Jeremy is a Drone

By Ng5hvlo4 -
published March 24, 2020

Jeremy lives out his first day as a drone and Mark can’t help but feel a little envious

Jeremy awoke to a rather pleasant sensation coursing up and down his engorged member and in and out his ass. The motions, though repetitive, altered in variance to keep him gently on edge. He moaned softly, enjoying the pleasure.

I can get used to this, Jeremy thought to himself. No, not Jeremy. JY5269, he corrected himself. Jeremy was a human name and he was not a human anymore. He was a drone. As he thought about his, he felt his mind slow down, recalling the subliminal training that had been playing since he first donned the suit the night before. The night that Mark, his long time friend, had confessed his love to him and who had given him the courage and strength to finally live out his fantasy of being a drone! It had been the best night of Jeremy’s life.

Jeremy had always been indecisive but for the first time Jeremy felt confident in his decision and had no regrets about it. And if that confidence came from the hypnosis programming that had been running all night, then so what. Jeremy did not feel stressed out like he normally would, torn between two realities: the drone world vs. the construction team. In no small part thanks to Mark, he was not only going to get to be a drone (Mark’s drone, he thought happily to himself), but he would get to stay on the construction team with the other men whom Jeremy had bonded to. They were like the family he never had. Beneath his rubber hood, Jeremy began to cry softly, feeling so happy at being loved!

A pinging noise in his ears interrupted his thoughts, heralding the appearance of a purple-colored spiral across Jeremy’s vision. The sight of it caused Jeremy to immediately fall into trance. It was similar to the other spiral that Jeremy saw every day at work, though this one was softer, likely because of its proximity to his face. Jeremy liked the purple color, how it gently swirled in the darkness of his rubber hood. He found his thoughts slowing down, his focus entirely on the center of the spiral, focusing on the good feelings that he was experiencing in general. The sensation was not limited to his cock and ass, but rather seemed to envelop his entire being with a warm fuzzy glow.

All too soon, the spiral disappeared and with it the fuzzy feeling ebbed. No! Come back! Jeremy thought. But it didn’t. He felt empty without the sensation and he wanted it back. He heard a faint clicking sound as the drone chair uncuffed his limbs and retracted the dildo and cock attachments back into itself.

He didn’t get too much time to ponder, as a set of commands came from his earphones and, while he couldn’t remember consciously what they said, JY5269 knew that he needed to stand up and face the other drones. He stood up so fast that he felt a little disoriented once he was on his feet, the sensation of his body automatically obeying orders before his mind could grasp them leaving him slightly dazed.

When he had gained his bearings, he turned to face the other two drones. The first drone, BT5365, had been Jeremy’s for the past 5 years. He worked at some corporate office, pleasuring other employees and training new drones. He stood tall, straight, and at attention, his muscled body outlined nicely by the tight black rubber that encased his entire body. His entire body save for his chin and smiling mouth, and the pink head of his hard cock. Thinking back, JY5269 had never seen that cock go soft. He wondered if that would be the same for him. He suspected it did. A hard cock meant an empty mind, after all.

The other drone, SE9168, was someone like Jeremy, someone who wanted to be a drone and was getting the chance to be one. From what BT5365 had told him, SE9168 worked at the same company as BT5365 and had only just yesterday began his conversion. Apparently, he had taken well to the programming, for he was already responding just like a drone should. Aside from minor deviations that would eventually be corrected thanks to continuous brainwashing, no one would’ve thought that he was still a drone in training. His body was also muscled like BT5365, a consequence of mandatory gym time. The pair could’ve been twins for all Jeremy knew.

The two drones were standing silently at attention, smiling vacuously and staring ahead at nothing in particular. JY5269 could not see past the reflective black lenses that outfitted the drone hoods, nor gain any indication of what the drones were thinking about (or not thinking about) from their body language. Both seemed to be relaxed and at peace. Maybe SE9168 can give me some tips on his experience, JY5269 thought.

The purple spiral returned to his vision, only this time it overlaid his vision instead of completely blocking out everything. JY5269 found that he could still see his surroundings as clearly as if the spiral were not there. He felt his mind slow down again and his eyes focusing forward to the spot where the middle of the spiral was. His thoughts disappeared and the warm fuzzy feeling returned to envelop his entire body and mind in pleasure. His cock rose to full hardness, though JY5269 was too focused on the overall feelings of pleasure that he did not notice that his cock was hard.

