Justin's New Bois

By Talented NCMC wiki editors published September 18, 2010
Justin collect a harem of three converts
Justin yawned as he sat with his legs splayed on the hardwood locker room bench. He had a good workout today, but was feeling bored.

Simon Lafferty appeared boisterously with his entourage of sycophants in tow. He had recently won some local bodybuilding contest and was making the most of it. Justin rolled his eyes as he heard Simon telling his acolytes that if they followed his diet and rigorous training regimen that they too could be macho studs, and not tiny-dicked, pussy-faced, sissy boys.

The moment Justin heard Simon's comments, he knew that instead of a macho stud that he would have to re-make Si into the very tiny-dicked, pussy-faced, sissy boy that he detested. He wasn't being cruel...Si would be happier that way and learn his lesson at the same time. Justin was no longer bored. He was imagining Si on his knees begging the would-be young body builders to fuck his face and his ass. He slapped his thigh and stood.

"No time like the present," he said as he strolled toward Simon. Justin was stark naked, casually carrying his towel in one hand with a bottle of shampoo. He reached out and slapped Simon on the back, hard enough to knock the wind out of him. "Hey, Si! Way to go in that muscleman contest. Too bad you didn't have any real competitors, you just walked away with that belt from those namby pamby wimps."

"Well, I did clearly win it, but they weren't all namby pamby wimps. There were two or three guys that actually came pretty close to my standard," Simon retorted. He didn't want people to think that he just got the title without earning it.

"Si, you either are too generous to your competition or you've got to raise your standards. Now why don't you get out of your gear and join me in the steam room," ordered Justin.

For some reason Simon felt compelled to obey. He peeled off his shorts and black jockstrap while Justin continued to squeeze his shoulder. Simon pulled off his socks, shoes and shirt and shoved everything into an empty locker. He didn't say anything to his worshipers, and he didn't retrieve his towel or soap from his still locked locker. Justin just had that affect on guys, particularly when he was in physical contact with them.

Justin glanced down at Simon's surprisingly substantial manhood. He thought that must be the first to go. In the locker room they say that Si's manhood shrank three sizes that day.

Simon's eyes were glazed over and his jaw hung open, as Justin guided the muscleboy with his arm stretched across Simon's bare shoulders.

"Do you mind if I call you 'Si'?" Justin asked.

"Actually, I prefer 'Simon'," Simon responded.

"I'm going to call you 'Si'," Justin said firmly.

"Okay, you can call me 'Si'," Simon answered flatly.

"I will, Si," Justin said squeezing Si's shoulder and pulling him close.

Si felt weird, he could smell the powerful manly scent radiating from the powerful god walking next to him. The powerful armpit odor really made Simon drool, and he had a sudden brief impulse to lick the god walking with him.

"Ah, pheromones are wonderful aren't they?" Justin said.

"Uh, yeah, whatever," mumbled Simon as he stared drooling at Justin's chest and manhood.

His own wood was now rock hard, and ready to be whittled down to something more appropriate for an organ that would never be used again. It was destined to shrink like an appendix, a vestigal growth. Justin just grinned, sometimes it was too easy. Justin squeezed Simon tight like they were best friends. And Simon was about to become Justin's best-friend - at least in the sense that a dog is man's best friend, and Si was about to become Justin's latest bitch.

Justin opened the door to the steam room and shoved Simon inside. As Simon stumbled into the white hot fog, his head cleared a bit. Why was he letting this wimp lead him around like he was some sort of pussy? He glanced back at the door framed silhouette of Justin. How could he have thought of that guy as a god? Simon was a hell of lot more muscular than the preppy boy Justin looked now. The steam room door closed behind Justin, and his pheromones began to flow in earnest in the hot steam bath. He moved toward Simon. A wave of confusion passed over Simon. Two strong hands gripped his shoulders, and his knees felt like rubber.

"Have you ever sucked cock before?" Justin asked as he looked down at Simon on his knees.

