Brother Trouble

By Anonymous published September 19, 2005
Eric and Ethan think little Todd is Eric's newest slave boy
Chapter One - Who's the Boss?

Ethan was always a slave boy, he knew it for a long time. It wasn't until met his first full master Eric that he truly enjoyed the feeling. He had known Eric for a few months and loved every day of it. Serving another man in any way they deemed fit was pure joy for Ethan. Soon Ethan wanted to let his bro Todd enjoy the same. Eth's master agreed that Todd would also make a great slave. If they only knew it would not be so easy.

"Hey bro," Eth quietly said to his younger brother Todd, " I got some porn for when mom and dad go out. You interested?" Ethan asked, his eagerness almost too noticeable.

"Sure Eth" Todd, his "innocent" brother said. "You got beers too? Like last time?" Todd asked, his eagerness not hidden at all. The last time the brothers had watched porn they had both been drinking beer for an hour before. Todd being younger than his 19-year-old brother Eth liked the fact that he could score beer. He liked the fact he could get drunk on only three beers too. So when the chance to drink beer and check out hot porn flicks came up, Todd never turned it down.

Todd also noticed how excited his bro got. In fact, they both got hard when they would watch porno together. Laying on the bed right next to each other you couldn't help but notice; though Todd tried to act like he didn't.

"Sure thing Todd. I always take care of my lil bro." Eth was sure this would be so easy. His little brother would become the cock boy toy he and Master Eric wanted. Eth couldn't remember whose idea it was to make Todd another slave. It didn't really matter. The idea was so hot to him he couldn't help but want it. Tonight he would see how close he could get Todd into liking cock. He had noticed Todd checking out his hard on last time and figured that was a good sign.

The two brothers couldn't stand waiting for their "rents" to go out. When they finally left at 9pm, both boys literally ran to the window to watch them leave and then sprinted up to Ethan's room, the one with the pre-positioned beer and porn.

"What ones did you get this time Eth?" Todd excitedly inquired.

"I got the same guy at the video store so he gave me the one I wanted plus another for free." What Eth didn't add was that the second one was a bi-sexual one and he had rented that one too. The straight flick was for his sober bro. The bi one was for his buzzed bro, soon to be his fellow slave brother.

"GULP, GULP, GULP ,GULP" went Todd as he shotguned his second beer. "WOW, bro, your getn to be a professional shotgun man on me!" Eth exclaimed in his most supportive brotherly manner. Todd wiped the beer away from his face smiling.

"Thanks bro, you taught me well. And I learn quickly." Todd lay back on the bed, looking up at his brother. "Let's hit the movies Eth!"

Ethan smiled and walked to the TV, popping the video in and joining his studly brother on the bed. Both boys were the types that turned heads. Eth was a lean muscle toned 19 year old. He wore his usual baggy pants and his choker necklace. The silver seemed to set off his dark hair and eyes. Most of the girls and even some of the guys at school would stop and watch him go by. They couldn't help it.

Todd on the other hand though similar in build to Eth, had his own look to him. He had that innocent boy look with just a hint of the troublemaker in him. His dark hair and dark eyes were what connected him to his brother. Together, most people would find them hard to resist.

As they watched the flick progress both Ethan and Todd began to get excited. The combination of the beer, the closeness of the brothers, took away most of the inhibitions and the boys began to get hard as they watched the girl in the movie go down on the big stud.

"DAMN BRO! Look at her suck that huge cock." Todd exclaimed impressed.

"Ya, damn that's fuckin HOT!" Ethan said licking his lips. His eyes transfixed on the stud's cock. He never thought Todd would be doing the same, but he was. The boys were both enjoying the sight of that huge cock.

The movie ended with both the guys hard as rock and obvious even in their baggy pants. They tended to tent up from the added length of their cocks. Proudly, Eth got up to switch tapes. As they watched the first movie he had made sure Todd had continued to have his second and third beers. His bro was nice and buzzed, as he could see from his brother's hand on his crotch slightly rubbing it absent-mindedly.

When the new movie started, Eth ever so matter of factly took his shirt off in his now very warm room. Turning up the heat had provided the extra incentive and effect. Todd soon followed suit. After all it was just him and his bro Eth.

