The Straight Killer

By TheSmutLover
published March 24, 2020

Isen ( pronounced eye-sen ) is basically your local nerd. Always going on about what Bokémon cards he would buy or how Bintendo was coming out with new software he could only dream of trying, until he receives a confirmation that he was selected to participate in Bintendo’s secret software release beta. And ends up putting more use to it than he thought was possible

“And that concludes today’s lecture, have a nice winter break everyone!” Mr. Montoya shouted as everyone was almost halfway out the door already.

Except for Isen who was busy scrolling through the Buper Bash Bros update log for any patches on his favorite sword fighter. Isen was a generally tall, skinny kid around 6 foot, with dirty blonde hair that came above his eyebrows, his favorite pair of round glasses with golden rims which hid his ocean blue eyes, and underneath his hairless face with his pink lips moisturized with Waseline. He wore a Brasher’s hoodie with ripped jeans and low top Bonverse’s which made it seem like he had a good sense of style for someone classified as a “nerd”.

“Damn it. I knew that five hit combo was going to get nerfed someday, but why today. Instead of doing 45 percent damage, it only does 30 and now to mention they added a delay when you go from a combo to a grab. ERRRRR, I’m gonna have to rework my whole fighting strategy again. I took me a whole day to perfect that.” Isen groaned.

Putting his computer in his bag, and getting ready to leave before pulling out the GameInformer he planned to read on the walk to his apartment, he felt two large hands slam down on his collarbones. When he looked up in shock he met Connor’s gaze, who had been bullying him since he fell walking into his first lecture freshman year.

“Hey Iseeeen.” Connor spoke in a playful tone, which Isen knew was a ruse. “You see I’m having a problem with all this work we keep getting. I planned on banging some chick I met at the party yesterday later today so I don’t think it’s gonna get done. But you know if I miss another assignment I’m gonna have to help Montoya clean around the school like he does every break and that just doesn’t work for me since I have a reputation to uphold. So I was thinking, why don’t you do it for me and as payment I won’t kick your ass into next week.”

Isen looked at Connor up and down before rolling his eyes. He was your average jock. A military buzzcut which he hadn’t kept proper so his hair was longer than it should’ve been. Connor had a strong face with a stronger jawline, black eyes, and a nice smile that only came out when he was laughing at Isen. A broad and defined chest from all his years of playing club Tennis. His muscular arms which were a little hairy, and his hidden but visible six pack through the tight green long sleeve that had “Winner” across it he was wearing. His black joggers showed his thick thighs and bulge which was obvious he wanted people to see. And like most athletes without style who claim they do, wearing white socks and Bugg slippers. He could’ve been attractive to Isen and maybe his forbidden crush if him and his friends didn’t bully Isen for also being gay. How they found out about him, was also a mystery but they used it as any opportunity to bully Isen they could. This slowly made Isen hate them, and hate all straight people because he assumed they all thought the way Connor did. He shifted himself from Connor’s grasp and stood up before grabbing his bag and informer.

“Nah, I’m good. I think you can bang that slut or whatever she is and do your work since it’s you know… YOURS.” Isen demanded. No matter how many times Connor and his friends would try to bitch Isen into doing their work, Isen made it clear he wanted no part. He made sure to always say no, no matter how bad they would jump him. This enraged Connor and slapped the GameInformer out of Isen’s hands before pouring Batorade all over it and ripping it with his feet.

“I wasn’t asking you bitch. If you value your ribcage you’ll do my fucking work, and make it look good at that.” Connor yelled before shoving Isen to the ground and walking away. Isen could only slam his fists against the ground and throw out the informer he so desperately wanted to read. He had waited a month for the new issue and even planned reading it on his walk home. Throwing it out he could only stay angry and grumbling about how Connor always waited until the lecture rooms were empty to start tormenting him. Instead of reading the issue, the listened to his favorite EDM playlist and decided to let the electronic beats soothe him along with the cold wind on his walk home. He opened the white apartment door with his BLuigi key, and threw his bag against his black couch.

“WHY DOESN’T ANYONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM OH MY FUCKKKKKKK!” Isen shouted before calming himself down. He looked around his apartment, he had an elevated street view of the neighborhood from his rectangular window, a long black leather couch which was great for sleeping, and a smaller one particularly from reclining or watching tv. To his left was the kitchen, which had marble floor, a black stove, dishwasher, and sink all in the same area. With a small wooden table with two chairs, one for sitting eating Instant Ramen, and another to put his feet on. Then to his right was his room, which held a flat screen tv on the wall, with multiple gaming consoles under them, a gaming computer with a rainbow keyboard, and multiple function chair. He also had a soft chair that could recline by his bed, when he just wanted to play looking at the tv screen. It was a nice place he had earned and pays for with all the gaming competitions he wins and working on software for Barpple.

