Dumb scally becomes a god : Part 02

By sneakerdom - ilipph1@gmail.com
published July 26, 2017

After harnessing his modified pheromones Bryan continues his accession to alpha scally status

Bryan walked back to the estate. He was almost home when on the passageway leading to his flat one of the tougher scallies blocked his path. “Where did you get those fit clothes Bry?” he said pushing Bryan with both hand in the chest. Bryan would usually avoid confrontation as he was trying to do now, he looked dumbly at him without speaking. “And what’s that spray you got on? It’s way to strong mate” he said mockingly. But he couldn’t help himself stepping closer to get another whiff. Bryan saw his chance and stepped right up to him. “Aw jesus…” the scally said. “Go on, smell it” Bryan said lifting this t-shirt to reveal a sweaty armpit. The scally dived in nose first and started inhaling. Bryan pushed him away, he had become all weak. “Strip if you want some more” Bryan said enjoying the situation. “Nah man, come on…” the scally said pleadingly. Bryan stepped closer one more time. The scally seemed to buckle and started tearing his tracksuit off, kicking away his reeboks and his mckenzie underwear. Bryan laughed at him, he was pathetic.

but Bryan was feeling hard again, and was wondering why his fun had to stop. “Go and get your mates and bring them to my flat” he said. The scally looked at him vacantly and took a last sniff before grabbing his clothes and running off. Bryan thought he would make a great pet. He walked back to his flat thinking that his world would not be the same, no one could treat him like a loser anymore. They would respect him if they liked it or not.

Four scallies turned up at his door, Taylor, Drew, Kyle and Kevin who was the one to go and get them. “Come on, get inside” Kevin insisted. “What are you on about mate?” Kyle sighed as he swaggered into the flat in his tracksuit. “Haha it’s Bryan’s place” Drew said, “What’s up stupid?” he said as he laughed. “Why did you bring us to this loser?” Taylor asked Kevin. But Kevin was already sniffing the air as he moved closer to Bryan on the couch.

“Wow mate, where did you get that kit?” said Kyle, eyeing up the nike TN’s on Bryan’s feet. “Give them to me” he asserted. Kyle was well used to getting what he wanted. Bryan kicked them off and they lay in front of him. “Yeah thats right” Kyle laughed and stepped forward to pick them up. He sat in a sofa to the side feeling weird, and a bit dizzy. Anyway he kicked of his Adidas and was about to put on the Nike when the smell hit him making him feel even more light headed. Bryan was fixating him, but he also had his hand down his nike trackies. Weird thought Kyle. He looked at the TN’s he had just nicked off Bryan and suddenly pulled one up to his nose. The aroma washed over him. he moaned loudly, it was so good.

Kevin had finally found what he was looking for, more of Bryan’s smell, he plunged to his knees and lay on the ground in front of Bryan on his couch and grabbed his socked foot and stuck his nose into the toes. “What the fuck” exclaimed Taylor looking at his mate. He went forward to pull Kevin back, but Kevin resisted. Taylor looked at Bryan on the couch who still hadn’t said anything, just looked around the scene with glee. Then Taylor understood, it was the smell, the smell that was driving Kevin crazy. It was driving Taylor crazy as well, he stopped trying to pull Kevin off and joined him taking the other foot and inhaling deeply as he could.

Drew who had come in mocking Bryan was all of a sudden scared. he backed out towards the door, turned and exited. He needed to find his uncle quick, he was a soldier in the barracks and would take none of this shit, he needed to save his mates. He ran down two floors to get his uncle.

