Family Matters - Chapter 11

By tomozco -
published July 29, 2017

Neil continues his conquest of jock slaves…this time the college Cycling and Track Teams

** Apologies for yet another long delay with this story. I needed to take a short break from this series to recharge my ideas a bit, and I worked on the MCP series in between. The inspiration got a bit to a low point for a while so I put this part on the side to think about how I wanted this part to go. This is probably not the best of what I had hoped to come up with, but I tried to polish it to the best I can. Hope you’ll all enjoy this new piece while I go back again and hopefully slowly grind out another chapter soon! Enjoy for now and, as usual, comments are always welcome! **

Family Matters

Chapter 11

The Cycling and Track Teams

Following the smooth and successful ‘acquisitions’ of the Stanton and Hadid businesses into his growing army of hypno fetish slaves, Neil has build up much more confidence on his abilities and is ready to move on with the expansion of his stable. The obvious next candidates would be the sport teams that the children belong to. Ever cautious with his plans, Neil decided to start small again, so he settled on Jake’s track team and his buddy Chris’ cycling team.

The university male track team consists of ten guys, including Jake, plus the coach and his assistant. Similarly for the cycling team, although they are a slightly larger group with 12 members. Both teams also share a physiotherapist.

With only Jake and Chris as the ‘bait’ in each team, it is not going to be convincing enough for his plan to go through. As a result, Neil decided that he will use the two of them to first enlist their respective coach into Neil’s control and then use them to snatch the rest of the team.

A few days later, Jake and Chris have managed to secure a private meeting with their coaches after practice. They told their coaches that they wanted to sit down and talk with them about wanting to improve their performances and better ways to help ‘relieve stress’ after a workout. Once the rest of their teammates have cleaned up and left for the day, Jake and Chris, still sweaty and dressed in their workout gear and carrying their gym bag, made their way up to the third floor of the athletics department. The hallway was pretty much deserted by this time as the two friends made their way towards the coaches’ offices. Because the two teams work so closely together all the time, the coaches’ offices are also located across from each other.

Coach Bradley’s office door was slightly ajar as Jake walked up and gave it a firm knock. The track coach is 42 years old, 6 foot 2, 210lbs, with size 13 feet. Jeremy Bradley is of Irish background, with short brown hair in a crew cut, piercing green eyes and chiselled jaw line. He was a sprinter that once made it to the Olympic team, but repeated injuries unfortunately forced him to pull out of the competitive life. He has been coaching at the university for the past six years, but did not let himself get out of shape at all, keeping his lean but powerful body in check as he trains with his students.

Across the corridor, Chris knocked on Coach Ashton Meyers’ door and let himself in. The cycling coach is 45 years old, 5 foot 11, 160lbs, with size 11 feet. Coach Meyers used to be your typical beach blond all-American type, but now keeps his hair shaved or cropped very short. As a seasoned cyclist, his body is lean but very firm, with obviously very strong leg muscles. His face appears more aged because of the constant exposure outdoors, but with nice blue eyes still makes him a handsome mature gentleman. Ashton Meyers had a long successful carrier as a professional cyclist with a number of clubs and winning a series of competitions over the years. He decided to retire about 10 years ago and moved back to his hometown here with his wife and three teenage kids and took on the job of the university cycling team ever since.

As the two young men settled into the offices of their respective coach, they each began to recite a scripted story about a friend of them from the Sports Medicine department who is doing research on developing new nutritional supplements to help athletes boost their physical energy based on natural ingredients and without the impacts of caffeine-based products. He is seeking for some of the teams on campus to try out a test product that he has developed. However, he wanted to collect some preliminary feedback before making any official request through the university, therefore Jake and Chris are helping him out to see if the coaches would be willing to give it a try and provide some inputs. With that, the young men promptly pulled out a small water bottle containing what looks like orange juice (it really is just orange juice, but spiked with Neil’s mind control drug for disguise). Jake and Chris continued their rehearsed sales pitch, stating that they have tried it for a few days and commented that the drink did give them a positive and lasting energy and concentration increase, unlike typical energy drinks that only give a shot for a limited period of time.

The coaches didn’t seem too convinced at first, so Jake and Chris went on with more raving about the pros of the test drink and offered their coach to just quickly have a taste of it to see if they liked, and that it’s fine if they don’t like it afterwards. Still a bit sceptical but also curious about it, the coaches finally agreed to take a sip of the “energy drink” to see if they liked the taste. With step one of their plan succeeded, Jake and Chris can turn off their sales pitch, but remained focused on the reaction of their coaches and continued chatting with them normally.

The coaches took a few gulps of the drink and figured it tastes just like orange juice or some citrus mix. There was no bitter or tangy aftertastes of chemicals, which seems like a good start. As Jake / Chris explained, the boosting effect is not immediate but rather gradual, so they wouldn’t really feel any immediate effects. In fact, the coaches didn’t really feel anything at all. Their students continued chatting with them casually, but slowly, rather than feeling more energetic, the coaches were beginning to feel drowsy and light-headed. Before they could even figure out what’s happening, their heads were already spinning and their bodies falling limp in their chairs. In no time, their eyelids lost strength, their eyes rolled back and darkness overwhelmed their consciousness.

Once the coach has fallen under the effects of the mind control drug, Jake and Chris carried out their instructed plan on autopilot. They locked the door of the office, retrieved an MP3 player from their bag, placed the headphones in their coach’s ears and played the programming recording that Neil has uploaded to each machine. The uninhibited coaches have no choice but to take in Neil’s voice and his training into their minds.