The new scene was a dude and girl out in an alleyway striping off their clothes, so the girl could get to his cock. Both Eth and Todd were totally into the scene, not noticing the others hand on their cocks jerkin them through their pants. The scene was just too hot not too. It wasn't long before they were chased out of the alleyway into their limo that was waiting in the street.

The hunk driver was blond; blue eyed and had the build of an Adonis. As the Limo pulled away the two got dressed in back as the driver watched on in mild interest. Eth started to watch his bro. He knew the next scene would be when the guys got it on. He wanted to watch his brother's reaction. If it went well he would have his hand on his brothers cock soon after that.

The couple got out of the limo and walked into the grocery store, followed by the driver. All three wound up in the vegetable section and the couple began to kiss and suck on each other's tongues. The driver just looked on unaffected. Finally the girl was tired of his disinterest and began to come on to him. Stripping off her shirt she asked him if there was anything he liked. It wasn't long before he was sucking on her tits, her boyfriend watching from behind as the driver pushed her back against the vegetable stand.

Eth watched his brother's eyes and hand as the dude continued to suck the girl's tits and her boyfriend moved in behind him. The boyfriend slowly started to strip off the driver's shirt. That is when Eth began his work. Eth reached down and began to unbutton his jeans. He knew his bro would notice and wanted just that. "Bro, this is just to fuckin hot to waste. They are gonna fuck the shit out of her!" Eth lied. Todd soon followed his brother's lead again. Eth was gonna make Master Eric so happy.

Their cocks out of their pants jerkin like pros the two brothers watched as the boyfriend undid the pants of the driver. Only the scene went in a different direction than Eth had indicated. The boyfriend started to jerk off his driver. The driver never flinched he just kept sucking on tit.

Todd never stopped either. He just kept jerkin his cock. Eth smiled, and moved his hand over. "Here bro, let me help you." With those simple words his hand came down on his little brother's cock and he started to jerk his brother's cock. Todd just let out a soft moan and instinctively moved his left hand to his side.

"That's it bro, just like that dude in the movie, just lay back and enjoy." Eth didn't delay and took his brother's hand and put it on his cock. Todd did not pull away but started to jerk his big bro's cock. His mind was so buzzed, he was so hard, and the movie so hot, he couldn't help himself. He began to jerk his brother off.

"Good boy Todd, that feels good doesn't it bro." Eth whispered into Todd's ear.

"MMMMM fuck yeah, Eth." Todd purred. Watching the boyfriend coming around to suck his driver's cock, Eth could not resist pushing a bit.

"Look Todd, that guy is gonna suck the other dude's cock. That is hot isn't it bro?" Eth cleverly asked. He did not expect the reaction from his "innocent" brother.

"Fuck ya it is bro. Is that what you want to do bro, suck my cock?" Todd said, the sexual energy dripping from each word. He turned and looked directly into his brother's shocked eyes.

Eth was speechless. The slave boy within him started to stir. He was confused. He was supposed to be leading this scene and yet suddenly his brother Todd had asked a question he normally responded to as the boy. Eth just looked at Todd.

Smiling Todd asked again, "You want my cock don't you Eth? You want to suck my seven inches of hard cock don't you bro?"

"Yes" crept out of his mouth so quickly Eth couldn't stop himself. He instinctively added "Sir" It was almost a whisper.

"What was that Eth? I couldn't hear you bro. What do you want bro?" Todd began to tease. He could see the pure HUNGER on his brother's face. He had never seen his brother hungry for cock, but he liked what he saw.

The fact he had called his younger brother Sir did not escape him either. The guy on the TV had said the same thing to the driver and the driver had called him boy and ordered him to suck him. Todd had told his brother he was a quick learner, now he would show him.

"That right bro, you want to suck my cock. You're a cock sucker aren't you slave boy!" Todd yelled, mimicking the porno. Without even knowing it, Todd was punching all his big brother's buttons. Eth never stood a chance. His slave ego kicked into automatic.

"FUCK yes Sir, I want to suck your cock. I'm a cocksucker BRO. I LOVE cock. I want your cock bro!" Eth was out of control in his lust for his brother's cock. His face was an inch away from Todd's seven-inch cock. Wanting it badly, but waiting for his "master's" permission.

"Then suck it bro, suck it till I cum while I watch the hot movie you got for me." Todd smiled down at his big brother the slave boy. As he laid back thinking of all the fun he would have with his bro. This was only the beginning.

