A Story For Rob: The Bikers Revenge

By The Slaver
published July 31, 2010

A deputy has a surprise guest waiting for him when he gets home.

Hell, thought Rob as he un­locked his home front door, there were times when he re­al­ly hated his job. Maybe he should try for that sher­iff’s deputy’s job in the big city, in­stead of work­ing here in the coun­try. Rob had pulled over some guy about a week ago, as the guy got out of his car; he had threat­ened Rob and tried to grub his gun. He had cursed and spat at Rob as he was taken away by other deputies. Well it was just too bad that the guy had been so clum­sy, Rob thought smil­ing, oth­er­wise the guy wouldn’t have fall­en down or met Rob’s knee as he tried to get up, or fall­en down again or met Rob’s knee again. Rob stepped in to the hall of his house. He turned to lock the door, and as he did so, he felt some­thing cold and hard press into the back of his head. Rob froze; he then heard a voice “So, home at last. I’ve been wait­ing all night for you to re­turn deputy. Right now, you’re going to put your hands in the air, and turn round slow­ly. Do any­thing stupid, and I’ll have to put a big hole in the back of your head, which would be aw­ful­ly messy.” Rob obeyed or­ders; he raised his hands into the air and turned slow­ly around.

Rob gulped when he saw the guy hold­ing the gun on him; the guy was the spit­ting image of the psy­cho that Rob had ar­rest­ed about a week ago. The in­trud­er chuck­led as he watched the look of recog­ni­tion spread across Rob’s face. “That’s right deputy, you met and ar­rest­ed my twin broth­er a week ago. He got truly shaft­ed by you, so I fought that I would truly shaft you.” Rob could now see that this guy was just as much a psy­cho as his twin broth­er. “Oh, in case you did not know, peo­ple call me the biker.” The colour drained from Rob’s face; how could he have been so stupid, he thought the guy he had ar­rest­ed looked fa­mil­iar. Shit, he thought, any­one who messed with the biker, or his gang dis­ap­peared never to be seen again. “Right, lower one hand only and re­move your gun belt and hand it too me, nice and easy. Re­mem­ber I’m the one with the gun.” There was noth­ing for it, Rob had no choice. He low­ered his left hand, undid his belt, pulled it off and hand­ed it to the biker.

The biker re­moved Rob’s gun from the belt, and push­es it into the top of his leather pant, then he re­moved the pair of hand­cuffs from the belt, and hand­ed them to Rob. “Ok, shit head. Fas­ten a cuff around your left hand, and don’t try any­thing stupid. Fas­ten it prop­er­ly, I can see ev­ery­thing you’re doing.” Rob gave the biker a scav­enge look, but did as he was told, the cuff clicked shut around his left wrist. “That’s very good shit head. Now turn your­self around, and put your hands be­hind your back.”

Rob turned round, and stood help­less as his hands were firm­ly cuffed be­hind his back, then at gun­point he was forced into his own liv­ing room. Rob was fum­ing at the thought of the way he had been cap­tured, shack­led with his own cuffs in his own home. He for­got his hostage train­ing, and he start­ed yelling at the biker. “You fuck­ing crazy fruit­cake. This won’t help your broth­er, his gone down. And there’s nothing…?ouch” Rob moaned in pain from the smack to his head that the biker had given him with the butt of his gun. “It seems that I’m going to have to shut you up be­fore I go on.” Said the biker, pulling a roll of thick duck tape from a pock­et. “No, wait, you don’t need to…?MMMMPH­H­H­HH!” Rob groaned piteous­ly through the tape that the biker was plas­ter­ing over his mouth. “Four, five and six. Their six lay­ers should keep you nice and quiet.” Said the biker, break­ing the tape and throw­ing the roll to one side. He pat­ted the tape on Rob’s mouth.

“There, that’s much bet­ter. Now that you’re nice and quiet, take a seat on the floor.” Rob did not move, the biker pushed him rough­ly onto the car­pet. “You be a good boy and lay there, I’ve just got to make a call, and then I’ll be back.” Said the biker pulling out a phone and mov­ing into the hall. As soon as he was gone Rob rolled around on the floor try­ing to get up, fi­nal­ly Rob man­aged to spring to the feet, he looked around the room for a way out. “Oh no you don’t.” Cried the biker who had re­turned to the liv­ing room. “MM­MOOOPP­M­MMH­H­H­HH.” The gagged Rob cried. Sud­den­ly Rob went fly­ing as one of the biker’s feet caught him in his chest. “YYY­OOOF­FU­UC­CK” Moan Rob as he hit a wall and all his breath was knocked out of him. The biker stood over him, he was shak­ing with rage. “I now know what I’m going to do to you, deputy. You’re going on a long trip, after which I’m going to have my re­venge.”

