The Altered Reality Show

By JasCo -
published June 22, 2017
1893 words

Reality TV? It’s all manipulated!


“David, will you accept this rose?”

“Yes, I will.”

As David took the rose from Cassandra’s hands, he felt a prick. It appeared a thorn had been missed when preparing the rose and it had jabbed his finger. He ignored the slight pain as he took his place between Karl and Simon with the other men who had been awarded roses, elated that he was to stay in the competition.

As the ceremony continued, David started to feel unusual sensations in his body, but he made sure that whilst the camera was on him he remained stoic as to not upstage the action or attract attention. His head felt a little woozy. It was becoming difficult to concentrate. His legs felt heavy, like they had been set in concrete. He looked down at the site of the thorn prick and noticed the area had turned purple. Was his body having some sort of allergic reaction? His heart rate seemed to slow and very quickly his whole body felt frozen in place. David could see directly in front of him, but turning his head had become impossible. Whatever was present in the thorn of that rose had within a minute rendered David completely immobile. He could not open his mouth, let alone speak or yell, and only the faintest of moans were coming out of him.

Karl noticed him moaning and turned to him. “You ok buddy? You look a little bit out of it. Don’t worry. Your bros will look after you.” He looked to Simon and gave him a knowing wink. When the ceremony ended the men took hold of each of David’s elbows and swiftly guided him from the room without arousing suspicion. David could make out that the two were conversing but he was unable to make out much of what they were saying, but what was left of his addled mind was formed a fleeting thought that they had something to do with his current state. Had they poisoned him? Why? What were they going to do with him? It was getting increasingly harder to think of what was happening, let alone a way out

Karl and Simon took David to his room and set him down in one of the lounge chairs. Simon then moved into David’s field of vision and spoke to him, something about not letting him win, and they had a way to make that happen. Simon held up a small music player-like device, and then connected the ear buds to it and placed them into David’s ears. A white noise with - were they softly-spoken words? - started filling his senses. David was confused. He still had no way to communicate or remove the earbuds. He wanted to shake his head to rid himself of the sounds trying to invade him, but now he started to feel as though he was drifting in and out of lucidity, with no choice but to give up the fight as it forced its way into his brain. It was too hard to think, to understand, to fight, and much easier to lose himself in his paralysed body and foggy mind and let the commands being fed to him take their effect. This was his fate. David’s attempts at moans sounded more like sighs of resignation as he succumbed to whatever was being done to him. As he spiralled deeper into unconsciousness, he felt a firm hand massaging his crotch, stroking his throbbing endowment. That felt so warm, so … good. A tongue started to flick over his nipple and he groaned with pleasure. Was it his, or … was that voice familiar? Were Karl and Simon still there? Was it their hand or tongue doing … The hand on his cock was replaced with a warm mouth, lips wrapped around his shaft and sliding up and down and over his sensitive spots. Encouraging, soothing words came through the earbuds and directly to his subconscious. This was what he wanted. But was it? This was what he liked. This was his future. He just needed to relax and let it happen.

The mouth retreated and was replaced with something even tighter. The buzzing was fainter but the words still resonated within him as the assault continued. His cock was, was someone riding his cock? They were doing and expert job. He could not fight the sensations. His nipples were flicked and teased in perfect rhythm as the tag team overloaded him with rapture. But was this not right? He shouldn’t like this. He was here for Cass … Ca … she … her? That thought lost its importance quickly as his last bit of will broke, and he felt the wave of his orgasm approaching. Wave after wave took over his body as his cock throbbed and shot its seed directly into the warm hold that had been wrapped around it. His moans and cries were stifled by a strong kiss sealing his lips. Strong hands caressed him as he shook and bucked, until finally everything came to an end, and he sat, zoned out and blissful, his eyelids fluttering and struggling to stay open.

The words kept coming as he surrendered to sleep. He liked what happened. He wanted it again. This was what he liked. All he needed to do was relax accept it.

