Nick Fury Investigates

By RotherhamMan -
published March 25, 2020

With the Avengers disappearing Nick Fury investigates the evidence.

So five of the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, were missing. No big deal. No need to panic. That’s what Fury kept telling himself in order to keep himself looking calm in the hopes that others would be inspired to be calm too and not let themselves run around like headless chickens.

The alarm had been raised by Wakanda when their king had disappeared from his throne room and Stark had disappeared shortly after that along with Banner. When the message went out for Captain America and the Winter Soldier they too had dropped off the face of the planet. Steve Rogers had gone home and never left, Bucky Barnes had gone out before that and shaken his tail and gone who knows where, and the security footage in Avengers tower was gone from that evening across the whole building with JARVIS completely at a loss for what had happened—and stuttering in a broken manor whenever someone pointed out to him that there was a gap in his memory, like he was malfunctioning.

All things considered there was a lot to be panicking about.

And then there was the closest thing they had to a witness. Technology Deleveloper Quentin Beck had been the first person on the floor Stark was last known to be on and he wasn’t talking—or rather he wasn’t talking about anything helpful.

Fury watched him through the glass of the observation room. The doctors had left him Beck along in his room, strapped to the bed for the safety of himself and others. There he lay, still struggling after hours of trying as if he had no choice but to try and touch himself. They had taken off his hospital gown after an hour, it was drenched in sweat and semen.

Fury tore his eyes away from the sight and reread the file on his admission. After the gap in the surveillance footage the only difference between the before and after images was a large pool of something on the floor of the living area. After a while Beck had entered with a report or some other document for Stark and had been overcome by what they thought was the smell in the room. He fell into the puddle and after a moment began licking it up like it was water after a week in the desert. He spent the next hour like that, lapping up every last bit he could. As he moved about the room and occasionally sat up there was a clear patch on his trousers that spoke of multiple orgasms.

They were still waiting on the analysis of whatever the liquid was, they had managed to get a tiny sample from a corner Beck had missed—incredible considering how thorough he had been.

The file Fury had also had an psychological evaluation of Beck from before and after the night’s events. Before he had been a talented man with some unstable qualities but Stark had an eye on him. Now… well the report was a preliminary one but it was inconclusive.

When Beck had been found he was still in the place where the puddle had been, stripped naked and masturbating openly. It wasn’t clear how many times he had cum in his trousers while licking up the mess but while he lay there stroking himself he came a further five times over the course of an hour, not once pausing his stroking and each load as large as the last. The man who had found him had said the room reeked of sex and semen and had been coaxed to admit, when told the Avengers needed him to tell them everything and subjected to Fury’s stare, that he too had become aroused by it.

On seeing him Beck had gone for him and tried his hardest to get in his trousers to suck his cock and after failed attempts to repel the attack the man had been given a reluctant blowjob by the crazed man. He had also admitted it was the best of his life and that as he came Beck swallowed eagerly and came again himself, untouched, and had kept on sucking for more.

When more men had come they had finally been able to call security who were able to restrain Beck and get him into the building’s medical room where he had to be strapped down to stop him from going for the dicks of any man who came near him and stroking himself. This had been as torture to him, unable to touch himself and only able to howl in frustration and buck into the air hopelessly. Even without any stimulation he was still coming. They estimated in the time since he had entered the room and been exposed to the pool, going on ten hours now, he had orgasmed thirty times, each time a full load fired at full force. Since they had taken away his gown to leave him bare his skin had begun to shine with sweat and his stomach, chest and face were all covered in his own semen but for the area around his mouth where he had licked it up shamelessly.

Fury sighed. What the hell had happened to this guy? And had the same happened to the Avengers?

There was a nock at the door and Hill entered. “Sir, I have the report on the substance found on the living room floor.”

He took the file she offered him. “And?” he asked, glancing at the file but knowing she could give him a summarisation.

“It’s semen, Sir,” she said bluntly, “With trace elements of DNA from the missing Avengers and one other we can’t identify.”

Fury looked at her with his single eye and its raised eyebrow. “Are you telling me that our guys got together, one of them being on the other side of the planet, and whacked it together enough to almost floor a room?” he had seen the size of that pool on the footage, had been staring at a still picture of it for the past hour, and did not believe that five men, however enhanced or healthy they may be, could produce that much man-juice.

“That’s what the science says,” Hill said and he smirked at her cheek. “But…” she added before trailing off.

Fury however was not in the mood for pussyfooting around the issue. “Spit it out, Hill.”

“There’s something wrong with it. The scientists can’t make heads or tails of just what it is but none of the sperm from any donor behaves in the way sperm should.”

“They had to run a test for that? Some of that stuff would have been Banner’s, of course it’s going to mess you up to swallow it! I’ve worked that much from looking at this mess.” He gestured to Beck just as he came again. He and Hill stared in amazement before realizing what they were doing and shuffling awkwardly, both measuring up their past experience to the man’s new found ability.

“What about Beck’s semen, did that get tested too?”

“Yes, and his is unusual too but to a lesser extent. They guys are worried it may be sexually transmitted of transmitted just by skin contact.”

“So Beck here is patient zero for an STI that makes men brainless cum fountains?”

“I wouldn’t have put it like that, Sir. We don’t know if he’s lost any brain capacity.”

“What about all the men who helped bring him in?”

“I’ve already put them into quarantine, Sir. None have reported anything other than elevated arousal. I’ve asked them each to provide sperm samples and… they provided.”