Simon was just staring at the cock in his face. The perfume radiating hotly in his face was hypnotic. His mouth hung open as he drooled wide eyed and breathless.

"I asked if you ever sucked cock before, Si?" Justin repeated.

Si looked up and shook his head vehemently.

"You ready to give it a try? Suck my cock and mind your teeth," Justin ordered.

Simon looked so helpless and confused that Justin almost felt sorry for him. The key word being almost.

"Er, uh, gulp," Simon mumbled incoherently then wolfed down Justin's entire cock. He gagged as it swelled further down his throat.

"Actions do speak louder than words," laughed Justin as he began to rape Simon's eager mouth.

As the first load erupted inside his mouth Simon's lips started plumping, becoming perfect fat pouting cocksucking lips. He could taste the hot sliminess, and felt the heavy goo slide slowly down his throat. If Justin's sweat was hypnotic, his cum was a thousand times more powerful.

"You know Si, I think you're just a small-dicked pussy face, don't you?"

Simon was confused. There was an odd burning sensation spreading throughout his body from his throat and chest, but he nodded still caressing Justin's cock with his blowjob lips savoring every last drop.

He mumbled with his tongue lapping Justin's cock head, "Yeah, I'm just a small-dicked pussy face, aren't I?" He felt his balls and cock tighten up, and there was a jolt to his body as he reabsorbed some of his own flesh. His cock visibly quivered and shrank. His formerly fist sized balls, now were more like a couple golf balls. Justin grinned. The fun was just beginning. He wiped off the residual saliva and cum on Simon's hair, and stole a glance at the virgin ass whose cherry would soon be popped by him. After two or three loads of cum, Justin knew that Simon would be putty in his hands.

He really didn't know Simon. Just that the guy managed to piss him off, and that as a result Justin was no longer bored. He moved behind Simon and leaned forward resting his sweaty hairy chest on Simon's smooth back. The sweaty pheromones flowed through Simon's skin rewiring his body chemistry. He vaguely remembered fucking hundreds of women, but he now found his memories jumbling up. Faces of guys he'd known now filled his fantasies, along with their big stiff firm cocks. Justin turned Simon over and straddled his face, and Simon's tongue lapped at the hairy pubes and balls of his new god Justin. He began to taste very good to Simon, who was now feeling a kind of hunger he had not experienced before. He could feel his new small dick sticking up like a twig from his body, but for some reason had no urge to touch or otherwise do anything about his own hard-on. He just wanted to have real cocks in his mouth, like the one he was taking down his throat right now.

It is said, "Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad." Justin was going to leave Simon as man-crazy as they come.

"Time's getting late, Si. I got to finish you for good, as I've got other things to do today," Justin said swatting Simon's ass. He stood up.

Simon's head was swimming and Justin's hand on his ass made him feel very strange, his heart sped up and he had a funny feeling centering in his asshole. He tried to say 'I've gotta go too' but instead he found himself feeling a little sad and abandoned and when he opened his mouth all that came out was 'awwww, why do you always have to be so busy, honey?', his baritone voice lightening and becoming higher pitched as it moved through the question, the 's' in busy coming out as a 'th' sound that startled him.

Justin laughed as more and more aspects of Simon's straight jock behavior began to morph into new less masculine characteristics. 'I'll bet your arsehole feels strange, Si... That's funny, and sexy, huh? It feels like that because you are growing a boy-pussy there, can you feel your ass changing?' Simon nodded as his hole started to feel horny and empty, his ass growing bigger and rounder by the moment. 'Yes, just relax, Si and enjoy the feeling of having a pussy that needs filling with real cocks. Touch it and tell me what you are doing.' Simon blushed and felt strangely shy for a moment about his asshole, a part of his body that he had rarely given much thought to before. 'Er, I'm....I'm touching my hol...my b b b oy puthy' he finally stammered. 'Its your boy-cunt too, Si', you like touching your boy-cunt, Si, don't you?' Simon, still flushed, his breathing faster as the new sensations in his hole grew stronger, could only whisper 'yeth'.