The next morning as the group met outside the mansion for the next day’s challenge, it was quickly realised by all involved that David was missing. A couple of the men reported his last sighting as being the rose ceremony, and Karl and Simon noted he had not been feeling well and they left him in a chair in his room to rest, being the last time they saw him. Cassandra was secretly much more concerned that she let on; since she first looked into his deep blue eyes, she was sure he was a top contender for her heart and her future. She knew that after a few more dates, and a few more eliminations, she’d be sure if David was in fact the man she wanted to marry, but she also wanted to spend a little more time with Karl and Simon, both attractive men, but more likely short-term kind of guys. Today was planned to be a two-enter-one-leaves kind of date, so she could rule one of them out once and for all, but David’s absence made things clearer. She was already missing him terribly.

The host of the show approached the concerned group, holding a folded piece of paper in his hand. They all stopped their chatter, sure that they were about to discover the reason behind David not showing.

The host cleared his throat.

“Cassandra. Gentlemen. I have some serious news in relation to David. I hold a note in my hand from David, explaining that last night he had decided to do a lot of soul-searching, and in fact decide if this, and Cassandra, were what he really wanted.”

Cassandra’s heart sank. A couple of the men secretly smiled to themselves.

“It appears that David has decided to leave us immediately and follow a … different … path to happiness.” There was a long pause as a few of the group gasped. “David has decided … to … be honest with himself and you all, and … come out as gay.”

This was clearly an unexpected turn of events, and while it caused a few snickers and surprised comments from the male contenders, Cassandra had become visibly upset, and ran back to her room failing to hold back her tears. David’s change of heart was going to be a ratings bonanza for the show as well as a bonus for the other men, most of whom knew of David’s allure with Cassandra.

However none were happier than Karl and Simon, who believed their tactic had worked, and they were going to get away with the perfect sabotage.

Just as Karl and Simon started their retreat to a quieter part of the grounds to discuss their success, they were approached by one of the show’s producers. She took them aside and told them that one of them had been selected for the next date, and that there was a 50/50 chance they would be out of the competition by the end of it.

Both men gave each other a concerned look. This was not part of their plan. They had decided to remain with the competition for much longer, joining forces to somehow whittle down the field until one of them at least stood a strong chance with Cassandra.

They were there to work together as a team. It was only fair since they were, in fact, a couple, and had been, unbeknown to the producers, for some time before auditioning for the “Princess Gets Her Prince” reality show. Their goal was for as much exposure as possible, not necessarily to win, though if one of them did, they had agreed to play the charade for all it was worth to benefit both of them, eventually to come out to the world in a well-paid exclusive.

However one of them being tossed out of the competition at this early stage was definitely a spanner in the works. Some careful secret strategy planning was in order. Both men returned to their rooms to find a brightly-coloured wrestling singlet, and a card with a message:

“Prepare to be called for battle. If chosen, will you take one for the team? Tomorrow you will wrestle for top, for control, for your very existence. Both men will enter, but will only one remain.”

As they both read it, in their own minds they considered that to be a rather cryptic message, ominous even. They brushed it off as just being dramatic, until they read the very small print at the bottom.

“We have hidden cameras in each room … David didn’t deserve that. I hope one of you is fully prepared for the date tomorrow. One of you will be called upon early in the morning. Get some rest.”

The following morning, Karl and Simon met each other discreetly before their fate was to be decided. They agreed that whoever was chosen would try their hardest to win. If they should not return, the other would continue their plan as best he could, alone. Karl grabbed Simon’s chin and kissed him passionately, a goodbye kiss of sorts, until they met again, whenever that was determined to be.

Seconds after they broke their embrace, a producer approached them.

“Good. You’re both here. I only have to say this once. Simon, you have five minutes to get dressed in your date outfit and meet me back out here.”

Simon’s chest felt tight. He dared not look in Karl’s direction - he knew what his lover must have been feeling anyway - and complied with the producer’s request. As the door to Simon’s room closed, the producer asked for Karl to return to his room.

As Karl passed her en route to his room, she smiled and gave him a comforting, but knowing look.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of your boyfriend. We’ll make sure he gets the exposure he deserves.”

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