By Jake Landry
published March 26, 2020

Jason finds a plate of cookies that he just can’t put down. And it isn’t too good for his toned jock body.

Adam found Jason in one of the bedrooms putting up some sheets over the windows. “Need any help?” he asked.

“Nah… Just. About. Done,” Jason taped up the last bit of blankets up to the window. “There we go,” he stepped back and admired his work. “That should help keep us warm,” however sweat was already starting to form around his brow. “Is it getting hotter in here?”

“I think Cody and Mike might have a fire going,” Adam answered.

“Already? That was fast. You sure?” Jason wanted to argue. He wanted to think that there was no way that Cody could have possibly had any wood cut by now, but the more he tried to picture him a smaller nerd, the harder it was. Any image of Cody seemed to blur into someone far bigger. A large confident bear of a man, full of muscle. But he knew that wasn’t right.

“Mike should have helped him. And maybe he’s good with wood?” Jason gave Adam a smile. “Don’t,” he warned. “I already heard all this shit from Mike. I don’t want to hear it from you too.”

“C’mon bro,” Jason pried. “There had to be a reason you invited him up here. He doesn’t get along with either of us. And he’s been sleeping in your room…”

“On the couch! God damn it! Why do you guys gotta be like this? ” Adam’s exasperation turned to anger as he deepened his voice into an overly mocking tone. “Oh. Right. I mean I guess with how much you care about your body it’s just cause you want other guys to check it out. Oh yeah. And Mike’s sleeping in here with you? Guess you two are sleeping together too. What? Does he suck your dick whenever you get lonely?”

“Calm down dude, it’s just a joke,” Jason laughed.

Adam sighed. “Maybe it’s a joke I’m tired of hearing…”

There was a moment of silence but to Jason, he was still just trying to stifle his laughter. He knew Adam wanted to have a moment but it was just too hard to pass up. “Then why don’t you just ask him out?”

“Why is this so funny to you guys!” Adam shouted. He was still taller than Jason but not nearly as muscular. The height gave him a bit of authority but the definition and thin waist gave Jason more confidence.

“Cause we see what you’re like around him dude,” Jason answered. “You don’t treat him like any other guy. He’s your ‘little special friend.’ Honestly I see why Ashley gets jealous. If my girlfriend ever followed another guy around like you do with Cody, I’d have my suspicions as well.”

Adam had it. “Fuck off.” He walked out of the room towards the main bedroom. The windows in there needed to be covered up as well.

Jason shook his head. “Whatever man. Don’t act like I didn’t try ta help ya.” One of the blankets fauletered and started to fall. He rushed to catch it and felt the cold breeze shoot past him. There seemed to be a smell that accompanied it. He’d thought he’d smelled it earlier but fought the urge to check it out. But there it was again. He looked around the room and saw a plate full of cookies. They looked freshly baked with the heat still coming off them in the cold room. A red ribbon was wrapped around them as though it were a gift.

“Adam?” Jason called out. No response. “Probably still being a bitch about it. He can’t handle being told the truth,” he grumbled. All Jason was trying to do was give Adam a heads up but Adam didn’t want to hear it. “Whatever. Be a bitch,” he said again. “I don’t get why… Why he just… Why he just doesn’t listen sometimes.”

The smell of the cookies were starting to overtake him. Jason wasn’t one to really indulge in such tasty treats, but the smell was better than he would have ever thought. Normally he was so good about his diet that even at work he’d bring his own lunchbox with prepared meals to eat instead of fast food. But damn, did those cookies smell good.

Jason reached over and grabbed one. “One won’t hurt…” he said to himself. The smell was really getting to him. It was all he could think about. But the nagging feeling of his diet was still in the back of his mind. He was never one to have desserts. It was how he was able to keep his trim waist and abs. But that smell. The sheer freshness of the cookies as though they were right out of the over, it was overriding his diet. “I mean how bad could it be. It’s only one cookie. Plus we’re probably going to be stuck up here for a little while anyways.”

He grabbed at one of them and slowly brought it to his mouth. It held between his teeth. His self control kept him from just eating it right away. “Stop being a dumbass,” he scolded himself as he put the cookie into his mouth. “Oh God…” his hand gripped the dresser the plate was sitting on. Even if he hadn’t had Christmas cookies in years, he never expected it to taste so good. There was way too much sugar and wasted calories that he pushed them completely out of his diet.

But this one was out of this world. It was like he was pushed to the brink of an orgasm as he chewed the tasty treat. Feeling the icing against his teeth and the crumbs fall down his throat, was better than he thought it ever should be. Before he realized it another cookie was in his hand. He eyed it suspiciously. “I said only one…” Jason tried to find the will power to hold off. Yet the smell still called for him. The cookie drifted closer and closer to his mouth.

“What’s a second one,” Jason gave in. He opened his mouth and ate it. Again that strange surge of pleasure wrapped around his body. His body gripped the dresser again. It felt so good. But not as good as the first time. Now he felt like he was just on edge. His cock throbbed with joy but it wasn’t the same as that first one he’d had.

“What’s one more? I mean we’re on vacation. And how many calories could one cookie really have? Like 10? 15? I’ll just spend a little extra time on the treadmill,” now he was actively looking for reasons to have the cookie. He pushed another one into his mouth and felt the same sensation. It surged through his body. But still not as good as the first time. Or even the second.

“Shit…” he groaned wanting to get that sensation again. His grip loosened and he looked over the plate again. “What about two…” his need for that original sensation was tempting him to try anything. “Yeah just a little more time on the treadmill when we get back.” He stacked the two cookies together, making sure the icing touched, and pushed it into his mouth.