Neil has tasked Jake and Chris to introduce Neil’s training program to their coaches to help their respective teams improve their performance and create a stronger team bonding. It was imperative that they assist their coaches through a smooth introduction and training. Neil therefore instructed that the two athletes help their coaches relax throughout their training session with a massage, which they do best. So once they made sure everything was in place as planned and the coach’s training was well underway, Jake and Chris went around the desk and slid themselves under the desk, in between the coach’s legs. Then they gently pulled and tugged coach’s shorts and underwear off and down to their ankles. Using one hand, they gently cupped the coach’s genitals, giving the balls a soft squeeze before holding onto the soft cock at the base. Their fingers gave the soft prick some light teasing and squeezing to make it grow a little bit. Once it has become semi-hard, the young men pulled the coach’s chair closer, leaned in and swallowed the hardening member into their mouths. The older men instinctively gasped at the sensation, but quickly returned to a calm state as the training program drew their attention back. Jake and Chris bobbed on the coach’s dick slowly until it grows to its full stiffness. They then simply kept it stuffed in their mouths, using only their tongue to gently ‘massage’ the dick to keep their coach ‘relaxed’ during the training. Their face remained buried in the older man’s crotch for the remainder of the training session, completely out of sight under the desk. The office became quiet except for the breathing and the occasional slurping and swallowing sound from under the desk. If anyone had walked in the office, they would have thought that the coaches were simply napping at their desk listening to the MP3 player; not realizing that they were actually naked below waist with one of his athlete’s mouth impaled on his hard cock under the desk. To Jake and Chris, as usual, there was no sexual connection in any of this: they were simply giving their coach a gentle dick massage to help them ease through the training session from Neil that will improve their team.

After about two hours, the coaches have fallen deeply into Neil’s conditioning, while Jake and Chris have remained stationary, kneeling under their own coach’s desk, mouth deeply impaled on his throbbing cock, gently nursing with his tongue. Suddenly, their deeply hypnotized coach blurted out: “I’m ready”. This was part of the training program, and it was also the cue for the young men on the floor to start working vigorously on the coach’s cock. Jake and Chris finally started moving again as their heads began sliding back and forth on the cock in their mouth, sucking hard on them as they go about. For them, this was all still part of the massage session for their coach: to squeeze out all of the stress from their coach’s body and help them relax. As the coaches’ breathing intensified in response to the sucking and mental training, the students gradually increased the pace of their sucking as well, until finally let out an ecstatic moan and volleys of hot thick cum shot out and down Jake’s and Chris’ throats, which they dutifully swallowed in order to clean out the stress from the coaches. Once the coaches have finished cumming and they have thoroughly cleaned up the dick of spit and cum, Jake and Chris crawled out from under the desk, picked up their bag, retrieved another bottle of the drugged juice and a second MP3 player, placed them on the desk and then quietly stepped out of the office as if nothing happened. The two friends meet up again in the hallway and casually made their way home into the already darkened evening.

Another five minutes later Coach Bradley and Meyers came out of their trance as the training program ended. They opened their eyes again and stretched a bit after having slumped over their seat for the past two hours. They casually pulled up their pants and put away the MP3 player they had been listening to in the desk drawer, but left the other device and the new bottle of juice that Jake and Chris had left on their desk. Before getting up to leave their office, the coaches pulled off their sneakers and removed their socks - both of them wore black low-cut socks. Stepping back into their shoes barefoot, socks in hand, the coaches packed up for the day to head home. Both stepped out of their office at the same time and smiled at each other across the hallway as they locked their offices. They walked up to each other and handed the sweaty socks that they had just taken off to each other. Without a second thought or hesitation, the coaches exchanged their socks and immediately stuffed the sweaty socks into their mouths. Thankfully the ankle socks were relatively compact enough so they were able to push them completely inside their mouths without anything spilling out, although it still filled them ridiculously to the brim. They then began chewing on the socks casually as if they were chewing gum as the walked out of the building. The building was practically vacant at this time, but otherwise, anyone walking by would have came across the two coaches walking side by side with their faces obscenely stuffed with a pair of each other’s dirty socks that they are absentmindedly chewing on. Down at the parking lot, they waved and mumbled an inaudible ‘‘good night’’ to each other and headed for their cars. They continued chewing on the socks throughout the drive home, and only spit them out once they pulled into the driveway. They put the spit-soaked socks into their bag before heading inside the house and returning to their normal self.

The next morning, Bradley and Meyers showed up at school at the same time and they ran into each other at the washroom. It was still early in the morning so they were alone in the men’s room. They said their usual hellos as they relieved at the urinals. Once they were done pissing, they pulled out from their bag the pair of each other’s socks that they chewed on last night and pulled one over their cock and started beating off furiously right there at the urinals, next to each other. They shot their morning load quickly into the sock and wiped their dick clean with the sock before pulling back their pants. Then, they handed the cum-soaked sock back to each other, which they once again casually stuffed it into their mouth and chewed away, their own sock this time, but soaked with the other’s spit and cum. They exchanged the remaining sock before walking away and back to their offices as if nothing happened.

As they settled in their desk, it was only natural for them to pull down their track pants and sit only in his jockstrap, chewing on his sock. As the coaches opened their email, the first thing they did was to shoot their assistant coaches an email to set up a meeting at the end of the day to discuss some “team strategies and training plans”. With this first order of the day settled, the coaches went about their morning.

At around 10am, there was a knock on Coach Bradley’s door and a nerdy man, though with an authoritative air, let himself into the office. Bradley stared up from his desk, puzzled by this stranger, yet he didn’t react too strongly as if he was somehow expecting him. Bradley wanted to asked the geeky guy who is he, but his mouth was busy chewing on his cum sock. However, as soon as the young man spoke up, the coach immediately realized who he is as he recognize the Voice. All of his concerns were washed away as soon as Neil said: “Morning Coach, I’m here to meet my new ‘Jockey Slave’!”

