Photoshop Bodyswap

By PiggyPup
published March 25, 2020

Two friends with a mutual kink explore what happens when their fantasies come to life

I was just coming out of the gym, drenched in sweat when my phone goes off. It’s my friend Izzy. He’s a great friend of mine. We bond over many many things from gaining, to video games and so on…but we got one more thing in common. We are both envious of each other’s bodies. I am the epitome of thicc. 350 lbs of well marbled muscle. Covered in thick body hair, with a thick beard. I’m pretty cookie cutter when it comes to your basic bear with extra thick arms and legs. He on the other hand is pretty much the opposite. He’s shorter at 5’6 vs my 5’10. Pretty smooth, lazier, pure dough. Weighs only a bit less than me at 325 pounds but its pure lard. I don’t think that man has even seen the inside of a gym. To me though, thats so fucking hot. I have always been active and beefy so I have always been curious what it would be like to be that soft, out of shape…weak. We constantly tease each other about how it would be if our habits were reversed, role played about it. It always gets me hard and leaking tbh, but today he brought something new.

“Hey piggy, guess what? I learned how to do photoshop! Lets see if we can make our fantasies a little more real.” I chuckle as he sends this to me, followed by an image. It was hard to tell it was photoshopped, both of us were in the same pose, but my head was on his body and vice versa. I looked so damn fat and I instantly got hard and very very hungry. I head home, covered in sweat as I message back how hot it is, and wondering if he could do other pics with us switched, “yes of course piggy. You just wanna see me beefy and strong like you huh? While you’re weak, doughy and out of shape like me?” I could only blush as he teased me, causing me to leak on the train. I had to go home and jack off to that, hoping one day maybe I can be like that, if the swap was real.

The next morning I woke up with another message from Izzy and another photoshop. It was a picture of me from the gym yesterday, just with his head. Or was it yesterday? It is really hard to tell but for some reason I feel like I haven’t been to the gym in a week. Working from home does that to you, the days kind of blend together. I message him “Damn you look sexy. Hows that work out treating you bull?” I chuckle, starting to get hungry while we joke around. I should go to the gym today I think, it has to have been a week. I start to get ready but I can’t seem to find my gym bag at all. It has my supplements, my spare gloves. I look all over but I can’t seem to find it at all. I’ll just have to order new ones tomorrow I guess. One of my other friends messages me and gives me money to get pizza. Well I always made a promise with him that I would always eat whatever he told me anytime he donated money so guess it’s a pizza day. Just one pizza can’t hurt right?

Another morning, and another photo. This was me a couple months back. Damn he looks good with all my muscle, feels right like he should have it. I message him, “hey how’s the gym treating you? I know you started a bit back since I inspired you.” “Its going good piggy. How’s the laziness feeling? Got any weaker yet?” I could feel myself hardening over his teasing. I cant have gotten that weak have I? I know it’s been a few months but I am still pretty beefy. I flex an arm and send it to him, he sends a response, “looks thinner and flabbier to me pig, but I know you don’t mind. I know you wanted arms and legs like mine, a body like mine too. All weak, doughy, hairless. Don’t worry Piggy, I am sure you’ll get there.” After that message I couldn’t help but jack off and eat all day. I felt like the piggy he teases me about, even feeling some give in my arms that didn’t used to be there. Damn it’s like all his teasing is becoming real or something. It’s so….hot.

I wake up the next morning scratching my belly but it feels softer. Noticeably softer. I get up and turn towards my mirror and see my gut seems to have blown up and soften up nearly overnight. Not only that but my pecs seem to have sagged and spread toward the side. It reminds me of Izzy’s gut, kind of like a halfway point between our bellies. I also notice the dense forest of hair seems much lighter, I can’t help but let out an oink as I heft it and bounce it. I look so much like Izzy that I start to get hard underneath my belly. I can’t help but jack off while I tell izzy about the changes, “hey are you doing this? I look like my body is starting to look like yours. I’m smoother and fatter…I tried lifting my home dumbbells but I couldn’t. I should be bothered but it’s so hot. I was only in the gym a week ago right?” Izzy sends a few teasing stickers on telegram before replying “nah piggy you haven’t been in years. What would a piggy like you be in the gym for? Im the bull, not you. These muscles are mine now…just like you wanted.” I Can’t help but feel myself climax after this statement. Fuck…this is what i wanted, isnt it?

Another morning and I look down at myself. God, I’m even fatter. Every bit of movement I have is causing me to jiggle back and forth like jello…and even less hair. I got a notification; it’s Izzy. He sent another pic of when I was only a year in the gym. It’s his face over it now. But it’s not just his face…it’s him. My head hurts a bit as I wonder why he’s sending me pics of him in the gym from almost a few years ago. Not like I have a ton of interest. I had my shot at that a while ago but I was never really built for it. I hear my doorbell ring and I answer the door. It’s Izzy carrying a few boxes on his massive beefy arms. I have to look up at him since I’m so short. He grins as he pushes past me, “Hey piggy. I got some clothes and shoes for you. I know your old ones would fit me a lot better and vice versa.” I can only nod as I follow the beefy stud. My clothes haven’t been fitting well. They are all too big on me, especially the shorts. My pants are way too long and they can’t hug my thighs well. I say thighs but they are more like fat doughy hams. I open the package and I see a bunch of clothes he used to wear and I thank him, knowing these would fit even better. He can only grin as he gropes my huge soft moob and belly, commenting on how he cant feel any muscle, feeling his hard on in the small of my back, “Well yea. I’m a pig, I shouldn’t have any, right?”

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