Jason’s body loved the sensation. It was like his entire body felt as sensitive as his cock. Every muscle spasmed and reacted to just how good of a cookie that he’d just eaten. He’d naturally leaned over and tried to hold onto something. “Damn…” the smile on his face just wouldn’t go away. “What have I been missing out on?”

Above the dresser was a full mirror. He looked over his body ready to brag about how tone and well put together he was, yet something was off. Even in his extra layer of clothing, it was like his stomach was starting to push a little bit out in front of him. Actually all of his clothes seemed to be fitting him a bit tighter than usual. He popped the cookie in his hand into his mouth and went to examine what was going on. He lifted up the couple layers of clothing he was wearing to look over his abs again.

“What the hell?” he scrapped at the solid mound of flesh. There should have been six defined bumps, each one casting heavy shadows, but right now there was only one belly. Even as he flexed he could just barely make any of the push through the extra fat that he was gaining. “What the hell?” he grabbed another two cookies to make himself feel better.

The dull buzz filled his mind. Still not as good as the first time, but enough to make him feel better. But with his shirt raised up he could see what was happening. More fat was added on to the front of him. The belly pushed out further in front of him and he could see it grow.

“Oh my God… Oh my God…” Jason stripped off his shirt and looked over his naked torso. It was the same with his pecs and arms. The clear cut defined muscles had a clear set of bulk put on top them. They were bigger, sure, but didn’t have the Hollywood definition he’d always been craving. At 180 pounds, it was easy to keep his waist thin, but now that was bloated out in front of him. Well past 200, maybe closer to 210. It would take months to get back down to the weight he was at. And as he poked the belly it felt like one solid mass. “This can’t be happening. I can’t get fat. I don’t want to be fat.”

His anxiety was quickly replaced by a serene calm as he shoved three more cookies into his mouth. He watched as his jawline smoothed out. The sharp angles curved and his cheekbones rounded more. Hair started to sprout along the extra space but not the same blond he had. It was more auburn. He ran his hand through his hair. Some of the frosted tips fell off while what stayed turned the same reddish brown color.

With his free hand he grabbed another couple of cookies with their increased size, it was far easier to fit them into his hands. Jason didn’t realize what was going on until he looked in the mirror again. They were nearly at his mouth before he used his other hand to try to stop them. “No,” he begged. “I can’t be fat… I can’t be fat…” That didn’t matter as they slowly pulled closer to his face. With a grumble in his stomach, his hand gave up and the cookies went into his mouth.

He could feel the buzz fill his mind again. “So good…” he moaned. He was starting to explore his extra mass. It felt so sensitive to the touch of his rough mitts. They gripped his meaty pecs, feeling the added strength. It wasn’t just fat, but bulk as muscle seemed to have grown underneath them to fill him out more properly.

“But I need to be sexy,” he tried to reason with himself. That sense of ‘reason’ was rapidly losing to the next batch of cookies. It didn’t seem to matter how many he at, as the plate was never empty. He pushed them into his mouth. “Oi, I need to be big,” he corrected his previous statement as he chewed. The growth was feeling even better. He held up his arm and gave it a flex. It was so much larger and stronger than it had ever been when he was just 180 pounds.

Now he was well past 250 and still growing. His jeans started to strain under the extra weight. It wasn’t just fat but the density in his bones and muscle were there as well. There was strength under his burly weight and he loved it. A grin showed through his beard as he flexed his massive legs just a bit more. The seams started to come apart. He could feel the cold air filling the open space and he loved it. Bigger and bigger, the tough fabric couldn’t hold back the mass inside of it. Finally a full tear.

“Aww… Fuck yea,” he cheered himself on. “That’s it boy. Keep on growing.” Jason grabbed the plate of cookies and moved them to the bed. It creaked underneath his still growing weight. Past 270. Past 290. A few inches seemed to have added to his height spreading the weight out a bit but that only encouraged him more. He could feel his toes starting to make their way out of the front of his boots and they quickly widened. The tough boots didn’t stand a chance. “Aww fuck yea…” he laughed.

The cookies bounced on his belly as he ate a few more. He’d only slowed down because it was starting to feel better to touch himself. Every bit of his body seemed to be so much more sensitive. He couldn’t help but try to find the most pleasurable parts. Rubbing his round hairy belly. Feeling the forest of hair split between his thick fingers. Testing the strength of his strong burly muscles. Twisting his pointing nipples. “That’s the spot,” his body lurched, sending the plate of cookies to the floor.

But that didn’t matter as he felt his cock throb for more attention. “If only that shit gave me more hands,” he joked as he started running his hand up and down his thick shaft. Even with his enlarged hands, the beer can thickness and well above average length, still only felt average. He wanted someone else to do it for him, but that seemed out of the question.

Instead, Jason gave his nipple another twist and that desire seemed to slip his mind. “That’s it boy,” he told himself, as he tried to play into a fantasy. “Big and sexy. Big is sexy. Right? Right!” his body roared with agreement. Thick ropes of cum shot out in front of him, spraying the bed and wooden floor.

Jason fell limp on the bed again smiling at the orgasm. “That’s right… Big is sexy,” he pat his belly and felt his heart beat slow down a bit.

“Yeah it is,” Cody smiled in the doorway. Mike was standing right behind him, sporting an erection as well. “You know where Adam went?”

“You can’t leave me like this? Don’t you want to help a brother out?” Jason turned his body to the side, showing off his bulk. He was getting ready for round two.

“Course I do,” Mike smiled as he went to stand at the tail end of the bed.

Jason looked over his belly and smiled at the younger man. “You have fun now,” he told Cody as he turned to leave.

“Same to you,” Cody smiled back.

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