By Potentialsinner -
published July 22, 2017
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The final chapters! The architect is finally redesigned!

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When I awoke again, Michael was not there anymore and Chris was entering a truck; a leash had been attached to his collar and he was basically been treated like a dog. I could see him trying to break free from the bondage, not wanting to get into the truck. He kept shouting that they didn’t know who they were messing with, that they would pay for all of this dearly, that he would go to the police etc. The man holding the leash was one of Jens workers, I think he was the supervisor of another team but I wasn’t sure because I never had the pleasure of meeting him. He looked Russian with steely eyes, a muscular body and a crewcut. The more I looked at him the more turned on I became. I would have gone on my knees, offering my whole body to him in an instant. Maybe not this time…he had his hands full right now. He didn’t seem particularly concerned with Chris’s struggles, he knew that Chris could not break the bondage he was in but he grew nevertheless tired of hearing his idiotic threats. He grabbed a wooden stick that was lying in the yard and ordered Chris to remove his underwear, bend down and to place his hands on his knees. Chris looked confused but obeyed anyway. Only his eyes betrayed the confusion and hatred that he was feeling right now. The first lash wiped that look from his eyes and replaced it with shock and pain. The lashes were brutal, I could almost feel them on my body and Chris started screaming in pain, all his threats now forgotten.

I looked at the Russian and I could see that he was smiling and that he had a massive bulge in his cut offs. I wanted so badly to suck his cock, to inhale his manly smell and to feast on his sweat. I started rubbing my own erection through my cut offs. I was so mesmerized by the scene that I didn’t even notice when Jens came behind me until he asked me if I found the punishment exciting. I could only nod, unable to stop watching. Jens started playing hard with my nipples and soon my screams of pain/pleasure mixed with Chris’s screams and begging for mercy. When the Russian was satisfied with the amount of pain he inflicted, he grabbed Chris by the collar, forcing him to stand and looked in his eyes. He spoke in a calm voice and said that disobedience would always be punished brutally. Chris stared at him, defiance flashing briefly in his eyes before he nodded in agreement. That earned him a punch in the stomach that brought him to his knees, with the warning that the correct way to answer from now on would be “yes Master”. When Chris failed to answer quickly enough, the Russian kicked him in the stomach until he heard the correct answer.

I tried to contain myself but seeing all this was simply too much for me, plus Jens pinching was becoming harder and harder. I closed my eyes, leaned back on Jens and started moaning in earnest, like a bitch in heat! I suddenly felt a sharp slap on my face. I opened my eyes in shock and I found the Russian standing in front of me. He said that it disgusted him to see a masculine man like me acting like a sissy in heat. I was so surprised by his words…”did he just call me a masculine man????” He unbuttoned my cut-offs and grabbed my cock and started jerking me off, while Jens kept working on my nipples. A high pitched moan almost escaped my lips but I caught on time! I forced myself to emit the kind of guttural sounds that I heard from Jens and all of the others in my working team. Hearing this pleased the Russian, he grabbed my hair and shoved my face roughly in his armpit. The smell was really sharp but I licked in earnest, savoring the taste of his sweat. When I was done with the pit, I moved to the nipple biting quite hard on it. The Russian responded with a pleased grunt. I got bolder then and while I was biting one nipple, I pinched real hard the other one. This time the grunting got deeper and louder; apparently he liked the pain I was inflicting him. Jens stopped playing with my nipples and moved behind the Russian, reversing in some ways the roles. The Russian found now himself sandwiched between Jens and me. Jens unbuttoned the his cut-offs and started playing with his hole. The Russian started protesting; he clearly didn’t expect to find himself being fingered but, with me working on his nipples and Jens working on his hole and biting his neck, his objections quickly turned into more grunting of pleasure.

Before letting himself go completely to his and our desires, the Russian turned around and ordered Chris to wait in the back of the truck face down, he didn’t deserve to see his new master having fun. A loud “yes Sir” was the only response. The Russian tried to push me on my knees wanting me to suck him but something inside of me snapped. I grabbed his head and shoved his face in my stinking pit. That took him also by surprise but my smell quickly burned away whatever doubts he might have had. He licked my pits clean grunting his pleasure all the time. Jens looked at me approvingly, giving me permission to go even further. I tried really hard not to moan but his tongue in my pits and the smell of his unwashed hair was driving me wild. I grabbed firmly his head and forced it down towards my throbbing cock. He resisted but by now Jens took fully charge of his hole shoving two fingers in; never stopping massaging his prostate. The pleasure he was having made him more pliable and finally I entered his mouth. He sucked while Jens entered him. We spit-roasted him until we were both ready to cum. I quickly blocked his head in place, forcing him to swallow my cum and Jens came all over his back. I was almost ready to collapse on the floor, exhausted by the intensity of what had happened but I didn’t even have a chance because he grabbed my hair and shoved me on my knees. My mouth was ready for his cock and I sucked until I felt the familiar salty cum on my tongue. Instead of pulling away, I kept sucking just like Chris did to me, making sure I milked every single drop out of his dick. I enjoyed hearing his grunts of pleasure transforming in grunts of pain every time my tongue touched the sensitive head. He told me to stop but I ignored him, trying to lock my mouth on his cock even more, but he was having none of it he slapped me quite hard and pushed me roughly away. He then turned around to face Jens and I thought that there was going to be some sort of fighting between them. The Russian started to say that Jens had played a dirty trick on him … but then something happened; he said that he missed having Jens cock inside of him and then moved closer to him and started kissing passionately Jens. The sight of these two alpha men kissing was so erotic that I started to get hard again. By the time they finished kissing, I was shamelessly jerking off. The Russian laughed at me and said to Jens that he was doing a great job as usual with his pets and that this one was really showing some great potential.    CHAPTER 9      The week progressed as usual. For the first time in my life I started to enjoy Mondays! It was great seeing the guys again and more important to please them as they saw fit. Whenever they were horny, my mouth and my hole were ready for them. If they needed to take a piss, my mouth was always available to drink it. The best part for me was when we reached the end of the day and I was allowed to lick their sweaty pits and ass cracks; by now I learned to recognize and crave their distinctive smell. My appearance started also to slowly change. The regular workouts at home and all the manual work at the building site started to give shape and muscles to my otherwise skinny body. My beard was also coming along really thick and I was especially proud of my haircut, which needed some freshen up according to Jens. 

On a Monday after work Thomas came to the trailer with some weird tools. I asked what should he do but Jens told me to lie down on the kitchen table and let Thomas do his work. As soon as I understood I started to protest…a tattoo??? … It stays on your skin forever…what was I going to do when I returned to my architect job?…I couldn’t possibly do that…not this…Jens was now going really too far! I looked at Jens and there was a weird smile painted on his face, as if he were humoring a small child but knowing full well that he would do what he wanted no matter what I said. I was shocked by his condescending attitude and said so. Without breaking his smile he simply said that I will be punished for this little rebellious tirade, he would make sure that I will be in a lot of pain…nothing corporal though…my skin needed to be unblemished for the tattoo I was going to get. I started to move away from Jens but suddenly a pair of strong arms blocked me…I had totally forgotten about Thomas! I struggled to break free as Jens came closer. Thomas was clearly enjoying all this because his face was buried in my unwashed hair and a huge erection was pressing on my ass. Jens whispered something in my ear and the world went blank… 

 I woke up lying on a table and looked around. When I looked at Thomas tools I realized that I was going to get tattooed. I was really happy to finally resemble some of the other guys on my team; I was really grateful that Jens had chosen me to become part of his builders team. As Thomas set up the gun, Jens took something that looked like a butt plug that had a cable attached to it. Jens started licking my hole, sending shivers of pleasure all over my body. I soon forgot all about Thomas and grabbed Jens hair, forcing him to go deeper with his tongue, all the time emitting guttural sounds of pleasure. When Jens thought that I was sufficiently lubricated he pushed the plug in and Thomas started working on my chest. Since I have never been tattooed before I didn’t really know what to expect, there was some pain but I found I could actually endure it. The weirdest part was that I found the pain exciting, just like when somebody pinches my nipples really hard. Plus I had Thomas hair just few inches from my nose! These two things combined made my cock go hard. Thomas commented that I was turning into a horny bitch, always ready for sex! 

 While Thomas worked, Jens got busy with the switches on the butt plug. I soon realized that it vibrated in different degrees and sent tiny electrical pulses. Jens chose a setting that sent gentle vibrations to my hole and my prostate.It was extremely pleasurable! I tried to contain myself and act my pleasure in a more masculine way but I lost the battle very soon. With the pain/pleasure from the gun, Thomas hair close to my nose and the butt plug massaging my prostate I soon started moaning in earnest, like as if I was in a porn movie and I was the cunt waiting to get fucked. Both men laughed at my behavior and made rude jokes at my expense. I felt deeply ashamed but at the same time I couldn’t control myself! My cock was oozing pre-cum on my belly and I tried to reach for it, when I found that I could not move my body at all, only my head! I was alarmed by this and wanted to ask for an explanation but I realized to my horror that I could not stop moaning! This brought even more teasing from the other two. I felt so humiliated that I wanted to cry! But Jens had other plans…he turned a switch and pain shot from my hole through every cell of my body. I wanted to move, trying to remove the plug but I couldn’t. I could only scream in pain! Thomas did not appreciate the high pitched screams; he removed his working boots, stuffed a stinking sock in my mouth and continued to work while saying to Jens that he didn’t think that I was such a sissy. Jens only laughed in response. I would have felt humiliated but I was too busy not choking on my screams or retching at the filthy sock I had in my mouth. When Jens had enough of my screams, he turned again the gentle prostate massage and I resumed my moaning, enjoying also the taste of Thomas sweaty dirty feet through the fabric of his sock.  

