Leaving Muscloville

By transformheaven
published March 24, 2020

Henry’s stay in Cloville comes to an end

This chapter took me longer than I expected. I had to look for the motivation to keep writing it. But I think I put down a pretty nice final chapter to this story (that I originally intended to make only one chapter… Thanks to everyone for commenting on my last story! Every comment is greatly appreciated. Next story I will try to skip the dumbing down and do something with mind control in another way.

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Now for the story, enjoy Henry’s adventures in Cloville!

“Hey man, didn’t know you were back in Cloville too! How are you doing and do you want to meet up?”

Henry was laying on the bed in his old room, texting with Dylan and avoiding his creepy family. They just kept on going about muscles, sex and vegetables. His stomach was growling; his dad had stuck to only serving vegetables for dinner. So Henry cooked himself some pasta and ate that dry, the small amount of old pasta he found in a pantry wasn’t enough to fill his stomach.

Henry had always been a bit stubborn, and now that people kept urging him on to eat the vegetables, his old stubbornness resurfaced. Henry refused to even touch the vegetables. They freaked him out now that people seemed so religious about them.

His phone beeped.

“Yeah man, I’m doing fine! Did you eat the vegetables already?”

The reply shocked him, and Henry sighed. He thought about just tossing his phone away, ignoring his friend. Try to leave as soon as possible. This was all getting way too crazy. He wanted to know what his friend was on about though, so he decided to keep on talking.

“No, I don’t like vegetables, and I thought you shared that feeling? Why do you ask?”

Henry spent some time messing around on his phone, waiting for a reply that eventually came.

“I haven’t either man, just wanted to check. People are weird about it. Let’s meet tomorrow morning, just behind the town hall. Don’t eat anything until we meet. I’ll tell you everything I found out over the last couple of days. We’re with a bigger group, and we’re determined to find out what’s going on. We have food. Don’t talk to anyone about this.”

The next morning, Henry went on his way towards the town hall. Cloville had changed before Henry left the town’s centre had been a lively place. Kids used to play around on the square in front of the town’s political centre. Stores used to offer all types of goods. Now even the butcher offered more vegetables than meat.

Henry walked around the town hall. Noticing that some of the houses surrounding it had loud moans coming from their windows. Behind the town hall was a little park where Henry could relax, away from the wandering, lustful eyes of the town’s men.

Henry looked around the little park, hoping to spot his high school friend. Just behind a big oak tree, in an area surrounded by some bushes, Henry found Dylan. The two men were happy to see that both of them looked more or less how they remembered each other. They stood there for a while, awkwardly silent.

Dylan was first to end the silence:

“So, you’re still normal, right? You didn’t have any vegetables from our farms?”

Henry considered his words for a bit.

“No, Dylan, I’m still myself. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Dylan frowned.

“Well, we’re not sure yet. We figured out that eating the vegetables changes people. Once you give in and have a little bite, you change. Some stronger spirits can resist if they stop eating for a while. The Changed, as we know them now, aren’t particularly happy with that, but so far no action was taken against it.”

“But what about the women? Are they really dead? And who are the ‘we’ you keep talking about?” Henry had a worried look on his face.

“Look, man, relax. I’m taking you to the rest of our survivor club. I arrived last week and teamed up with a few other people that were still normal. So far nobody has been caught, but that might be about to change. It’s hard to hide completely, leaving the city is impossible. Police officers take you back if you try. We’re just hanging out together, trying to figure out how to defeat whatever’s happening to this town. Now let’s start walking.”

Dylan and his group of “survivors” met in Cloville’s library, the place had become almost deserted now that the town’s inhabitants were changed.

Dylan guided Henry there in silence, Henry looked around, shocked by the changes he saw in the people he grew up with. Muscled guys now crowded the streets, staring hungrily at the two unchanged guys, while caressing each other’s dicks.

The pair walked to the new library that had been built just outside the town’s centre. The library on Cloville’s town square had gotten too small, and a new building was established outside of the city. The library was abandoned now that people weren’t reading anymore, too busy fucking each other. Inside of the library, Dylan and three of his friends had set up a place to meet, a place to find shelter from the weird things going on in Cloville. The duo entered the central room of the library, and a table had been placed in the middle of it. As the door opened, the three people at the table turned their heads.

Randy sat the closest to the door, at the age of 30, he was the oldest of the group. He had a big appetite for fast food, and even his thin build could not fight a bit of fat piling up around his waist. Carl, a blonde nerdy guy that turned 18 just a few weeks ago, sat next to Randy. He had the typical twinkish build, the type of body that found a lot of attraction from the changed men on the street. Dan was the last person in the group; he shared a story similar to those of Dylan and Henry. Being a student out of Cloville, he got called back to mourn the loss of a family member. Dan was a brunette, a bodybuilder with a muscular body. This made it easier for him to blend in with the native Cloville men. Dan became the secret power of the group, making it easy for them to get closer to the changes.

