.”

“You are such a romantic.” We looked at each other one last time before I gave him a kiss and he put me down.

“Get your ass to the couch, Butch. Let’s give the officer another reason to invite us in the future.” Butch grabbed my dick and dragged me towards the couch. “Fuck me good, boy.”

“Yes Butch.”

He patted my face, “Good boy.” He knelt on the couch and stuck his ass out, making his hole wink at me. I was mesmerized that I got to tap that ass whenever I wanted and that even without the need of the chip ‘making’ him do it, he was willing to hand it over.

“Come on kid, I’m waiting.” He looked back at me as his ass continued to sway side to side.

“Should I put a rubber too, Butch?” I asked with an innocent voice as I caressed his huge furry mounds, “Stop asking stupid questions and give me some cock.”

“But I don’t want to go against your rules of protection.”

“I swear if you don’t fuck me now, Officer Stone will have to arrest me for what I’ll do to you.”

“Mmm…I would love to see you handcuffed big guy.”

“Aaron…” He was getting frustrated and angry, which in turn was getting me fucking hard. I lubed him up with the bottle that Stone brought out and went in one stroke.


“Oh shut up, acting like this is your first time on the receiving end.”


“Me in half, yeah I know…shut up and take it. You can do it, make me proud.” Butch’s arms were flexed to the max as he grabbed hold of the cushions and groaned into them. Officer Stone was plugged in with his toy and in a show of bottom brotherly support, he got on his knees and caressed Butch’s back, “Let him in Butch, he knows what you need.” Stone kissed his arm and rubbed Butch’s neck as I slowly went in and out. Butch got used to the feeling and saw Stone trying to take care of him, “Kiss me you sexy fucker.” Stone leaned in and gave Butch a kiss, not like his usual desperate ones but a softer and caring kiss.

“Yeah man, there you go Butch, let the kid claim what is his.” Stone said as he continued to caress Butch’s muscular back. Butch nodded as he was being fucked and caressed by Stone. Something must’ve clicked for Butch because his hole gripped my dick like stroking it, as if saying ‘this is where you belong.’ Stone got up and went around the couch and put his dick in front of Butch who appreciated more cock because he grabbed it, stroked it a bit before he began to suck it.

“There you go big boy, take care of our cocks.” Stone encouraged as he patted Butch’s head. For my part I continued fucking Butch, picking up my pace as his hole continued to alternate between gripping my cock and allowing it to leave before swallowing it again.

“You’re gonna get my second load…” Stone said as he moved his hands to massage Butch’s shoulders. Butch groaned and moved his arms to pull Stone in, “Your boyfriend is a hungry guy, son.”

“He is definitely a catch.” I responded by slapping his ass and eliciting a moan. Soon, Stone rewarded Butch with his second load. “You suck as great as you fuck, Butch.”

“Fuck yeah, I do. Now, I want another load. Come on kid, let me flip me over.”

As the dutiful top making sure my bottom was happy, I pulled out and let Butch reposition himself on the couch. He was sitting down, sweat all over his body and that stupid condom still on his dick. He took a breath and then lifted his legs and had them spread open for me, “Come on, boy, your job isn’t done yet.”

I got in his hole again and saw how his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He was lost in the moment. Stone leaned down and began to make out with Butch. Butch in turn, grabbed Stone’s head and began to hungrily make out with him. Both men were groaning into each other’s mouths. I was still fucking Butch, his meaty legs on my shoulders. I was getting close to cumming and wanted to shoot in him but something about him drinking Stone’s second load had me feeling territorial.

“Butch, get on your knees, I’m ready to cum.” I kissed his legs before I pulled out. I could tell Stone wanted to continue kissing him but as ordered, Butch dislodged from Stone and got on his knees. He looked at me with a dazed look and sweat all over his handsome face.

“Shoot your load, Aaron, feed me with my reward.” He grabbed my thigs and began to caress them.

“You did great Butch, I’m proud of you.” I patted his head and he smiled up at me and his dick twitched. He then gulfed my dick with his mouth and began to suck like his life depended on it. He reached for my hands and held them as he continued to suck his favorite dick. Soon, as our fingers stayed intertwined, my load came gushing out of my dick into Butch’s hungry mouth. I moaned and groaned as Butch slurped my precious seed. Stone was on the couch at this point again shooting blanks on his abs.

When I finally felt like I had finished flooding the great Butch King, I pulled my dick out and let go of his hands. I got on my knees and began to lick his face, making sure to clean my favorite man.

“I taste great, don’t I?”

“Cocky fucker…but yeah, you do kid.” He pulled me with his arm, and we began to kiss. We were hungry for one another and that made me want to push him to the floor so that I could lay on top of him. He caressed my back and played with my ass, both of us moaning and groaning into each other’s mouth.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever witnessed.” Stone remarked from the couch, breaking up our post fuck make out session; “Whenever you guys want to get together again, I would not oppose to it.”

“That could be fun.” I said as I snuggled on Butch’s pecs. I could hear his beating heart and feel the radiating heat coming from his body.

“On one condition…” Butch said as he grabbed a handful of my ass, showing dominance over my body to Stone. I looked at him interested in what he had to say. He looked at me and smirked, “I want to be in the middle of you two fuckers again but next time, I want to fuck you Stone while my boy here fucks me.”

“Deal!” was the reply that came from Stone and I at the same time. I chuckled at that and laid my head on Butch’s pecs again. It took us a couple of minutes to get ourselves back to normal. We got dressed and opted to shower back home.

“Come on fellas, let me give you a ride. Where are you both staying?”

“Oh…uh, at my house. My parents are gone for the night and will be back tomorrow so Butch is staying there.”

“And they don’t mind having the boyfriend around?”

“Nah, they actually love him.” I smiled as I saw Butch blush as he tied his shoes. I was already near the door when Stone gave me a kiss, “Thanks for the fun night, son.”

“No, thank you officer for the midwestern hospitality and for the ride you’re about to give us.”

He laughed and soon we were in his car on our way back home. As soon as Stone dropped us off, I checked my phone and saw a text from dad, “Hijo, we’re going to sleep already. Tell Butch thanks again for offering to drive us to the airport. Our flight leaves at 9am, so we need to get there by 7am. I have my alarm for 5:30am, make sure that the big guy doesn’t oversleep, or we’ll miss our flight.” We went inside the house and began to untie our shoes.

“Butch…” I said when I realized it was fucking late and we were barely getting home. I took off my shoes and realized that we still needed to shower the sex off us.

“Yeah?” he took off his shoes as I put my phone away and made our way quietly to my room.

“You need to wake up at 5:30 to drive my parents to the airport…” I said as we entered my room and I quietly shut the door.

“That’s fine…what time is it now?”

“Just past midnight.”

“Fuck…we still need to shower…”

“Let’s get to it then big guy.” We both took off our clothes as fast as possible and made our way to the bathroom where we would shower at lightning speed.

“Fuck…I’m still horny.” Butch said as he rinsed off the shampoo.

“And I’m hungry but we aren’t getting what we want right now because we need to sleep.”

“Party pooper.” Butch mumbled. We dried off and went to bed, where we opted to sleep in just underwear to make it easier for us to get dressed in the morning.

“Night big guy.”

“Yeah, good night Aaron.” We slept back to back just in case dad came to wake us up.

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