The Symbiotic Motorcycle 1

By Rurik
published June 28, 2017

A motorcycle needs an enhanced human body for its purposes

As soon as Tom saw the motorcycle, all his attention was instantly dragged by it. What was something like that doing in a place like this? It struck him as totally out of place. It was parked on a dark corner, below a barely lit bridge that was constantly invaded by the thunderous noise of the trains that would cross the bridge over the road every few minutes. There was nobody around, especially at such late hour in the night, so why would anybody leave such an astonishing vehicle here? It was begging to be stolen.

The bike itself was really strange. Tom assumed it was some sort of effect created by the darkness of the place because its parts reflected the distant lights of the street with a dark green shine. But, at the same time, the dim reflections gave the impression that the different parts of the bike were somehow liquid instead of solid.

Tom began to walk slowly towards the bike. It was really massive. He had never been interested in motorcycles but there was something about this one that was utterly enthralling. The more he would pay attention to it, the more he was sure of not having seen anything similar before; he couldn’t specify why but the very design of the bike, the pieces it had, the fluid aspect of the tubes, tanks, cylinders, even the seat and the handlebars seemed to be entirely connected, fussed with each other instead of just assembled; it somehow looked like an organic being more than just a mere machine.

He stopped next to the bike and reached out towards the handlebars. The moment his fingers touched the bike an irrepressible urge to get on the bike invaded him. He looked on both sides of the deserted street to make sure that there was nobody around and hoped on the bike. He held the handlebars and immediately began to feel powerful. It was impressive to have such a thing between his legs. The idea of having a motorcycle had never even crossed Tom´s mind but now, he would love to have one, and not any bike, he wanted this one, he wanted to own it, to possess it, to be seen with it, to ride it.

Tom began to feel very aroused. He felt his cock growing in the confinement of his underwear and began to rub his now bulging crotch against the seat. But, wait, why was he doing that? The prudent and responsible part of him suddenly reacted and he decided to continue his walk home, however, the moment he tried to pull his hands out of the handlebars he noticed that he couldn´t, they seemed to be glued somehow. Then, he realised that he couldn´t raise his bottom from the seat either. He was trying to examine his hands to see how he could not be able to remove them when he noticed that something black was beginning to envelope the base of his fingers. It seemed to be liquid but it didn´t feel like it; it was pure black except or the dark green shines that the rest of the bike also had.

Tom began to pull strongly while he was becoming increasingly scared but that thing that was slowly engulfing his hand. Then it stopped and he realised that it had created a pair of fingerless gloves that fitted his hands better than any glove he had ever worn. But he still couldn´t get off the bike.

He noticed that his legs were immobilised, they were attached to the sides of the bike and the same black thing was engulfing them! That was the moment when Tom really began to panic and the bike somehow noticed it and began his full assault on the young man´s body.

The whole black vehicle appeared to suddenly come to life, its parts began to move and Tom felt how they started to wrap his legs. But they were doing more than that! Tom soon noticed that his trousers were being dissolved by the contact with the strange black surface of the bike. The metallic blackness of the bike began to ascend over his legs dissolving the fabric of his clothes.

The surface of the seat also appeared to star moving, spreading over his crotch and bottom like a living liquid. His trousers and underwear disappeared, leaving his arse and genitals totally exposed and in direct contact with the bike. But to his own surprise, he was feeling increasingly aroused. Despite how terrified he was, there was something about all this that was making him extremely horny. He could see the blackness of the bike engulfing his growing erection while more of it was creeping up through his torso dissolving his t-shirt and leaving him completely naked, and some deep part of him liked it too much.

The living liquid that had wrapped around his cock began to have a more defined and regular shape; soon, his cock was inside a cylinder that began to stimulate him. He could not believe how incredibly good that felt. The sensations that came from his cock were too overwhelming and in a moment Tom had forgotten his fears and panic and his consciousness was captured by the pleasure he was feeling.

His mind was being taken over by an increasing sexual excitement when the back of the sear rose and adopted a long and cylindrical shape. Tom noticed some unexpected pressure on his butt and knew what was going to happen next. He subconsciously opened his arse and welcomed the invasion. Soon, the black cylinder that covered his cock and the one inside him began to work at the same pace.

The whole motorcycle began to follow the same cadence, each one of its parts and pieces were moving at the same pace as the two long parts that were stimulating Tom. He could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching when suddenly, something began to be introduced through his painfully erect cock. He felt the pressure the cylinder was putting on his cock augmenting while some sort of liquid was being pumped down his penis. The sensation was incredibly intense. He clearly felt it get inside his body and reach his testicles.

His state of sexual excitement heightened even more as soon as he noticed how the substance that was being forced through his cock began to invade his balls. Tom began to moan very loudly while his testicles began to grow and, at the same time, the long part of the bike that was abusing his arse also began to release something inside him. He felt it flooding his body and beginning to spread through it.

The sensations he was going through were making his mind spin out of control when some sort of voice began to be heard in his head. It was a voice but without words or sounds, it began to communicate with Tom´s mind directly through concepts, through knowledge. That´s how he discovered that the bike was a symbiote, a being that needed of somebody like Tom to fulfil his necessities, that meant he would be transformed into the perfect tool the bike needed.

Tom was too overwhelmed by his arousal to ponder the implications of his transformation and to react in any way. His uncontrollable moans continued while his body began to expand in all directions. His muscles were growing. He could feel how the substance that was being pumped inside his body was assimilated by his muscles making them react and increase their size. His pecs ballooned; his arms and legs became incredibly thick as massive biceps and quadriceps appeared on his previously average limbs; a hard wall of abs appeared on his torso; and his cock, still trapped and being pleasured by the bike, became unbelievably long and thick.

However, the most important transformation was taking place in his testicles, they had kept growing and now they were beautifully sphere-shaped. The symbiote had reshaped them into perfect testosterone and cum-producing machines that would serve its sexual plans. A massive wave of sexual energy clouded Tom´s mind as the new stream of testosterone invaded his body. His libido began to increase out of control and his mind began to be overflown by unstoppable sexual urges.

Little by little, his brain was being taken over and reshaped by the symbiote bike. All his ideas, all his plans of future, his entire life and personality were being transformed making him a perfect stud, always ready to have sex, always sexually hungry, always on the hunt and with a new body specifically design for that. From now on, Tom would be the symbiote´s perfect rider and tool; so deeply bonded at a mental level with it that would obey it even when they are physically separated.

Finally, Tom came and shot a massive load inside the motorbike, thus establishing an unbreakable bond between them.

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