His new voice felt right, and he realised his shyness was really only a sense that he was in the same room as a stronger, more masculine guy with a much bigger cock who could turn him on, fill him with cum, help him, take charge of him, do some of his thinking for him, and make decisions for him. As his brain re-wired into a more submissive persona than that of the jock arsehole he had once been, being and behaving less manly felt more and more right and even arousing to him. He tried to think about his last few girlfriends, but instead he just giggled a bit as images flashed into his head of he, Si, slipping on their tight sexy silky panties before giving his macho former jock self a blowjob. 'Mmmmm I'd do him', Si thought as his little cock throbbed at the thought of Simon's thick hairy cock in his gullet. Too bad he'd never meet him, he sighed, flicking a stray lock of hair from his forehead.

He knew what Justin expected of him. He moved a bit slower than he might have. A part of him struggled against the raging hormones, but in the end he knew resistance was futile. He turned back on his belly. His end resisted briefly. He clutched his rosebud tightly against the spongy flesh that Justin thrust between his butt cheeks. The battering ram broke down the gates of the citadel, and Simon ceased to be anything but the small dick pussy boy that Justin intended. His body arched and quivered. As Justin's hot potent liquid filled his bowels, Si convulsed and blew his load. He convulsed rapidly pumping out load after load of cum. Each load of cum splashing on the tile floor of the steam room represented a further shrinking of his own manhood.

As he lay there gasping with Justin's thick cock in his ass, Simon's body began to change. His muscles began to shrink, his thick jock guns wasting away to leave thin, almost girlish arms. His body sank down towards the floor as his pecs and quads diminished. Growing 6 inches shorter was the strangest sensation, and Si experienced it as Justin's body growing longer as it lay on top of him. It felt so good and so right to him that Justin now felt larger and taller pressing down on his now slimmer, less muscular back.

'You are becoming soooo hot, Si, such a hot sexy boy, you'll make sooo many men hard and horny for your mouth and hole. You really love that thought don't you? You know deep down now that you are a constantly horny pussy-boy who's a slut for manly cock....' Justin said in Si's now smaller and more dainty ear. 'Oh yetttth' whispered Si as his head filled with images of men's crotches and his body with a hunger to undo their trousers, slip down their underwear or pull away their towels and get at their gorgeous cocks. 'Yetthh I need cocks tho much, Juthtin, mmmm, i'm tho horny for thekthy man-meat, pleathe let me have yourths aagain.I need more of your cum in me' He found his hand reaching behind him and pushing on Justins ass so as to feel his dick move inside him.

Justin removed Si's hand from his backside and pulled out, standing up and looking at him. 'I gotta go, fag-boy, he smirked. 'Nooooo!' Si whimpered as the emptiness returned, 'don't go thweetheart, i'm thtill tho horny....'.

Justin looked at Si's now much more pretty facial features and laughed. 'Well, Si, maybe some other time. Get some highlights and start wearing tight briefs and we'll see. I think they'll suit you. See ya, puss-face.' Si flushed with pleasure at being called puss-face and his little prick started to grow erect again as he drifted into a brief daydream about sitting in a salon having his hair made pretty and blonder. In his daydream he was wearing a very tight pink t-shirt with 'hot-boi' written on it in sparkly letters, and it was so arousing that the hairdresser didnt know he was wearing powder blue lycra flyless briefs several sizes too small under his skinny jeans. Mmmmm. I mean he liked boxers, like he had some memory of having worn once, but only on sexy, hunkier guys with the cocks, thighs and body hair to carry them off. He also felt soooo glad he had started shaving his armpits as well, eeeuwww, all his pubic hair had really started to make him feel really gross....

As Justin was leaving, Si snapped out of his reverie and found himself squatting in the corner cradling his tiny manhood in his now delicate long fingers. He suddenly felt a little sad at the fact Justin and his cock were going. His own tiny erection barely covered half of his palm now.