Fury would have been lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying Hill look a little flustered. “Well get back to me with those results when they come.” He made eye contact with her for a moment before having to look away to prevent himself from laughing. Hill excused herself and Fury was left alone to watch Beck.

Fury was straight but he had to admit that Beck was something special. He looked like the ideal of a sex machine, his lean muscles shining with sweat and hair plastered to his face. Dreamy expression mixed with the agony of unfulfilled ecstasy and his whole body heaving. Fury wondered what the room smelt like.

He adjusted himself. He didn’t think Hill had noticed his arousal but he had caught a whiff of the man on his way to see him and had become erect instantly. A furtive look at the other men around told him he wasn’t the only one. The smell alone was enough, and Beck had drunk a large amount. The guy might be turning himself into some kind of sex-superhero. Fury chuckled at the thought of this as a hero’s origin story.

Damn, this hard on wouldn’t go away by itself. Beck may be able to cum hands free but he couldn’t and he had more important things to do that ejaculate all day, however much fun it looked.

Fury left the observation room and headed for the nearest toilets. He wasn’t keen on the idea of masturbating on the job but if he was to get anything done he needed to be able to concentrate. The moment he stepped inside he knew he wasn’t the only one to have to do this. Of the three stalls two of them were full and from the smell and small sounds he knew they weren’t shitting. The third stall had just been vacated and the man stood at the sink washing his hands thoroughly. He looked up and made eye contact with Fury in the mirror, the top ranking man in their organisation, and went red in the face. His gaze darted to the cubicles and back.

Fury couldn’t reprimand him for what he himself was about to do. He gave the poor guy a grimace before heading for the cubicle he had just left and locking it behind him. He didn’t lift the seat, he just sat down on the lid after taking off his leather coat. It was a cool thing to wear but it was hot and all the more so now. The cubicle was full of the smell of the man who had gone before him and Fury couldn’t help but breathe it in. It was a heady, manly smell he had never found as arousing. He could smell the men on either side of him too and hear their every movement and breath as they forgot to be discrete about what they were doing.

He unbuckled himself and let out his own member. To his surprise it was already producing precum and he idly speared it around his head with a finger, gasping as he did. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this hard, and over another man at that. He took hold of the shaft and began pumping, wanting to savour this and at the same time get it over with. He started off slow before increasing in speed to a steady pace. He gasped but it went unnoticed in the room along with the others.

He did his best to think of the last girlfriend he had, many years ago now, but still his most recent consistent girl, but couldn’t quite bring her to mind. Instead he kept picturing Beck, sweaty and semen-drenched and having the time of his life. The smell and sounds around him didn’t help but reminded him of the whiff he had gotten, not the same but close enough.

Desperate to think of anything other than a man as he touched himself he thought of the first thing that came to mind: the Avengers were missing. But not before they had got together and had some kind of group jerk circle and cum all over the floor in a huge puddle. The mental image of it appeared in his mind before he could stop it, their naked bodies, hard and sweaty like Beck was, bucking and moaning as the came just like him—

He come hard, eyes screwed shut and seeing stars, his cock shooting out a load with enough force to hit his jacket hung up on the door of the stall. It was just like the ones Beck was having but Fury couldn’t imagine having more than one in half an hour—even when he had been in his prime.

He slumped back and panted as he stroked out the last few drops. It was unprofessional but necessary. And worth it.

He grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned his hands and wiped the last of it off his cock. It seemed a shame it should go to waste but that was a thought he stomped down on, that may have been Beck’s thing but it wasn’t his. Even so he held the semen coated wad of tissue paper closer to his nose than he would ever freely admit before shaking his head and flushing it down the toilet. He put on his leather jacket and stepped out of the stall.

The guy who had used it before him was still there, staring at him and with a tent in his trousers. Fury would have gone as red as he was at being caught but ignored the man as he did what he had a few minutes before and washed his hands.

He strode past him to leave but stopped as the man grabbed at his jacket. Fury turned his gaze to stare at the man before following his gaze to see that his own cum was still streaking his jacket. Fuck, now he did go red in the face.

The man however wiped it off with his hands before realising what he had done. With a squeak he turned away from his superior and went to wash his hand which was now covered in the cum of his boss.

This was too fucked up. Fury just wanted to get out of there and left as quickly as he could. After the door had closed however the man looked back to make sure he was alone but for the two men still in their stalls before raising the hand he had only pretended to wash and licking the cum off it.

Outside Fury strode away among his fellow agents as if he hadn’t just masturbated on the job. He was hard again though but wouldn’t let it take up his whole day.

“Sir.” It was Hill again, heading in the other direction but stopping as they drew level. “Sir, Hawkeye is back from his mission, shall I inform him of the disappearances?”

Fury had to think about it, putting in more effort to engage his brain than normal. “No…” he said, with more uncertainty audible in his voice than he wanted. “Not yet.” Without another word he strode off, walking as normally as he could with a hard on in his trousers.

Back in Avengers Tower Clint Barton entered the living room. He was looking forward to hanging with his friends and was disappointed none of them were there to greet him, they must have been notified. He wrinkled his nose at the slight smell in the air but ignored it. A shared living space was bound to build up a smell. Even so he breathed in deep and settled in on the sofa to watch something while he waited for someone to show up.

It wasn’t long before he, like so many others in the building that day, was rubbing an erection through his trousers. He wondered if he should pay a visit to his favourite back alley bar or wait for his friends to show. He decided to wait for as long as he could but knew sooner or later he would have to scratch that itch. His friends couldn’t be that far away.

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