Jens proved to be a sadistic bastard by playing with the switches unexpectedly, one moment I was moaning in pleasure and the next I would try to contain a scream of pain. Both men were laughing and teasing me relentlessly and from what I could see they were turned on by my humiliation and pain. Despite the pain from the plug my cock stayed hard, ready to shoot at the least pressure. I could not understand why I was tortured in this way until I remembered the foolish things I said to Jens. I felt even more ashamed now that I could have said those things to him … how could I have been so stupid to disobey him! I wanted to ask for mercy and forgiveness but the words, mixed with my moans, made my begging incomprehensible! This brought even more jokes. After two hours of working (and torture for me) Thomas needed a break. He was also really horny by now so he grabbed my rigid body and pulled me until my head was over the edge of the table. He removed the sock from my mouth and entered brutally with his hard cock. My mouth at that stage was totally dry from having had the sock for so long. He slapped me really hard on the head, saying that I was really useless sometimes! He then grabbed my hair, forcing my head up, ordered me to open the mouth and started spitting abundantly in it. When he judged that there was enough, he let go of my hair, grabbed my neck and entered me again. I could feel his cock in my throat and when he started moving his hips I gagged. With his hand firmly on my neck I could not do nothing more than taking it all in! His thrusts were brutal and I soon puked whatever there was in my stomach, which fortunately was only water and bile. I had puke running in my eyes and through my hair but Thomas would not stop pumping his cock in my throat, calling me all the time “horny cunt”. The reason for calling me that was clear enough, Jens had adjusted the plug to the gentle massage and I was moaning and gagging at the same time! I tried to keep the pace as best as I could and soon I had Thomas cum in my mouth. I was trying to catch my breath and try to shake my head so as to remove some of the puke from my eyes, when Jens blocked my neck with both hands and entered my mouth. His thrusts were equally as brutal as Thomas and I was soon gagging again, feeling the spit and bile rising up again. I tried to hold it down but one particular violent thrust made me puke again. There was not as much as before but nevertheless I could feel that my hair was soaked with it. The sight of my gagging and helplessness brought Jens to the edge and I swallowed hungrily his cum.    Thomas resumed his work for another couple of hours while I endured more physical and emotional torture. My cock had been hard all the time, leaking pre cum like crazy. As soon as Thomas was done, Jens said that it was time for the bitch to have some release. He set the plug to the gentle massage that had me moaning again and then said “CUM” and  I literally exploded in a powerful orgasm that had been building up for many hours; cum shot abundantly from my cock like never before. As the orgasm receded I realized that I could move again. I wanted to remove the butt plug but Jens turned it to the max. Agony shoot through my body and I was left contorting on the table screaming in pain. The other two just laughed and Jens promised that there will be more of this tomorrow! Before Thomas left he made me wear a t-shirt with long arms to protect the tattoo while I was working the next day; and he also forbid me to look at it until he would tell me to do so. I was curious but after all that went on during the evening I didn’t have any strength left to discuss the matter further. 

The tattooing, together with the humiliation and the torture, went on for five more days. The hard work during the day and the torture in the evening left me completely broken mentally and exhausted physically. On  the Friday Jens announced that after work there will be the last session and that the tattoo was almost finished. I had obeyed Thomas instructions and I didn’t look at the work that he had done on my body. When I said this to Jens, he just smiled and said that he was glad that I was learning some obedience but his punishment was not over yet! I just lowered my head in shame and said that I would accept whatever he had in store for me. When the time came I found myself invisibly bound to the table again, incapable of moving any muscle apart from my head. Jens had inserted again the butt plug and everything went on as previously. Thomas started working on both my arms and Jens seemed strangely uninterested in playing with his toy. I started to actually relax and enjoy the pleasure that I was getting from the tattoo gun when I heard a knock on the door. Jens had invited some Maciek, Lars and Mo for beers…everybody was so curious about my new tattoo…”I hope you don’t mind” said Jens evilly. I could see that the guys had already had few beers and looked quite horny, I could see their cock growing in front of my eyes. I honestly would not have minded to play with them, they came directly from work and were smelling of sweat and hard physical work. At that moment Jens turned on the plug to the low vibrations and the show began! I started moaning like I never had before, my voice became high pitched and I started to say things like “Oh yes!!” … “more please”… just like in a bad porn movie. My cock got instantly hard and started leaking pre-cum. They started to tease me relentlessly, calling me all the name they could think of. After so many days of humiliation I felt the sting of every single one of their taunts! I started begging Jens to stop all this but what came out of my mouth sounded as if I was begging for more. The guys started spitting me in the face, forcing me to open my mouth so that they could spit in there too. Even though I was moaning like there was no tomorrow, I felt completely crushed inside and I was almost on the verge of tears but apparently my humiliation was proving to be a major turn on for everybody. I could see that they had started touching each other’s cock, getting ready for some action. Jens then turned the plug to the max and I tried to contort in agony but simply could not move a single muscle. My ass had become so sensitive after 5 days of intense stimulation that tears of pain started to run out of my eyes. They simply loved the show, they loved seeing me crying and screaming. 

Jens continued playing with the plug until everybody was so horny that they would have jumped on the table and fucked me right then if Thomas had not pushed them away. During one of the most painful session, Maciek got tired of hearing me screaming. He removed his working boot, placed it firmly on my mouth and nose and tied it in place. The stench was unbelievable but at the same time it was exciting! Jens knew that and adjusted the settings to low so that I could show how much I liked the smell. The sight of me moaning like that, drove them wild. They were now begging Thomas and Jens to let them fuck me. Thomas agreed to move my head over the edge so that they could start raping my mouth. They almost fought over who should go first! While Maciek fucked my throat Lars pissed on my face. I had piss in my mouth, nose, eyes and it was soaking my hair. The piss stung in my eyes and I tried to move my head a bit but Maciek had me firmly in place so that I could not move. Mo was on his knees servicing Jens and Thomas at the same time.

Thankfully Maciek shot his load quickly enough and Lars got in fast after him. After I drank Lars cum, Jens approached and made me drink his cum. By now Thomas had stopped working leaving me paralyzed with an arm raised; clearly too busy fucking Moe’s throat. When he was on the edge he made me open my mouth and let me drink his cum also. I thought that I could finally catch my breath but Moe entered my mouth. He went at it quite viciously, like as he was angry at me and he couldn’t stop calling me a whore! His words hurt me … and he was hurting my throat also. I wanted him to stop! I tried to move sideways but he was too strong for me. I then started closing my mouth, letting my teeth sink into his hard cock. He cried in agony and everybody teased him saying that he was not even good to control his whore. Now he got really angry, he slapped me really hard until I was willing to open my mouth again. It didn’t take long because Jens had set the plug to low again and I started moaning again. When he was inside again, he was even more brutal than before but my now I was done fighting back. I was totally crushed! When he was done,  he spat me on the face and promised that the next time would be even better. The only response I could give was to moan. When Thomas was finally done, I was released from my invisible bondage and Jens removed the plug. I was totally exhausted and curious to see Thomas’ work but they didn’t give me a chance. Mo grabbed me by the hair forcing me to get down from the table. When I was at his feet he kicked me really hard on my stomach, knocking all the air out of my lungs. I was shocked by his brutality but didn’t say anything. I guessed he was pleased by my submission because the next thing he did was grabbing me by the hair again and shoved my face in his stinking armpit. All the triggers kicked in inside my brain and I was lost in the lustful heaven of body odors. I was now surrendered by all five and I got my fill of sweaty pits and musky cracks. When everybody was hard again, they took turns spit roasting me. Everybody worked my mouth and hole really hard and I am ashamed to say that I loved every minute of it. When they were all ready to cum I just opened my mouth and let them use it as their cum dump. I drank happily every single drop of their sperm! When they all had their pleasures I wanted to finally jerk off but Jens told me to stop. I obeyed without a flinch. He whispered something in my ear and all went black.

When I woke up again I was squatting on the butt plug and I was again in some invisible bondage. I was in front of the mirror and I could finally see Thomas work. The plug was sending gentle vibrations to my prostate and I started moaning in earnest, plus I was totally turned on by the intricate tribal tattoo that was covering a great part of my body! I quickly found out that I could move my body and my hands went to my nipples and started playing with them while I enjoyed the sight of my new tattooed body. I was so taken by all this that I didn’t notice that all the others were watching me, laughing at me, calling me horny cunt. I don’t know what was happening to me but their name calling turned me on even more and I started pinching my nipples really hard. Finally my hands found my cock and I started pleasuring myself while looking at my reflection. I got so close to cum but found that I couldn’t, even though every single cell of my body was ready to explode in an orgasm. I kept going at it until it my cock hurt but still I couldn’t cum. All I could do was moan! I didn’t know what to do anymore! I wanted to cum so badly! I turned around and I could see all of them laughing at me…it was so humiliating! Jens started asking mockingly to the others  if the whore should be allowed to cum. The others just laughed while I continued jerking off. Jens then stood up, came close to me and asked me if I had learned my lesson, if I was now more willing to obey without asking too many questions. Through my moans I promised that I would always obey him unconditionally, that I was his willing slave. He was pleased by the answer and said that now I could cum. I exploded in an orgasm that shook every single cell of my body, my balls churning so much cum as never before. The sperm kept coming out, accumulating in a small pool in front of me. As the last spams of the orgasm receded Jens whispered “Just to make sure you don’t forget” and turned the plug to the max. The pain was unbearable, I screamed until I was hoarse, wanting to remove the plug but finding that I was unable to move. Jens tortured me for few minutes longer and I was almost ready to pass out when he finally stopped the plug and I collapsed in my own pool of cum completely spent.    CHAPTER 10    I quickly resumed my  routine of servicing my team, Jens and basically anyone who would trigger my lust with their body odors! One Saturday while Jens and I were working out in the yard, Jens mobile started ringing. It was my uncle calling. I didn’t pay much attention to the conversation because I was totally distracted by Jens body glistening in sweat. I sneaked up behind him and started licking his sweaty neck, moving my tongue up and down his back, drinking in his sweaty maleness. I could see that Jens liked it because he raised an arm so that I could lick his armpit. I was lost in my lust until I heard my uncle saying my name…were they discussing me? Why? … I looked puzzled at Jens, hoping to get an answer; but all I got was that he unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall, revealing thus his hardening cock and his hairy crack. My attention was quickly diverted, I went down on my knees, buried my face in his crack and started licking. I could hear that Jens breathing was becoming quicker; he always enjoyed when I worshiped his ass! I boldly pressed one finger in and then another one. I fingered him while I jerked him off. He couldn’t possibly continue the conversation while I was pleasuring him, so he quickly dismissed my uncle with a “ I will take care of that”. He dropped the phone and started grunting in pleasure. Every time my fingers went in and out I made sure that they touched his prostate. He didn’t last very long. He quickly cupped his hand in front of his cock and came abundantly. I continued the prostate and cock massage until I milked him dry. He then offered his hand so that I could lick his cum; I lapped at it like the horny dog that I was. 