"Cheer up, Si. You're happiest now when you're sucking cocks bigger than yours, and you love worshipping real big dicked men," Justin stated firmly.

Si squatted there in the dampness as Justin left, feeling needy and lost. He was waiting for the next cock. It was the only thing he looked forward to now.

Justin chuckled as he saw 18 year old, skinny Riley walking toward him. He grinned, "Hey, kid. I just had the best blow job ever. There's this small-dicked guy in the steam room who just loves worship cocks that are bigger than his."

Riley glanced down at his own average cock, and muttered, "Uh, okay?"

Justin stood in front of Riley and placed his hand on Riley's shoulder. "Your cock is twice as big as his, kid, you should order him to give you a blow job, and enjoy yourself," Justin said then walked past him.

Riley felt a wave of confusion as the older man touched him and a wave of horniness as Justin passed him. The wafting pheromones made him horny and reckless, "Yeah, I will," Riley answered. He swaggered toward the steam room door and threw it open. He shouted, "So where's the pussyboy who thinks he's man enough for my cock?"

Justin guffawed as he heard part of Si's whimpering, simpering answer as the door swung shut.

Frank Vincenzo cursed Gillian for leaving him stranded in midtown. They had been having a romantic night on the town - her treat. Then they'd had a little spat. The next thing he knew, the valet had delivered their car, and she was driving away. It was too late to get a cab, so Frank grudgingly trudged off towards the subway in his black tie attire. He was blindingly racing down the stairs to the landing where the stairs from another entrance intersected.

Justin was humming happily to himself as he descended the stairs to the subway from outside his gym. The world would be better off with Justin's new version of Si Lafferty. He reached the landing at the bottom of the first flight, and this asshole in a tuxedo barrelled right into him. Justin was caught by surprise and ended up sitting on the cold hard concrete with the rich young dude's crotch shoved in his face. The tuxedo trousers tented as soon as Justin's pheromones hit Frank's nose. The fact that Justin knew his own pheromones were responsible for the tented cock inches from his face didn't make it any less humiliating.

Frank was irritated and angry, and suddenly very horny and aggressive. Some idiot had just stepped in front of Frank. An irresistable force like Frank always had the right of way. He ploughed straight into Justin, ironically before the sun rose, Frank would be the one getting plowed. He glanced down at the dude sitting on his ass with his gym bag next to him. Under other circumstances, Frank would have helped Justin up. Instead he lowered his hand to Justin's head and pushed down. Frank continued to move forward stepping over Justin's shoulder and burying Justin's face in his crotch. The back of Justin's head bounced off the cold concrete. He winced as he saw the very lightly scuffed leather sole of Frank's dress shoe fly a half inch over his nose. Justin's eyes widened with anger. His plans for the night had just changed. He leapt up off the pavement, grabbed his bag and raced after the retreating figure of Frank Vincenzo on his way down to the train platform.

Frank's tense body suddenly relaxed as Justin's sweaty bare palm closed around the nape of Frank's neck.

"Hey, buddy, I didn't get your name," Justin said in a friendly tone.

"Uh, yeah, I'm Frank Vincenzo," Frank answered with a drawl.

"Well, Frankie, boy depending on how you look at things this is either the luckiest or unluckiest night of your life," Justin said squeezing the tuxedo boy's neck.

Frankie just grinned stupidly. His trousers were now straining as his big cock tented them. A wet spot was visibile under the white glare of the fluorescent light.

"Oh, you're a big one," Justin said looking down. The guy's crotch had looked big when it had been jammed in Justin's face, but he had put it down to forced perspective. Turns out the bastard's cock size had matched his arrogance. Justin was about to correct both. He added, "I can fix that."

Justin pulled Frankie close to him. All of a sudden, Gillian no longer mattered or even registered in Frankie's thoughts. The train pulled into the station. The car doors opened as Justin walked a shuffling Frankie on to the train. The car was less than a third full. There were a half dozen Puerto Rican gang bangers, an overweight security guard heading to work at the night shift, a smelly homeless guy in a battered trenchcoat, and a few other men. No unescorted women on the train this time of night. Justin squeezed Frank tightly as the train doors closed.

