Tricks and Treats

By BearlyUnderControl
published October 30, 2010

Three friends find themselves unable to trick-or-treat, but get a few treats of their own.


It was a pretty cold Halloween night, and most of the smaller kids had their costumes ruined by a doting parent wanting to cover it up with a sweater or a jacket. It was pretty cold… BUT YOU STAY COLD AND PROTECT YOUR COSTUME FOR THE HONOR OF HALLOWEEN!

“Screw this, Shane! I don’t want to die of hypothermia!” Erik yelled, rubbing his right arm.

“Come on, Erik… We at least have to hit a few houses and then we’ll give up,” I pleaded, pointed to the street.

“Didn’t they pass that law yet that we can’t trick-or-treat after a certain age?” Of course, Shelby had to join in. Like we really needed his opinion considering I had to trade him a video game to agree to come with us.

“Dude, it’s just some candy. You have an afterschool job, why not just buy candy any time you want?” Erik asked me, shivering and clutching his arms now as a strong breeze went by.

I felt a bit freezing, too, but I would remain diligent, “Guys, it’s for the sake of the Halloween Spirit. Haven’t you ever done something just for the sake of doing something? Don’t you remember the good ol’ days when we were in grade school, and we would meet up right here? We had a blast!”

“That was years ago, Shane. We’re 17 now, and two out of three of us think this is a stupid idea,” Erik nodded his agreement with Shelby.

“You didn’t think it was stupid last year!” I retorted.

“We got pretty drunk. We would have been picked up by the cops for harrassing your neighbors if Erik hadn’t sobered up really quick,” Shelby had made a decent point there, but I wasn’t giving up.

“What about the time we put into our costumes…?” It was a feeble attempt, since I had no clue how they got theirs. Shelby was dressed as a biker, which would make anyone that knew him laugh. He hated fast things, was never interested in cars or motorcycles, and was pretty much a geek unless you got a few beers in him. Erik was dressed in a black spandex-like suit, a head-band with floppy dog ears just resting on his head. I would have guessed he snatched his scuba gear and bought the dog-ears on discount. As for MY costume, I had put a LOT of thought into it. I was working on it nearly half of the year, using my money from my after-school job to pay for the parts I needed. I was a cow.

Wait, don’t laugh! Actually, yeah, go ahead. I kinda wanted to make people laugh with this one. I even wore a cowbell around my neck. I molded the rubber udder myself, which hung expertly from the lower part of my stomach, and the little teats jiggled as I stepped along. I even used an old pair of shoes to create the hooves!

“I just borrowed this crap I found in my Uncle’s basement, Shane. It barely fits anyway. The leather jacket is way too big, the hat is making my head itch, and the leather pants are falling off of me, which is why I had to use an extra tight belt to keep them up, and on top of that, I found out the top of them were cut up once I put them on, so I had to wear jeans under them!” Shelby turned around to show me what he was talking about. The section of the leather pants where the ass should be was missing. I withheld a laugh, not revealing to him that they were in fact ass-less chaps, and that he was SUPPOSED to wear jeans under them.

“Yeah, but you made them work, did you not?” Shelby just growled at me. We all stopped arguing when we saw a single white flake drift past us.

“IT’S SNOWING, GOD DAMNIT!” Erik screamed out, causing parents and children alike to turn their heads. I sighed, defeated. I knew there was no way they’d go with me if it was indeed snowing.

“Alright, you guys win. Let’s just go inside, and we can play games at my place for a few hours…,” I gestured towards my front door.

“Now you’re thinking straight, Shane. Come on, Erik,” Shelby said, grabbing Erik by the shoulders and leading him away from the street. I sighed, and followed along disappointed. After we had walked inside, and I closed the front door, I heard an immediate knock.

“No candy, sorry,” I said as I turned and opened the door. Standing there was a tall figure, taller than me, wearing a black robe that concealed his face.

“Trick-or-treat…,” he replied to me, in a deep, whispery voice. I felt a bit…creeped out… just at his presence.

“No candy, sir, sorry,” I repeated.

The strange man then held up a small bowl which he produced from his sleeve, the bowl filled with candy to the brim, “Trick, or, treat…?” He repeated again slowly. Did he want me to put candy in the bowl?

“Dude, I don’t think more candy will fit in there. It’s not that bi-” I was cut off as he continued.