We finished our training and when we went inside drinking our protein shake Jens asked me who Emil was. I looked at him uncomprehendingly until he explained in more details the reason of my uncle call. Emil was a young associate in my uncle’s company just like I was. We were quite good friends, spending a lot of time together after work and during the weekend. Emil started to ask my uncle what was happening to me and why I haven’t contacted him in such a long time. My uncle had apparently explained that I was working on an important project but Emil found my silence in some ways suspicious. I admitted proudly that since I started my new job I had never checked my mobile once, I couldn’t even remember where it was. I was simply not interested in it because all I wanted and needed was working with Jens and his team. Jens asked me to show him some pictures of Emil and I opened his Instagram page. There were thousands of pictures! Mostly of Emil showing off his body (he had a muscular body with a highly defined six pack), his latest haircut (he had thick black hair), his latest trip to the mall (he loved suits), the latest beer he tried ( he was simply obsessed with beers and breweries) his latest girlfriend ( always the same type: skinny with big tits). He asked where Emil was from. I answered that he was Danish born from Chinese parents who emigrated from Hong Kong in the 50’s. A smile spread on Jens lips as he went through Emil’s pictures. His only comments were: “another metrosexual” and “ this could turn out quite interesting, I am missing a Chinese in my team!”. Jens started a program on his laptop and showed me a multicolored spiral. I went into a trance immediately. 

When I woke up I was in my stylish apartment in Copenhagen. I was standing in front of the mirror and I almost screamed in horror. Why was I wearing such filthy shorts? What happened to my body? Tattoos, piercing? Was it me who stank so badly? My hair was so greasy! I quickly removed the shorts and went to shower, hoping that the smell would go away before I met with Emil. I soaped every single inch of my body with a very expensive body shampoo, enjoying the feeling of the lather on my naked body. When I soaped my chest, I brushed past my hard nipples and I felt a weird tingling in my groin. For some inexplicable reason I kept touching them while thinking of Emil and the afternoon that we were going to spend together. He wanted to go for a haircut together and then hit the town. He booked an appointment to a place called ‘The Men’s Room’. When I called him earlier on he explained that he had been trying for months to get an appointment but the place was always fully booked. Few of his friends had been so lucky as to get the full treatment with Robert and they all agreed that it was worth every single penny. He hoped after today he could book an appointment with him and to get the ‘full treatment’. I was so totally lost in my daydreaming that I hadn’t realized that I have been jerking off and was really close to cum. I shook my head totally confused … why was I thinking about Emil in such sexual way? … I should stop jerking off and get ready!  The questions buzzed in my heads for few seconds until my body decided that it was time to cum and I sprayed sperm all over the shower. What was happening??? I rinsed myself and got out of the shower and realized that I had been in the shower for almost one hour and now I was late! I quickly got dressed, making sure my tattoos were not visible (Emil hated tattoos), doused myself in deodorant (Emil hated bodily odors) and looked puzzling at my beard (I wasn’t sure what Emil thought about it). If he didn’t like it we were going to the right place to shave it off!  

It was a really great experience to have my haircut in a proper salon. I was getting so tired of the life on a building site! The Men’s Room was almost empty; we were apparently the last two customers of the day and they even served us a complimentary drink while we waited! It was great catching up with Emil and I quickly felt as if we had never been apart. He was dressed as usual impeccably! He had a navy blue tight fit suit that highlighted his muscular body, shirt open to the collar showing a preview of his muscular chest. When I saw him dressed like that I started to fantasize how hot would be to rub his nipples through the fabric of the shirt, to feel his hard cock through the thin fabric of the trousers, to rip the seams in the back and fuck him while still in a suit, to make him cum in his trousers. When Emil asked me if I was ok I felt as if I were waking up from a dream … what was wrong with me… why was I thinking about those thing? I apologized saying that I had just remembered something that I had to do when I went back to work and tried to join the conversation more actively. Emil turned his attention to my looks. He apparently liked my beard (it needed only a trim) but my haircut was way too short for his taste. He also liked that I started working out more…we basically chitchatted like two teenagers until the two stylists were finally ready. 

Mine was a guy with long blond hair tied in a man bun, and the other had salt and pepper hair that were cut in an undercut (similar to mine); both stylist had beard and they had well defined bodies. My stylist introduced himself as Jonas and led me to the washing area to get shampooed. I caught a whiff of sweat from him and I felt a disturbing stirring in the groin area. I felt as if I wanted to smell his armpits!!! The thought repulsed me and attracted me at same time. I quickly dismissed the thought because I found that the drink had relaxed me a lot and I felt almost sleepy as I reclined in the washing basin. I didn’t even realize that Emil was not having his hair washed but was getting his neck massaged by the other (hot) barber. “Have I really thought that the other barber was hot???” I asked myself worried. But by now Jonas was massaging my scalp before wetting it and was chitchatting like any barber in the world would. He asked me what I was doing for work, where I lived etc. I kind of lost concentration when he lifted my head to massage my neck bringing my face very close to his armpit. I inhaled deeply and my cock got hard instantly. Jonas apologized if he smelled of sweat but he went jogging during lunch break and hadn’t had the time to shower. I tried to cover my erections with both hands while saying that I was used to the sweat; working on a building site was really hard to keep fresh at all times. He moved to my side and started washing my hair making sure that he lifted his armpits regularly thus inundating me with his manly smell. I tried hard as I could not to rub my stiff cock but the combination of having his hands running through my hair massaging my scalp and his armpits always few inches from my nose were driving me insane with lust. What was happening to me?!? When he applied the conditioner and continued his massage I lost control for a moment and I started rubbing my cock shamelessly as if I were alone in the room. I was so lost in my erotic dream that I almost jumped out of the chair when I heard Jonas saying that he was glad that I was enjoying his shampoo and that maybe I should book an appointment for the full treatment. I nodded in response, not wanting to open my mouth fearing that I would start moaning. What was wrong with me?!? 

When the shampoo was finally over I was led to the barber chair opposite Emil’s. I tried to readjust my erection as discreetly as possible, hoping that Jonas would not notice. When I sat on the chair I noticed that Emil was still having his neck massaged and that he looked a bit spaced out! I looked fascinated at the scene which I found strangely erotic. An image flashed through my brain: Emil on his knees with his mouth open waiting for a cock. Thankfully Jonas interrupted my reveries asking me what kind of haircut I wanted. Hearing our voices discussing the haircut woke Emil up. He started praising the other barber on his neck massage before discussing his own haircut. It was weird that the other barber didn’t wash Emil’s hair and even more strange that Emil didn’t even notice! I dismissed the thought has unimportant and concentrated again on Jonas. I could now admire his body without raising any suspicions. The shirt was quite tight and I could see his nipples. Another image flashed through my brain: I was ripping Jonas shirt off wanting to taste his armpits and smelling his hair and biting his nipples. I was really shocked by all these thoughts…where were they coming from??? Jonas really took his time cutting my hair and trimming my beard and the sexual tension in my cock was really driving me mad! I was wondering if Emil was feeling the same but from what I could see in the mirror he just looked extremely relaxed. After two hours we were finally done! Emil paid for both haircuts and booked an appointment for the full treatment for both of us and we left. 

 I felt really strange the rest of the evening, like I was hyper horny and Emil would not shut up about how wonderful his haircut was ( he’d had a similar version of what he had before, the top was still quite long and slicked backwards, a really nice fade back and sides ending to a zero and a shaved neck) what a great massage he had, how much he looked forward to his full treatment etc. I don’t know why but the more I looked at Emil the more I wanted to touch his body, to squeeze his nipples until he cried in pain, to lick his crack. I tried to avoid looking at his face because I wanted to kiss him so badly but since he wouldn’t stop talking I was kind of forced to look at him. The situation got more and more unbearable until Emil asked me if I was ok. I didn’t really know what to say so I made up the excuse that I was really tired and that I needed a drink. He looked weirdly at me but said nothing more. When we reached the restaurant I ordered a vodka, hoping that it would help me to calm down. The vodka actually relaxed me but in some ways made me even more horny and more careless. I felt as if I could do anything; even suck Emil’s cock there in the restaurant… Ok maybe not at the restaurant but maybe after I could try to do it. Emil had stopped talking and was looking at me strangely not sure why I kept staring at him. I quickly downed my vodka and went to the toilet. As soon as I locked, I had the cock in my hand and started jerking off. I was so wired up that it took only five strokes before I started feeling the orgasm mounting inside me. I tried not to moan but when I exploded in a powerful orgasm I stopped caring and a loud moan escaped my lips while cum kept coming out surprisingly abundant, as if I hadn’t had sex in months. As I left the bathroom I felt myself again and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening with Emil. We talked work, Emil’s latest girlfriend, the latest moisturizer, where to get a cheap mani/pedi etc. I casually mentioned that I knew a guy in my building team who brewed some excellent beer and that Emil should definitely try it. I guessed I sold the idea of tasting Jens brews so well, that Emil agreed to go to visit him the next day. We ended up quite drunk and as we shared a taxi home Emil rested involuntarily his head on my shoulder half asleep. I turned my head over and buried my nose in his thick hair, which by now smelled lightly of sweat. The more I smelled the harder I became!…What was wrong with me!!!    CHAPTER 11    I woke up next day after some really disturbing dreams. I cannot remember exactly what it was but I vaguely remembered in the moment between dream and reality burying my face in Jonas dirty hair and smelly armpits … Emil’s head resting on my shoulders, his hair inches from my face. When I regained full consciousness I realized with horror that my underpants were soaked with cum. I jumped out of bed as if I received an electric shock…have just had a wet dream thinking about guys??? What was happening? I quickly removed my dirty underwear and decided to soak in a bath with some aromatic salts. The warm water would relax me before meeting Emil later on. The water and salts relaxed my mind and body until I started daydreaming again. My subconscious mind returned to the earlier dreams and my fingers started to move on their own accord through my chest, until they found the nipples and started playing with it. The playing got harder and harder until I arched my back in pleasure, my mind totally lost in the pleasurable dream of smelling Emil’s hair. Before I realized what I was doing, I started jerking off in earnest whispering Emil’s name all the time. I came with such intensity that I splashed water all over the floor. I quickly rinsed myself and went on with my routine of moisturizers, day cream, gel and wax for my freshly cut hair etc. all the time trying to forget what I had just done. I must have done things on automatic pilot because soon I started fantasizing about Emil again, my cock getting harder again. With hands full of day cream I closed my eyes and started jerking off again, while images of Emil’s face and hair were running like a loop behind my closed eyelids. I came all over my sink! Getting ready took me more than three hours and five orgasm, the last one just inside my linen trousers that I had just put on. I quickly changed and got out in a hurry, hoping that I was done orgasming for the day. I waited on the curb until Emil picked me up. 