Frank was surprised that he let Justin do this, but something was making him feel funny - he couldn't be liking it could he? He shook his head as though trying to snap out of it, but the smell and feeling of being physically close to Justin was strangely pleasing, even, arousing. He looked at Justin and felt a strange adrenalin rush, as though, as though he was looking at a hot woman, but... no, it wasn't possible. He blushed and was shocked to feel his cock filling with blood. 'That's great, Frankie boy' said Justin, 'you're already turning nicely - why dont you have a look at my crotch? you know you want to now....That's right' he continued soothingly as Frankie's frightened eyes moved downwards to fix on his waist and bulge. Justin made sure Frankie caught a glimpse of his skin and the waistband of his CKs as, standing so as to keep the other passengers from seeing what was up, he took both Frankie's hands and placed one on each of their crotches. 'Good boy Frankie', he said, 'feels good doesn't it? Cocks are great to look at and touch, isn't it fun how they grow? I think you like cocks, don't you? They are so horny to think about and play with, aren't they? Especially other guys' cocks, they are soooo nice....they make you soooo horny Frankie, I can see.... Feel how much bigger mine is than yours, Frankie, its sooo much more horny to play with...'

As Justin said this, Frankie felt his own dick, still hard, get a little thinner and shorter. His body shuddered as this continued, and his hand could hardly keep a grip on his shortening hardon through his trousers. Under his other hand, Justin's felt reassuring big, warm and hard. 'Isn't my cock so much more fun than yours, Frankie?' Frankie nodded silently, staring at Justin's length through his trousers. 'You really like my cock, its much better, isn't it? You love other men's cocks, Frankie, they're so big and hard, you are sooo curious to know how they'd feel inside you aren't you? I know you fantasise all the time about cocks bigger than yours, what they feel, smell and taste like, what it'd be like to even feel one entering your arse...You have such a little cock, but thats ok, there are so many real cocks to fantasise about and play with, horny boy...'

Frankie blushed as he realised feeling Justin's cock was the horniest thing he had ever done. He imagined it, hard and sweaty inside justin's underwear and groaned quietly, his voice a few octaves higher than usual, as lust for Justin's and other men's hard throbbing cocks started to reconfigure his mind and desires. 'Good boy Frankie, its so good to want cock, so right to know you are gagging for any kind of contact with hard thick meat... Girls don't have cocks, do they?' Frankie shook his head slowly in a daze. 'They have even less of a cock than you have matey, just smelly slack slits... Those make you feel ill, don't they, Frankie, so nasty and wet...soooo gross....'

'Sooooo gross', whispered Frankie, momentarily sickened by the thought of Gillian's sloppy pussy sliming him and sucking him in. 'Euuuwwwww' he said, wrinkling his face, his mood lifting when Frankie suggested he undo his trousers and feel inside. 'That's right, go on' whispered Justin encouragingly as Frankie struggled a little to undo another guys belt and fly for the first time 'you can't wait to get inside my pants i know...sooo horny for my cock' Justin held his trousers up at the back, just in case the other guys on the train cottoned on to what was happening before these, and the other changes he was going to make to Frankie, had settled in. Frankie gasped as he felt how much warmer Justin's erection felt through his calvins and gasped again as, with Justin's quiet encouragement, he slipped his hand down inside them and grasped his thick meat with his hand.

'Feels good doesn't it? What a horny little queer you're becoming' smiled Justin, as Frankie started to lose some of his former height and his waist shrank. Frankie hardly noticed, he was so fascinated by what was going on in Justin's pants. 'You like being queer don't you, Frankie boy?' 'Yeah...' said Frankie, stroking Justin's cock, his mouth starting to salivate in a new way as thoughts of sucking it, and then feelings of needing to suck it, started to flicker into his head. 'You love to suck cock, Frankie, it turns you on so much thinking about it and doing it...' Justin applied a little pressure to Frankie's shoulder and the latter, still not noticing how much slimmer and shorter he was becoming, sank on his knees and, after a moment of just staring at it, licked his first cock.