“There’s no point screaming it out loud when no one’s even here to listen to me.” Isen thought after rubbing his head. At the same time his phone vibrated in his pocket with the Bario coin collecting sound, so he knew it was an email. He quickly opened his phone as it read:

"Congratulations IsentheSlayer! You have been selected for our new beta testing version of Bario Maker 2: Lifelike Edition. Please read the terms and conditions below before clicking “Accept” and claiming the software. This application is available for mobile phones for the moment, unless you use a USB cord and connect your phone to a laptop to use a wider range of features. Thank you for signing up, and please feel free to submit any feedback through our original Bario app, with the subject “Beta Tester”. It read.

“Bario Maker 2?” Isen questioned. “I hope it’s better than the first one because you could barely play your own levels unless you reached the maximum item quota which was 500. And once you reached the quota, your level was so packed with items you could barely move, but at least this one’s free I guess.” Isen thought. Isen clicked the link after accepting the terms and conditions, and a green application with the letters BM2, appeared on his home screen. When he clicked it that’s when he got even more confused. The only screen it had was a required photo box at the top, or a take a picture option, desired changes and measurements, personality functions, and a lot of other functions which made it look like he held a factory on his phone.

“Oh. I guess you can personalize Bario and make it look like whoever you want. That’s kinda cool.” He thought. Just as he said this, he caught a glimpse of Connor storming down the street and up the stairs to his apartment door. He started to bang on it furiously and angrily.

“Open up you fag.” Connor shouted. “I wanna have a word with you.” Usually Isen would’ve ignored him, but after their encounter today he realized if no one was gonna tell Connor off, he’d do it himself. Granted he has a high possibility of losing if they got into another physical fight, the thought of him at least trying was enough to satisfy him. With that he unlocked the door and opened it.

“The fuck are you doing here Connor?” Isen snapped.

“I should ask you the same question.” Connor responded before stepping inside. Why aren’t you at the library doing my work, Montoya sped up the deadline and I have until 5 today. That’s in 2 hours Isen. The fuck are you doing here? Matter a fact, this is a nice place you weirdo."

“I already told you, I’m not doing your shit. Now get the fuck out before-” Isen shouted before getting cut off.

“Before what? You try and fail at kicking my ass? You still have two hours so I have no reason to hurt you yet, but all I know is that it better get done.” Connor demanded.

He turned his back to Isen to admire how nicely put the apartment was. He stopped his mouth from dropping, but his eyes obviously showed he was fascinated with everything around him. Isen was furious about Connor stepping on his property and demanding his work done, but calmed down before putting his phone on silent mode and opening the BM2 app and clicking the take a picture option. Isen decided that if he was gonna test run this app, then he’d rather enjoy it having a Connor looking Bario continuously falling pits of lava and getting attacked by Bombas or Ghosts. When he snapped the picture Connor stopped surveilling the room, before turning around and facing Isen with a blank stare.

“What the fuck are you looking at? You want a picture or something?” Isen questioned. Connor didn’t respond and seemed entranced, Isen walked closer before his phone buzzed with new features. There was a new function at the bottom, which was a black microphone looking button. Under it said “Voice Control”. Isen looked at it in disbelief and looked at Connor in disbelief, before shrugging his shoulders and thinking it was at least worth a try. He pressed the button, and a Siri sounding noise came after it.

“Uhm.. Do a spin.. I guess.” Isen spoke into the phone. There was 15 seconds of Connor not moving and Isen rolling his eyes wondering why he even decided to do that.

“I knew this was bull-” before being cut off by Connor doing a 360 degrees spin. Isen was shocked and dropped the phone and wondered how that was even possible, but his human instincts told him to try it again for proof.

“Jump up and say It’s a me, Bario in an Italian accent.” Isen spoke. Confused as to why he said that as opposed to the abundance of other things he could’ve said. Instead of the last attempts delay, Connor instant did a short jump and said “It’s a me Bario” in the only butchered Italian accent he could muster before going back to a blank stare.