Driving in Emil’s convertible proved to be a torture! He was dressed to the nines, hair impeccably in place, shirt open to the collar revealing his chest, tight suit. He was extremely cheerful today, he was so happy to be out with me like we used to! He kept punching affectionately my shoulder and slapping friendly my thigh while he drove. I hope he didn’t notice but all this male camaraderie was making me hard again and I tried all I could to cover it! We drove directly to the address that Jens had given me. It turned out to be a sort of brewery/lab with a counter where we could try Jens beer. He met us at the entrance and gave us a little tour around explaining the brewing process in all his tedious details. They were at least boring to me but Emil seemed to be completely enthralled by Jens explanations and said eagerly that he couldn’t wait to taste the different brews. We sat at the counter and Jens got busy pouring beers, turning on the video screens behind him, so that we could have some music in the background. We eagerly skål each other and drank a mouthful of beer. It tasted simply divine! Without even realizing it we drank our first beer in a matter of minutes. I could almost feel the beer spreading its alcoholic tendrils through my whole body, relaxing me. I almost physically felt as if the tendrils were caressing my brain, inviting me to let go. As soon as we put down the first bottle another one was ready for us. Jens conversation’s skills proved to be amazing; he got Emil talking about his life as if they were best friends. I looked fascinated at the two of them, not joining the conversation until Jens put an arm around my shoulders and started praising me by saying how good it was to be working with me and how he hoped that my uncle would also assign Emil to this building project, since there was always so much to do. While Jens lifted his arm to put it around my shoulders, my nostrils caught his scent coming from his armpit and I instantly felt relaxed, like I was at home … relaxed but also extremely horny. Emil didn’t notice anything because by this time he had finished his second beer. I quickly gulped down the rest of mine and Jens offered us a third one. I felt the tendrils from the beer getting a firm hold of me, forcing my brain to relax but at the same time making me feel even more horny. I looked lustily at Emil, hoping that he was feeling in the same way but he had closed his eyes and kept sipping his beer. 

I noticed that Jens started talking to him in a weird way, like he was giving a speech but in a dull way, like in a monotone. Emil was simply nodding his head, like as if he was agreeing to what Jens was saying but I suspected that he was not listening at all. The same tendrils must be at work on his body and brain too. Jens brought our attention to the music that was playing and on how the screens would show the beat that was behind the music, and how the patterns and colors would change according to the music. While Jens fetched the fifth beer, Emil commented on how cool the music was and how entrancing were the patterns that were playing on the screen. He said that he could almost look away from the screen … how his eyes were drawn to the swirling colors on the screen. Jens offered to give Emil the music if he wanted, he had his laptop on and could easily download it on his mobile. Emil gave him his phone without many questions and started drinking again, his gaze fixed on the screen. My cock got hard just by looking at the relaxed expression on Emil’s face, fantasizing on how good it would feel to bury my face in his hair, to smell his armpit, to lick his ass hole. Emil face got more and more slack, his eyes looked like they were fighting to stay open but he kept drinking until he said that he had enough and that he needed to piss. He wanted to stand but he couldn’t take his eyes away from the screen with its pulsating lights. Jens gave him another beer but he refused, his words were so slurred that were almost unintelligible. Jens poured the beer in a glass, moved behind Emil and said that it was not up to Emil to decide if he had enough drinking or not. He put the glass to Emil’s lips and as soon as the beer touched his tongue, Emil started gulping down the beer until there was nothing left, his eyes never leaving the screen. I started rubbing my erection as discreetly as possible while Jens forced another beer down Emil’s throat. When he judged that Emil had drank enough, Jens moved closed to his ear and started whispering to him, making his eyelids go lower and lower while still staring at the pulsating lights. Emil tried to fight the drowsiness saying that he needed to piss; he tried to stood up but he was too relaxed to move. His eyelids fluttered few seconds more until they finally closed; his whole body going slack on the chair. Jens made rest his head on his chest while he kept talking in a monotone to him and at the same time piercing me with his gaze, impaling me on the spot. He then laid Emil’s head on the counter, came over to me, grabbed my erection really hard until I almost screamed and then whispered something and all went black.    CHAPTER 12 

I regained consciousness with a strong smell of sweat under my nose. Without even opening my eyes I reached over until my tongue touched the armpit. I licked hungrily the smelly pit, completely lost in the pleasure that this was giving me. Jens grunted in approval and offered me also the other one. When he pushed away and I opened my eyes I realized that we were back in his trailer…I was slightly disoriented when I saw that I wearing some very expensive clothes and that I smelled of perfume. I looked puzzled at Jens but he just laughed, reached over and ripped the shirt off exposing my tattooed body and pierced nipple. He ordered me to remove my trousers and expensive shoes and handed me my working shorts and boots. When I wore them, I felt like I was at home again. I can’t remember what happened and I didn’t care, I was home again with Jens. I showed my gratitude by going on my knees and sucking him off, taking his cock all the way in my throat. When he was ready to cum he pulled out; I protested but he shushed me saying that my hair was way too clean, grabbed my bangs and came in it, combing his cum all the way in my scalp. Having him combing my hair, feeling his cum on my scalp gave an erection like never before. The more he combed the more ready I became to shoot my load. I was slowly jerking me off when I noticed something I didn’t see before: Emil asleep on the couch with headphones on. The sight mesmerized me, I needed to have him right now! Jens saw the hungry look and guessed what I wanted to do, he told me to take it easy, that there will be plenty of time to enjoy Emil. I moaned like a spoiled child who was denied his favorite toy. I begged Jens to let me at least smell his pits, crack and hair. He let me smell only his pits and hair. It was a great disappointment, his armpits smelled of deodorant and his hair smelled of shampoo and aftershave. Nothing remotely resembling sweat or body odors! I was trying really hard to sniff something out of Emil’s hair while jerking off when Jens came behind me, leaned over me letting his head resting on my shoulder so that I can smell his greasy hair and started pinching hard my nipples. All this brought me close to the edge and Jens suggested that it was time to dirt Emil’s hair. I shoved my cock in Emil’s hair and shot my load; when I was done I cleaned my cock with his greased bangs and combed the cum all the way in his scalp, just like Jens did to me. 

When Emil woke up again he looked like he didn’t miss a beat, even though  he had never slept for several hours. He said that he remembered receiving a phone call from my uncle asking him to stay to give me a hand at the building site and that Jens would have him as a guest. He was thrilled by the perspective of working with me and getting more acquainted with Jens and his beer making. Jens put an arm around his shoulder congratulating him on the new job. Emil went stiff when he caught a whiff of Jens smell. His first reaction was painted on his face in a grimace of disgust and he tried to pull gently but firmly away from the friendly hug. Jens pretended not to notice anything and he kept him in position until Emil’s features relaxed and he looked like he could tolerate the smell more and more. Jens broke the contact and showed Emil to his room wishing him a goodnight and reminding him that we would do some training before work at 7.00 . He was glad to hear that! He asked Hens where his suitcase with all his products and clothes was; because he needed his creams and face tonics before going to bed. I looked amused as Jens started to murmur something in his ear and how Emil went slack in his arms. Jens put him to bed, connected a pair of headphones to an mp3 player and left the room with a smile on his face! 

The morning after Emil looked slightly out of focus, his hair was all over the place and he showed up for training in his underwear. We drank Jens protein shake and went in to the yard to train. Both Jens and I removed our t-shirts and I could see Emil focusing all his attention on Jens body, eyes going from Jens flat belly to his pecs, nipples, hair… Emil whet his lips! When he finally moved his eyes from Jens body to mine he gasped in shock, not expecting that someone like me, a declared metro sexual, would get tattoos and piercings. Even though I knew that he didn’t like those kind of things, he kept staring at my pierced nipple. Jens broke the spell by saying that we needed to keep going and work some sweat! While we worked out I  could see Emil sneaking a peek at our body whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. He seemed to be focusing on our armpits and the way the sweat was running off our bodies. When we were done, Jens bear hugged Emil saying that it was a great pleasure to have another training partner who had such a great body like him. The contact of Jens sweaty body on his brought again an expression of disgust on Emil’s face but before breaking off I saw him inhaling deeply Jens manly smell. After drinking our second shake, Emil looked again a little spaced out, he said that he wanted to take a shower, to wash away the sweat but he didn’t seem to be in any hurry. We heard the shower running and after a while we heard him moaning and the familiar sounds of masturbating under a shower. Jens and I smiled to each other while I finished to  get ready to work. I cannot explain why but I felt particularly horny that morning, maybe it was Emil’s presence in the house and the fact that I could still not do to him all the things I wanted to.

