Quarantine Revenge! - Chad's Transformation

By Melvillain
published March 26, 2020

Rick successfully changed one roommate into the daddy of his dreams, but what happens when you double dose a man?

Rick heard Chad’s bellowing voice and sprung to his feet. Danny seemed confused but Rick felt a flop sweat as he realized he didn’t know what to expect emerging from the room or how to explain where Daniella was and who the hairy daddy he was cuddling with was.

That is if Chad could even understand him.

Rick was about to put on his pants when he heard the bedroom door thump and bang. The doorknob jiggled back and forth like the person behind it was struggling to figure out how it worked. Then it flung open.

Rick didn’t quite know what to be more shocked by, the shaggy blonde-haired head that ducked under the top of the door frame, taller than Chad had ever been or the massive, veiny appendage that preceded it. Chad had definitely changed.

When Chad got out of the doorframe he stood up to his full height. God, he must have been nearly 6’8 at this point; an absolute giant. His body had blown up as well but not quite like Danny’s. He’d been sleeping for hours, not feeding and had spent the previous days fucking his girlfriend and working out so the chemical compoud he’d slipped into his drink must have found the pump in his muscles and latched on.

Instead of Danny’s thick bulk, Chad’s body was lean and vascular like a greek statue. His body fat must have been consumed in the process because he looked like a bodybuilder ready for the stage. All this was even more striking because Chad wasn’t naturally all that hairy and the process hadn’t changed much. Other than a little trail over his pecs, a significant five o’clock shadow with the start of a mustache and a trail of pubes his body was fully on display.

An interesting side effect, and what Rick assumed was Chad’s problem with the door seemed to be that Chad’s hands and feet had grown with the rest of him. As he idly scratched his eight pack abs Rick was astonished at the size of his massive mitts and looking down Chad now also had big, wide feet that would never fit in a regular shoe again.

But the thing that made Rick’s throat dry, the thing that made him feel like he was getting hard again in spite of having just had the fuck session of his life, was what emerged from the thick forest of pubes at his crotch. Chad was sporting a flopping, veiny, uncut coch that looked about the size of his own muscular forearm. Beneath it hanging low and swaying were two big honeydew-sized nuts. It was like nothing he’d ever seen.

Rick realized Chad had been blankly staring at him and Danny for a moment when he started lurching forward. It was obvious Chad wasn’t really used to his new body and from the glazed look on his face he might not even have the capacity to adjust. Chad’s jaw hung slack as he took in the two men.

He turned his head between the two and eventually landed on Rick, smiling. “Daniella” he said, stomping towards him.

“Oh no…no I’m not her!” Rick said but the hung giant didn’t seem to understand. Looking between the bald, hairy bear and him it would seem he won the contest of ‘most feminine’.

Before Chad could get close Danny had struggled his way off the couch and stood between them.

“No! Mine” Danny bellowed puffing up his chest against the bulk in front of him. God what a turn on, Rick thought.

Chad smirked with the same shiteating grin that Rick knew well. He did it whenever he opened a jar Rick couldn’t or grabbed Daniella’s ass in front of his friends. He was always a cocky alpha male piece of shit and this had only made it more true. Now he was all that in the flesh.

Danny lunged at Chad and while they struggled for a moment, Chad slipping a bit on Danny’s sweaty flesh, it turned quickly and Chad tossed Danny head first into a wall, his body landing on the floor with a massive thud. He was out cold.

Now it was just Rick and the beast.

Chad turned back to Rick, revealing a thick trail of precum leaking from his foreskin. Rick wasn’t a doctor but the only comfort he had was he was pretty sure there wasn’t enough blood inside even a giant man to make a cock that big fully erect. Maybe if he was crafty he could survive this.

Rick boldy walked towards Chad, swinging his hips in a feminine fashion that seemed to excite him. He got on his knees and with two hands grasped the end of his massive dick. As he’d anticipated it felt only half hard and throbbing as he lifted it to his mouth.

Rick started kissing Chad’s slit, which was practically the size of a mouth itself, and got grunts and groans of pleasure from the hulk above him. The salty precum was flowing out regularly now and it was obvious these giant balls were working overtime too. Rick dived in and stuck his whole tongue inside the hole as he would a lover’s mouth, playing on the smooth surface inside.

Then Rick felt a giant hand grab him by the hair. It shocked him and filled him with pain, causing him to cry out but as he opened his mouth it was immediately filled with the gigantic cock. Rick’s jaw was stretched to its limits and he was sure his teeth were scraping Chad’s skin but the giant attempted to hump a few times, almost choking Rick out before he pulled the cock head out.