Neil asked the coach to stand up and was happy with the initial results of his training file seeing the coach standing there with his mouth full of sock, pants around his ankles and only with his jock below the waist. He took the coach’s seat, turned the zoned out man around and peeled down the tight jock to reveal the thick throbbing juicy cock behind. Neil wasted no time and quickly swallowed his latest slave’s leaking cock. It didn’t took long before Bradley shot a huge load of thick white cream down his Master’s throat. Once he was done tasting his slave, Neil instructed the coach that he can put away the chewing socks and reminded him of his meeting with the assistant later in the day. He then erased the coach’s memory of what just happened and stepped out of the office, moving over to Coach Meyer’s office, repeating the same thing with the head of the cycling team.

That evening, the assistants showed up to their coach’s office, where they were eventually also introduced to the “special energy drink” and then the training tape. While his assistant was being reprogrammed under Neil’s recording, the coach this time took to the ground and swallowed his assistant’s cock, just like Jake and Chris had done with them the day before, all the way until the assistant shot his big load down his throat.

For the rest of the week, each coach and his assistant met in their office each day after work to work on reinforcing their training. Each pair laid on the floor behind the coach’s desk and held each other’s throbbing cock in their mouth as they listen through Neil programming, until they were instructed to blow their cum down each other’s throats.

Saturday morning came and it was time for both teams’ regular practice session. The cycling and track teams went about their normal training routines (the athletic training…that is) as usual, with the team members completely unsuspecting of anything out of place, except for Coaches Bradley and Meyers, their assistants, and Jake and Chris. Today is the ‘big day’ for both teams’ future and they have already been given specific instructions by Neil to carry out the conversion of the teams after ‘one last normal’ practice session.

After practice, as the track team made their way back into the locker room, Coach Bradley and his assistant, Alex, came along carrying a large cooler box. He gathered his team’s attention and began explaining this pilot test that he was partnering with the Sports Medicine department about this new sports energy drink, basically the same speech that Jake had told him when he was first enslaved. While the coach was explaining, Alex has already begun passing out the cold bottles of the orange ‘energy drink’ to the team. Some of the guys didn’t have any issue with trying it out, it was free, so why not. A few were however a bit sceptical about it, so Jake played his part of bait and shared his positive experience about the drink after having tried it a few times already. None of the nine teammates in the group have noticed the slightly distanced eyes and mechanical speech from the coach, Alex or Jake as they pitched them this strange drink (They have rehearsed their lines the night before all evening in the Stanton’s living room in front of Neil to make sure it was as natural and believable as possible).

With some more encouragements from Coach Bradley, the guys took a sip of the spiked juice, including Jake, just to play his part along. Soon, one by one, their eyes started to flicker and their bodies started to sway a bit as their consciousness began drifting away under the effects of the mind control drug. Once he was certain that the whole team has fallen under, the coach and his assistant led his tranced team out of the locker room and into a small classroom across the hallway for the next step of their training.

Just as the track team was filing into the other room, the cycling team was just coming in from their practice at the far end of the corridor. Some of the cycling guys tried to wave at the track team, but they didn’t seem to notice them. The two teams shared many resources at the school, including the locker room, so as they made their way in, they immediately noticed the large cooler that the previous team had left on the floor, but thinking it belonged to the track guys, the cycling guys left it alone. However, when Coach Meyers and his assistant, Ben, came in and asked them to gather around the box, they realized it was otherwise. After a similar rehearsed speech and persuasion by Meyers, Ben and bait efforts by Chris, the cycling team soon also downed the spike drinks and fell into the hypnotic sleep.

Like the track team before, Coach Meyers led his team out of the locker room and into the same classroom that the other team entered 15 minutes ago when they were coming in. The tranced cycling team filed into the room and Ben the assistant quietly locked the door behind him. The small room is dark except for a dim spotlight at the front of the room. The track team is currently standing to the left side of the room, in three rows of three, all facing the front of the room. The cycling coach directed his team to the right side of the room and have them stand, in line with the other team, similarly in three rows of four.

Had the cycling guys not been under the effects of Neil’s drug, the scene to their left might shock them. Each track team member is standing, still in their nylon tanks and shorts, with their eyes closed, arms on their sides and legs slightly apart. Headphones are plugged into each of their ears as they are being fed Neil’s training program. Each member also has their hard cock hanging out of their shorts, although they are completely oblivious to it. Kneeling in front of a row of guys each, Coach Bradley, Alex and Jake are slowly but steadily moving from one teammate to the next to keep their cocks hard using only their mouths. It was their only focus in mind, to help their teammates become part of Neil’s team. They sucked only long enough to maintain the cock’s hardness, so about 15-20 seconds each before moving to the next dick.

Across the room, Coach Meyers has awoken Chris from his sleep, as per Neil’s instruction (like Jake earlier), so he can help in the assimilation of the rest of the team. Moving like clockwork like perfect automatons, the three went about quickly taking out the digital players, putting them on each teammate, and starting the programming files one by one.

About a minute into the training program, most of the eleven cyclists were already sporting a boner bulging out from their tight cycling shorts. Then, at the cue of the audio program in their ears, the team members automatically pulled out their pulsing erections from their shorts, before resuming their relaxed standing position. This was also the cue for Meyers, Ben and Chris to take their positions on their knees in front of their row of teammates. Both the coach and the assistant have four players to serve, but Chris only have three in his last row. They moved into auto mode again to get to work on keeping those cocks hard and dripping for the duration of the programming session.

And so for the next two hours, the small dark room was completely silent, except for the sound of deep breathing from the trainees and the occasional slurping sounds coming from the sucking below them. The coaches, assistants, Jake and Chris continuously went back and forth in their rows, sucking each cock briefly each time just enough to keep it fully hard, maintaining a steady pace throughout. Nothing else was on their minds other than needing to help their teammates keep their cocks hard; the soreness of their knees or jaws was not a concern on their minds at the moment.