Isen laughed and slapped himself in the face to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. After realizing he was awake, he thought about all the endless possibilities he had with this app. Then his lust had took over his thoughts which was unusual but also interesting to him. He never had sex before or even wanted to since he devoted himself to his gaming. This made him develop no type of crushes in highschool or even want to be around the toxic masculinity the athletes so proudly displayed. Then he refocused his thoughts on having sex with Connor which excited him.

“What if I could turn him. How sick would it be if he became gay, and couldn’t stand to bully me for something he was hiding as well.” Isen thought. These thoughts pleased him and wondered if he could do it to Connor, then he could do it to the rest of his little friend group and eventually everyone who tried to mess with him cause he was gay. He smiled his nice white smile and looked down at his phone quickly. With Connor’s back towards him there were new features that weren’t there before. “Bodily aspect tweaks, and personality brainwash” were the two that interested him the most. He clicked on the first, and saw that he could make his muscles more toned, eyes a different shade, or even make his butt bigger which he decided to go with. He typed in the box “bubble butt”, clicked enter, and looking at Connor’s right side saw through the black joggers, his backside become perkier and plumper. Then after the command was completed, the box cleared itself ready for the next command and Isen thought about how he could make Connor beg for his dick, without changing his personality completely. So he scrolled down, and turned Connor’s nipple sensitivity to 80% and made his horniness level “above average”. Isen could no longer see any physical changes being done, but naturally assumed they were being completed. After tweaking his body, he went over to the personality settings and clicked “slut”, but added a command that only activates it when he gets horny. Then added a command that made Connor get hornier everytime he would look at Isen, or even be around Isen and added another that made it so Isen’s saliva would trick Connor’s body and mind into thinking it was an aphrodisiac, and make him 10 times hornier than the last time. He looked at Connor who was still in a daze standing in front of his front door, and decided he was done with the changes after adding “Dirty talker” under the sexual experience option. He scrolled to the bottom of the app, and confirmed his changes before clicking a “Wake Bario Up” button. Connor immediately snapped back to his old self and wondered what happened.

“Hey you fuck turd what-” Connor paused. He stared at Isen and wondered why he was catching a raging boner. He also wondered why his nipples felt so weird in his shirt, but it wasn’t just looking at Isen, it was being around him that made him hornier. He wanted to get closer, he wanted to even taste him.

“Wait what the fuck. Why do I wanna kiss this fucking loser?” Connor thought. “I just want him to grab me and squeeze my ass before fucking it.” Connor thought again. He tried shaking his head but the thoughts wouldn’t go away, they only got more dirty and more sexualized.

“You want me now huh?” Isen questioned as he laughed and walked closer to Connor.

“What! Don’t make me fucking laugh. No one wants to be fucked by you!” Connor lied. He could only think about how good it would be if it did happen. Isen walked closer so that now they were face to face, and when Connor realized he tried to push him away, but was met with a kiss from Isen instead.

Connor moaned before stopping and looking up at Isen. Even thought Isen was taller than him, it never stopped him from hitting him before so what’s stopping him now. Isen’s blue eyes looked back at him, with his nice hair, and kissable lips.

“Damn. Did this guy get hotter? Wait. I’m not a fag so why am I thinking like this.” Connor questioned in his head. Isen took this opportunity to rub on Connor’s nipples through his shirt and made Connor melt in Isen’s hands. The pleasure was incomparable to any pussy he had fucked, or anything for that matter.

“Mmm. Fuck yes daddy.” Connor’s deep voice moaned before he covered his mouth with both hands stopped Isen. He was shocked at himself, where’d he learn this from, why was he doing it, and why did he want it to continue. Isen grabbed Connor’s face and kissed him again, only this time for atleast a 15 second duration making sure to incorporate his tongue into it. After letting him go, he moved his mouth to Connor’s ear.

“You look so shocked, but don’t you want this? Why do you even care about all of it? Don’t you want to be… mine?” Isen seductively questioned. Connor tried to move away, but his brain and body contradicted. On one hand he wanted to kill Isen for doing this to him and on the other wanted to give him the best blowjob of his life. He moved Isen’s face and looked at him in the eyes again before deciding to go with the latter.

“W-Where’s your room?” Connor questioned shyly. Isen pointed and Connor dragged him there before pulling down the shades of his windows and having Isen lay on his back on top of the sheets of his bed. Connor wasted no time and immediately got on top of Isen and started kissing him. He didn’t know what it was, but kissing Isen made his head rush and make him want to do more. Their tongues were having a swordfight and their moans were filling the closed room. Connor even started to grind on top of Isen, as if he was hinting at the fact he was ready to have sex now, but Isen broke their kissing.