He got such a hormonal rush doing this that he had to quickly take the whole of Justin's length in his mouth, licking and then gently sucking his throbbing member. Justin's smell started to intoxicate him. 'Good boy' whispered Justin, 'I just don't think being an Italian Stallion suited you so what's happening feels so right.' He grinned as he looked down at Frank, whose shirt was now several sizes too big, and whose trousers were starting to slip down his legs, revealing oversized loose silk boxers. As the first drops of Justin's precum entered his throat, Frank shuddered as his curly Italian hair, strand by strand, straightened and lengthened, before turning a sun-bleached blond. At first this made his hair look very strange, like a salon disaster, but as he sucked away and the blond strands started to predominate, flopping over his ears and forehead, he began to look more and more like a young northern european. 'Thats great, Frankie, keep it up' Justin encouraged, 'why don't you look into my eyes.' Still sucking, Frank looked up and as he gazed longingly into Justin's eyes, Justin watched as Frank's irises went from brown to a greenish colour, before settling on a startling Scandinavian blue. 'Mmmm Frankie, you're such a cute boy, just keep going', Justin whispered as the whites of Frank's eyes became whiter and more sparkling.

Frank's head was spinning with erotic cock-guzzling pleasure, so he hardly noticed that he was now a slight slim blond with baggy boxers slipping down his thighs exposing his ass. If he had looked, he'd have seen the coating of dark hair on his bum melting away, just as his skinny arse started to slowly puff and swell into a rounder, fuller pair of globes. He did find himself thinking about his arsehole though, which seemed funny, as he sucked off justin staring into his eyes. Pausing a moment to get some air, he said 'My hole feelth funny...' his tongue for some reason lingering on his upper teeth as he smiled, somewhat dumbly, up at Justin. 'Really?' Justin smirked 'how does it feel, Frankie?' 'Ummm...I dunno, thort of tingly, thort of empty...ohhh, yeth, thort of thexy too.'

"There are so many men in this carriage, Frankie. You're going to make all of them really happy before your ride is over," Justin whispered in Frankie's ear.

Frankie would soon be wearing only his bowtie, and cumberbund, like a Chippendale dancer he'd be dancing with the metal poles on the train car.

Justin was feeling pretty good about himself as he strode out of the subway station. The sound of the horn as the train pulling away had Justin imagining it concealed Frankie boy's screams as free from Justin's intoxicating scent he was able to realize that his life was forever changed. Justin got Carlos and Rico's "place of business" and promised to look up the gang bangers in a couple of weeks to see how their new bitch Frankie looked once they had gotten him "tricked out" with tats and piercings.

He had enjoyed his workout at the gym, and the subway ride. Justin had taken a couple of obnoxious straight guys, and replaced them with a couple of lisping whores whose sole purpose on earth was to make the world a happier place for "real men."

"Who knows?" Justin chuckled to himself as he walked up the marble steps of his very private gentleman's club, "A few more morons like those two, and this city may steal the title of "Happiest Place On Earth" from Disneyland." He then thought about Frankie and Si's shrunken manhoods, and started humming the theme to "It's A Small World."

"Good evening, Monseiur," said the major domo stepping up to greet Justin.

Two uniformed doormen - really bouncers - flanked the polished brass and bronze entrance. The stood at attention as they had been trained. Justin grinned he had enjoyed training them.

"May I take Monseiur's bag?" Marcel, the major domo, said bowing solicitously. A half dozen years ago, the man had been the jerk attorney who had been prosecuting Justin on some trumped up crime. He had now found a proper way to serve society, thanks to Justin.

Justin handed Marcel his gym bag. He said, "Have my usual table ready. I'll start with a sherry - Tio Pepe, I think tonight, and a Havana cigar for afterward. Right now," Justin adjusted himself, "I need to use the facilities."