As the training program in their headphones came to an end, the runners, one by one, as instructed by the recordings, said out loud: “Yes, I’m ready” in a sleepy, calm tone. This was also the cue for Coach Bradley, Alex and Jake to end their cocksucking task. The three slowly got up from their knees (slowly and stiffly after two hours), picked up their own media player and headphones on the desk at the front and lined themselves up facing forward about two feet in front of the first row of their teammates. Once they were in position, headphones in their ears (but nothing is playing yet), they whipped out their dicks and quickly stroked them up to a full erection like everyone else. Then, they removed their running shoes and knelt down once again, placing their feet together with the soles facing upward behind them. They then picked up one of their shoes and placed it in front of their knees, and picked up the other one as they leaned forward until they are crouched on all fours with their forearms flat on the ground. The other shoe was placed below their head, and as they crouched their bodies down to the floor, their hard cocks were inserted into the shoe by their knees and their nose and mouth were buried into the other shoe. Once they have achieved their instructed pose, the three of them closed their eyes and froze in place, mind empty, at peace, and patiently waiting for the next instructions from Neil.

The rest of the track team followed a similar pose. As soon as they have reached the end of their programming and stated their readiness to submit, they removed their shoes and knelt down on the floor, placing one shoe by the crotch area. They then leaned forward into a crouched position on all fours, inserting their already hard and slick cocks into their own shoe. However, unlike those guys at the front, as they leaned down towards the floor, their position pushed their face right up to the upturned soles of the teammate in front of them. Their hands move forward to gently hold those feet together as they rest their face snugly down on the warm sweaty socked feet their teammate, cupping their face perfectly. Once in position, they too freeze and wait for the next commands. Within two minutes, the entire track team on the right side of the dark room was crouched low on the floor, locked in a face-to-feet chain of bodies, while the cycling team to the left continued to stand in oblivion, lost in their mental programming. Coach Meyers, Ben and Chris solely focused on keeping their teammates dicks hard.

Another ten minutes later, the cycling team had similarly reached the end of their training program, and gradually assumed the same position as the track team, who have remained completely still and silent on the floor all this time, breathing in each other’s foot stink and their cocks slowly dripping precum into their own shoe. Coach Meyers was the last person in the room moving about. Before getting into position with his team, he had to start up the computer on the desk at front and open another audio file in there. He turned on the Bluetooth function on the computer, and a beep in his headphones confirmed that his MP3 device had been properly connected to the computer. Almost at the same time, over twenty muffled voices said “I’m connected” behind each other’s socked feet, as they have been instructed. Knowing that everyone in the room is connected to the computer, Meyers played the new audio file on the computer and made his way back to his team and assumed his position at the front row, in between Ben and Chris, shoving his face and cock into his own shoes, and pushing his large sweaty socked feet into the face of Ricky, the 6-foot tall blond second-year student.

The audio program started with a ten-second delay countdown, partly to give time for the coach to settle himself into the group, but also to further take the new slaves down in their trance. At the end of the countdown, the authoritative voice of Neil came through everyone’s ears again as he began to lay out his new instructions for both teams going forward…

Three days after that fateful afternoon, Roberto slowly made his way up the deserted hallways to Coach Bradley’s office after hours hoping to give him a surprise. Roberto is the physiotherapist for the track and cycling teams. At 53, the dark-haired Italian is 5ft9, 180lbs, with short buzzed hair and scruffy sideburns. He has the typical middle-aged Italian thick and meaty body type, with a pair of wide thick size 11 feet, and a slight few extra pounds around the waist but still in fine shape overall. A divorced single man living alone near campus, he had been working as the teams’ physio for the past six years, generally just taking it easy waiting for his retirement, but he is nevertheless a friendly guy well-liked by the teammates. He had been away for the past week visiting his relatives when the teams were converted into Neil’s control. He wasn’t expected to be back until another couple more days, but Roberto got bored and decided to cut his vacation short.

As he approached the coach’s door, Roberto could hear some noise inside the office, suggesting that the coach was still there. The beefy man barged into the door without knocking to make his surprise appearance, but the sight before him shocked him instead. In the office, Coach Bradley and Alex were just finishing their daily reinforcement training and about to get dressed. Roberto couldn’t believe what he saw, but the unmistakable musky smell of sex permeated the small office, fueling his suspicion of what had just happened between the coach and assistant. He immediately confronted the two about their inappropriate and disgusting act, but both Coach Bradley and Alex kept denying they were having sex and insisting they were only practicing some kind of new team building training exercise. It made no sense to the physio at all as they just kept on rambling in a semi dream-like state. The two then tried to usher Roberto into the office to talk it out, and that’s when he noticed some empty bottles on the desk: “Are they doing drugs too?” he thought.

The Italian decided that he was not going to have anymore of this and will report them to the department. He shoved the coach and assistant away and backed out of the office, fleeing down the hallway as Bradley and Alex charged after him (they’ve been instructed to stop and report to Neil anyone who found out about their secret training). He gained some headway after making a few turns through the corridors, and Roberto knew that the two athletes would outrun him quickly. He saw a bathroom door opening ahead and decided to push his way in to hopefully hide it out.

Neil was just coming out of the bathroom when a large man suddenly crashed into him and forced his way into the toilet, locking the door behind them. He had came over to check on the progress of his newest prizes and drop some more supplies of his spiked juices for the teams. Now suddenly he was being held up in the washroom by this beefy middle-aged man instead. He is a bit scared about what’s going on, but also pissed by this man. He wanted to yell at the man, but that man quickly told him to stay quiet and explained that there are two crazy guys chasing him and he just wanted to lose them, reassuring Neil that he was not going to harm him. Soon, the two could hear some footsteps running past the bathroom door. Roberto pleaded for Neil to stay quiet for a bit longer and listened intently until he heard the footsteps ran down a nearby stairway, making they faded away, before breathing some relief.