In the midst of the pleasure, he heard BT5365 speak, his voice clearly heard even amidst the continuous subliminal whispers coming from the earphones and his focus on the spiral. “Drone JY5269, how did you sleep?”

The question would’ve surprised Jeremy, but not JY5269, especially not while in trance. In a dreamy hypnotized (human) voice he replied, “I slept well, BT5365.”

“Was there any pain or discomfort?”

“None at all,” JY5269 replied.

BT5365 repeated the inquiry to SE9168, who responded, “I slept well. There was no pain or discomfort. Only pleasure,” in a monotone voice, without variance in pitch or tone. His manner of speaking sounded exactly like BT5365. Sounded so unlike his response. Jeremy’s human response. He began to feel inadequate and small, despite his trance state.

BT5365 turned his gaze to JY5269 and saw the smile on JY5269 fade a bit. He approached the drone until he stood right before JY5269, close enough that their two cocks were touching like a pair of crossed blades. He placed his rubbered hand on the drone’s shoulder to calm him while his other hand reached down to gently stroke JY5269’s hard rubber-clad cock.

JY5269 felt pleasure at the sensation. How good it felt, so sensitive. He wanted to cum, but he knew that he shouldn’t. It was challenging. He looked into BT5365’s smiling face. What a beautiful drone face, with that smile.

“Relax, JY5269. Look into my eyes and relax. Focus on the pleasure from your cock.”

Jeremy found himself once again falling deeper into trance as he stared at the drone’s smiling face and felt rising pleasure as his cock hardened further. The pleasant buzz returned and intensified.

“Let yourself relax, let yourself listen to the voices. Your human worries are behind you. You are a drone, you are Drone JY5269. Repeat.”

“I am Drone JY5269,” the drone that was Jeremy replied.

“Keep repeating”

For almost an hour, JY5269 repeated that one phrase over and over again. As he did, he found himself falling deeper and deeper in trance, finding his worrisome thinking fade away into the background until it had disappeared. He focused on the voices and let their commands penetrate deep into his mind. Slowly, his responses began to shift from the dreamy slurry tone of a hypnotized boy to the monotone, crisp speech of a drone. By the end of the hour, JY5269 had reverted back to the deep state that he was in the night before, back to his drone state.

BT5365 watched the new drone with satisfaction. It had submitted well and was simply experiencing the occasional reversion that was common of new drones. This reversion occurred during the sleep cycle, when the mind regenerated from the efforts of the day. As the days would progress, the reversion would happen less and less. BT5365 estimated that by the end of the week the reversion would be absent in JY5269. Overall, the new drone’s progress had been swift, like that of SE9168.

While JY5269 continued to chant his mantra, BT5365 had SE9168 chanting a different mantra. Instead of chanting “I am drone SE9168,” SE9168 chanted the instructions that came from the voices, repeating their constant message over and over again:

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure.

During this time, SE9168 stroked his hard cock, up and down, up and down, his rhythm not showing any deviation or variation. Just a constant mechanical motion that served to reinforce his obedience to the voices. In a similar manner, his monotone crisp voice did not waver or alter. A human would’ve been gasping in pleasure and moaning at this point, but not so a drone. The drone would moan in pleasure if he was ordered to, but not before.

BT5365 himself spent the hour focusing on the two drones, watching their responses intently and gauging their progress. He did not stray in his thinking or worry about things like the time. Time simply did not worry him anymore. The voices did all the worrying for him. When a pinging noise rang through his ears, BT5365 knew it was time to wake up Mark from his sleep. He had the two drones stop chanting and follow him into the bedroom. They marched uniformly behind him, though JY5269’s march was off-sync. That would change with time.

In what had been Jeremy’s bed up until yesterday, Mark was sleeping comfortably amidst a tangle of sheets. The bedsheets were strewn across the bed in a tangle, part-way covering his powerful body. Hours of construction work had toned his body into that of a muscle god. Through the thin sheets that still covered his groin, JY5269 could see that Mark was semi-hard. Whatever dream he was having must be a good one. JY5269 wondered if he was in the dream. He felt a hunger grow inside of him, a hunger to suck on that cock. When the order came from BT5365 to suck on it, JY5269 wasted no time in crawling gently onto the bed, peeling away the covers, and lapping at the pink head with his tongue.

