A New Crop: 21 Days Later

By Hypnothrill - hypnothrill@yahoo.com
published July 5, 2017
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There’s a roadside stand on the side of Highway 41 that sells delicious smoothies…and huge exotic melons…

(Thanks to all your positive comments, I got inspired to write another “New Crop” story. I’ve got ideas for several more stories set in this universe, but I’m probably going to skip around in the chronology. I’ve got ideas for a “121 Days Later” story, a “221 Days Later” story, an “11 Days Later” story, and a “1 Day Later” story, but I’m not sure which ones will get written first. I hope you all enjoy this as much as the last one; please let me know in the comments!).

A New Crop: 21 Days Later

Tim sighed as he drove past yet another field of rapeseed. How’d he let Coop talk him into this? “Let’s take the scenic route,” Coop had said, “it’s only a few minutes longer, and you’ll get to see the real Midwest, stuff you’d never see on the interstate.”

Well, it turned out the real Midwest was boring: a flat expanse of cornfield after soybean field after rapeseed field, on a seemingly infinite loop. And Coop, Mr. “Scenic Route” himself was conked out in the passenger seat, sleeping like a baby in the summer sun. Tim checked his GPS; it looked like they still had 237 miles to go before they reached Coop’s family’s Wisconsin lakehouse. Tim had to admit that it was pretty cool of Coop to invite him up there for the holiday weekend; they’d only been roommates for a few months, after all. Maybe he could just find a place to pull over, stretch his legs for a while, then he could drive the last 230-odd miles in one go…

He noticed the melons first. Those things were huge! At first, he thought it was some sort of optical illusion, but as he slowed the car, Tim could see that the roadside stand really did have a stack of giant melons in front of it. He just had to get a picture of those things, so he pulled over to the side of the road. In the passenger seat, Coop shifted a bit and let out a sleepy grunt, but didn’t awaken.

Walking back to the roadside stand with his cell phone in hand, Tim snapped a couple photos of the weird giant melons. It was only then that he really noticed the men standing behind them. There were two of them manning the stand, both shirtless and buff and tanned, wearing only cut-off blue jeans so short they almost looked like daisy dukes. In the distance, he could see a couple more similarly attired men working in the fields.

Tim turned to the less-intimidating looking of the two, a slim clean-cut man with dark hair and not an ounce of fat on his tight, well-defined physique. “Hey man, would you mind taking a picture of me with one of these things?”

“No problem.” The man took a couple of snaps, then handed the phone back to Tim. Tapping away on his phone as he uploaded the photos to Instagram, Tim asked, “Hey, what kind of melons are those, anyway? I’ve never seen anything like them.”

“They’re an…imported variety. They’ve been growing great here though.” Tim was surprised by the man’s heavy Chicago accent, such a contrast with his farmboy looks. “I’m Danny, by the way, and this is my older brother Ray.”

Tim could see the family resemblance now. Ray looked a bit older than Danny—maybe early 30s, whereas Danny looked like he was only 4 or 5 years older than Tim, 28 or 29 at most. Though some of that may have just been the mustache. Take away the facial hair, shave the hairy chest, and try to somehow ignore Ray’s massive muscular build and he’d be a dead ringer for Danny.

“Say, you look like you could use some liquid refreshment,” Danny said, pointing to a sign on the roadside stand: “FRESH-SQUEEZED JUICE COOL FRUIT SMOOTHIES.”

“Um…sure,” Tim said, wanting to repay the guy for taking the time to snap those photos of him, “How much is a fruit smoothie?”

“Just two dollars.”

“That’s a steal!” He handed over the money to Danny, then Ray walked back into a small trailer beside the roadside stand to prepare the smoothie. As he waited for his drink, Tim looked over at the fields behind them, noting the shirtless muscular men in skimpy cut-off jean shorts tending to the crops. It looked like the fields went on for acres. “Are those fields all melons?” he asked Danny.

“They are now. Once you’ve had your smoothie, we’ll take you back there and let you get a closer look.”

Through the thin walls of the trailer, Tim swore he could hear grunting and groaning noises. But when he listened again, all he could hear was whirring. Maybe he was just hearing blender sounds.

“Here you go, sir,” Ray said as he emerged from the trailer with a tall plastic cup, “Drink up!”

