The Bear Bull

By The Dirty Spiders
published March 25, 2020

A tall, fat, nervous man travels to a Bear Festival in Germany… with a Magic Tag.

The Dirty Spiders writes;

This story was commissioned by the patient, lovely, and if he doesn’t mind my saying so, probably handsome, tnaka1414 who has so far tolerated delays through several of my writers blocks; me being high on prescription drugs for doing my back in; and most recently a viral apocalypse to finally get to read his commissioned piece.

I would like to thank him, the GSS community, and penises everywhere.

Act I: At Least Bring a Pocket Translator

[How likely is this to fail?]

[Do it in a quiet hallway or a bathroom. As long as there’s only a few people it’ll work]

[K, I’ll let you know]

[actually don’t, that effects it 2, just enjoy it man]

[it’s safe?]

[yeah 100%]

It was my second night at the festival, the village was really full yesterday. Everything was in German and I couldn’t understand a lick of it but I was pleasantly surprised by how many people spoke english. Then again it was hardly a surprise, wowee! People have come from all over. Big fat dudes from America, fatter them me! and there were these guys going around with big curly moustaches and top hats for beard competitions or something. I felt under dressed in my normal clothes but I’ve never been used to people looking at me… sexually. I was just a plain, fat, tall man. I’ve never really made an effort.

I was holding this tag all yesterday and didn’t have the nerve to use it. I told myself I didn’t have the opportunity either, but really if I’m honest I probably could have made an opportunity if I tried. I intentionally came early to the club, to try to get someone alone. I was hoping someone hot would show up.

“Damn. I need a piss again”. The place was empty but for bar staff and a handful of early birds. I headed to the loo lost in my own thoughts and wondering if I was in danger of developing diabetes. I stood at the urinal doing my business. I checked the colour of my piss like the hypochondriac that I am… it seemed yellower than normal, like… cartoon-y, crayon-y yellow… that’s odd.

“ …uss sehen, was wir morgen tun. Okay, Tschüss” ‘beep’

I glanced to my side and immediately underplayed my excitement. Some man had hung up a phone and began pissing beside me. He was about 5’10 sandy blonde with a bit of stubble and trimmed-but-not-shaved body hair and clearly a weightlifter, or bodybuilder. I could see his body hair because he was naked from his waist up, save for a gold chain and a claw tattoo. He was wearing distressed jeans and workman’s boots. We were alone together and pissing into the same trough urinal, I finished up my business and put my dick away. I worried he was too small for me, but I needed to stop making excuses; Magic is magic, it’ll be fine.

I feigned to leave, and turned around while he was still in mid stream. I’m sure in real life it happened in just a split second, but in my head it felt like a motion length horror film. Well, maybe horror is a bad choice of words, perhaps suspense thriller. I smoothly took the tag out of my pocket, trying to be quick before his pissing ended. I shot an eye and ear to the door to check no one was about to enter. The coast seemed clear and I quickly turned on my heel and slapped the tag into his back with my sweaty hand.
It stuck.

“was zur Hölle ist das!?”

He tried to look around offended or surprised, but he was still pissing. He quickly stopped his stream and packed his dick away… He turned to confront me, shouting further nonsense in german, but his mood changed to wonder. There was a large zipper just at the top of his chest bone, that began at an embedded seam that ran down to 4 inches below his belly button…. He looked at it and then to me again.

Shit! The transformation seemed to work but he’s zipped up? What if he runs away like this?!

He felt for the zipper below his neck and thinking it was part of what I stuck to him, he tried yanking it sharply off of his chest. His tug made it open slightly and air started to escape, deflating his shape and almost collapsing him. Instinctually, he tried zip himself up again, but he no longer had access to his full strength or firmness. He managed it after grabbing a fistful of his own stomach in one hand and pulling the zip up against it to close it. He was contemplating his transformation but he had already lost a lot of his body mass and looked about the weight of a pool toy.

I gripped him quickly and pulled him into a toilet cubicle. His skin felt fleshy, but quite sagging., and his work boots dragged on the floor. I check to make sure one or both didn’t fall off his feet as I moved him. When I reached the cubicle, door shut, he was trying to speak to me. His speech was slurred, and I didn’t understand German anyways.