Eth sucked on the hard cock like his life depended on it. All he could think of was how hot he was. How good the cock felt in his mouth. The idea of his brother's cum shooting into his mouth became his only goal in life. Pleasing his brother his only profession. All else was secondary.

After getting blown for over 15 minutes, the best of his life, Todd could wait no longer. "Bro I am gettn close. You want to eat my cum don't you bro?" Todd asked/directed. Eth only answered with a moan and a quicker sucking motion.

Todd smiled and let go the last of his self-control. His dick shot off his load so forcefully it was halfway down Eth's throat before he noticed its creamy feeling sliding down the remainder of the way. Eth wanted it all, the taste so bittersweet, and the act such a turn on. He continued to suck all the cum out of his brother's beautiful cock.

"HAHAHAH, that's it COCK boy, eat all that cum. You must love cum the way your gorging yourself on my cock Slave boy!" Todd laughed out as he spent the last of his cum. He lay back, as Eth; his "big brother" lapped up the remainder of his cum and fell back on the bed next to him.

Eth looked into his brother's eyes, still shocked but showing the signs of obedience, waiting for his master's approval. Todd smiled, looking at the wet spot on the sheets Eth had left when he blew his load.

"You're a good boy Eth. Your gonna make a good full time slave. I think you will serve me every night as I need it." Todd said, saying it as the though crossed his mind.

Chapter Two - Making Changes

It had been three weeks since Eth had tried to seduce his younger brother. Things had not gone as planned. Every night Todd would come into his room and demand him to suck him off. Eth could not resist; he and Todd both knew it. Todd had even fucked his big brother over the weekend while the folks were away. In fact, he had chosen to fuck him on their parents' bed, just to drive home the fact of who was the master. Todd had complete control over his brother. He loved the power. It was a better high than any drug.

Eth on the other hand, though submissive, missed the equal time Master Eric had given him. Todd just used him. He never even helped Eth get off. Master Eric had always made sure they had both gotten off. He knew that a slave needed attention as much as he needed to obey. Todd only had half the idea. That is why Ethan slowly drifted back to Master Eric, via email. He told his master how Todd had been using him and how he didn't like it, but he couldn't stop himself. He was a true slave and he knew it.

Master Eric knew exactly what Eth was talking about.

"Yes, Eth, It feels SO good to obey doesn't it boy?" Eric asked.

"Yes Sir. I can't help it. He just gives an order and I obey." Eth admitted easily. "All I wanted was to give him to you Sir. To give both of us to your service, to please you."

"Good boy Eth. You can still do just that." Eric informed his boy.

"Huh? How Sir, he owns me now. He will not do what I tell him." Eth asked amazed. He could not see how his strong willed brother Todd could be convinced to serve Eth and Eric.

"Eth," Eric explained " Todd has been using you for three weeks now. He feels comfortable in his place of control. I bet he just lays back and enjoys your services now. He hardly worries or watches what you are doing. He just lays back, yes?"

"Yes, exactly Sir." Eth said. It was as if Eric had been watching them. At first Todd had been aggressive with him. Fucking his mouth and his ass. After the second week though, Todd had become accustomed to laying back and letting Eth suck him off in any position Eth put them in. He even fucked Eth's ass while lying on his back, preferring Eth to ride his cock.

"And what kind of person just lays back and lets others do things to him Eth?" Eric asked leading his slave to the correct answer.

"A submissive boy Sir!" Eth quickly responded, seeing the point. Todd had become so use to his power he wasn't really exercising it anymore. He was just lying back, passive; A boy.

"It will be very easy to condition him now Eth. A true slave would not do this except you are MY TRUE SLAVE Eth. And all along you have had more basic orders from me. Remember what they are Eth?" Eric said in his commanding voice.

"Yes master." Eth moaned. "I am to turn my brother into a cock slave like me so that we may both serve you." Eth's mind was racing. He wanted this more than he wanted to suck cock. It was as if turning his brother over to Eric, would be the ultimate goal as a slave boy. It was assure him of his status. He would have pleased his Master Eric completely.

"Beginning tonight Eth, you will service your brother but you will lay in a 69 position. Do not try and get him to suck your cock, just allow him to become even more comfortable with it being close to his mouth." Eric instructed his slave.

"Yes master." Eth said smiling. He would train his brother to be a slave without him even knowing. It was perfect.