“Do you want a trick, or do you want a treat?” Was he asking me if I wanted candy??

“Oh! Dude, sorry! That’s quite a switch-up, OFFERING candy door-to-door. You rock man!” Without another word, I grabbed a small handful from the bowl, and closed the door.

I was unaware on the other side as he whispered, “Trick it is, then…”

“Guys, some guy just gave us candy!” I called to them, and they both popped their heads in from the other room.

“Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to take candy from strangers?” Shelby asked. His question was followed by an awkward silence, and even Erik was giving him a disapproving face. If there was one day out of the year to receive candy from strangers, it was today. I tossed them each two pieces, leaving me with the final two, and plopped down onto the couch, grabbing the remote for the TV. Erik sat down farthest from me, leaning his head onto his hand while he stared at the TV, obviously still grumpy. Shelby took his spot right between us.

“So, Erik…What are you supposed to be? Some kind of mutt?” Shelby asked, popping the first piece of candy into his mouth, placing the wrapper in his pocket. It looked like a jaw-breaker, and in due time I heard the tell-tale click of the candy rolling over his teeth.

Erik unwrapped his first piece, which seemed to be a square of caramel. He placed it in his mouth as he answered, “Dude, I was going to make you guess all night. I’m a horn-dog. Get it?”

We both groaned at his lame joke, and even lamer costume. It made sense, since he slept with nearly half the girls in the school. His biggest worry was how he was going to get any action once he graduated- to which I reminded him that college wasn’t far off. I placed a small bite-size bar of chocolate in my mouth and flipped through the channels. We always planned on playing video games, but ended up too lazy to bring the system down-stairs to hook it up. For tonight, I guess we’d enjoy the horror films marathon.

The movie that was on at the time was in black and white, and we tuned in somewhere half-way through, so the plot was lost to us for the moment, but we’d just enjoy the little candy we had and watch it anyway. Shelby continued to roll the jawbreaker around his mouth, obviously enjoying whatever it tasted like, “Guys, this jawbreaker is awesome. It started out all fruity, and now it tastes like chocolate!”

“Yes, Shelby, candy is amazing. Like we haven’t tried strange things before,” I said boredly, not even looking towards him. He grumbled, and continued to enjoy his candy. Mine had tasted pretty good too, like a chocolate bar filled with sugary milk. I downed it pretty quick, and my mouth felt a bit dry. No surprise, chocolate does that to me, “I’m going to the kitchen, anybody want a drink?”

“Nah, I’m good,” Erik replied, swalling his first piece. Shelby replied with a simple thumbs-up.


I watched Shane leave the room, soon going back to looking at the horrible movie that was playing. Honestly, couldn’t he have put something else on? I heard there was a movie on the sci-fi channel that was inspired by Quantum Physics. I would have said something, but in the end I knew it was a losing battle. I looked to my right to see Erik licking his teeth, mouth slightly open, and felt a bit repulsed. I always hated caramel, the way it stuck in your teeth. I was fine with my own candy, and my tongue felt it slowly dwindle away until the last of it melted over my taste-buds. Once finished I recalled I was still in my costume, but as the others, I became too lazy to remove it.

The belt on my costume had been bothering me, since it was extra tight, but now it felt a little worse since I was sitting down, so I made the move to discard it. If I was on the couch, I had no fear of my pants falling. It wasn’t a bad costume, if it all had fit. I rather like leather, especially the smell of it. I was a little worried about taking it trick-or-treating tonight, and knew I had to get inside once it started snowing as to not ruin it. My uncle didn’t even know I snatched it from his attic, and I intended on returning it unscathed.

“So, why did you go with that?” Erik asked, breaking the silence abruptly and startling me while I was admiring my outfit.

“I don’t know. It was convenient, and quick,” I answered, removing my hat and placing it in Shane’s seat. My head was really starting to itch, “What about you?” I probably should not have asked, seeing as how I was disappointed with the costume in the first place.

“I don’t know. It just started as trying to see if my scuba gear still fit me, and I remembered my sister had these little dog ears from her play. It just dawned on me. Besides, can’t argue with a costume that’s perfect for you, right?”