“Whuut… you… fuck” he tried some broken english.

“Hey mate… sorry…”

I flicked his head back and squeezed him with my hands to feel is half deflated body. My dick started filling with blood and my hands enjoyed holding his hairy skin. I decided to end the awkwardness and zip him down completely, letting all the air escape from him and putting him under completely. “I hope I can fit into you dude!”

I felt a little less awkward about checking out his junk now he was fully deflated. If felt less like invading someone’s privacy and more like checking out a costume I was about to try on. I grabbed him around his stomach and pulled him upward, separating him from his jeans, underwear and boots. His dick was hard to judge as it was fairly deflated. I smelled it and rubbed my nose into it. He smelled soft and clean and quietly man-ish.

“I gotta actually put him on now”. I contemplated jumbling him up and bringing him home, rather than getting changed in a toilet cubicle. I heard the hand drier run, telling me some people have since come in and used the toilet.

I put his clothes up on the shelf and then bundled him up while I carefully undressed my lower half. Naked from my waist down, I grabbed him and zipped him all the way down to his nave. He was very floppy and putting him on felt like a thick just-cooler-than-body-temperature soft leather wet suit.

I was taller and fatter than him, and I had to push my feet into his until I felt the toes lock in. I had to stretch him up to my ass and then I began aligning my dick into his. I had a full erection too so… I suppose that made it easier to sheath his floppy dick into mine. It felt nice lining out our helmets. his shorter legs stretched to try to cope with mine and after a certain moment, the stretching eased but never fully left. It started to become less my wearing a too-small-for-me-spandex and more like it was “my” legs only my skin felt a little tight. Our balls took about 20 seconds, I had to jiggle them, but I eventually got there. Now the top half.

I took my shirt and t-shirt off, and began trying to get my arms into his. I really felt the stretch now and where his muscles made his arms thick, they were stretching to meet the length of my longer, weaker arms. His back was also stretched. I pulled him over my shoulders like a firm-fitting catsuit. I could feel his skin heave, and stretch. I started to zip up but my belly was hanging out and pinching at the zip.

His body was very tight here and had a noticeable firm tummy. I sucked in and pushed my big floppy belly inside the zip and chased it up to where my rib cage started.

His stomach now looked like an over inflated 6-pack shaped balloon, and I was too afraid to breath out yet. I didn’t know if these kinds of transformations could be torn or split, or if that would hurt him. I was assured over and over that it was fine, but still I didn’t wanna wreck him or have him split open or something.

Man boobs in, I got the suit up to my neck. I felt it adjusting. Sometimes in the last few moments my arms filled out to something like a compromise between his muscle and my size with the ever present tightness of skin, especially around our stomach.

I spend some time with his head flap hanging at the back of my neck, examining my “new body” It made me realize I was naked and erect.

I thought about knocking one out and to be fair, I was so turned on there was no way I was going to be able to wait for my/our erection to calm. I immediately began pulling, and felt my nostrils flare trying to breath heavily without making too much noise. My hand and dick were now completely different. I felt his head fold gently flap against the back of my neck, and I was using our combined body to masturbate. I felt my own sexual energy surge and boil up, but now it was combined with an alien feeling as well; my mind was telling me what I was feeling, it was like being given new instructions but from inside my own head. I was feeling his body, his balls, his dick, his prostate being stimulated, and they had a slightly alternative feel and timing to mine, and I was finding this out live. It was like masturbating in stereo. I was urging myself to come, and also masturbating this stranger’s body too and feeling for his timing. I started heaving first, I could feel the swelling from my prostate., the guy I was wearing was different.. it was quieter… was I being selfish?