As he obeyed, JY5269 felt such a rush of pleasure. The pleasure continued to mount as he slurped at Mark’s meaty member and started sucking on it. As he moved to deepthroat Mark’s monster cock, he found that he was able to easily take in the beast. His muscles were relaxed as he worked up and down, eventually coming down to kiss at the base of the monster cock.

Within the rubber hood that he wore, the spiral kept the new drone in deep trance and the voices repeating,

Suck deeper. Relax. Obey.

Over and over again yet fading from his conscious mind the instant after they were spoken. JY5269 gave himself completely to the voices and felt his body vibrate with pleasure. At some point he felt a hand petting his rubber head, but he neither flinched nor lose his focus or rhythm as he continued sucking on that cock. He heard Mark speak now and then, his voice heard easily over the voices that whispered continuous commands of obedience into his brain.

“Yeah, good drone. Yes. Oh, yes. Keep sucking on it. Yeah, just like that. Keep going. Keep taking it in. So deep. Oh, Yes! YesYesYesYESYESSSSSS‼‼‼”

Mark exploded into JY5269’s mouth, the warm salty fluid flowing easily down his throat. He so enjoyed the taste of cum. And lucky him that as a drone it was a treat that he would get to taste again and again. He did not gag or pause his sucking action though. He switched to gently sucking and lapping at Mark’s cock for several moments, which caused Mark to moan deeply with pleasure and collapse on the bed.

“You can stop now, Drone” Mark panted. JY5269 instantly obeyed and lifted his head up. He was surprised at how quickly he had obeyed and at how quickly his desires had shifted from wanting to keep on sucking that cock to no longer wanting to. The experience thrilled him!

He looked upon Mark’s smiling face and felt himself melt inside. How he loved that smiled, loved the man giving it. “Heya Champ! Come slide over by me.”

“Yes, Master,” JY5269 replied in a somewhat panting, robotic tone. He crawled up the bed and slid his rubber body against Mark’s naked one. The sensation of rubber on bare skin felt divine. Mark wrapped his powerful arms around his new drone and began to rock very gently back and forth. His limp cock hardened as it rubbed and ground against Jeremy’s own hard rubber-clad cock. The pair huddled together as Mark panted heavily, clearly overwhelmed by the experience.

“You are such a good drone,” Mark said.

“Thank you, Master,” JY5269 replied, his body glowing with pleasure at the complement, “It is a pleasure to serve you.”

“This is amazing. You are amazing! How are you feeling in there?”

“I feel great, Master. Like I have no cares in the world,” As JY5269 spoke, Mark found the more monotone robotic speech of his lover quite arousing.

“I love you, my drone.”

“And I love you, my Master.”

The pair exchanged a deep kiss, then returned to their embrace. Mark wanted to stay there forever, but he knew that JY5269 still had training to do, to be a full drone. He spent several moments feeling over his new drone, rubbing his hands along its rubbered back and ass, feeling at the small hole that led into JY5269’s ass.

“Master, do you wish to fuck your drone?” JY5269 asked.

“Maybe later. I just really like the feel of the rubber. It is so hot! You look so hot in it! I wonder if I could look as hot as that while in rubber. Too bad only drones are allowed to wear rubber, though,” he sighed. He looked up to BT5365, who had been standing silently at attention the entire time along with SE9168, standing like two department store mannequins.

“Master?” BT5365 asked, sensing his Master had a question.

“What needs to be done to complete JY5269’s conversion to a drone? And how is he doing?”

“Master, JY5269’s progress is within normal parameters. JY5269 did relapse slightly this morning. This is normal for most new drones and will soon subside. It is recommended that he and I spend the day with further training.”

“I agree with your assessment. What can I do to help?”

“During this next stage, it will be better if you are away from the house. Today JY5269 needs his absolute focus and no distractions. Based on your relationship and JY5269’s lingering subconscious anxieties, your presence would enhance those anxieties.”