“Right…,” was my only reply, looking at the small dog ears flop over his head, bouncing with every movement. I don’t know, it did complete the costume. I wanted to reach out and pet him over the head. I knew I shouldn’t, since a beating would be imminent. I ran my hand through my hair, scratching lightly at the spots that itched the most from the hat, and began to scratch lower. My sideburns were a bit long- I should trim them when I get home. Like Erik, no matter how terrible the movie was, I would slip away while watching it, idly scratching my head. I hadn’t realized when I scratched lower, focusing on my chin now. The light noise from my nails against the growing stubble sounded natural, and calming.


In the kitchen, I reached up into the cubbard and grabbed a glass for myself. For some reason, reaching up that far gave me a bit of a strain. The suit must have been holding me down, since I wasn’t used to a rubber udder hanging between my legs. I really had to stop and take pride in my suit. It wasn’t weird or anything, I was just proud of myself that I completed such a weird project. Aside from that, my mouth still felt a bit dry, and I needed something to quench my thirst. I opened the fridge, and my hand went straight to the shelves inside the door to grab my 2-liter of Coke. It was what I always drank, but I stopped. My hand hovered over the cap, and I pondered for minute. Do I really want soda? I was surprised at myself for questioning my love of the carbonated delight, but I seemed to be craving something else entirely.

I poked my head inside the fridge to have a better look, to see what I may have wanted. My eyes fell upon our full jug of milk, bought fresh this afternoon when my mother went shopping. Milk? Really? I never craved milk. I wasn’t even fond of putting it in my cereal most of the time. However, my mind told me that’s what I wanted. I pictured the smooth, frothy texture spilling down my gullet, and almost drooled. Whatever… I grabbed the jug, and poured myself a full glass. I stared as every bit of the glass was filling to the top, almost unable to tear my gaze away. My lips were dry, and I licked them heartily as I sat the jug down. This milk looked more delicious than anything I’d seen. What better to chase down chocolate? I grabbed the glass, and brought it quickly to my lips.

I don’t even remember drinking the stuff, I just remember picking the full glass up, then setting an empty one down. I felt the cool trail of the milk running down my chin, and some of it had dripped onto my costume. Yuck, the stuff tasted awful! I knew I disliked milk, but for some reason I found myself pouring another glass. I guess I was still thirsty, and running on auto-pilot. It wasn’t long before that glass was gone too.


The night hadn’t turned out so bad, since I planned on staying at home originally and watching the horror movie marathon. It was better now, since I got to watch it with my friends. Sure, they annoyed me, but I’d known them for years now, and we have had a lot of good times together. At least I felt warm now, relaxing on the couch next to Shelby. Although, I wasn’t too warm. I knew the heat was on inside, and I was still wearing this skin-tight scuba suit. Yet, I felt pretty good. I just leaned back, and kind of moaned as I felt the suit hug every bit of my body. I didn’t remember it being this tight, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

I didn’t care if the others didn’t think my costume idea was funny, I thought it was hilarious! I loved sex, all the time. My girlfriends could never keep up with me- or with the other girls, for that matter. I had been called a dog before by the girls that found out I was cheating, and all I did was howl as they left, taunting them. What’s wrong with being a dog? They get to fuck all the time! It’s what they live for. Yeah, mounting the chicks, getting their rocks off in broad daylight. That’s what I wanted. I could just picture myself climbing atop a nice piece of ass and pumping hard into her. Just the thought of it was making me get a little excited. I could feel the suit tightening up around my crotch.

Shit! I have to be more careful. I’m wearing this skin-tight suit, so they’ll definitely see my woody if I leave my legs open like that. I leaned forward again, closing my thighs just a bit, and let my arms rest in front of my crotch. That was better…and this way I could play with myself a little without them noticing. I don’t know why I suddenly had to “play”, but what did it matter? We all know I’m a horn-dog. I tried to stifle a whine as my fingers played with my balls.


The strange behavior in Erik caused me to pull my eyes away from the TV, and I watched him slowly bobbing in his position, eyes pointed to the TV. He looked like he was disturbed, rocking like that. I looked up to his ears, watching them wobble like before. For some reason, it made me smile. The thought of Erik being a dog was captivating me too much. I still wanted to pet him, with my leather-gloved hand. Gloves? I didn’t remember putting gloves on, but I saw them, plain as day. I brought my fingers to my nose, and took a nice, long whiff.