“How about you suck my dick huh?” Isen ordered. Connor’s mind desperately wanted to say no and that he could go screw himself, but another part of his mind didn’t even feel like resisting so he started to unbuckle his ripped jeans and kiss all over his black briefs before pulling them down. He removed Isen’s jeans completely along with the briefs, so reveal Isen’s big nine inch cock which made Connor frightened but also excited.

“So this is where you hide all the meat from the skinny body huh?” Connor questioned. Isen chuckled before grabbing his phone off the bed and pausing Connor again. There he sat with a blank stare, but Connor went straight to the body tweaks and raised his prostate sensitivity to 80%, make him more submissive the more he got fucked, and giving him no gag reflex just so he could have a little fun. He also added a self lubricating ass hole which would be needed since he didn’t own any lube unfortunately. After completing the changes he put his phone on the nightstand, and made Connor get to work. Connor slowly licked up the circumsized dick with a moan, before sucking on half of it and deepthroating it without giving it a second thought. He was confused but only getting hornier by the minute and even played with Isen’s balls while doing so with his tongue. After about 5 minutes of this he looked up at Isen and pleaded without any regrets.

“Could you face fuck me please?” Connor questioned. Isen was shocked at Connor asking in a polite tone, but obliged and stood up before taking the boy’s face and shoving his cock in it. Connor’s mind drifted and he was in bliss. Each time he felt Isen’s dick in his throat he only wanted to be fucked more and changed his mind quickly. He got up, threw off his shirt and joggers, revealing his white jockstrap. Isen could barely contain his lust, Connor’s butt fit perfectly inside of it and made him look even sexier now than ever. Connor climbed on the bed with his six pack stomach facing the ceiling showing his tight, pink asshole. It was cleanly shaved which Isen was curious about, but didn’t mind. Isen walked over to Connor’s ass placing his dick at the entrance and putting one hand on Connor’s neck. The anticipation was killing Connor, and only made him want to do more and get fucked as soon as possible. With this thought, he fully threw away his pride.

“Please Daddy, I want you to fuck me.” Connor begged. “Fuck me as hard and fast as you want. I want it all.”

Isen laughed and took two fingers from his left hand and made Connor suck on them like a dick to see just how slutty he had made his former bully before shoving his dick hard into Connor’s ass. Connor’s eyes rolled back into his head followed by a “Ohhhh fuckkkk”, and a pile of cum on Connor’s stomach. Isen took two more slow and hard strokes before deciding to go as wild as he wanted since he hadn’t cum yet. He was slamming into Connor’s ass and after a few minutes of doing this, used both hands to play and pinch at Connor’s nipples.

“W-Wait.” Connor cummed. “I can’t-” Connor cummed again. Everytime Isen would rub or pinch, Connor would dump another load of cum onto his stomach. At this point he was nearly begging for more while his eyes rolled into the back of his head and begging for Isen to cum so that he could bask in this moment forever.

“Yeah? You want my cum. Daddy’s gonna cum soon. Daddy’s gonna make. You. His. Little. Bitch.” Isen growled as he fucked slower and harder.

“OH. Dad-DY. I. Want. It. All. Oh fuck. I’m just a whore. Just a dumb little fuckboy.” Connor moaned.

With that Isen came, and shot so much the cum was basically dripping out of Connor’s twitching asshole. Connor decided it was best not to waste it, and took to fingers to finger his ass for a few seconds before swallowing the cum like water from the fountain of youth. Connor grabbed his phone again, but instead opened up the camera app and faced it towards Connor.

“Now I want you to make a slutty pose for me can you do that?” Isen questioned. Connor was basically as obedient as they went, and laid on his back with his left left knee facing the ceiling, and his arms in the air with his devilish smile and raising an eyebrow that said “I wanna get fucked.” Isen was suprised, Connor became a model for whores in a matter of 5 seconds, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy him. So turned on the light in his room, positioned the phone with a ten second timer and made it so Connor was sitting in between his legs, and also made him put up two piece signs to display his broad muscles. Then he squeezed his right nipple and grabbed his neck which made Connor’s eyes roll back and form a dumb smile with a little bit of drool coming down the side of his face from the pleasure before the camera snapped. Isen planned on captioning it, the First Straight I killed, knowing he would never post it.

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