Jerking myself gently onward I tried to hold back a bit to see if he would catch up to where I was. Maybe his stuff just takes longer… but it just seemed to be weaker than mine. On top of this it was only his body; his mind was completely absent and I was living a fetish in real time wearing this guy so maybe that’s what’s giving me the bigger piece of the pie…


I came, and as I came it felt normal (pleasant, but normal) and mostly just me at first. Curled up toes and clenched ass cheeks, my usual about-to-jizz-reflex and I turned my mind to aiming my newly christened dick toward the toilet bowl to empty it’s stuff. However, as our jizz passed the tip of our dick, it exploded in sensation. I thought I would get the toilet bowl pretty OK, but this guy’s orgasm almost all happened at the tip of his dick, it was like a white hot flash that caught the breath in my neck and made my eyes widen. I couldn’t control the two different directions of spasming while remaining standing and aiming our jizz into the bowl. I fucked the whole thing up while also trying to be silent and whipped a string of jizz across the bowl trying to manage everything.

“Oh Jesus Christ” I muffled, with a bloodshot face.

Act II: Help Coming

My hands were a mess, the bowl was a mess… and my/our dick and balls were humming with a warm lovely afterglow.

“Holy shit”. I tried to clean up as best I could in my barely fitting man-skin and wipe enough jizz off my hands to put clothing back on.. should I leave it off? Maybe just use the body?… my mind way playing tricks on me, Anyways I did an OK job and was now looking between our garments for whatever would fit us (damn, I didn’t think of this.)

Send text, Rich [It worked, but now neither of our clothes will fit WSID?]

[Beep error… send failed, try again?]

“What?, jesus of all times…”

[Beep. new number: Aha!, got you now, Mr.Tag Thief]

I read this… and I didn’t know why but, I was compelled to immediately answer

[who dis?]

[I made the magic tag you’ve just used, I am now completely in control of your phone]

[they’re amazing, can I make my clothes fit?]

[I’ll ask the questions bucko, where did you get this tag?]

[My mate Rich]

[and now you’re what, on holiday in Germany?]

[yes exctly, at a Bear thing]

[A bear thing? OK. ehh, first off, you’re screwed; the clothes won’t change size, the transformation only affects the immediate person you transform and the psychology of nearby witnesses, there is no way to magically alter nearby inanimate objects. Your options are to take him off and keep him safe and wear your normal clothes until you can find clothes that fit your combined size, or, go around naked.]

I put my phone down and looked to measure up taking the suit off… The Zip seam had gone, it was just his skin…

[he wnt cum off WSID!?]

[You’re telling me you managed to make a size altering human body suit, with a disappearing seam that is stuck on you, as your first even attempt to use TF magic?!]

His responses were long, correctly written text messages but sent almost instantaneously. He must be writing them with magically or something.

[I don’t know what any of that means…] I started to panic.

[OK… Just wait there. help coming.]

I sat for about a minute and half contemplating my situation… you know… If I wore my pants and his work boots, they would fit. It’s only the top half that’s too tight. I pulled his head fold over mine and adjusted to the sensation of seeing/breathing/hearing through his sensory organs. His mind also awoke slightly into mine. It felt like he was sleeping or dreaming inside my head. I ‘thought’ a weak apology to him for messing up his night, but he seemed under and entirely disinterested in such things. I also felt his after glow of the masturbation, as he had been under until now it was just reaching him now “I hope you enjoyed that” I thought to myself.

I dressed my lower half, and then sheepishly rubbed my belly… It was dense with muscle and then plumped out with fat. I felt the hairs and pores and thought about if I had the confidence to leave the cubicle.

“Fuck it….” I put his wallet and my wallet into my pockets and dumped the rest of our clothes and such inside the plywood fixture that otherwise housed the toilet cistern, making sure I wasn’t dumping our stuff into the actual cistern.

I opened the door, there was a cue waiting. Some guy brushed by me immediately and without comment but with an “about time” expression on his face. I went to the sink and examined myself.

I looked like neither myself nor him. I was about 66% of both of us. My head hair was deep redwood, it looked almost dyed mahogany. I had a beard somewhere between stubble and short-box. And my body hair was fair/blond with a martini glass pattern the same shade as my head and beard. I threw water into my face and enjoyed my hands not feeling sticky for the first time since putting him on. I tried to stretch out some loosen into him and breathe out fully, but a tightening sensation told to to stop. I noticed I had without thinking put on his gold chain. His bear-claw tattoo was there but looked a fraction faded and bigger, and slightly lower down on my torso.