Roberto apologized to Neil for the scare and then explained to him the confrontation he had with Bradley and Alex earlier. Neil’s heart skipped a beat and his mind went on overdrive for a bit as he realized that this man might have discovered his plans and could expose them. But then when Roberto finally mentioned that he is the physiotherapist for the track and cycling teams, all of Neil’s worries went away and his devilish mind surfaced again. Maintaining his innocent outlook, Neil calmed down some more and pulled out one of the drugged drinks from his backpack and offered it to Roberto. The Italian appreciated the offer and quickly took a big gulp of the drink to ease his stress. Neil simply stood on the side and observed as the Roberto slowly succumbing to the effects of the drug, slurring his words, slumping and swaying unsteadily. He was under before he realized what had hit him.

When he thought the Italian was sufficiently impaired, Neil carried him out of the bathroom and back into Coach Bradley’s office. Setting him down in a chair, Neil then fed Roberto one of the MP3 players laying on the desk and starting running the training program to the physio.

When Coach Bradley and Alex came back to the office after their fruitless pursuit, Neil ordered them to carry the hypnotized Italian out to the coach’s car and drove them back to Neil’s place. Since the Italian wasn’t expected for another few days, this gave Neil the opportunity to subject him to some uninterrupted full-time intensive training at home. Neil had originally just wanted to train Roberto to become just like the coaches and assistants, but given the phsyio’s particular role within both teams, he decided to give Roberto a different set of instructions that would make him perfectly fitting in his ‘special role’ in the teams.

However, Neil quickly realized that the Stanton house was already fairly full with the five of them, and the constant activity in the house might cause distraction to Roberto’s training. Therefore, he decided to move the Italian next door into the Hadid’s home instead and have the father and son “look after” the trainee during his stay. Powerless to resist the commands, Omar and Zaid were forced to sleep with the complete stranger in their bed, and of course, Neil adjusted the pair’s nightly routine to orally pleasure the beefy Italian instead of each other, licking and sucking every part of the man all night long as the training program looped in his earphones nonstop. There was a bit of struggle during Roberto’s conversion where his typical macho Italian personality tried to fight against the mind control and perverse commands. Even though he took in Neil’s training and suggestions completely, there were still a few moments where his mind lapsed briefly and struggled to question what was going on. Thankfully, with at least one of the Hadids always staying by his side, Neil made sure that his subject was quickly subdued back into the proper mindset. The father and son had to coordinate their schedules to make sure that at least one of them were there 24/7 to constantly watch over the Master’s latest prize and constantly pleasure his body with their mouths (much to their disgust). As soon as they detect any signs of resistance from Roberto, Omar and Zaid have been instructed to immediately suck on his dick and/or his nipples to distract the man’s conscious mind with pleasure and let the programming take back control of the subconscious mind. If that fails, Neil’s powerful mental drug was always ready by the bed to quickly subdue and open the man’s mind, allowing immediate reinforcements sealing all conscious thoughts behind Neil’s commands. After three days of nonstop mind conditioning, Roberto no longer struggled against the program, and he was ready to receive Neil’s instructions for his new role in the teams. Neil decided to bring him back into the Stanton’s house so he can personally oversee the Italian’s training into his new role.

Throughout the following week, the guys on both teams would show up everyday to their coach’s office for a reinforcement session. They would come in pairs (as assigned by Neil during their initial instructions) at various times throughout the day, basically whenever they have time in their schedule, and spend about an hour in the office to complete a more abridged version of the training program. Each pair simply walked into the office, shut the door behind, removed their pants, put on their headsets and hit ‘Play’, got on the floor in a 69 position and let the audio take over their minds. Their coach would simply ignore their presence and continue working at his desk. Sometimes a pair would walk in to find another pair already laid out on the floor, but they would simply ignore them and find another spot in the small office to lay down. Once they have gone through the audio program and shot their load down each other’s throat, the guys simply get back up from the floor, get dressed, leave the office to carry on with their day normally. Similarly for the coaches, every afternoon, before leaving, the assistants, Alex and Ben, would show up to their boss’ office and undergo the reinforcement training with the coach.

The next Saturday came around again and so was the two team’s regular training session. However, under Neil’s new instructions, there had been some changes to their usual training routines, and both coaches and assistants have been busy all week long to get everything in place for the start of their ‘new’ practice routines.

As usual, the athletes gathered in the locker room at the athletic centre to change and get ready for their morning practice run. The guys walked up to their lockers and found their new workout gear already placed inside.

The runners pulled out their gear and noticed that their workout uniform was no longer the nylon shorts and tank that they used to wear. Instead, a pair of black skintight spandex compression shorts and a similar white fitting workout t-shirt, in addition to a black jockstrap. The cycling team, on the other hand, still put on their usual cycling suit, but with a standardized white jockstrap to go underneath the shorts. Everyone put on their gear and filed out onto the track field to meet the coaches. It didn’t occur to them as anything odd that the two teams were somehow going into their practice session together, which was not the case previously.

At the field, Coach Bradley and Meyers were already waiting for their teams to show up. However, Alex and Ben the assistants were not around. Once they did their usual stretching, the cycling team got on their bikes and followed Coach Meyers’ lead out of campus onto their training course. As usual, they would bike around the streets of the quiet college town, but today’s course, which they were already well aware of, would take a different turn out of town into the countryside.

As the other team biked away, the track team did a couple of warm up laps around the school’s field before they too jogged away from campus under Coach Bradley’s lead. Running two-by-two in perfect sync with the coach up front, the group headed straight for the main street that would also take them out towards the countryside for 4-km jog out to their new designated “checkpoint” of this new practice course that will from now on become a routine for them. Jake is running in the third row behind his coach with his new training partner Jamar, a Latino-mix who is about the same size as Jake, with light tanned skin and brown frizzy hair buzzed short. Everyone on the team had now been partnered similarly with another teammate of similar physical size as their training partner. Jake and Jamar jogged at the same pace, as is the rest of the team. Their faces are completely focused, eyes staring straight ahead, completely undisturbed by anything around them. However, passers-by wouldn’t notice that under their slightly robotic faces and under the controlled breathing in their mouths, the team is quietly repeating their mental training program over and over again, reinforcing their devotion as Neil’s jockey slaves.

