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By Grant Spiral
published March 24, 2020

A new pandemic sweeps the world.

I’m writing this in a hurry, they’ve arrived in my town and I have no idea how long I have until they come for me too. For the past few months, there have been rumours of this weird pandemic. It sounds too good to be true, but a few sources on the internet have claimed that there now exists some sort of virus that turns people into studs. Sounds great, right? The catch for most is that they - allegedly - also become dumber than a sack of bricks and VERY gay. The reason that most news outlets haven’t covered this is because of the adult nature of the virus. Because the only way hosts can infect other people, is by cumming on or in them.

I’ve already lost a few of my close friends to this plague. Like one of my best bros, John. He used to rarely post on Instagram, mainly about gaming or his cute cat. Then he went completely quiet for a week all of a sudden and now he’s constantly posting pics of his muscles and with links to his onlyfans in the description. Or a previous ex of mine who worked as a vet. She used to send me cute videos of the animals she had operated on, now I had to block HIM because of all the videos I was receiving of HIM fucking “pups”. Did I mention that the virus turns women into men?

The last thing I heard of the virus online, was that it had reached our state. Suddenly every gym bro started to become very suspicious. The difference between an active gymgoer and those horny fuck-machines though is that they are basically braindead zombies. All they can think of is eating, lifting and fucking. Sounds like the perfect life, amirite! If it wouldn’t turn you gay, I’d be running headfirst into them myself. Fucking gays have to ruin everything! I went grocery shopping an hour ago and when I was stood at the checkout I felt a bit of shoving behind me. When I turned around, I saw that this nerdy guy was pushed into me by this huge oaf of a man. I was about to confront him when I noticed a white stain on the back of the nerd’s vest. My gaze shifted to their faces, a look of horror on the nerd’s face and one of bliss on the goon’s face. In shock I let my gaze slip down and was greeted by a 4-inch erection which was still quivering from the release. I started backing up past the line and saw the nerd’s expression of terror slowly shift into one of pleasure. It was too late for him.

I arrived at my apartment and immediately explained everything to my girlfriend of four years, Melissa. I’m glad that she’s also up-to-date and while she ran towards the kitchen to see how much we had stockpiled, I started recording this message. If you read this audio transcript, please seek shelter. This is not a joke. Make sure that you’re safe. Don’t try to save anyone that’s already infected, it’s too late for them. This will be my last post for a while, if you suddenly see slutty stuff from me then I wish you all the best of luck and it was great knowing you.

Babe are you okay?

Yeah, I hear the screaming outside too, looks like the studs have started walking the streets.

Your phone’s ringing, it’s your sister…

She says that she and her boyfriend are coming, they need shelter.

I know they’re your family! But we can’t support them too! We barely have enough for ourselves!

They’re knocking frantically on the door, Chris. We can’t just sit here and do nothing!

Babe? Melissa! Fuck…"

Chris ran downstairs after his girlfriend. He heard the door open for half a second, which was enough for the pair to dash in and close the door behind them. After a few seconds of panting, they all shared a laugh and started hugging. Chris smiled, knowing that they’d just saved two lives until he made eye contact with the boyfriend. His face warped into this maniacal grin and he doubled down on the hug. This caught Melissa by surprise and she tried to push him away, but she was quickly sandwiched by her sister, who had a huge white stain on her back and rapidly shrinking tits. Chris watched in horror as his girl’s hands wrapped around the boyfriend’s chest, sticky cum all over her fingers. They started kissing and rubbing their crotches together while their shirts grew tighter by the second. While Melissa had to stand on her toes at first, soon she found herself growing to her new lover’s height. She turned around and was greeted by her sister’s now rugged face, beard scratching her while they made out. The sister ripped off her shirt, sporting a new tattoo on her huge arms.

Chris finally tore his eyes from the spectacle in front of him and quickly ran towards the backdoor, only to find it either locked or - more likely - barricaded from the outside. He was trapped. He ran back to the hallway where he heard a lot of moaning and found three muscled men. There were no traces of the girls left. The one he presumed to be Melissa was sitting on his ass, giving the former sister a blowjob while jacking off the boyfriend. He was the only one who hadn’t changed much, apart from the huge muscles and the new hankering for cum. Chris watched in horror as his former girlfriend started swallowing the load that he was pumping out of his former sister while painting his face with the boyfriend’s spunk. Hair started sprouting on his abs and he sank down to the stairs, revelling in the pleasure. It was then that the two men noticed Chris on the top of the stairs.

“Oh fuck…” Chris tried to run but could only take a few steps until he reached the back wall. He turned around and saw the three guys walk up to him and surround him. Even though he tried to fight, there’s very little one out of shape guy can do against three musclemen. He was quickly shoved on his knees and even though they had just cummed, three erections were rubbing all over his face. The musk was completely intoxicating and soon he found himself trying to lick up all the cum. His mind was screaming at him to resist, but his clothes started to rip at the seams as soon as he took a cock down his throat. His shorts didn’t survive for much longer as they got ripped off shortly after. With a cock at his hole and one in his mouth, the last shreds of his mind started to disintegrate when his ass was entered.

“So yeah this was something I came up with for a fun thingie, what’s the word again? Oh yeah, ‘story’ lol. Anyway, make sure to check out my onlyfans where I recently uploaded a three-double-dicking video hehe. It was super hot to shoot!”

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
Everyone can contribute to this series. Please click "Add chapter" below to add your own chapter to it!