Mark’s heart sank at hearing that his presence was causing his lover to feel anxious. It hurt to see him like that, and he would do anything to take them away. He thought about BT5365’s proposal and decided to go along with it.

“Ok, if you say so,” Mark said. He felt Jeremy tug against, pulling him tighter into their embrace.

“But I want to be with you!” JY5269 said, his voice having reverted from the calm drone-like speech to a more human response, one that was in emotional pain.

“Oh Drone, I do too,” Mark said as he embraced Jeremy. As he spoke, he slid his other hand down to stroke at JY5269’s cock, rubbing up and down in an effort to calm the drone. As he stroked, JY5269 did indeed calm down, sinking back down into trance and once again smiling vacuously. “I love you and I want to be there to support you. I trust that BT5365 knows what he is doing. If BT5365 says that my being away for a few hours will help you, then I’ll do it. I would do anything to see you happy.”

By this point JY5269 has slipped back into the deep trance that he had been in before his outburst. His reply was more monotone, “Yes, Master. I will obey you.”

Mark smiled to himself. He was glad that JY5269 was making strides forward, working towards overcoming his fears and anxieties. He was proud of him. And he would support JY5269 thought it all, even as he transformed into something a bit emptier. No, not empty, he thought, more…real

Mark untangled himself from JY5269 after giving him a last hug. “Then I’ll head on out to work today. That should keep me out of the house for a little. I will see you this evening,” he said, kissing JY5269 gently on the lips.

“Will you be requiring a sack lunch, Master?” BT5365 asked.

“Not today, BT. Just take care of JY5269, ok.”

“Of course, Master,” BT5365 replied.

Mark spend the next half-hour preparing for work, taking a short shower and grabbing a few odds and ends in the pantry for a quick lunch. That done, he slid into his car and made the drive off to work. He squirmed more than usual on the dildo this morning and was not as into the sucking motions from the fleshlite attachment. He didn’t go into trance right away either, his thoughts focused on recent events. Eventually the monotony of the drive helped calm him down and he began to slip into trance. His last thoughts as he sunk into trance from the radio white-noise was hoping that things would work out for JY5269. And how hot JY5269 looked in rubber!

Back at the house, JY5269 and SE9168 stood side-by-side in the living room, their gazes focused on the smiling BT5365. The three drones stood close enough that their hard cocks touched one another.

“New drones,” BT5365 said, “You have had a taste of what your new life will be like. Feel yourself swell with pride and happiness as you obey. How much pleasure you feel.”

BT5365 reached for behind his head and, to JY5269’s utter surprise, BT5365 took off his rubber hood. JY5269 gasped in spite of his relaxed state. He had never once seen the drone’s face. Heck, he’d assumed that drones never took their hoods off. Ever.

The face beneath the hood was that of a fair skinned 20-something man with some freckles. His eyes were green and unfocused, gazing ahead at the spot where the spirals would’ve been playing across the lenses of his drone hood. The smile that JY5269 had seen every day remained on the man’s face, unchanging and constant. It was a face that JY5269 found attractive, especially considering it was the face of what was his drone for the past few years. The experience was…different. He didn’t know what to think about it. Before he could dwell too long on these feelings, BT5365 spoke again, his gaze never changing and his mouth moving in the same efficient manner as before, his voice speaking in monotone.

“This is the face of a drone. Look at it well, how it remains relaxed and focused on the pleasure. It responds automatically based on programmed behaviors. It does not think for itself and there is no need to think. SE9168, you seem to feel this way naturally. Is this correct?”

“Affirmative, BT5365,” the other drone replied promptly.

“Remove your hood, SE9168.”

“Yes, Drone.” SE9168 removed his hood. Like BT5365’s, his face was also placid and vacant, the eyes also gazing distantly.

“Look at this drone, JY5269,” BT5365 said. JY5269 complied, rotating his body so that he stood directly before SE9168 and gazed upon the drone’s placid face. “See how calm and peaceful he is,” BT5365 continued, “SE9168 was converted yesterday morning and progressed very quickly through training.”

BT5365 reached down to stroke JY5269’s cock, stroking it steadily and firmly, allowing the arousal to fill JY5269 as he did. “Last night you were like SE9168. Last night your conversion was extremely swift. Some of this had been undone by your latest sleep cycle. But see how quickly you relax and fall back into trance, when the object of your desire is before you, when your cock is stimulated.”