I was so frustrated the whole day that when I saw Mo going to the toilet I followed him. He was really surprised when I shoved him inside the portable toilet and locked the door behind us. I was trying to push him to his knees wanting him to suck me but he was having none of that. He put up a fight and it was then that I did something I have never done before, I slapped him as hard as I could. The slap shocked him so much that he finally went on his knees. At that point my cock was throbbing in my shorts, wanting to get out. Mo’s mouth proved to be warm and wet and I fucked it for quite a long time, all the while daydreaming about Emil. I was grabbing Mo’s thick black hair, thinking all the time that it was Emil’s locks. I was so lost in my daydreaming that I didn’t realize that my thrusts got more and more brutal, not giving Mo time to catch his breath. I didn’t care! I continued even harder, putting a hand on his throat and enjoying the  feeling of my cock there. When the time came to shoot my load, I pushed my cock all the way down his throat and came abundantly. Mo drank my cum obediently. I should have felt ashamed by my behavior but I grabbed him by the hair, spat on his face and left the toilet. 

When I went home after work I found Jens and Emil sitting on the sofa drinking beer. Emil looked really happy to see me and eagerly invited me to sit with them for some beers. Emil moved in the middle so that I could sit next to him. We all started chitchatting about how Emil’s first day was, if he was happy with the arrangements in Jens trailer etc. Jens and I kept exchanging glances every time Emil sipped his beer, knowing fully well were this conversation was heading. I felt like we were two snakes going around and around a prey, patiently waiting for the moment to strike! The beers kept flowing and Emil got more and more relaxed and chatty. He was really having a good time! I could see that he was wearing the same clothes as the day before, his thick black hair started to show sign of greasiness and I could smell something resembling sweat. He clearly didn’t shower in the morning! Jens, who was wearing strangely jeans and a shirt, excused himself saying that he needed to get changed to something more comfortable and left the living room. Now I had Emil all to myself! He was talking about his girlfriend, asking me if he should breakup with her and find a new one, he was kind of bored of her already, when I put my arm on the sofa exposing my hairy armpit. I could see that Emil’s eyes moved from my eyes, down to the pit and then back up; he was close enough to smell my sweat. As the sweaty smell sneaked into his brain, he lost track of what he was saying, took another sip of beer and looked at my pit again. I knew what was going on in his brain because I had the same experience before, he had a battle going on in his mind between wanting to sniff/lick my pit and knowing that it was disgusting and not something that a straight man would do. I didn’t want to pressure him so I just let his lustily desire grow inside him until he would act on it no matter what. I don’t know if the evening was especially warm or if it was the beer or my horniness but I started to sweat. I casually removed my working vest, making sure he had a full view of my armpits and mopped the sweat on my face with it. Emil stopped talking and was stared mesmerized at the scene, eyes all over my naked torso. The silence went on for few seconds until I stretched my arms, pretending to have some aches. I stayed in that position for few seconds, letting him take his time looking. I mopped again my face and my sweaty chest and I even went as far as mopping my pits. Emil was following the vest with lust in his eyes. I let the vest rest on my lap, thus covering my erection and resumed talking. 

Emil asked me why did I get pierced and tattooed and I answered that I was a bit tired of being the slightly feminine metro sexual, I wanted to become someone like Jens. He asked if it hurt when I had it done and images of what happened when I had both things done flashed through my head, making me even more horny. I answered that it was nothing unbearable, that I actually liked it in some ways. He asked if the piercing still hurt now. I casually started playing with it, pinching my nipple saying that it didn’t hurt at all; actually quite the opposite. His eyes couldn’t leave my nipple! We were silent for few seconds but he looked like he wanted to ask me something but didn’t have the courage. I moved nearer to him, jokingly punching his shoulder saying to spit it out, that I knew that something was on his mind. He blushed, broke eye contact and asked if he could touch my piercing, only if I didn’t think that it was gay. I punched him again and said that we were two straight men who liked pussy, how could I think that touching my piercing was gay? He looked relieved, reached over and touched the ring fascinated. He looked at it for a while moving closer and closer to it, wanting to see it closer, to see how it went through my flesh. Having him touching my nipple was simply driving me insane with lust and I tried really hard not to moan. He came close enough so that I could smell his hair. I tried to restrain myself and not bury my face in it but I tried nevertheless to inhale as deeply as I could. He suddenly looked up, afraid that he was hurting me. His face was so close to mine, I wanted to kiss him, to lick and bite his neck. I wanted him! He kept staring me in the eyes trying to guess if I felt what he also felt. I scratched my head and neck, exposing one of my armpit. Since he was so close, the smell of my sweat entered his nostrils in a higher dose than before. I could almost read on his face the journey it made from his nostrils to his brain . He closed his eyes letting the smell fill all his senses, letting it overcome his barriers and surrender himself to his lust. While his eyes were still closes, he moved his nose to the direction of my pit taking it all in again and again. I couldn’t take it anymore, I put my hand on his neck and pushed his face to my stinking pit. He put up no resistance! The moment his nose touched the pit, he started breathing deeply until he grabbed my shoulder and licked in earnest. The feeling was amazing and I grunted in pleasure while playing/sniffing his hair. It wasn’t as greasy and smelly as I now liked but it was still great to take it all in. By the time he was done with one pit, he had pushed me in a reclining position on the sofa and was sitting on my groin, legs astride. He must have felt my erection through the fabric of his trousers but didn’t seem to mind. When he buried his face on the other pit he actually started moving his hips, grinding my cock on his ass. I groaned in earnest when Emil resumed playing with my pierced nipple and I was almost ready to shoot my load there and then. I could see Emil’s erection in his pants and a wet stain where his cock’s head released some precum. 

When he came up for air from my pits, he looked at me straight in the eyes. I could see thousands of feelings battling in his brain but still he wouldn’t stop grinding his ass on my cock. I pushed a lock of hair from his forehead and led his face down to mine. There was a slight hesitation until he licked his own lips and tasted my sweat there, helping his to decide. He leaned down and we kissed long, our tongues battling in our mouths. The kiss went on for quite a long time until he sort of woke up. He opened his eyes in horror and stood up so quickly that he squashed my balls, sending waves of pains through my body. He kept repeating “oh my God” and walking in circles, his erection tenting obscenely in his trousers. He started apologizing to me, saying that he had never done this before and couldn’t understand what was happening. He continued with his apologies for quite a while until his brain had found the perfect excuse: he was drunk and he reacted on some weird instincts and most important he wasn’t gay!  This seemed to calm him down enough to mutter another apology in my direction and quickly retreat to his room.  

My erection after all this drama and the pain in my balls was gone, but my sexual lust was not by any mean abated! I looked around and realized that Jens never came back from his room after getting changed. I went to see what he was doing in his room but the door was closed. Maybe he was tired! I paced impatiently wanting some action when I heard some noises from Emil’s room. I approached his door as quietly as I could, put my ear to the door and listened. The noises were unmistakable; he was jerking off! I looked in to the key hole, trying to get a view of him. I could see him on the bed pumping his cock as if his life depended on it. When he came he arched his back and stayed like that for longer than I expected, his body convulsing in spasm of pleasure. Now I was even more horny! He grabbed his shirt and cleaned the cum from his body and face, put on some headphones and went asleep. I waited long enough to make sure that he was deeply asleep, even though, if I guessed right, what he was listening would put him in a deep, relaxing sleep. I opened the door as quietly as I could and went inside. As I imagined he was sprawled on his bed deeply asleep! I looked at his naked hairless torso, at his legs, feet, at the package in his underwear and my cock throbbed, wanting some relief. I knew that I couldn’t do anything more than sniffing at his body but that was enough for me. I started from the feet and moved up, dwelling particularly long on his package, wishing that I could remove his underwear so that I could taste his ass hole. When I reached the arms, I tried to move one as gently as I could so that I could smell his pit. He still smelled quite fresh in there but it still gave me so much pleasure to have my nose there. When I reached his hair I was able to finally bury my face in it and I inhaled long and deep, wanting to take it all in, making sure that his smell would be imprinted in my brain. I try to delay the orgasm as long as I could, wanting to enjoy the sleeping body of Emil more but all the sexual tension of the past couple of hours brought close to the edge. I quickly stood up, moved his head slightly on the side and shot my load in his hair. The orgasm was, for some weird reasons, extremely powerful and I bit hard in to my lips trying not to scream in pleasure. The cum kept coming out of my balls abundantly with spasms that shook my whole body. When I was finally done I was so totally spent that I almost collapsed on top of him. I quickly combed my cum in his hair and he started moaning, his breathing getting faster and faster. I froze on the spot, afraid that in some ways I woke him up and messed up his training (I had figured out by now what Jens mp3’s were all about). I moved my hand away and started going out when I saw that he started playing with his hair himself, the bulge in his pants growing. I hesitated for the longest time ever, wanting to have his cock in my mouth but I remembered the last punishment from Jens and got out quickly. 