The man at the sink beside me was a slightly shorter slightly balder bear, with a “competition” mustache, he head-flicked a ‘hello’, and I thought about something half german half english, then corrected myself with “hey”.

“It pays to be a big boy at these” he said, admiring my height and girth.

“It sure does” I said, playing the part. I looked like bull-made-human in fairness. I never noticed how close-to-hot I, I mean old me, could be. New me was quite an amazing feeling.

I kept up my false confidence and I left the toilet. The scene I was met with was very different to the one left. It was absolutely packed with people now, of all shapes and sizes. Some of them glanced at me, and then straight down to my naked torso. Reflexively I tried to be embarrassed, and then reflexively again tried to disguise it and behave nonchalant like ‘Oh this is how I always am’.
Off to the bar.

I shouted over the loud music for a maßkrug of their local Red Ale. I reached for my wallet and fired in some euros at the very attractive little old jolly bar man. He smiled up at me with big dimples on his cheeks as he quickly slapped the big glass mug of beer on the bar, with change for a 20, and then took the note I offered.

His little smile was infectious and I raised my drink to him and took the first sip. A small man… not small for my new size, but small in general gosh, he must’ve been 5 foot something, slender, black hair ordered immediately besides me… I don’t know why I was focusing on him; you’d almost miss him in between the big burly dudes all hanging round. I noticed he ordered without really speaking, and the happy bartender nodded. Perhaps he’s a local.

“You braved the outside of the cubicle…”

He looked at me, and the music lowered, the din lowered, but none of this distracted from the man’s deep eyes. He had a kind of arrogant grin, not in general… but ESPECIALLY looking at me, looking at my face.

“What did….” I was trying to ask ‘what did you actually order just now’, ‘why can I hear you perfectly clearly’, and ‘do I know you?’ at the same time, but he was doing something to me just by looking at me.

“Come out to the patio where it’s quieter” He took his drink from the bar man without looking at him, and left for an unknown part of the venue. I followed.

I found him outside, in an area made almost entirely of wood, decking and heat lamps. “Cheers” he said while sipping a glass of stout

“Cheers” I found myself echoing. “Emm… who are you again?”

“I’m your fairy god magician, Cinderella”

“You’re the tag guy?…ehh the phone guy?”


“But what, did you magic yourself here? Where do you live?”

“I have friends who owe me favours, and you… “ He studied my body “…are the last errant magic tag, and I’ve had a night off tonight so I’m celebrating the end of these damn tags ruining my life, and making me have to solve everyone’s little sex adventures all over the fucking world, so cheers…” he made a point of aggressively cheering me this time and I felt obliged to echoed the slightly less genuine cheer.

“but doesn’t Rich still have a few?”

“He had a few…” the magician grinned, intentionally leaving me interpret the silence “…but I took them and swapped them with the new batch, a batch that can’t be given to strangers, or to close mates”

“Oh… neat” I sipped my drink

“Can I just…. Do one thing?” he looked at me and leaned in, like he was about to move a hair from out of my mouth, or an annoying piece of fluff from my clothes.


“Hold still, it’s just small…” The magician leaned into me and poked a tap of his index finger on the middle of my chest. I watched him do this (why did I even let him!?) and then looked at him questioningly. He carried on talking as he returned to his drink “…I can see what you were going for, and you did a decent job, but I just wanted to make a few changes, and efficiencies”

“Oh?…what did you change?”

“Well you should be able to take him off now, by thinking about it. Also if you don’t take him off to reset he’ll… eject you, but that won’t come up, you’ll be compelled when the time comes”

“That doesn’t sound any fun….”

“Hey I also made your attempt to combine with him more efficiently, but people will wonder if you suddenly become a big massive bullbear, so it will happen subtly over the next hour.

“Awesome! HAHAHA'' my skin started to lose some of it’s frightening tightness too. It was still there, it just felt less dangerous to push against.

He eyed me up…. “You’re a strange one…”

“How do you mean?”

“You don’t have much of a sex drive….. You literally wanted the transformation to see what life would be like if you looked hot”

“Am I that easy to read?”