Bryan saw Drew exiting the flat but didn’t care, he had three scallies at his feet. He realised that wasn’t true… he looked over at Kyle “Bring back my Nikes and put them on my feet”. Kyle looked pained he had to stop, he pushed his mates aside who shifted obediently and put the TN’s back on Bryan’s feet. He stood up and used his sneaker to push Kyle on to his back. Bryan smiled and thought of the domination videos he watched so many of. He laughed as he thought of his flat like a dungeon. He pulled down his new Nike trackies and Adidas jockstrap to reveal his dick. He let fly with his piss all over the body of Kyle. But Kevin and Taylor bounced up at the opportunity to get more of Bryan’s pheromones and tried to fight to be Bryan’s urinal. Bryan looked down at the scallies trying to fight for a position to serve him. Eventually Kevin won with a longing look up at Bryan now he had pushed Taylor away. Taylor had gone to licking Kyle’s body where the piss had first landed.

Bryan knew Kevin would be his favorite pet. He wold keep him as a special trophy. He had secretly liked him, but now looking how submissive he was he wanted him even more. He pulled up his jockstrap. Kevin never had any money and wore cheap kit. “Put you’re best gear on Kevin, now” Bryan ordered the others. They stripped and put on the branded sports gear they had including Taylor’s Air max 90 infrared. “Thank you master” Kevin said, Bryan grabbed him and pulled him to snog him. He was now a god and Kevin would be at his side, he wanted to be tender with him. They embraced longingly. Taylor and Kyle looked longingly while they sat naked.

Bryan looked at the other two scallies. “Like my sweat off faggots”. They threw themselves at his armpits. He pulled down his jock again. “start sucking” he said to Kyle. “And you lick Kevin’s balls” he said to Taylor. They both complied. Bryan grabbed Kevin’s dick, it was rock hard. “Do you want me?” Bryan said with a twinkle in his eye”, “Yes, please” moaned Kevin bound totally by the pheromones now. “get on the couch” Bryan said. He pulled his dick out of Kyle’s mouth, and turned to face Kevin’s arse which had been well lubricated by Taylor. “Lick our balls” Bryan commanded as he started to fuck Kevin. All four of the scallies started moaning, with two naked scales on their knees worshiping their new master and his pet, both clothed in hot sports gear and Nike trainers.

Bryan pumped Kevin’s arse, he could feel Kevin’s sphincter contracting around his dick, he felt like a god with every penetration. He could feel the tongues underneath him trying to keep up with his thrusts. Kevin was moaning rhythmically to Bryan’s penetrations. Taylor and Kyle were getting more submissive by the minute, trying to lick every part of Bryan’s and Kevin genitals, living off the sweaty taste. Bryan was close to climax, he was fucking Kevin harder and harder, but he loved it, he would make all the men he met gay, he was taking control, and then he came in massive bursts, for the last one he pulled out and shot it all over Taylor’s face, Kyle started licking it off straight away.

Bryan chucked and went over to his chest with his sex toys in it, he threw a butt plug and a collar to Kyle, and a harness and dog mask to Taylor. put them on, your my new doggies” Bryan said as he laughed. Kyle and Taylor rushed to put them on to be able to please their new master. Bryan pulled Kevin into another embrace. “You’re so powerful master, What are you going to do next?” Kevin said when he broke away. “you’re right, don’t worry I have plans” Bryan chuckled.

His two new pups had finished putting their new gear on and rushed up to them on all fours. Bryan put one of his feet up on a stool. They immediately understood and started worshiping his sneakers. Drew burst into the flat with an older looking guy. Bryan was surprised and felt embarrassed. Then he remembered he was in control. The older guy stepped forward. Bryan realised he was chiseled despite his age. And best of all he was in camouflage military uniform. He was oozing masculinity. “What the fuck is going on?” the man shouted. Bryan was already drooling. Thinking of all the military videos he had watched. All the muscle, the close cuts. He put his hand down his trackies just thinking about it. He even leered as he walked overt the guy. He silently took off his sneakers, bent down and slid his Nike white crew socks off. And then rapidly shoved them in Drew’s uncles face. He tried to resist. Drew looked horrified. Eventually though the man fell to his knees with Bryan clasping the back of his head with one hand and and his sock to his nose with the other. Finally Bryan broke the silence, “time to meet your mates” he said with a dumb smile on his face.

Thanks for all the comments last time. I think you can guess where the next chapter is going =D

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