“Yes, BT5365” JY5269 somewhat slurred as he gazed into SE9168’s unseeing eyes.

“Trust your body, trust the voices that speak to you through the earphones. They will never lead you astray. You will feel everlasting pleasure. Let yourself fall deeper into trance, deeper into pleasure and bliss. We will train your mind to let go of anxiety, to embrace this new side of you with no regrets. Then you will obey and perform various tasks, teaching your body how to automatically obey without your mind focusing on it. You don’t need to worry about getting anything perfect. Your body will do that for you. It knows what to do. Let go and give in to the sensations. Let yourself fall into the sea of pleasure.”

JY5269 felt himself doing exactly that, enjoying the feelings of pleasure that he had been immersed in since the night before. He focused on the pleasant sensations coming from his cock, from the gentle stroking of BT5365’s hand along it.

“Face me drones.” Both JY5269 and SE9168 made a sharp turn to face BT5365.

“Take off your hood, JY5269,” BT5365 commanded. JY5269 paused for a moment. Take off my hood? he thought, unsure. “Take off your hood, drone,” BT5365 repeated again, in the same tone. JY5269 complied and felt a wave of pleasure as BT5365 increased the pace of the stroking. JY5269 had a look of lustful pleasure, his eyes somewhat unfocused and his mouth open as though to moan.

“Kneel,” BT5365 commanded to the pair. At once all three drones fell to their knees on the ground.

“SE9168, stroke your cock. JY5269, stroke my cock.” JY5269 obeyed, reached out his hand and began to stroke the other drone’s already hard cock. How firm it felt in his hands, how powerful and vibrant. “As you stroke, look at my face, focus on it, lose yourself in it, lose yourself to the pleasure.”

JY5269 focused on BT5365’s face, the drone showing no sign of any reaction to the pleasant sensations that it must have been experiencing.

“This state will soon become your entire reality. There will be no thoughts in your head. You must wonder what this drone is thinking. This drone is thinking nothing. It is lost in the feelings of pleasure that are now streaming through its body by your stroking of its cock. It knows that it feels good. It obeys by remaining deep in trance and relaxed. You will notice that no matter what you do this drone will not cum for this drone has not been commanded to cum. It remains on the edge feeling extreme pleasure.”

JY5269 focused on the drone’s every word, letting them sink into his mind, which had begun to empty of stray thoughts.

“Now, listen to the voices and repeat their messages until otherwise told. Let the messages sink and imprint deeply into your mind.”

JY5269 and SE9168 began to chant, their voices soon falling into sync. BT5365 soon joined them, and with that JY5269’s voice soon matched the monotone, crisp replies of the other two drones. He faithfully recited the messages that streamed from the voices, over and over again.

It is good to suck cock. It is good to stroke cock. It is good being sucked. It is good to be fucked. It is good to fuck. It is good to obey. It feels good to obey. It is good to surrender completely to pleasure. It is good to obey the voices form the earphones. Obedience is pleasure. You need to be mindless. You don’t need to think at all. You don’t need a brain. It feels good not to think. You don’t need to worry about thinking. You don’t want to think for yourself. Feel your mind flowing into your cock. When you cum, you will expel you mind and will along with you seed. Your mind will expel with your seed. When you cum, you will empty your mind, empty your will.

JY5269 continued droning in this way for several hours. He felt himself fall deeper into trance, deeper into pleasure. He focused on the drone’s face and the feelings of pleasure coming from his cock. Time ceased to have any meaning for JY5269. The echoes from the earphones continued to play in the background of his mind, a series of commands that he did not consciously acknowledge yet found himself obeying even as he obeyed the commands from BT5365. These commands were whispered along with the main commands, interspersed so that they sunk into the drone’s subconscious mind even as they chanted. Instructions on how to think like a drone, act like a drone, move like a drone.

As this continued, JY5269 found himself imagining the purple spiral from his drone hood as he fell deeper. Even though the spiral was not in front of his face he could feel himself falling deeper into them. The memory of them relaxed him further and further. How much harder this would have been had Mark been waiting around in the house. The thought that at any moment Mark could step in through the door would’ve made it nigh impossible for JY5269 to attain this state again. It was just his drone brothers here.