The biker still stood over Rob, look­ing down at him. “Your uni­form will come in handy when I take that lawyer, who sent my broth­er down, and in my plan to res­cue my broth­er.” The biker pat­ted Rob’s face.

“MMGGET­MM­FUCK­IN­MMHAND­SOOFFM­M­MEEE!” Cried Rob, as he strug­gled help­less­ly as the biker pulled of his shoes and socks. Rob grunt­ed into his gag as the biker sat on his chest, he undid Rob’s belt and un­zipped Rob’s uni­form pants. The biker stood up grabbed hold of the legs of the uni­form pants, and pulled them off. All Rob had on under his pants where a pair of tight white briefs. “Let’s see what we have here.” Said the biker as he pulled down the briefs; even when not erect Rob’s cock was large. “Well you won’t be need­ing that where you’re going.” Said the biker, pulling the briefs back up. “I have some­thing’s still to do.”

“MMG­FUCKIMM­CRAZYMMWEIRDOO.” Rob was still strug­gled help­less­ly on the floor. Rob tried to kick out with his feet, but he was rolled onto his stom­ach and his an­kles were bound to­geth­er with tape. The biker grabbed Rob’s hair, and rough­ly pulled his head back. “Now deputy, I’m going to un­lock the cuffs and you’re going to re­move your shirt and T-shirt, care­ful­ly.” Rob, was pulled onto his knees by his hair, and the cuffs un­locked. Rob did as he was told. He took off his shirt then he pulled off his T-shirt. His hands were cuffed once more, and he was pushed back onto the floor. “Now deputy, you are going to have some real man on man fun with me and my gang.” Said the biker, as he spoke he was neat­ly fold­ing Rob’s uni­form.

“You’ll fit nice­ly into that large card­board box I found in your spare room.” The biker said hav­ing fin­ished fold­ing the uni­form, he walked to­wards Rob. “MM­MO­HGOD­DDDDD! MMM­NOOO!” Rob cried into his gag as the biker forced him into box. “Don’t worry, it will seem like no time at all.” Said the biker to Rob, as he sprayed Rob in the face with his own can of In­stant Rag Doll. Rob’s eyes rolled up into his head, and he was still. The biker placed Rob’s uni­form and gun belt in the box on top of Rob. Rob was start­ing to spout a woody; his briefs were stick­ing up away from his body. The biker taped up the box, and then made a call to some of is gang to come and pick up Rob.

Some Time Later:

The black­ness slow­ly left Rob’s mind he opened his eyes. He was lying on a bed still only in his white briefs, in a room, dark­ness could be seen through the room’s win­dow. Rob turned his head to one side, but a roar­ing black­ness filled his head. Rob lay still, his mind was spin­ning. Rob very slow­ly shook his head to try and clear it. The black­ness began to faded, Rob then no­ticed that he was bound to the bed by leather strips. The biker en­tered the room and stand by the side of the bed, he looked down at Rob. Who was caught off guard when the biker punched him in the gut knock­ing the wind out of him. The biker grabbed Rob’s head with one of his hands and forced him to look at the T.V. that stood at the end of the bed. With his other hand the biker used a re­mote con­trol to turn on the T.V. The mo­ment Rob’s eyes fell on the T.V ev­ery­thing was lost for Rob. The thought of clos­ing his eyes melt­ed away as soon as Rob saw the daz­zling dis­play on the screen, spi­ralling away into in­fi­nite depths. The daz­zling dis­play filled Rob’s vi­sion, it was all he saw, all he breathe. Rob felt like he was drown­ing in an end­less ocean.

The biker let go of Rob’s head, Rob just kept look­ing at the T.V screen, and Rob’s eyes were wide and un­blink­ing. The biker chuck­led to him­self as he knelt by the bed and whis­pered into Rob’s ear. “That’s a good boy, just watch the screen and learn.” While the biker was whis­per­ing to Rob, he pushed an­oth­er but­ton on the re­mote. Im­me­di­ate­ly im­ages of men giv­ing sex­u­al plea­sure to other men ap­peared on the screen, the men giv­ing the plea­sure were naked or se­mi-dressed in biker leathers. The im­ages flick­ered across the screen, words briefly ap­peared but they could not be read. To a ca­su­al ob­serv­er, the im­ages would ap­pear to be a Porn Flick, but these im­ages and words were be­com­ing mem­o­ries that were going to be­come im­bued in the help­less Rob’s brain for­ev­er. The biker looked at the help­less Rob on the bed, and smiled. The biker left the room. The sun rose and set three times, be­fore the biker re­turned, and the T.V was turned off. The biker re­leased Rob from the bed and led him from the room. Rob was placed in the mid­dle of a small room, the biker stood on the far side of the room, look­ing at rob.