Chad roared in frustration swinging Rick painfully around by his hair. Rick had heard Chad and Daniella have sex enough to know they liked it rough and Chad loved to nut fast and often. If this beast couldn’t get hard and couldn’t facefuck him he might just tear him apart in some lusty roid rage. Rick needed to think fast.

Rick reached up and began stroking the muscular forearm above his head slowly, methodically. Rick was embarrassed by it but he’d paid a couple times to muscle worship some of the straight bodybuilders at the gym he went to and he was trying his best to remember his tricks. Once during a session he’d gotten one of the cuter guys hard just by touching and massaging him and had ended up with the guy begging for a blowjob. Not surprisingly dopey alphas love to be worshipped by smaller guys like him and hopefully Chad would feel the same.

The more he rubbed and stroked, the more Chad’s grip loosened on his hair. Rick could see Chad’s cock bobbing with stimulation so he knew it must be working. When he was released he stood up, at about Chad’s chest level and let his hands explore his torso.

Unlike Danny who’s body felt strong and soft, Chad was like pure granite covered in skin. He ran his hands along the ridges and traced his way up to his nipples. With one hand he tweaked Chad’s left nipple as he moved his body closer, beside his massive cock and ran his tongue along Chad’s abs.

As his tongue traced each muscle and vein Chad rumbled with joy. He moved around his body and did the same from the back, wrapping his hands around the stud and exploring every part of him. Chad flexed his arms into a double bicep pose…Had he been worshipped before? Rick traced through the hair on his armpits up to the massive peaks of his muscles and squeezed hard against the unforgiving flesh. Chad backed up his shelf-like striated ass against Rick, making him realize his own cock had gotten hard in spite of his terror.

While Chad was blissed out on muscle worship, Rick moved on to the next phase of his plan. He just hoped he was strong enough.

Taking advantage of Chad’s seeming lack of coordination Rick hit his whole body hard against Chad’s muscular back and sent him toppling towards the couch. The weight of the giant against it broke the legs from underneath it as the huge man toppled forwards. He struggled to get himself in a sitting position.

Chad looked up in red hot anger at Rick but it all faded as Rick approached, picking up Chad’s cock as he got near. He lifted the cock up along the length of his torso and straddled around it, pinning it between him and Chad and took a seat on Chad’s massive nuts. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for Rick but from the look on Chad’s face it was the kind of subservient cowgirl shit he dreamed of breeding with.

Rick began to hump his own hard cock against Chad’s, against Chad himself and bounce up and down on his nuts. Short of anally penetrating him this was the only way Rick could think of overstimulating him. His hands continued his worshipful exploration as he felt pumps of pre leak out across his chest. Chad leaned his head back like any good jock bro getting blown and let out a long, deep groan.

The humping and worship seemed to take most of an hour. The leaking precum eventually made for some slip and slide fun and Rick did his best to turn Chad on, rubbing and tugging his massive cock in every direction. He shoved his tongue down Chad’s throat and tried every trick he knew. At one point Chad unexpectedly stuck two of his massive digits into Rick’s ass and stretched it so he felt like he was being double penetrated, beyond what he’d felt before, but Chad took it gently and it actually felt wonderful.

As he was trying to fuck and being fucked he caught a glimpse of Danny, awake in the corner playing with himself. He’d been cucked completely but like the horny idiot he was he had found a way to get into it, tugging on his thick little rod. The thought of all that combined with Chad tickling his prostate caused Rick to spurt in spite of his fear.

Long after Rick had come he started wondering if there was any point to his messy humping of a half hard cock. Then he felt the two large balls underneath him tense and a fountain of cum knocked him hard in the face. It felt like he’d been slapped and went partially up his nose, coating his head almost entirely. After some sputtering and coughing, Rick wiped his face and looked on to a blissful, grinning Chad who kissed him hard once more and brought him close.

Chad snuggled Rick and rolled over on the broken couch, wrapping Rick in his arms. Before Rick could even realize what was going on Chad began snoring loudly. He was pinned beneath the massive arms of this beast and who knew how long he’d be asleep!

Rick resigned himself to his fate. Maybe if he trained with Chad’s fingers he could blow his ass wide enough to take that cock. Maybe he could live as the loose holed fuckbuddy of this giant until the quarantine lifted, then look into some sphincter surgery. Was that even a thing?

Then a dark shadow cast over the couple.

Danny was hovering near them. It was hard to tell if he wanted to join or just look on but Rick knew an opportunity when he saw one.

“Danny! Danny!” Rick whispered. “Get me out of here.”