On and on the trio stroked, JY5269 feeling himself becoming one with the pleasure. He was barely aware of when BT5365 told them to briefly halt and put on their rubber hoods, the spinning purple spirals reappearing to put JY5269 even further under. They continued for several hours more. JY5269 repeated the words in perfect sync with his fellow drones, proclamations of obedience and subservience that etched themselves deep into his brain. He did not think about anything. He felt like he was sinking into the floor, into an empty bottomless pit, constantly falling gently and with no fear of striking floor or ceiling.

A pinging noise rang, and he suddenly knew that it was time for lunch. Drones needed to stay in peak health in order to be of service. The three drones rose and made their way to the kitchen. Over the next hour they worked in sync, with BT5365 directing the two drones as they cut and stirred. They wore oven mitts as they handled the hot cooking pot and when they cut with the kitchen knife, so as to protect the rubber. While the rubber was of top quality and had been reinforced to resist heat, abrasion, and cuts, it was still good practice to limit such exposure.

By the hour’s end, the drones had prepared a warm pot of gumbo. The drones took their positions at the table, standing so that their cocks hovered over the vapors of the soup. At a command from the voices, the drones came into the soup. JY5269 thoroughly enjoyed the sensation as his cock continued to pump for what felt like forever, until there was no cum left in his balls. Unlike his prior orgasms, his cock did not soften but remained hard and at attention. Though his balls were empty, he felt very relaxed and very horny. This detail did not escape BT5365’s notice. Clearly the earlier training was running smoothly.

After cumming, the drones switched places in a clockwise manner, then sat before the soup bowls. The drones ate the cum-laced soup with gusto, which for drones meant eating in a very controlled and repetitive manner. The act of eating the cum of his fellow drones filled JY5269 with pleasure and arousal, causing his cock to drip some precum.

After eating the hearty lunch, the drones spent the afternoon cleaning the kitchen and house. As he performed these various tasks, JY5269 found it easier and easier to focus on the pleasure and let his body go. It was an unusual out-of-body experience, but one that the drone soon grew accustomed to. The presence of SE9168 and BT5365 to look upon as inspiration helped with that as well. How much more difficult this would have been had Mark been there. Jeremy’s subconscious anxieties would’ve surfaced and given him performance anxiety, which would’ve been counter to the training he was receiving. BT5365 knew what he was doing, and the drone was extremely satisfied with the progress of the two drones-in-training.

When the time came close to Mark’s return, BT5365 had the drones stop their chores and assemble before the front door. When BT5365 shared his approval at their work, JY5269 felt a surge of pride and a charge of pleasure. How hot it was to have performed all these actions as a drone! He felt his cock tighten and release a few small droplets of cum. The sensation was amazing, but then panic sunk in as he realized what he had just done. He had cum without permission! He felt a pit in his stomach and looked shamefully at BT5365, who continued to gaze upon him vacantly.

“I’m so sorry,” JY5269 said. BT5365 continued to smile at him and placed both hands on JY5269’s shoulders.

“You are forgiven, Drone. It is perfectly natural for new drones to experience this release of emotion during the initial stages. You will not be punished for it. You will find that as you continue with your training that your body will instinctually control itself even better. There is no need for me to punish you. You are already doing that to yourself. You are training yourself to be a better drone and that is good.”

JY5269 felt a little better. He still felt very bad about having cummed without having been commanded. But, if BT5365 said that things would get better, he believed they would get better. JY5269 was determined that he would not make the same mistake again, that he would do better. BT5365 must have sensed the course of his thoughts, for he suddenly embraced JY5269 tightly and whispered in his ear, audible even through the headphones whispers, “Very good, drone. Very good. Now stand at attention.”

JY5269 found his body instinctually turning towards the door as he assumed the slave position: standing up straight, arms behind his back, pelvis thrust forward, cock hard, face grinning as he gazed upon the door.

When Mark came home after work to find the three drones standing at attention, clearly awaiting him, he was overjoyed. He strode towards JY5269 and gave his drone lover a firm embrace. The drone returned the gesture, speaking in monotone, “Welcome home, Master. How may we serve you?”