“Every man is that easy to read when they use my magic”

A third man, simply walked up to us with a pint of larger.


The magician spoke first “This is my friend Dane”

“Dane” I said, lifting my drink a little.

“Dane this is Kevin-slash-Moritz and all is well now so we can ‘get lost’ as they say”

“Nice nearly meeting you, giant bull-bear dude” this Dane said before the two of them walked off back into the venue.

“Jesus” I stood there befuddled and drank, and the din of the venue suddenly turned back up again and I was drowning in noise for a few moments before I adjusted.

Act III: Bodies Moving

Standing there, outdoors and drinking, I felt compelled to feel my arms, my chest and my belly again. My big build was doing well against the cold, but there were certain spots that firmed into satisfying strips of goosebumps where the cold air made itself known, the backs of my arms and the small of my back.

“Guten tag” a little twink shouted at me and approached.

“I don’t know any German” I said

“Oh thank fuck.. Me neither I’m English too”

“Oh cool”

“So how much milk d’you drink after each strong man contest?”


“How much mi…. You look very big and strong”

“Thank you, it’s mostly magic”

“Yeah I bet it is. I’m Danial” He lit a cigarette and offered me one, I declined. “Non smoker?”


“I won’t hold it against you”

“Good, good” the loud music made me lean down and hold the little man on each shoulder to speak closer to his ear, “Danial I need to go buy another giant mug of alcohol”

I took my second drink while indoors, hoping Danial wasn’t too offended I didn’t return to him. He was probably small enough for me to shove him up my arse and fart him out again. I laughed at the idea while I waited for happy-barman to deal with my drink order once again. The volume of the venue now made conversation almost impossible. It took me 15 seconds of crouching down shouting ‘WHAT!?” and trying not to spill my giant drinks to even tell if the person shouting at me was speaking English or German, or some other language, and the music started changing to, I dunno what to call it Deep House? Techno? It was slow and bassy and filthy but made me move my body to it. It was also resonating with my mind guest who was mostly dreaming contently… but the music was getting into him, I think he knew this music. I saw bodies on the floor, moving and thought ‘fuck it’. Second drink downed, happy barman was still a darling, I wiped my maw with my forearm and went over and started moving too.

Despite my literally wearing a man’s body and making a super hulk out of both of us and he was now dreaming contently inside my head, this was the most amazing and part of my night. I had never seen the pure… physical, language of just random dancing before. I’m sure it was always there, I was just blind to it.
Men were moving toward me, eye contact would happen, we would move, then maybe move away again. It was like meeting people in a fundamentally physical conversation for a moment, then passing on to the next.

Sometimes a person might stick, sometimes they bumped into me or tried to feel me up. It very rarely got to a point where I had to physically force them to back off. The DJ was blending the music in a way where it all just kept flowing. It was like a never ending, never shocking but never boring, pulsating journey, he was holding the energy and creating moments of highs and lows, but always, always moving your body. At one point Danial found me and nodded a greeting while he was dancing near me. There were two other hulking bears near us and he accidentally got nudged quite sharply. It did seem like a genuine accident. As he recovered I put my arm completely around him from behind “hold on bud… hup!” I picked him up like a child, and hopped him onto my back. The impressive stunt garnered some drunken “ehhhhh”s from those near us, before everyone returned to moving to the thick rhythmic pulsing. We continued our one-man mini-acrobat formation for a while. My back muscles were saturating his crotch with sweat and I could feel the back of my head rub against his erection. I did catch the security guys glancing at me like “really dude? And we gonna have to come in and sort this” I paused briefly and noted Danial’s place had been absorbed by the dancing throng. There was no place to put him down, plus now he had a an erection. I glanced back an affirmation to the security, showing them I took their watching seriously. I pointed to my right indicating that I would walk us off the floor and let him down. It seemed to satisfying the bouncer nearest me. I bungled through the people and got to the edge of the dance floor. Danial had held onto my head in a kind of monkey hug while I did this. I reached up and flicked him down into my arms then onto the floor.

“My hero” He said

“You almost got crushed in there” I said laughing.