Another week went by. Each night Todd would enter his room and tell his brother, "It is time to suck me off again Slave boy." Todd would walk over to Eth's bed and strip naked. Lying down on the bed. Eth was prepared. The first night he began on his knees but slowly after getting Todd hard and moaning he moved into the 69 position. His cock inches from Todd's face he would suck his brother to orgasm so that when his eyes shot open in the ecstasy that is having your load swallowed, he would see his brother's hard cock just inches from his face. Soon, pleasure would equal not only a blowjob but also the site of a hard cock.

"He is totally unaware Sir." Eth reported to his master. "He lays back on the bed and lets me suck him while my cock stands just inches from his mouth. He even licks his lips time to time. He is totally into it." It felt so good for Eth to obey his master.

"Good boy Eth." Eric responded pleased with the progress he had made with Todd. "Now the next step is to brush it up against his lips. If he does not push you away, then you are to jerk your cock off with your hand. As he lets you do this, you can use your fingers to open his mouth. If he opens it with little trouble, he will suck you. Remember Eth; wait till you have him fully hard and totally into the blowjob. He will be at his weakest point then."

Eth responded happily, "Yes Sir, I can not wait to give you my brother Todd, sir." As Eth hung up the phone, he turned and found his little brother Todd in his doorway with the cordless phone to his ear. He had heard everything.

Todd just smiled. "Ya, that's right bro, I heard every fucking word. But I think we can rework the plan to our favor can't we FUCK BOY?" With those key words, Eth slowly fell to his knees before his true MASTER, Todd.

"Yes, Master. Whatever you say." And as Eth began to suck his younger brother Todd's plan formed in his head.

Chapter 3 - Twist in Fate

It had been almost a week since he had heard from his boy Eth. So when Eric logged on to find two emails from his boy, he was excited to see what they were about. The first was good news.

In it Eth explained to him that he had been busy. The first night with Todd after their conversation had gone better than he could have imagined.

"Bro, I had Todd begging me to suck my cock. He loved it. After about twenty minutes he was moaning how he wanted to taste my man juice." Eth went on into great detail as to how Todd had first slowly and then more rapidly over the following seven days become a total slave boy.

Eric smiled to himself. He had not been sure it would actually work. If Todd had been too strong willed, he might have stopped Eth before he could really get into his head. As it turned out, Todd had slipped over to slavehood with just a slight nudge from his older bro.

"I think by next week," Eth went on, "he will be begging me to become your slave and then both of us can serve you openly. It feels so good to obey!" Eric smiled again. Eth was a true slave boy.

Eric sat at his computer for a few moments looking at the pictures of brothers, Eth and Todd. They were both hot looking in their own way. He was deep in though on how he would use them. Have them fuck each other, offer themselves to others. Eventually, they would come to Eric and serve him in person. All would be open. In the mean time he would have fun over the phone. Maybe have them do some control items.

Eric, day dreamed on. He could have the brothers rip off each other's clothes. Destroy each other's underwear and fuck each other naked. The idea of them doing it on the back lawn in the middle of the night also caught his attention. There were so many possibilities.

That's when the second email caught his eye. It had the same date as the first email. So what had Eth forgotten? Eric double clicked on the icon which showed the mail was new and had a file attached to it. Maybe Eth had gotten that digital camera and gotten some hot pictures of him playing with his naked brother. That would be HOT!

Eric found that the file was indeed from Eth. It was somewhat different file than he expected.

"Hey Bro, I almost forgot in all my excitement from turning Todd into a cock boy that I found this ROCKING computer program. It takes pictures and makes them into those weird posters that you see in malls. If you stare long enough you can see the real picture behind the mixed colors."

"The hottest part is that I got those digital pictures of me with Todd. We are totally naked and fucking and sucking. Each picture is loaded in the program and you can see them if you stare long enough. I thought it would be hot fun to do it this way. I hope you enjoy. If you can't figure it out I guess you could give up and ask for the originals."

Eric wasted no time. He hit the download button so fast it was more instinct than thought. The file was pretty large as it took nearly ten minutes to download. When it was done, he logged off so that he could put his attention into the pics. He was never good at those posters, but these pics would be worth the extra energy.

It only took a few seconds for the program to begin the first image. As expected it appeared to be just a mass of multi colored pixels. Eric began to watch the screen with more and more interest. Still no hot shots appeared. He walked over and shut off all the lights so his eyes would be forced to totally focus on the images.