Mark paused, clearly surprised by the speed at which JY5269 appeared to have progressed since this morning. BT5365 sure knew what he was doing, Mark thought, glad that things seemed to be progressing well. The sex that night was as amazing as the previous night. Again, BT5365 took somewhat of an active hand in directing the lovemaking, all with the purpose of furthering JY5269’s conversion to a full drone. They spend the entire night pleasuring one another. When the morning finally came, Mark was happy to see that JY5269 had not regressed back to his human state and had begun to display most of the habits that he had seen in BT5365.

For Mark the hardest part was not from watching how his friend became consumed by the drone. JY5269 had wanted that existence and Mark fully supported that, glad that his lover was feeling true peace and happiness. No, the hardest part, Mark decided, was sleeping alone and waking up alone. Not once did he miss JY5269 more than when he awoke during the middle of the night to find the bed empty. On one such occasion, he had crept into the drone’s room to gaze upon their still forms as the chairs worked their mind altering magic on them. The scene was so hot that Mark had cummed without touching himself. He did not get any further rest that night and decided to take the day off from work. He used that time to rest and practice giving his drones commands. He loved it when they would stand near him, still as statues while he fondled their cocks.

It was during this scenario that Mark asked BT5365, “Drone, is there a way for JY5269 and me to sleep together. I get that he needs to sleep in the drone chair, but I feel so lonely at night without him.”

BT5365 was silent for several moments, then responded, “Master, it has come to this drone’s attention that there exists a prototype suit that could indeed facilitate this function. It is a new design by System Control, not yet ready to be released except for special circumstances. If Master requests, this Drone can request such a suit.”

“Please do so with all haste.” At his Master’s command the drone left the room to proceed with the task.

It was later that evening when the reply came from System Control. Mark did not know much about System Control other than it was the company that was the most advanced in the area of drone conversion and maintenance. The company had branches in every city and town, and its headquarters were located several hundred miles away.

BT5365 gave the report with somewhat of an excited edge to his monotone voice, a detail that Mark found very erotic. The request had been accepted and a new suit was on its way. In addition, System Control was sending newer versions of the drone suits, as the company had made major upgrades to the current drone suits and earphones. New suits were being shipped and were to replace the current suits. Amazingly, the new suits would arrive the very next morning! Mark felt the excitement grow within him. How hot it would be to watch the drones get into their new suits, especially JY5269. So excited was he that Mark couldn’t sleep, his dreams living out some hot fantasies.

The suits arrived early the following morning. After being awoken by the drones and after a hearty breakfast that the four of them shared together, Mark had the drones assemble in the living room and change into their new suits. The upgraded suits for BT5365 and SE9168 were similar to their current suits, only the material was more reflective and glossier. JY5269’s new suit was similar in external appearance, but internally it had a built in hollowed-out dildo that squirmed in Mark’s hands when he reached out to touch it. The material did not quiver or move when undisturbed, but at the contact of human skin it undulated slightly, sending a rippling motion that Mark supposed would feel like the thrusting motion of a cock. According to the instructions that came with the suit, the quivering was caused by chemical and temperature differences along the material, which would cause the thrust-like feel and that would change throughout the day. How clever, Mark thought as he had BT5365 read the instructions aloud for him.

There was another difference in the part of the suit that would cover the drone’s groin. Rather than a separate cock sheath and cock ring, the suit now had these items built into it. The rubber was thicker as well, and it too undulated when touched on the inside, to simulate the stroking of the drone’s cock and balls.

Mark watched with arousal as the drones put on their new suits. How hot they looked when they took of the rubber hoods, how they still gazed vacantly as they continued their tasks. Mark had JY5269 turn to face him as he put on the suit, watching as the drone mechanically put on its new suit and gazed through Mark without obvious recognition. It was a hot scene. He came once as the drone disrobed while gazing vacantly at him. On a whim he commanded JY5269 to show pleasure while putting on the new suit. At once JY5269’s face changed from that of vacancy to that of vacant lust. As the drone slid its cock into the groin slot and planted its ass on the protrusion in the suit, he moaned such a moan of pleasure that Mark came for the second time that morning.

When all was said and done, the drones stood before Mark in their new suits. Mark beamed with pride and lust, and some envy. How hot they looked in their suits and how much he wished he could wear such garment.