Danny looked at the snoring giant who recently knocked him out with fear. He knew his place.

“No, no buddy it’s okay. You get me out of here slowly, quietly and then we’ll have more fun like we did earlier” Rick said smiling as if nothing was wrong.

Danny looked like a massive bear but he danced back and forth on his feet like a nervous little kid. Then, as if taken by his own horniness he leaned forward and carefully pried one of the heavy arms off of Rick. With a little wiggle room and a lot of sweat and spunk Rick managed to shimmy out from Chad’s grasp and roll quietly onto the ground.

Once he was there both Danny and Rick paused to see what the goliath would do but he just adjusted his position and kept snoring. Rick popped to his feet, his knees aching from his earlier performance and planted a wet, slimy kiss on Danny who greedily groped his ass in return.

“Okay buddy you just stay here for a minute and tell me if Chad wakes up” Rick said “I’ll be back in one minute and we’ll have fun”

Rick padded over to his bedroom in a rush, he had a plan.

The whole time riding Chad’s cock, Rick had been thinking of what he could do. Would letting Chad out into the world solve his problems or would he be arrested for creating some kind of monster alpha rapist? Could he sacrifice Danny to Chad and just hope to escape for himself? But then he’d be leaving his dream guy behind. Could he reverse the process and make Chad rational again? No…his brain was already overloaded and they could never get the test subjects back.

It was then that Rick had realized it. When he’d taken the vial of male breeder serum he’d taken the full pack and still had a vial of female breeding serum concentrate just sitting in his beer fridge.He’d watered down the male serum to get two doses so it’d work a little slower but now he had no worries. The serum had caused spontaneous changes in almost every breed of animal and now he was excited to see it get to work again. Now he just needed to find a way to get it into that giant.

If he put it in his sleeping mouth or nose he could just spit or cough it out. He didn’t have any needles in the house and who knows if they could even pierce those mutated muscles. There was one opening though that was very permeable and went right to your bloodstream but…no, that was just too good.

Rick could feel himself getting hard again just thinking of his plan. Jesus, in spite of all the fucking today he was feeling pretty goddamn horny, Quaratine was really getting to him. But looking down at his erection he knew just how he wanted to do this.

Coming back to the room Danny turned to him, saw his boner and immediately started getting down on his knees.

“No!” Hissed Rick. “I need your help Danny. We’re going to have some fun with Chad!”

Rick explained his plan to Danny and Danny started rubbing his belly and nipples in excitement. Rick wasn’t sure it’d work but it might be the only shot to save his sanity and his ass.

Quietly, Rick and Danny snuck up to the snoring beast. Danny went forward near Chads’ head while Rick climbed up the side of the sofa. He felt ridiculous and small beside these two massive men but, as he climbed over the arm towards Chad’s massive legs he hoped his size and speed would be to his advantage. Chad’s legs were splayed, one off the couch so when Rick looked at Chad’s thick, muscular ass and was pleased to see his cheeks spread and his goal in sight.

Stealthily, Rick popped open the vial as he stroked his already throbbing cock within its protective condom. He slowly dribbled some of the liquid on its length and then looked up, catching Danny’s eyes.

“NOW!” Rick shouted.

Chat began to stir but before he could move almost 300lbs of Portuguese beef landed hard on his shoulders. Danny pinned the giant under his bulk. While Danny pounced, Rick made his own play forward pouring the rest of the vial between Chad’s ass cheeks and plunging his cock in after.

Rick had had his share of rough sex, though usually on the bottom, but here he found himself easily pushing forward as a little revenge for the manhandling he’d had earlier. Though Chad growled and kicked his legs Rick had found his purchase between them, a knee on Chad’s inflated nuts, and his cock was already deep in his ass.

Rick began humping as he dribbled the remains of the vial down the base of his cock towards Chad’s waiting hole, lubricating with the formula. He could feel a warmth emanating throughout Chad’s ass and around his cock. It was working!

Looking up he saw Danny obviously enjoying himself pinning down the bully who took his man. He had a handful of Chad’s golden locks and was smashing his face against the couch while he repositioned his fat ass on his shoulder blades to keep him down. Fuck it was hot but Rick needed to maintain, not to shoot until he was sure the formula was working.

The first sign it was was the rock hard thighs he was holding began to feel softer and softer. Then the forgiving flesh began to deflate under his fingers. He looked to see Chad’s massive lats begin to suck into his body and the striated, muscular ass in front of him began to wobble and jiggle like one that had seen much less gym time. His balls began to suck back up towards his body and soon they weren’t under Rick at all.