After passing through some farm fields, the team had just passed their 3-km mark and reached a wooded area. Coach Bradley then led the guys at the next intersection off to a minor road to the right, which took them up a gentle hill further into the forest. Despite the uphill travel, the shade from the trees provided a welcome relief to the bright morning sun on the guys, although everyone was still completely focused on their run and mental training.

At this point, the cycling team had finally caught up to the joggers and quickly overtook them as the road flattens out ahead again. Like the other team, the cyclists were also riding in pairs at steady speed. Chris, riding in the fourth position behind the coach, is paired with Kenji, a Japanese student on his third year in Computer Sciences. The two teams did not acknowledge or waved at each other as they passed, since they are all completely focused on their practice and absorbed in the mental reinforcement.

After a few more turns down the minor road, the teams came to a gated entrance and knew that they have finally reached their final stretch. Following the nicely landscaped driveway for about another 300 metres, the two teams reached a large mansion tucked behind the forested entryway. The paved driveway led further around the house to a large garage/parking area behind the house that could fit at least six or seven cars. Extending out from the parking area is a large deck and pool area and another two acres of lush green lawn for the rest of the fenced property. Given the size of the properties and surrounding wooded environment, there is complete privacy, with no sign of other people at all within sight.

The teams have finally reached their “checkpoint” and came to rest in the parking area. Their assistants, Alex and Ben, have already been waiting here. Clad only in their footwear and jockstrap (matching colours with their respective teams), the two had in fact been standing motionless next to Alex’s car in the garage all morning, locked in the tightest embrace with each other, eyes closed, and lips firmly locked together. As soon as they heard the sounds of the bikes approaching, the two reanimated again immediately, separating from each other, and brought out some boxes from the trunk of the car. There are two boxes labelled for the cycling team and another box for the track team, which they laid on the ground as the guys gathered around them.

As the cycling team pulled into the garage area, Ben approached his team and greeted each of them with Neil’s customary “dick shake” and deep sloppy kiss, starting with Coach Meyers and then going down the line. When Ben got to the last two guys on his team, Alex finally saw his own team coming up the driveway. Like his counterpart, he went up to greet each player once they made their way next to the cycling team. He carefully fished out each guy’s hot and sweaty dick from their spandex shorts, giving it a firm tug and gentle squeeze, while the players returned the same favour to his cock as they shared a kiss mixed with saliva and dripping sweat.

Once the assistants have greeted their teammates, the two teams then went over and greeted each other in the same fashion. By now, they returned to their “normal” characters, chatting and laughing with each other like they usually do, except for the awkward greeting gesture (and everyone needed to make sure they greeted everyone on the other team) and the fact that their half-erect cocks are obscenely hanging out of their tight shorts. Of course none of them were consciously aware of all this; it was all a casual and friendly environment, nothing out of place.

While the two teams were busy greeting each other, they didn’t notice, or rather they were instructed not to notice, the three other men on the patio deck a short distance away. Lying on the ground is the naked body of Zaid. Clad only in his jock, he is holding the “ottoman” position like the one he had been programmed to serve his father every night: legs curled up and hands on either side to serve as holders. Sitting on his firm sexy abs is Neil, who is fully dressed and seated facing the garage area, casually sipping his morning coffee and enjoying the show being put on by the track and cycling teams. His socks are stuffed in Zaid’s mouth, who is eagerly chewing them, despite his own disgust.

In fact, this whole place is the Hadid family’s holiday cottage, a place where Omar and Zaid have spent many weekends and holidays as a family growing up. The mansion was also occasionally used by Omar to host business parties, or many times where Zaid have thrown wild parties, often to his father’s chagrin. But all those were past memories of this lovely mansion for the Hadids, once Neil had found out about this house, he commanded Omar to hand over the keys to it and took over control of the usage of the home for the Master’s own dirty interests. The huge and secluded property in the forest provided Neil the perfect location to play out more of his perverse fantasies with a steadily growing stable of jockey slaves.

As Neil continued to enjoy watching the athletes openly groping and smooching one another, he also enjoyed the “great comfort” of his personal ottoman, where Zaid struggled to catch his breath with the weight of Neil on him, his mouth stuffed with his Master’s sweaty socks, and his face smothered by Roberto’s large meaty feet. Clad in a pair of sweaty white ankle socks, the stench of those feet completely filled Zaid’s nostrils, and any attempts to catch a whiff of fresh air had been unsuccessful.

Now fully converted and immersed into Neil’s programming, Roberto is like a new man reborn. He is seated on the ground directly facing Neil, clad only in his black jock and white ankle socks. Seated in a crouched position, his feet are flat on Zaid’s face and his knees bent up to just below his chin level. Resting comfortably on his knees are Neil’s ankles, and with his crouched position, Master’s feet are pushed perfectly right up to Roberto’s face. With Zaid as the chair, Roberto’s position completed the ottoman serving as the footrest for their Master’s feet.