Waiting for me in my room, sitting on my bed was Jens. I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw him there! His expression was inscrutable when he asked me if I had some fun. He had caught me red handed! In my eagerness to avoid any punishment I talked so fast that I almost made no sense. He asked me to sit on the bed close to him, put an arm around my shoulder and told me to sleep…    CHAPTER 13    For the next couple of day Emil avoided me or at least tried not to be alone with me in the same room. Nevertheless every time we trained together or when I came back from work all sweaty and dirty I could feel his eyes following me, desiring me. I knew that it was only matter of time before his special nightly training would be over. His fate was doomed the moment he tasted one of Jens beers and listened to his mesmerizing voice. Soon his animal lust would break whatever barrier was holding it back and would take over, controlling Emil’s actions and I couldn’t wait for it to happen! The first crack in the barrier happened two day after. I was catching my breath in the yard after having run for two hours one late afternoon when Emil came back from his run. We were both short of breath and sweating from head to toe, it was an especially warm afternoon and we looked as we had just come out of a shower. I felt again Emil’s eyes on me when I was not looking but I avoided taking the first step. I started mopping my body and hair with a towel extremely slowly, taking my time, letting Emil enjoy the show, not paying any attention to him. I even turned around to give him a full view of my back while mopping my armpits, knowing full well that he wanted to look at them. The small towel was soaked and I left it casually on the table and went inside. He went for it before I even entered the house and his face buried in it, trying to take in as much as he could. From a window I could see that he was also rubbing his cock while sniffing my sweat. I went to take a piss and when I came back Emil was sitting in an armchair, head resting backwards and eyes closed. Was he trying to start something? I stood there trying to decide what to do when his hand started to play with his hair while his eyes were still closed. I threw any caution to the wind and went over to him, wanting to bury my face in his dirty hair. When I did, he stopped playing with it and let me have my fun…and I did! His manly scent was driving wild with lust, the more I smelled his greasy, sweaty hair the more I wanted him, all of him. This went on for a while until he felt ready to go a bit further. He showed me his desire for something more by sitting up straight. I started by licking his nape and I could see a shiver running through his body. I guessed that he liked it because he sighed, as if in relief. I licked and kissed all his neck, rubbing also my beard on it. His running shorts were tenting by now and I could see the familiar wet stain of pre cum. He actually started moaning quietly when my tongue went inside his ear. I moved in front of him and stared at him, at his body, thinking all the time about all the things I wanted to do with it. He finally opened his eyes and we stared into each other desire for few seconds, before I bent down and kissed him, enjoying his tongue playing with mine. He suddenly broke the kiss, stood up and pushed me backwards until I fell on the sofa and then he went on top of me. His tongue started from one pit and traveled all over my torso, wanting to taste every single inch of my skin. His hips started to make the same grinding motion as before, giving a delightful massage to my hard cock. When he reached my pierced nipple, his tongue started circling it, making it harder. The feeling was amazing and I grunted my satisfaction. He took the piercing and the nipple in his mouth and bit. He went at it a little rougher than I expected and arched my back in pain/pleasure. He quickly stopped and asked me if I was ok, if he went too far. My only response was grabbing him by the hair and guide him to my nipple again. He quickly got the hang of it: while he was biting one nipple he pinched the other. I would have liked it more rough but didn’t say anything, not wanting to push him too hard. it was nevertheless really pleasurable and with his hair few inches from my nose I was in heaven and my cock responded by getting even harder. 

While he played with my nipples I ran my hands all over his muscular back, enjoying the feeling of his flesh. I continued moving my hands moved lower and lower on his back until I casually brushed his ass. He stiffened and looked me straight in the eyes, as if he was not sure on how to proceed but more important if he wanted to proceed in the first place. I helped him make a decision by gently caressing his nipples, playing softly with them until he closed his eyes again and resumed grinding my cock on his ass. I am not sure if he ever tried playing with his nipples before but he was really getting into it, the expression on his face portraying the ecstasy he was feeling. When I tried a light squeeze he actually started to moan quite loudly, begging me to stop but wanting just the opposite. His cock was pointed at me fully erected and showing more signs of pre cum. I wanted to remove his shorts, to take his cock in any possible way I could but waited for him to make the first move, not wanting to scare him. His ecstasy reached such a high level that finally burned away all his inhibitions and revealed the lustful animal behind it. He got off me, removed his shorts and pointed his erection at my face. I looked as if I had a vision, mesmerized by the glinting pre cum on the head. I opened my mouth wide open, he grabbed me by the hair and entered my mouth. I had waited for this moment for so long that I actually moaned when I finally tasted his cock. He started moving gently inside my mouth, maybe worrying that I couldn’t take it. I solved the problem by deep-throating him, his cock going all the way down to my tonsils.  The intensity of the experience must have caught him off guard because I could suddenly feel the familiar taste of cum on my throat and tongue. He wanted to pull away but I kept his cock in until I was sure he had shot his last drop. He apologized for shooting so early and most of all for shooting in my mouth without saying anything; most girls didn’t like to have cum in their mouth. I put a finger on his lips, silencing him and then kissed him. When he noticed that I still had cum in my mouth, he wanted to break the kiss but I held him by the neck and we continued until he stopped struggling and started kissing me back with passion. While we were kissing I felt his hand moving tentatively towards my cock, caressing it slightly through the fabric of my working short. He unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to my feet and resumed his exploring through the fabric of my underwear. His fingers started to massage my cock sending waves of pleasure through my body. I emitted a guttural sound of pleasure and this emboldened him. He removed my underwear and went to his knees, staring at my erected cock. He looked at me and I could see that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this. Even though I didn’t want to pressure him or anything I was horny as hell right now; so I started moving slowly, shortening the distance between my cock and his mouth until my cock touched his lips. I don’t know if it was the musky smell of my balls or the taste of precum that convinced him but he started licking the pre cum from my head. He then opened his mouth and started sucking me. He clearly never had sucked cock before because sometimes his teeth got in the way and I couldn’t go all the way in without making him gag and gasp for air but it was still fucking hot to finally have Emil on his knees sucking my cock. While he sucked I played with his hair, the greasy feel it had was in some ways turning me on even more and my cock responded by releasing more pre cum. Emil had finally found a good rhythm and I was close to the edge but wasn’t sure if I should cum in his mouth. I started to pulling out but Emil stopped me and soon I shot my load in his receptive mouth. He swallowed and we kissed again, enjoying the feeling of our sweaty bodies.  

After the first step was taken, Emil started to really enjoy having sex with me in particular to suck my cock. He was simply insatiable! He would go down on his knees any chance he got! One night I was deep asleep after a hard day at work when he came into my room and started sucking me while I slept. I must confess that I totally enjoyed but that night I really needed to sleep. I tried to push him away but he wouldn’t budge. He looked like he was in a sort of trance, his face empty but at the same determined to keep sucking and drinking my cum. I sighed and let him finish me off. When he drank my cum he left without a word. The nightly visits and the constant sucking went on for few days until one Saturday evening things got one step further. Jens was working on something when Emil and I walked in after our usual evening run. We were all sweaty and catching our breath when we noticed Jens sitting on the sofa staring at us. Without saying a word I felt as if he was calling us…and we responded. We went to him, sat on both side of him and started devouring every inch of his body with our tongues. While Emil’s nose was buried in Jens hair, I would lick and bite his neck and then we both went for his armpits at the same time. Jens started grunting in pleasure, laid back and let us continue the worshiping of his body. When Emil and I met on Jens chest we started kissing passionately, enjoying Jens smell in our respective tongue. Jens played with our hair and then guided us towards him, joining us in the kiss. While kissing my hands got busy getting rid of my shorts and unbuttoning Jens ones while Emil did the same with his. When we were all naked Emil and I resumed our journey to the promised land. We tried to share Jens cock with both our mouths but Emil got really territorial and started to suck him in earnest leaving me to work on Jens balls. I licked them hungrily, really enjoying the musky taste of them and when I would put them in my mouth Jens moaned in pleasure. Then my tongue resumed its journey, determined to arrive to the final destination of Jens hole. The smell in there was really sharp and really musky but for me it smelled like violets. I licked as much as I could of his sweaty crack until he told me that I should maybe pay some attention to Emil’s hole. Hearing his words brought me back to reality, so lost I was in the feast of senses I was having down there! 

When I stood up I saw that Emil was still sucking Jens cock and that Jens was fingering him. I started licking Emil’s crack while Jens still fingered him. The double attack made Emil stop sucking and starting moaning instead. When I felt that his hole was wet enough I also inserted a finger in making him gasp in pain. He started to say “ no…not my hole please…stop please” and trying to move away. Jens grabbed him by the hair and quite roughly shoved his face in his pit. The moment that the smell hit Emil’s nose his protest died and was replaced by more moaning. “ I think it is time to deflower our new friend’s virgin hole, don’t you think?” Jens asked me. I nodded in agreement hoping that I would also would have a chance to enjoy his hole. Emil was forced to lay down, I hold his legs up and Jens positioned his cock on Emil’s hole. I could see that Emil was terrified and I felt pity for him, hoping that Jens would go gentle. Jens spat abundantly and when Emil’s hole was properly wet Jens started to slowly enter him. Emil screamed as if he was being butchered and resumed his litany of no please, no more please, trying at the same time to move away. Jens lost patience entered him like a battering ram. Emil screamed in pain but soon his screams moved to the background, so entranced I was by the sight of Jens fucking Emil. His greasy bangs were moving in unison with his hips, his face was glistened with sweat as was his body, his expression of pure pleasure…in that moment I felt such gratefulness towards him…grateful that he had chosen me, grateful for his training and patience towards my disobedience. My reveries were broken when I heard Emil calling angrily my name; he was trying to suck my cock but couldn’t reach it. I looked at him and I could see from his expression that his training had finally kicked in. He had stopped struggling and started to enjoy his new submissive position. I grabbed his hair, moving his face to one side so that I could enter his mouth and started immediately to fuck it quite roughly. He could take it because I could feel his moans at the back of his throat. We spit roasted him until we were both ready to cum. Jens pulled out and we both came in Emil’s open mouth. Before he had a chance to swallow Jens and I kissed him in turns, savoring our own salty cum on his tongue. Since Emil had still not shot his load, I bent down and started sucking him while Jens sat on the sofa’s armrest and put his stinking feet on Emil’s face. He was a little taken aback by the strong, sharp smell but soon started licking in earnest Jens feet moaning all the time. The smell combined with my expert tongue brought Emil close to the edge. He arched his back and shot his load in my eager mouth. I swallowed promptly, not wanting to share his load with anyone and crashed on top of Emil. We were all exhausted! I laid my head on Emil’s chest enjoying the beating of his heart and Jens playing with my hair. It was pure bliss! Then Jens said something and all went black…    CHAPTER 14    As the days went by, Emil’s training got more intense and he got more and more submissive. He seemed to be enjoying worshiping our sweaty bodies and offering his body to us more than to take an active role. I don’t know what kind of hypnotic training Jens was giving him but Emil seemed to respond quickly and more important eagerly. He seemed to be born to be a slave! He also changed his bathing habits and he never mentioned beauty products or shampoos again. It was now a delight to smell his body odors and greasy hair! Maybe he was a closeted gay and we were just helping him to fulfill his destiny. I didn’t really ponder very long on any of these thoughts, I was quite happy to explore the more dominant and active side of me and to enjoy Emil in any possible way I could. I wasn’t really sure what job he was doing for Jens but one day when I was on my way to work I saw him in trance in front of the laptop while Jens was whispering something in his ear. What was weird was that Emil was wearing a suit and his hair were slicked in the ‘old’ way. I stopped where I stood and started opening my mouth, wanting to ask questions when a look from Jens took away any desire to ask for any information. I just turned around and went to work. I didn’t see Emil for a whole week until Friday evening he showed up again. Seeing him in a suit all slicked up turned me on a lot. I wanted to rip off his suit and fuck him there and then when I realized that he was not alone. I froze on the spot when I saw my uncle was getting out of the car and make his way in. I looked shocked at Jens but he only smiled and whispered in my ear that everything was ok that I only needed to just play along. Thousands of conflicting thoughts went through my mind … why was he here? … what did he want? And more importantly how was I supposed to play along??? My uncle was dressed as usual with his expensive Italian suits, expensive leather shoes, his gray hair were cut in a traditional business style and were combed on the side , the sideline sharp even though he never used any hair products. His name was Mikkel, he was in his 50’s and he was hard and sharp as a flint.  