Yeah, leather. What a real man wore. I always looked up to my uncle, and I never understood why my parents were weary of him. He had this awesome Harley, and I always wanted to take a ride on it with him. When I get older, I’m totally getting one of those. I might want an outfit like this first. I remember seeing my uncle wearing it a long time ago when he showed up at my parents’ place. He was only there to say ‘hi’ to my Dad, but I got a glimpse of him. He had a thick cigar stashed to one side of his mouth, a thick black goatee around his mouth and covering the end of the cigar that he was chomping on. Yeah, I’ll have to grow one of those, too. I rubbed my chin, and heard the scratching against my gloves. Looks like I wouldn’t have to wait long, since I finally had some stubble.

I could never grow a beard before, though I’ve tried, and right now I didn’t feel shocked or surprised, just welcoming of the new change. I let out a small growl at the new development. If my uncle could grow a goatee that thick, I wondered how thick his body hair was. Bikers usually had wisps of chest hair poking up from the tops of their collars, and I’ve seen my uncle get out of the shower with nothing but a towel. It was a memory I never focused on, but now that I thought about, I could see remember every detail. He looked like a beast, with a patch of black fuzz covering his whole chest, then leading downward to a thin trail that went straight down the middle of his navel.

Speaking of his stomach, boy was it round. Nobody ever called him fat, because of the thick muscled arms he had, but he always had a gut poking from his shirt or his jacket. He must have drank quite a bit and worked out enough to get a gut like that. I unzipped the jacket, and ran a hand over the undershit. A little round, but it could be better. I lifted up the shirt, expecting to see my hairless body, but what I saw instead was the beginning of a trail, leading into my jeans. Now that was something. I loved the feeling of my gloved-hand gently brushing the hairs, and looked over to Erik to see if he was watching or not.


I gasped for air, slamming the glass down on the table once more. Milk was staining the front of my costume and had dried on my chin. I drank more than half of the jug, and was starting to feel full. The more I drank, the worse it tasted, but this urge inside me kept wanting more. I went to pick the glass up again, and accidentally knocked it into the sink where it shattered. Fuck, I need another glass! I walked to the cubbard again, having some trouble walking. My udder felt full, and sloshed with every step. That’s what I get for drinking so much! I wondered for a second why I thought it was my udder that was filling up, and not my stomach, but the worry soon left me as I tasted the dried milk on my lip, licking it off. I reached up to grab another glass, moaning as my milk-bag pressed against the counter.

The sudden surge of pleasure caused me to drop the glass I wanted, and it shattered on the counter, with a few bits of glass hitting the floor. This was bad, I just broke two glasses, and I really wanted the milk. I walked away from the mess, as to not cut myself, and it suddenly struck me that I didn’t need another glass. The jug had a handle! All those years of parental conditioning to not drink from the carton washed away, and I brought the top to my lips. It was a blur, as I finished off the entire thing, and I was brought out of my stupod from the sound of the plastic hitting the floor. Fuck, I drank a lot. I felt a bit woozy on my feet, like a strange euphoria that overtook me.

I leaned back on the counter, to help support some of the weight of my full udder, and used a hand to massage the top. I would make a great milking cow, as full as I was. I grabbed one of my rubbery teats, aiming it upward and then tugging. The milk shot straight up onto my face, and I scrambled to push it into my mouth before it dripped onto my body. God, that tasted way better than the jugged stuff! It was sweeter, creamier. I loved the taste of my own, and soon struggled to lean forward to grab the discarded jug. I moaned, and blushed as my whole body compressed against my udder, and I felt some of the sweet bounty dribbling down my legs. I was wasting it! I reached the jug just in time before any more spilled out, and brought the cap to a teat. If I was out, why not make more?

I whimpered with every tug, enjoying the sound of the powerful stream of milk hitting the inside of the platic. As heavy as I felt, I knew I had enough to fill two, maybe three of these.


My hands were squeezing so hard over my nuts, I thought I would scream, but I had to keep quiet, as to not alert the others. I was so hard, and the crotch of my suit was soaked from my pre. My other hand was rubbing the bulge of my shaft, and I wished I could pull it out right now, and just get it over with. It was at that moment that I felt the suit grip even tighter, and I had to bite my lip while it tugged on every part of me. Before I knew it, I wasn’t stroking a bulge anymore. My hand was filled with something thick and throbbing. Looking down, I saw my cock in all of its glory. The “red rocket” I loved to plug girls with. I didn’t understand why I had such problems getting it out before. I remembered clearly putting a slit on the front of the costume in case I had to rub one out. Being a horn-dog, it’s common to cum at least once, maybe twice every ten minutes.