"Certainly, sir. Uh, sir, will you be dining alone tonight or will someone be joining you?"

Justin cocked his head, "At the moment it will be just me, but I may run into a dinner companion. I do so hate to dine alone."

Walking across the oriental carpeted lobby, Justin went up the two steps and entered the paneled alcove that led to the men's room. He could hear shouting as he approached. The bathroom attendent was leaning backwards over the chromed waste basket as another man towered over him.

"How dare you hand me a dirty towel!" he roared, "You ignorant, wetback, you should go back to your own country if you can't do this simple a job!"

"S-th-ir, I s-th-aid I was s-thorry. I jutht took the towel out of the bin. That'th they way the laundry delivered it. I thwear it'th clean, that'th jutht a thtain. I promithe it won't happen again."

"Any trouble here, Julio," I ask interupting.

"This foreign jerk wad gave me a fucking dirty towel, and is making out like he didn't. Why can't these illegals take responsibility for their actions."

"Calm down, uh, my name's Justin by the way," he put his hand on the angry young man's shoulder and pulled him back from the attendant Julio.

"J-jus-tin?" drawled the man as he suddenly felt much calmer. "Oh, I'm Mike - Mike Purdy."

"Aw, what a purty name," quipped Justin, "You won't even have to change it like Julius here did. You know he's not a wetback, his Spanish ancestors served in King Henry VIII's court, and came over on the Mayflower. He's a genuine Blue Booker. Of course, Julius was a lousy investment banker, and so when he lost his job - after losing my money - I helped him get this job. He puts aside a quarter of his wages each week to pay me back in only 55 years he should have satisfied his debt to me."

"Huh?" Mike turns his head back and forth looking at the small Hispanic bath attendant and then at handsome Justin. He is terribly confused. "He used to be Julius -the guy from Lehman Brothers who was always giving advice? Oh, fuck yeah, I see it now. What the fuck happened to you man?"

"Let me demonstrate what happened to Julio, Mikey," Justin said guiding his latest victim over to sit on a wicker hamper.

"Uh, I don't know?" Mike said nervously, but he moved like a puppet under Justin's careful guidance.

"Now Mikey, what did you - I mean do you do?" Justin asked as he considered the proper punishment for the rich pretty boy in his grasp.

"I'm VP Operations over at BPO - Brenna-Purdy Oil," beamed Justin with a shitty grin. His face was only 4 inches from Justin's crotch and the pheromones were having their full effect.

"Oh, a Purdy boy running an oil company? Who's your daddy?"

"Dwight Purdy, and granddad's Fritz Brennan, they founded the company, sir," Mikey explained.

"Wrong answer," said Justin thrusting his crotch into Mikey's face.

"Ooh," moaned Mikey, as he looked up at Justin's face. The round light hanging over Justin's head framed his face like a halo from Mikey's perspective.

"Who's your daddy, Mikey?" Justin said again thrusting his bulge in Mikey's face.

Michael Purdy was a quick study even while intoxicated by Justin's irresistable pheromones. His tongue darted out to lick Justin's retreating bulge, and he answered, "You're my daddy."

Justin laughed. "You know, Mikey, I think those wildcatters, roughnecks and rednecks who work out on BPO's oil rigs and oil fields will really enjoy the new you. You'll have to tell me if crude oil makes as good a lube as KY jelly."

He looked up at Justin with a silly worshipful grin on his face. He didn't understand what Justin meant or had in store for him, but he didn't care. He just wanted to please Justin. Before noon, he would want to please every man.

"Julio, get over here, and undress Mikey. I want to see what I've got to work with. I think he may have the makings of a slutty male version of Paris Hilton," Justin remarked thoughtfully.

Mikey just blushed. He didn't understand it, but he felt that Justin had just complimented him.

Julio dashed over to strip Michael Purdy. He secretly hoped that Master Justin might allow him to fuck the rude mean man. It had been two years since he had been allowed to use his cock. The only reason he knew that the plumbing still worked was that he'd blown his load a few times while servicing other club members.