“Now, to fin­ish with you, I think it’s time you saw this.” Said the Biker, and he dropped his leather pants, his soft dick fell free. Rob was mem­o­rised by the sight of the biker’s rapid­ly hard­en­ing dick. “Over the past day and a halve, you have learned ev­ery­thing about what to do to a dick. You must WOR­SHIP cock, you NEED and WANT cock.” The biker’s dick was rock hard now; the sight of which pushed Rob over the edge. Rob let out a whim­per, his legs gave way, and he fell to the floor. “…?Beautiful…?Dick…?Powerful…?Must have…” Rob mur­mured. The biker just looked at Rob lying on the floor. Rob lay naked, mur­mur­ing on the floor. The biker, naked, was stand­ing over Rob; his legs were ether side of Rob. Rob’s eyes were riv­et­ed on the biker’s dick, which was rock hard. The biker moved his hips, his dick moved from side to side, slight­ly. “Do you want that dick, punk. Do you want to suck it, feel it in your mouth?” asked the biker, look­ing at Rob lying on the floor. “All you have to do is ask, nice­ly.” Said the biker puffed on a fresh­ly light cigar. “And tell me who told the po­lice about our lit­tle side line?” Rob just looked at the biker’s swing­ing cock “Just tell me and ask, and all your wor­ries will just melt away. You want to wor­ship dick.” Jody fin­ished his cigar he lit a new one. “Go on, tell and ask, like a good boy. You know you have too.” Rob rolled around the floor.

“Please, I….?AAA.” whim­pered Rob, as the biker kicked him in his side. “Call me SIR, punk.” Barked the biker. “Sir, it was your Lieu­tenant, and may I have the hon­our of hav­ing your dick.” The biker smiled, and looked at Rob. “Good boy, I’ll deal with the Lieu­tenant later. Now asked again and you can have my dick.” Said the biker. “Please sir, may I have the hon­our of serv­ing your dick?” Rob asked again. The biker knelt on the floor, his dick-head touch­ing Rob’s lips. Rob was hyp­no­tised by the biker’s dick. The biker took a last puff on his cigar, and flicked it away. The biker reached for­ward, and grabbed Rob’s ears he pulled Rob’s head up off the floor. Rob licked his lips and opened his mouth, ready to take the biker’s dick. Rob’s mouth en­cir­cled the biker’s dick his tongue ex­plored the tex­ture of the biker’s hard throb­bing mem­ber. The taste of the biker’s dick aroused Rob; he felt his own dick swell. The biker’s hefty hairy nuts hit Rob on his chin. " Oh yes, fuck oh god." Yelled the biker, as Rob vac­u­umed his nuts into his mouth, and rolled them around. “I’m can’t hold…?Going to cummm.” Whim­pered the biker, as he lost con­trol and cum. Rob felt the biker push his dick into his mouth, deep­er just be­fore he cum.

“Yes, oh yes. O fuck.” Gasped the biker, as he pulls out of Rob. Rob’s man­hood rose to full height, and waved about in the air. The biker moved away from Rob, his cock still se­mi-erect. Sud­den­ly Rob grunt­ed pushed up­wards, and cum. “Uhhh…?Uhhh…?Ahhh.” Whim­pered Rob, as he felt his own cum land on his chest. The biker lit an­oth­er cigar and took a long drag.

“Do you want more, punk.” Asked the biker. Rob moaned a yes. The biker fin­ished his cigar, and he then knelt down be­tween Rob’s legs, which he spread so he could give Rob his first anal fin­ger­ing. “OOOHH­HH YYY­EESSS.” Gasped Rob, every nerve in his body was sud­den­ly alive. The biker’s prob­ing digit hit a spot deep in­side Rob. “Oh, sir, oh deep­er, sir.” Rob moaned. The biker he pulled his digit out of Rob. The biker spread Rob’s mus­cu­lar thighs to give him more ac­cess, and pushed his hard erect man­hood deep in­side Rob’s chute. “OOOOOHH­H­H­HH, AAAAH­H­HH.” Rob gasped, as a fiery plea­sure of his first fuck­ing surged through his mois­ture shim­mer­ing body. The biker cried out as he pow­ered fuck Rob’s once vir­gin butt. Rob screamed in de­light as he gy­rat­ed a sec­ond load of cum onto the floor in sex­u­al heat. The biker seed­ed up his hump­ing soon he too was in a sex­u­al fren­zy. I…?I…?I….?AAARRRGGHH." The biker screamed as he cli­maxed into Rob’s chute. “OOOOOHHHHH…?More sir….?OOOHHH.” Gasped Rob, as he lay on the floor. “You want more?” asked the biker. “Yes…..?yes sir.” Replied Rob.

