Biker Pup

By BearlyUnderControl
published September 4, 2010
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How grateful would you be if you got a free leather jumpsuit and helmet with your bike?

I was ecstatic that I finally got my motorcycle.

Five straight years of hard saving, while paying off school loans, rent, and expensive food for the constant outings with my friends. It felt like it would never come, but here I am- standing beside my magnificent Harley. Brand new, shiny, and powerful. I felt like the man I always wanted to be. A man who owned the streets, with his metal steed.

My friend Joe had been excited for me too- a bit too excited as he nearly squealed when I unveiled my prize to him. I was unsure of his reaction at first, until he surprised me with a gift a bit later. I guess he had been waiting for me to recieve my motorcycle so he could present to me a long-awaited gift. He had gotten me this full body riding suit, made of mostly leather. It looked amazing, and it seemed to fit great too. It almost made certain parts of me bulge even wider, making it seem as if I had muscles.

The gloves fit perfectly too, and I couldn’t help take in the smell of the fresh leather that enshrouded me, my gloved fingers at my nose.

I remarked at how perfect the suit was, yet I needed a helmet, which I had unfortunately hadn’t budgeted for. Either way, it wasn’t too much more, and if I could wait five years, another month or so for a good helmet shouldn’t be a problem.

Surprise, though! He had bought a helmet to match the suit. A tinted red visor in front, the helmet itself coloured black and silver. Perfection, still. I stood in front of the mirror for a good 10-15 minutes just admiring how great I looked in my new gear. Almost turned on, even. Regardless, it was time to try out my new “hog”, with my new gear. The only thanks I could give would be to let Joe ride with me on my first time.

I carefully cradled the seat, pulling forward, then pushing back, until my butt felt perfectly nestled within the seat. I sat on it before without riding, and it didn’t feel this good previously. The gear must be enhancing the feel. They probably gave the suit extra cushioning, so you could ride for a long time without getting sore.

Anyway, I looked over to smiling Joe, still a little unsure of why he was so ecstatic about my fortune. He was a good friend, maybe I should just accept he’s happy for me.

He climbed on, a bit quicker than I would have liked, as the bike rocked from side to side. Not enough to knock it over, but enough to give me a little fright. Joe asked when I would turn it on, as I felt his hands wrap around my torso. His touch sent a chill up my spine. Two feelings colliding at once. One was my essential programming- that getting this close with another guy was a nerve-wracking. While the other feeling was…foreign. Rather, not foreign, but strange within this context…if that makes sense?

I used my hands to pull his apart, so he wasn’t hugging my waist, and told him to just grip my sides, right under my armpits. It wouldn’t be awkward this way. I heard a somewhat sly chuckle, and he complied.

This was it… I started by flipping my visor down, letting the world turn a light shade of red from the tint of my helmet. I hadn’t noticed it before, but once the visor was closed, I could smell even more leather. The padding around my chin, it seemed. I took a nice, long inhale, letting the manly aroma fill my lungs. I had never taken such a liking to a smell before. But let’s face it, this was fucking leather.

I started up the engine, and as I did I felt a slight tick on the left side of my helmet. I noticed that Joe’s left hand had left my side for a moment. He must have just flicked me to mess around. I ignored it, roaring the engine before taking off at a decent speed down the street. The whole world seemed so vivid through the tint of the visor. Though it was light red, it was like seeing new colors everywhere. My head buzzed with a strange feeling. Exhilaration, I guessed it was, from finally being able to ride my baby. There was no way I could hear Joe from the roar of the engine, and especially not with the helmet gripping my ears so tightly, but I could swear I just heard him talking.

Whispers were playing in my head, and I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but I understood what they were trying to tell me. Focus on the road, back straight, relax. For some reason, I felt my back wasn’t straight enough, and I leaned back, which caused Joe’s hands to slip past my armpits, and his finger tips were just above the sides of my nipples. He pulled them back a little, anticipating that I would be awkward again.

My whole suit felt like it was vibrating. It must have been the powerful engine shaking me, but it felt so much deeper. The voices. I had chalked up to my concience, making sure I stayed safe. Why they sounded like Joe, I’ll never know.

I heard a small ringing, and the instructions flashed in my head again. I had apparently slouched just a little, and I remember that I had to sit up straight. I did so, harder this time, while still focusing on the road. I now felt Joe’s hands over my nipples. I would have removed them, since he lingered this time, but I saw no harm in it. He needed to hang on, anyway.

We stopped at a stop sign, no cars on the road. It was a quiet neighborhood that we rode through, so it was expected to be desolate. “Quiet no more” I thought, hearing the purr of my bike.

I felt Joe’s fingers rub in a circular motion, pressing the leather further against my chest. I couldn’t help let out a small moan within my helmet. It didn’t matter, he couldn’t hear it.

I was about to take off, so I knew he’d better hang on. I wanted to gun it this time, seeing my chance. I quickly reached upwards, grabbing his hands, and pulled them tight around my torso, until they locked together. A new buzz in my head was telling me to lean forward to get the best speed. So, just as I gunned it, I leaned forward, while keeping my gaze straight ahead. The leaning caused his hands to sink downward, now cradling my abdomen.