When he finally came in and laid his eyes on me he studied me with his steely blue eyes as if I was a slave that he was about to buy. He shook his head in disapproval when he saw my pierced nipple and the tattoo. He totally ignored me, told Emil to wait outside and addressed Jens instead.  “This is not what I had in mind when I told you to make him a man!” He said with disdain " what the fuck have you done with him? He looks like a construction worker and smells like one!  My instructions were clear: he needed to just butch up a bit, forgetting all his beauty products and shit. I need him to resume his post as an architect! What am I going to do with a construction worker now? You have really disappointed me Jens! Thank god Emil came to warn me… How dare you to do this to the one paying for all your expenses? This is the end for you! I will make sure you will never work again!" 

I was speechless! A whirlwind of thoughts raced through my head : my uncle wanted to butch me up? Was all this his plan? Why? I looked confused first at my uncle and then at Jens but nobody bothered to even look in my direction. I wanted to say something but didn’t dare, remembering Jens advice to play along. Jens was saying that he had followed the instructions that were given and if Mikkel wanted to come in the living room he would show him the email that Mikkel himself had written.  A flicker of doubt went through my uncle’s eyes as he stepped in the living room. When he came past me, he looked again at me and said that I should go out and shower … that I was really disgusting! I looked at Jens who nodded and made my way out but before I was out I heard Jens asking Mikkel if he could offer him something to drink. A  smile spread on my lips when I heard my uncle accepting! 

I saw Emil standing close to my uncle’s car and went directly to him. I pushed him against the car and kissed him, while my hard cock rubbed against his and my hands went through his slicked hair, messing it all up. When we came up for air, I rubbed my bearded face on his neck making him shiver in pleasure while he played with my greasy hair. I made him turn around, pressed him against the car and whispered in his ear that I was going to fuck him like never before! I pressed hard my cock on his ass and he begged me to fuck him. I pulled him against my body, opened his jacket and started circling his nipples with my fingernails, making them hard. He started moaning again in earnest, resting his body against mine, surrendering himself to me. When the nipples were hard enough I pinched them really hard through the thin fabric of the shirt making him scream in surprise and pain. He tried to pull away but I pinched him even harder and with the other hand I grabbed his erection and squeezed until he stopped struggling and abandoned himself completely to the pain/pleasure that I was giving him. I ordered him to bent down on the car’s bonnet and I started touching his delicious ass through the trousers. With my fingers I opened a small whole in the seams of his pants and then with both hands I opened them, freeing his bubble butt from the constraint of the fabric. I noticed with interest that he was not wearing any underwear. I started playing with his hole until he begged me to enter him, that he had been waiting for my cock  the whole week. I whet my finger and entered him making him moan in pleasure. I entered another finger and played gently with his prostate, eliciting even louder moans. I grabbed him by the hair while I finger-fucked him, his hips moving in unison with my fingers. We went at it for less than a minute until Emil stopped moving and started to beg me to stop. I stroked the last time his prostate and apparently brought him over the edge. I turned him quickly around and saw a wet patch spreading on the front of his trousers, making its way down his leg. He mumbled that he didn’t have an orgasm since he left, he had tried to jerk off so many times but he simply couldn’t climax. I looked disgusted at him, calling him a cheap cunt and ordered him on his knees while I unbuttoned my shorts. He opened his mouth and moved towards my cock, when I released a stream of piss that hit him right in the mouth. He choked on the warm stream and closed promptly his mouth swallowing whatever piss was already inside. I then directed the stream to his suit while he looked shocked at me … this was his first time that he had ever tasted piss! As the piss soaked his suit, Emil submissive training kicked in and he opened his mouth again trying to drink as much as he could while moaning in pleasure all the time. I directed the last streams of piss to his hair, plastering it down to his scalp. I then grabbed his hair and showed his face on my cock, forcing him to take it all down his throat, making him gag with it. I immediately started pumping my hips fucking his mouth mercilessly.  After the initial gagging Emil got used to the pumping and started enjoying himself, touching his nipples through the piss-soaked shirt. I pulled out and spat abundantly in his open mouth, making him swallow every drop of my spit and the resumed fucking his throat. When I was done with his throat I made him bend again on the car, lubricated his hole with some spit and brutally entered him. I was expecting some protest or at least a cry of pain but all he could do was moaning louder and louder, begging me to fuck him even harder. I didn’t let him ask me twice, I grabbed him firmly by the hair and fucked his ass savagely. I felt the orgasm building up inside me so I pulled out, forced him on his knees again and entered his mouth all the way down to the throat and came copiously in it. As the orgasm receded he kept sucking me until he milked me dry, then he smacked his lips as if he had just tasted the most expensive champagne! I grabbed him by the tie forcing him to stand up and kissed him, enjoying the salty feeling of my cum on his tongue. I then told him to get cleaned up, to get rid of the suit and walked back inside. 

As I walked into the living room I was greeted by a scene that by now had become quite familiar to me.  My uncle was seated with a laptop in front of him and Jens was forcing him to drink more of his concoction. My uncle was trying to refuse but he simply couldn’t stop Jens from bringing the glass to his lips and swallow the content of the whole glass. The more he drank the more submissive he became until he just drank whatever Jens brought to his lips without any protest. When Jens judged that it was enough, my uncle could barely hold his eyes open. It was then that Jens started his hypnotic program on the laptop and started to put my uncle into a trance. I looked fascinated as Jens spun his hypnotic web into my uncle’s mind … until I realized that I was rock hard. My uncle’s steely brain was working really hard not to let go but soon the fight was lost and his eyes started to close slowly until Jens ordered him to sleep and placed a pair of headphones firmly in his ears. Impulsively I went down on my knees, unzipped Jens shorts and took his cock in my mouth, savoring the familiar taste of sweat and piss. Jens grabbed my head and fucked my mouth until he ordered me to unzip my uncle’s trousers and work also on his cock. I alternated sucking both cocks but, as I suspected, my uncle didn’t last very long. After few seconds of sucking I had his cum in my mouth! I decided not to swallow but to use it on Jens cock, adding extra lubrication to his blow job. Jens called me a filthy whore and continued fucking my mouth until he also came in it. I swallowed happily his cum and tried to milk him as much as I could until he slapped me on the head and told me to stop being so greedy.  

I had not seen my uncle again for a whole week until one evening he showed up again. He was still dressed in his tailored suit but I could see that his hair was greasy now and he had a determined almost angry expression on his face. Without even bothering to say hi, he asked for Jens and when I told him that he was not there the angry lines on his face softened a little and were replaced by a haunted expression. I tried to find some politeness inside of me and asked what was wrong. He was speechless for few seconds and then said that Jens was in some ways fucking with his brain. As soon as I heard that I painted a concerned expression on my face and said that I were just getting something to drink before dinner and if he wanted to join me maybe he could explain better what was happening, I was at the end of the day his nephew! He reluctantly accepted and while I grabbed something to drink I told him to get comfortable in the living room. As I was getting our drinks I thought to myself that this evening could turn out quite interesting. I found one of Jens special brews and served it to my uncle. As soon as the liquid touched his lips, my uncle started to relax and explained what was happening. He seemed to be spending a lot of time in front of his laptop and he was having weird dreams, wet dreams he told embarrassed … wet dreams about licking a man’s armpit … wet dreams about going down on his knees and suck a man’s cock. He was almost on the verge of tears when he explained that he kept daydreaming about his male colleagues at work and how he needed to go to the toilet to jerk off … that he would have 6-7 orgasms a day! He was sure that it was Jens fault, that he maybe brainwashed him in some ways to get his hands on the lucrative architect’s business that he had built with so much effort. His tone got angry again and he started to threat to report Jens to the police, to lock him up for a long time behind bars! He became so absorbed in his dreams of revenge that he never even realized that he had finished his first beer and that he had already in his hands a second one.  As he emptied the second one his speech became slurry and his eyes started to close. I sat close to him and shook him, trying to wake him up saying all the time that if Jens saw him asleep on the couch he would take advantage of him. I told him that we should go outside and walk, that maybe he would sober up before facing Jens when he came back. The idea seemed to finally seep into his brain and tried to stand up. If I didn’t catch him he would have fallen face down on the floor. I put his arm around my shoulder and helped/dragged him out of the trailer. He kept muttering that he didn’t understand how two beers would get him so drunk, that probably the beers were also a part of Jens plan to take over etc. I stopped listening and guided him to the garage. 