The first thing Henry noticed was how shocked all the people in the room looked, a worrisome look on all their faces. Dylan also picked up on the stressed atmosphere in the room.

“What’s wrong guys? Shouldn’t we be a bit happier that we have a new person in our ranks?”

Randy looked at Dylan: “We just got a text. Henry’s father invited us to a barbecue at his place. All of us, that’ll put us in such a dangerous position. We tried refusing, but it seems like we’re stuck. My uncle just threatened to take us to the farm instead. Our best bet is just to go and stay away from the veggies.”

Henry barely had time to introduce himself to the rest of the group, all time and attention went to preparing for the barbecue that night.

The sun was slowly setting down on Cloville. Dylan and the rest of the group decided to go back to their own houses before meeting up at Henry’s place. So Henry was alone when he put the key in his front door. As he entered the house, a lot of voices could be heard from the garden. Henry took a deep breath and walked towards the garden. As he walked through the backdoor, he walked into his stepdad and brother. Dave and Andy were wearing spandex, their muscles on full display. Henry tried to look away and found their neighbours, Davy and Frank.

The biggest shock wasn’t seeing that Frank was dressed in similar attire as Dave and Andy. Davy was different though. The man was completely naked, his cock being gargantuan, reaching all the way to his head and leaking precum. His mouth hung open slightly, some drool leaking down on his inflated chest. Henry stared at the scene in shock.

“Yeah son, this is what happens if you resist Cloville’s ways.” Dave said, “Little Davy here was asking a lot of questions, so Frank and I took him to the farm. Farmer Johnson made some corrections, and now he’s a good playmate for your brother. Too bad he resisted so much, Johnson had to take his brains.” Andy ran towards Davy and started humping his ass against the big dick.

Dave continued talking: “Now you should go upstairs and get dressed, we put some stuff ready for you. So you and your friends won’t look too different tonight.” He finished with a wink.

Henry ran up the stairs towards his room. He had to warn his friends, and they had to leave this town as soon as possible. Cloville had gone insane. He had to call Dylan and warn everybody. But reaching for his phone, Henry found his pockets empty.

“Fuck, they must have taken my phone as I was distracted,” Henry mumbled to himself.

On his bed, Henry found a purple pair of speedos, a small piece of paper was next to it.

“Hope you’ll make a nice eggplant 😉 “. The card read. Henry turned his eyes towards the ceiling, and sighed. This was so cliché.

Henry sat on his bed and thought about his options, he couldn’t contact his friends. It would only be a matter of time before they were here. Would his friends also have received a speedo? What would they do with it?

Henry considered just swallowing his pride, putting on the speedo and going downstairs. All they had to do was skip eating vegetables, right? A glance into the speedo put an end to that plan, though. The front and back were covered in something mushy, almost like a mashed eggplant. Surely that couldn’t be good. Henry gave the thing a quick smell, making his head foggy. There was a smell of cum mixed in there, Henry thought. His mouth started to water as his mind fogged over, thinking about the giant cocks on his family and friends. His hands started reaching for the button on his pants. The ringing sound of the doorbell made his head clear again. Henry stood up, surprised by his actions, they almost got him. Before he could give it another thought, he heard the voices of the new guests.

“Hey bro, great to be here! Thank you for having us over. I brought the rest of our group along too.” Henry thought he recognised the voice of Carl, the blonde twink of the group. He walked towards his bedroom door to have a look downstairs. Henry saw nothing, but he immediately realised what Carl said. Was the rest of the group with him already? How?

“Henry!” His stepdad called out, “are you coming down for dinner? Your phone has been ringing for a while too, sure felt nice against my balls! Come down please so we can check you out!”

Henry pondered his options; he barely had a choice. He wasn’t going to wear the speedos though! Finally, after taking a few minutes to think of a plan, Henry decided to go downstairs and look at his friends. They sounded way too happy when they entered. Would Dylan be there as well? Henry walked downstairs and turned towards the garden to attend the dinner party. He turned towards the back door and was shocked when he saw the group he met earlier that day. The first one that caught his eye was Dan, who was speaking.

“Oh lord, this is amazing!” Dan’s voice sounded deep. “I’m never leaving Muscloville again!”

Dan, already being the biggest of the group before growing, was an absolute beast right now. His pecs shelved some rock hard abs. His legs were enormous and rested under a bulge that was tightly packed into purple speedos. His balls were almost popping out of the small garment and rested on the creaking chair under him. He had to be the biggest man in Cloville now.

The next one to catch Henry’s eye was Carl. The former twinky nerd was now close to rivalling a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He definitely had a bigger package in his speedos than Dan. The speedo was clearly struggling not to break as the blonde guy was slowly rubbing his bulge, two bright eyes looking at Dans bulging muscles.