The biker knelt be­tween Rob’s still spread open legs. Puff­ing on yet an­oth­er cigar, the biker thrust two of his fin­gers into Rob’s vi­o­lat­ed arse, and worked them in deep. Rob moaned loud­ly, and pushed down onto the in­vad­ing fin­gers. The biker forced in a third fin­ger, even more moans came from Rob. The third fin­ger was fol­lowed quick­ly by the fourth fin­ger, all four fin­gers were forced in and out of Rob’s arse. Sud­den­ly the biker tucked his thumb un­der­neath his fin­gers and slammed his whole hand into Rob’s ar­se-hole. Rob screamed out loud, this was not a dick in­side him now, but some­thing larg­er, and it was painful. Rob felt his ar­se-hole stretched wider, as the biker’s fist pen­e­trat­ed him. Rob’s ar­se-hole snapped shut around the biker’s wrist, so that his wrist be­comes firm­ly lodged in Rob’s ar­se-hole. The biker starts to fuck Rob’s butt-hole with his fist, with each thrust Jody man­aged to slide more, and more of his fist and arm into Rob’s gap­ping butt-hole. After about 45 min­utes of fuck­ing Rob with his fist the biker pulled his fist out of Rob’s arse. Then the biker made Rob lick his cum & shit cov­ered fist and arm clean. After Rob had licked the biker’s fist and arm clean, the biker or­dered Rob to give him a good long tongue fuck. Soon Rob was work­ing his tongue in deeply into the biker’s butt, lick­ing out all the shit. The biker moaned in sex­u­al heat. The biker could not hold back any more, he let out a loud cry and cum, most of which he caught in his hand. He then made Rob lick and swal­low the cum from his hand.

After Rob had locked his hand clean, the biker lit an­oth­er cigar, and lead Rob back to the room were he had been tied to the bed. Once back in the room the biker turned on the screen: “Look at the screen.” The biker or­dered. There was no re­sis­tance, Rob did as he was told he turned and looked at the screen. The biker spoke. “Boy, you need to be­come a com­plete­ly blank slate, so that you can learn about your new sta­tion in life; which will be my gang’s cum dump.” The biker ruf­fled Rob’s hair with one hand, while with the other he began an in­ternist pump­ing of Rob’s cock. Which brought forth gasps and moans from Rob.

“Si­lence boy, I did not say you could make a sound, or talk.” Snapped the biker. The Gasps and moans stopped. “Good. Now you are to focus on all of your thoughts and mem­o­ries that you have of who you are.” The biker in­creased his pump­ing of Rob’s cock. “That’s it boy, focus on all those mem­o­ries and thoughts” Con­tin­ued the biker. Be­cause of the con­stant feel­ings of plea­sure Rob was feel­ing from the ex­pert wank­ing the biker was giv­ing his cock, Rob could not form any men­tal re­sis­tance, or sense that any­thing was wrong. And nor would he, ever again for that mat­ter, once the biker had fin­ished with Rob.

“Right boy, I want you now too put all those fo­cused thoughts and mem­o­ries of yours into your balls, un­der­stand boy?” Said the biker. A low moan came from Rob the biker’s hand job was driv­ing him mad with the need to cum. “Ok, I’m going to tell you to cum in a mo­ment, when you do cum all your thoughts and mem­o­ries will flow out of you, there be gone for­ev­er never to be re­mem­bered again.”

“Cum now boy!” Shout­ed the biker, and Rob did splat­ter­ing cum all over the biker’s hand and his own body, as he cum 32 years of mem­o­ries drained away, the biker kept on pump­ing Rob’s cock milk­ing every last drop of cum from his cock and with it the last of Rob’s free will. Fi­nal­ly, Rob had no more cum to give; the biker let go of Rob’s cock. “Look at the screen and learn boy.” Or­dered the biker. “You are an empty ves­sel, with no iden­ti­ty, but you are now mine. The screen will teach you all you need to know.”

Rob watched and lis­tened, to every last word and every last image, it seem to fill his empty mind. As the words and im­ages were re­peat­ed over and over, they seen to sink deep­er and deep­er into Rob’s sole. His very ex­is­tence soon seemed to cen­tre around the won­der­ful cocks of the biker and his gang buried deep in his arse, it was the only thing he had ever re­al­ly de­sire. To de­vote his life to serve his mas­ter and his gang. Rob knew that this was ev­ery­thing he had ever want­ed. Three hours later, the biker walked into his gang’s hide­out with a new ac­qui­si­tion. Rob was wear­ing only a col­lar and lead, and his shades which the biker had re­moved from his uni­form. He had dried cum stains around his mouth and his arse, his head had been com­plete­ly shave. The biker gang cheered as the biker walked across the room with Rob in tow. The biker had well and truly shaft­ed Rob.


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