“It was worth the risk… sorry for rubbing my dick all over your head, it wouldn’t stay down”

“It was my fault for picking you up”

“Well… apology accepted, I’m going for a wank in the toilet, wanna come with?” This guy, sheesh!

“Hey… I…” this didn’t sit right with me, for some reason I didn’t wanna ejaculate again before I got into bed, it felt magically influenced and I didn’t question it “no, I jizzed earlier and I can’t go again yet… I’m gonna go grab another drink” my half-lie seemed to let him down gently and I clapped him friendly tap before letting him turn to go. As he did, I changed my mind spinning him back for a kiss. It took him by surprise and I could taste cigarettes off his breath. I held the back of his head gently, then we disengaged. I looked at him sincerely “thanks for the dancing” he nodded. I left him to go wank in the toilet, if that’s what he was heading off to do, and I headed to the bar for another drink.
I was bigger now, I seemed about 6’5 and beefier too.

This time all I needed was my index finger, and the happy barman nodded. He seems like an old dude and a little bit roly-poly. He had thinning white hair, and white stubble, but a big cliché curly mustache and big dimples. He plonked my beer on the counter. I had been paying intermittently with my wallet and Moritz’s wallet figuring, it was both of us really getting drunk. This time the bar man also slapped down some big serviettes, except for one, which he kept to demonstrate dabbing pretend sweat from his forehead. Oh yeah shit, I was soaking. I took the paper towels gladly and mopped up some of the more offensive patches to which he nodded and smiled, then I took my big drink and went outside again to get some cool air.

This time some of the tobacco fetish folk were out and there was a din of cigar smoke and pipe smoke and lots of guys wearing all kinds of fetish gear. I stood with my drink and noticed actual condensation coming from my chest and shoulders, where my sweat and body heat from dancing was mixing with the cold air.

A German man with a pipe and a big decorative moustache tried to initiate a conversation. I politely gestured and said “No German, only English” He seemed to understand and returned to his little group.

“Do you power lift bro? Do you compete?”

A man almost as muscular as me and almost as tall, wearing a work-out vest was at my side holding a pint of… cider I think.

“No, not usually”

“You should, you have a build for it… how do you keep that shape if you don’t mind my asking?”

“A little bit of gym, a little bit of magic”

“I bet. Jesus some people just have it in their genes”

“What about you? Do you compete?”

“yeah.. I am top 50 in Europe”

“Wow… congrats”

Danial had found us and approached with an expressive eye flare… “how much meat can one man take?”

“Danny!, have you met this guy? He’s a top 50 strong man… in…” I looked at him to finish the sentence, to make sure I wasn’t fucking it up “…Europe!”, he nodded “Emm strong dude”

“Eric” he interjected “Eric, this is Danial who dances and has a massive dick”

I wasn’t even sure of what humour I was trying for, but I embarrassed both men. I embarrassed them both but I wanted to draw Danial into the conversation in a comical way, as an equal, by ripping on him like an equal. I was trying to cope with this strange personality shift too so I dunno, fuck me I guess.

“That’s great to know”, Eric declared while Danial took a cigarette from the box with his lips then offered one to both of us. Eric took one and I told the men I needed to get away from all this tobacco for a while, and I’ll see them later for a dance maybe.

5th drink now, more dancing. This time I won’t lie, there was kissing, feeling, rubbing on the floor. Previous trespasses that went too far, now felt like just far enough and the smell of skin and sweat was a little intoxicating.
Massive piss, wow I pissed like a racehorse. I splashed water on my face, and politely screamed at myself in the mirror. I had tipped over the edge and was now quite drunk, at least I thought I was. I left the toilet and sat in some seating in an out of the way corner.

Act IV Bodies Resting

There were two men passionately kissing each other on one big chair and I sat near them on an over-sized open sofa and instinctively took out my phone. Remembering the Magician had, blocked it or something, I instead went to GROWLr and opened it… fuck, this is old me. Closed it again. A man with glasses and a shaved head walked into the seating area and proposed something in German while gesturing to the spot beside me. It seemed to be “may I sit there?”.