“Oh damn honey, can I get a piece of that thick meat?”, a third voice chimed in. As Henry turned his eyes, he saw Randy. The 30-year-old man didn’t lose all the fat around his belly, so he now had a slightly softer muscle gut. His beard had grown, and his chest was covered in a thick rug of hair. This was the first time since arriving in Cloville that Henry saw a bear.

Randy’s wasn’t sure if Randy already was equipped with a purple speedo as the thing was completely obscured by his balls and dick hanging out of it. He was vigorously stroking a dick that easily reached up to the underside of his pecs. Pecs that were so meaty they were slightly pointing downwards, another difference to the other bodybuilders that inhabited the town. Precum was slowly trickling down the big pole as Randy was hungrily stroking it, looking at Carl’s hardening dick.

Henry spotted his phone on the table and grabbed it. He had 5 missed calls from Dylan. Henry quickly looked around the people, thanking the lord that Dylan wasn’t there. The veggies didn’t get to him yet. Henry’s hope was shattered though when he heard his stepdad ask Randy about Dylan.

“So, Randy was it?” Henry’s stepdad asked, “Where’s that other friend of yours?”

Randy barely took the time to look away from the hardening cock next to him, picking up the pace of his strokes.

“Oh, you mean Dylan? Yeah, his dad took him to the farm. He was resisting. Too bad he couldn’t come along with us because of that.”

“Well boy,” his stepdad replied, “I think we should take little Henry here too. It seems like Dylan wants to be with him anyway. Come on, Henry, let’s go!”

Before Henry could register what was going on, his stepdad grabbed his neck and pushed him towards the car—safely locking him up inside of it. Henry tried beating against the car window, trying to get the attention of people walking on the sidewalks. The strangers that he could reach seemed to know what was going on. They just winked and grabbed their obscene bulges.

The car drive seemed to go on forever to Henry, but finally, the car stopped in front of a farm just outside of town. The farmland around it seemed lush with all sorts of vegetables. The eggplants attracted his eyes, and immediately, Henry knew what was going on. He saw another car, and immediately recognised it as Dylan’s.

Dylan and Henry exited the cars around the same time. They looked at each other and watched as a scrawny guy walked out of the farmhouse. Both their dads knelt straight away.

“Master, we brought you the final two resisters, their friends already joined the ranks.” The two said in unison.

“Why are you doing this?” Dylan was the first to break the silence.

“Well boy, let’s not ask too many questions. I’ll give you a short answer, though. For too long, the finances of this farm were bad. Sales were down, you guys all chose the fancypancy options. But not anymore, they admire me now. I gave them everything they wanted. They’re buff now, they don’t have worries anymore. And soon you’ll be able to feel what they’re feeling. Boys, come here!”

Immediately after the old farmer called out, two muscled guys walked out of the house. Their overalls looked like skinny jeans on their legs. Their bulges being pushed forward obscenely and without a shirt on, their rock hard abs and big pecs could be seen. Their lats made sure that their arms, which must’ve been as big as Henry’s head, were at a slight angle. They started walking towards Henry and Dylan.

“Oh boys, come on, all you need is some of these guys’ special cum in you. Yes, it will melt your brains out now that you get the full dosage and not a diluted variant in the plants. But it will make your minds empty, and it will make sure all those rebellious little minds are ripped away from your bodies. Without a second glance, Henry and Dylan started running, pushing past their fathers and into the open fields. Dylan, however, bumped into his dad and was slowed down a little bit. As the duo was running for their lives, the muscled farmhands gained on Dylan fast. Their muscled legs were pushing them forwards quickly.

Henry heard Dylan fall to the ground; he quickly looked around to see the two boys tackle his friend. They ripped his clothes apart, revealing a body that was clearly getting affected by just walking in the field full of vegetables. Henry heard his friend scream in pain as one of the farmhand’s thick cocks penetrated his ass. The other guy meanwhile was getting as much precum on Dylan’s face as possible. Henry stopped running to watch the scene behind him. It didn’t take too long before his friend’s screams of agony started to turn into moans of pleasure. Dylan’s muscles came in fast, shredding his shirt as his cock was slowly expanding towards the ground.

Henry saw his friend look at him, and in between moans Dylan spoke: “Oh Henry, we should stop resisting.” Dylan closed his eyes and yelled out loud as cum squirted out of his enlarged cock like a geyser. “Mm you’ll like this too, come join us!”

Before the now trio of muscled beasts could turn around towards Henry, he was gone. Within seconds his sprint brought him to the road leading out of the town. As he ran down the road, he saw somebody put some graffiti on the town’s sign.

“You are going away from (Mus)Cloville” the sign now read. Clearly, somebody wanted not to be too open about the new name and placed it between brackets.

A while ago Henry was going back to Cloville to visit a funeral. Now he was going away from Muscloville, fleeing from his friends and family. Back to the big city, back to safety. Or so he hoped….

The end.

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