I gripped the tapered member, running my thumb over the top, admiring the veings that traced over it. No wonder chicks loved it! It looked so good. The knot was fun to play with too, and I circled my thumb and forefinger around it, pulling upwards. I didn’t realize that I was drooling until I felt the saliva hit my leg, and I heard myself breathing heavily. “Fuck it, I’m a dog!” I thought, and began to hump into my hands.

I had just remembered, I was sitting next to Shelby! I quickly stopped, and looked towards him. He was acting strange, rubbing this thin fuzz over his belly with his hand. I shot a little more pre, thinking of how sexy it was. Everything in time is sexy to a horn-dog. He looked up, and our eyes met.


I almost couldn’t believe what I saw. Erik was looking at me while gripping one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever seen. It was burning red, and even from my distance I could see it pulsing. I looked into his eyes, and that same happy feeling took over from before. I reached forward, petting his ears.

“Good pup…,” I said, surprised at my words. Well, what was wrong with that? He was a horn-dog, right? I was only encouraging him to stay in character. He reacted nicely to it, whining and licking my hand. I just laughed, rubbing him some more and continued, “Don’t be afraid to stroke it, Erik. I know how you get.”

Erik whimpered and nodded, continuing to tug at his aching erection. Before I knew it, I had this strange fatherly feeling. I wanted to help him. I put my hand on his neck, gripping just a little, and pulled him towards me. He leaned in, a bit unsure at first, but soon he laid directly onto my lap. I reached past his cute little belly and gripped the part of his shaft he couldn’t. I swear I felt him melt when I did that, and he relaxed against me.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Erik said as he opened his legs, letting me do whatever I wanted to him. Looking down, I saw his squinted eyes staring up at me. He was adorable, and I had to kiss him. Leaning down, I pressed his small muzzle against my lips and tasted his hearty breath. He sure was a dog, but one of the best kissers I’ve known.


The jug was filled, and I was breathing heavily from all the pleasure I got from every teat I pulled and drained. As much as I emptied myself, though, I just felt even fuller! If I ended up emptying myself some how, I still had plenty of this hyper-nutritious replacement. I placed the top back onto the jug, and shuffled it straight to the back of the fridge. Now, the task of walking back to the living room. The guys had to have been thirsty by now, and I totally would provide the perfect drink. I waddled, sloshing more, leaking white droplets onto the tile then onto the carpet as I crossed rooms.

“Darn! So full!” I was so close to the living room, and I felt my fleshy container dragging against the carpet, which made me blush even harder. If this kept up, I’d have to be shipped off to a farm! I lifted up what I could of my udder, and walked even slower than before while I tried not to drop anything.

Once on the other side, I saw the two having their own fun. Shelby was laying on top of Erik, sucking his doggy prick and massaging the knot with his fingers, while his hanging gut pinned Erik below him. Erik wasn’t complaining, on the account that his muzzle was stuffed full of biker meat. The jeans and the assless chaps were laying on the coffee table, and I only shook my head, and slowly let my udder sink back onto the carpet. I placed my forehooves onto my hips, “Boys! Stop playing for a moment and milk me! I’m really full!” They stopped suddenly, and I watched both of them lock onto the view of my milk-bag. I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist a drink when the tap was right there, full and fresh.

It was Shelby who rose first, growling as he had to climb off of his new pet. His beard looked pretty shaggy, speckled with gray, and his cap was knocked aside which gave me a nice view of his receding hairline.

“Stupid old bear,” I laughed, placing a hoof on his head to lower him to his knees. My own knees nearly buckled when he roughly grabbed a teat and licked around it before plunging it into his mouth, “G-good boy…,” I panted, patting his cap gently, adjusting it so it fit properly on his noggin, “You too, boy!” I pointed to Erik, and he bounded from the couch over to us, and took a seat on his haunches, right next to Shelby, and suckled on another teat.

I rubbed both of their heads, watching them slowly fill with my treat. Shelby’s gut was already pretty big, and I took pride that my drink was now causing his belly to distend so much it covering his dripping cock. Erik was even more eager, though, and between gulps he would removed his mouth and lap at the nipple to catch the drops before suckling on it again.

Yep, another great Halloween.

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