Turning away briefly from the kissing orgy at the back, Neil stared down to Roberto and is satisfied with his own work on reassigning the man’s role and skills in the team much better to his liking. Being a physiotherapist, his main role would be to provide massages and therapies to help soothe and relax the athletes’ bodies. However, using his hands and all these various kinds of oils and lotions would no longer be good enough for his job, as Neil suggested in his training. Instead, Neil instructed that he should instead now use his mouth and saliva as his main “tools of trade” to massage the guys’ muscles. His soft lips and tongue would provide a much more comfortable feeling to the guys and he would be able to focus on reaching in much finer spots of the body that his large meaty hands couldn’t pinpoint previously. In addition, Neil convinced Roberto that his saliva would be much better “lotion” to use on the skin since it is all natural and completely accustomed by human skin, so no risk for allergies or irritations. For the last few days that Roberto was kept at Neil’s home for his training, he spent most of his time learning and perfecting his “new massage skills” on all four Stanton men. Every waking moment in that house when he was not being worked on by Neil, Roberto’s mouth was constantly glued to some body parts of either Bob, Rob, Jake or Dave: his lips nibbling on their toes, fingers, shoulders, dicks, nipples, or his tongue poking and swiping their feet, legs, back, balls, asshole. The Stantons were all serious about it, they were more than happy to help the physiotherapist perfect his new skills (they truly believed it was normal massage techniques), and gave Roberto constructive comments in doing better.

Right now, Neil is enjoying the satisfying outcome of Roberto’s new oral massage abilities. With his legs resting on the older man’s knees and feet pushed right up to his face, the physio is busying himself on Neil’s feet by coating them with a copious amount of his spit and then gently kneading his soles using his lips and teeth, up to each toes and then down to the ankles again.

The scene by the garage area shuffled again and Neil’s attention was drawn back to the athletes who have finished their brief socializing moment and were now moving on with their practice routine. After the strenuous trek out to this new “pit stop” of their new training route, they must do some proper stretching so they don’t strain their muscles. For this, all of the guys got back together with their assigned training partners and the pairs spread out around the driveway and sat down on the pavement facing each other. The two coaches paired up as well with each other and settled on the ground near Jake and Jamar. Alex and Ben, the assistants, didn’t take part in the stretching exercise as they didn’t work out, but they were instead in charge of overseeing the session, as per Neil’s arrangement.

As the assistants called the shots, the guys on the ground went about some typical basic stretching exercises, working from one position to the next, following Alex and Ben’s instructions. After about 15 minutes of workout, the assistants called out the next position: “Double Cross Leg Stretch!”

Upon hearing the cue, Jake, Chris, Jamar, Kenji, the coaches and everyone else moved to sit back facing their partner again and stretched out their legs towards each other. They then gently removed the other’s shoes, releasing the steamy sweaty socked feet from their confines, and their pungent odour immediately floated its way up to their partner’s nose, to which many guys cringed or made fun of their mate’s foot smell. Keeping the focus in line, Alex and Ben called out: “Arms”, and the guys quit their joking and carried on with the exercise by holding each other’s arms on either side at the elbow. “Legs crossed” was the next command, and the guys shuffled their legs such that they alternate between each other. “Legs up”, and they gripped on each other’s arms for support and lifted their feet up in unison until they reached face height. Then the assistants called out the final command: “legs straight, feet together, face press”. With that, everyone on the ground made the strenuous effort to straighten out their raised legs, keeping their feet together. Then, acknowledging that they are ready, both partners steadily pushed their face forward until it is firmly pressed against the other’s hot, sweaty and smelly socked feet. Making sure that all teammates are properly settled in their position, the assistants instructed everyone to hold it, thus completing this bizzare, yoga-like, perverted “stretching” pose that they are compelled to do.

For Chris and his partner Kenji, they momentarily felt that this position was anything but a warm down stretching. If anything, their entire body was tensed up to the max as they struggled to hold onto each other while trying to maintain their balance on the hard pavement and the strange position. In addition, for Kenji, a soft-spoken and clean-cut young man, the strong odour of Chris’ sweaty feet was overwhelming beyond anything he could imagine (in line with everyone who had ‘tasted’ Chris’ feet in the past). However, their subconscious training quickly kicked in as they reminded themselves that this is the perfect workout for them, and they must help each other freshen up their feet by sucking out all the odour and sweat to keep their feet strong and healthy. This is all for the support of each other in the team, and help them all make a better team.

Similar thoughts went through Coaches Bradley and Meyers’ heads as they also strained to hold the awkward pose and breathed in each other’s foot stink. They believed that this is all for the good of both teams and they needed to set the example for the guys to follow. So they put extra effort in trying to hold on to each other as stiff and steady as possible, and suppressing a few gagging coughs behind the other’s feet.

Once they were sure that everyone is holding their position properly, Alex and Ben immediately laid down on the ground and began 69ing each other at a steady synchronized pace. To them, they were not having sex, but rather simply counting down time. Like an hourglass, the assistants have been instructed to suck each other off at this regulated pace such that they will shoot their load in each other’s mouth in exactly ten minutes.

From afar, comfortably on his “Zaid-Roberto” lazy chair, Neil watched as the two athletic teams settled into their perverted pairings, and he nodded and smiled satisfactorily at yet another successful takeover. As his spit-soaked feet continue to be “massaged” by Roberto’s skilled mouth, Neil is feeling ever more confident at enslaving these ever larger groups of unsuspecting guys, and pondered on more possible ideas that he could have fun with these guys in the future. But before his thoughts drifted too far, he heard the grunting and moaning sounds from Alex and Ben, signifying the 10-minute mark was up.

“Alright, Jockey Slaves.” Neil announced. “Roberto it’s time for you to help your guys get some more relief. Help me up and let’s head over and check on the guys.” With that, Roberto stopped his worshipping, lifted his feet off of Zaid’s face and plucked out his Master’s socks from the kid’s mouth to put them back on Neil’s feet. Once they put their shoes back on, Neil led the way over to the frozen athletes by the garage, as Roberto and Zaid followed behind, their bodies stiff from holding the chair setup for so long.