To Mark’s surprise, all three drones stiffened and then spoke in unison: “Commencing system upgrade program. Estimated duration: 2 hours. Initializing.” The drones reached down for their cock and began to stroke them. Mark was astounded at their synchronization, how in time they were with one another. They began to chant several directives that Mark supposed were to program them and orient them to their new suits.

Mark smiled, realizing that now was his chance. With all three drones undergoing programming, he’d be able to sneak into one of the drone suits without them knowing and without him getting into trouble. It was the perfect opportunity! Quietly as he could, he snatched on of JY5269’s spare new suits and snuck off to the bathroom. He started up the shower and quickly applied defoliant to his body, removing the hair from his neck downwards.

Still wet, he slipped his body into the new suit, gasping with pleasure as his skin came into contact with the rubber. He moaned deeply as his ass was penetrated and as his cock slid into the sheath. He felt as though he were being lightly fucked and sucked at the same time. He stood there for several moments, half-dressed in the rubber, enjoying the sensation. After some time, he slipped his arms into the rubber sleeves and zipped himself up. As he did, the sensations increased and caused him to almost cum. He did not move for several moments, letting the feeling build. When at last he felt calm enough to proceed, he put on the pair of gloves and stepped into the black rubber boots. The motion of his body accentuated the feelings coming from the suit and overwhelmed his body with pleasure. He sank to his knees and leaned back, gasping and moaning with pleasure as his body was assaulted with pleasure. It felt sooo good! When he came moments later, he exploded onto the floor, releasing so much cum everywhere. And still he felt so horny and aroused. Even as his balls emptied, his cock remained hard and he felt so aroused. He remained on edge and the sensation was driving him crazy.

As he moaned and writhed on his knees, he ran his gloves hands over his body, basking in the feeling of rubber on rubber, on how it hugged his skin and constricted his muscular frame. He felt like he was being embraced by his lover, only everywhere at once. The embrace was so pleasant.

Mark worked up the energy to stand and gaze upon himself in the full-body mirror that rested along the wall. The act of standing up was difficult as even the slightest motion caused the thrusting in Mark’s ass and stroking of his cock to send his sex-crazed body into pleasure. As he gazed upon himself in the mirror, he came again, some spunk falling on the mirror. He looked so hot. His muscles were outlined by the skin-tight rubber and his body was so shinny. He found his gaze captivated by the visage and found himself sinking into a light trace. Automatically his hand rose to stroke his cock and the sensation magnified ten-fold, causing him to cum for a third time, though in this instance it was a dry orgasm. Even so, it felt as intense, if not more so, than the prior two that he had felt while in the suit.

Time ceased to have meaning for Mark as he gazed upon his hot reflection in the mirror. So lost to the pleasure was he that he did not notice when three drones entered the bathroom and slid next to him. They stood behind him, smiling vacuously. The drone JY5269 stood behind Mark and gently raised his arms, revealing that he held a rubber hood and a pair of wireless earphones. He slipped the earphones gently into Mark’s ears. Mark was so overcome by the pleasure that he did not noticed the faint intrusion upon his ears. Nor did he consciously notice when the voices began to whisper their insidious message, taking him deeper into trance.

Mark continued to stroke his cock, feeling so much pleasure in doing so. He began to unconsciously repeat what the voices were whispering in his ears. JY5269 smiled more fiercely as he went about shaving the hair from Mark’s head, moving slowly and gently so as to not break the spell. In longer time that it would’ve taken otherwise, Mark’s head was bald. Again, he did not notice the sensation, though he did notice when the rubber hood was slid carefully down his now bald head. By then, it was too late. As Mark struggled to rise to wakefulness, the hood was in place and the purple spiral was playing before his eyes. The force of the spiral took him by surprise, and he sunk like a load of bricks into deep trance. Mark would not have known this but compared to the hypnosis spiral that played in the former drone suits, the new suits had enhanced hypnotic programming that was a thousand times more effective. Induction times were now much shorter and trance states that much deeper. In almost no time, Mark had become a drone in mind and soul.

“Drone,” he heard through his empty mind, “what is your designation?”

Without hesitation, the drone once known as Mark replied in a crisp, monotone voice, “My designation is MK9301.”

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