I waved my hands and said “no German” before shifting to a smile and beckoning him to the spot beside me and demonstrating a rub against my side nearest him. He smiled and sat next to me, eying me for how close I was comfortable with him being. I’d had enough of our game of ‘politeness charades’ and simply put my arm up and around letting him use my side as a headboard. He nuzzled the back of his head into me and began looking at his phone. I put my head back on the sofa and my arm relaxed around him a little. I closed my eyes and thought about life.

The noise of the venue, the stranger leaning against me casually, and the pulse of the heavy techno. Some more people joined us, sometimes the man on his phone maneuvered his back against my side, I liked his shaved head stubble rubbing against my pec. I also let my massive arm fall onto his torso at some point making him more snug. He didn’t complain. Some people came and talked German at us, I just shrugged and the phone-man said something and they went off, seemingly satisfied with the answer.

I nodded off for a moment but woke up with someone sucking my dick. I tensed immediately, but managed to avoid injuring the phone-man, who was also there and had also fallen asleep.

“Hey!!!” I put my free arm on the guys shoulder and took him off my dick, which was erect, undressed and pinging out from my crotch as I slouched on my seat. The man uttered something in German, supposedly sexually seductively or complimentary. and I was groggy and drunk and didn’t understand him

“Do you mind not sucking me off in the middle of a night club!?”

He seemed to be… trying to argue something, maybe an explanation or an apology, as I struggled to put my dick away. Then the phone guy woke up too and he kinda started lecturing the blow-job guy, who quickly left in a bad mood.

“Wow this is nuts, I gotta go to bed” I lifted my arm off of the phone guy and said “thanks for scaring away that dude” and clapped his chest. He started responding in German but I was too tired to go through the whole ‘I don’t understand’ game for the hundredth time in one night. I stumbled to the bar, it was late now. The place had actually thinned a bit and some of the bar staff were gone. Happy bar-man was there but it looked like he was tidying up.

“Are you still serving?”

“No., sorry big guy… but for you, I gave one small drink on the house” Sweet, he spoke English

“Just some water” I said “…some guy tried to suck me off… does that normally happen?”

“In this place, everything normally happens” He grinned again, but his face showed it was a really busy night. I realized actually if this was the end of the night… damn. I gotta find someone to fuck. Where do I even stay? Old me’s hotel room? Moritz’s place? Where even is his place?

“You’re a really handsome old man… is that cool of me to say?”

HIs cheeks went even redder then they normally were, almost purple, “It’s OK to say but I think, you only say it to flatter me and get more drinks”

“I say it to try get to come have sex with me. Are you available.. like single…. and… gay hopefully?”

“You are tricking an old man for fun, I think” he continued wiping up.

“No I’m not” I tried to sell him my sincerity, he really was a happy little sex pot “can you make your workmates finish for you?” I glanced over at some of his colleagues who were having an afterwork drink in another part of the bar.

He stopped wiping the counter with his towel and checked me for a moment before dropping the towel into a basin and muttering something to himself in German. He walked to where two other barmen were sitting chatting, and one of them looked at me before immediately looking away again and saying something to the older man.

The old bar man took off the apron part of his uniform and hung it on a hook, before leaving from behind the bar fold and walking around to face me. He was about 5’3, kinda plump, but had a lovely handsome, happy face.

“Now why would a big muscle man pick a small fat barman like me?”

“I leaned down for a quick kiss”

“Because I like kissing handsome people”
It seemed I’d ‘got him’.

Act V: No Stopping

I took him to my hotel room and we politely walked through the lobby, grabbed his arse in the lift, which earned me the giggliest laugh I’ve ever heard, like the giggle of 100 garden gnomes. Polite again from lift to bedroom door, then door shut, kicked my boots off…. DAMN I left all that crap in the cistern, will this fuck the magic up? Or….


[this is an automatic text; because I’m a genius. Yes you did leave all that shit behind, but if you look on your hotel dresser it’s all there, Alakazam! P.S., Actually take him off to reset, it’ll be better for you then being shat out by him and slowly reforming or something. Doesn’t matter to me either way., P.S. Mr.Barman there has a sensitive patch, left hand, massage the middle of his back, just left of his spine, winky face, the magician.]