I hoped he didn’t feel awkward about it- it was the only way he could hang on now. I’d have to apologize later. Besides, his hands felt great where they were.

We took another ride down the block, passing my house for the third time. Each time seemed even better, as Joe was hugging me closer the faster I got. His hands were now locked just above my crotch, and I almost wished he would just reach a little further. My erection was apparent to me, as it pressed hard into the silver zipper of my suit. I guess the vibrations from the engine were too much. Any guy would have a stiffy at this point. But why did I want Joe to help me with that problem?

I heard another ring inside my helmet, or at least I thought I did. I started to slow down, sliding my ass back gently, until it was snuggled between Joe’s thighs. I guess the bike did the same for him, since something hard was poking my ass once I pressed against him. I couldn’t help laugh, slowing down at the same sign as before, stopping. I wanted to say “Feelin’ good, buddy?” but I think Joe knew what I wanted to say, as I reached back, resting my hand on his thick erection. He gripped my body just a little harder, and his right hand broke away from the other, and he groped my crotch. I shuddered, letting out a shakey breath within my helmet.

Damn, Joe was a great friend…

I pulled into my drive-way, lingering as my hand rested on his, while he thumb gently stroke the outline of my dick. This was a great ride, and I couldn’t thank Joe enough for being with me.

It was hard to extricate myself from him, my helmet still buzzing, telling me to focus. There was no road this time, so what to focus on, I was unsure. I guess it wanted me to focus on the feeling. I was really horny, and there was no way I could divert my attention away from that. I probably could have just gone inside, went to my room, flipped on the computer, and taken care of my “problem” the old-fashioned way…but Joe was here, so I had a better alternative.

He got off the bike first, since I couldn’t pull myself from his grasp. He wasn’t holding me against my will, I just was too addicted to the feeling. Too focused on it. We held hands, my leather-clad paw gripping his human hand as he pulled me to the door. I don’t know why “paw” entered my head, first. Must just be a slip.


I loved how he gripped my paw back, the leather creaking in his grasp as he pulled me to the center of the living room. I nearly whimpered as he pulled his hand away. but he shushed me gently, to calm me down. Of course, he’s still here. I shouldn’t get so upset. His hands gripped the sides of my helmet, and gently pulled it from my head.

Though the tinted visor was gone, I still viewed the world in the same new contrast. And in this contrast, Joe was fucking gorgeous. I went to kiss him, but I heard him say a word. Like with the voices, I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew what it meant….“SIT!” My legs gave out. and I went to my knees.

I didn’t care what he wanted me to do. I almost whimpered, but the impulse was squashed when I noticed his loving gaze down at me. This felt right, at his feet.

This was the first time I noticed that he was wearing boots too, and it was definitely apparent as he pressed one into my crotch. Now I whimpered, slight pain shooting through my lower-body, into my stomach. It didn’t last long, however, as it was soon replaced by a primal pleasure. His boot continued it’s pressure, now moving in a slow circle. I leaned back, remembering my training, and placed my front-paws behind me to catch my body as I let Master play with me.

He said something else, a string of words, and all I could make out was “Helmet”. The word made me jump in excitement. My helmet! I heard him say it again, and my butt seemed to shake from uncontrollable anticipation. Master laughed at me, and removed his boot from between my legs. He hadn’t let me cum, so I was writhing in my spot, getting my cock to rub the inside of the suit as much as possible.

He had walked away, and I remember him ordering me to stay, which kept me planted. I would stay, but there was no way I could stop humping the air. I’m sure my face looked so weird- distorted from frustration that my paws couldn’t jack my puppy dick. That I had to make do with grinding into my leather. I felt so naked, still. Covered in leather wasn’t enough, I needed my helmet. With his return, I yipped, watching him pull my helmet from behind his back. I loved my helmet. The floppy leather puppy ears on the sides, the muzzle with the very shiny zipper, and the sexy straps that would keep it fastened to my head.

I waited, presenting my head as best I could, still pushing my hips back and forth. He pulled the tight hood over me, the world going black for a moment. I was ordered to stay still, and whimpered as I finally ceased in my thrusting. My head jerked back, the “helmet” finally slipping into place. I could see! I loved how the world looked through my helmet. I still wasn’t allowed to move, and I let Master tie each intricate strap, making the helmet tighter, and tighter.


I sat obediently in the grass, watching my Master converse with the other leather-enthusiasts while holding the end of my chain. The chain, so shiny, so easy to focus on. It symbolized his power over me, his dominance. I accepted it all. Master loved showing his power while straddling his motorcycle. It seemed so familiar, like I had driven it before. That was silly, of course. Puppies can’t drive. They can only ride in the back, and pleasure their Masters with their paws to make riding easier for them. A pup can dream though.

My tags jingled as I nuzzled Master’s leg, hearing the gentle “awww” of the other Masters, happy to see how devoted I was. I could only see my tags when I caught their reflection in my water dish during the day. One read “Joe’s Pet”, while the bone-shaped one, my favorite, read “Biker Pup”.

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