Tim took a sip, then another big gulp. This was maybe the best smoothie he’d ever tasted—rich and thick and creamy and sweet and fruity with just a hint of honeydew. He could get addicted to these things. He was already more than halfway finished when Ray said, “Come with me. I’ll show you the fields.”

As he walked behind Ray, Tim started to feel a little unsteady on his feet. The noonday sun must really be getting to him. And that rich, creamy smoothie was making him just want to lie down and take a nap.

“You must be feeling very tired by now,” Ray told him. “Go ahead and lie down. Just over there. In the shade by that melon.” Ray had an awfully commanding voice, and for some reason Tim felt tempted to follow whatever he said. But just as he approached the melon, Tim noticed something very strange. A few yards away, a naked man was getting to his feet. He was glistening, like he was covered in slime.

Tim recoiled. This was fucked up. He needed to get out of here. But then Ray was by his shoulder, holding him back, telling him, “Don’t panic. This is perfectly normal. It’s nothing to get upset about. He’s just soaking up the nourishing rays of the sun on his reborn body. You’ll understand soon.”

Tim felt his sense of worry dwindle away to nothing as he stood there staring at the slimy naked man as he stretched and basked in the midday sun. Swaying on his feet, his eyelids starting to flutter shut, Tim kept watching as the glistening naked man walked over to another part of the melon patch, bent down, and pulled an equally slimy older naked man to his feet.

Those two…were they…were they…father and son? Tim wondered as his knees finally gave way, his eyes closed, and he fell back into Ray’s muscular arms. Gently, Ray laid the younger man next to the nearest pod and stood there for a moment, a satisfied smirk on his face as he watched the tendrils edge ever-closer to Tim’s unconscious body…

Coop finally woke up once the car pulled back onto the highway. He stretched and yawned, then looked over at Tim sitting shirtless in the driver’s seat. “Hey, where are we? Are we near the lakehouse yet?”

“Not too much further now,” Tim replied, “You must be thirsty after your nap in the hot sun. I got you a nice cool smoothie,” he pointed to a plastic cup in the holder next to Coop, “Drink up!”

As he took a sip, then a big slurp of his thick, delicious smoothie, Coop noticed something weird about his friend. “Hey, what happened to your tattoo?”


“You know, that big tattoo on your right bicep. With the Chinese letters. I think you said it stood for ‘Free spirit’ or something? What happened to it?”

“Yes…well…I got it removed. You remember. I got it removed last week.”

Coop could swear that he recalled seeing Tim’s tattoo just this morning. But Tim sounded so convincing; maybe he’d gotten it removed. Coop could vaguely remember that, couldn’t he? Tim coming home last week, showing him he’d gotten his tattoo removed?

“Don’t worry about it, Coop. Just lie back and drink your smoothie. Finish up your smoothie then close your eyes and have a nice long rest.”

Coop was happy to comply.

Later, after the new and improved Coop had climbed naked, slimy, and glistening out of the back seat, after they’d disposed of the remnants of his old self in a rapeseed field by the side of the highway, Coop had insisted that they needed to drive back to the roadside stand, to grab pods for the men at the lakehouse, his father and older brother.

“I’m one step ahead of you there, buddy,” Tim said, clicking open the car’s trunk to reveal the two gigantic melon-shaped pods. They’d been carefully swaddled in a wad of gym shorts and T-shirts, the only remnants of Tim and Coop’s suitcases, which had been chucked in an empty field by the roadside stand.

“I’ve got a special recipe for fruit smoothies they’re sure to love,” Tim smiled, groping himself through his thin gym shorts. “You can help me make them,” he added, giving his roommate’s big uncut dick a few generous tugs.

“Here, you drive,” Tim told Coop, who was pulling on a pair of dusty cargo shorts that lay on the passenger seat, not bothering with the underwear beside it. “I have some messages to send.”

Tim pulled up Instagram on his phone, smiling at the 257 likes and 34 comments his melon pictures had already received. “What the actual fuck?” their friend Mike had written next to a string of googly-eyed emoji. “Where is this?”

“Hwy 41 about 20 mi W of Greencastle,” Tim wrote back, “U gotta come see it. Totally worth the trip. It’ll change your life LOL.”

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