I looked up, He was taking off the rest of his uniform. HIs chest was fluffy with titanium white hair and roly-poly peach complexion skin. I approached and tried to kiss more substantially, but the difference in our heights made it uncomfortable. I literally picked him up and carried him to the bed. The blood was flowing to my dick and after putting him down I began de-booting and de-trousering myself. Whipped off my underwear and let him do the same. My erection flicked upward. His was a little more… life-in-the-old-dog-yet, but it just made him seem more endearing. We FINALLY kissed, deeply, and for a long time. I could wrap my arms around him completely, and felt him. I tried grabbing for that part of his back… he seemed to make a noise, but nothing conclusive yet. We managed to get to lying down and he immediately set about climbing down to my dick and taking it in his mouth. I enjoyed him for as long as I could, before the danger of ejaculation made me request he stop. I arose from my lying position and cradled to hold him straight… I got behind him and positioned myself in doggy position.

“Can I fuck you?”


I rubbed my hands down his spine feeling his back hair and squaring up my dick. I put my helmet up to the crack of his ass and gently entered. The ease with which I entered told me this man is well versed, and I tried again to find this spot on his back. Using my left hand I held my palm just above his skin to almost like a reiki practitioner. His gentle little noises and breaths movement as I entered him was suddenly tensed and I knew I found my spot

“It’s here” I said and I rubbed in a concentric circle. This time his noises changed to that of a helpless whelp of pleasure. He stopped being a cute roly-poly old man, and became a being entranced by sexual gratification. I was enjoying my power. I felt like I could pick him up and tumble him into the air if I wanted too, I had slowly become a giant it seems, or maybe it was just now I was feeling my size. I carefully fucked the man, repositioning him from time to time as we became sweatier. When he expressed discomfort I slowed, but never stopped or exited, he seemed to accept this and accept that I was going to fuck him to orgasm without stopping. This was it; he was getting fucked. I sometimes switched to crunching to kiss his neck or massage his chubby ass. It was OK, but he real pay dirt was then returning to the spot, which I accepted without question from the magician and and it renewed his enchantment of the fucking, and forgave me of the absolute riding of a life time I was giving him.

He was beyond the point of buttered up by now, and several times I had to slow my pace to stop arriving. My dick was beginning to complain of wear and tear and our sex noises had dimmed to a continuous, unspoken fuck session.

“OK” I said returning to his back once again and increasing the speed and force of my fucks for the first time in a while. He understood it was time and gripped the bed sheets. I began fucking the little man harder again, but he had begun to make strange sounds and shaking. He was jizzing… he was jizzing helplessly already and couldn’t hold it any longer, the mere idea of us beginning to ramp it up for our climax broke him into a shaking silent elongated leaking orgasm. He waited there blood shot and lost in serotonin.
As he helplessly orgasmed, he allowed me to use him to finish myself, which I now felt coming too. I started losing rhythm and felt my toes curl and my ass cheeks tighten. My entire system took to making it’s hybrid cum load and I remember I had to prepare for our two orgasms.

“Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” my fucking finally lost locomotion for the first time since it began. My balls and prostate sent it’s package and I felt it arrive to my shaft. “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” the rush almost stung. I tried not to injure my tiny fuck partner while I jerked my body almost trying to lessen the sensation of cum passing my helmet. The passing took 3 or so squirts, with the middle one almost comparable to agony. I tried to behave expecting of it, but my body was on fire. The man in my head was also singing in pleasure. I may have cough-cried out loud but I could barely tell.

We eventually safely flopped downward.

“I’m sorry if that was… painful”

My bed buddy just rubbed my arm and scrunched into me. I rubbed him back, he was sweaty and clammy and recovery-breathing.

Eventually his voice cut into the silent cuddling “I can stay here, yes?”

“Yes” I kissed his head “Yes I’d love you to, I might go wash up”

I heaved myself up out of bed… .tightness.

Oh yeah… I gotta take this guy off me. I went to the bathroom for one more look at myself.

My dick, our dick, was in pieces from the fucking. I looked in the mirror and chuckled bashfully at the face looking back at me. Not quite him, not quite me.

“…Thanks man”

“Thanks and sorry”

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