As Neil made his way over to the group, Alex and Ben have gotten back up on their feet as if nothing happened and called out the next position: “Back Arch”. Slowly, the guys on the ground lowered their feet from their partner’s face, released their grip on each other’s arms, worked their legs a bit (legitimately stretching this time), before putting their shoes back on and assumed a kneeling position. They then leaned back until their upper body is resting on their forearms, head hanging down and their hip thrust upwards to complete the “arch” position, to which they again froze and held the pose.

Neil stood by the side to watch as Roberto made his way to the coaches, knelt down between them and then gently pulled down Coach Bradley’s shorts until the coach’s dick flopped out loosely. The phsyiotherapist leaned over and took the cock swiftly into his mouth, “expertly” pulling, sucking and nursing on it until the tool stretched his lips stiffly. As the Italian was methodically blowing the track coach, in his mind, he was only thinking of this as a massage, which is part of his therapy (as made to believe by Neil) to help the athletes relieve their stress and fatigue following a run. It was certainly a great feeling of relief for the coach as he instinctively moaned under the very skilled lips of Roberto, but likewise, neither of them were feeling anything sexual in this; it was all just part of a post-workout relaxation therapy. Before long, Coach Bradley was taken over the edge and ejaculated his “stress and fatigue” down Roberto’s throat. The physio immediately turned towards Coach Meyers crotch on the other side and repeated the same thing with him. Once he was done with the coaches, Roberto then moved on to the nearest pair of teammates, and then carried on as such, sucking off the rest of the track and cycling teams one by one.

While Roberto was busy “relieving” the rest of the teams, those that have been “relieved” have gotten back up on their feet and gathered themselves around Alex and Ben, next to the boxes that they had brought out from the car. Each team formed a line in front of their assistant, starting with the coaches. The cycling team also brought along their bikes as they lined up.

As Coach Bradley stepped up to Alex, he turned around and promptly lowered his jogging tights, presenting his muscular ass to his assistant. Alex got on his knees and dove his tongue straight into his boss’ sweaty hole, munching, licking and poking at it without hesitation. To him, he was simply “massaging” the coach’s ass, helping him relax his muscles in between his workout. Neil suggested that both Alex and Ben should step up in their roles as assistants by also assisting Roberto with some of the massaging duties, given that the Italian was already so busy massaging everyone’s cocks on both teams.

Once Alex made sure that the Coach’s asshole was sufficiently loosened/relaxed (and spit soaked), he retrieved two objects from the large box beside him. The first item is a big black rubber dildo molded to the shape of Neil’s cock. Alex briefly deepthroated the rubber dick to lubricate it before feeding gently up into Coach Bradley’s asshole. Once that was firmly lodged up the coach’s ass, Bradley turned around to face his assistant, who then put on the second item: a jock cup with a built-in cock sleeve. Lining up the coach’s semi-hard cock with the sleeve, the assistant then gently pushed the cup down on the cock until it is fed all the way to the base. The cock sleeve, made of hard silicone, is lined with tiny soft nodules all along the inside up to and around the tip, such that those would constantly tickle and tease the dick once it is put on. Alex then folded the cup up so that it completely covered up the coach’s genitals, and Coach Bradley completed the procedure by pulling his shorts up, of which its tightness ensured that both the cup and dildo would hold firmly in place. As soon as he was done, the coach stepped aside and the next teammate stepped up to Alex for his fitting.

The similar thing was being carried out with the cycling team, although their items were slightly different from the track team. As the teammates walked up to Ben, the assistant similarly orally “massaged” their ass to loosen it, and then helped them put on the cock sleeve cup, but he didn’t put on the dildo for them. Instead, each person on the cycling team was handed a spandex seat cover that has the same rubber dildo sewn on top. When they put the cover over their bicycle seat, the rubber cock stuck straight up on the seat. The cyclists then sucked on the dildo quickly to lubricate it, stepped on their bikes, and then lowered themselves slowly onto it. Without them consciously being aware of it, but the cycling shorts had been modified to include an opening at the back of their suit, which was specifically designed for this use, so they can seamlessly impale themselves on the Master’s cock replica as they ride. As long as they remained seated on their bikes, their ass opening and dildo would not be visible to passers by.

As soon as everyone is fitted with their special “training gear”, the teams got on their way for their return trip back to campus following the same route they came from. The dildo rubbing up their ass and the cock sleeve tickling their dick would keep everyone on the edge, but at the same time it would also reinforce their need to stay focused on their run. Over time, it became a sort of vicious cycle in their minds: the more intense they run/bike, the more they become excited and edged, and the more they remind themselves to stay focused on their pace and the more the desire to go faster and more rigorously. And of course they cannot ejaculate throughout the workout, until they are back in the locker room. There, the guys would all congregate into the locker room, shed their clothing and gear and give their assigned training teammate a thorough full-body oral massage and tongue bath, similar to what Jake and Chris had been doing for some time already, with particular focus on each other’s feet, armpits, ass and cock, leading to the “ultimate relief”, “shooting” away their stress and fatigue. All twenty-plus guys, hot and sweaty, packed into the smelly locker room and engaging in an orgy of sex and sweat, of which none of them were partaking consciously.

Roberto, Alex and Ben quickly packed up once their teams have left and rushed back to campus in Alex’s car in order to meet the guys upon their arrival. The assistants would then need to “massage and clean” their respective coaches in the locker room with their teams. Only after that, while the guys are packing up for the day, would Alex, Ben and Roberto finally be allowed to properly take care of each other over in Roberto’s therapy room.

These two teams will do well from now on, and they’ll become one tight unit. As Zaid, still only in his jockstrap, drove the two of them back into town, Neil chuckled to himself at the thought and prided himself at yet another successful conversion project. He casually played with Zaid’s cock, and decided to lean over and have a taste of the slick middle-eastern sausage, much to the surprise and humiliation of Zaid, who was forced to maintain a straight face and focus on the driving without cumming.

It’s a winning formula for the teams courtesy of Neil, and mostly for Neil as well.

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