Micky's areola darkened, his nips got larger and fatter as did his lips which becomee perfect fat cocksucking lips. At the same time that his lips blossomed Micky's big tobacco stained teeth shrank into delicate white pearls. A perfect tan spread across his body, and his facial features became altered, giving him a hispanic nose and darker eyes. The former white boy had been turned into one of the wetbacks he despised. Justin was proud of his handiwork and attention to detail. His intoxicating cum dissolved Micky's amalgam fillings and porcelain crown, and replaced them with solid tooth enamel. Justin had considered offering teeth whiting and tanning services to male clients, but figured the lawsuits from his customers former wives and lovers for alienation of affection would make any such venture a failure.

Muscle and felt melted away as Micky became skinnier, but his flat firm arse got plumper as Justin and Julio tag teamed him. When they were through, Justin palmed Micky's two-perfect, tanned globes. Then he reached around and grabbed Micky's dick and plunged his cock back inside. Micky yelped in ecstasy screaming "ohh shit! ohh shit, ohhh thit, OHH THIT! Juth-tin!. Justin felt Micky's rock hard 5 inch cock shrivel and shink in his grip until it was only 2.75 inches fully erect.

"Okay, Micky, I think I've outdone myself with you. Now Julio looks like twice the man next to you, and his cock is only 5 inches long," laughed Justin. Then turning to Julio he said, "Julio, take Mr. Purdy downstairs to get acquainted with the Club staff, well acquainted. Then in about three hours, you can find Micky some clothes that fit his new physique from the locker room lost and found, and send him up to the dining room. I should be finishing my cigar then, and Micky and I can chat about his inspection itinerary for the next few months. I think BPO employee morale will be way up, not so sure about their productivity in the short run, but in the long-run I think productivity will soar. Don't you think so, Micky?"

"Oh, yeth, Mathter Juthin, I'll give my daddy'th roughneckth the best cockthervith I can," Micky Purdy said earnestly.

Justin grinned. He'd left Micky's facial features mostly intact, a bit softer than before, but rougher than he'd left Frankie and Si.

"Oh, one last finishing touch. Kneel down, Micky, face my dick, but close your mouth," Justin ordered.

As Micky shifted, he farted loudly, and his body was soon beet-red with embarrassment. Julio mockingly held his nose, though the well-ventillated and perfumed washroom effectively muted any foul odors. Justin jerked off one last-load into Micky's face. Then with his fingers he smoothed all his cum into a one inch strip under Micky's lip. He grinned as his concentrated testosterone caused brown stubble to appear through his white cream. In a few minutes, Micky had a thick brown soul patch under his lips. The rest of his face and body was quite smooth, and from the look of marbles hanging in his scrotal sac, Micky wouldn't be needing to shave anywhere soon if ever again.

Julio led Micky away by his tiny dick. Micky looked longingly over his shoulder as he was led out of the bathroom through the janitor's closet exit.

"Don't worry, Micky. Julio and the boys will take good care of you. Make sure they give you at least 3 enemas before they bring you back to me. I'll see you in a few hours!" Justin called after him.

Micky grinned stupidly, and stammered, "Ye-yeth, thur, I'll make thur I'm all wathed in-inthide -uhn- ou-ou-outthide for you, Math-tuh Juth-thin."

Justin had already emptied his bladder down Micky's throat while Julio had reamed the pussyboy's ass. So he washed his hands and used Micky's discarded Oxford shirt as a towel, and tossed it into the basket with the other towels. Then Justin rummaged through Purdy's now oversized jacket and trousers. He kept the wallet, keys, and Blackberry that Pussy-Purdy would need for his journey into the underside of the oilfield as wild-catters', and roughnecks' newest bottom boy.

As Marcel guided Justin to his usual table, Justin noticed that the busboys and waiters were disappearing. He grinned looked like everyone wanted a piece of Micky Purdy. Justin cracked his knuckles, and sipped his sherry.

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