Danny looked very confused by what was happening under him. He had been fighting against one of Chad’s massive arms but his biceps deflated like balloons and soon it was like the whole arm was retracting under him. Chad’s head , which he was sitting behind suddenly seemed to be sliding under his ass. Danny stood up.

Once it was easy for Chad to breathe again he tried to yell out another bellow of anger but instead it sounded like a normal scream like when Rick had heard Chad drop a dumbell on his foot. Rick realized he was fucking the ass of a fairly normal sized Chad and that…turned him on even more.

“Fuck yeah, take it bitch” Rick growled.

God, had he really said that? It wasn’t like Rick to verbalize much during sex but the thought of dominating his roommates lunkhead boyfriend was too much. Plus his fat ass was just made to fuck, he wanted to do it more. Chad looked back at him, first in shock but as Rick got up in a better position, the shock turned into wanton horniness.

“Uh uh uh” Chad began groaning with every thrust and Rick smiled as he heard his voice go up slightly, an octave every few times he hit his prostate.

At this point Danny was tired of playing second fiddle and he grabbed Chad’s face and pushed it hard into his fat little cock. Rick couldn’t get a good look but from the sound of things, Chad was enjoying himself on both ends.

Rick had almost forgotten about the serum until he saw just how much Chad was shrinking. His legs kept a bit of thigh and hip but his waist dwindled and it wasn’t long until you could see his ribs through his back and his shoulder blades prominently as his skinny arm reached forward to grope at Danny’s belly.

In fact the only part that seemed to grow on Chad was the ass under one of Rick’s hands. Fat suddenly began piling on and soon his massive cheeks clapped together with every thrust. His body had gone from Alpha Male to Bitch in heat.

Curious, Rick reached around to see how much of the massive cock and balls Chad had retained and, for a second thought he was feeling a pussy. That is until he realized the labia were just a practically empty nutsack with pea sized balls and the fat clit was actually the remains of a stumpy cock. His touch brought Chad’s face out from Danny’s crotch with an ear-piercing high pitched scream of pleasure.

Rick then switched his tactics and began rubbing Chad’s tiny cock hard, causing Chad to buck against him uncontrollably. His asshole was clenching…maybe even getting tighter and this was quickly becoming one of the best fucks of his life. Fuck it was good to breed this hole.

Rick felt the urge, the need to cum into his new needy ward. He pulled out and quickly ripped off the condom before ramming back in. A coordinated effort of fucking and fingering Chad’s boi clit got him to the edge and he gleefully creamed, filling up the man who’d dominated him just hours before.

He stepped back and stood by the awestruck Danny. He stroked the bear’s chest fur and planted a deep kiss on his bearded mouth.

They both looked down at Chad who was still bucking and groaning in a puddle of his own cum. He wasn’t half the man he was before. He must have been 5’4” and 120lbs , if that. His fat ass would look absolutely ridiculous in pants and his nonexistant cock could fit in a pair of panties almost without a bulge. His big pecs would no longer fill a shirt but something told Rick his fat torpedo nipples would always be visible. Chad’s new soft jawline, and juicy cocksucking lips combined with his blonde hair would surely confuse anyone who looked at him. Was he a boy or a girl. In fact, Rick wasn’t even sure anymore.

It didn’t really matter, he was no longer a breeder. He was made to breed.


The next few days in quarantine were absolute bliss. Rick had no trouble commanding his new roommates around, even if Chad was quite a bit dumber than Danny. Danny had managed to get some of his verbal skills back and could express when he wanted to eat and when he wanted to fuck.

To Rick’s surprise Danny’s cock grew a bit more until he too was able to have more fun with Chad. It was pleasant to reunite the couple and since they had two bedrooms it was easy to fuck off and sleep when his two fuck machines just wouldn’t give up til they passed out.

Rick was honestly too busy fucking to care about the Coronavirus for a few days and they had supplies to last weeks so he wouldn’t have to think about how to introduce the new bear daddy and queen femme twink for a while.

Rick had noticed his own sex drive was through the roof though and he woke up rock hard, needing to be drained before he could think straight. He’d tried to read reports on how the chemicals may have affected non-exposed partners but the jargon just frustrated him and caused him to take a lot of breaks to nut into Chad or Danny. He was enjoying his new beard anyway and the trail of pubic hair that ran to his chest was fun for his boys to play with.

If he’d been paying attention he might have realized his own cock had been steadily growing as his focus waned. Or that his balls had been swelling to real prize stud size. Or maybe more importantly that Chad’s belly had been slowly inflating like a woman in her first trimester while his fat nipples had suddenly sprouted a few big veins around them.

But that could all wait until after quarantine, right?.

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