It was amazing how fast time had gone by. It was the phone call that pulled him out of his deep concentration on the images. It always seemed like the image was just about formed and he would lose it again. Fact was, he had been looking at the computer for over six hours.

The phone call was work. His boss had called and asked where Eric was. He was over five hours late. This would not be so bad except Eric was in the military and they still frowned on their people not showing up for work. Eric quickly closed the computer down and made his way to work.

For the rest of the day Eric attempted to cover himself with work. Running with the team, working out. Doing paper work. No matter what he did whenever his mind was occupied, images would pop into his head. At first they were just images of Eth and Todd. But soon Eric caught himself imagining himself on his knees before them both. He would shake his head and say, wrong order man, TODD AND ETH are the slaves not you. After a while he didn't notice the images anymore, he would just get hard.

When he got home Eric tried to avoid the damn computer. But after a quick workout and shower, he was drawn to it again. "I will try one more time, just a quick one to see if I can see the damned pictures," Eric lied to himself. As soon as they began, he was hooked again. Only this time he was stripping off his clothes. They didn't seem to feel comfortable on him anymore.

His mind was bombarded with images of the boys. Todd, Eth, together alone but always naked. As the images formed he could see a man servicing them. "FUCK ya!" Eric thought. That's it man suck their cocks. Suck them dry. Eat all their cum you fucktoy. Eric was amazingly turned on. Such power over a person was such a major turn on for him. However, instead of keying off of the masters, he was more enthralled with the "boy."

The guy on his knees was older and bigger than the boys. In fact, he almost looked out of place on his knees before them. They would naturally have serviced him. Yet, to Eric, the guy did look very hot servicing Todd. In fact, it was when he sucked Todd, that Eric would get his hardest.

He began to feel himself walking closer to Todd, watching the guy sucking his cock as he approached. Soon he was standing next to them. As he walked around the two the man's face came into focus.

The shock was almost too much for him. "HOLY SHIT!" Eric screamed. The man on his knees was ERIC! Suddenly Eric was not standing anywhere. He was on his knees. At first the thought scared him, then slowly it changed from fear to excitement and then to PURE pleasure. He could not believe how lucky he was to be sucking Todd's cock.

Eric looked up at Todd, with adoring, serving eyes. All he knew was he wanted to please Todd. Todd's pleasure was the only thing that mattered. To obey was his primary thought. "Obey Todd." Kept repeating in his mind, over and over again, almost in flashes like a light.

Todd looked down at Eric. "That's it Eric. You love my cock man. You love sucking my cock. You NEED to suck my cock. SAY IT BOY!"

"Love your cock, Todd. I need it." Eric responded to Todd's image. The computer was flashing images faster than Eric's now somewhat dazed conscious mind could recognize. It was his subconscious that was seeing it all and registering all of it like it was gospel. It was as real as anything Eric had actually lived.

In Eric's assaulted mind, Todd was still talking to him. "You want to be just like my bro ETH! You want to be a cock boy. You want to serve me. To be owned by me don't you ERIC?"

It was impossible for Eric to stop himself. The words flowed from his lips as he stared, eyes glazed, at the computer. "I want to be a cockboy just like Eth. I want to serve Todd, owned by him."

The Dream State moved on. Soon Eric was telling Todd all his most inner secrets. What he did for the military, where he lived, his telephone number. There was NOTHING Todd could ask that Eric would not answer.

Eric fell asleep that night, still in his dream state. Over and over again he served his master Todd. He found such joy in obeying his master. Both he and Eth would serve him well. It was SO good to be just like Eth. To be a boytoy for Todd was all that mattered.

Work came quickly in the morning. Again the regular routine filled his mind and the only sign that anything was going on was Eric's hard on. By this point he didn't even notice it. He was oblivious to the changes with in him.

It didn't hit him till around 4am. He woke up out of a sound sleep with the need to call his master Todd. The number came from memory, how it had gotten there didn't matter.

The phone rang but once, "Hello slave. How are you?" Todd inquired knowingly.

Eric's answer was automatic. "I am naked master. Nakedness is the sign of a true slave. I am ready to serve you as only a true slave can."