The fresh air woke him up a bit and as we entered the garage he wasn’t leaning so heavily on me anymore. I didn’t have much time, I needed to act quickly before he woke up fully. I left him standing in the middle of the empty garage, pulled down the rope that hung from the ceiling, opened the special handcuffs that were attached to it and placed them on my uncle’s wrist. My uncle had closed his eyes and asked sleepily what I was doing. I answered that everything was ok, that he didn’t need to worry about anything anymore and that I would help him to report Jens to the police. While I was reassuring him in my most calming voice, I locked one of his ankle into a spreader bar and tried as slowly as possible to make him open his legs wider. When I locked the spreader bar in place and he found himself in a weird position, my uncle finally opened his eyes and looked down. As he was trying to figure out what was keeping his legs open I immediately reached for the other end of the rope and pulled, forcing him to raise his arms high. Finding himself in the impossibility to move promptly burned away the alcoholic fumes that were at work on his senses. I secured the rope moved behind him, pressed my body against his and whispered that now the fun could finally begin. I felt a shiver running down his spine and I got really turned on. He started struggling against the restrictions when he felt my erection pressing against his ass, wanting to get as far as possible from my hard cock. Since I would not stop rubbing myself on his ass , he started threatening me. When he saw that his threats were having no effect on me , he changed them into promises … promises of great wealth, of a senior partnership in the company etc. When I forced his head down and started licking his nape, he shivered again and started whimpering, saying the we were of the same blood and that this was unnatural. When he felt my beard on his neck and my hands closing on this nipples he started to shout for help.  He kept shouting abuses at me and crying for help until I stood in front of him and punched him really hard on the stomach, knocking all the air out of his lungs. As he tried to catch his breath I removed my working boots and socks and waited patiently until he recovered enough to appreciate what I was going to do next. I brought the socks close to his nose and he retched at the smell and tried to bite me. I laughed and said that if he liked it rough, he just needed to ask! I moved behind him, choke-hold him and ordered him to open his mouth. He tried to keep it shut but when he couldn’t get air in his lungs he started to panic and finally opened his mouth. I teased him by asking to open it wider, when he obeyed I stuffed the socks in his mouth and let him go. He almost cried in relief! 

I pressed again my erection on his ass and started playing with his nipples, making them erect and hard. Through the gag I could hear him actually moaning in pleasure. I reached for his cock and was pleasantly surprised to find it hard. I whispered in his ear that maybe he was a faggot otherwise he wouldn’t get turned on in such a way. I continued playing with his nipples until I got him really turned on and then I pinched hard. His screams of pain were sending waves of pleasure through my body, the more he screamed the more turned on I became! I grabbed the shirt and ripped it open and resumed my torture until I remembered something that Jens used on me, then nipple clamps. The screams of agony on his sensitive nipples were like a melody in my ears. I let him enjoy the clamps a little longer as I searched for a pair of scissors. When I found them, I cut his trousers open and left him in his underwear but still wearing his jacket. I squeezed his cheeks and said that he really had a nice ass! Through the gag I could hear him begging me not to do anything to his ass, begging me not to fuck him! I laughed and told him not to worry; that before I would fuck him I would teach him some humility. I grabbed the scissors, cut the underwear off, grabbed a leather paddle and caressed his ass cheeks with it. His body tensed when he turned around and saw what was caressing his ass. The first spank resounded with a loud smack and the ensuing cry of pain and my cock released an abundant dose of precum in my shorts. I spanked him for no more than few minutes when I heard the door of the garage open and saw Jens and Emil coming in. Jens face lightened up when he saw what was happening but Emil started to panic. He started to ask what I was doing, that this was my uncle … our employer! Jens turned around, whispered something in his ear and Emil crumpled to the floor asleep.  

Jens came closer and said mockingly to me that this was no way to treat a member of the family, that I should be ashamed of myself. He reached over and removed the gag from my uncle’s mouth and the nipples clamp. As soon as he caught his breath, my uncle started to threaten Jens, repeating the same litany that I heard before. I quickly lost my patience and smacked him really hard with the paddle, shutting him down for few seconds. Jens reprimanded me saying that punishment was not always necessary to make someone submit, sometimes their own lust could prove more efficient. To show this he raised his arm, grabbed my uncle by the hair and shoved his face in his stinking pits. My uncle’s struggles lasted for few seconds … just until Jens musky smell took control of his rational brain. He then started licking in earnest, trying to take it all in both with his nose and mouth. To show the efficiency of this approach, Jens moved out of reach of his tongue and my uncle started to whimper and beg Jens to come closer, that he needed to taste more of his sweat. Jens then asked him if he was going to report him to the police, if he should get worried; the only response he got was more begging for Jens armpit.  When his armpits were licked clean I gave my uncle mines to taste, while Jens went waking Emil up. After whispering some instructions Emil joined us. He went on his knees behind my uncle, spread his ass cheeks apart and started rimming with gusto, bringing out some loud moans from my uncle’s mouth. 

Jens decided that the bondage was no longer necessary. As soon as he freed my uncle, he jumped at me like a hungry animal he grabbed me in his arms and resumed licking my pits moving after to the chest and neck, holding me firmly, making sure that I didn’t go anywhere. When he couldn’t get any more sweaty musk from my upper body he looked puzzled around wanting more but unsure on where to find more sweaty flesh. He tried Emil but he quickly discarded the idea; he had just showered! I unzipped my shorts, showed him my cock, balls and ass crack and said that he could get plenty of sharp, masculine sweat over there. We were all looking at my uncle and enjoying the way his facial expression showed the dilemma he was in. As Jens had predicted lust burned away any doubts he had. He went on his knees and started licking, his tongue moving from my crack forward. While my uncle was on his knees Jens moved behind him, ordered Emil to go also on his knees and started to massage both assholes at the same time. The moans that came out of their mouth would have made any whore jealous! Emil started to beg to be fingered, pushing back with his ass and trying to get Jens finger in. Jens spat on both assholes and pushed a finger in. Emil started immediately to move his back and forth enjoying the pleasure of having a finger up his ass. My uncle went rigid and cried in pain at the intrusion, he tried to move away but I locked his head between my legs preventing any movement. Jens found the prostate and started to massage it, putting a stop to my uncle’s struggles and making his cock leak precum. The air soon filled with moans and grunts of pleasure. The animal lust was so powerful in the room that it felt almost tangible and best of all, Jens was the creator of all this. He was the puppet master and we were his creatures. We forgot any decency and gave ourselves over to absolute pleasure.  

Jens looked at me straight in the eyes with a twinkle of pride, he then moved aside to let me take his place behind Emil’s hole while he moved behind my uncle. I started to tease Emil’s hole with the tip of my cock, enjoying the power I had over his pleasure. He tried to move backwards, trying to push his hole against my hard cock, begging me to enter him. I answered him with a slap on his ass. He started then to get more aggressive saying that he wanted to be fucked right now … he didn’t want to be teased or spanked … he only wanted my cock and he wanted now. He almost ordered me to stop playing! I spoke very softly and thanked him to give me an excuse. He started to ask me “an excuse for what?” When the first whack came, taking him totally unprepared. He shouted “what the fuck!” And tried to move away when the other whack came down with the warning “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”. He turned around and looked scared at me and at the paddle that I was holding … and then another whack came down and another and another until I got a good workout on his ass cheeks, making them beetroot red. I got totally lost in the punishment that I didn’t even bother to look at what Jens was doing until I heard my uncle scream in agony. I quickly turned around and saw Jens pumping his cock in uncle’s virgin hole. He had clearly deflowered him in the most brutal and merciless way. Hearing Emil’s cries blending with my uncle’s ones made my cock leak precum like a broken faucet. I dumped the paddle and entered Emil without a warning replacing his cry for mercy with moans of pleasure. Jens grabbed me by the hair and we kissed long and hard, our tongues battling in each other’s mouth. He pulled out of my uncle’s ass and suggested that we swapped places. I accepted eagerly; wanting more than anything to inflict some more pain to my beloved uncle! I made sure that my thrusts were long and hard and that his ass cheeks get spanked regularly. When the time came to shoot our loads, we made both of them suck our cocks until we filled their mouths with our warm sperm. My uncle never sucked a cock before and chocked when I entered his mouth. He gagged so badly that he puked the beer he had a while ago, soiling the jacket and shirt he still had on. Seeing my uncle getting humiliated in such a way brought me to the edge. Thankfully he had stopped puking and was ready to receive his first load of cum in his mouth. Jens told them not to swallow but to kiss and swap the sperm with each other. My uncle was totally grossed out but at this stage he had lost all willingness to fight, he reached over to Emil and they kissed passionately, blending our cum in their mouth and then they swallowed it. My uncle was totally grossed out by the experience but still couldn’t stop himself from moaning in ecstasy when he swallowed our loads. Both Emil and my uncle’s cock were still hard, apparently they didn’t cum at all during all this time. Jens bent down, whispered something in their ears and they both started writhing on the floor in the throes of a very powerful orgasm that shook their body for many long seconds. They shot cum all over their bodies and faces without even touching themselves. They stayed on the floor completely spent until Jens told them something and they both fell asleep.  

Jens attention was then directed to me. He studied me for few seconds and then looked at me up and down as if he was examining that everything was as it should be. He smiled appreciatively saying that I was turning out to be more interesting than he had expected. I was showing some initiative that was not part of my initial training and that was always a good sign! There were some things in my behavior that reminded him of himself. I didn’t really know how to respond to his praise apart from saying that I was happy to serve him in any way he wanted or needed. His smile spread even more and promised me that he will remember my wish, that I would prove to be extremely useful in the future. He then moved behind me, pressed his body against mine, started licking my nape moving slowly to my neck and ear and then whispered “sleep”.    The end  

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