Todd smiled at his brother Eth who was on the other cordless phone. "See Eth. Your friend Eric is a fuck boy JUST LIKE YOU. Aren't you Eric?" Todd teased.

"YES master, I am a fuck boy just like Eth. I want to be like Eth so badly." Eric intoned.

The change complete, Eric was now Todd's total toy. "I know all about your plan to turn me into a cock boy Eric. But as you can see it is YOU who is the cock boy. You are so fucking stupid to think you could out master me!" Todd laughed.

Instinctively Eric repeated the facts as they were put into his head. "I am fucking stupid Master Todd. I cannot beat you."

Todd just laughed louder at the thought mistakenly placed in Eric's now open mind. He really was Todd's. Since Eric was stationed too far from him to have fun in person just yet. He would play with him in other ways.

"Eric now that you are naked it feels good doesn't it? You will want to be naked as much as possible. In fact whenever your alone you will want to be naked."

"Yes naked, need to be naked as much as possible." Eric repeated.

"I think you will no longer need your underwear Eric." Todd commanded. "Take your phone and go to your underwear and rip up every piece you own, while I listen and Eth sucks my cock." With that, Eth dropped to his knees taking his younger brother's cock out and sucking on it and the other slave boy, Eric, began to rip his Calvins, Tommy and other underwear to shreds. He couldn't even remember what they were for anymore. Underwear had no place in his life anymore.

As his brother sucked him and his new toy ripped all his underwear Todd laughed at both their situations. Totally owned by such a young stud like him. Todd's mind raced. He wanted to have some more fun with both boys. He just didn't know where to start.

It didn't take long for the idea to form in his mind. He wanted to fuck his brother while still using Eric. He knew the barracks Eric was at had a gym. Eth had told him that. It was where Eric worked out and was just down the hall from his room. Eric was on his way to the gym, butt naked, at 430am because Todd told him how good it would feel to be in the gym naked.

After Eric was in the gym, he was ordered to bend over the weight bench as if Todd would mount his hot ass and fuck him hard. Eric did so even as his slave twin on the other end of the phone was doing the same over Todd's bed. Once inside of Eth, he handed the phone to him so that he could concentrate on the invasion of his older brother's ass. This had become Todd's favorite past time.

There they both were, bend over one taking it up the ass for real the other WISHING he was taking it up the ass. Both on the phone talking to each other Eth telling Eric how hot his brother's cock was and Eric begging to be fucked. Eth was told to make Eric wait to cum. He could not cum until both Todd and Eth had blown a load. Only then could he cum on the bench and that lap it up as Todd listend.

Todd plowed his older brother's ass. Grabbing him by his tight waist and entering him over and over again. His hot brother begging for more. Todd loved when his brother begged. He would just fuck him hard and sometimes laugh at his BIG OLDER BROTHER. The fact he owned to slaves was even hotter.

As he grew closer to cumming he pulled out and pulled off the rubber so Eth could suck the cum out of his cock and put it straight down his throat. Eth loved the taste of his cum so much how could he keep it from him.

Todd exploded soon after his brothers hot wet lips wrapped lovingly around his brother's cock. Shot after shot of cum shot down his throat. Eth gulped it all down greedily. It was only when Todd told him he could cum that Eth's cock exploded. All over the bed spread.

Todd took the phone and told Eric "CUM NOW BOY. Cum so you can lick it up. I know you love CUM!" Eric began to pump his cock as he still begged to be fucked by Todd. He wanted cock so bad. He would do anything, even buy a ticket so Todd could come up and fuck him. ANYTHING was possible.

With that, Eric exploded. In his position, the cum shot all over the bench. The same bench he would get sweaty while lifting his weight sets. He immidiately began to lick it up as he had been previously ordered.

When Todd heard the licking sounds, he began to laugh. "That's it tough guy. Eat your own cum cause your young master tells you to. Who owns your ass Eric, who owns your military ass?"

Eric moaned in delight. Speaking in between gulps "You do master. Master Todd owns my ass. He owns my military ass. I am just like ETH. I am a total fuck boy!"

"Good boy Eric. You and Eth did a great job. It feels good to obey Master Todd. Keep telling yourself that as you drift off to sleep." With that, Todd was finished with Eric. Let him doze off with the thought of Master Todd owning his ass. In fact, if the boy fell asleep in the gym and woke up in the morning, all the better.

Todd had so many more ways to use them both.

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